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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@farther into medina we have the @scatteredst of it is light. @off to the north is where we are @starting to see the winds liningwill eventually @start to give us a better @organized lake affect snow event @that will be coming down across @northern advisories 4:00 @through 4:00 thursday for lake @and lake shore ashtabula geauga @and inland counties in the snow @lake snow woes for the morning @commute will be spotty around @the area. @we will continue to watch for @squalls into the afternoon andght now does not look like a @huge eye alert for keep you updated online with those instant @updates. @ now too cases of the zika virus in @ohio have been confirmed in
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@>> monica robins has been @digging in since the news firstng and begins @our team coverage tonight. @>> good evening. @just minutes ago the cdc @notified o dh of acase of zika virus in a @returning traveler from haiti. @meanwhile a 30-year-old woman @from cleveland who was also in related reasons @contracted the virus from a @mosquito. @the two cases are not linked. @here is what we know about the @womenwoman and what you need too protect yourself. @the woman started having @symptoms on january 25th. @symptoms include, fever, rash @and jointas diagnosed in haiti. @she saw her private practice @doctor who reported her case to @the cleveland healthman's symptoms cleared up. @she was never hospitalized. @those who travel to escape the
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@if they don't start taking @wear pants. @make sure you stay indoors @during peak times when mosquitos @are the day. @>> health experts expect more @cases in northern states from @travelers but as for @transmitting here, it isause what you need is the @transmission. @that is how it by comes @established@>> so who does need be @concerned? @pregnant women who travel to @affected areas. @sheer brandon with what they>> hey. @here are a couple of things you @need to know about the zika @virus. @if you look at this map you will @see most of the cases are in the @south and the ones you see instates are actually @from people who traveled to @those southern areas and came @back home. @the people who need to be @worried most are pregnant women.
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@it has been known cause things @like @and birth defects. @the best they think -- thin you @can do is @talk to your@provider. @let's say you are a person @trying to get pregnant and you @travel to one of those areas and @you were bitten. @one thing you need the blood will clear the @week. @you will become immune to thet time it is okay to try @to become pregnant again. @if you have any questions you @can visit our website wkyc.comswers. @back to you. @>> it is also important to note @that 80% of people bitten by an @infected mosquito will havemptoms at all.
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@those -- concerned about thoseough the united @states? @>> no, we shouldn't. @exerts believe those important @case couldf the virus in some @areas of the use. @most likely in the southern @states. @>> you can count on us for any on the zika @virus on @we have a guide in what you need @to know to keep your you @your family safe. @ @[ indiscernible ] @federal prosecutors unsealed @indictments today related to the @scheme the fbitarted digging @into years ago. @>> @[ indiscernible ] @ @>> that was 2013 when the fbi @raided pilot flying j'seadquarters on tax @day. @federal prosecutors found @evidence of a rebate scheme,
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@millions of dollars from @today nearly three years later, @they say they know who is @responsible. @>> people that worked there made @>> a grand jury indicted>> the owner has not been @charged. @>> i haven't done anything @wrong. @>> we have not done anything @wrong. @>> but i was absolutely not @aware of any of this. @>> since 2013 ten pilot pleas @admitted they did something -- @employees admitted they did @something wrong. @pleading guilty to fraud and @helping build a case against @their coworkers. @trucking company customers were @promised rebates for buying @diesel. @they never received what they @were owed. @the extra was held back and @rolled over boosting sales @numbers. @the fbi said they targeted @unsophisticated companies that
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@>> when you get a big check @everybody is happy. @what they didn't know is that @the check should have been @bigger than it was . @>> if convicted these eight @employees could pay with jail @time. @>> pilot received a statement @saying they are obviously @saddened by today's events but @could not comment. @they also stressed the company @has repaid affected customers @and changed their policies to be @sure this can't happen again. @ it is safe to say it has not @ban good day for jimmy haslam. @also today the troubled @quarterback of his cleveland @browns back in the news along @with serious allegations against @the team. @>> it never ends. @now it may end on march 9th when
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@another chapter to this today. @a stinging report came out today @say the browns lied that manziel @had a concussion. @that instead he was drunk and @sent home by the team. @here is the story in the. @in the final week of the season @a player told silver that he @showed up and was drunk. @then browns sent him home. @but that the browns came out @with a statement and lie and @said he was in the concussion @protocol. @silver back off the story a @little bit today saying he @regrets saying the word lied but @stands by his initial report @that manziel was drunk. @an nfl spokesman said right now @they do not have any comment on @the report. @the browns quickly came out and @refuted the silver story. @they said johnny manziel went to
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@concussion symptoms. @he was tested by an independent @knew roll against and then @inter -- neurologist and entered @the protocol. @there is another chapter to the @story. @that was espn's adam came out @and said manziel was not drunk @when he showed up but that he @was so hung over he could not @operate in meetings and could @not be apart of team activities @that day. @here is the little bit of sliver @on this thing, the nfl does not @like you to fudge on injury @reports. @you could be fined heavily. @you could lose a draft pick. @the very fact the browns came @there and said he was examined @by an independent neurologist @and placed on the protocol will @be tough for the browns to be @proven wrong on this or that @they lied on this. @ @[ indiscernible ] @that is where he was.
