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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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` ``the cincinnati man, can ``jonathan: -- detained by north ``korean authorities. ``what are we learning about the ``charges against him? ``stranded out in the cold. ``the dire situation that faced ``drivers as a massive storm ``pounded the east coast. ``>> a swat situation in boone ``county ends peacefully. ``details, just ahead of. ``jonathan: a little bit of a ``warm-up on the way. ``a sunny sunday for you. ``does not feel good to hear? ``sunday, january
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``this is "news 5 today." ``[captioning made possible by ``wlwt-tv] `` jonathan: well, good morning. ``welcome to "news 5 today." i' m ``jonathan hard good is ``meteorologist jennifer schack, ``who told me something i did not ``consciously know but i felt it ``in my snow -- in my soul, we ``have not been above freezing in ``the last eight days. ``jennifer: this morning some ``single digits, but we will make ``back above the threshold for the ``first time since january 16. ``jonathan: is not amazing? ``and then they will all be above ``freezing? ``jennifer: a limited amount of ``time, but i do think we will ``make it. ``the last on that we were above ``freezing, on the 16th, was 34 ``degrees. ``today we are at 35 degrees.
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``degrees in hillsboro. ``harrison has climbed from nine ``degrees in the last hour to 12 ``degrees this hour. ``we have a couple of high clouds ``out there, but they are kind of ``an exception, not blocking any ``sunshine. ``we will keep it up throughout ``the afternoon with sunny skies ``in the evening, temperatures ``above freezing with much weaker ``wins. ``yesterday we mated it to 30 but ``the windchill was in the teens ``during the afternoon. ``temperatures quite warm, -- ``quite a bit warmer. ``the radar will remain quiet over ``the weekend, getting active ``headed into the work week. ``we do have a cold front and some ``rain showers with flurries to ``talk about, coming up. ``jonathan: sounds good. ``new this morning, a magnitude
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``morning near the cook inlet, ``southwest of anchorage. ``according to anchorage police ``there are no reports of major ``damage or injury. ``said that there is no threat of ``a tsunami. ``and overnight standoff with ``police has ended after several ``tense hours. ``richard chiles is live with the ``latest on the situation. ``richard, good morning. ``insured: good morning, jonathan. ``this would of course ended ``peacefully. ``this was after an eight hour ``standoff here, the situation ``started in the 5000 block at ``11:30 last night. ``deputies called into the address ``and the mother said that her son ``was in the property again and ``barricaded himself into a ``trailer. ``they were able to get the ``individual out. ``we spoke to major tom shaven, ``who was of course talking about ``the waiting game in reading this ``thing to a resolution.
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``officers patiently waiting, ``contacting the individual. `` the process for getting this ``individual out. ``>> we talked about this earlier. ``our main concern is the innocent ``people. ``the people around the later' s ``surrounding his home. ``now it is just he and us. ``now we can allow him to dictate ``a lot of it, as far as -- if he ``up. ``he can' t hurt anybody. ``and then nine hours later we ``introduce the chemicals, when he ``did give up. `` richard: certainly glad of ``course that you all could ``control the situation peacefully ``, preventing of course danger ``and threat to life, property,
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``bringing a resolution to the ``situation. ``jonathan: that' s good news. ``thanks, richard. ``crash northbound on 71 by the ``smith edwards exit. ``police say that three vehicles ``were involved. ``one person had minor injuries. ``this happened just after 3:00 ``this morning. ``we are told that one person is ``facing drunk driving charges. ``our thanks to the viewer who ``sent in the video, john. ``more serious issues for drivers ``on the east coast right now. ``many are still stuck on the ``pennsylvania turnpike. ``several trucks jackknifed during ``the winter storm, creating a ``logjam with hundreds of cars ``stranded there since friday. ``the people stuck on the turnpike ``are living off of whatever they ``can find in their cars and are ``living off of -- and are hoping ``for help. ``>> it'
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``one truck after another, stuck. ``it' s just nonstop. ``it don' t seem like we are ``anywhere, to be honest. ``but we are, eventually. ``>> this is horrible. ``we' ve been stuck in the truck ``for 13.5 hours and still ``counting. ``when you got very little food ``and water and stuff and people ``are asking, back-and-forth, ``sharing what they have, that' s ``very kind. ``the truckers, especially the ``trucker families, they all look ``out for each other in everybody ``else. ``jonathan: turnpike authority' s ``shuttered traffic and it' s not ``clear when that stretch will ``reopen. ``developing efforts in attempt to ``free a young man detained in ``north korea. ``january 2 was the date that he ``was detained. ``the facts around why he was ``picked up are still limited.
