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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ this morning we're kicking @off your valentine's day week @song and relationship advice @for you whether you're single @or in a long time relationship. @>> it is cold. @but we're warming it up. @and you're tracking the cold. @but there's still more snow in @the forecast. @>> yes, and we'll get to that.
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@especially saturday, that looks @to be the day that we're @focusing on. @>> and that is tomorrow. @>> you want to get through @today, first? @>> it's probably the coldest @air we've seen this season. @first thing first. @it will be unevent full for a @while -- uneventful for a @while. @this is an artic front that @will bring a blast of frigid @air for your saturday. @it is 14 at hopkins. @windchills are just above zero @or just below in some spots. @it will get really frigid cold @like i said within the next 12 @to 24 hours. @windchill advisories kick in @tonight and they continue @through sunday morning. @every one of you included in @that. @and the arctic front moves @through this evening and we'll @see the difference.
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@warning for ashtabula county @that kicks in later on today @and that will be behind the @arctic front moving through and @we'll have the one to three @inches of snow as we track what @is on the way for later on @today. @that is not a lot of snow. @it is the timing of it all @because it will be happening in @the evening drive. @i think there will be some @slowdowns and slick spots. @let's get a check on your @commute with danny. @ good morning. @everything is looking great. @we are green and clean on the @traffic map. @all of our secondary roads look @great too. @again, no crashes. @they've clear. @and here the conditions near @the airport for 80 and 237, @everyone getting by just fine. @for those of you that take @480, nine minutes east and @west. @ we're following breaking @news this morning. @a man was taken to the hospital
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@poll on east 75th near union @and the na. @take a look -- etna. @it is not clear if the man was @under the influence of drugs or @alcohol. @he is expected to be okay. @ road crews have invested @millions of dollars to make @improvements. @but some feel it is not if you @have for this dangerous stretch @of highway in lake county. @>> tiffany -- explains what is @next. @>> reporter: there have been so @many accidents in this mile and @a half long stretch. @and there are ways this area @can be improved, a way to warn @drivers about the upon @problems. @but the ohio department of @transportation said it spent @money to widen the road and @also improve the surface. @and they don't have any changes @in the works as of now. @wednesday afternoon, more than @a dozen people were injured
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@and chief hudson said that @every year they probably see @one or two major accidents @there. @>> if we made warning signs @when people coming in areas @like that, that they knew that @area was typically prone to @accidents, that might help. @>> what we've been seeing with @the storms are a lot of lake- @effect area. @and the snow squalls set up @over the low elevation point @and it just dumps the snow in @the area. @>> reporter: it is not a matter @of when this will happen again @but when. @ the results are in from the @latest round of tests for led @in sebring's tab water out of @97 samples, three of them @showed high levels of led. @the ohio epa said that 900
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@dozen homes had led levels @above the standard. @they blame the village for @waiting months to notify the @officials about led in the @water. @and they say that the water @plant itself is pled free -- in @lead-free. @ three brothers are charged @in a case of fraud for food @stamps. @for 12 years they would buy @food stamps from customers and @use them to buy goods to sell @at the store and let them use @food stamps for unauthorized @purchases. @and the indictment looks to @recover $4 million. @ former president bill @clinton will be in cincinnati @today to hold a rally for his @wife's campaign. @the campaign is ramping up @ahead of the ohio primary on @march 15th, but early voting @starts next wednesday. @chelsea clinton will be here to
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@ the final four occupiers of @a federal wildlife refuge in @oregon are headed to court. @they made national headlines @for weeks yesterday surrendered @yesterday to the fbi. @after much coaxing, they got @the forth one to surrender. @the surrender ended a five week @ordeal that included the arrest @of more than a dozen protesters @in the shooting death of one. @ pope francis left rome this @morning for a trip to mexico. @he'll stop in cuba where he'll @hold a historic meeting with @the leader of the russian @orthodox church. @and francis is also scheduled @to celebrate mass calling for @peace and an end to violence in @mexico. @ what if the next time you @went shopping, could you get a @tattoo? @it could help in a 365 shop @that will open later this year.
