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tv   Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> did you compare me to donald trump? >> sorry. >> good one. >> why? why? >> because you're huge! >> that's not what,an huge? >> very big. >> i am. >> we are glad. >> yeah. >> it's the morning look. i didn't know if i was stuff like that on the morning, abc has changed. >> this is nbc, baby. >> yeah, very excited about it.the kitchen, what is it, scottish people have to work when their here? i'll make you a lovely, here's a quick demonstration right now. >> oh my on. >> it's all right. we'll make fun of it through the whole show. >> what are you talking about? >> it's a cooking segment coming up. >> you know, you goy straentth restaurant, that will cost you $150 bucks. >> craig ferguson will be joining us, cook or die.
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>> we also have the property brothers get a visit by jenna hager bush. >> they're fun, they're fun to pick jenny wearing? >> it looks like a house coat. >> it was cold. that day was cold. >> the grammys aren't just about award, they're about you a red carpet look with store bought makeup. youtube testing your magic. so many great tricks. it was big, baby. >> yep. >> because it was the grammys and big winners last night. >> taylor swift. >> and l swift got three, album of the year for "1989." she has 12. kendrick lamar had 11 , took home five trophies and a lot of people were like it either made you feel old, you are like, what, i >> exactly. >> that did happen a lot.
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fire. >> "cup town funk" won best popf the year. >> yes. >> justin beach got best dance recording for "what are you now. >> taylor swift walked outas raining glitter all over her. she was great. she got her grammy award. >> she had already won two before she came out, i hear. she that anna wintour bob. you know kanye west wrote singhat basically took credit forte lor's fame, saying that i think he wanted to sleep with her or something like that.t she said in response. >> she didn't want to sleep. >> here's what she said. >> i want to say to all the young women out going to be people along the way
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success or take credit for your shments or your fame, but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you, some day when you get where you're going, you will look around and yout it was you and the people who love you who put you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the yes! >> good girl! >> girl power! >> that was awesome. meghan trainor i thought gave one of the best speeches. >> i didn't see that.ward to seeing it. >> she won best new artist of the year, just before she got up, her dad apparently whispered in her ear, "you've made it, she walked umm. this is what happened. >> meghan trainor. [ music playing ]
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>> oh, i'm a mess. sorry. i have to think. thank l.a. reed for looking at me like an artist instead of just a songwriter and my mom and dad for always me and charles le donna for making me an artist. i'm a mess. i have to go cry. that understand to the grammys. i love you so much. >> she is one of our favorite people. you know, we get to see them unscripted and real here. every time she comes in, she isnd her parents almost every time are with her. >> they're in the green room. >> she's a nantucket girl. nantucket is very proud of ron won that song of the year for thinking out loud, he said finally after four years of attending the grammys, his parents can stop saying, "maybext year." . adele. >> she had an audio problem. >> i didn't notice it. i was like, look at adele, adele her eyes like she was upset.
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>> she didn't stop. she kept going. >> she kept pushing through, there were some problems. listen to a little bit my heart at the door i only see you right away like when i am scared of what's coming next ascared of left >> it sounded good for a dropout. >> no, at the beginning, you could tell there was chords rug agains>> the mic on the piano strings dropped down an caused all kind -- that's what we love about her. she went out for a burger. >> she said she was going fornd out. >> cody said you got to have and in and out burger. everybody that lives in l.a.
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>> everybody swears in and out burgers are the best. >> i make my own, it's a bean red sauce it's a vegan thing. >> one of m the grammys was kind of unexpected. i didn't know how they would go together. amy goulding and that commercial with stevie wonder. they do a did you uet. take a look.sic playing ] i am thinking straight my head is spinning and i can't see clear what are you waiting for >> right. both ladies were nominated for grammys. you have to watch the whole g. andra sings a gospely song.
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>> i was disappointed in the gram mys for not really giving a natalie cole. one of the greatest artists ever and one of the sweeftest women ever. i don't know, i think they owe owe. >> why would they not? who picks and chooses. come on unforgettable >> she seems like such an e have result, remember yesterday we took usa today and scientifically scribbled on who we thought would win. put xs and checks. here are the number we got this is very important. you open yours. >> together. >> one, two, three! >> and five. >> what? >> no, that's all i got got three. no, i picked more than three. i picked alabama shakes. i picked mark bronson and own funk." >> you also bigged little big town. >> what is happening?
