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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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years ago head over to and click on the banner to send in your nomination. >> today's word of the day is quantel.
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i told the on >> thanks for staying with us. runners and walkers will be out in kc for the march for meals
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it's a fundraiser supporting meals on wheels provided by senior resources. here to tell us more is the executive director pam. so let's start off with this shirt. it's all about the shirt this morning. >> it's longsleeved and cotton, so it's great for a run on a cool winter morning. >> and we are expecting some sunshine, but if it's cooler, then you still have the shirt for your option. so tell us about, for people who don't know, tell us about the great things that you do. >> this wild run is to benefit meals on wheels. meals on wheels delivers a meal today seniors home, get some contact with another person and in nutrition is meal every day. right now we have 300 people on the waiting list for meals on wheels. >> that is a long list. many people realize that --
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about, so it couple minutes couple minutes of interaction makes their day. >> absolutely. and i guarantee you, if you want to get something, volunteer for meals on wheels. you will receive it away from a senior that is happy to have every day. >> and you have a theme with the prizes that come with this 5k race? >> yes, the overall winner will receive this plate that says, winner winner, chicken dinner. and you also get a spoon that is engraved with your placement. so that's the theme of the run. >> that's part of showing everyone the great things you guys do in the community. so the race is this saturday at 9:00 on the timmerman trail?
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fitness center, which is on exit two at interstate 77. and even though it is a trail through the woods, it is paved. it's safe for children and families. >> to people have to register ahead of time? >> you can register the day of, you aren't guaranteed a t-shirt but we did order some extra. >> hopefully the weather stays great, as we expect. thank you so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you. speaking of weather, what is it look like today? >> temperatures are already in the middle 40s. 44 in aiken, warty four in winds winnsboro, manning at 45, but the winds are starting to kick up out of the west southwest, generally from ten
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hour. in columbia, clear skies overhead, but with the wind it feels more like 30 a degrees. definitely a chilly start to our thursday morning. our computer model shows this morning we will have a few clouds, but it will be mostly sunny. and with clear skies overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. after school, sunny but chilly. 57degrees but with the wind, it will feel like the lower 50's. all of our highs today will generally be in the middle and upper 50's. some communities could get into the lower 60's as we get into the southern midlands. here in columbia, the high of 50 a degrees, winds will be out of the west at 25 and gusting at up to 40 miles per hour. tonight, some wind, but it will be cold. all of the lows tonight will generally be in the lower and middle 30's. now if you are waiting for the
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will be a sun filled forecast. 56degrees friday, 57 degrees saturday and sunday 66 degrees with lots of sunshine. should be no excuse whatsoever to get ou change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct,
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there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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hello, jimmy john's? [squealing tires] [swoosh] jimmy john's here! what took ya so long? jimmy john's! freaky fresh, freaky fast.
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>> welcome back. 6:22a.m. an active and healthy brain goes a long way in the fight against alzheimer's, but you can't stop the disease. the study who carried a gene linked to dementia, middle-aged patients who remain physically and
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levels of the plaque that builds up in the brain of alzheimer's patience. >> a hybridized called the mind diet, that combines the best of the best of two diets, significantly cuts the risk of getting alzheimer's disease. >> this is interesting. researchers study participants for more than four years for this and people who follow the diet or 53% less likely to develop alzheimer's. people who approached it more casually still reduce the risk by 35%. here is mike cove bridge with the bottom line. >> doctors formulated the diet to taking the best from the mediterranean diet and the blood pressure lowering -- diet. the mind diet includes leafy greens like kale and spinach, nuts and beans, whole grains, berries, fish and poultry.
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nutrients that have it pretty good body of evidence to show that they protect the brain, and different nutrients have different effects on the brain. so for example, vitamin e is one of the new trends that is highlighted in the foods that we recommend it for the mind diet. vitamin he is both an antioxidant and anti- inflammatory, and it's one of the more important nutrients in the brain. >> and if you drink alcohol, this diet allows one glass of wine per day. it's high in flavonoids and other brain protecting chemicals. foods to avoid include butter, cheese, processed foods and these all increase the risk. >> i love cheese.
