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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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his body pulled from the remains of his mobile home. the firefighters say his wife was rescued and recovering from smoke inhalation. as news 13 hope hanselman explains a community is feeling great loss. >> everybody knows everybody. it ain't a secret who you are. reporter: folks in the reems creek mobile home park are much more than neighbors. some are actually family; others act a lot like it. >> they were good people. they had a heart of gold. they'd do anything for you. reporter: that's what folks had to say about the man who couldn't make his way out when his home caught fire before 5:00 a.m. >> the house had various items packed from the floor to ceiling. we had a difficult time when we first had the firefighters enter to do the search, making their itself. reporter: firefighters say jack penland was pulled from the debris hours after they arrived. >> the families arrived ton scene and having to tell them a
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is a bad thing. reporter: even first responders knew jack well. >> it doesn't get any easier. reporter: when neighbors tried to rescue him they were knocked back by explosions within the home. >> there was some compressed cylinders that exploded as the firemen were starting in. reporter: though it destroyed nearly everything, somehow one of jack's favorite past times made it out without hardly a scratch. >> every now and then you hear him pick the guitar. reporter: family members say he loved bluegrass. now it's just his music they'll hold onto. >> we try to do the best we can. sometimes it works out and stums it doesn't. >> when tragedy happens everybody comes together. that makes it a good community when people do that. reporter: in weaverville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> frank: an abandoned commercial building in downtown brevard was gutted by flames. an upstairs tenant was able to
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firefighters responded to the blaze at about 5:00 this morning. it took crews an hour to get it under control. it's the former site of dugan's pub which moved from that location seven years. a man who lived in an apartment above was able to get out okay. >> he was awoken by his dog barking. telling him he had a fire in thehe building. he got out and called the fire department. >> frank: investigators believe the fire may have been caused by an electrical problem. the building has been condemned. a beauty salon next door was also damaged. a local woman solves her own theft case with photos splashed over social media. news 13 justin hinton joins us live from the buncombe county sheriff's office. the victim believes the suspects ripped her off on three separate occasions. reporter: that's right. all in about a week's time. she says it was that last incident when she got those cameras up and running she was
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finding her belongings and the culprits. caught on camera. >> shocking to see somebody on your property. reporter: t t mean leaving the home jeannie dunn is renovating. >> we were there two hours before and the things were there. then they disappeared. and the time and date is on the camera. reporter: we're pot showing their faces because we haven't been able to confirm with the sheriff's office if they are the suspects accused of taking her fridge, dishwasher and rangng. those she's pretty sure. >> hundreds of shares. phone calls, e-mails and text. reporter: this isn't the first time she said someone broke into the home. according to an incident report led a week before, even more was stolen including a gun, generator and jewelry. so dunn took to facebook poegs posting the picks and a call for help. less than a day later the support poured in. >> it's great to know people have your back.
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the outskirts they were sharing. telling me their stories, too. it happened to them or something similar, even with another person involved. reporter: she says those messages led o the discovery of several of her items and it would not have been possible without their help. whether it came from online or those living next door. >> we're new to that area. now we've got people that we can call onto really reach out and find out who your neighbors are, if you're new to a place. reporter: and a little bit of good news tonight. i just got word from dunn saying she got those appliances back. there are still other items missing. if you have any information about this case you're asked to call the buncombe county sheriff's office. live in asheville, justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: rescue workers recover the body of a georgia man who fell from the water fal in macon county.