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@operating within the whole @foods 365 stores and those @businesses could range from @fresh press juice stands to @tattoo parlors. @you know, you get some ink with @your kale. @kale. @ new concerns of zika virus @after three people die from @complications of the disease. @what we're learning now this @morning. @>> reporter: if you got a cell @phone, you likely have some @photos on the phone. @and we'll take a look how to @make money with the photos in @my paid app segment. @ can't wait to hear about @that and we're telling you @about your friday forecast, @which is pretty quiet here to @start. @cold this morning and the @temperatures, teens single @digits, the windchill below @zero. @that is the taste of what is to @go and we have snow on the way
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@we'll be tracking that. @we're talking frigid, getting @into valentine's day weekend
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@ @ three people have died from @theve z this is spread by @mosquitoes. @and vaccines are in the works. @but doctors said they are 18 @months away from being able to @test them on people. @ apps are not just for @facebook or listening to music. @some will make you some money. @>> reporter: continuing my
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@if you've got a smart phone, @you've likely taken a few @photos with the phone and there @are actually a couple of apps @that may help you make a little @money with the photos. @one of them is called foap. @it allows you to upload your @photos to the app and possibly @make a little money. @you launch it and the nice part @about this is when you click on @the explore section, it will @show you photos that not only @people have recently added to @the app, and you can add any of @your photos. @but it will show you photos @that have actually sold. @so you can get an idea of what @people that are buying the apps @and companies that are buying @the photos, what they are @looking for. @you see the range is quite ride @from your food shots to photos @at the park in the city. @here's a picture of a guy @getting out of a car and @someone paid for that photo. @i love that.
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@missions that companies put @out. @right now, they are looking for @photos or valentine's day @cocktails and city portraits @and cherished home accent. @now, one thing, i've had the @app for about a month on the @phone, i have not sold @anything. @so you are competing against a @lot of people that are @uploading photos all the time. @they seem to photos photos of @kids and pets too. @>> i was going to say, we could @be a partner here and i could @give a picture of the peyton to @you. @>> reporter: one warning when @you upload the photos, they @could end up any where. @so you have to be comfortable @with having your kids and pets @show up anywhere in the world @that someone buys them from. @>> not for sale. @maybe the cats but not the
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@>> poor cats. @>> peyton is like, did you just @say that? @>> i love the cats too. @>> we love you john. @happy friday to you. @valentine's day week. @and we've been talking about @valentine's too. @we love to see pictures of you @and your valentine. @using the hash tag, free @valentine. @look at these valentines at the @bus stop and windchills and the @single digits to a little below @zero. @so they are bundled up @appropriately. @this is like a taste of what is @to come over the next 24 hours. @so here we go. @we got around 20 by noon and 24 @at 5:00. @and it will feel okay today. @the real cold air is tomorrow. @snow moving in towards this @evening. @so that is definitely going to @be part of your friday night @plans. @we're tracking that late day @snow and we got windchill @advisories that kick in tonight @and a frigid cuddly valentine's
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@right now just a few flurries @to the east. @most of you just totally dry. @the snow that we're tracking @for later today is an artic @front, and it will blast @through and it will make a @difference. @windchill advisories tonight @and continue through sunday, @valentine's day, 10:00 a.m. @so that is going to be brutal. @and we got lake-effect snow @warning for ashtabula county @today and tomorrow. @if you look at the top of your @television, you can see how @cold the air is that we'll be @moving in here. @it is cold this morning with @most of us in the low teens. @that is actual air @temperatures. @and the wind are not that @strong at the moment. @we're still getting windchills @just below zero. @akron and canton, the feel like @temperature is minus 2. let's @track the snow on the way @today. @big deal.
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@we start to see the leading @edge of snow 3:30 today and it @is impacting us this evening. @through. @and we're thinking one to maybe @up to three inches of @accumulation through this @evening. @but it is the timing. @you know that even an inch of @snow is going to slow you down @and make for some slick @commuting and it is friday and @you've got plans much maybe @tonight. @tomorrow, bitter cold. @i hope the reason for you to @come find warmth at the home @and garden show. @i will be at the ix center home @afternoon. @i would love to see you. @>> 20. @degrees on valentine's and mid- @30s early next week and it @looks like seasonable but @tracking more snow for early @next week. @and now let's check your drive. @ good morning.
