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tv   News 13 Sunday at 6am  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that's fine. >>evan: we have our very own puppy bowl, hope hanselman is live at the puppy bole right here and we will show you that in a few minutes. >>zack: hope they will be inside because if you are outside this morning it will be cold, guys. the wind chill value is down, even into the teens in some mountain locations. 23 degrees is what it feels like right now in asheville. keep that heavier jacket around throughout the course of the day. plenty of sunshine on the way, so i'm hoping you can enjoy it because a big change returns as we make our way into the start of the work week. i will let you know when the rain and snow are going to be seen. it's all coming up in a little bit. >>evan: the biggest of big games superbowl 50 just hours away from kick off in california. the panthers and broncos will take the field tonight led by the women who cheer them on. news 13's luke notestine is in santa collar rah with the story of one local cheerleader who graduated from irwin high school and never really imagined she would be where she is today.
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phillips graduated fromi win high school and never believed she would be where she is today, cheering for the carolina panthers as they get ready for the biggest game on the planet. superbowl 50. she is a classically trained what lay dancer who has ties to the asheville area. she has been with the carolina panthers now for the past five seasons but never experienced anything like this, getting ready for the superbowl. we caught up with her yesterday morning to kind of talk to her about what her experience has been like and why she has extra special motivation to be at her best on sunday night. >> mom has been fighting cancer, her. >>luke: in the carolina panthers panthers are able to beet the denver broncos to win superbowl there will be no happier group of people than shannon, her teammate, and her mother. reporting from levi stadium in santa clara, i'm luke notestine, news 13. >>evan: last year three of asheville's own rescue dogs were
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valuable puppy. at last year's puppy bowl i. was titan and tiara who took to the astroturf in new york representing the mountains. puppy bowl 12 will air on animal planet later today at 12 o'clock. this year, asheville sent four puppies to new york city, so we decided to stage a little puppy bowl of our own. news 13's hope hanselman is live at the asheville humane society with today's starting lineup. looks like she is holding one now. hope, let's introduce us to some of the crowd here? >>hope: my heart is melted, evan. these guys are so cute. we are so thankful that asheville humane was willing to let us come over this early in the morning and meet some of their stars here who are going to be taking to our own make shift puppy bowl that we just set up. we have heather brandon here with asheville humane so, heather, tell me about these
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>> these guys just came into us recently. they are 8-9 weeks old, little lab mix puppies. wide retriever, we like to say, on puppy bowl day and they will be available later this week. they are excited about the big game. >>hope: all right. we will put them down. we realize this is a high expectation for these guys but we will see what they can do with our little make shift field here. there you go, guys. okay. so, the goal of this game is pretty simple. if they take any -- [laughter] any toy across any end zone we have scored a point. i think we are going brown versus, what is this, white? jell-o? >> yeah,. >> we will try. there we go. we have a player. >>hope: this is all in anticipation for a big event coming up later today at asheville pizza and brewing. heather, what can can you tell me about what you have pland? >> we are excited since we have
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puppies in the puppy bowl. we are doing an adoption event from 2:00 to 4:00 with adoptable puppies and we will watch the puppy bole together on the big screen from 3:00 to 5:00 so we encourage people to come join us and have a good time. >>hope: oh, hoe! extra points for peeing in the end zone. and these guys are adoptable, too? >> they will be ready later this week. keep your eyes opennen on our web site, asheville and you can see who is available on the web site. >>hope: they have names. we are having trouble keeping track of them. one of them i remember his name is rock lobster; is that right? >> rock lobster and ducky, i remember the two, yes. >>hope: we have the plans for this morning. we want to bring a number of different pets out here from asheville humane, including our black panther. >> that's right. >>hope: our little kitten. stay tuned for that. we will have a ton of fun out here, guys. thank you so much. i can watch these guys for hours.