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@but i think it would be @difficult right now to @discipline the browns @considering how sensitive the @nfl is to concussions. @>> i remember then the coach @being asked was he in fact drunk @when came to this meeting. @the answer was no. @>> going back a couple of days @before that he played in the @game against kansas city and he @ran an incredible amount in that @game and took a couple of of @hard hits late in the ball game @which would lead you to believe @it is true. @>> okay. @we will see you later in sports. @ well happening now cleveland @police are investigating a body @found inside a burning car on @the city's east side. @police are investigating this as @homicide.
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@will g get will @be -- will be getting a pay @raise. @>> hi. @that meets behind me just got @out. @as it does you may want to ask @yourself if you could make more @money and approve it yourself, @wouldn't you? @they decided in favor of more @money. @it wasn't a unanimous decision. @these are part time jobs that @come with many consider to be a @full-time salary and one health @benefits at that. @they currently get paid $45,000 @a year which will now jump top @$52,000 and reflect an increase @of about 15 and a half percent. @they are already making more @than the same jobs in @pittsburgh, st. louis and @milwaukee. @tonight jack was among the few @members to say no citing the @economy as the reason why. @>> it is still going through @early stages of recovery.
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@for those still suffering @economically in our county. @i kept seriously thinking is @this good for the county. @if not i was going to withdraw @it. @>> i do believe that -- it is @good for the county. @>> members say they have been @receiving countless phone calls @over this and stress they @haven't had a raise in eight @years. @this one won't take affect till @2019. @back to you. @ and next at 6:00, inside on @today's big primary in new @hampshire. @could it be boom or bust day for @governor kasich? @we will break down his chances
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@ @it is primary day @in new hampshire. @the first primary of the season @and for governor john kasich it @is a day that could decide his @fate in the run for the white @house. @tom is here with a look at what @is on the line and the @governor's expectation. @>> it is the long awaited d-day @finally in new hampshire. @some campaigns will be @relaunched and others will be @fizzled out. @they are battling to see who @will be number two. @governor kasich outpouring @coffee and serving voters. @he is hoping to finish number @two behind trump hoping all @those polls are right. @>> i just am rising more than @anybody. @>> his message connects. @>> people really spend so much @of their money being negative. @i haven't done that. @everything has been positive. @we will see if there may be
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@>> last week he told me he @needs -- @>> to convince people around the @country that this guy has a @chance to be president. @we will see what happens. @we are not going to drag @something on if it is not @doable. @>> president obama, george w. @bush and clinton all won the @white house after finishing @second in new hampshire. @a scramble of republicans hoping @to repeat history. @>> the day actually started goal @kasich. @he beat donald trump 3-2 in one @of those three small up -- towns @that @vote at midnight. @>> we are talking about nine @votes though. @>> right. @>> who else should be look for @tonight? @>> i think the measuring stick @will be how does he do against @marco rubio. @he was the hot candidate coming @out of iowa. @if john kasich beats rubio i
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@a good night today sick. @>> all right. @ nbc nightly news with lester @holt will be live in new @hampshire right after this @broadcast at 6:30. @about. @lake affect will get primary @attention because we have alerts @later tonight. @lake snow will get going through @the night tonight. @we -- @[ indiscernible ] @some of the coldest air we @have seen so far this winter. @lake snow advisory starts later @tonight and continues through @4:00 in the afternoon on @thursday for lake and lake shore @ashtabula county. @there is a lake snow warning for @geauga and inland ashtabula @counties. @this is not lake affect yet. @we will start to see that lake
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@this is more enhanced snow that @is coming down. @we have some areas where we are @getting heavier showers at this @hour. @traffic is really moving along @nicely. @the road salt is very affective @in these conditions. @you see there are some slow @downs but overall does not look @like we have any massive @problems. @no major accidents to talk @about. @the roads are moving along in @the north field area. @you may notice snow blowing @around little bit. @to the south we do some heavier @snow moving into medina county. @also some heavier snow showers @down even into wayne county. @we take a peak at at 224, you @can see there is some snow in @the distance but the roads are @still wet at this point. @no traffic issues expected @tonight. @temperatures are going to hold @in the 20s. @the bigger picture shows that we
