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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 getting more information about a dozen marines who are now missing in hawaii...and how one has ties to the palmetto state. that and more coming up at 11. this is a body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for 10 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. this is my body of proof! 3 news 19 at 11...the search continues for 12 missing marines off the coast off hawaii.and tonight we've learned an upstate man is among the missing. 3 plus--three democratic
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we'll have highlights from their fourth primary debate. 3 and - dr martin luther king's spirit inspires a local group to help family get through a heart breaking loss. their story coming 19 at 11 starts now. 3 3 good evening 3 and thanks for joining us...i'm loren thomas. 3 authorities have released the names of the 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii.and among the missing is a marine from right here in south carolina.he's 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler of woodruff. sempler and the men were on board ...doing night training missions when the two helicopters collided. search efforts are still underway...but rescuers are fighting against rough waters and poor visibility.while the coast guard initially reported that the helicopters collided...marine officials say the incident is still under investigation. 3 one child is dead and several
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orangeburg. it happened around 3-15 this morning.troopers say the driver of a nissan s san was traveling with two children in the car right outside of the town of springfield... when she crossed the center line of state road three...hitting a kia sedan.the driver and the four passengers in the kia were taken to the hospital...along with driver and one child in the nissan. troopers were unsure if the two children in the nissan were in car seats at the time of the crash.the accident is cucuently under investigation. 3 the highway patrol is also investigating a fatal accident in lexington county. troopers say shortly after 3 a-m a driver ran off the side of highway 302 and hit a utility pole.according to authorities...the driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected. the crash remains under investigation. 3 we now know the name of the pedestrian that was killed during a collision friday night.the richland county coroner has identified the victim as 52-year-old samuel
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was struck by two vehicles on garners ferry road near eye 77 north.the coroner says he stepped out into the road and was struck by two cars.we're told ferell had been living in various shelters in the columbia area.the collision is under investigation by the columbia police department. 3 a former police officer from anderson county has been arrested after being accused of excessive force.32-year-old robert joshua shaw of the honea path police department was charged with misconduct in he made false statements during an arrest of a man in november of 20-14.according to reports shaw and another officer, john bell, were arresting brian hatcher.police say hatcher failed to stop for the blue lights and led them on a chase for two miles before pulling over.sled investigators say at that time hatcher pulled out a knife and a fight started.hatcher's sister says he had a swollen n eye and was bleeding from his ears, mouth and head after the incident.the two officers were
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after the arrest. the police department later fired shaw and bell in april of 20- 15...after meeting with sled about the investigation.the misconduct charge against shaw carries up to 10 years in prison if convicted. 3 the bond hearing for a man accused of helping a 24- year-old abigail lee kemp rob jewelry stores across the south has been postponed until next week.35-year-old lewis jones the third did not appear in a federal courtroom in atlanta on friday and is expected to have another hearing on wednesday.kemp was denied bond in a similar hearing on thursday. prosecutors say the two stole 4.3 million dollars in jewelry from five states.they were both arrested last friday. 3 3 just a block from the charleston church where a gunman killed 9 people in june, the democratic presidential candidates clashed on gun control and other issues in the last debate before the iowa caucuses. weijia jiang has
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3 under fire from hillary clinton for changing his position on immunity of gun manufacturers, vermont senator bernie sanders shot back at his opponent.sot: sandersi think sec clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous.sanders said he has a d minus report card from the nra but clinton says he has voted numerous times with the gun lobby.sot: clinton former maryland governor martin omalley accused both clinton and sanders of being inconsistent when it came to gun control.sot: omalleythe candidates fiercely 3 debated who 3 do the best job reigning in wall street.sot: sanderssot: oalleysot: clintonstandup