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humane society, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: firefighters worked a structure fire overnight in the alexander community. the blaze broke out on the porch of this house at 1164 old north carolina 20, just before 2:00 this morning and then quickly spread to the attic. they had the fire out the about 3 a.m.. investigators were on the scene, but no cause has been determined as of this morning. the red cross is now assisting. we will bring you more information on this fire as details are released. new information this morning about a former episcopal priest here in the mountains who also faces allegations of sexual misconduct, almost a thousand miles away. as we reported, howard white was wrecktor at grace church in waynesville from 1984 until 2006. the diocese of western north carolina has released a statement saying a woman claimed she was sexual bily abused by white when she was a minor. dozens of former students at a school in middletown, rhode island, also came forward saying they, too, were molested by white. 40 years ago.
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school has agreed to hire a third party investigator to handle the case. >>reporter: pain suffered decades ago poured out through tears and hugs where former members of st. george's school held a news conference about the sexual abuse allegations. >> it was an environment taken over by evil. >> now the private episcopal school of middleton is trying to make good since the 40 allegations of abuse is coming forward, announcing a third party investigator that both will agree on will oversee a comprehensive investigation of sex abuse. we caught up with carmen who represents the victims group, st. george's school for healing. >> the speed with which the school responded after the press conference that was held in boston is indicative to us of the school's concern that they get their house in order. >> joseph fairline who represents the board of trustees
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felt for some time to complete a thorough investigation. this is a positive first step and everyone will look at the facts in the same manner. attorneys say 7 of the alleged perpetrators worked at the school and 4 were students. purrsel says won't be able to prosecute because the majority were not raped but they are hoping for the facts to finally come to light. >> what we are hoping for is justice for everyone, in the sense that they will all be able to have their story told, they will all be able to get the kind of help that they need, and the school will do everything it has to do to make sure these things can never happen again. >>evan: waynesville police are also investigating the sexual abuse claims against white right here in the mountains. well, puppy bowl 12 may be on animal planet later today but i will take that local bowl any day. did you see those little docs? >>zack: they were so wrungly.
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are just so fluffy and small. >>evan: face all scrunched up. >>zack: peeing in the end zone? there you go. >>evan: it's a defensive battle. >>zack: there it is. panthers playing in the big game, it will be a lot warmer in california than what you see in the morning hours, but overall sunshine will dominate our superbowl sunday here in western north carolina. showers to come, we have some rain and snow. how much is in the forecast?
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after the break. the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast ged good sunday to you all, looking like a very clear day, some cloud cover as you make your way east. as we broaden this out for you now, there is still a storm system held off to the carolina coast. it's going to stay there throughout the course of our day. a lot of sunshine on the way and blue sky. and slightly warmer temperatures, but you may not be feeling it in the early morning hours. we are looking at wind chill values down even into the teens in some mountain locations and those winds could be gusting up closer to about 20 miles per hour throughout the course of the day. so your temperatures right now hovering around the freezing point in asheville, as i just mentioned you will want to grab the heavier coat because it's certainly not going to be feeling that way. take a look at the bigger picture here. there is that system held off to the coast. high pressure still going to dominate for the ohio valley region. actually, all the way down into eastern texas but there is a low pressure system and a cold front we have been tracking for the past day or so. and, yes, we are talking about rain and wed are talking about snow on the way for the upcoming work week.
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as this air mass continues to pull in the canadian chill we will see the precipitation increasing as we are also going to be bringing in that moisture content. so let's put this into motion for you now. you see the cloud cover staying off to the east, but you watch the vectors. these are wind vector, the ar rose on the screen here. the longer they are, the higher wind speeds are going to be seen. so i do think it will be a gusty afternoon as we make our way into the overnight hours, things calming down a little bit in terms of wind, but we will be picking it up in terms of cloud cover and then you start to see it this. is ahead of that cold front. first, we will see a wintry mix and then it will come and really engulf western north carolina, i think more so just rain for those down in the upstate. this is at 6 p.m. tomorrow. you already are starting to see the transition from rain into snow, because our temperatures are going to be falling off fairly quickly as we head into the evening hours on monday. but, watch what happens as we go into tuesday, the snow is going to be more so reserved right along that north carolina and tennessee border and that's where i think some of the heavier accumulation is going to be. but we will call it relative.