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``curtis: he reportedly entered on ``a tourist visa according to the ``north korean state media. ``he is accused of "hostile act" ``against the democratic people' s ``republic. ``young pioneer tours, who ``organized his trip, said that ``he' s -- his family has been ``informed. ``the north korean government has ``arrested and accused other u.s. ``citizens of similar charges in ``the past. `` a man was held for six months ``back in 2014. ``>> he has gotten over the ``initial shock, but if it is like ``me they are not letting him know ``anything that' s happening on the ``outside world. `` >> a school spokesperson from ``the university of virginia would ``only say that the school has ``been in touch with his family ``and will have no additional
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s a 2013 graduate of wyoming ``high school. ``we talked to a family friend ``about the situation that he' s ``now facing. `` >> i' m just thinking about him, ``his safety and his future, the ``future of our country in ``situations like this. ``jonathan: the governor of ohio, ``john kasich, tweeted that the ``arrest is inexcusable and that ``he should be a reason -- ``released immediately. ``a manhunt in california because ``of three dangerous inmates. ``we will talk about the elaborate ``escape and why they may have had ``help. ``plus details on the local teams ``who walked away with victory in ``your sunday morning sports. ``and a live look outside at city ``cam five. ``nice to see that sunshine
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`` `` ``sparked a manhunt near knob -- ``near los angeles for three male ``crimes. ``investigators say that it took ``place sometime friday at the s jail
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``authorities say that the three ``men cut through steel bars, went ``to the roof of the jail and ``repelled down the wall using ``sheets. `` two of the escapees haven' t ``charged with murder. ``the third was charged with ``kidnapping. ``this is the first escape at the ``jail in at least 20 years. `` millions of people in cities and ``towns along the east coast are ``going to start the process of ``digging out from the historic ``blizzard this morning, and left ``several people dead, thousands ``of travelers stranded. ``record snowfalls in many areas. ``jennifer johnson has the story ``from washington. `` >> the first blizzard of 2016 ``has slowly died down after ``burying east coast cities ``inasmuch is three feet of snow. ``now comes the recovery, getting ``the roads passable again. ``that is the job of keith howard. ``>> everyone'
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``some people have more patience ``than others. ``when you go to the made -- ``neighborhood, you see the people ``clapping. ``>> washington was buried, ``enjoyable for pandas and ``children coming down the lawn. ``>> i' ``legal. ``>> it slammed over 70 million ``people, hundreds of thousands ``lost power, and other is ``widespread flooding in new ``jersey and other mid-atlantic ``states. ``>> we have shelters open in ``every county in the state. ``they are ready to take people ``in, get them fed and rested. ``>> plows will try to move the ``snow. ``officials are begging people to ``stay home. ``>> all it takes is one car to ``get stuck and now that role -- ``that road is not passable and ``the plows cannot plow the road. `` the situation quickly descends
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``>> a chaotic, historic, and ``record-breaking blizzard that ``many are now happy to see go. ``jonathan: parts of southern ``kentucky sol one foot of snow, ``but the rest avoided the worst ``of the storm. ``video came to us out of ``maysville. ``it did slow things down briefly, ``but the residents were so ready ``for the snow that by last night ``the roads and sidewalks were all ``clear. `` >> you know, this is a place ``where i think every other person ``has a four-wheel-drive truck. ``[laughter] ``there' s a lot of busting up done ``here. ``with the advent of the four ``wheelers and the scraper blades, ``everyone' s out. ``all the politicians are out ``scraping sidewalks and whatever. ``jonathan: madison county road ``crews taking care of snow and ``other issues. ``he was the mayor, making jokes, ``so i guess that' s good.
