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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ @ feel the burn in cleveland
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@northern ohio -- campaigning in @northern ohio. @voters are casting ballots @across the country tonight. @ from the station that sees @the possible, this is news -- @it's time to fall in love again @with your home. @and now channel 3 news at 6:00. @ @ @ thank you so much for being @with us. @chris is off tonight. @more people in ohio feeling the @bern tonight.
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@today. @so, what was the message to @voters today? @>>well first off, bernie spent @the day speaking at two @separate events. @this one at a baptist church @but earlier today he spoke in @front of the crowd. it was an @invitation-only event. @sanders spoke to discuss and @address issues affecting the @african-american community. @he also spoke about law @enforcement reform, mass @incarceration, joan -- gun @safety and jobs. but his @biggest ovation came today when @he spoke on the importance of @police and community relations. @ @>> everybody in this room, @african-american, white, latino @-- we are tired of seeing @videos on television of unarmed @people being shot by the police
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@>> it was busy today before the @2:00 event. at 1:00, he was at @his cleveland field office on @euclid. @he spoke there in front of a @few dozen people on social @security and bringing in jobs @from overseas. @this marked the third time he @was in southeastern ohio before @the primary and the second time @in only 10 days. @in the next 10 days we can @expect even more -- as governor @john kasich is going to be at a @rally with the former governor @and terminator himself, arnold @schwarzenegger. @>> kasich saying it's very @important to win on the 15th. @thank you so much. @ hillary clinton will get a @big boost tomorrow -- more than @a dozen officials are supposed
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@the secretary of state. @the move comes as clinton and @sanders vie for minority votes, @which can make a big difference @in democratic primary success. @ they burned the candle -- @while they burn the candle at @both ends -- five states have @primaries or caucuses today. @it's a race to collect precious @delegates. @chris pallone on the campaign @trail for us tonight. @>> on the first saturday in @march, they are going to polls @in five states. @republicans have the first @chance to gauge the rate -- @mitt not -- britt motte -- mitt @romney affect, whether his @speech caused people to abandon @trump. @>> you made a tremendous @mistake when he you chose that @romney as a candidate, no @energy, no life, no nothing. @he's a stiff.
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@skipping an annual gathering @current -- for conservatives, @implying he isn't one. @>> it's usually reserved for @conservatives. @>> john kasich still reveals -- @refuses to engage, focusing @instead on the one spot that @could bring new life for the @campaign. @>> we will win ohio and that @will bring a whole new @ballgame. @>> what we are seeing in the @republican presidential process @is like a sixth grade food fight @that you see in a cafeteria and @i would hope most sixth-graders @understand that we don't behave @like that. @>> the presidential campaign
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@censored -- uncensored toward @the convention. @ the primary here in ohio @won't arrive for another 10 @days but early voting continued @this week in cuyahoga county. @that runs through monday, march @14 just before the actual @elections. @on the 15th, your ballot must @be pope -- postmarked by the @14th. @it takes a whopping 6000 staff @to make things run smoothly. @they are still hiring and @training for the big day. @ new reports show the @dollars and sense are lopsided @-- in the cuyahoga county @primary race. @tim mcginty already under fire @for accepting $90,000 in @campaign contributions four @years ago. @the money coming from @businessman robert cantor. @he's now taken another $50,000 @from the same donor this very @year. @the investigator taking into
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@mcginty accepted the money to @help fund his showdown against @senator mike o'malley -- it @dwarfed challenger o'malley's @reported $53,000 fund. @ and remember even when we @are off the air we are always @on at and on our app. @on our website look under the @local tab for local politics @and the national stories on our @nation now tab, or touch the @politics dial on our app. @ we were in canton last @night when officials charged a @father and his live-in @girlfriend in the death of a @three-year-old. @22-year-old matthew miku is @accused of murdering his own @daughter. @he and his girlfriend 21-year- @old jessica binder our chart -- @charged with child endangering. @after they did a little more @investigation in this case they
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@ in ashtabula county a man @was hit by a vehicle. @police say as he was crossing @the street, he walked into the @path of an oncoming jeep. the @60-year-old driver, and @ashtabula man was not hurt in @the collision. @it appears the pedestrian may @have been drinking. @ we want to make sure you're @protected -- so next week marks @the start of national consumer @protection week. @this is a chance to shine a @light on things like scams, @identity theft -- and/or money @-- but it's also a team effort, @which means law makers and law @enforcement citizens should be @monday channel 3 is partnering @with a number of great @organizations to host a special @diamond -- 90 minute consumer @protection phone bank from 6:00 @to 7:30 monday morning. @representatives will be on hand @to answer your questions and @get you help if you need it. @ still ahead, striking back
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@led forces overseas. @ and before you think this @turns ugly -- this might be the @one story you are still talking @about tomorrow. @this is a very q1 greg. @>> -- a very cute one, greg. @>> the weekend is not lost. @we have a great day coming up @tomorrow and big changes ahead.