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@large counter clockwise spin. @this is a storm system that is @stacked in the atmosphere. @it is stuck unfortunately. @we have to wait till this whole @big spin moves east. @that will unleash the really @cold air but in the meantime the @air is cold enough that we are @getting some of that lake affect @going. @the really cold share up in the @northern great lakes region. @the next 12 hours are kind of @towing the line. @temperatures holding in the 20s. @we will hold in the 20s through @the day tomorrow. @your hour by hour forecast does @include that lake affect through @the midnight hour. @we will start to see some bands @setting up. @where they set up and set is @where we will have the heavier @snow amounts. @as they continue to move around @they spread the snow out a @little bit. @we do have that little bit of
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@we will continue with scattered @lake affect snow bands on and @off through the day tomorrow and @into tomorrow night. @let's talk accumulations. @generally less than 2 inches of @snow for much of northern ohio. @even areas west of cleveland @with 2-4. @3-6 for 4-10 for the primary @snow belt areas. @that is snow through thursday so @we will be keeping a close eye @on that and adjusting as needed. @flurries and snow showers will @be around for tomorrow. @you can see by thursday that @lake snow is going to be @continuing into the afternoon. @otherwise partly sunny skies and @cold. @highs only in the teens. @20s on friday. @15 and falling. @that 15 will be predawn. @we will into single digits for @most after day.
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@chili making supplies or chicken @noodle supplies. @don't get to bring the pets in @as well for the weekend. @maybe now is a good time to get @all those arrangements made. @we won't get much warmer on @sunday. @>> all right. @thanks. @ jim i just is back after --
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@ @my is back after -- jimmy @is back after a break. @stay with us. @ @
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@the browns are totally refuting @a report today. @he came out and reported that @the browns in affect lied about @johnny manziel having a @concussion on the wednesday @before the game against steelers @that ended the regular season. @the browns reported that manziel @showed one concussion like @symptoms on that day, was @checked out be an independent @neurologist and placed on the @concussion protocol program. @he remained there till january @12th. @silver says that a browns player @told him on that day manziel did @show up to the browns facility @but that he was drunk and sent @home by the team. @the browns said they refuted @that report. @silver backed off his report a @bit later in the day saying he @regrets saying the word that the @browns lied about the report but @he stands by the story and @saying that manziel was drunk.
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@situation right now. @ to denver we go. @happier times, look at that @crowd for the denver broncos @super bowl parade. @in the lead car the wife of @owner pat and von miller and of @course the great quarterback @peyton manning. @cavs back at practice today. @they will end the first half of @the season tomorrow night at @home against the lakers. @it will be the last time that @bray i can't plays against the @cavaliers near cleveland. @although, he may not play. @he has a sore shoulder. @he has been averaging 17 points @a game but it is not helping the @lakers. @they have the second worst @record in the nba. @they are 11-43. @for players like irving who grew @up marvelling at bryant, he will @be sad to see him leave the @league. @>> i think it will be @bittersweet.
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@last time, it will hit everyone @at once that -- he is retiring @from the game. @it is crazy to think about @but -- his time has come and he @has accepted it. @we have all accepted it as well @ college basketball. @akron is red hot. @now kent state will host @northern illinois tonight. @kent state has lost three in a @row and they are all banged up. @>> it really comes down to march @and being up in the cue. @we need to start playing better @as we get close to march. @this has been a bad time to hit @this stretch. @we need find a way to bounce out @of it as we start to lead to the @homestretch in the league and @get read grow march madness.
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@he scored 50 points in that @game. @unfortunately his team lost. @he did not have one 3-pointer in @the game. @field goals and free-throws and @he is on his way to -- @[ indiscernible ] @ @>> impressive. @>> good for him. @>> big news day. @we are back with you at 7:00.
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