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``jennifer: naturally melting the ``snow is really good. ``we didn' t have to shovel the ``driveway. ``it faced west. ``a touch of salt and we were good ``to go. ``for those who have not shoveled ``yet, that should help out today. ``wind chills were in the teens, ``things should be better for that ``as well. ``sunshine and clear skies this ``morning, allowing temperatures ``to drop off into the single ``digits in spots. ``we are still struggling with ``most of us holding in the teens. ``and kentucky. ``temperatures bottoming out in ``the single digits. ``most of the eastern counties ``this morning, especially ``locations with a blanket of snow ``fall, wlwt radar showing dry ``weather. ``putting the satellite with the ``radar we are clear overhead with
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``kentucky the popping up does ``have some morning dense fog, but ``we haven' t seen that materialize ``much more. ``if you did see any fog still ``left over, it' s freezing fog ``because of those temperatures ``comfortably below the freezing ``mark. ``mostly clear skies this morning. `` the windchill has been factored ``in at nine degrees for what ``feels like humidity at 88%. ``climbing into the mid-20' s, ``heading above the threshold and ``above freezing for a couple of ``hours today, high in the ``forecast today. ``satellite radar showing quiet ``conditions for the river valley ``and across the great lakes, ``moving off to the east. ``not a lot for us to push today. ``sunshine and say skies today, ``high pressure helping us out, ``weakening the wind. ``by comparison to yesterday it
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`` on the backside of that tomorrow ``temperatures in the low 20' s on ``monday morning. ``monday afternoon we have south ``wind with high pressure coming ``in ahead of a cold front ``encouraging more south wins to ``increase running stronger ``running parallel to the white ``lines on the map. ``for those south wins that pick ``up a little bit, it won' t help ``too much because it will be ``moving over 100 miles of snow. ``usually the south wind helps to ``warm us up a bit, but i don' t ``think that will be the case for ``the monday forecast. ``not quite the potential of the ``mid-40' s where we could be, but ``the cold front approaching will ``increase clouds tomorrow and by ``tomorrow evening we are talking ``about cloudy skies late tomorrow ``evening and some rain showers. ``notice that they aren' t very ``prominent, scattered showers, ``not all of us getting wet monday ``night into early tuesday morning
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``with best setback with the ``temperature on tuesday ``afternoon. ``our first day back above ``freezing in a week, sunshine ``with weaker wind tonight. ``tomorrow the south wins pick up ``stronger with partly cloudy ``skies for the midday. ``40 a monday. ``late evening showers in the ``western counties starting to ``roll in with scattered showers ``through the night. ``heading into tuesday we might ``see some afternoon flurries ``popping up, but we are not ``expecting humiliating snowfall ``or snow showers. ``tuesday, wednesday, that' s the ``coldest day of the forecast. ``notice in the second half we are ``quiet with lots of sunshine and ``climbing temperatures into next ``week, saturday topping out at ``around 49. ``jonathan: one local basketball ``player whose talent has been
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``in your morning sports. ``elise: good morning. ``tickets were selling early for ``this one, a packed house as ``wilmington came into face-off ``against the third ranked ``crusaders. ``montgomery. ``jared cumberland had money in ``the first half, nine points but ``only finishing the game with 14. ``he was only five for 15 from the ``three-point line, but this one ``was nothing but net, trailing ``wilmington at the half. ``next, caleb cantor, driving and ``scoring with a 40 to 31 victory. ``newport, central catholic, holy ``cross, meeting for the ninth ``region championship game, ``swaying it around to aaron ``jacob. ``later in the quarter, been
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``a big night with 26 points. ``newport central catholic ``advancing to the current for the ``fourth straight year with a 7052 ``win. ``the next game was all summit. ``they had a 20 point lead at the ``pass, but they never gave up. ``woods takes it into the land. ``alex darling gets the past to ``sam martin, silver and i existed ``in a great passing game appear ``next. ``davis had the easy layup. ``68 to 39. ``coming up we have some xavier ``musketeers basketball coming up ``with cyclones action as well. ``for now, sending it to you, ``jonathan. ``jonathan: getting excited to get ``grounded, coming up we will be ``talking about the award-winning ``drama with that young lady, ``after the break. ``and a live look outside , we' ve
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`` `` jennifer: the ensemble theater
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``with their award-winning drama, ``grounded, which is about to ``state -- take the stage. ``kathleen wise joins us this ``morning. ``good morning, kathleen. ``i' m intrigued to hear more ``about. ``kathleen: it' s a one-woman show. ``the main character is an s 16 ``fighter pilot who gets ``reassigned to be a drone ``operator. ``jennifer: so, current times. ``kathleen: yes. ``jennifer: what' s going to ``happen? ``i mean, spoilers, but. ``[laughter] ``kathleen: you learn lot a lot -- ``you learn a lot about the ``pilot' s dreams. ``she has an unexpected pregnancy ``and is then reassigned to ``operate shrooms nevada outside ``las vegas, something that' s ``happening more and more. ``jennifer: what about the ``one-woman show aspect of it? ``is that difficult?