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that and the red meat. >> well, you hear a lot of not so great things about red meat and health, and i guess depending on the cut the fat that is on it, it just depends. >> i think we will have many more studies to come out that say all of these additives that we are putting in these junk foods, and we have no idea what is in these things. i told you, there are certain foods that just dissolve in your mouth, certain junk food, and it tricks your mind into not realizing how much you are eating. and you are putting these processed foods in your body. so i can totally just see that. >> that is why experts say, when you are grocery shopping, shop the outside perimeter because that is where the fresher foods are. that shovels and meets and things like that. everything in the middle is all the stuff that has been packaged or prepackaged and things like that.
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your life, but make smart decisions. >> i say, it's not a good idea to keep them away from you, but it's good in moderation. >> that's dion's thought of the day. >> [laughter] i like that. two days left before the democratic primary. >> coming up, your from the two main candidates about what they think is important in our state right honey, would some captain d's make you feel better? yeeeaah! (woo) when you love seafood this much...
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i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's. anything's worth it for our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99,
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>> when you step outside, you are going to feel the difference in temperature, and the wind. >> definitely the wind. >> good morning. it is 6:30 a.m., and there are 125 power outages in richland county right now. let's and things over to before. we felt the wind yesterday and we will again today? >> you have to walk sideways to keep the wind from blowing over. the temperature difference is significant, many temperatures are in the 40s. 45degrees down in orangeburg, sitting at 46. the wind right now out of west southwest is upward of 18 miles per hour. 45degrees, with the wind it feels more like 30 a degrees. you might as well put the winter jacket on because it will feel more like 35 degrees
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the wind is not going anywhere. windy conditions, 25 miles an hour with gusts at 40. high of 50 degrees, winds tonight and cold. tomorrow, sun filled skies once again and we will have a high of 56 degrees with winds out of the west northwest at about five to 10 miles per hour. check out traffic conditions and check out the traffic building up. and traffic has been picking up and moving along, and if you're coming down bush river road, traffic lights were out at area hill, so that will be atrophic glitch as you get through the morning. as you travel from alverson boulevard, it's about the seven minute commute. sunshine today and that will
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a few minutes. >> we have been building up for this for a while. news 19 jr berry has the details and where the two are heading next. >> we are just two days away from the democratic presidential primary, and we want to get you up-to-date on where the candidates will be today. the two main candidates, and hillary clinton has another busy day on the campaign trail with stop scheduled at king street, florence, myrtle beach and north charleston. they attended an event at brooklyn baptist conference center in west columbia. but the number of topics including the possibility of guantanamo bay detainees being sent to south
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she didn't talk about the e- mails but she did say this about benghazi. >> i testified 11 hours on benghazi and answered all the questions that were asked of me and they said very clearly when it was over that there was nothing new there, because we been saying the same thing for quite some time. i don't see any issues arising out of that. i think what voters are interested in is, how will we solve our problems? i will work together, how will we make the economy work for everybody, not just those at the top. >> president obama has been talking about closing down gitmo and possibly moving those detainees in terrorist to the naval brig outside of charleston. governor haley said that is something she will fight, senator scott said he is fighting it. what is your position on moving those detainees? >> i know the president hasn't made any decision about where
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he has to work with congress and he obviously has to pay attention to what the states are saying. and i hope he can cooperate, in order to get this behind us. i believe keeping guantanamo open provides propaganda. we should work together to find it way too close in, and i know it will only come with cooperation from congress from the states. >> bill clinton will also be on the campaign trail today and tomorrow. today he will be traveling to rock hill spartanburg and nearby winnsboro, and tomorrow he will be in aiken and boston. before leaving columbia, on wednesday morning, he talked about the poverty rate in our country. he attributed the increase in
