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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening everyone, thes race for the republican nomination for president just got more interesting. >> rob: john kasich has won the ohio primary. >> cammy: we have much more of our coverage in just a moment but we begin with another big story tonight. there is the bridge.
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crash that sent one car on the nose drive right in the ohio river. angela ingram was the first reporter on the scene. >> reporter: just a short while ago we spoke with the police chief and he told us that that vehicle has been located. he says it is halfway between the ohio side of the river and the kenny kentucky side of the river. take the look at the video, this was something that people who saw this could not believe when it happened around 4:30 this afternoon several vehicles crashed and one of the vehicles
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it dropped nose first into the ohio and that the noise was loud it drew more people from their homes to see what was happening. divers are on the scene and sonar was used to located vehicle. right now boone county is trying to determine the best way to bring it up. >> as a mother, you think lots of different thoughts, my child is here today, is that might child? is that a family member? >> it makes you stop and think. it makes you want to call everybody you know and tell them how much you love them. >> we first identify if there are victims in the vehicle and
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any victims found or bring it up with the victims inside. >> reporter: the lanes are finally open, those eastbound lanes. the accident reconstruction team is trying to figure out how the crash happened. reporting live back to you. >> cammy: such a sad story. now back to our coverage of the 2016 primaries. >> rob: the crowd got a little smaller tonight after marco rubio dropped out. 367 of the delegates for the republicans and 691 for the democrats. in ohio it was a neck and neck race for the republicans.
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the state when to john kasich. . kasich put all his chips on ohio. jeff? >> reporter: well good evening it is all here, accept for cleaning up the red, white and blue confetti. this was win or go home for john kasich, and he did win. he had to win to move on creditably. he got 66 convention delegates. he watched the returns come in with his family in a different part of arena. once it was obvious, he came out to a loud reception.
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john kasich. he also did not mention the front runner donald trump by name but there were some apparent references. >> you better believe it is about america, about pulling us together, not pulling us apart. and i want to remind you again tonight, that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> reporter: he also said he has one more ride to make in november to beat hillary clinton. there is is one more ride he has to take around the country. what seems more likely, he will
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if he can stay in thing. then you are looking at what may be called a brokered convention. >> rob: thanks very much. several weeks ago, donald trump was leading ohio but that lead disappeared over the last week. he did however, win florida arguably the biggest prize of the night as well as-north carolina and illinois. he has had a big lead in missouri. he spoke just a short time ago. >> to win the states that we won and to win by the margins, this is my second home, florida, to win about that kind of a number is incredible. we have the fantastic evening. >> cammy: asfor the democrats
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looking to carry the momentum but he came in short in the buckeye state. hillary also won in florida and north carolina as well. it gives the former secretary of state a lot of breathing room. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong it makes him wrong. >> cammy: hillary clinton also look ahead to november saying the next president must make the difference in people's live. bernie sanders spoke just a short time ago. >> the reason we have done as
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we have defied all expectations is that we are doing something very radical in american politics, we are telling the truth. >> cammy: sanders also told supporters that donald trump will never basketball president. >> rob: counting polls places it was a record breaks night. the crash on the bridge caused polls to stay open a little later. the only problem, the message got out of the polls were closed. this was an interesting move by a federal judge. dan? >> well interesting is one way of putting it. the people here who lead the board had the lot of sort the strange looks on their faces when they found out what happened.
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there was a huge turn out. the largest in the last 40 years or republicans. all the processes had gone perfectly. everything was going well, they had closed the polls at 7:30 and then, as you said, this directive from secretary of state came through on the direction of a federal judge. we were able to catch up with anumber of voters what were effected by this. people who were trying to get to the polls, caught up in traffic, went home, only to hear our report that the polls had been reopened.
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second chance by the court order. the traffic was impacting on my ability to get here, i worked all day, i was disappointed that i could not exercise my right to vote. >> none of sus got the directive, staying you had to stay open until after 8:00. the workers had no clue that this was a problem. >> what tall lie happened, the poll works thinking that everything was over, they had already been working 14 hours today, they are packed up and were doing their final cleanup, in some polling places they might have still been there, but everything was closed down.