9:23 am
``i' ve never done anything like ``that before. ``it' s so unique. ``jennifer: looking at these ``images, you can explain it ``better than i can. ``kathleen: looking at the stage, ``it' s covered in sand. ``basically because i' m a drone ``operator i' m staring at a screen ``for 12 hours a day and being ``told on a headset what to do. ``the assignments started to deal ``with her transitioning to and ``from each -- two and from work ``each day. ``sort of the ptsd that comes ``along with that. ``jennifer: what makes ``different from other plays you ``have been a part of? very unique working ``with no other actors and just ``the director. ``jennifer: hearing it yourself. ``kathleen: it' s me and the ``audience telling a story, it' s ``very exhilarating.
9:24 am
``technical level? it is. ``and the ark of the character, ``finding the emotional beginning, ``middle him and end. ``telling the story for the first ``time each time. ``george brandt has written a ``really wonderful script. ``to have a part like this for a ``strong female lead, a woman in ``her 30' s, it' s very rare. ``jennifer: thank you for coming ``in to tell us about it. ``very interesting, your one ``minute rendition. ``i thought -- we need to going to ``more of this. ``kathleen: hometown, great to be ``back here. ``jennifer: hometown, welcome ``back. ``the show runs january 26 through ``february 14. ``you can buy tickets by calling ``the box office. ``kathleen, thanks so much. ``good luck. ``kathleen: thank you so much. ``jonathan: cincinnati residents ``teaming up to help others in a
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``we have details on the shipment ``on its way to flint, michigan. ``we will tell you about how the ``project came together. ``outside, the missed continues ``coming off the ohio river. ``but it is nice to see the ``sunlight out there. ``hope that you make this a great ``sunday. ``thanks for bei before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's
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x `` `` jonathan: a shooting ``investigation is now a homicide ``investigation. ``questions for investigators ``after the deadly attack. `` in a long-awaited warm up on the ``way, climbing above freezing for ``the first time in more than a ``week. ``we' ve got sunshine going on out ``there. ``how nice does that feel? `` is sunday, january 24th, and ``this is "news 5 today." >> ``leading the way, this is "news 5 ``today." jonathan: good morning, ``thank you for joining us on this ``sunday. ``i' m jonathan hawgood with ``meteorologist jennifer schack. `` sometimes it' s good to see the
9:29 am
s been forever. ``jennifer: it is still cold this ``morning, it' s been so cold ``lately, as you noted. ``most of the morning for high ``temperatures, we' re still at 18, ``but that sunshine is going to ``help us out quite a bit. ``heading back into the mid 30' s ``later today. ``we only made it to 30 yesterday , ``not above the freezing mark. ``sunshine and city cam, blue sky, ``look at that beautiful sunday ``morning. ``we had concern over dense fog ``earlier, but i don' t think it' s ``too much more of a problem. ``sunshine continuing today to ``warm up temperatures, it' s been ``a cold start widespread in the ``eastern counties. ``georgetown, still at eight. ``struggling morning low ``temperatures, mid-20' s heading ``into midday and climbing nicely ``through the afternoon. ``
9:30 am
``39, but the low temperature this ``morning was down to 10 degrees. `` the average low temperatures 23 ``degrees. ``sunny skies with temperatures in ``the mid-30' s. ``above freezing temperatures is ``just the start of a warm-up. ``we have quite a few days above ``average as we head into the work ``week. ``we will talk about that and when ``up. ``jonathan: ``investigating homicide in ``harrison. ``but we know that a man was ``killed online this avenue. ``police are not saying how he ``died but they do say they are ``talking with the witness right ``now. ``we will bring you more ``information as it comes into the ``newsroom. ``developing stories across the ``river. ``
9:31 am
``richard: the standoff started at ``11:30 last night. ``now this community is finally ``returning to normal after a long ``standoff with sheriff' s deputies ``, working with the man who ``barricaded himself inside of his ``home. ``the incident began when police ``received a call from a mother ``distressing that her son had ``barricaded himself inside of ``their mobile home. ``deputies arrived immediately and ``the standoff began. ``they were able to get him out of ``the home and were grateful to ``situation. `` >> i was just informed that we ``have him in custody . ``as i told you right before we ``started this. ``we introduced the chemical ``irritants and apparently it had ``its effect, we reached the door ``and he came out. ``all' s well, if you will, that ``ends well.