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@ @ the operation to overthrow @isis in northern iraq is @underway. @in a news conference in baghdad @today, the envoy said the @coalition is working closely @with the iraqi government @actions -- and security @commanders to drive isis out of @mosul, the center of the @campaign.
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@lyons and a left bird -- a @leopard left for a wildlife @refuge in colorado yesterday. @officials say they were @mistreated and abused. @in their new home in colorado @they will have more than 700 @acres to roam around. @ the unseasonably warm -- to @the unseasonably warm climates @in alaska where crews are @preparing for the ceremonies -- @unseasonably warm weather @melted all the snow but they @had snow delivered in from @fairbanks alaska. @eight train cars full, on top @of a snowstorm yesterday. @the actual race begins on @sunday. @ hello, 911? @>>daddy? @>>that cute little girl was the @one making the sound on the @other end of the line when a
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@carolina thought struggling to @get dressed was an emergency. @her parents didn't know she @made the call. @a nearby officer responded and @helped her get dressed. @the girl even asked the officer @for a big hug. @elia's mom was pleased her @young daughter followed her @advice but she was absolutely @shocked. @>> i have always taught her @call 911 if you need help and i @didn't know she was going to @take it to that extent. @>> local deputies say they wish @all of their citizens were as @glad to see them as little olio @was. @ we've got flakes falling in @some places, raindrops and @others. @how long will this weather last? @greg getting us up to speed.
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@ @ you look outside and it's @hard to know exactly what to @expect, we've got snowflakes in @some places, other types of @precipitation in others. @when we expect the sun amount? @>>it's just one of those days. @at some point it was snowing @and then raining and back to @snow but things are winding @down slowly.
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@second half of the weekend. @we will start you off with @what's going on tonight. @yes the radar is act if. @the darker blue -- blues and @purples, those are snowflakes @tonight. @in portions of huron county, @vagina county, 271 and 71 down @towards akron, here's a closer @view. @big snowflakes over towards @wellington and around medina. @the snow is falling at 271 -- @but the temperatures are well @above freezing. @this snow is not causing any @issues other than reducing @disabilities, wrote causing @roadways to be wet and causing @spray to come up from the car @in front of you. @that's the biggest thing we are @concerned about tonight. @east of cleveland has been more @scattered. @lined up right into kirkland @just north of willoughby hills. @a little bit of heavier bursts
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@have also been -- actually been @seeing rain. @noticed the rain and sun light @working its way down to the @south. @as this pulls away we will all @transition back to snowflakes. @33 in worcester, these @temperatures falling over the @next few hours and if you @happen to get into the cool air @quick enough you may see a @light dusting of snow is all @this comes to an end. @cloudy skies in temperatures @falling back into the low 30s, @could see isolated icy spots @develop as a fall back into the @20s and move through the @overnight hours. @area of low pressure brought us @-- snow this afternoon. @on the backside, that northwind @dragging in cooler air and @changing some of those @raindrops back to snowflakes.