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news, 3 charleston, 3 south carolina sanders is leading in the new hampshire polls and he tied with clinton in iowa, but a new poll gives clinton a big edge over the vermont senator nationwide.soso sanderiil tell you about polls, i was down 50 points.all three candidates are looking for a spark before the iowa caucuses on february 1st.weijia jiang, cbs news, charleston 3 hillary clinton, bernie sanders & martin oalley will all attend at martin luther king day event monday morning on the steps of the south carolina state house. 3 former arkansas governor and republican candidate mike huckabee was in cayce this morning.he led worship service and preached at the trinity baptist church.huckabee says he's hearing concerns from voters over the economy, national security and the moral climate of the nation. rather than paying attention race, are starting to pay attention to their position in life. they're starting to say, look these policies that the
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out have hurt me. they've hurt my children. they've hurt my grandchildren. they want a candidate who has been able to successfully lele.huckabee is looking forward to the upcoming iowa caucus, which is set for february first. 3 3 it was a rainy cool start to the day. there was even a few snowflakes to our north, snow was reported at the charlotte airport, even some snow in parts of york county. for us it was just rain, most of it did move out by the afternoon and we had some sunshine.we did see a few light isolated showers, in and around columbia is the current satellite radar composite across the midlands. it is cooling off, here are the current temperatures across the midlands.for tonight, the clouds will move out and we'll see temperatures falling into the upper 20s and lower 30s.tomorrow it will be
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the middle and upper 40s. tomorrow night, could be our coldest night so far this season with lows fafaing in the lowr 20s.the winds my make it feel like the middle teens. we'll take a closer look at your seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. loren. 3 3 tomorrow people around the nation will be celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king jr.right here in the midlands one group is finding a way to use dr. kings dream as inspiration to help a family overcome a devasting 19's chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 in early december, kali kelly lost her mother to cancer. "my best friend. she was everything to me."reportera nd her children lost their grandmother.
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holiday, they found that strength in gerald hare and the elite youth mentoring group of south carolina - who will be suprising her two and kids as well as nieces and nephews with a tickets to see the charlotte hornets. "somebody's life is going to be changed tomorrow. somebody is going to see something. somebody is going to do something. there is going to be a positive impact pn someone's life that they're going to remember for a life time." using dr. martin luther king's example - the group is using that game as inspiration to have - what else - but a dream."when a kid can actually grasp on to th e dream, touch the dream, see the dream, feel the dream, then live the dream. then they become the dream.""for them to see a professional basketball player. not just a professional sketball player, but maybe even the owner. that should give you some kind of self to say, 'hey if you can do this i can do this too. you're dream was to be an nba player. now you own a team. my dream is to be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse. i'm
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mikale hare also particiates in the elite group. with the other members by his side...he's says he's ready to be a role model for the kelly family."the biggest thing is when you see somebody's face - how they smile after you do something good for them. i'm just going to try and make sure they are happy and let them know it's going to be alright. it's just going to be magical." "somebody's life is going to be changed tomorrow. somebody is something. somebody is going to do there is going impact pn that they're remember for a "it's a blessing thought of in columbia - - news19, wltx 3 the elite youth group of south carolina has been mentoring kids across the state since 2001. 3 usc wrapped up their mlk celebrations a couple of hours ago. they kicked things off earlier this week with a commemoration breakfast and concluded the celebration with a gospel addition to the events...students also participated in two days of community service. 3 preparations for the annual king day at the dome rally are well underway.this year the focus of the event is
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ally....making sure all schools are equipped to give students a chance to succeed presidential hopefuls hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders will be at the rally tomorrow.participants will be marching from zion baptist church to the state house.the march line up is at 9:30.the rally is scheduled to start at 10:15. 3 the city of columbia's 28th annual mlk celebration will also be tomorrow. usc esident harris pastides will be the keynote speaker.the celebration will also include performances from logan elementary school and keenan high school.the event will be held at martin luther king, jr. park and community center on greene street at 4. 3 the lee county mlk committee is hosting a breakfast to celebrate king's legacy.the theme of the event is equality for all..fair play...goodwill and justice. breakfast starts at's being held at lee central high school cafeteria located at 1800 wisacky highway.