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bill that was supported by ms. clinton. he said something needs to be done to help the poor and powerless. >> we need welfare reform. the goal of welfare reform is to get people on their own 2 feet and help them get jobs and the job training they need. help them get the child care they need so they can go to work, help them get to health care that they need, not punish the most vulnerable people in the country. >> he says he is not giving up on tough going up so he is in oklahoma today. he said he plans to returned to the campaign trail in south carolina tomorrow, one day ahead of the democratic primary. that's what we have four you on the two main candidates running in the presidential primary. we will have another update for you, tomorrow morning, right here on news 19. >> 6:35 a.m. now. think option dispute between
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in an interview with abc, the company's ceo maintains it would people had that for america if apple helped unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrace. >> there are new efforts this money to better protect your personal information online. it is a new program that usc at usc, but also involves the national guard and the citadel and the college at clemson. they will send all of their employees to training for better protecting their in addition to the training, the program will also be a hub for research and development for new cyber security technology. we are on your side with a boil water advisory in effect for several city of columbia water customers. if you live on feral drive, marietta drive, state avenue,
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maia street, and the city says there is a 3-inch line break that could result in bacterial contamination. those water customers need to boil their water for one minute before drinking or cooking. >> speaking of water, do you take yours from the tap or sparkling? apparently we all just want it bottle. sales in the us bottled water category are up more than 6%, topping $15 billion in 2015. more than half of those surveyed say they are taking more flavored water to replace high sugar drinks. >> today, 110 energy ten energy savings go hand-in-hand. >> matt graham delivers another deal by viewer request. >> this is warm and beautiful, and i love this. instead of reaching for that thermostat to crank up, i have
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set it up, turn it on, and save. take a look. at your number one request this winter, i've finally found a deal on, it has this awesome thing that warms your sheets before you get into bed. even more amazing is the price that i just found at better free shipping. this price will fluctuate in this item will sell out. until it does, it's on our website at where you will find the full deal and the demo. >> that is going to sell out. >> you better get your hands on it if it is on there now. >> i would prefer something that cools the bed. i like it cold. maybe if it were a super cold winter, i would invest in
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>> that's on if you want to check that out. >> public outcry after a long time prosecutor is arrested for dui. >> plus, the gamecocks men's football team played last night, the breakdown of their record-breaking season. >> and a lot of us have record the mac we can activities, it ready for lots hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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delays. >> welcome to wltx news 19 this morning. a a few of you had your phone's go off with a flood warning that came up, and i want you to know that this flood warning is for the river. it basically covers all the way down the river. flooding, mostly into the far lanes as you get down into parts of richland and calhoun county. but that's it. no rain expected today, and what we are dealing with though is very chilly temperatures. manning 45 degrees, and wind is still a big story, coming out
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upwards of 18 miles per hour. and very weak conditions. it will feel like the lower 70s. are forecasted highs will be in the mid- and upper 50's. orangeburg be in the 60's at 61 but it will be very windy so it will feel cooler than that. here in columbia, high of 50 a degrees, winds gusting at 40 miles per hour. still windy tonight but it will be clear skies and very cold. 33degrees for the low, and all the lows will be in the mid- and upper 30's. sunshine will continue not only tomorrow but through the entire seven-day forecast. 57 on saturday, 66 on saturday, and even up to 73 degrees. enjoy the sunshine all through the seven-day forecast. as far as the roads right now, headed out the door, checking her traffic on the road
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westbound, you can see traffic accidents are reported. we do have a traffic light that has been out for at least half an hour on bush river road as you are getting onto interstate 20. so be aware of that.
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air force base, 34 >> 6:48 a.m. something interesting that we mentioned earlier, but people
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>> facebook is changing things up. people are losing their minds, and if you've been on facebook lately, you may have noticed the simple like button is gone. you can like, you can love, you can be sad and angry, facebook has been very emotional. >> giving you options. >> i don't like change. all i want it was a dislike button. so let us know what you are think. >> and we found something else interesting? >> something else about american idol, the show is coming to an end. and basically, people who didn't win their particular season, who also went on to become big stars.
