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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 cincinnati police are rolling out a new program to encourage witnesses to come forward and tell what they know.the c-crow program stands for "cincinnati citizens respect our witnesses."homicide detectives say some murders stay "unsolved" because witnesses are scared.this program is safe through the court process.. but it needs volunteers. 3
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members to volunteer their time :37 to be available by phone :40 for witnesses to be available to sit in the courtroom:42 with them :44 to sit in the courthouse in another room with them :46 while they're waiting :47 "if you would like to get involved, we have links on our website.go to local 12- dot- com and you'll find links to the c-crow program there. 3 some students at madison junior senior high school are still shaken up this morning. they went back to class yesterday. police say 14- year- old austin hancock wounded four students in the cafeteria on monday.the students are all expected to staff rode along on buses.there were police officers on campus and counselors for students and teachers who wanted to talk. now.. the student body is trying to get back to normal. 3 (noah lehman, freshman) 15:07:26 "walking in it was weird. it didn't feel right, but i started talking to my friends and it got a little better." 15:07:31(lucas fligour, 8th grader)15:33:36 "i didn't want to go because i was honestly kind of scared something else was going to happen." 15:33:41(mary ann morris, parent of freshman) 15:30:56 "i'm very proud. not one thing i would change. i
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that they're going to have in place." 15:31:04madison local's superintendent says attendence was about 90 percent yesterday -- which is a little low -- but he says it's normal for this time of year. 3 we're learning more this morning about what may have led u-c police chief jason goodrich and one of his assistant chiefs to resign. the head of the firm that's reviewing u-c's police department says it's made significant findings.. including a lack of oversight of off-campus traffic stops. that information came out at a meeting u- c held last night. the university says it's taking steps to make the department more diverse.. after the shooting of sam dubose by former officer ray tensing. 3 dr. robin engel: "the vast majority of our agency is white and it's a problem. it's a problem that we have recognized. it is so important for police departments not just here but all across the country need to be reflective of the communities they serve. and when they're not reflective of those communities it's really hard to build trust and build relationships." exiger's review of u-c's police department will continue until june.
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a bill making its way through kentucky's legislature would give businesses the power to refuse service to gay customers. a senate committee has already passed senate bill's aimed at protecting freedom of religion and free speech. if passed, it would wipe away covington's fairness ordinance that protects gays and lesbians in the city from being discriminated against. small business owners say this is a huge step in the wrong direction. 3 07.06-12 tarris horton, barber "this is just mind blowing. i can't believe this is happening in 2016. it seems like we are going backwards instead of going forward."the bill still has to go through the full house and senate. we of course will let you know what happens. 3 a michigan teacher who is always looking for something to help her students succeed says her latest teaching tool is the wobble chair.mary hahn says kids who are fidgity and move around a lot, have a hard time focusing.she got a 500- dollar grant and bought some chairs.hahn says she started 3 it definitely engages their
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about being on the chair and it moves, so they really have to think about it more than sitting in a regular chair.i like about it that we can spin around and the reason why we're focusing is that we can move around, and the other ones we can't move around. mrs. hahn has 8 wobble chairs in her third grad classroom. but she says she'd like to be able to buy a one for every student that needs one. 3 if you need an excuse to pop open a bottle of wine.. you can do it all in the name of charity. megan moore is here to tell us all about this fine opportunity. the cincinnati international wine festival in underway.. with events starting tonight. 3 the festival is in its 26th year and has raised millions for local charities. it's also recognized as one of the midwest's largest annual wine events. starting tonight many will take part in winery
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food and wine at 12 different dinners around town... they'll get to hear from wine personalities from around the world. then tomorrow the grand tastings begin...and tickets are still available but you'll have to act fast because today is the last day to purchase them. the grand tastings will be at the duke energy convention can sample more than 700 wines from around the globe.wineries from the tri-state will also be represented. also all the funds raised from this festival will stay right here in cincinnati. 3 "we're just shy of $5 million dollars that has been raised for local charities through the cincinnati international wine festival, which is a pretty big number and for a lot of the charities this is their largest source of income every year, so it's kind of a way to feel good and give back to the community at the same time."saturday there will be a silent and live auction....thou gh the website says tickets are no longer available for have a chance to get their
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bottles of wine, trips, dining opportunities, wine cellar tours and the list goes on. 3 again, you 3 can still get tickets for the grand tastings today...those are on the wine festival website which have a link to on local 12 dot com. 3 a local cub scout heads to washington d- c.we'll tell you why he's meeting with the, the pentagon has a challenge for hackers. why they actually *want* you
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3 another mural is catching a lot of eyes in the city.that story as we cover news where you live.this is what the blank walls near goetz alley looked like before the artists got to work."hen of the woods" was painted on main street. this is the finished project.2 colorful chickens are fighting over a worm.atlanta- based artist yoyo ferro created the mural.and two local youth apprentices helped. 3 a local cub scout goes to washington to brief president
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sean nichols is from edgewood. he was part of a national delegation that delivered the report to the nation on scouting this week in his short tenure as a scout, seans's earned numerous awards despite a rare disorder that caused a spinal cord injury as a baby.he's the first scout from northern kentucky to be part of the delegation in more than 50 years. 3 bonding with one of the world's biggest mammals.we'll show you how one boy became friends with a whale!plus, a politician is getting some negative backlash.we'll tell you why some are calling for a former presidential candidate
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3 3 donald trump takes on ted cruz, marco rubio and john
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debate in detroit, michigan stage - the billionaire frontrunner has been fending off attacks from other republican rivals..