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@pacific area of high pressure. @areas of high pressure off the @pacific have a -- and intense @southerly wind on the backside @of this high kicking in @tomorrow afternoon and look @what's down to the west and @southwest: mild air surging @down toward southern canada. @this is bills in our direction. @starting sunday you will really @feel it. @by monday and tuesday as we go @back to work and school, as @temperatures soar well above @average -- i've increased the @temperatures in that extended @forecast for the start of the @work week. @future view -- the last of the @showers and raindrops moving @down to the south and then we @start to clear overnight. @it will be chilly early sunday @morning but dry with scattered @clouds and then we break in the @sunshine and temperatures @respond nicely. @mid-40s, sunday afternoon. @we start above freezing monday @morning and look at monday @afternoon -- beautiful, @temperatures in the low 60s
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@clouds. @your forecast pushes @temperatures higher into the @mid-60s on tuesday and then we @watch for heavy rain wednesday @into thursday but look at those @temperatures -- i think even by @saturday after that rain we @will be back to near 60 @degrees. @>> that always sounds good. @especially as we are @transitioning into spring. @we love it. @>> absolutely, that's exactly @what you want to see. @>> all right.
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@ @ and now the sports report. @>> hi everyone, the cavs with a @chance to make it three @straight wins. @they had a much needed @convincing win last night. @they got the night off last @night. @19 point 19.3 -- 19 points, 13 @rebounds -- three rebounds. @just over toronto in the east @with the record of 43-17. @a win tonight may put some of @the drama we've had over the @last few days to bed. @or, maybe not -- we have @another tweet from mr. james. @today he says the ultimate @level of chemistry is when you @know what i'm thinking without @saying a word and we execute it @vice versa. @okay we will see what he has in @store for us tomorrow.
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@month ago starting strong and @30 points. @they lead by five with 30 @seconds left but blew it. @cavs lost 104-103, they have @split two teams so far this @year. @this is the final time they @will meet in the regular @season. @the indians are still looking @for there's -- their first @spring training when but no @longer for their opening day @starter, although it's not a @shocker at all. @corey kruger will get his @second straight opening day @starting assignment on april 4 @against the red sox, this one @at home. @last year he started in the @idiots first game of the year. @he was a tough luck loser. @they lost -- may be a sign of @things to come for him. @he went nine and 16 last year @after winning the cy young @award the year before. @ in making the start for the @indians -- taking on the giants @and he was perfect. he pitched @two perfect innings and had
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@carlos santana rips one down @the line -- that's going to @bring in a run and it's a @double, a 2-1 game. @tying it up at the base hit, @that makes it a 2-to game the @giants get -- 2-2 game. @the indians are now 0-3-2. not @a good day for the college @hardwood -- the buckeyes needed @a win over number two michigan @state. @a win over them on the butt -- @on the road -- that would go a @long way. @early on, they are in it. @tied at 21 he had 18 but the @spartans -- had 27. @he's good. @13 assists as well. @they pull away in the second @half. @cans the triple for a 20 point @lead in the role from there, 91- @76 the final.
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@big ten tournament. @gary waters and the vikings @taking on green bay in the @first round of the horizon @league tournament. @they trim a double-digit second- @half deficit to three. 50-47 @with seven minutes left but @phoenix -- closing out strong @scoring the final nine points @in the vikings fall 65-53. @that's it for cleveland state. @their season is over. @sports tonight comes your way @tomorrow night at 11:35 and we @continue with college @basketball as keith -- they @join the in studio to preview @the tournament which is coming @up of course in cleveland this @week. @plus my feature story on ohio @state wrestling and plenty of @cavs, as well. @that's tomorrow night. @ of course college @basketball taking center stage @but going back to the cavs,
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@>> yes it -- it's when they win @, it's not a problem but when @they lose the drama comes out. @i think come playoff time, they @will be okay. @>> thank you dave we @appreciated and thank you all @for joining us. @"nbc nightly news" is coming up @next. @you can always get the latest @news and -- weather and sports @on our apple are at @have a good night. @see you at 11:00. @ thanks for watching channel
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into
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an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. on this saturday night, the showdown, five states in play tonight as trump hopes to march further toward the nomination, despite a bruising back dlt back backlash. rubio and cruz try to stay relevant. sanders fights for a comeback. unlocking evidence. a struggle over releasing iphone data police say could be critical in dozens of unsolved criminal cases. in a world of high tech security, a return to old fashion horsepower to track down smugglers. step by step. a father finds a way to bond with his autistic son by


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