6:50 am
big ones, and katharine mcphee who is on the hit cbs show scorpion. >> tweet with us and let us know evening. >> still more to come. >> a social media post leads to the arrest of a high school student. we will break down how the school found out about the post
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>> us women's
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news 19 this morning. it is thursday, february 25. >> let's get to today's top stories and your midland run down. in kershaw county, ace student is accused of threatening to shoot one of his teachers. we are talking about 18 -year-old cameron over eagerly out. a parent who monitors their child social media accounts to them off to what happened. the parent noticed the message to her student that for the teacher, and ovary glia admitted to writing that threat. >> and deputies need your help idea man wanted for all treatment of animals. eric weston wilson. he's also wanted for assault and battery, armed robbery and burglary. anyone with information on where he is is asked to call
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>> the usc men's basketball won its tenth game defeating tennessee at home, 84-58. the win improved the gamecocks to 23 and five on the year. the 23 wins for south carolina marks the most sense the 2005- 2006 season. up next, the team is on the road to take on mississippi state, saturday. tipoff is set for 2:30 p.m. >> and now the usc women's basketball team, the gamecocks take on old miss tonight. >> an anti- drunk driving rally will take place in lexington. that is expected to highlight the latest dui charge against 11th circuit solicitor donnie myers. the long time prosecutor was arrested monday night after a single car crash off of old chapin road. rally organizers are expected
6:56 am
saying he is no longer credible to prosecute dui cases. that rally starts at noon. >> and the law students and usc are hosting it panel on the impact of community police relations. it focuses on the role of police, the impact of police and policing communities and ways to proof relations. >> scg&e plans to announce its support for flood affected farmers by making a donation to plant it forward south carolina. the power company will be reimbursing farmers to the cost of seed for destroyed crops and other losses. >> in kershaw county, you can see a showcase of students tonight. to liberating the arts of kershaw county schools is taking place at 5:30 p.m. at the back else in it includes pieces of art from students at all 20 schools. the event is free.
6:57 am
columbia will present silent voices, an evening of music and visual arts. doors open at ask with a silent auction, and the show starts at seven. performances during the event are created by the members of the homeless community. a donation of $10 will get you in and proceeds go directly to the performers. >> palmetto health is helping you manage stress tonight. they talk about how to respond to and manage stress. this begins at 6:00 6:00 p.m. tonight at palmetto health park ridge location. >> we can support the efforts and the special olympics by taking the plunge like the people in the video. the polar plunge takes place at the park circle pool. a minimum of $25 must be raised
6:58 am
anyone who is taking part is encouraged to dress up as a group or individual. there will be prizes. >> 6:58 a.m., and as you had out the door, it's head over to efren afante. >> we are looking at the bard river bridge, crossing over interstate 20. traffic has been picking up, no accidents reported, really, anywhere in and out of columbia. only two issues, a traffic light is out on bush river road and then one block out on berryhill drive. just be aware that those will be a headache shoe are getting into the area. as far as our weather, 45 degrees right now with a little bit of cloud coverage. it feels more like 3039 degrees. so when the kids head out the door, bring the winter jacket. the windchill will drop down to about 35 degrees as they had out to school.
6:59 am
and we are looking at a high today of 58. the sunshine will be there but winds out of the west, 25 gusting to 30 miles per hour. and here comes the sun. the next three days, 57 saturday, dixie six sunday. get ready for a sun filled seven-day forecast. into next week, with the sunshine, we are looking at 73 degrees by wednesday. >> that is awesome. >> be prepared for those winds for sure today, driving on the roads in general. >> and if you come to a stoplight that is out, treated as a four way stop. >> definitely.
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good morning. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic rescue is unfolding after wild weather cap sizes a fishing boat near new york city. powerful storms lead a trail of deadly destruction across the east. is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first interview since raising concerns about zika at the rio olympics. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a lot of wind whipping. >> this is just, like, not even real. >> powerful storms stretch across the east coast. >> coast guard vessel cap sized during a rescue mission. they were tending on a fishing


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