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parking garages will be open to the public at no charge for the king day holiday. you can see the eight garages here on your screen. in addition....street parking meters will not be enforced tomorrow. 3 3 two people have died and dozens of home were destroyed after tornadoes hit parts of central and southwestern floriday early this e-f-2-rated tornado with winds reaching 127 miles per hour swept through a town 40 miles south east of tampa...killing two people and injuring five others....four of them were sarasota, another e-f-2 storm hit 45 properties...causing more than three million dollars in damage.according to florida power and light 17 thousand customers reported power outages...that could be restored by monday. 3 you'll be paying little extra a the next time you go to the post office.according to the u-s postal service, they have raised the shipping cost of priority mail packages by ten percent...and more than 14
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express.this is the first price increase in three years. ups and fedex rates have also increased nearly five percent. however, the current cost of a first class 49 cents...will remain the same. 3 a big happy birthday to first lady michelle obama.she turned 52 word yet from the white house on what she did to celebrate. two years ago...president obama threw a white house dance party to ring in her 50th birthday. 3 still ahead--if you plan to spend anytime outside tomorrow, make sure you bundle up.daniel says we're going to see temperatures top out in the fourties. he'll be back with your family's full forecast after the break.
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3 it was a chilly day. we only made it to 50 this afternoon. our morning low was 41. our normal low is 34 and normal high is 56.records for today were 9 set in 1977 and 79 set in 1979.sunrise will be at are the current temperatures across the state. things are cooling off and it is going to be cold tonight. there is some much colder air to our north, that is moving our are current temperatures across the united states at this far as our forecast is concerned. we'll see mostly clear skies tonight. sunny skies on monday. sunny skies on tuesday, but it will be cold on tuesday morning and even during the afternoon.a few more clouds move into the picture on wednesday, but it should be dry.tonight look for lows in the upper 20s in some areas. lower 30s elsewhere.tomorrow it will be chilly with highs in the middle to upper 40s and the wind will make it feel a few degrees is the
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monday and tuesday. tuesday looks like it will be the coldest day of the season. lows in the lower 20s and wind chill values in the middle teens. highs on tuesday will be in the lower to middle 40s. cold again on wednesday morning, but temperatures begin to moderate a little, upper 40s to near 50 degrees.a few more clouds on thursday with a small chance of rain. the better chance of rain comes friday with highs near 57. right now next weekend looks dry with highs in the
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3 still to come--it was a close call...but the usc women's basketball team remains undefeated after pulling out a 59-58 victory over texas a and m. sports anchor alyssa lang
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coming up after the brea3 theyve had a couple of stressful games this season but none quite like today..
