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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@place to go. @>>in the middle of a horrible @wreck a family found a guardian @angel. @how he helped them in the @middle of chaos what he is @doing to help them recover. @ surprises sweetheart. @some creative ideas that take @traditional valentine's day @flowers and sweets to the next @level. @ @ good evening. @after some scary commute home @last night, today the focus is @on the cold. @some students have the day off @from school and that the is @here tonight and we are getting @colder temps. @>>the mercury is the dropping @is many locations. @as far as school closers they @are only confined to areas that @had lake effect snow. @we had a western band that
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@inches of snow, you can see the @lake effect is really starting @to dwindle. @we are in the teens and we will @stay in the single digits as we @start the day tomorrow. @the wind chills will remain @near 0. friday afternoon @another round of snow will be @moving in and the snow is the @head of a arctic front that @will make temperatures on @saturday pretty mental -- @on monday and tuesday we are @keeping an eye on interesting @situation that could be setting @up, one that can bring snow too @much of northern ohio. @we will talk all about that @coming up in the full seven-day @forecast. @ the big pile up a long i-90 @and lake county yesterday is @raising new questions on what @can be done to prevent @accidents. @some ideas 1st responders @believe can avert injuries and
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@>>reporter: good evening. @yesterday's accident was the @2nd bad crash in as many @months. @17 people were injured, 3 of @them were critically injured. @it is raising critical @questions. @these exclusive pictures @capture the cold and confusing @scene involving tractor- @trailers and other trucks @scattered like toys yesterday a @long i-90. @investigators say white out @conditions were to blame but @some say there were other @factors. @frank is chief of the fire @department and he says major @accidents happen every winter @and he wonders if there is a @way to warn drivers @particularly those from out-of- @state. @amanda mcfarlane is with odot @and says the agency does not @have plans for anything new, @this is a matter of driver @education and inevitable winter @conditions. @>>you never know when the lake @will brew up a band that will @set up right there in the
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@>>i would like to see people @drive more carefully. @>>reporter: odot has invested @millions of dollars in widening @the road and improving the @service and yet the accidents @continue. @painesville fire chief told me @something he has notice is the @odot cameras that are longest @stretch of i-90 where you can @see the white out conditions as @soon as they pickup, his idea @is to install some kind of @flashing lights as soon as @those back at the watch center @can see the snow has changed. @many people are weighing in, @there are many ideas as to what @needs to be done. @of course we welcome our @viewers to join the @conversation on facebook and on @twitter. @this is not going away because @as we know winter after winter @these accidents continue. @many people tonight desperate @for a way to make that stop. @>>that is a good idea with the @flashing lights. @ some of the victims of the @pile of our beyond thankful for @a good samaritans help.
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@new york to texas with her @fianci and 3 kids. @horrible crash. @traffic came to a standstill @and brown's fianci could not @ice. @he was pinned in the driver @seat. @a retired assistant fire chief @was in the right place at the @right time and he stepped in to @help while firefighters freed @him. @>>my training kicked in. @i pulled everything else off @ @>>he was keeping an eye on the @kids and making sure they were @warm and safe. @at metrohealth they are giving @stay. @ police are inspecting a @murder in -- of the student. @police arrested a 17-year-old @boy in connection to the death
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@3 teens broke into one of his @friends apartments demanding @money and then one shot massa. @ the city of cleveland is @apologizing to tamir rice his @family again. @it filed paperwork that made it @seem like cleveland wanted to @collect the cost of the @ambulance ride after a @policeman shot him. @senior political correspondent @tom baron explains. @>>this is an instant replay. @lots of headlines damaging @cleveland's reputation flying @around the internet. @mayor frank jackson not happy. @bureaucrats had a list like a @routine case. @but tamir's name should have @set off alarms. @hillary clinton's tweet call @this heartless. @big headlines with an @outrageous picture cleveland @trying to get an ambulance bill @for 12-year-old shot and killed @by police. @the mayor's 1st words @>>apologized to the rice family