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@we're always helping you @minimize your delays. @and no delays on 77 and 21. @and we look cigarette to the @south. @no accidents reported and @normal drive times and the same @picture to the north. @all green and clean. @and here's the picture on 77 at @the 480 interchange and @independence is a busy @interchange. @right now everything is looking @great. @so if you travel up 77 north @from summit county between the @eight-minute commute. @if you continue on to the 490 @interchange, four minutes. @ 6:17. @time for the biggest winners @and loser in sports. @and the biggest loser it is @what the guy was losing, his @shoes and shirt. @we saw it before. @within golfer for some reason @decided to do it bare chested.
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@this valentine's day treat. @look. @it goes straight up and it @double bogey. @and he takes the shoes off and @keeps the shirt on. @and no flexing of the muscles @here and the ball is going to @roll and hits the flag stick. @so no shoes, good shot, no @this golf tournament. @why did he take the shirt off? @>> there's a ball. @>> i can't watch golf with you. @my biggest winners are the @clear fork middle school @basketball team. @they played 19 games this @season. @how many do you think they won? @all of them. @undefeated champions. @they played as a team the @entire season. @congratulations. @love the sign too. @and my thanks to hollie for @send in the picture.
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@your champion or all star send @me a picture and give met @details. @reminder, next week is random @acts of kindness week. @so send me pictures of family @and friends that are doing @great things to help others. @i love the response to this. @i'm reading your stories and @this is going to be fun. @it is great what some people in @the community are doing for @others and they don't want the @attention. @but we're going to give it to @you and honor you. @>> we love the humility. @but brag a little bit. @not like the golfer. @>> they want you to wear a @shirt that is why i gave up @golf. @>> we're getting ready for @valentine's day. @we have advice for you if @you're single or married. @this is straight from the @expert himself, will. @>> i wish it was for next i got @advice from a local @relationship coach.
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@who should not overdo it this @valentine's day. @ time for weather out your @window. @these are snow drops. @ed sent them in of his yard. @i never heard of a snow drop. @that is so great. @6:20. @keep them coming.
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@ @ valentine's day is just two @days away. @if you have not picked up that @special something for that @special someone, you better get @on it. @>> that music is making me @nervous. @>> we thought that we would @turn everything over to the @newlywed of the group. @and you've been talking with @the experts.
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@>> reporter: i'm not and @expert. @but i talked to a relationship @coach for people married for a @lung time to newly married or @engaged or just dating for a @couple of days. @the important thing to remember @is that you really want to show @them that they matter. @>> keep the definition in mind, @that you matter to me. @you can matter with someone @with a big extravaganza or @matter by giving a simple @gesture. @>> reporter: no matter where @you are in the relationship. @how far should you go? @>> take it slow. @if you think, we've been dating @three months, it's valentine's @day, i'm going to knock his @socks off and he or she is not @at that place that could really @scare them. @>> reporter: if the @relationship is stuck in a rut,
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@going to fix it all. @one big gesture on february @14th is like a big band-aid. @if you're in a committed @relationship but romantically @challenged, the big thing is @get uncomfortable. @>> if you're used to sending @roses, if you are used to @sending candy, don't do that do @something that makes your @heartbeat and hands sweat. @>> reporter: and if you're @single and looking to mingle, @maybe think again. @>> it is the big day, let's @good out to a bar and scope it @one. @desperation. @>> reporter: so you want a @simple answer and get par for @the course and make sure that @you're not outdone by all of @your friends, the average that @they estimate americans will @spend $150. @if you get in there, you'll be @right in there with them. @we'll show you a couple things @that people are spending the
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@>> there will be a lot of @shopping today. @>> yes. @>> my husband likes to say what @gets through keeps you there. @you know what i mean i think @that is really true. @keep the romance going. @>> always. @and i totally agree. @i feel like we do that i feel @like we all do. @keep the sizzle. @there's nothing sizzling in the @weather. @>> it's 15 below. @>> exactly, and the windchills @will be lower than that as we @get into the weekend. @we're tracking snow for later @today and then the arctic cold @front that is really going to @do a number on our numbers. @you can see the very cold air @in minneapolis today. @and those are the highs around @ten degrees. @and we'll be lucky to hit ten @tomorrow. @and the glimmer quartet, we are @lucky as we take you to break
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@ @ straight up 6:30. @we have your bitter cold @forecast and more snow coming. @so we'll have all of those @details coming up. @here are the stories that we've
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@columbus police shot and killed @a man who was attacking @restaurant customers with a @machete. @he walked into the restaurant @in northeast columbus and @attacked several diners and @then later cornered on a road @five miles from the restaurant @and he was shot and killed @during a confrontation. @six people are in the hospital. @ a woman told the police @that she withdrew from money in @the baggage claim and followed @by a man on to an elevator. @and the suspect attacked her. @and the woman ran off the @elevator and screamed for help @and a near traffic controller @ran after the man. @the police caught him and he @was put under arrest. @ the city of cleveland is @apologizing for the handling of @the tamir rice case after the @city sent a $500 ambulance bill @to the family.
