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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 2, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight --opez, from "rosewood," actor morris chestnut, tony and academy award-winning actor, author joel grey, featuring the 8g band with [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news.tes, the super tuesday primary was today and over 22 million people in the midwest were subjected to thunderstorms
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to the polls.thing i can," said god. [ laughter ] "i tried to stop this."al batch of over 52,000 e-mails on hillary clinton's private server was released yesterday, and it probably all worth it to her just to see this. "oh, so nice. [ laughter ] oh, getting that zero is so nice."mp said in a new interview that there's nobody that's done so much for equality as he has. well, he does appear to be doing everything in his power to make sure america has its first female president. so, he has a bit of a point. [ cheers and applause ] a new report has found that super pacs supporting uz have trying to bring down donald trump, when they could
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machine. ] i'm never not gonna want to show that picture. i'm sorry.ughter ] [ laughter ] a vermont college has banned the energy drinks red bull and 5-hour energy from campus for their alleged link to high-risk sexual activity. although, if you have the energy for five hours, your highest is probably from chafing. [ laughter ] a catholic priest in ireland has room decorated with nazi memorabilia. [ laughter ] it's what catholic officials areot the worst [ laughter ] that's actually okay." [ applause ]ht, a catholic priest in ireland has resigned after a cocaine in a room decorated with nazi memorabilia. he was also the first priest to someone at confession,
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[ laughter ] that's bad, but not nazi cocaine bad." [ laughter ]ompliment day. said kanye west, "kim, you're a very lucky woman." [ laughter ]orld compliment day. to celebrate, here's a montage of donald trump complimenting his favorite people. and you know what? i've been very successful. everybody loves me. we're getting record-setting numbers. i think i have something to do with that. league school. i'm very highly educated. i'm the worst thing that's ever happened to isis. i have had tremendous success. i'm really rich. >> seth: he's very good at it. he's very good at it. [ applause ] he's like santa claus of world compliment day. fashion experts are reporting rend of attaching mini pom-poms to models' fingernails.
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say, "i'm difficult."ughter ] a new study has found that tall men in good shape tend to make more money than their co-workers. and in other bad news for short men, shelves. [ laughter ]finally, nasa is currently recruiting people for their restin which participants will be paid $18,000 to spend 70 days in bed and smoke different types of marijuana. but so far, they've only had applicants. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] blue," jennifer lopez is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] from "rosewood" on fox, morris chestnut joins us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] a fantastic actor. and he is the author of a new
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tonight. [ cheers and applause ] . now, before we get to all of that, in every game show or trivia contest, each question has a correct answer. but here at "late night," were isn't just one answer to every question. there are other ones that maybe aren't right but aren't exactly wrong, either. and to prove it, it's time for "we also would have accepted." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this is where we ask a question, give the correct answer, and then reveal any other answers we also would have's an interesting question -- according to a report in the "washington post," what has officially gone out of style? the correct answer is, "skinny we also would have accepted "the bush family." [ light laughter ] "the bush family" -- also would have been accepted for the question, "what has officially e?"
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here, so we don't accidentally [ laughter ] next-- [ laughter ]science news -- a team of physicists recently claimed that by using super sensitive equipment, they have managed to capture the sound of what?er is, "two black holes colliding." we also would have accepted, "dr. ben carson's speaking voice."ughter and applause ] try to teach him a lesson on how jokes work. speaking of the presidential election -- a video from 1963 ofders surfaced recently, showing the presidential candidate doing what? the correct answer is, "being vil rights rally." we also would have accepted, "sending his eggs back at a diner." [ laughter ]s back at a
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ooh, here's an interesting one about donald trump. recently, the pope suggested that donald trump was not christian because of what? the correct answer is, "what he said about building a wall on the mexican border." we also would have accepted, aid about muslims, and women, and rosie o'donnell." [ laughter and applause ] any of those. any of those we would have accepted.all familiar with mattel. the toy company, mattel. we all know mattel. [ light laughter ] mattel has come out with a new at will allow kids to make their own toys using a what? the correct answer is, "3d printer." we also would have accepted, "loophole in child labor laws." [ laughter ]make their own toys, it is not illegal. thanks to a loophole in child labor laws. [ laughter ] here's a real puzzler!