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all right. >> time for the bachelor. >> come on, amanda avery. by the way, single and looking. >> and fine. >> that, welcome. >> thank you. they're down to six girls on the show. ben took them to his hometown in indiana for dates. so let's talk about first s the twin that's left on the show. so ben took her to meet the parents. it did not go well. because she seems to be a nervous talker. take a look at conversation. >> i don't pull out all the stops. i don't need to be shy and don't be overlyner vusz. i don't want to screw this up. coming no this, i did, you know, for me i know i am i am one of the youngest girls in the house. i'm 23. sometimes i overthink everything. i feel i've struggled a lot through this process, just being in this process has about myself, you know, things i didn't even know i needed growing on. if i could sit around and watch
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be my favorite thing in the whole okay. >> what i don't like, that's hard. i like a lot of things. you know, i don't like vegetables. >> well, i heardh my god. >> that didn't go well. they were polite. you got to read that audience. >> the mom says it allo ben and says we need to have a talk. if this girl is in your final. i'm concerned. take a look at their conversation. >> emily has matured enough to be a possible life is going to get serious ziems. how are you? how is she photo respond to that -- going to respond to that? so part of that just the uncertainty scares me. >> yep, so the mom's crying. you never want to make the mother cry.
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feel sorry for the mom. >> look, when a kid cries on you think, oh, drama. but the mom loves her kid. >> she's worried about her son. if this girl is in the final six.ied. becca was sent home as well. the other girl that went home. she cried in the limo. there you go. to show a clip of lauren. i think she's the front runner on the show, people will be talking about her. watch how ben and her talk aboute. i think it's real. >> oh my comborks amanda. >> i'm seeing a moment that i've waited for, for years, where my girlfriend is sitting beside to do is wrap her up and be like, say how awesome this is for me. >> after today and especially tonight, i know that i'm not in the bachelor, i am in love with ben from warsaw, oh gosh.
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i'm in love with t's cute. >> she loves ben! she loves ben! ben the bachelor, ben. >> thank eed this? what do you think of the show? have you ever seen it? >> what, the "bachelor"? >> do you like it? >> sure. i don't want to be mean. i don't even nope who you are talking s crying because her son is on tv and he's down to six ladies left, what is that? >> exactly. i love you. >> coming up as we said funny man craig ferguson will give us a history lesson. we'l i'm phmy psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor saidr joint pain from raxistingt
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audiences laugh at his routine and on the late, late show. he is bringing his smart humor to his new show called "join or >> what are you doing? jt join or die. >> it's a show. we do comedy, it's a discussion show, you take points onalk about it. it's smart people saying interesting stuff on still le vision. it's just what you do here. >> it will be like "the bachelor" you will post show game thing, but with history. so instead of the bachelor, you history. >> does it appall you, though, pretty much, we're so illiterate i think i like finding stuff out. >> people were tweeting during the grammys, who is alexander hamilton? a lot of people don't a shame. >> isn't that a sha im? smr be i
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>> by the way, thanks, for notntioning i lost last night. damn you, louie and your jokes. >> what were you are nominated for edy album. i was nom natd. which means i'm reasonably funny but fought funny enough. >> let's play this game. sham s isn't my show. you guys made this one up. i have some interest. see i'm not doing this in the show. you wanted to do it here. >> yeah. what is the e the this. buckle up. >> what does that mean? >> i ask you questions about history. if you get them right. you get to be called ou get them wrong you are bluff. loser. >> you should know. >> back in the night ll right. >> question one, what are the first known uses of the phrase omg meaning oh my god in a
10:17 am
>> true, buff, i say it's true. >> i don't think winston. >> you are holding up your sign. >> i think it's a bluff. oh, okay. all right. >> true. >> yes. >> omg kanye sent a letter to rchill claiming that he was responsible for him becoming prime minister. >> i need some proof on that? >> is it really true? >> question two, in 1864, choms clapper invented the toilet? >> it's not true. >> it's false, he manufactured a successful lane name snonnous with number twos. >> is that right?
10:18 am
the toilet was actually inventedpea e. >> some historians linked the eating tray to obesity. >> obesity false,rue or not? >> false. >> i think i've gotten one right. don't mind me. >> that makes you a history buff as opposed to a history guys didn't think this through? >> that's our charm. we don't think anything true. >> no one prepared garbage that i e choose one. okay t. signing of the declaration of independence was completed july 4th. >> faas it completed? >> a couple months later. >> august. >> i'll give you an extra point. >> my birthday. >> august 2nd, are wrong like a grammy loser. >> craig, thank you so much. >> we love you. you can catch the premier of
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>> all right. here's a question, do you believe in imaging? >> you might after this. >> grab your kids, youtube sensation is about to entertain he's out with a new book called "adventures of kid magician." justin flom >> my dad was a ryone in your family is involved. >> my aunt, my cousin. it's crazy. it's a venture book. at the end of every chapter the magic from that chapter. >> we only have time for one.