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be as big of an event as what we saw a week and a half ago when we were upwards of a foot in many mountain locations. we are still talking a third of an inch at the lowest of elevation, possibly 2-3" of some of the higher elevations and a again it's more so for those further west. an advisory could be put into effect come tomorrow evening, bringing us into tuesday. so, it's something we will closely monitor. but, i don't think the accumulation is going to be too hard hitting because the rain is going to be mixed in with it as well. maybe upwards of a quarter ininch of rain. this is going to be dense snow overall and the system is not going to be lasting too long. we are going to see sunshine return as we make or way into the end of the upcoming work week. take a look at the seven-day forecast now. we are actually going to be bringing it right to you . . . there it is. back down into the upper 20s and low 30s for our afternoon highs come wednesday. >>evan: hmm. chilly. >>zack: it will be a cold week in the next seven, but snow and rain just monday and tuesday. >>evan: okay. all right. michael use our on-line see it
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this shot of her third graders at harris elementary school. looks like those kids are dabbing. >>zack: there it s. you can see the pictures and video, too, log on on to or e-mail >> vornl i know you are not a fan of the dab. we have to have a dab in the studio. >>zack: all right, all right,
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>>evan: we will be right >>evan: europe is facing a
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over a million immigrants. several countries want to expel tens of thousands of them others want to start border checks. many of it began with a string of sexual assaults in germany. jay siltzer talked to scott thuman who tackled these issues on this week's cover story of "full measure." >>jay: scott recruntly returned from cohn germany ( ) where many of the attacks occurred, how did the attacks change the way people of the city in germany change the way they live? >>reporter: eye opening stuff, what we saw in germany was palpable from fear across the city, specifically women, who are now doing everything from carrying pepper spray, which by the way is just selling out of all store, and then taking self-defense classes, calling advocacy groups saying how do i protect myself, avoiding large groups of men, all because of what happened on new year's eve, these attacks. not just a few. there were literally more than
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on new year's eve in colon ( ) and it's pointed at refugees from the middle east and north africa and we are seeing dialogue change in other countries like austria, switzerland and finland, where they saw similar attacks. >>jay: how does it change the dialogue about migrants in europe? >>reporter: what it means is they are wondering if they need to reconsider the policies. the open border policy so many nation policies have had, allowing large numbers of refugees to seek asylum there in germany, for example, it's more than 1,000,000 in 2015, they are now starting to say do we need to reconsider that? do we need to stop allowing people? because is it changing the culture of life here in our respective countries if we have women who are afraid to walk out at night, do we need to do something differently? and they are feeling pressure from the people understandably. it's a real catch-22. they don't want to turn their backs on people who are trying to get away from a horrible
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afghanistan and pakistan, but at the same time, they went frotect their own citizens. how do you balance the two? it's a very difficult prospect and as a result we are seeing people like angela merkel who is considered time's person of the year under all sorts of criticism, almost half of the country now wondering if she is right for the job. >>jay: yeah. as you said, this spans all the way from north africa to northern europe. well, also this week you are reporting about the boom and bust of the oil and gas industry. what can be bad about low price gas? question. look, everyone loves it when you see the numbers continue to drop and you go to the gas tank and you can fill up for 25 buck, which we have not done in years. and as a result you think the world is just great. the problem is, a lot of that oil is produced here domestically and you have major energy companies like b. p. and exxon who are really suffering. at first you might think that's a big company, i don't need to worry about it. here is why you do. they are coloss sal source of jobs and production in the
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we have seen more than 100,000 jobs domestically here in the u.s. that have been lost just as a result of the dropping prices. so we will take a look at the impact of these gas prices that we are all excited about and see kind of the tough side of it, and we have some dramatic imagery from space that will put it all into perspective for you. >>jay: all right. scott, thanks for joining us this morning. "full measure" airs this morning at 10:30 on news 13. >>evan: this video of a sea lion at a restaurant in california is very cute. but, why experts say it has a