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due to a risk of explosion, what did the nypd recently advise new yorkers not to sleep with?t answer is, "a cell phone." we also would heir downstairs neighbor." [ laughter ] i can't emphasize enough how explosive it could be if you sleep with your downstairs neighbor and then change your mind about them, 'cause they tairs. [ laughter ] finally, you guys, travel news, ite kind of news. that's why it has its own section in the newspaper. according to a new report, what could cause transatlantic flights to take longer?correct answer -- "climate change." we also would have accepted "sitting next to a mouth breather." [ laughter ]e also would have accepted." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night."
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it's what you do. save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do thattright in my ear? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. please, give it up for the 8g there! [ cheers and applause ] also, he's back with us tonight and all week long, the drummer for the black keys, patrick carney is here. thank you so much -- >> thank you.
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now, as you know, 2016 presidential debate season -- full swing, super tuesday today. and if you're like me, the only complaint you have about the debates so far is that there enough of so -- [ laughter ] so, excited to announce this. we're going to host another one right gs more exciting, we've invited the candidates from both parties. they're all here and ready to go. so, without further ado, here is the "late night demopublocratic [ cheers and applause ]elcome to the "late night demopublocratic presidential debate." i'm your moderator, seth meyers. [ clears throat ] excuse me. let's get question is for you. you're coming off of your third straight primary victory and polls show you're going to have a big night tonight. what do you think this means for the future of our country?t is going to be a disaster. >> seth: thank you.
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senator sanders, how do you mp's parents would have described his childhood? >> their kid's intellectual development may have been impacted. [ laughter ]ense. senator rubio, john kasich refuses to drop out of the race. what do you think his game plan is? >> to continue to try something ce of happening. [ light laughter ] >> seth: dr. carson, if you were elected, what would your secret service code name be? >> fruit salad. ] >> seth: that's a good one. that's a super good one. [ cheers and applause ] fruit salad? senator clinton, what are the ortant things you expect to learn from a drake song? >> where do we start from and where do we end up? ] >> seth: the bottom, to here. [ applause ] senator cruz, if you are elected president, will you br >> i would not bring it back in any sort of widespread use.
12:52 am
[ laughter and applause ] the american people appreciate that.ook kind of tired. did you have a rough night last night? >> i hit it very hard. [ laughter ]hank you for being honest. senator rubio, i know you're married, but if you weren't, what would be your favorite place to use tinder?here there are a lot of people like my mother. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay. to each their own.ers, i'm casting a rat pack movie. i'll let you be it, if you want. you can be dean martin. >> but let me be frank. fine. [ laughter ] you can be frank sinatra. governor kasich, do you think you could be dean martin? the time! >> seth: all right, great. so, governor kasich, in your best dean martin voice, tell us what you think of the group of candidates on this stage tonight?t looks like the board of directors of a massage parlor. >> seth: whoa!
12:53 am
[ laughter ] rubio, if i open a box of lucky charms, what am i going to see? >> you will see stars of davids you will also see crescent moons. [ laughter ] >> seth: you might be eating an off-brand lucky charms. [ laughter ] is your favorite place to have your birthday parties? >> medieval times. [ laughter ] >> seth: senator cruz, and senator rubio, for 20 seconds, i would like you to behave like petulant children arguing at a playground, starting to care -- >> you know why -- [ talking over each other ] >> i understand rules are very hard for you -- >> i have his book -- >> on your reality tv show -- [ talking over each other ] the book. thank you for the book. >> go ahead. >> donald, you can get back -- fun up here tonight. i have to tell you. [ laughter ] >> seth: that was great, you guys. very well done. [ cheers and applause ]
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dr. carson, the next question's for you.r favorite part of riding the new york city subway? >> bodily fluids, like saliva and urine. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ]kay. mr. trump, why are you the way that you are? what's your secret?e tremendous amount of drugs. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, we got this. senator rubio, i heard you and donald trump got kicked out of a strip club last night. >> donald touched on one of them. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, yeah, you can't -- you can't touch on any of them. [ light laughter ] it's, like, one of the first rules.o you warm up the crowd at your rallies? >> we have people chopping the heads off many other people. >> seth: where did you get that idea?ughter ] >> medieval times. >> seth: okay, yeah, that makes sense. [ laughter and applause ] all right, we're all out of time. candidates, have a good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our first guest tonight is a singer, actress -- let's be honest. she's a superstar. ng as detective harlee santos on the hit police drama "shades of blue," which airs thursday nights at 10:00 right here on nbc. let's take a look. force. in a mole hunt. you let me sweat it out on loman's shooting knowing that we were covered? were covered, harley. i told you. >> you trust him more than me? >> it's complicated. >> wrong bring -- into our circle, then you better damn well trust him more than anyone. >> he brought us in. he delivered $50,000 just for listening.committed until i know the details. >> yeah, and how do you like him so far? >> seth: please welcome back to ways lovely jennifer lopez.