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@any grief are pain they may @have. @there was never a bill sent to @the rice family and there was @never an intent to send one to @them. @>>reporter: what happened? @a city that processes millions @of dollars in ambulance bills. @>>it was a mistake in terms of @us not flagging it. @>>reporter: following ordinary @procedure on an extra in our @case. @the lawyer handling tamir's @case as the city the bill for 2 @years ambulance service, that @triggered the cities claim in @probate court to help medicaid @get repaid but nobody caught @it. @>>it was not a pleasant @conversation then and it will @not be pleasant conversation @going forward. @>>reporter: as for the rice @family civil suit @>>we will work towards a @settlement if in fact it is a @settlement that we can live
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@lawyer says this is -- makes no @sense to the family. @in the meantime the city's @reputation is taking a big hit. @will anyone be disciplined at @city hall? @the mayor wants to delve into @what happened. @he is not going to throw anyone @under the bus. @as for the black eye cleveland @is taking from the media @coverage he said all i can do @is tell the truth. @>>now just to clarify the city @has withdrawn the claim right? @>>the claim has been dropped. @the roughly 370 $370 still owed @ @ still to come, not your @typical valentine's day from @rockstar's 2 hotdogs we find @creative ways to celebrate this @weekend. @their chance. @how in a couple of years the
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@ @ welcome back. @dinner and a movie is nice, if @you want to step it up for @valentine's day we have some @ideas. @even if you want to stick with @chocolates and flowers it is @easy to treat your sweetheart @to something more special. @lori has 6 great ideas. @we begin with flowers, you are @not going to talk about roses. @tell me about orchids. @>>these are orchids you are @taking someone to see.
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@orchid mania right now. @this weekend if you go and walk @through the greenhouse you will @see they are selling champagne @by the bottle and glass and @chocolate covered strivers. @>>with the temperatures that @betsy is forecasting that the @place to be. @>>or the suites. @2 local places that make great @sundays. @>>sweet moses and gordon square @is a delightful old-fashioned @soda fountain. @every year they do a @valentine's day theme. @this year the sweetheart sunday @is delicious i got to try one. @it is cherry chocolate chip ice @cream with hot fudge, with @cream and topped with 2 rice @crispies. @it is really wonderful. @it is huge and you can share it @so you can have a romantic @night.
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@sunday. @he will be at [ indiscernible ] @sunday night but also sunday @parma heights record are @staying -- exchange. @the only caveat is you have to @get there early because they @are expecting huge crowds, you @don't get to see rick @springfield for free that @often. @>>let's go to dinner and opera. @ @>>this is at [ indiscernible ] @in little italy. @it is actually monday night. @prepared meal that includes @wine, food and opera. @it is romantic. @>>i love that place. @let's go to the other end, tell @me about hotdocs. @>>hotdocs for valentine's day. @-- hotdogs for valentine's day. @[ indiscernible ] is a hot dog @restaurant that was we open up
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@valentine's day party. @vintage thing. @at the party you can make @complementary old-fashioned @valentines and kopelman tree @cookies. @>>what if you don't have a @valentine, what if you are @single? @springfield. @if you are a woman go with. @friends he will have fun and if @you are guy there will be a lot @of single women there. @i think it could work out @really well. @>>i have to tell you this, @there are a lot of ideas around @cleveland and northeast ohio @for valentine's day rather than @buying candy and cards. @>>they are creative, shop @local. @>>thank you so much.
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@chocolate this valentine's day @there are several local suites @to choose from. @harry london has several @options. @the person to my left is giving @a 5 thumbs-up. @one item is taking center @stage, we see the magic when @chocolate meets strawberries. @>>reporter: it was thanksgiving @2014, harry london's mayfield @heights warehouse burns, that @was some hot chocolate. @>>we lost almost their entire @inventory. @>>reporter: now they are @booming as they head into the @busiest holiday, valentine's @day. @>>it has been crazy as you @might expect. @>>reporter: chocolate roses, @hearts of all sizes and more @buckeyes then nfl draft. @even chocolate pops to woo your @honey. @there is a special item on the @menu the screens i love you. @>>talk with coverage jobbers
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@they are a super romantic gift. @ @>>separately known to inspire @passion the hand it strawberry @is a tempting combination they @plan to give over 100,000 @berries. @>>fruit and chocolate has been @a popular combination. @i think we also see more trends @towards other types of fruits. @>>reporter: this valentine's @day it is the strawberry @blanketed in layers of creamy @chocolate. @profile. @>>it is a special gift. @ i was trying to listen to @endorsing it. @harry london's retail stores, @saturday. @they will have hand dipped @strawberries available. @the monday following @valentine's day just in case @you want more.