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make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>>zack: take a look at those winds, sustained at 12 miles per hour. so, 32 is not what it will be feeling like, even down into the low 20s and possibly feeling like the teens in some mountain locations. the winds are going to be around for the majority of the day. with gusts of 20-25 miles per hour. 34 degrees right now in greenville. might be feeling slightly milder with some calmer conditions. but, overall, we are going to see the winds, but blue sky and sunshine. enjoy some of that today, folks, because things are going to be shifting as we make or way into the upcoming work week. monday and tuesday, we are going to start to see a wintry mix and it will all transition into snow as we make our way into tuesday morning. more so for those right along that north carolina and tennessee border. not a whole lot in terms of accumulation. probably less than an inch for those in asheville and actually east of i-26. but we could get a few inchesz we make our way further west, maybe even upward of 3" at higher elevations. >>evan: a sea lion makes
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serious than it thinks. >>evan: a hungry sea leon got itself a table at an upscale san diego restaurant. this video is cute but it's part of a serious problem facing sea world. >>zack: they rescued the sea lion pup and they explained what i this encounter is not a good sign. >> we received a phone call early this morning from the marine room in lahoya stating they had an animal in one of the booths and they also sent us pictures and we were surprised to see a really young sea lion pup that had actually spent the night in this booth at the restaurant. this is a young california sea lion pup we rescued from the marine room restaurant in lahoya. when we came across the pup, we right away called it a micropup.
6:24 am
rescued it, it should be 40-50 pounds out in the wild right now. southern california and specifically san diego county has been having very high tides and very low tides. they have also been having a lot of stormy weather and these pups are look for high ground and warm areas to haul out for the night. southern california is also impacted by an unusual mortality event in an el nio event impacting the food sources for these sea lions, so not only are they looking for high ground, they are also searching out food. early on in this animal's rehabilitation and its condition is guarded but we are cautiously optimistic. sea world's rescue program, its entire goal is to give the animals a second chance at life and return them back to the wild. that goal isn't just for this small pup, but all the pups that we have rescued. >>hope: so things are getting a little rough here at up puppy bowl. we brought in our rotator
6:25 am
you to denver now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: we are hours away from the kick off of superbowl 50. and for some, it's as much about the parties as it is the big game. analysts have determined millennials will spend the most on game day. >>zack: the national retail federation reports people ages 25-34 will shell out $140 for the superbowl this year, that's compared with an average spent of 82 bucks. millennials will spend most on food and new televisions. new televisions might be a little more than $140. >>evan: millennials don't buy anything. i'm surprised by that. >>zack: it's true. they just sit back and save, that's what we do. >>evan: well, we have a lot going on today for the superbowl. obviously the panthers are there. we are very excited. news 13's hope hanselman is live
6:26 am
is pretty amazing. we have also got some great news on the weather side? might be a little chilly but nice? >>zack: that's exactly it. we have sunshine and blue sky. yes, it will be gusty at times but overall it will be a nice second half of the weekend. and enjoy it while you can, folks, there are showers to come. we are talking rain, and we are talking snow. how much is in the forecast and how long is it going to last? i will let you know coming up in a little bit. >> >>evan: last year three of asheville's own rescue dogs were vying for the title of mvp, that's most valuable puppy, in last year's puppy bowl. titan and tiara took to the astroturf in new york representing the mountains. puppy bowl 12 airs later today on animal planet at 3 o'clock. but, this year, we decided we wanted to have our very own puppy bowl. news 13's hope hanselman is live at the asheville humane society. hope, i understand things were
6:27 am
there so you brought in a ruff2,,d we are told they may be labra door pups but they may have something else. they were surrendered from someone who had too many puppies at the time. they will be available for adoption soon. and in the meantime, we brought in denver here to keep things under control. you can see he has the ruff-ari shirt on him. and this is katie, a behavioral trainer here, so, katie, tell me about what you do with the dogs here. >> yes, we will do basic training and enrichment, to help keep their time here as comfortable as possible until they reach a home. so we will teach them to sit and lay down and do play groups an let them have some socialization. >>hope: how ideal is it to -- this is so well trained here, so calm, and everything.