1:00 am
k you for wiping it off. >> i know! >> seth: you saw a little lipstick, and you got it off. because i don't want to go home and explain that to the missus. >> no, no, and i don't want to [ laughter ] >> seth: how are you? so lovely to see you as always. >> you too, how have you been? >> seth: i've been really good. and congrats on the show. this is a very fun part for you, i would imagine. you get to play a corrupt cop -- >> i do.- who's now working against her cop friends because -- >> i know. >> seth: -- because you got caught by the fbi. >> yeah, it's complicated, and she's a great character. first got this project, i was just -- to produce it, and then, i just kind of -- in my mind, kept playing the lead character. you know? [ laughter ], "you know what? this could actually be a good thing." >> seth: did you get to the point where you auditioned other people and brought them in and said, "now, do it like me"? [ laughter ] o it, i auditioned with all of the main characters, almost. >> seth: and you got fantastic actors, ray liotta.
1:01 am
>> seth: drea de matteo. >> yes. >> seth: who is fantastic as well.g on the show, drea, warren kole. we have an amazing cast. >> seth: ray is fantastic, and op who's a little dirty. >> right. >> seth: because he -- i believe ray is both a good person, and then he is very good at playing somebody who's got, like, that --s family. >> seth: yeah, very good on family. >> okay? and he is, you know, intense. he's tough, he's complicated. but that's the thing about the whole show, is that it's about not really. it's really about human nature and how, you know, we can find ourselves with the best of intentions, and then find ourselves in the worst of situations.eth: you're very good -- your gun works very good. i believe you know what you're doing. >> yes. >> seth: sometimes you watch cop shows, and you think that person doesn't -- >> oh, no, no, no. you know what? i would think on all cops -- on ours, everybody's always like, "am i holding the gun right? do i look stupid? are cops going to think i'm an idiot?" [ laughter ] re we going through the door the right way?
1:02 am
are what makes it. >> seth: well, you're getting it right. i want to ask about -- because again, you are so busy, and i'm the level you do everything. "american idol" season 15. last season. >> yes, last season. >> seth: is it a little more emotional because it's the last season? >> it is. it is for me.ys know, i cry for everything. [ laughter ] i, you know -- it's just -- it's been such an amazing show. i've watched it since the first season. and now to think that it's goingrd, you know? it's just brought us so many great moments. >> seth: it really has, and i e of the all-time great moments this last week with kelly clarkson. >> oh, my god, yes. >> seth: now, i also am a crier, but that really got me. >> no, it was.o, she came out. she sang a song she wrote about her dad called, "piece by piece." >> right. >> seth: she had trouble getting through it. you guys were a mess, the judges. >> we were a mess. how about -- i didn't even like, i was so into her performance and watching her and feeling so much for her, i didn't even realize keith urban was falling aparughter ] >> seth: falling apart, yeah.
