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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> rachael: my favorite color. did i do good? [cheers and applause] >> rachael: ya, who has your back. [laughing] >> rachael: alright. sit down so we can get to the fun part, the chat. so, welcome. >> this is great. >> rachael: you like the new house? >> it's cool. >> rachael: isn't it cool. let me show you what it does. living room lovely. >> lovely. >> rachael: i couldn't fit a garden in, not enough sunshine. >> maybe next season. >> rachael: we wanted to see the seasons. make the do-hickey go. spring and summer. isn't that cool? don't you want one. fall, that's my favorite fall. >> that's just as good. >> rachael: winter. >> pretty. >> rachael: when we do makeovers watch the tall thing. put up michelle number 2. look at you.
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>> that's so cool. that's nice. >> rachael: then the living room. now we're going to play a game over there, right? you and i later are going to do -- >> we're doing some stuff. >> rachael: then over here we have kitchen table, my favorite. brand new kitchen. >> beautiful. [ applause ] >> wow. >> rachael: brand new frig. >> i always wanted to look in here. good stuff. >> rachael: kale and fresh vegetables. >> something smells good. >> rachael: you know what i'm cooking? >> what. >> rachael: the first time we met, four years ago. >> it was with the president, not the president at the time. >> rachael: yes, you were on the campaign trail having cheese burgers. >> cheese burgers, sounds like him. >> rachael: i made up a cheese burger you're going to love. broccoli and cheddar cheese burger. healthy. we don't just have one kitchen. we have the gourmet kitchen
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green room food. guess where they are? look over there. >> wow. >> rachael: hi, guys. [ applause ] >> rachael: isn't that cool. you should get one of these for the white house kitchen. then you could see sam all the time. >> okay. [laughing] >> sounds like a good tip. >> rachael: so, in honor of you coming to day i designed this. all of the families will enjoy this too. it's a clever way to get kids. we talk about getting our kids to eat healthier. we want their food to be fun. >> yes. that's right. good food. burgers rule, if it's in a burger form kids will eat it. >> nice. good start. >> rachael: then take broccoli. which we picked in the white house garden. then i sauteed up the green chile -- the broccoli --
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broccoli into the patty. >> rachael: clever. in order for the kids to get the burger and the cheese, nice new york steak cheddar. they have to eat the broccoli right. >> that's right. excellent. >> rachael: one slice of cheese or two? >> one is good enough. >> rachael: alright. >> you season it after? >> rachael: salt and pepper in the burger. while that is melting down, i will turn this down. the last time i saw you in the garden. >> you made the dipping sauces. i love love love. >> rachael: your favorite was the avocado ranch. >> yes. >> rachael: you want to make it today? >> yes. >> rachael: she says hesitantly. >> yes. >> rachael: the avocado is in there. reintroduced greek yogurt.
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this is like a ranch. this is a healthy ranch. >> rachael: it is. we have taken out the mayo and added the reduced fat. >> it tastes just as good, even better. >> rachael: fresh dill. >> love dill. love dill, get it in there. >> rachael: mild onion. chives. >> chives. all of it? >> rachael: it's your dressing. >> okay. >> rachael: parsley. >> good stuff, make it look good. >> rachael: salt and pepper, a pinch of sea salt. >> doesn't that look good. >> rachael: over the shoulder for luck, baby just in case. >> oh, ya. [ applause ] >> alright. >> rachael: now, i don't want to to smell too much like garlic. i have one clove. i use the zester for the garlic. so there are no big pieces. >> that's good for kids too. they don't like big pieces of anything.
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>> yes. >> rachael: good guzzle. good stuff. >> and chiles in the burger. [applause] did your mom like you in the kitchen or in the other room. >> she was good about getting us in the kitchen. i liked going grocery shopping with her. that was the thing i liked. >> rachael: moms are one way or another. some moms don't like kids with them because they pull things off the shelf. did your mom let you choose vegetables. >> she had her list and coupons and all that. my mom was organized. we didn't have that much money. you couldn't dream in the grocery store. you went in and got what you were getting. no dreaming. >> rachael: coupons are exciting. >> yes. coupons are cool.