10:23 am
it usesold hang kerr happenedkerrchief. i can turn it into an egg. a cool trick. there is a handkerrchief. wooden eggs a hard to come by. they're laid by decoys. hide that in your hand. i'll give you the we do this together. wave the hanky up and down, they don't see that there is something in your hand. put it into the egg. the audience thinks you arento your hand. >> exactly. >> i see the egg. you can't see it because you don't have a close-up. >> now you say a magical word. obamacare. whatever joke you want. magically you get an egg. give her a round of applause. >> that was awesome. >> now, here's the thing. i like to up the t i learned as a kid.
10:24 am
there is a way to do theth an early interesting thing. watch this. you can pull the -- >> what! no you didn't just do that? >> no. you didn't just do that? okay., how about mine? >> few want to learn the secret to that. you got to get the book. at the end of every chapter we share the magic. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, the brothers give jen ma bush hager the tour of life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless l i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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tuesday, we are taking you to the property brothers, they turn houses into homes on hgtc. today we're taking you inside jenna bush hager got an invite to check out the new digs in las vegas. it seems to be quite the bachelor i guys. >> i'm coming in with a katrina tis. they make music together and believe it or notother live together. >> i have a twin sister.
10:30 am
her. she definitely couldn't live with me. >> we sold our individual have the one place here that's sort of our family hub. >> today i'm on a tour of that hub. all 5,500 square is what you call a great room. >> it's a great room. >> this is the great room. >> we have the kitchen right over here. obviously the living space. when we renovated this house, it had aas feel a. mediterranean fee. we wanted to have it updated. >> in 20s 11, they bought it in foreclosure and transformederty into their dream home for their famous hgtv home. you don't share a bedroom? smr no, i share it with my girlfriend. hat says no jonathan allowed. >> the big thing i needed to have was a master, master closet. >> this is nice. >> i'm an efficiency ve to maximize the use of the space.
10:31 am
>> does he allow you into this room? >> flooring was here. i put the shelves in here. i love having conversation pieces. >> talk about conversation piece, check out this door. >> it is the biggesteveryone says they love the look of. you want to bring the inside in. >> so cool. they turned this whole house into a solar powered house. everything can be working remotely including this 15 screen movie house. jonathan andrew installed a t slide. >> it's the coolest thing ever. >> those aren't the only toys they have. from mini golf. >> it's not a baseball. you somebody else's yard. >> to a basketball court. i will witness this for all the girls out there. >> i'm all right. >> i like how you just broke the are you okay? >> wait. there's more a. guest house made
10:32 am
parents. guess who happened to be >> hi, mom and dad. >> jenna. >> this is a guam i like to call which property brother was. the don juan? >> i would say it was jonathan. >> oh, come on. >> which is the better athlete? >> this one. >> whoa, whoa, you said. i'm your other one. >> see that's what happens when you're with a twin. which one cries at girl i would never. >> let's move on. >> bye, mom and dad! how do you do this? >> that's bet fwler the ultimate gameroom. since it's vegas a friendly be et. >> if you sink the first >> oh! >> cheers. after all that touring, it was time to grab a drink by the fire
10:33 am
>> we got to watch is in a speedo. >> there he goes! >> oh. >> that is so cool. >> are you a good sport? you are the best property >> i will let you have the time? >> the best property brother in the house. >> i almost split my pants. i'm going to go getnks for having us. >> i'm talking vegas. >> sweet guys. >> that was great. it was a good job. you can catch all new episodes of" property brothers" tomorrow on hgtv. >> right here on q. today" you can get adele's latest eyes orylor's lucious lips. if you want to live longer, we skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactiverly brighter. a new active moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and lha. clearly brighter does more
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>> if you were contouring the star's makeup, we're going to show you how to get the same re bought cosmetics. >> here with the easiest and most affordable ways to look like your favorite celebs is beauty editor and taste maker hi girl. >> these are three iconic looks. you are showing us models inspired by those looks. it to things in your day-to-day life. awesome. >> people love taylor swift and those lips.
10:39 am
classic red ow what she uses. everyone can get that and elf teeth. there is a trick. ly show you that. you can see she has this beautiful red lip on her right now. it's a classic yet playful way to go. from your work all the way into night with your girlfriends. it's so beautiful. >> keep smiling. looets see if it's on your no, excellent. >> it looks so gorgeous on her. i feel honestly red is a staple poo es to everyone. everyone use a classic red. if it's $3 bucks.ry it out. taylor has this beautiful spink twinkle with the center of her i was obsessed with her skin glowing. you see that corner. that's for all of us to that don't give enough sleep f. you do that, it gichs you a eye. everything is super achievable with taylor's look.