1:03 am
home. i was like, "let me see how the show looked tonight." and i go, "oh, my god, i'm an idiot!"afterwards, you all said -- >> i didn't even go like this. not one time did i look at him and notice he was sobbing. [ laughter ] to me was sobbing. i had no idea. >> seth: i should clarify, i'm somewhere between where you were and keith. >> right. >> seth: i didn't go full urban on it. [ laughter ]together a little bit. >> right, right, right. and i was kind of just like, "oh, my god." i could still feel it was about her husband, her dad, her unborn she already has. >> seth: yes. >> it was a great song. >> seth: and obviously, kelly's both pop and country, but i will ful thing of, like, country backgrounds if you never have to think about what the song's about. it just tells you a story very much. >> it's very on note. >> seth: you're like, "what's this about?", no! this is like reading a diary." >> yeah, it's simple. [ laughter ] yeah, it's simple in the best way. >> seth: it really ie so much love for kelly, although i did --
1:04 am
situation watching it, because my wife walked in. and so, i'm, like, crying, and xplain, like, "kelly, it's a song about -- jennifer!" >> "it's everybody!" >> seth: "and you should see [ laughter ] yeah, yeah. a vegas show. >> i do. >> seth: so, how often are you doing the vegas show? >> i'm doing the show -- i do for the next few years, three years. we opened in january. it went amazingly well. >> seth: and what made you had you done a show in vegas and realized, "this is the way to do it?" >> no, no, i actually did do -- last new year's, they asked me to come and do a show there.when i went on tour, the same people who kind of had took me on tour knew about the rooms in vegas, and they were like, "you need to do a show in vegas." and kind of planted the seed. they came to me, i was like, "wow," you know. i thought, "wow, frank sinatra, elvis presley, all these people." iconic place to go and do a show and create
1:05 am
>> seth: also, the scale of it, i imagine -- because unlike re you don't have to bring everything, you just keep everything in one place. >> right. >> seth: it must be nice to do a show, exactly the show you want to do it.why, you know, creating it was so much fun. >> seth: i heard you refer -- that you wanted it to be, like, a bronx block party. >> well, yeah, something like that. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, now i -- i'm gonna start by saying, never been to one. >> right. >> seth: d block party would be like. >> well, just the energy of that. >> seth: okay, good, because is this appropriate for a bronx block party? [ laughter ] >> it's close. >> seth: okay. >> that's what it would be like. >> seth: well, now, but not back then. is this bronx block party? >> yes. [ cheers ] ish! ish!his, to me, i bet right now, you could go to a bronx block party and see like -- [ cheers ] seven girls dressed like that. >> by the way, those are guys. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm a girl. >> seth: okay. >> you said, "seven girls." i was like -- >> seth: no, no, i'm saying, like, right now at a bronx block party, i feel like there are seven girls dressed like you. >> oh, okay.
1:06 am
[ laughter ] it's really good. but, so, tell me, like, how many costume changes do you do? >> we do a lot. there's, like, seven sections, and so there's a change for each one of those.the sections, we, you know, we change. we take off a jacket, we add, you know, a robe, you know, different things happen.eth: any near wardrobe malfunctions or anything close? >> well, i heard i had one, but i didn't know i had one. >> seth: oh, no. that's the worst kind. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i know. it was in the last number, thank like a rip, like, right here. but i never knew it, and i heard about it days later. then i was like, "who cares?" >> seth: yeast. i guess that is better. >> i didn't even know. >> seth: yeah. >> it couldn't have been that bad. >> seth: yeah, exactly. if it was out the whole time, people would have been like, "that is not good."not out. >> seth: it was not out. good. good, or depending what row you were in, bad. >> exactly. >> seth: so, i've heard --e spending some time in vegas. i've heard your mother is a gambler. is this true? >> yes.
1:07 am
has she now taken your vegas opportunity to do some of this? >> you know, when she found out i was gonna be doing a vegas residency, she was quite excited. >> seth: yeah. >> she was very, very happy. she was li see you!" i said, "i know you will." [ laughter ] no, but she loves to come to my shows anyway. i don't know if any of you guys saw on kathie lee and hoda, when she came to my show -- show on the opening night, and my mom was there. and there was a lot of celebrities who came to the shownd bieber was there. and we put hoda right next to bieber. she saw my mom, and she went and [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, exactly. "leave bieber. going to hang out with jennifer's mom." she's having a ball! [ laughter ] >> seth: there you go. >> my mom was dancing and looking -- >> seth: oh, that's being lupe. >> seth: now, you -- >> that's her name, lupe. [ laughter ] >> seth: good, you clarified. >> "she was being lupe." "what does that mean?" adjective. you have kids of your own -- >> lupe. what could it have meant? oopy.