6:28 am
>> denver was brought to us when the landlord from the previous home wouldn't let him stay. he was 3 1/2 years old. he has been with us since late december. his previous owners say he is house trained and crate trained so i know the puppies are really cute and tempting but sometimes an adult dog that's already got those basic skills down can be a little easier to adjust to your home. >>hope: and that's something to keep in mind, too, since we are talking about the puppy bowl today. there will be puppies available for adoption later today at asheville pizza and brewing, but you want to make sure you are prepared to take a puppy home, right, katie? >> yes, they can be quite a bit of work. >>hope: they adorable. watch for now. we have unnecessary roughness going on on the field. we will have a ton of fun here. we have more pets to show you later in the show. you won't want to miss any of this. we are live in asheville humane society, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: a federal court rules
6:29 am
north carolina congressional districts was unconstitutional. a 3 judge panel said race was the main factor in the way state lawmakers drew voting maps for two prodominantly-american districts. district 1 in north carolina covers most northern county from buttner to and you can see it on the right. and district 12 is from greensboro to charlotte. lawmakers now have two weeks to redraw those maps and that could move more black residents out of the districts and possibly into the one that touches asheville. >> you want your vote to matter. i think what the general assembly drew the district, they purposefully made people's vote not matter because it made it such a high minority voter representation in the districts, and you can't do that. you have to spread everything out and give everyone a chance. >>evan: two state republicans who led the redistricting effort
6:30 am
quote, we are surprised and disappointed by the trial court's 11th hour decision that throws an election already underway into turmoil. they said this decision could do far more to disenfranchise north carolina voters than anything alleged in this case. people in henderson county are mourning the life of a young father killed in a tragic accident. the sheriff offense office said 28 year-old andy arrowwood was working on his jeep friday when the scissor jack gave way and the truck landed on top of him. it happened outside this home on warlock road in mills river. he is survived by his wife and two young sons. he was a front end manager at the mills river ingal, coworkers tell news 13 andy was well liked and that his death is tough on everyone who knew him. new details as crews work to remove the wreckage left behind after a crane collapsed friday. smashing onto a street in lower manhattan.
6:31 am
sections for investigators to examine. a wall street worker died when the more than 50 story boom crane came crashing down, hitting parked cars and sending debris flying every where. investigators have already recovered the crane's movement recording computer. it is not the equivalent of a black box. it will likely give us the angles of the boom, of the two pieces that were in action at the time. if it gives us more than that, that will be an extra. i don't want to set expectation to high that it won't give wind speeds or actions of the operator. >>evan: the city did authorize large tower cranes to resume work saturday, but the crawler cranes, similar to the one involved in the accident, will have to be inspected one by one. state department of labor says north carolina does not need new regulations for zip lining. officials were researching possible changes in existing rules after a 12 year-old camper
6:32 am
summer just north of boone. the department found that most deaths are caused by human error and that no amount of regulation can remove all risk during a zip line ride. have you been zip lining? >>zack: i never have, have you. >>evan: i went on the world's tallest zip line, south africa. scary. >>evan: you are going how fast? >>evan: oh, man, at least 80-90 and you're hanging. >>zack: really? that would be a lot of fun. folks, going outside today, you want to bundle up. take a look at the wind chill values this morning. down into the teens and low 20s for those in western north carolina, the gusts are going to be whipping around all day, but there is shine for the second half of the weekend and for your superbowl parties, i will let you know when that comes to an end and when the rain and snow
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: good sunday morning, folks, of course happy superbowl sunday to you panthers fan, i'm sure there are some broncos fans lingering in the mountains but the panthers are the topic of conversation today. we are looking at blue sky and shine as we are approaching our sun rise just before 7:30 this morning. there is a system right now, held off to the coast of the carolinas. even all the way down into northern florida. but it's not going to be impacting us. this is going to stay a coastal storm as there is a stationery boundary that's really holding it in place. so, we are not going to see any impact or any rain from that, but there is an impending front that is going to be moving in with some precipitation. we are talking rain and snow for