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@blunder and there was no intent @to do the harm and the city did @drop the fee. @the law department said it only @filed after rice's estate @requested the bill. @ let's talk weather. @it is cold out there this @morning. @you have to bundle up. @>> yes. @and it will get colder. @good morning. @it is friday, valentine's day @weekend. @and we're tracking the coldest @air that we've seen. @today is a taste of what is to @come. @we'll warm to near 20 by lunch @and mid-20s for the highs. @and we're tracking more snow @this evening, perhaps a few @flurries in the meantime. @current windchills a little @above zero to a little below @depending on location. @we have a blast of bitter cold @on the way for tonight into the @weekend. @and we have windchill @advisories that kick in tonight @and they continue through @sunday, 10:00 a.m. @all of you included in that,
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@effect snow warning for tonight @and into tomorrow. @and this will be the arctic @front that will move through. @and the arctic front will be @moving in and it will be @towards dinnertime. @not a lot of accumulation. @most of you will see one to @maybe three inches. @but it is the timing and it is @going to be for the evening @drive and anything that you may @have planned tonight. @i'll take you hour by hour @coming up and i'll take you @through how cold it gets this @weekend. @danny is looking at our commute @this morning. @it is so chilly. @>> give yourself a little extra @time to warm the cars up. @we're all good and no accidents @reported. @and we're seeing a little slow @traffic 480 east near ridge. @but it is not adding any time @to your dry. @slow traffic a little bit on @u.s. 20 heading into the west @shoreway and we're seeing @slowing 71 north. @but it clears out when you get
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@so check the drive time 71 @north between 480 and 490, a @nine minute commute. @so everything is normal. @don't forget. @when you hit the roads, tune @traffic. @they'll have traffic updates @for you every ten minutes. @of road. @questions are being raised @about a dangerous stretch of @highway in lake county. @we are live there. @days ago there was a huge @pileup on i-90. @>> reporter: more than a dozen @people injured here. @and we snow some of them even @this morning still critical. @a messy situation out here. @unfortunately, it is nothing @that is uncommon for this @stretch of roadway. @and there was the lake-effect @snow wednesday afternoon that @caused some whiteout condition @there's. @and firefighters and paramedics @respond to the area when
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@and the chief said that every @year, there are one or two @major accidents. @he would like to see some @signage there to help some of @the drivers that are not from @around this area to know what @they may encounter when there's @that lake-effect snow event. @the ohio department @transportation, they say that @there are no changes made there @anytime soon and no plans for @change there's right now after @these multi-car pileups that @we've been seeing. @but they stay there are two @things that they believe will @help solve that problem near @mile and a half stretch. @i'll let you know what those @are coming up in a few minutes. @ a second suspect has been @arrested in connection to the @death of a kent state student. @18-year-old nicolas -- was shot @and killed in an offcampus @apartment over the weekend and @the police arrested a 17-year- @old from stoe calling him the @gunman and now a second 17-year-
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@both suspects being held @without bond. @ 6:36. @a new york city police officer @is found guilty in the shooting @death of an unarmed man. @he testified that he @unintentionally fired his drawn @weapon in a pitch black @project. @the man was killed and he faces @15 years in prison when he's @sentenced in april. @ check out this amazing @scene right now. @a massive fire in a new jersey @warehouse. @it is still burning this @morning. @the smoke can be detect on the @radar. @you -- detected on the radar. @the smoke is still thick this @morning. @and the fire is going strong. @witnesses said they heard @ground.
