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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he's still a threat. >> he chased the shooter moms after the boy open fire on the classmate. the deputy talks exclusively, about the chilling moments. good evening, everyone. one week ago today, one was on lock-down after a shooter was struck. >> the school resource officer, who got the young gunman talked with our rich jaffe. rich. >> besides being a deputy for 30 years and now an sro, kent hall has been in the madison township, for 35 years. regardless of how much he's seen, done or trained for. he told me today, the shooting of the school, was one of the things people believed but can't happen here. . >> happened so fast.
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>> you get to the cafeteria, have kids on the ground. >> butler county deputy, kent hal walked off the cafeteria, when 14-year-old, austin hancock allegedly opened fire on his . >> door is open. entered the castia. seen several kids lying on the ground and at that point, you know, the minister, knew he was coming. i had to make a decision, you know, jug the kids. look out the right-hand side. look at the door. see the kid spreading. >> paul followed his active shooter training. >> the direction he would be travelling. parked my car, ran into the area. made myself known. sure enough, he laid down.
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>> and they should learn, should train and plan for the worst. this one here, you know, the worst possible incident, could ever occur here at school. we had the best possible outcome. >> that outcome, two students with gunshot wounds, which they'll survive. two others sustained minor injuries. and also was glad he wasn't confronted with a 14-year-old with a gun. . >> did you get lucky you didn't have to make the decision. >> he's no hero. just doing the job he gets paid to do. >> should see the principals, going to the kids. they didn't have to, you know. >> that's what impressed me. >> and kent hall was being modest.
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mentioned. he's also the fire chief. his wife is an emt and she was working on the injured students. he spoke to the daughter, later that night. thomas is a township trusty. he was also on site wanting to make sure his dad and the students made it out of there okay. . >> this man was set on serious decisions in his life. >> he was a deputy on butler county for 30 years. he was with the fire department for more than that >> and you covered him before, i think for trina, you went with him him. >> katrina part of this, he was the team leader for a unit of butler county deputies that went
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we had the pleasure, going along with that. it was quite an experience and quite a pro. >> fascinating story. thanks, rich. >> austin hancock is charged with a number of felonies. legal be back in court, april 5th. >> not the first time kent hall was confronted in active shooting situations. >> robert morris shot the deputy, with a shotgun, below his protective vest. kent hall was the deputy in the shooting scene. he had to -- taking quickly to arrest. and judge sentenced the shooters to a combined 132 yoorgs in prison.
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encouraging news about a baby fighting to survive. . >> today, his relatives tell us, they removed the ventilator tube and is breathing on his own. neil royo slammed and slapped. and royo, is charged with felonious assault and kidnapping. $1 million dollars, with a man charged with killing a middletown mom. including aggravated murder and endangering children. last month, the neighborhood found brittany russel shot to death in her car in a dayton apartment complex. . >> it was a shocking crime. four young people charged in a downtown beating are headed to prison. they pleaded guilty to assault
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of an indiana man in july. judge sentenced him to six year. it came as police cleared, as the crowd felt unruly. >> a man claims the graphic pictures are a form of artistic expression. jury in federal court, convicted, including scenes of reputation. richmond man said he showed photo shop to create the pictures. he contends the governor was trying to sensor his work. two men robbed, as workers opened the restaurant for lunch. owner tells local 12 news, one wore a mask.
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employees were shaken up but no one was hurt. if you have any information that could help police, call crimestoppers, 352, 3040. think before you text. potential change in punishment
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and who is planning to wu talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for a fmerica what he's doneor us. create jobs.undred t ho us four hand jobsere in ohio. h brought 'em bahick from mexico and cna. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is reonhisis blade for the content
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. new bill will reduce penalties for teens in kentucky, convicted of sex ting. it will spare teens with a felony if they get caught trading new pictures. the crime will be a misdemeanor for the offense. the bill goes for a -- to the full house for a full recommendation. >> candidates try to rally starts. and the website, event, is offering tickets for a trump appearance on saturday morning at 10:00. the event is not listed on the trump campaign website yet. the event is free, but you have to register. today, mr. trump is rotating campaign rallies. john kasich will appear in the tri-state this weekend.
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republican club on saturday, at the sharonville convention center. governor kasich said he won't stay if he doesn't win ohio. today, he's holding town halls in michigan, where a primary is held tomorrow. >> i said all along, i think personal attacks against done untilled trump is not the way you win voters. you want to win a voter that like trump, you give them an answer that's real. they want to know how their wages will go up. they want to know how their jobs will be secure. they want to know if someone cheats in the trade deal, someone will stick up tore them. >> it shows trump in the lead with 36 percent, followed by 33 percent for ted cruz.
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percent for >> police say a fort thomas woman helped herself to some bengals gear. sharon hanson was in court to face a theft charge. she's accused of reaching a poll to reach paul brown. and court documents say surveillance cameras captured the theft. hasman is out of jail on bond. surrogate moms, protective dads, family fights. it kind of sounds like a reality tv show. looking at the way animal lives could give us insight into our own families. sheila gray takes a look at the family 411 report. >> they are a window to ourself. >> watching this little one play on his version of a swing, can't help to think of your own child playing in the backyard.
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someplace else. >> they share 98 percent of the dna. and chimps and gorillas are our close relatives. >> understand ourselves from working with a great agent. >> and he spent more than 30 years working with the animals. >> they care for their offspring. they live in tight knit family groups. it's really the primary way they have to be successful. >> like us, new moms gets special treatment. >> when they have a baby, their status in the group, instantly goes up. everybody is very respectful of a new mom. >> dads are tough but popular with their kids. >> as soon as they get off mom, they will start following next to dad. >> completely helpless babies grow up learning the language and new ways to get along. >> novo babies took a little time to get up. it took a little problem, before having bo stand next to him.