6:36 am
high pressure, going to dominate just today. our temperatures are going to be hovering around average for this time of year until we tap into a canadian air mass that will dive further south. and on top of that, we are going to bring in the moisture content, get a little bit of a lift on monday, and that will facilitate some of the showers. let's put this into motion for you now. keeping thins clear. notice the white vectors on the screen here. just the arrows. as theye elongate, that means increased wind especially during the afternoon hours. we can see gusts of 20-25 miles per hour. at some portions throughout the course of the day. but i think it will be welcome with some of the sunshine and milder temperatures. certainly not going to be feel tag way through the morning hours. but later on this afternoon, upper 40s an low 50s. take a look at what happens for our commute on monday morning. i think the majority of the region is going to stay dry but as we head into the afternoon hours a wintry mix will sweep across the marks i think more so isolated rain showers further south. but, things are going to be transitioning as we are going to drop our temperatures down in a
6:37 am
and then you see it, right along the north carolina and tennessee border, that's where the snow is really going to remain. now, on the western side of that border, we could see upwards of maybe even 6." for those in western north carolina, i don't think that's going to be the case. the accumulation is going to be a little bit minimal. however, i'm not going to rule out an advisory being placed into effect by tomorrow evening. we will be monitoring system fairly closely. so, this is the futurecast in terms of snowfall accumulation. what you see in terms of the white and gray area, that's less than an inch of snow. so, i do think it will be a u.s. this, maybe flakes at times. but for the in the higher elevations we could get 2-3" but this is going to be a very dense snow as it will be mixed in with that rain. so, don't expect a whole lot in terms of impact and certainly not as impactful as what we saw with the last storm, upwards of a foot in many mountain locations. upper 40s and low 50s for western north carolina, closer to the 60 degrees mark down in the upstate. with some of the calmer winds down there. so i think it will be a very comfortable day as you make your way a little further to the
6:38 am
but as we are taking a look further to the west, we are going to be out towards the superbowl. i know a lot of folks will be enjoying that. warmer weather out there. not going to be the case as we make our way into our work week. look at that, afternoon highs, upper 20s and low 30s, overnight lows down in the mid and upper teens by tuesday and wednesday morning. >>evan: a living legend on the road to waynesville. up next, our "person of the
6:39 am
spreading love for everyone he when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
6:40 am
>>evan: welcome back. our "person of the week" has become somewhat of a local legend around waynesville. what he does may seem unimimportant, maybe even odd, but when you get to know donny it makes perfect sense. >> on the way into waynesville just a hop skip and a jump from
6:41 am
>> a lot of people don't know how it got the name, but thetory is it's in a low lying area around richland creek that often floods set to flog level, but these days it's what happens above it, what happens on this bridge, just about every day for more than a decade now. >> roll on it. >>reporter: has become kind of an attraction. >> a point of satisfaction for most who drive by. because standing along it is the frog level greeter. >> oh victory in jesus, my savior forever >>reporter: donny davis, a har bin jer of happiness, here for one simple reason, he was told to be. >> i listened to god and when he says go, i go. he is here to greet anyone who drives by. now, what he is saying can be
6:42 am
sounds like another language. [inaudible] >> >>reporter: translated? roll, roll, let love roll you by, have a wonderful day. >>reporter: so he stands here to make a point. this is pointing out to everyone, hey, i love you. i mean, you know, like an individual or something, i love you. i mean, you know. everyone else has the same feelings i do and they love me just as much as i love them. >>reporter: if only tha were true. >> quite frankly, everyone does not treat donny equally as well. he's been called names and had things thrown at him. but donny is okay. he doesn't let it change him. those down the street at the open door soup kitchen know that better than anyone. he walks there daily, but it's not easy. a motorcycle accident years ago left him crippled and close to death.