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casey was located this afternoon. casey fell from the falls into the river. officials say high water, windy conditions and near freezing temperatures made the search and recovery effort very difficult. anderson county deputies accuse a mother in the death of her newborn child. 23-year-old joanie holcombe is charged with murder and the unauthorized removal of a dead body. deputies discovered the newborn in a wooded area near cherokee circle in anderson. that u say holcombe confessed to the killing and the burial. a bond hearing is scheduled for tuesday. four of the five suspects charged with the robbery of jared's jewelry are expected to appear in court tomorrow morning. police say they were armed with a gun and minisledge hammer breaking glass and stealing an estimated half a million dollars from the store. three of the suspects were arrested after a chase. all five are being held on bonds
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a string o of jewelry heists that began at another jared's store in georgia leads to an arrest by the fbe. agents say they finally captured a woman tied to armed robberies across the southeast including the carolinas. matt johnson reports. >> the fbi identify the jewelry store robobr at abigail kemp. authorities say she stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry and wanted in multiple states. the 24 year old was arrested friday along with a man who investigators haven't identified yet. we obtained the affidavit that links kemp. authorities say she served as a lookout inn some cases. in another robbery she's and cued of ordering store employees to the back room and zip tieing their hands. one more authorities say she stole more than $900,000 worth of mercrcndise. the spree began at a jared store
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since then accused of pulling off five more heists in georgia,tennessee, florida, south carolinanand north carolina. we found a 2011 arrest warrant for kemp for battery along with this mug shot. the fbi used her social media accounts to link a get away vehicle. i went by the house where the car is registered but the woman at the door declined to comment. appearance before a federal judge tomorrow. we are in for a very cold night across the mountains and the up state. you better bundle up. even keep an eye out for snoechlt karen wynne joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> karen: so cold and windy right now. we're down in the mid 20s in asheville. 26. franklin mid 20s... newland 18. with the winds we feel colder than those temperatures. we can see we are still breezy
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hour in asheville. with these brisk winds we feel like we are in the mid teens in some places. a windchill of 16 in asheville, boone it feels like 8. so bundle up, layer up, limit your time outside and bring your pets indoors if you haven't already. that tyson furniture bus stop forecast, bundle up the kids. make sure they have the heavy hat, the gloves. 20 degrees at pickup time with windchills in the single digits. coming up when the snow is going to return later on in the week. millionaire. put a "b" in front of that. no one picked the numbers for powerball drawing. that means a major bump in wednesday nights jackpot. >> let the frenzy and the daydreaming continue. >> if i win i'm just going to take a trip around the world.
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americans dipping into their pocketbooks to buy tickets, no one won the record $949 million powerball jackpot. >> i was very surprised last night to see the results. >> saturday night's results stunning even lottery officials. especially when you consider the new jock jackpot is estimated at 1:3 million dollars. this build board doesn't have room for that mind boggling number. >> we know it's winnable. >> lottery officials say recent rule changes make it hard for you to win. but the chance to take home the money is there. >> this may be the future billionaire ticket. >> what if this ticket really is the winner. >> first thing is sign the back of your ticket and then put it in a safe place. you need to contact an attorney right away so they can help you
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>> whatever your plan experts say wait six months before purchasing anything. >> probably take my family on a vacation. >> so that vacation will have to wait. this is by far the biggest jackpot this country has ever seen. but not necessarily the world's largest. that honor goes to spain after the lottery game known as el gordo or the fat one, paid out $2.4 million last month. abc news, new york. >> frank: do not forget, we air the powerball drawings live here on news 13. the next one is this wednesday night at 11:00. we'll see you then and good luck. more on the militants show up at a national wildlife refuge in idaho. who a ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should.
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>> frank: dozens of members of an armed group called the pacific pray tree yacht network show up at a wildlife refuge in oregon. details on this latest twist in the take over. >> the show down captured on camera by a k 2 news photographer lasted just minutes. >> no. no. >> dozens of them car reing high caliber weapons stepped out of cars and trucks and began pushing reporters and photographers off the public road. it all took place just steps from the entrance of the national wildlife refuge where for the last week bundy and his supporters have called home. the group said they were members of the three percenters of idaho. we talked to a three percenter member in oregon. >> i can't speak to that
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pyred and who caused it. generally speaking that's not something you're going to see. >> the three percenter movement started after the attack of the world trade centers. according to their website, the three percenters is a structured group who protect american civil rights against a tyrannical government. >> we are lovers of her country, first and foremost and lovers of the ooh constitution. >> the three percenters showed up on their own to provide security for bundy and the occupiers. they are in the county to create an open dialogue and maintain peace. >> this is really not about the hammonds and the bundies. this is about a government who is walking outside the law. >> frank: way out off the west coast kilawaia comes to life. plunging into lava lake and caused this impressive
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volcano watchers say explosions like this occur more frequently when the lava lake level is relatively high. this one is not threatening any nearby communities. a family in minnesota has a giant octopus in their front yard. the monster was done by three brothers. a snow sculpture every winter and raising money for charity. the giant sea turtle. last year a snow shark two years ago took them five hundred hours to build this latest themed creation. their goal to raise $10,000 to bring clean drinking water to third world island nation of haiti. look at that. some people might not feel the way i do. i hope we never have enough snow to do that. here's meteorologist karen wynne. >> karen: love the snow octopus and yes we have snow in the forecast. not nearly that much. mean why we take a look back at
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47 degrees. that was early in the day. our lows our current temperature of 26. we're going to continue to drop. we picked up a little bit of rain again early in the day. lingering flurries are pretty much out of here now. but the winds are hanging around for a while longer. then we do have more snow coming our way. i'll show you when a couple of rou [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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now your news 13 sky watch weather. >> karen: the snow showers that fell in the higher elevations are out of here for now. but anyone that got that light dusting of snow earlier in the day, be aware there are some simply spots on the roads overpasses. most of us, the bigger concern, the winds. the windchill just brutal right now. 26 the actual temperature. you add in the wind and we feel like we're at about 16 degrees.