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vote, people were able to vote as provisional. in all likelihood there is going to be appealed and then we will see what happened. >> rob: how did the judge get involved with this to begin with? >> reporter: well, here is what we've been told, i don't have any con firmation from the judge, what we have been told is the judge's clerk was one of the people caught in the traffic jam on the bridge. he recognized he wasn't going to be able to get to the polling place. there was no hearing, she issued
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communicated to secretary of state. i'm not sure if the judge called for the clerk called, the secretary of state wasn't sure it was a legitimate call. so, that's what we understand, whether that's exactly what happened we are not sure. >> rob: thanks very much we appreciate it. still to come, march madness officially underway. >> cammy: do for die night for
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>> rob: well there is quite a battle going on for the senate seat. a 31-year-old city council member who is relatively unknown is taking on a 74-year-old former congressman. >> as you can see, ted strikland wins in a very big way. that sets up an intriguing matchup. >> rob portman is actually hurting you. now how is he hurting you? let me say, he is a good guy but he is hurting you because he is taking the wrong position on every important issue facing us, he is again increasing the
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he is against pay equity for women. >> cammy: we might have done enough just to get his name out there. brad underwood is at the fire museum. >> he did get his name out there. everyone has left the fire museum. in his address to his supporters he did mention ted strikland and says he will do what he can to help strickland win. a positivive move, as we mention earlier. outside of greater cincinnati well-known.
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>> i learned a lot about the people of ohio, they have hopes and dreams and concerns that deserve meaningful leadership. i learned a lot about myself, i'm not someone who is ever going to give up, i see this as a beginning. >> reporter: he says he has 0 regrets and that you are going to see a lot more of him. >> cammy: thank you. >> rob: it has been 25 years since someone other than john boehner represented the sdribt. this race is business different. see republican voters voted twice. once for a nominee in a special election in june, and again for the candidate to run in november
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and the results show an outsider, business man warren davidson has come out on top. >> cammy: lary davis is in middletown. >> around 10:00 tonight he made a phone call he hoped he would not have to make that was to warren davidson. and prior to that phone call he was greeted by supporters as his campaign head quarters. he was optimistic, he was holding out hope that he would get votes from butler county. he did, but not enough. davidson was at the polls all over the 8th district, he also talked to us about follows john
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>> he had to spend a lot of time on national priorities. >> reporter: davidson who was once a trustee is running his first big election. >> cammy: thank you. davidson will take on a democrat and the green party member. >> rob: back to our coverage of tonight's primary, marco rubio suspended his campaign. >> while this may have not been a year, i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. on this country, on this day, my
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for her son to be the president of the united states. >> rob: rubio spoke of his parent's struggle. the fact that he got this far in the race is evidence how special country is. missouri has not been called for the republicans. neither missouri or illinois has been called for the democrats. the results show where the candidates are strong and where they are not. >> behind me is a county by county breakdown of the voting. woor looking first at the republicans, sea of pink goes to john kasich. donald trump.
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vie of hamilton county. 53% for john kasich. a little tighter race on the democrats. a sea of blue for hillary clinton and green for bernie sanders. green being strong statewide in the rural areas. lets get a close up look at hamilton. 59% against bernie sanders 39%. in 2008, hillary clinton won statewide but lost to obama in hamilton yount. >> cammy: we have all the races scrolling at the bottom of your screen and we have a complete wrap up tomorrow. >> rob: great turn out, due in
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>> it was a great day, we got to the 70s and are still in the upper 60s. >> it is going to really nice tonight, temperatures are industrial in the 6 0s for a lot of us. 68 at the airport. clear conditions as we take life look from the atrium medical center weather camera. is feels like summer out there. 68 at the airport. maysville you are at 64. we continue to stay dry for a little while longer these chances look like they are fading.
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caused some hail up wards of two inches in diameter. tornados have been reported. we are going to see some very heavy rain but there is the same lining that's going to kind of extend extend. i don't want you expect any severe weather. 12 hour forecasts 66 at midnight temperatures fall into the lower 60s best chances for rain, look to be, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, i wouldn't rule out thunder. not everything is going to see rain. tomorrow 66 for a high, dry all day tomorrow. stray shower overnight wednesday bet dry on thursday as well friday looking at the stray
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cooler for the weekend. scattered shower chances for the first day of spring.
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>> rob: a >> rob: a university of cincinnati professors is facing child porn charges. >> cammy: he is accused of
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pictures of young boys and girls. he has been suspended. >> cammy: the man who tried to jump on stage at a donald trump rally is now facing charges. the university student said he wanted to take a stand against trump. >> rob: the bishop who arranged the meeting between kim davis and the pope is being removed. it was a super tuesday in
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win and the bengals make >> brad: well it may be super tuesday in politics but it basketball is your game tonight meant the start of march madness. xavier gets set up for their game against weber state.
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bounce back. >> we won't talk about saint joe's tomorrow before we go to practice. i know the stress they have been under for the last month, trying to make sure they made the tournament. i just want to let them relax and almost have vacation and season. >> brad: local 12 the place to be for games. well the madness officially underway. florida gulf coast over farley dixonson. buckeyes in overtime, sloppy passing, coast to coast for the
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buckeyes up by three. great look inside. 72 and 63 the final in overtime. >> we talked about it last week, the bengals resigns adam jones. haul met with the cardinals. reds/royals jay braus, the reds had the 2-1 lead.
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