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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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have to bring a crane in to remove it. >> the problem in a lot of places was ice forming on the trees making lims and branches heavy. thank you for sending that in. >> it was a mess for a lot of folks. things are much better off. 50 degrees, franklin, we are seeing sunshine. our news 13 skycam network. in the foothill, that got hit hard. 51 in forest city. 54 in gaffeny. 50's further south. continuing to stay in the 40's in the french broad river valley. colder by dinner time. we'll talk about our chances for wintry weather. when it begins, how much will fall and finally some relief, a return to the 60's i'll tell you when that happens in a few minutes. >> the sun is helping to improve
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icy spots are widespread. lauren brigman is live along rayhill road. what do drivers need to be mindful of still at this point? >> when you drive along a road, it is easy to think everything is clear, especially with temperatures above freezing. you are going to run into trouble because you hit a patch of ice and lose control. you can also see along these roads how the ice is, it has weighed down trees in a lot of areas here in henderson county. butler bridge road is an area where icy conditions remain. an accident last night and another accident this morning. one person was taken to the hospital as a result of those incidents. dispatcher with the henderson county sheriff's office tell me they receive 160 calls related to wrecks in the county since 8:00 yesterday morning. a combination of highway patrol, local police responding to all
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have trickled in. troopers say the sun can be deceiving. they remind drivers to keep their guard up. >> people come out of the sun where it is nice and dry, roadway is nice and dry. they say it will be the same through here and they don't realize it before it is too late and then at that point, it is too late to react because the ice is there, you won't do anything on the ice. >> ice on interstate 26 in the county earlier this morning related in multiple accidents. troopers say there were eight wrecks many henderson county alone between midnight and 8:00 this morning. the interstate had been treated with salt overnight. they continue to treat widespread icy spots in henderson county. we have seen towing companies very busy, working to clear the accident scenes as well. i caught up with highway patrol. they tell me a large area in the
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the accents, even some in buncombe overnight and this morning. you are going to see likely a lot of widespread damage here in henderson county. >> the sun is now shining. are we out of the woods? >> at 10:00, 11:00, most of that black ice was out of here. temperatures are well above freezing. 46 degrees and sunny. 3200 feet. the news 13 skycam network. the precip stops everywhere, around 5:00 this morning. we have been waiting for the temperatures to warm up. we are seeing help with the sunshine. now we are starting to see clouds already move back into the region. with all this rain we picked up from midnight until now, it fell in that first couple of hours past midnight. temperatures at the airport
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we didn't quite make it down to freezing. same thing in downtown asheville, but it was those areas further south that we have been mentioning that stayed very cold, even into the eastern portion. it took a while to warm up. 51 in forest city. 46 in asheville. 53 into greenville. middle 50's in greenwood. the wind not a big issue right now but it is a 13 miles an hour in franklin. in asheville, 7. 5 in greenville. we can see the precip is gone for now. then we have our next system with a chance for wintry weather. in a few hours, winter weather advisory will start up once again. this is at 4:00 through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. graham, swain, yancey, mitchell, avery county under this winter weather advisory. what does that mean?
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snapshot at 2:00, showing dry clouds. still in the 40's. as early as 4:00, we start to see the precip push to the west and then to the east. the highest elevations, you can see the mix of rain and snow. that's why we have advisories out. then it should turn over to all snow as temperatures stay right close to the freezing mark. at drive time it could be slick in locations. we'll be hovering close to freezing even here in the asheville area. we have a snowfall potential to share with you. through the tomorrow morning, the blue one to three inches possible. a dusting to a half an inch at the very best. it does include the northern portions of buncombe, the mountains.
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back here today, we are waiting for the clouds, then some of the rain. high temperatures in the 40's. a chance for snow tonight. mild temperatures, back down to 36. looking forward in time, this is looking pretty nice after that bit of mountain snow tomorrow, milder thursday. better friday and the weekend perfect timing. beautiful conditions, low 60's expected. upstate, we are talking middle 60's. head outdoors if you have the chance this weekend. >> download our weather app for the most updated information on advisories and alerts, it is free in your app store. >> the dangerous mix of snow and ice and rain continues to hit the entire east coast. 1600 flights were canceled. snow and ice were to blame for more than 1500 car accidents in
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in virginia, 500 accidents reported in southern states, tornadoes down trees and flattened homes intensified by rain gripped the northeast. today temperatures in some areas are expected to reach up to 56 degrees. >> an explosion shut down roads and forced an evacuation in the area. the sheriff officials say an 18 wheeler exploded. the drive and a woman were taken to the hospital. a large plume of smoke was visible from several miles awayaway. officials let the fire burn out. >> no word what caused a garbage truck to fall off a high bridge in miami. it landed on a street below yesterday throwing debris everywhere at the entrance to a popular park. firefighters say it is a miracle no one except the driver was hurt. he was taken to the hospital in
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>> the 58th gramway awards handed out last night. all by eight of the night's 83 were announced before telecast leaving time for memorable performances. david daniel has a look. >> reporter: if anyone nodded off during the three and a half gram grammys, kendrick woke them up. he walked away with five grammys. before lamar hit the stage, the cast of hamilton got the l.a. crowd ready to rap and roll. >> some of the most memorable performances were tributes to fallen stars. an all-star guitar jam for bb king. >> jackson brown and the eagles
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and lady gaga's heavily hyped performance channeling david bowie. >> lionel ritchie joined his own tribute. there was emotion from the winners. megan trainor cried and so did her father. >> my heart is beating a mile a min. >> taylor swift was a triple winner and first woman to win album of the year for a second time. record of the year went to the most inescapable song of the year, uptown funk. a fitting toned a show that had people dancingdancing. taylor swift joins an an impressive group of performers as only artist to win album of
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>> new cast members for the next big "star wars" movie episode 8.8. the trio was welcomed on a post on the "star wars" official facebook page. a "star wars" spin-off movie opens this year. >> go ahead and be nutty. today is national almond day. almonds are said to be good for your heart and waistline, packed with magnesium and fiber. >> we have an easy comfort dish full of flavor. the special sauce that makes this veet in a mees chicken dish a wonderful addition to the dinner menu. >> meet a stylist who helps
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their hair feel better. >> chef john is with us. you are making something from our asian partners. >> it is pronounced pho, it is spelled p-h-o. it is a stir fry with broth. we'll julian some napa cabbage. i like napa cabbage because it has a different flavor than the regular green cabbage. i have some udon noodles cooking. we'll start with chicken. i have precooked the chicken a little bit to keep things along.