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@of any injuries at this time. @ back in the day this was @hollie's crush. @back at home here. @we talked about this many @times. @you want to make your @valentine's day weekend more @romantic, how about checking @out rick springfield. @he will host a free instore @show. @and then he'll have a concert @at the hard rock casino if you @would like to go. @hollie will be in the front @row. @>> not. @>> he looks like he has not @aged, john. @>> he hasn't. @6:37. @we have plenty more of the @show. @let's say hi to matt. @>> reporter: good morning. @i have last minute valentine's
6:38 am
@a hero and rock your world. @ weaver got your forecast @that is going to get super @privilege gid this valentine's @day. @-- frigid this valentine's day @weekend. @i'll let you know how much snow @to expect tonight. @and greg is it here with team @coverage so you know what to @plan on for this valentine's @day weekend. @>> @>> we got everything today. @we got singers, rick @springfield. @and we got puppies on this @friday. @and it is all to help a good @cause. @uber puppies are here. @and we'll tell you how the apl
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@ @ we're just getting started. @e gifts, the most requested @items on our website. @massage envy gift cards. @you buy a $100 worth and you @get five free gifts. @the $40 fire tablet. @and you'll also find a buy @young and get one. @-- by one and get one. @go to @>> that is good.
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@>> you look like a hero. @>> yes. @ we have so much going on @with the weather this morning. @this is nothing. @it will get colder. @greg and i are talking about @more snow and team coverage as @we head through this friday. @we've got you covered. @and you're covered at the bus @stop this morning. @it is really chilly. @the windchills are close to @zero, if not a couple degrees @below this morning. @a lot overcast and uneventful @in the morning. @and in the evening, we start to @see the snow move in with the @next arctic front and that will @trigger windchill advisories @and a frigid weekend tomorrow, @especially. @we have the exception of a few @flurries this morning. @and you're all dry. @and tracking snow and the @arctic front swinging through. @and the mentioned the windchill
6:44 am
@and it goes through sunday @10:00 a.m. @all week long, and we got a @lake-effect snow warning for @ashtabula county and that goes @through tomorrow because of @front to the east. @a lot of you are not going to @see a lot of snow. @but you'll see the cold. @cold it is. @and that is the air on the way. @and we're so chilly this @morning. @most of us around 10. @you take the winds into account @that still are not that high @and below zero in spots. @two below in wooster and akron @and canton. @so as we track on future view @it stays dry through late @morning. @but by 4:00, 5:00 today, we @start to see the snow and we're @not expecting a lot. @greg is going to talk @accumulation here. @but it is so much the timing. @7:00 tonight, this is like @prime time and it is @valentine's day weekend and
6:45 am
@it will be extra times on the @commute tonight. @>> it is all about the @visibility this evening. @as you move through northeast @ohio, the squalls will move in @and the winds will pick up and @that will bloat snow sideways @making travel difficult. @take a look at what we're @expecting in terms of snowfall @totals. @nothing really today. @it is this evening that we'll @pick up the snow and overnight. @a part of this will be lake @enhancement. @i think this evening, one to @two inches at the most. @many of you seeing much less @than that and after midnight, @you start to see the lake- @effect kick up and that could @mean from cleveland east. @northern summit and geauga and @lake and ashtabula, likely @going to see additional @accumulations that will start @through saturday morning and @maybe up to 4 inches in @ashtabula and continue through @the day on saturday because of @the winds off the lake that @hollie just mentioned. @look at hudson bay. @that is polar air that is now
6:46 am
@lakes and north east, thanks to @a big area of arctic pressure. @that is coming in overahead @saturday into sunday. @and look at that temperature @drop from low 20s today. @high temperatures. @ashtabula, you may not get @above ten degrees on saturday. @and we start to warm up pretty @quickly sunday into monday and @that's just in time for our @next storm system in your @extended forecast. @ never a dull moment. @this takes us through what greg @on monday. @the kids don't have school. @and it will be a blessing @because we're forecasting more @snow and we're watching it @close for monday and tuesday. @30s. @and it will be seasonable as we @get into early next weekend and @a lot of next week is looking @more seasonable in general.