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@go to the airport instead of @straight off the exit, turn @right, it is right there. @allow extra time not to go to @the airport but to get some @chocolate. @>>i am so hard to figure out. @her going. @coming. @chocolate goes a long way to @make me feel better. @let's look at what's going on @with the forecast. @the temperatures are already @dropping single digits and low @teens and as we get into the @start of the day tomorrow this @is basically how things will @look, single digits with @temperatures and wind combined @zero. @the rest of us will find @temperatures falling off as we @get to the overnight. @the lake affect which has gone @through today is in the final
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@but we will have partly cloudy @skies through the night, even @the upper lakes is beginning to @shut down and that is in @advance of what will be a @pretty potent cold front that @will likely get your late @tomorrow and spread snow across @northern ohio. @we already have a lake snow @watch for ashtabula county that @is friday afternoon and goes @through saturday evening, that @is not for the snow coming with @the front, that is for the snow @coming with the cold air behind @the front that means a nasty @saturday. @as far as temperatures tomorrow @morning it will be in the low @teens, coldest temperatures @will be just before sunrise, @once the day gets going we will @find temperatures rising @nicely, by noon it will be in @the 20s, beautiful day with @partly sunny skies. @here comes that front, you can @see the snow shower showing up @by 3:00 in the afternoon, @temperatures will be in the mid- @20s for the latter part of the @day. @you can see the snow begins to @come in as we go through the
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@if you have plans tomorrow @night do be advised we could @have pockets of heavier snow @coming through along with @scattered white snow, it will @be breezy and lowing snow could @be an issue. @then we will get into the lake @affect as the wind becomes more @north west. @midnight temperatures saturday @morning watch what happens @here, by the time we get to the @start of the day we will job @back into the single digits. @look at the wind chill, well @below zero. @i think the air temperatures @will be in the single digits a @good part of the day. @as far as tomorrow goes, we @will make it into the 20s as we @had through the afternoon. @the snow moves in once we get @past the noon hour and you can @see temperatures generally in @the mid-20s. @the chill is on for saturday. @i think teens are being @generous, i think we will be in @a single digits for a good part @of the day. @the seven-day forecast gives us
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@monday and tuesday we're @looking at a potential snow @maker. @this is a storm system that @will come from the south that @is usually one that means equal @opportunity snow, it is not @lake affect but that will @spread snow across the area @monday possibly lingering into @tuesday and wednesday. @there could be more than 2, 3, @4 inches maybe 6 maybe 7.
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@ @ there is a great story @going on at the university of @akron, the women's swimming and @diving team finished up the @regular season with only one @loss in the year. @they are building something @very special after struggling @for many years. @>>reporter: there was not much @to fear. @>>that is akron, @>>we were last in the @conference. @>>reporter: last place in 2013, @before that they had never @finished higher than 5th in the @mac since the program in @section -- inception. @2014 into new head coach. @>>i never would have thought @something like this would @happen. @>>on the first day of practice @with brian he wrote on the @board 2014 math champions and @we looked at him with a funny @face. @>>reporter: nothing funny about @this dream. @they won the 1st championship
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@year. @>>they believed. @they were very hungry. @they were ready for a change. @>>reporter: a change in have a @practice, 8 and attitude. @>>i hate to boost his ego but @he is the best coach. @>>reporter: the turnaround is @unbelievable. @it is not just here in the pool @where they have made a big @splash. @they were just named to the @scholar all-american team with @a team gpa of 3.14. @>>it is not a typical nfl or @nba type sports where you can @go professional, very few are @professional. @being academically successful @is important to have a career. @>>reporter: in the pool they go @for 3rd straight championship @at the end of the month. @>>they are hungry group. @>>reporter: that is something
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@>>inch of is on the campus of @bowling green. @i also hear harry london has @great chocolate. @>>the mac championship is @february 24 . that will do it @for us. @entertainment tonight is next. @we are back at 11.
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tonight lamar odom walks. we have the exclusive first video. kloe kardashian's ex just months after a near fatal drug overdose. lamar moving gingerly through his new york hotel, while he attends kanye west's fashion show. >> what motivated the nba star to board the plane. >> kris jenner gives us an update. >> are you at all concerned that this was too much too soon? >> a hot couple and even hotter gossip.


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