1:08 am
>> i do. they just turned eight. >> seth: what do you do for an eight-year-old twins' birthday?each, yes? >> yes, a boy and a girl. we went to disney. it was at their request. it was a tough birthday for me he first birthday where i realized, like, they're really getting -- they're not babies anymore. >> seth: got it, okay. that happened at eight for me. you would think it would be at, like, at five. you're like, "oh, they're not babies anymore." or six or seven. >> seth: they maintain baby until eight for you.eight -- the night before they turned eight, i'm like -- >> seth: and did you manage to -- >> kelly clarkson. >> seth: did you keep it heir birthday? >> urbaning. >> seth: because no eight-year-old wants to watch their mom crying through their birthday. >> no, no, no. i did it by myself. you know, you wait until they go to bed. you know how that is. >> seth: they think their mom's if they see her crying, it's from tv. [ laughter ] >> yes, it's sad. >> seth: now, do they know yet? do they have any sense of your celebrity? is that something that's,
1:09 am
>> yeah, they know, and they've heard from school now, because kids will say things at school, like, "your mom's famous." you know, loves you, is your big fan," you know, things like that. >> seth: so, they have to come home constantly, be like, "i think there's multiple stalkers at my school." >> right, rithey know their dad sings. they've seen us perform, you know. >> seth: right. they just don't other people do. >> they've seen me on tv, like on "idol" now. i don't think they even ever his year. i've done it five years. >> seth: are they impressed, or are they just like, "eh." >> they don't care. >> seth: yeah, that's good. [ laughter ] that's the best, though, i guess not caring. >> they don't care at all. needs to work." they're like, "why?" i'm like, "so we can eat and stuff," you know. [ laughter ] why mommy has seven jobs." >> "mommy's all alone and she needs to work, yeah." >> seth: well, thank you so much for coming back. it's you. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: congratulations. jennifer lopez, everybody! "shades of blue" airs thursday nights at 10:00 on nbc. we'll be right back with
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "ody! our next guest is a talented actor you know from films like "boyz n the hood" and "the best man." he's currently starring in the medical procedural "rosewood," which airs wednex. let's take a look. >> straight to the silicone in the message. >> is silicone going to help us catch this guy? because if not, we still have a ler out there on the streets. >> the killer used a silicone mold to make the fingerprints. with the index finger we have the pronounced radial looping. we have the scar. >> rosie, we're running the prints.'t need to run them. these prints are mine. >> you don't know that. >> when i was 10 years old, i
1:15 am
these are my prints. >> so, the killer went from exposing hypocrisy to stalking if the killer is fixated on rosie, i don't think it's the streets we have to worry about. >> great, i'll explain this to the chief. take a good, long look at my ass. to get chewed off. >> seth: please welcome to the show morris chestnut. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome! >> thank you for having me.o happy you're here. >> i'm glad to be here.k like a million bucks. >> thank you, so do you. >> seth: thank you so much. >> i gotta get one of these, man. >> seth: yeah, please, you can it won't fit, but you can take it. now, you -- i want to talk about this. "rosewood," new show this year. >> yes. >> seth: and our band leader, fred armisen, when he's here, will recap episodes of television shows for us. >> oh.osewood" hadn't been on long -- >> okay. >> seth: -- when i asked fred to tell me about an episode of "rosewood." so i want to show it and you tell me how close we came. >> okay, cool. >> seth: here's fred. >> i like when people talk about our show.
1:16 am
>> fred: and they live near this island called rosewood. the factory owner comes back and and the wife who works there, she's like, "congratulations." and he's like, "on what?" she's like, "oh, i didn't know n't have my glasses." [ laughter ] so he was like, "who were you going to congratulate?"s like, "oh, no, nothing, i don't want to talk about it. it's like -- it's kind of a surprise and it's no one you know, but one of our employees, i'm congratulating him for something." and he's like, "what?""why are you yelling?" [ laughter ] and so, they have this quiet fight for, like, the whole half hour. eem right at all. >> um -- that's not quite accurate, no. [ laughter ] >> seth: because based on the clip, this seems to be a medical drama, yes?edical drama. it's basically about a private pathologist who teams up with a hot, sexy detective to solve crimes in miami. >> seth: got you. so, you're the pathologist. >> no, i'm not the hot, sexy detective. that was jaina lee ortiz.