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>> rachael: we talked about this at park long elementary. we worked together, i think the thing we're both passionate about is getting our kids eating healthier. >> yes, indeed. >> rachael: our level playing field is school foods. >> 50% of most kids' calories come from the food they eat at
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@ @ valentine's day is just two @days away so if you haven't @picked up that special @something for that special @someone, you may want to get on @it. @>> what do you get this time @around? @here with advice. @ this is not my advice. @i spoke with a relationship @coach about a lot of different @types of relationships. @married for years, just @engaged, newlyweds, maybe you @just met a week ago. @you want to show that special @someone that they matter to @you. @>> keep the definition in mind @you matter to me. @you can matter to somebody with @a big extravaganza.
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@or you can matter by giving a @simple gesture. @>> relationship coach kathy @dawson says that's the secret. @so how big should you go? @if it's a new romance -- @>> take is slow. @even if you just miss this one @this year, no buggy. @if you think oh, we've been @dating three months and it's @valentine's day, i'm really @going to knock his knocks off @and he or she is not at that @place, that could scare them. @>> if your relationship is @stuck in a rut, don't think one @holiday is going to fix it all. @one big gesture on february @14th is like a band aid. @it could also send mixed @signals. @if you're in a committed @relationship but romantically @challenged, dawson says the big @thing is get uncomfortable. @>> if you're used to sending @roses, if you're used to @sending candy, don't do that. @do something that makes your @heart beat. @makes your hands sweat and @makes your upper lipstick to @your gums.
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@to mingle, dawson says maybe @think again. @>> oh, it's the big day. @one. @desperation. @>> if you're looking to shoot @par for the course this year, @the estimate is about $150 that @valentine's day this year. @coming up we'll take a look at @what people are actually @spending that on and what @people actually want as well. @>> you know one gesture is go @to @we'd love to see the pictures @of you and your sweet heart. @tell your loved one, we're @right there. @>> that's right. @and it's free. @>> it's free. @ still ahead at 5:30, an @update from the city of @cleveland after national @controversy over a bill. @why they say this is all a @misunderstanding.
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@ after yet another @multivehicle pile up along i-90 @here in lake county, odot says @no changes are on the way but @there are two things they @believe will solve the problem. @i'll let you know what they are
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@ @ morning rush time here at @5:30. @we have breaking news. @a man was taken to the hospital @after crashing into a pole on @east 75th near union and edna. @the car nearly knock the the @pole down and sent wires into @the street. @it's not clear if if the man @was under the influence or not. @he is expected to be okay. @ well the ohio department of @transportation says there will @be no changes to i-90 here in @lake county after that @multivehicle pile up earlier @this week. @of course we have seen a lot of @those over the years in that
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@they say they've spent millions @of dollars to widen the road @and improve the surface there. @we know that lake effect snow @caused white out conditions @wednesday. @so here's what odot says can @solve the problem. @driver education and using @common sense. @coming up at 6:00, the changes @a local fire chief would like @to see along that stretch. @we're expecting more snow @today. @>> we sure are. @and you know i'm glad you're so @bundled up. @thanks for being out there. @it is really cold this morning. @this is just a taste of what's @to come. @so yes, we're tracking more @snow for later today. @maybe a few flurries this @morning to the east, @especially. @otherwise just a lot of @overcast skies. @most of you will probably be @dry through this morning and @even into the afternoon before @the next round of snow arrives. @we're teens to 20 at noon. @24 at 5:00. @it's going to balmy compared to
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@winds are single digits to @below zero. @no windchill advisory in place @at the moment. @as winds pick up, we're talking @windchills that are going to be @well below zero heading into @this weekend. @so the advisory goes from @tonight through sunday morning @at 10:00. @and every one of of you is @included in that windchill @advisory. @we have lake effect snow @warnings for ashtabula county. @we're still tracking it. @we have the time. @i think evening commute is @going to be what to plant in @your head for slow downs. @hour by hour coming up. @greg and i have team coverage. @he's going to track snow totals @and we'll talk. @first talking the drive. @most of the roads are in good @shape. @>> yes, they're in good shape. @all the accidents have cleared @out. @we're all green. @i get a number of tweets about @route a to 4 22 and why can't @you see it?