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>> julienne carrots and julienne yellow squash. and then some julienne zucchini. those are your veggies. i'll saute this a little bit. i have a stitir fry sauce which i have made wh soy sauce, ginger, pineapple juice, corn starch and garlic powder. i have my veggies sauteing. then i'll let that come up to a simmer. i'll go ahead and add in my stir fry sauce. that will go ahead and simmer. i'll go ahead and add the napa cabbage.
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prep all this the day before. >> sure can. >> then we'll add the stir fry sauce. i'm going to go ahead and let this simmer a few minutes. while i'm doing that, i'll go ahead and place my udon noodles in the bowl. and then go ahead and add in everything else. >> go to our website, you can send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive. you can check us out on pinterest. that makes a beautiful bowl. >> thank you. you garnish typically with a lime. squeeze a little bit of the juice on there. and some green onions that are
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and a little bit of fresh cilantro. there you have it. vietnamese chicken pho. >> we have a brunch casserole so hearty, it can be a lunch entree. it can be prepared vegetarian if you like. >> a potential step forward in
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the move that could help >> the cdc estimates one in 68 children born in america will have an autism spectrum disorder. >> doctors regularly screen for these conditions in toddlers. according to a new recommendation from the united states preventive service task force, there is not enough evidence to currently support such an approach. doctors say diagnosing asd can be difficult because there is no medical test like a blood test
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>> cancer is scary but sometimes it just takes one person to do a special thing that makes someone feel in need a little bit better. >> rebecca specializes in creating wigs for people with medical issue that is causes hair to be extremely thin or fall out like hormonal changes or cancer. at 22 years old, it was difficult to deal with and that's where rebecca came in. >> it is so powerful. i think people think, well, it is just hair, why should i care about hair. don't worry about it, it is just your hair. don't worry about it, it is just your eyes, it is just your fingers. it is a body part. when you lose a body part, it is traumatic. >> patients rebecca becomes more than a stylist, she also becomes a friend. >> ben and jerry's taking a new spin on dessert.
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base is almond milk with coconut oil mixed in. >> this is something we want. we have been working on it for about three years now. >> the result four decadent flavors. . >> the other two are brand new and only available in non-dairy, coffee caramel fudge and pb and cookie. >> the video makes you want ice cream, doesn't it? >> i want to try it. >> do you have girl scout cookies yet? >> no, i do not. what happens when hundreds of volunteers pull together to sell big time. >> later today on news 13 at 5:30, prepared foods are convenient and cheap. are they good for you? why it may be healthier to make it yourself. >> at 6:00, relocating the register of these and other county offices in tonight's
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wasting taxpayer dollars. >> girl scout cookie season is in full swing. you have probably seen the girls setting up sales areas. >> but check this out. nearly 1500 volunteers pitched in at this girl scout cookie drop drop. about 68,000 cases, a total of 800,000 packages were handed out. >> why are thin mints the best? >> because they have chocolate. i love chocolate. >> how many are you picking up today? >> 427 cases. >> what is he doing with all those? >> wow. give them to us. girl scout cookie ends march 2. you have plenty of time to find a local scout and get all the cookies you want. what is your favorite kind?
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>> we both like -- we like mint chocolate but the samoas. it is too hard. i cannot choose. let's look outside. winter weather advisory is out. it goes until 6:00 a.m. for the tennessee border county, northern jackson county as well.
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have another update at 5:00. >> announcer: put your dancing shoes on and get ready to boogie down, because we're having a delicious disco brunch. michael's shaking his groove thing and whipping up a cheesy dish that'll keep the party going strong. plus, clinton's got an easy, delicious cocktail that'll leave you shouting, "dy-no-mite." and the culprit responsible for ransacking our pantry is finally reveveed. it's time for our delicious disco brunch.
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right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] where's carla hall? >> there she is. >> come on, carla. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, hello, hello. [ cheers and applause ] can ya dig it? >> hey, guys. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "the chew." if you're sitting at home wondering why we're decked out in far-out fashion and jiving with some dynamite dance moves, it's because we're heading back in time. so, channel your inner travolta and get ready to boogie, because we're whipping up the most delicious disco brunch you've ever tasted.


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