1:17 am
lot worse if you said a detective teams up with a hot, sexy pathologist. [ laughter ]w. but that review, that critique, and that analysis is not exactly right. >> seth: no, no. that was not fred's not actual dead bodies, but there are cadavers on the show. >> right, right. >> seth: now, on shows like this, are you using actors as your dead people? here's the thing. so, if the episode starts off and the character's already dead, then we just use a fake body. >> seth: got it. >> what happens is, some actors ho are going to die, and then once they die, then we use the actual bodies on my slab. >> seth: right, they've got to play it unless there's a dummy th >> exactly. and so, what happens is, you know, they're laying on that slab for, i mean, sometimes like six hours at a time. so, sometimes we're in the ene, we can hear the stomach growling, they start snoring. one time we were working on the body, and -- we had been doing this scene for a long time.r take after take. and i think the guy actually fell asleep, but he wasn't
1:18 am
woke up in the middle of the scene. [ laughter ]al and i knew it was fake, but i still was scared. [ laughter ] i was like, "whoa!" i was in character. i was in character. >> seth: yeah.for a very special episode of "rosewood," where the guy just comes back to life. [ laughter ] >> comes back to life, exactly. >> seth: well, you mentioned you were in "boyz n the hood." >> yes. - was that your first film? >> that was my first movie, yeah. >> seth: now, that must have been intimidating for a first film to be -- i mean, i guess a lot of people in it, it was their first.ually -- no, it was a lot of people's first, but it really wasn't intimidating at the time, because whenever i went to the audition, john singleton was my age. so, i wasn't reading for a director, like, a spielberg or much older. it was john singleton. he was my age. then on the project, it was cuba's --s first movies. he had been working in hollywood, but he had -- you know, no one really knew who he was. and fishburne was like "pee wee's play house," but angela bassett, all those people, th they are today. >> seth: yes. >> so it really wasn't that intimidating. i was just always bugging cuba. 'cause he had the experience.
1:19 am
industry. and he'd walk d walk out the trailer, he'd walk back in the trailer 'cause he saw me, it'd be funny. [ laughter ] >> seth: you asked that many questions, that he had to get lost when he saw you? >> i was always asking him se i was really green and he had worked quite a bit in television. and i was always asking him questions. if i see him now, he'll walk away. [ laughter ] >> while you were making it -- i mean, i guess, you know, being your first film, anyone's first film, you would think this is going to be a big deal. did you have any sense of how long the film would endure? didn't think it was going to be a big film because i was in it, you know, it's one of those things, i'm just starting out , i'm just happy to be on set. i'm at craft service every day gettin' sweets and all that type of stuff. i'm just happy to be there. >> seth: now, is it a movie that you can -- if it's on tv now, wive you watched it -- >> actually, i hadn't seen it in years and it was on in my hotel room about a month channels, it was on, so i thought, "oh, let me watch it," and i was just cringing. i was like -- i was such a bad actor back then.
1:20 am
i appreciate everybody else's performance. i appreciated cuba -- style clothes-wise. that's the other thing.e clothes-wise and the part of me getting shot, that was kind of tough to deal with. first movie as well, yeah? >> it was ice cube's first movie, yeah. the time. >> seth: i mean, you must have career after, but at the time what a good actor he was. >> oh, yeah. no, it was great.just starting out, so i really couldn't critique anybody. i was just happy to be there, but he did a great job. and i have to say this, when i do watch the film it does take me back to moments and that we had. and we all had such a great time. >> seth: well, you're incredibly lucky, because a lot of people's first thing is something that nobody wants -- you never want see ever again. >> that's true. >> seth: and it's nice to have started in a classic. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> seth: and thank you so much for being here. such an honor. >> thank you for having me, i appreciate it. [ cheers and applaris chestnut everybody! "rosewood" airs wednesday nights on fox! we'll be right back with joel grey.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guest won an academy award and a tony for his portrayal of the emcee in the stage and screen versions of "cabaret." his memoir, "master of ceremonies," is available in please welcome to the show, joel grey. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> so good!happy you're here. i don't want to make you feel you are a broadway legend.
1:27 am
[ giggles ]don't let it go to your head. so, you're a broadway -- and aaron burr in "hamilton," a show that is impossible to get tickets to -- when he was here, he told a story that when they were doing it at tut shows, impossible to get tickets, you walked up to the ticket counter, said your name is joel grey, and they just handed you a ticket, and you went could walk into any theater in new york and just get a ticket to a show. true or false? >> true. ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: fantastic. what a life. what a life. >> and i'm a big liar. [ laughter ] >> seth: are you a big liar? but is it true? did you get a ticket to -- >> that, i did. >> seth: okay.orked down there, at the public theater, on a few shows. but i just -- i was ready to pay. and i just said, "hi, do you have a ticket for joel grey?" and they handed it to me, and i left. [ laughter ] that's such a power move by you, because what box office person on broadway wants to say to joel grey, "i'm looking, i don't see it?" >> well, they'd been lined up >> seth: okay, got you.