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@typically it's looking good. @adam who tweeted me yesterday, @route a looks greats. @great. @all green. @as you guys are traveling on @422 between 306 and i-271, 9 @minutes west and east. @we are good to go. @>> thanks so much. @ a second suspect has been @arrested in connection to the @death of a ken state student. @nicholas masa was shot and @killed over the weekend. @police immediately arrested a @17-year-old from stow, calling @him the gunman. @now a second 17-year-old from @massilin has been arrested as @well. @ the city of cleveland is @apologizing for its handling of @the tamir rice case after the @city sent an ems transport bill @to the 12-year-old's family. @the $500 bill made national @headlines.
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@say it was an honest blunder an @there was no intent to do any @harm. @the law department says it was @only filed after rice's estate @requested a bill. @ police have a man in @custody who allegedly attacked @a woman in cleveland hopkins @airport. @it happened yesterday morning. @she told police she withdrew @money from the atm and baggage @claim and was followed by a man @on to the elevator. @that's when the suspect @attacked her. @the woman screamed for help. @a nearby traffic controller ran @after the man. @police officer caught him and @he was arrested. @ after a fire destroyed @several downtown businesses the @community has a reason to @celebrate today. @actress monica potter is @hosting a thank you party for @garrettsville this morning. @starting at 7:00 a.m. @the cleveland native, actress @and entrepreneur will be @thanking members of the @community for their hard work
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@her monica potter home store @possible. @the store has brought a lot of @visitors to the small town and @will celebrate its one year @anniversary. @ time is now 5:35. @coming into the morning news @feed, columbus police shot and @killed a man last night @attacking restaurant patrons @with a machete. @police say the man walked into @a mediterranean restaurant in @northeast columbus and attacked @several diners. @the suspect was later corners @on a road about 5 miles from @the restaurant. @he was shot and killed by @police during a confrontation. @six people were sent to a @hospital. @ ford says it will launch @four new suvs. @the auto maker says as @millennials, boomers and global @command drive suv growth it @expects the surge to continue @into the next decade. @ford isn't saying when the new
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@there are no plans to eliminate @any other models. @ president obama's visit to @ellen will air today. @the comedian and talk show host @tweeted a photo of the two on @the set of her show. @the commander in chief was in @california for several @fundraisers and accepted an @invitation to chat with @degeneres. @this is his second time on the @show. @he even danced a little bit @during that 2007 appearance. @you can watch ellen here on @channel 3. @ time right now is 5:36. @so thank goodness we're at the @all star break for the nba @because across the league @injuries are piling up. @is the schedule to blame? @i'll have my take on that @coming up. @ and we are kicking off @valentine's day with some
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@ @ want to make your @romantic? @how about checking out rick @springfield. @the pop music star will be in @northeast ohio twice on sunday. @springfield will first host a @free in store show at the @exchange in parma heights, then @he'll have a concert @rock rocksino. @tickets are still cable for @that show. @ cedar point visitors may @notice a popular ride missing. @the park has started tearing @down the chute the rapids ride.
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@one person was taken to the @hospital. @the register is reporting the @park will not confirm that the @ride is being removed. @ east tech high school is @celebrating the life of one of @its famous alumni, jesse owens. @with the help of sherwin- @williams. @students spruced up the indoor @track. @each year the group repaints @the workout area with fresh @murals. @this coincides with the release @of a movie about owens' @experiences in the 1936 @olympics. @ nba has reached the all @star break. @oklahoma seems to be in go @mode. @maybe the pelicans just are @lousy defense. @thunder by 26. @so the thunder are 40-14.
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@they're third out in the wes. @maybe they can give the @warriors a serious test. @ for my take this morning, @ford's slogan was quality is @job one. @that's not true for many @businesses today. @they want to sell as many @products as they can and @sometimes quality suffers. @the nba is one of those @products. @kevin love is going to the all @star break with a sore @shoulder. @he called it a stinger. @this is the same shoulder that @was dislocated last year in the @playoffs and needed surgery and @rehab. @the cavs are trying to push @their style of play even more. @>> we got to get in better @shape. @coach want to play faster. @we need to start doing stuff on @off days, doing stuff at @practice, during shoot arounds, @getting up and down the floor. @he wants to play with more pace @than we've done in the past. @>> but how much more can the @cavs take, especially with this @schedule? @nba teams have to fit 82 games @into 169 days. @they play a game every 2.1 days @along with all the practices.