6:43 am
>> this is a reward for all your good deeds. >> that's right. >> donny is here every single day and he sits in the same place every single day. he is our smile and our hug. >>reporter: donny davis is many things to people. >> there is no one that comes to frog level that does not know donny. there is a lot of department of health there you don't realize. he is a deep carriage person. >>reporter: carriage enough to come back to do what he is meant to do ininhe place he is meant to be. >> every single day it is like a job. >> a joyful job that taught him frog level lessons about people. he has even written a poem about it. in part, it goes like this: >> everyone is beautiful. if you stop and look and see. some of them are dreamers like you and you, and m m >> some of them like to fan that size how they would like to appear, others can't see their beauty because it's hidden by their fear. >> and maybe that's why some who
6:44 am
frog level man. >> but after thaws these years the message is the same. >> i'm sharing joy on the bridge every day. >> welcome, to frog level. have a wonderful day. >>evan: if you would like to learn more about the open door soup kitchen and how you can help go to and click on "news links" and we will patch you there. >> coming up, why these drivers picked the wrong place to park
6:45 am
>> >>zack: welcome back, folks. a chilly day overall, 32 degrees right now in asheville but take a look at the wind at 12 miles per hour, it's not feeling that way as you step out the door in the early morning, wind chill values down into the t tns and low 20s for western north carolina. stiled holding on strong down in the upstate with some calmer condition, but 34 degrees is not ideal temperatures for a lot of folks. the winds are going to be whipping around for the majority of the day. so, gusts can be seen at 20, maybe even 25 miles per hour. so, although the sunshine is going to stick around, lots of blue sky, it may be a little bit of a chill as we head throughout the course of the day. enjoy that sunshine though on superbowl sunday because the forecast is certainly going to shift as we head into the upcoming work week.
6:46 am
snow, a wintry mix on the way, especially during the afternoon hours on monday and then as temperatures drop off dramatically for tuesday, all the precipitation is going to be transitioning to snow. little in terms of accumulation, maybe less than an inch in most mountain locations but higher elevations can possibly see upwards of 2-3." now, wisconsin authorities are not seeing what we are see, they are going ice fishing for sunken vehicles. a number of vehicles fell through lake gee kneeva in the snow sculpting competition. the fire department worked to get the vehicles from the ice. there were no people inside the sunken cars. no word on how many vehicles were swallowed by the ice. >>evan: cam newton's historic season keeps getting better. stan will tell us why the
6:47 am
double dab this weekend. d sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign.
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast.
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>>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, superbowl 50 less than 12 hours away. panthers are a solid five point favorite over the broncos. ron rivera named a.p. coach of the year and cam newton was named nfl mvp and offensive player of the year at the panther first. what a year he has had. carolina had a strong defense, good running game, but newton is the guy who makes this engine go and his teammates are glad he is their guy.
6:50 am
league this year, regardless of the conditions. he has had an incredible year. he's had is a big reason we are in this position and we are excited to take advantage of it. >> he has been great. if you see the things he has done, when he's been where he needed to be, he has been all business and it's been great to see. he comes in, in the morning, obviously, does the things he needs to do with those meetings, gets a little extra treatment he needs to get, does his workouts like he is supposed to with the strength and conditioning guys. he does the extra meetings after practice. >>stan: tar heels at notre dame, trying to bounce back from the one loss at the acc this year. looked good when they pit a 3 they run 15 but the irish crawl back to cut the lead to 9 by halftime. second half is the scrap pi irish starting to feel it. great speed, dee me tryus jackson and devonte collins, 2 of his 19, notre dame lead. jackson adds 19, they hit 31 of 38 free flows. notre dame takes the third win
6:51 am
they beat him 80-76. and that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at
6:52 am
have a great sunday, everyone. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: good morning, it is
6:53 am
>>zack: and i'm. >>zack: green.
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