10:40 am
>> atira. >> adele eyes. >> s beautiful charlie. adele is known for her liquid liner. charlie actually had coated eyes. specifically chose her. you can do a liquid leaner. people think they'll cover it up. from loreal paris, we the wing that went upwards. it's so amazing. i feel it's such a classic sophisticated way to go. all the way up in your hood. what's all this? >> i v have to show you brows, bold, bold, brows, adele had bold all doing light feathery strokes. you can use cosmetics from the drug store, loreal.le brows. >> boom to you. nice job, charlie. zendaya.
10:41 am
makeup?m squad. she did it herself. >> what is she 12? >> kind of, yeah. >> okay.ut this gold smokey eye. >> i love the makeup. >> she had this bronze situation going on on her cheeks. we the chenali from positions formula. look at the range of colors, you get a beautifulwn, the golds look beautiful on our skin toevenl we created this beautiful smokey gorgeous. >> flawless. >> it's so flawless, rug store. >> what is that stuff? >> a butter bronzeer. so creamy. it like literally dpliedz on. it's so touch the texture. >> oh my gosh if you 'put it on with a brush.
10:42 am
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>> after eating all thosees and sweets for valentines day. >> i did. >> all this week, we have recipes that may help you live >> irish cook and personality took a culinary trip to greece, one of the five regions of the world where residents are said to live longer, healthier and he came back with a recipe. >> i have. this is a remote place in greece or? >> this is a teeny island off
10:48 am
the places where people live the longest. it's a fascinating area. >> into their 90s? >> like ns. >> old. >> i met a whole heap of them. >> what do you think the trick is? >> mediterranean, also so a lot of their home grown produce and this dish is a perfect example. it uses lots of seasonal ingredients, lots of fruits and , lots of flavor as well. >> tomatos are fruit. >> who is arguing is a giant bean stew. everything in, massages the onions, like you wout would in a frying pan.ile. have you get your hands in there.
10:49 am
onions in garlic, you get if your carrots, beans, cannelini s. let's go for dumping action. >> okay. nice. beautiful. beautiful. >> like craig. >> i was very upset about his dumping. >> what was going on? >> no >> for cheap laughs. >> because are you irish. he wanted to get at you. >> this is true. you can see, this is stuff you have or don't have in op this off. you get this in italian food stores. otherwise use some tomato paste. in ireland, we call paste tomato it's a lot of confusion, when you go on with your paste. pasata. it's all confusing, you top it off with slices of beef do ma this beauty will go into the oven bake at 425. >> that is it? >> a little vegetable sthe recipe? >> it's brilliant. it's genius.
10:50 am
it is all so healthy for you. you top this oregano. this goes in, bakes off, you get left with the most beautiful pie like this. >> what? >> it is a delicious. we will serve this up. we have to taste. this is one of the fantastic pastries, a spinach and e those. >> omg, so good. >> they were win storn churchill by the way. >> i love you are getting in there. >> i'm getting in. i'm pouring for interesting thing with these if you drizzle them over with a little pomegranate molasses it's a taste of the stew. >> there it is. >> i warned you about the onions. >> eat the tomatos. >> i can give you a pie. we have one for you. >> that of. >> mmm. o my gosh.
10:51 am
is not a whole load of ingredients, it bakes off in the >> they're cooked, not raw. >> they're tender, bumpl, stick with me. >> i'm with you. very, very good. for this and other healthy to click on the healthy tab. >> sit down about this prize we have this week when we give it oh.
10:52 am
it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. r of dough. give it a pop.
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we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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>> wafer we say good-bye on this spanking tuesday. we will make five viewers really it's time to give it away. over 8,000 of you entered in this week's prize is trexx outdoor furniture worth he beautiful folding chair and side table are from recycled
10:55 am
>> don't say jugs. >> they come in many colors, multiple dining and deep seating collections. let's find out the winner. >> are you ready? >> you go irst winner is! >> this is a nice present. >> geraldine foster from illberry, pennsylvania. >> from mesa, arizona. >> good for her. i got another one, gosh, they're all sticking together. it is amy aroyal fromque, new mexico. ? springs, florida. congratulations to her. >> i love her. >> one more. >> kathy center, iowa. >> congratulations to all of our winners. you can enter again for next week's prize, for complete rules click the connect button. >> tomorrow, a fantastic movie,
10:56 am
stops by again. >> get away from it isn't. >> no. >> what? >> leave me alone. >> she loves it.
10:57 am
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[cheers and applause] >> announcer: today on rachael ray... >> rachael! >> announcer: 10 seconds. >> announcer: yes, now randy fenoli will had the her say yes to the dress asweek." say yes to burger night. >> rachael: i'm over here, not drooling on the dresses. >> announcer: andpson's" jaime lee is helping rach wrap her head around "brain games." >> no matter how many brain cells you you ready for rachael! >> rachael: okay, welcome, everybody. this is brittany and we have bubbly in our glasses because


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