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at home..and believe it or not... the craziness and stress of this game came in the last 9 seconds or so.. so thats where we're going to start becase if you missed this.. buckle upa&m down two.. looking for the tying bucket and the aggs are to the line they goshe'll miss the first but make the second.. so a&m is within one 57-56.4.5 on the clcok so khadijah sessions is fouled.. she goes to the line.need to make both of thses for a tiny bit of a breather.. but misses the first.. she will make the second...3.4 left on the clcok.. a&m will bring it back into play to try to make something happen.. and sessions with the defelction.. so lets try again.. on the inbounds.. a&m.. drops 2 with 2.5 left in this ball game... so we're tied again.. and sessions.. is fouled she heads to the line. .9 left on the clocl-- misses the first again.makes the second
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on the clock.. tiffany michll will intercept and the gamecocks survive... 59-58 is your final. 3 its certianly putting our coaching staff in a stressul position off the charts, i think theyre great teaching tools for players to be in the situation and not fret. our players realize they have to comeback and play because m was playing the best basketball theyve played all season long. 3 the usc men righted the ship this weekend after a dispoinging loss on the road at alabama.. they came back in full force yesterday with a win over up are two sec road games this week, the first at ole miss on tuesday,...and theres some extra motivation there as carolina suffered a loss in the 2015 regular-season meeting with the rebelsbut
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yesterday he's still just as confident in his guys attitude despite their blip last week in tuscalosoa. 33 nfc divisional playoff.. the panthers fighting to host the first nfc championhip in frnahcise history1q--first play of the game..jonathan stewart -- long gain -- going 59 yards to sets up ... jonathan stewart..finishign what he started with a 4 yard td run 7-0 carolina3 luke kuechly 14 yard pick six off russell wilson 14-0 carolina2q--cam newton to greg olsen 19 yard td pass 31-0 carolina3q--second hafl.. the
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wilson totoermaine kearse 13 yard td pass 31-7 carolina-- thats just the beginning-- theyd bring it to 31-24 and attempt the onsides kick with about a minute left in the game....panthers recover the onside kick and seal it ... panthers win 31-24 ... 3 3 we had a big lead, they came bakc. it happens. its part of the nature of the game. especially with athat kind of lead against a good offense. all of these came agains good quarterbacks. when you have a lead like that you have to learn not to relax. its just a tale of execution, we needed more in the second half, a lot of guys iwht their butts tight, coaches, fans, myself butts tight. find ways to get your groove back on and we
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on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. kley? good job avalynthis is 2-year-old avalyn maier.and at first may not realize it...but she is a huge panthers fan. in fact...she has a special talent that sets her apart from other toddlers...and even most adults.she knows what all the panthers players look like and can identify them on the team's roster. 3 one morning i came down to feed her breakfast and she saw this and started looking at all the players and she said "cam newton" and i was like wow that's pretty impressive her dad says avalyn recognized cam newton from all the games they'd watch together....and it just grew from there. 3 as we get ready for the super bowl... we've got a fun contest going on.its called news19 find the golden football treasure hunt on tuesday, 19 oldenfootballs will be placed at landmarks
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11 counties. at noon, we will post those secret locations via pictures on wltx instagram, twitter and facebook accounts. so be sure to follow us! if you find a oldenfootball, you can bring it to the wltx studios to win a $50 first prize and register for the grand prize of $519. keep in mind that you can only win once, so do not go hunting for all 19 footballs. the grand prize winner will be announced live on friends at five on tuesday, january 26th. 3 here is the 3 seven day forecast.sunny monday and tuesday. tuesday looks like it will be the coldest day of the season. lows in the lower 20s and wind chill values in the middle teens. highs on tuesday will be in the lower to middle 40s. cold again on wednesday morning, but temperatures begin to moderate a little, upper 40s to near 50 degrees.a few more clouds on thursday with a small chance of rain. the better chance of rain comes friday with highs near 57. right now next weekend looks dry with highs in the
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3 that's our 3 time for now. join us some three hours ago, president grant was shot. (gunshot) previously on "scandal"... the fbi is issuing a high alert, and they--they do have a description of a suspect. ms. pope? yes. are you-- back? yes. i'm back, for as long as you need me. the vice president is making a play. she spent the last two hours lobbying cabinet members about signing over the presidency to her. she what? (reed) president sally langston makes history today as the first female commander in chief. good morning. first, let me say that all that i have i would give not to be here today.
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are with the president and his wife and children. the doctors at james madison hospital have informed me that president grant's condition remains critical. the doctors have been candid, and i will be, too. they hope the president will wake up within a few days. if and when he does, they may not know the extent of the damage to his brain for at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer. in the meantime, we have extended the manhunt for the person or persons responsible for the attack on the president. i have directed the leaders of the fbi, homeland security, and the cia to pursue every avenue, run every threat to ground, until we have captured whoever is responsible for this evil act. (breaths heavily) the person they're looking for, the one they think shot the president-- that's me.
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i'm gonna nene to talk to colonel jessup over at m.d.w.
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