6:47 am
@thursday and that will be @wonderful. @and let's do hot dog on @weather. @ we have some special @additions today. @look at these faces here this @is a great idea today. @and this will help find some @homes for animals and raise @awareness. @so tell us what is going on. @how can we meet little kodak @here? @>> we're cleveland apl. @and we're partnering with uber @puppies on demand. @you need the you can better ' @-- the uber app and a puppy @will appear on the app. @the money will come back to the @apl. @>> and you've done programs @>> yes. @and it bring as awareness for @what we're doing at the apl. @and we don't get any funding. @so that helps support the work
6:48 am
@for the wonderful guys. @it brings joy to the day for @those that get to have a puppy @in their office. @>> so the best way to do it you @have to have the app. @>> yes. @and the puppy appears on the @screen at 11:00 a.m. @and you can request rides till @3:00 and we'll have six @vehicles out today with 12 @puppies for snuggling and @adoption. @>> i hope you find a home. @>> he's very cute. @let's go to will because the @morning rush is coming up. @days away. @maybe they want a puppy or @dinner or flowers. @we'll get into what people want @this valentine's day and how
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@ @ will has advice for @valentine's day. @but lift -- first let's start @with tiffany. @>> reporter: officials said @there will be no changes on i90 @after another municipalitity @car pileup. @and there have been a lot of @issues there. @and odot said they have spent @millions of dollars to widen @the road and surface. @whiteout conditions caused the @accidents on wednesday. @driver education and using @common sense during the stormy @winter conditions. @a local fire chief said that he
6:52 am
@there along i90 to warning @drivers about what conditions @they could face in the area @might help. @back to you. @ a man was taken to the @hospital overnight after @crashing into a pole on east @75th and union and edna. @the car knocked the pole down @and sent wires into the @streets. @it was unclear if the man was @under the influence of drugs or @alcohol. @he is expected to be okay. @ nearly two years after a @fire knocked down this part of @the community, there is a @reason to celebrate today. @the cleveland native will help @the members of the community @for all of their hard work and @rebuilding downtown. @they will celebrate the one- @year anniversary tomorrow. @ it is valentine's day and @americans will be spending $20 @billion this year on @valentine's day. @a third of them surveyed said @they'll be going out to dinner @this year which is a lot of
6:53 am
@said they will -- doing and @half of they had sell be buying @candy. @it will be the busiest day of @the year for fresh flower @businesses and pets will be @feeling love this weekend. @one in five will be buying a @present for the pet. @the most important thing if it @is a big gift or small gift or @married for years, just show @the special someone that they @ good morning. @coming up this morning on @today, our special valentine's @reports. @we're in the love lab. @there's a science to it the @researchers say that they can @determine who you'll be @attracted to even how long your @relationship will last if at @all with a series of tests. @so today we're doing our own @love test. @we have a marry coupled to for @decades and two people just @meeting today on a blind date. @who will be not most
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@it is our valentine's day love @test this morning on today. @>> that may be dangerous. @but i can tell you right now @that the commute is not @dangerous. @it is easy. @just a little slow traffic on @71 north before the inner belt @bridge. @the drive time remain nine @minutes. @and the normal drive times @through the region. @ checking the forecast. @tracking snow for this evening. @accumulation light but the @timing is everything. @and then it will get so cold. @windchill advisories kick in @tonight and continue through @the valentine's weekend and @highs only around 9 tomorrow. @and so hopefully, you'll want @to go to the home and garden @show and check things out @inside. @i'll be there. @and we would all love to meet @you. @and now it is time for matt @granite's bonus deal of the @day.
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@designer handbags, 9.99. @>> what? @>> designer? @>> reporter: this is serious @stuff. @look for the ten last minute @great deal article and this @will be the best link you'll @click all day. @>> who designed it? @>> someone that did not want me @to say the name on tv. @>> we would love to see @pictures of you and your @sweetheart. @hash tag 3 valentine. @we can all celebrate @valentine's day. @>> we leave this morning with @the cleveland east and west @suburbans. can always go to
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good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrmann man. hillary clinton comes to the president's defense during the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> will that strategy help or hurt her?


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