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for children could make success for apes. sometimes success in the human society just goes wrong. >> sometimes moms don't get it and don't care of their babies. >> that's when surrogates are invaluable. >> you could tell how that might be soothing. >> learning ait vocalization, help ron serve as surrogates until they are adopted into the group. >> you want to make sure they are happy. you want to make sure you are providing everything for them. >> instability in kids could mean hard times later in life. >> put yourself in their position so you could once again, proactively address any issues before they become issues. >> like us, apes fight, too. chimps wage wars. keeping the peace. >> they hug a lot more. >> if there's one big lesson parents could learn from animal
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one. >> we like to take short cuts and tell our kids what to do or tell us, as opposed to modeling the behavior like the apes do. >> if we model the behavior, we want to see, we may be lucky enough to have our little monkeys do as we do. sheila gray, local 12 news >> i'm sorry, but that little bonobo is the cutest thing i've ever seen. apes are endangered. if you want to find out more information about conservation efforts, go to >> what kind of weather will the apes be hanging on lately. >> tomorrow, we'll be around 70 degrees. this will be prime time to go around for lunch. and after wednesday, afternoon, you will need the umbrella handy for quite some time. this is mount storm park.
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as well, as no jacket weather. look at the guy. enjoying, enjoying the mild weather. temperatures will range anywhere from 13-22 degrees above the norm. the norm is about 50 degrees this time of year. we will be able to get, fur babies out and about. temperatures around 70 by the afternoon at this time. right now, looking live from the atrium weather camera. we'll continue to have a mild evening. alexandria, 63. 61 in batavia. 60 for hillsborough as well as west union. the mild weather lasts for quite some time even into next week. we're looking at mild temperatures. we're around 70 tomorrow. staying around the 70 degree mark, wednesday into thursday. we're still in the upper 60s to mid 60s. by the time we get to the weekend.
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times and will need the umbrella as we get towards wednesday afternoon and evening. we'll track a few chances of a few showers. right now, we're dry, live precision doppler radar, we remain dry tonight. temperatures will fall through the 50s. we'll bottom around 49 degrees by tomorrow morning. we have plenty of clouds around and off to the west, that's what we will be focused on throughout the late portions of the workweek. this is where the moisture is coming from. meantime, we'll be under the influence of a southerly southwesterly breeze around 7 miles an hour. this wind is going to help warm up the air mass and bring in warm moisture especially by the time we hit late week. and we'll see probably more clouds than clearing. we'll see partial clearing late, as temperatures fall around 55. and overnight, we fall down to 49 and 50. this is going to be a really mild night. more i expect a little sunshine
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tomorrow, we start off at 50 degrees by 7:00. degrees. i have better news for you. 28 days against the home opener against the phillies. i think it's a 4-10 game. spring is around the corner. we'll continue to much what spring-like temperatures. we'll be around 70 for the next few days. 70 on thursday. a couple of spotty showers late on the day on wednesday. thursday, we're looking at scattered activity. friday, we continue to need the umbrella. even to saturday and sunday, it looks better for the weekend. heart many, will deal with a little bit of rain, temperatures start off in the 50s for the 5k. still a little bit wet at times. >> 60s and 70s, we're not complaining.
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fifth ranked musketeers getting ready for the bright lights and big city. madison square garden, tournament. and today, in the sintas center. and good enough for second place in the regular season. muskies have been a well balanced team all season long. the key right now, all about defense >> the best teams in the country, hang their hat defensive end. i think the team could score with anybody in the country. i don't think we can outscore anybody in the country, on a given night. i'd like our team not to learn the hard way.
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and the sophomore scored 11 points per game. and latest poll is out, kansas state at the top. muskies, they are locked into the number 5 spot. and kentucky, they are number 16. red hawks, they kick off their 11th. win would give the hawks a match-up against buffalo. the big 10 coach of the year, yogi. and the first team usa today, all-american. and the muskies trade on blue. and aac player of the week. bengals making the move, resigning center to the contract. last season, played 12 games, as well, as the match-up against the steelers.
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conference, to time champion, peyton manning will announce his retirement. all-time leaguer in touchdown finally made it official. >> checking to see if the giants won, as we invoke on our team. i missed the handshake with tom brady and i will miss the plane rides, 53 teammates, laughing and celebrating during the whole fight. >> it was a great one. reds and angels. cody got to start. reds win it 8-5. piece. homer. for the latest in cincinnati sports, including a mack tourney skinny. the thomas women making their run to the national champing i don't knowship.
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and bengals jones, had around here, a buckeye in your pocket is lucky. and as the newest member of the lucky buckeye company, it's my job to make sure that every buckeye is as lucky as can be. this one... everyone thought was a lost cause. stick a fork in it, it's done. well, i say, you never ever give up on a buckeye. (inaudible whispering) (slot machines chiming) she's a buckeye whisperer!
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>> some of the stories we're working on. a strategy that could have an dealers. how some people say it could save lives. tonight, what two of them are being recalled.
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>> temperatures in the 60s for a lot of us. falling in the 50s and bottoming out around 49 tomorrow morning. tomorrow is your last full dry day because we're looking at spotty showers later on wednesday. 60s and 70s. can't complain about that. >> how many days until the reds's opening day. >> reds are ready. >> split squad between the angels. 15 hits and 8 runs. >> they'll be ready.
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>> pelley: breaking news, michael bloomberg says he will not run for president. while elsewhere in the campaign, there's cursing -- >> they're ripping the [bleeped] out of me. >> pelley: and swearing. >> i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. i swear. >> pelley: and scolding, too. >> you know... >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> pelley: also tonight, a laptop bomb blows up at somali airport. how terrorists are changing their tactics. a jury awards erin andrews $55 million in her stalker lawsuit.


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