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@blame the schedule and the fact @that these guys are tired. @long flights in the middle of @the night, stretches of four @games in five nights, according @to the upment cooing issue of @espn the magazine, in the 1980s @all star players missed 11% of @games. @now it's 20% and it's getting @even worse. @the lockout season of 2011 had @66 games. @that was enough. @now take that and stretch it @from october to april. @keep in in mind, baseball plays @double the games and their @29,000 miles. @nba teams average 44,000 miles. @i would rather see fewer @regular season games so the @teams are healthier and we have @a better post season. @quality over quantity. @tweet me your thoughts. @>> thank you very much. @ we are tracking more snow @and cold. @>> how many more times do i @have to shovel my driveway? @>> good exercise. @you better be careful this @weekend. @that applies to all ofs you
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@you'll have a look at the cold @air on the way and some of the @cities that will be impacted. @>> and then maybe even more @snow so start next week. @>> isn't this nice? @we'll get through it is the @good news. @it's valentine's weekend. @that puts a smile on our face. @this friday is going to be @pretty quiet here initially @before things get busy again. @it looks like it's going to be @towards this evening for that @snow moving in. @meantime, a few flurries. @we'll end up in the mid20s for @highs today. @tracking that snow. @windchill advisories are @kicking in tonight. @a frigid weekend ahead. @hospitals of headlines. @as greg mentioned, more snow in @your extended forecast. @a few flurries to the east, if @anything at all this morning. @most of you are dry. @expanding the view we do have @more snow to track. @in is all about timing we're @not expecting a whole lot of @accumulation. @we're thinking 1 to 3 inches. @i'll show you the track in a @moment. @the cold is going to become a @huge story heading into this
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@tonight and continue through @sunday morning. @we have lake effect snow @warnings for ashtabula county @over into pennsylvania and new @york. @that'll be mind this arctic @front where we see lake effect. @we're seeing cold air in place @this morning around here. @and like i said, this is kind @of like the appetizer for @what's going to be a pretty big @dinner of cold air tomorrow. @single digits to near 10 @degrees, windchills zero to a @little bit below in spots. @we don't have windchill @advisories this morning. @we're tracking that snow for @later on today. @you see just a lot of overcast @and even into the afternoon @it's uneventful. @this is 3:00 today. @then boom. @here we are at 5:00, 6:00 this @evening and snow is moving @through. @so we know it's all about the @timing, this is going to be @commutes and maybe friday night @plans that you're thinking @about. @>> yeah, and low visibilities, @of course the shoreway with 90. @strong winds off the lake too. @the accumulations with this are @not going to be all that big. @take a look at future view as
5:46 am
@accumulation forecast this @evening. @not that much. @there will be lake effect @kicking up later tonight into @saturday morning. @that's what you're seeing there @in ashtabula. @i think overall maybe an inch @or two in some of the heavy @whyer spots you may get over @two inches. @that's not the big deal. @the big story is of course the @timing for that tonight. @the snow then moves out, at @least the system snow. @lake effect kicks up overnight @into saturday. @then we start talking about the @cold. @huge area of high pressure. @check out around hudson bay. @that is arctic air. @part of the same air mass that @hangs out near the north pole @much of the winter season. @that comes down to the south @with a big area of high @pressure. @starts sinking down into the @northeast and the great lakes @and take a look at these @temperatures as we head into @the weekend. @this is a quick hit but it's @going to be something you'll @feel. @medina, wooster and ashtabula, @today in the 20s. @10 degrees colder by saturday. @ashtabula, you may not see 10 @degrees on saturday afternoon.
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@by sunday just in time to track @another storm system headed @this way. @ that brings us to your @window nation seven day @forecast. @thanks. @we are tracking more snow as we @get into early next week. @we still have a few days to @watch as this storm system @evolves but right now monday @and tuesday we'll be watching @very closely for more snow. @the good news is monday is @presidents' day so kids you're @out of school. @that could work in all of our @favors as far as having to @worry about that being an issue @for monday. @we'll keep you updated. @we're in the 30s so we're going @to see seasonal trend heading @into next week in general. @upper 20s, we fall back @slightly wednesday. @then we're back in the 30s @thursday. @all indications are we'll climb @into the 40s beyond that. @time check is 5:47. @ how about it, if you're @looking for a friend this @weekend for valentine's day, @let's start with charlie.