9:32 am
``able to return to normalcy. ``charges again will be filed ``later this afternoon, but at ``this time share of' s fortunate ``to be able to bring the ``individual out peacefully. ``jonathan: thank you. ``a shooting in bond hill has ``turned deadly. ``aisha williams was shot nearly ``nine days ago. ``police believe that her ``passenger was actually the ``target of the jini were shooting ``on reading road. ``but the passenger took off after ``williams crashed into a metro ``bus. ``the passenger actually returned ``to remove something from the ``car, but police don' t know who ``the passenger was or who the ``suspects are. ``if you have any leads, please ``call crime stoppers. ``one of the kentucky ``transportation cabinet drivers ``died after sliding into a ditch. ``christopher adams reportedly
9:33 am
``county just before 6:00 in the ``morning. ``the supervisor found him ``unresponsive in his truck. ``investigators have not yet ``released a cause of death. ``>> i want the people to think ``about what we have gone through. ``imagine the cities going through ``this now and you will see how we ``feel. ``jonathan: that brothers ``two-year-old son is now on the ``front of "time magazine." her ``son, covered in rashes from what ``doctors believe came from ``contaminated water. ``at home people are coming ``together to help the people of ``flint. ``a group calling itself ``cincinnati supports flint came ``water. ``the donations came pouring in. ``janelle has the details. `` ``thank you. ``thank you so, so much. ``>> i said to my husband -- we ``have to be a part of this.
9:34 am
``>> the couple joined hundreds of ``others that also gave water to ``help those in flint. ``>> we' ve always try to make sure ``that if we can impact the ``situation, we will do whatever ``we need to do. ``>> victoria mullins, tj cash, ``chanel would come all joining ``forces after posting on facebook ``that they want to help the ``people of flint. ``>> we felt that it was a ``tragedy. ``when it starts moving outside ``the people, it exploded bigger ``than we ever thought it would. ``>> they were hoping to collect a ``few hundred bottles of water. ``goal. ``>> at of know how this happened, ``this is amazing. ``>> i know that it holds about ``50,000 bottles, so we have ``probably got another 50,000 in
9:35 am
s a lot of water. ``>> we thank you for each ``person' s hand that we are ``holding. ``>> volunteers will be making a ``special delivery. `` a charter bus was donated so ``that they could personally ``deliver the water. ``>> all the seats were taken. ``that' s a beautiful thing, but ``i' m glad that i could be here to ``help out with this. ``jonathan: so many people wanted ``to help, the kroger store ran ``out of ball of -- ran out of ``bottled water. ``the east coast storm causing ``mayhem for drivers. ``we will tell you what officials ``are doing to help people ``turnpike. ``breakfast? ``we will talk to some girl scouts ``about their cookies, coming up. ``there they are. `` there we are, city cam happily ``bathed in sunlight.
9:36 am
``concrete `` ``
9:37 am
``stranded on the turnpike since ``friday night, when a winter ``storm dumped over two feet of ``snow on the cars and trucks ``the national guard has been ``called the bedford county to ``assist the stranded drivers, ``most of whom have been living in ``their vehicles over the weekend. `` >> i thought that we would see ``some vehicles and service trucks ``coming along or whatever, which ``is nothing, they just sat there ``all night. ``>> it will be hard to get out of ``here anyway. ``feels like we will be here for a ``long time. ``jonathan: no orator when the ``turnpike will reopen open. ``drivers lucky enough to free ``themselves have been called to ``detour the route. ``one group was able to make it ``out after sitting on the ``turnpike for one of four hours, ``the duquesne university ``basketball team, returning to ``pittsburgh when their bus got ``stuck. ``eventually coaches and staff
9:38 am
``they had some force, pushing the ``bus out of the snow. ``a concrete barrier was moved so ``that the bus could cross into ``the eastbound lane towards a ``detour route. ``the team had been stranded about ``80 miles from campus. ``a good excuse at least for why ``you didn' t get your english ``paper in. ``here' s the feel-good moment of ``the day. ``this is mine. ``if you cannot find a hill, find ``a good dog. ``here' s one, a precious sled dog ``it seems to be more excited and ``happy than the kids getting ``dragged. ``arlington, virginia, it got ``covered this weekend and snow, ``much more than they normally get ``. ``one good-natured, goods or with ``a thick layer of white for -- ``good sport with a thick layer of ``white fur.