1:28 am
get them tickets to "hamilton"? >> i'm in a new business, yes. [ laughter ]here you go, yes. you're like an uber for "hamilton" tickets, basically. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: now, i want to talk -- won an oscar. you won an academy award. the oscars just happened. and the year you won for "cabaret," al pacino for ther" was in your category. when you left that night, what were your expectations of your chances? >> none. >> seth: really? did you go so far -- did you >> none. >> seth: really? >> did nothing. >> seth: and what was that moment when you heard your name? did you -- >> well, diana ross was and she said, "and the oscar goes to -- [ light laughter ] -- joel grey." [ laughter ]was going to lose my mind. >> seth: yes. >> so, instead, i kissed my wife. >> seth: that's a good idea. >> and jumped up on the stage. and didn't know what i was
1:29 am
happy man.hat's great. and this is also, of course, a part you'd already played and won a tony for. and you did, obviously, a lot of the film, but you did you'd do singing. is that correct? >> no, i was like jacob tremblay. so, that was your beginning. >> no, i was the same as him, nine years old. >> yeah. that's when you got -- you were nine when you started? >> and i put my hands in my pockets like he like, the nine-year-old power move. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: and so when did the singing start? did you start doing nightclub stuff? >> no, i was -- i left i was an actor. >> seth: okay. >> and thinking that that was my only wish and prayer in my lif theater. and i moved to los angeles, and there was no theater there. >> seth: so, you should have checked before you went. [ laughter ]y father -- my father,
1:30 am
spike slickers. >> yeah, he was the one that went -- [ funny noises ] popular song back then. [ laughter ] ather. >> seth: your father is the one who did that on spike jonze? oh, i didn't realize that. that's fantastic. >> yeah, it went -- [ funny noises ] [ laughter ]hat's an interesting skill to find out you have. [ laughter ] now, you did -- so, you do the you originate the role of the emcee on broadway. he's known as an exacting director. you have history. you've already played the part. you obviously have some how to play it. actually started working on the film? >> well, we didn't butt heads.utt or head. [ laughter ] we did nothing. he refused to see me for the role. >> seth: really?going to cast an actor from -- in the business? >> he wanted to create a star, himself. >> seth: wow, so, how did it end
1:31 am
>> well, the producers were sort >> seth: mm-hmm. >> and there was a meeting six weeks before they went to munich. and bob fosse walked in and s is the moment of truth, guys. it's either joel grey or me." >> seth: wow. >> and marty baum, the producer, joel grey." >> seth: wow. what a -- >> i don't think that's ever happened. >> seth: yeah, that's very rare. >> because the director is king.eth: yeah. as a rule, the director should [ laughter ] -- what's going to happen.with the producers ahead of time and be guys got my back, right? because this is going to be very awkward for me when i go back to so, you, actually -- so you -- when the film started, you sort had the backing of the producers. that must have been nice. >> seth: oh, the whole time? >> well, challenging. >> seth: and then, when the film
1:32 am
of, "well, we can be friends now >> no. [ laughter ] >> sit's good -- sometimes it's good to hold grudges. [ laughter ] one of the other -- >> i was going to tell you about the night that i larry hagman. >> seth: larry hagman, the star of "dallas." >> right. >> seth: yes. >> was my great, great pal. f to the academy awards at 3:00 in the afternoon up in the sand.with my wife totally happy. and in front of my door, there s trophy, and it ghbor award." [ laughter ] empty-handed. [ laughter ]
1:33 am
i hope you immediately handed it back to him and said, "this belongs to you." [ laughter and applause ] many fascinating things about your book, you talk about your sexuality. and you just came out last year, had a long career in show business. in 1985, i guess it was, "the normal heart"? >> yes. >> seth: you were in "the normal heart" on broadway. which is about -- you played an a gay activist, a gay rights activist. and did you at any point during that -- like, you talk in the book about, you know, the struggle to decide whether or not to come out. like, what w not then? >> it was a different time. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> the past five, six, seven years have been amazing, and i t -- i was being interviewed for a "people" magazine piece last year, and it was about my career. and i said, "i think it's --"ends and my family
1:34 am
and i said, "i think maybe if one person is helped or feels better about i me to say who i am." >> seth: well, i'm so glad you wonderful you did. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being honor to have you. [ cheers and applause ] cheers. joel grey, everybody! "master of ceremonies" is available in book stores now.
1:35 am
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1:37 am
nd applause ] >> seth: my thanks to jennifer lopez, morris chestnut, joel grey, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] patrick carney, and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> carson: hey folks.


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