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for you so much milder. still chilly at 33. we are going to continue to get these brisk winds throughout the night. windchills in the single digits and then dry and very cold much of the day on monday with a cool canadian high pressure settling in. by the time we're wrapping up the day tomorrow, we see our next system on the move bringing some snow with it across the midwest. it continues to dive our way on tuesday morning. tuesday is actually going to start off as a milder day. then you can see during the afternoon that snow is going to work into the higher elevations. by noon it's going to be knocking on our door, and as we go into the evening we could get more light snow showers and light accumulations. mainly in the higher elevations. we'll show you our future cast for temperatures and precipitation as we go there u the overnight. there are cold as we drop into
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asheville 19... burnsville 18... 17 bakersville... 23 sylva. add in the winds and a brutally cold night and cold day tomorrow. you're going to want the heavy coat all day long as we today in the 30s much of the day and go into another cold night. we see that snow working in to burnsville. many of the higher elevations you can see a few light snow showers as we go into tuesday evening. a few of them linger on into wednesday morning. windchills very low. early in the morning single digit windchills in asheville and hendersonville. it's going to feel like we're about 7 degrees. marshall and burnsville also single digit windchills. even though they come up later in the day, it's still going to feel very uncomfortable. lows tonight in the upper teens in many mountain locations.
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35 burnsville... 46 greer... 39 franklin. the next seven days a couple of chances of snow tuesday night. again over the weekend possibly a rain snow mix.
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little bit the carolina panthers will have a big challenge waiting for them in their first playoff game of the year. carolina will host the seattle seahawks sunday january 17th. the panthers beat seattle earlier this season in a finish on the road. back in october 18th, panthering trailing 23-14 in the fourth. going airborne to cut the lead 23-20. with 37 seconds left, a perfect pass for the game winning touch
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seahawks 27-23 in october. quarterback newton says carolina will be ready for the saw hawks this time in the playoffs. >> we have to seize this opportunity we have to amend up, get better, not do anything stupid on these couple of days. just come back ready with a sound mind and ready to go. >> the panthers and seahawks scheduled to kick off sunday at 1:00. in order for the seahawks to make it past the first round, this they had to take care of business against the vikings today. what a game that turned out to be from frigid minneapolis. game time temperatures felt like negative 25 with the windchill. my goodness, the vikings down 10-9. rudolph makes the catch and goes 24 yards into seattle tir toir. setting up walsh for a 27 i can't recalled field goal to
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walsh hooks it left. the field goal is no good so the seahawks hold on for the victory. wwt a way to end the game. seattle beats minnesota your final 10-9. >> i work real hard. i worked real hard to get myself to a place where i was consistent for the team all year. in that moment, the moment they needed me the most i wasn't. that stings. >> tough breakak for minnesota. today's game in minnesota was the third coldest registered game in nfl history. here's the playoff games for the divisional weekend. saturday january 16th chiefs with the patriots at 4:35. packers visit the cardinals at 8:15. on sunday january 17th, the panthers host the seahawks at 1:00 in the afternoon. and the broncos host the steelers at 4:40. the clemson football team will play for the national
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ten games in each of the last five years. monday night. >> we feel like we're the best in the country, regardless. we're number one. we've been number one the whole time. reason. reason. we just do what we do. focus on us and that other voters. >> it's going to be fun tomorrow night from the desert. clemson and alabama kick off monday night at 8:30 from glendale, arizona. hosting number 16 louisville. scoring two of his 17 points. tigers up 41-29. later in the game. good defensely clemson. roper with the steal. all the way to the other end for the two handed dunk. clemson beats number 16 louisville. final 66-62. 'll see if the football team can duplicate that. >> frank: pretty good win.
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>> karen: stay indoors. cold and windy.
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. (applause) well god bless you! it's a joy to come into your homes. if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. thanks so much for tuning in and thank you again for coming out today. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this lady. she surprised a burglar in her kitchen late one night. she was home alone and didn't have any weapon. she didn't know what she
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finally, she thought, "i'll
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