9:39 am
``jonathan: could be a show dog, ``veering into the frame, barking, ``wagging his tail. ``he looked pretty strong, too. ``ever been tell it by a dog -- ``ever been towed by a dog? ``jennifer: no, but i would love ``to. ``jonathan: i think a really good ``great shaped big -- great dane ``could give me a ride. `` we' ve got, thank goodness, some ``sunshine in the sky, above 32. ``jennifer: coming out of the ``cold, we haven' t made it above ``the threshold yet. ``we will do a nice job warming up ``this afternoon. ``spots right now in the upper ``teens, low 20' s. ``lublin, taylorsville, 18 in ``harrison. ``heading into the midday we
9:40 am
``dry conditions on the wlwt radar ``and as we start the weekend we ``are coming out of it on a dry ``note. ``into the work week we will see ``the next chance for ``precipitation being the rain ``showers. ``cloud cover clearing out ``yesterday and through the night ``with development of mid-level ``clouds and surface fog through ``indiana. ``that is the case in kentucky, ``they have dents, freezing fog. ``we' ve had a touch of it locally. ``if you run into localized fog at ``the ground level, it would be ``freezing but otherwise get will ``be elevating what looks to be ``haze in the city cam shot. ``humidity is high. ``the wind has been fairly low for ``the morning. ``note the humidity at 88%. ``with wind chill factored in, it ``feels like nine degrees, locally ``. ``across the region, a couple of ``spots in south-central kentucky
9:41 am
``low of 10. ``a cold start, you can see the the ``temperature contour on the pink ``covered in snow with wind chills ``still in the single digits ``pretty prominent for the region. ``a cold sunday morning but a good ``recovery this afternoon. ``a couple of clouds have formed ``coming in from the northwest, ``otherwise the closest system is ``across the great lakes, which is ``not a problem for us. ``sunshine today calling for ``mostly sunny skies. ``for a good portion of the day on ``monday high pressure is helping ``us out. ``we still have the wind up pretty ``strong yesterday. ``wind chill was struggling in the ``teens all afternoon with the ``exception of one observation ``making it to 21, but we really ``struggled outside yesterday. ``today should have a lot of ``improvement with weaker winds ``and sunshine, temperatures ``making it into the mid-30' s. ``high pressure moving out during
9:42 am
``our next system takes shape with ``the cold front coming out of the ``planes. ``ahead of that it will increase ``some with the south wind warming ``us up and i think that when it ``moves over a couple of hundred ``miles of snow it won' t be too ``much of the south warm wind. ``we will probably only make it up ``a few degrees tomorrow, ``underwear our potential could be ``. ``the next system on friday night ``will bring in cloud cover by the ``evening. ``late evening showers coming in ``to the western counties with ``light and scattered showers ``monday into tuesday. ``impacting our temperature it ``will not be a big-time drop off ``behind it. ``35 is the high today, weaker ``wind and sunshine continuing, 22 ``for a low. ``monday afternoon, high ``temperature back at 40 degrees. ``thickening or clouds during the
9:43 am
``and behind that he could see ``some afternoon clouds popping ``the flurries out. ``38 tuesday, wednesday is the ``coldest day. ``a really nice second half of the ``forecast with dry weather and ``next weekend. ``saturday approaching 50 degrees. ``jonathan? it' s cookie time in ``greater cincinnati and the girls ``are getting ready to take your ``order. ``we have girl scouts with us here ``today. ``you don' t seem so surprised. ``you should be. ``you are 12 years old, how long ``have you been girl scouts? ``>> six years. ``jonathan: wow. ``same troop? ``>> yes. ``jonathan: so, you have sold ``cookies before. ``are you excited about cookie ``season? ``>> yes. ``jonathan: why are you excited? ``what' s good about it?