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@for a loving home at the apl @adoption center in tremont. @extremely lovable and is really @looking for a family to share @that love with. @and then next we have pixie. @i love that name. @14-year-old cat who is waiting @for a great home. @also at the adoption center in @tremont. @this weekend you can adopt a @cat for $5. @it's part of the apl's @bachelors and bachelorettes @program. @apl is doing a great job. @these find these cats some @homes. @ good morning. @we are moving great on i-40 at @granger road. @all green and clean. @all green throughout the region @on all of our highways. @you are good to go. @looking good and no accidents. @channel 3 news today will @return right after this. @ @>> oh, i'll take it for now. @in a second. @ if you still don't know @what to do for valentine's day @we have some special guests @here this morning to give you @some ideas.
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@and west suburban airs, they're @part of the national barbershop @harmony society. @mark is here with us. @you are doing singing @telegrams. @>> we're doing singing @valentine's. @every year around valentine's @day we do singing telegrams for @the public. @just dial 440-490-song. @s-o-n-g. a quartet will come @out and sing to your sweet @heart. @we'll sing two songs, give you @a personalized valentine's card @and a box of chocolates. @so what could be sweeter? @>> i know. @so for $50 you go to geauga, @lake and cuyahoga counties. @what is your most requested @song? @>> oh, will et me call you @sweet heart, by far. @but we have a number of songs @that are beautiful and sung in @four part harmony. @for anyone interested you can @join us on monday nights and @we'll teach you how to take a @pitch and show you about
5:50 am
@every monday night is visitor @night. @>> i tell you, there is not @enough appreciation of the art @and beauty of acappella @singing. @>> there is nothing more @joyful. @i joined about three years ago. @i'm singing with a great group @of guys and they really know @songs and it's a wonderful @thing to do. @>> so without any more delay, @gentlemen, take it away. @
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@ welcome back. @it's almost 5:44. @if you dropped the ball and @didn't get your valentine a @present, we have you covered. @we're giving away a date night @in april that you can surprise @your loved one with today. @>> right now the third person @to call 216-578-0707 will win @two tickets to cirque du soleil @when it comes here in april. @you'll also win dinner for two @at the chocolate bar and a limo @ride to and from the event @courtesy of safe and reliable @limos. @>> how about that. @not bad. @>> i'm also giving myself away @for $35. @>> what? @>> you want a date night? @give me a call. @>> for $35. @>> yeah. @>> okay. @>> i don't know. @sold. @ it's not too late to score @heart. @>> there you go. @>> the reason i said $35 is
5:54 am
@looking for ways to save. @maybe even less. @i come peopled a list of last @minute deals where you can @still look like a hero. @let me give you some ideas. @first item up for grabs. @give your sweet heart his or @$5. @the whole subscription. @that's great because you can @convenience store. @you can still make beautiful @photo cards. @they are probably around $4 @right now. @less expensive than a real @branded card from some other @company where you can be more @personal. @photo gifts including all sorts @of posters and calendars. @same day pick up. @those deals are on @e-mailed gift cards. @this was the number one request @to. @sephora tested number one. @for guys they were just as @happy to have a nice meal out, @the $40 fire tablet.
5:55 am
@even if you don't have a sweet @heart, this may be worth it for @your while. @one of my favorite deals right @master tickets. @valentine's day rush. @>> for what? @>> all sorts of shows and @ohio. @there's a code you need for @last minute gifts. @>> sort of seen this where @companies are starting to team @up and make this package deal. @we'll see more of this, aren't @we? @>> i think it's a beautiful @trend. @>> all right. @we are trending cold. @>> yep. @it's going to get even colder. @that will really apply to the @weekend. @24 today tracking that snow @late in the day. @much of your friday will be @quiet with maybe a few @flurries. @it's towards this evening. @we'll see snow likely for the @evening commute. @1 to 3 inches possible.
5:56 am
@the cold taking over. @windchill advisories kick in. @it's going to feel well below @zero. @ @before the romantic weekend? @will has ideas for @relationships in all stages and @how best to treat your sweetie @for valentine's day. @sebring. @a new round of tests shows more @homes with high lead levels.
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@ @ this morning we're kicking @off your valentine's day week @song and relationship advice @for you whether you're single @or in a long time relationship. @>> it is cold. @but we're warming it up. @and you're tracking the cold. @but there's still more snow in @the forecast. @>> yes, and we'll get to that.


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