9:44 am
``jonathan: i like the sound of ``that. ``and you' re working him a little ``bit of entrepreneurship. ``how do you sell? ``what' s your best sales pitch? ``>> would you like to buy some ``girl scout cookies? ``jonathan: i like that. ``i' m sold. ``i guess these kind of sell ``themselves. ``and there is a new flavor this ``year? ``>> yes, they are is. ``they are called toffee cast ``thick. ``-- toffeetaw astic. ``it' s a short -- it' s a ``shortbread cookie with chunks of ``coffee in it. ``jonathan: sounds good. ``this is of course the most ``important fundraiser of the year ``for you guys. ``what does this money do for you? ``>> every year we try to pick a ``trip.
9:45 am
``we worked really, really hard ``and raised a lot of money ``selling cookies. ``so, this year we hope to go to ``st. louis, missouri. ``>> fantastic. ``you know you can go up in that ``arch? ``would you be willing to do that ``or would that be too scary? ``>> too scary. ``[laughter] ``jonathan: i bet you would go up. ``thanks for coming in and talking ``to us about the cookies. ``how many are in your troop? ``>> we have 12 scouts. ``jonathan: the girl scout cookie ``sale runs through march try ``seventh. ``when can we find these? ``>> end of february. ``jonathan: i wondered why i ``didn' t have any in my hand and ``tummy. ``march 27 i guess you can start ``pre-ordering. ``you can find sellers in the area ``or by going to the wlwt tab and
9:46 am
``thank you all for coming in, you ``guys. ``>> thank you. ``jonathan: you are welcome. ``now, here is a lease, with ``sports. ``elise: ticket selling early for ``this one. ``you knew it would be a packed ``house when wilmington came into ``square off with moeller. ``the crusaders and the hurricane, ``facing off in montgomery. ``jerrod cumberland was money in ``the first half. ``four on 10, shooting with seven ``rebounds. ``only five for 15 on the three ``point line, that this one was ``nothing but net, trailing ``lillington at the half. ``next, cantor driving and scoring ``, improving on their record. ``one of these teams would hit a ``two-game losing streak if they ``lost and if there were any ``lingering questions about health
9:47 am
``he drove baseline before ``throwing it down at the half. ``but the star of this game, james ``farm, career high in everything. `` reynolds getting into foul ``trouble, but they then feel the ``-- filled in. ``xavier gets back on track with ``an 84 to 76 win. `` >> i have a lot of respect for ``seton hall. ``they have one of the most ``talented, tough teams in the ``conference. ``we don' t generally play that ``much zone, but it felt like the ``best answer and we were ``unfortunate -- we were fortunate ``to have beat a really good team. ``jonathan: -- elise: it was ``princess knight but there was ``nothing princess like about ``this. ``throwing it down in the first. ``,
9:48 am
``with cyclones trailing, coming ``back to beat fort wayne. ``here' s the schedule for the cop ``-- conference championship game ``today. ``new england and denver, facing s carson palmer at 6:40. `` ``hosting to ring. ``jonathan: after the break -- ``hosting tulane. ``jonathan: a popular spot, ``spaghetti junction, travelers
9:49 am
``st ``jonathan: breaking news right ``now, cincinnati police are ``investigating homicide in ``harrison and investigators are ``not getting many details but we ``know that a man was killed on ``linus avenue and police are not ``saying how he died but they say ``that they are talking with a ``witness right now. ``we are sending a crew to the ``scene and we will bring you more
9:50 am
``a crash on northbound 71 through ``the night. ``three vehicles were involved, ``one person got trapped inside ``the vehicle. ``that person have minor injuries. ``we are told that one person is ``facing drunk driving charges. ``by the way, our thanks to viewer ``john for sending us this video. ``the east coast waking up to a ``mess this morning. ``this is some of the latest video ``from new york city as they ``continue to dig out. ``25 inches of snow recorded at ``central park, the third-largest ``snowfall on record. ``jennifer: 7 a.m. this morning, ``26.8 inches of snow. ``second ever. ``.1 inches away from tying the ``biggest number ever for central ``park standards. ``it was the biggest at jfk, ``though. ``jonathan: jennifer would carry a
9:51 am
``jennifer: that' s what it would ``be. ``no one would notice. ``[laughter] ``jonathan: i' m sure that they are ``tired of the snow. ``jennifer: they will be more ``tired as they deal with it all ``day. ``on the backside, anyone with ``snow, natural melting today ``helping you out. ``a light south wind today and ``tomorrow. ``clouds thickening, the next ``chance for precipitation is ``light rain showers and flurries. ``no big systems heading our way ``this week.
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