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a new disney trailer is released.we'll show you the first looks at "finding dory!" plus, cherry blossoms are trending this morning!we'll show you the first glimpses of're watching
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3 washington d- c's national cherry blossom festival is
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service announced the dates of peak bloom.each year, the festival commemorates the gift of the cherry trees from japan in 1912.the festival starts on march 20th this year.the peak bloom period is when 70 percent of the blossoms are open.. and those dates are march 31st through april 3rd. the dates for peak bloom fluctuate each year. 3 disney is 3 disney is releasing the trailer for the sequel to the wildly popular "finding nemo," which came out nearly 12 years ago.the "finding dory" trailer debuted on the ellen degeneres show.ellen does the voice of the character, a forgetful blue fish who was the sidekick in the original."finding nemo," by disney's pixar
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million dollars in the u- s. "finding dory" hits theaters on june 17th. 3 spending the day on twitter. coming up at five thirty.. we'll tell you how an ohio politician is promising to help out on social media. 3 plus, getting back into the swing of things.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's perry schaible will tell us what's next for madison junior/senior high school. 3 3
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3 now at five thirty. 3 avoiding student loans.we'll tell you about a new kentucky bill that's investing in higher education. 3 plus, an ohio college is preparing for mayhem.we'll tell you how wright state's campus is gearing up for a presidential debate. 3
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those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 today students at madison junior/senior high school are trying to get back to normal after four students were hurt in a shooting monday. some kids are still shaken up.. as school leaders talk about security. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* from butler county with the details. 3 this is the second day back in class for students...and the staff is just trying to make things as smooth and normal as possible for students. yesterday, the family of alleged shooter james "austin" hancock released a statement. it says in part: "we are devastated by austin's actions at school monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and for the healing of the entire community."it went on: "we are praying for everyone involved, including austin whom we still deeply love. words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of the support that has been
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community."about 90 percent of the student body was at school yesterday. today, they're hoping for even more. counselors are on hand for students who want to talk to someone about the shooting. and, security will undoubtedly be tightened in the coming days. there has been a police presence in the parking lot and superintendent curtis philpot says he can't rule out security changes in the future. 3 (curtis philpot, superintendent, madison local) this week we have an increased security presence. moving forward i want to increase our security presence, i don't know if it will be as strong as it was today.we have four officers in the building and on the campus today. we usually have one. i'd like to find something in between those two perhaps moving forward.philpot is also asking parents to do their part to keep the kids safe. he's calling on gun owners to make sure their weapons are locked up. sheila...back to you. 3 all four students hurt in the shooting are all expected to recover.
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ohio's secretary of state is using social media to answer questions about the march 15th presidential primary.jon husted is hosting his first twitter town hall this afternoon. his office says he will respond to election- related questions sent to "at- jon- husted." you can also tweet "hashtag ask- s- o- s- husted."husted's office says nearly 70 thousand votes have already been cast ahead of the election. 3 an ohio college is gearing up to host the first general election presidential debate. wright state university held a "debate launch" this week to get students involved with debate activities on campus. teachers will offer debate- related classes about presidential debates and on the 20- 16 election next semester.the school is hosting the presidential debate on september 26th. 3 kentucky lawmakers say they want to invest in education. house bill 626 is also called the work ready kentucky scholarship program.lawmakers are trying to make it possible for students to get a
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acquiring student loan debt. the idea comes from a successful program out of tennessee called, "tennessee promise."if the bill passes, "work ready kentucky" would cost about 13 million dollars the first year.. and about 20 million after that. 3 (:38) hopefully most of the students would be looking at a technical education, an advanced manufacturing degree or maybe something in the healthcare industry to help fill the need that we have for businesses across the state. (:50)the program is geared towards middle income students. for students whose parent's income is too high for as many federal scholarships as low- income students.qualified applicants must graduate from a kentucky high school. 3 a new study from ohio state university shows that stress may impact short term memory. the study showed that mice who were repeatedly exposed to stress had a hard times escaping from a maze they previously mastered. researchers believe the findings could lead to new treatments for chronic stress. 3
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question of the is national cold cuts we want to know -- what's your dream sandwich?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 (:48) what brought you into the store today? 2 dollar cupcakes. how found out through facebook." (:56)a new feature is paying, how social media is helping
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3 for almost a decade, small businesses have been asking people to "like" them on facebook.but in 2012, facebook introduced a new feature that's paying off.they can pay to put their posts onto more peoples' news feeds.50- million small businesses now have pages on facebook.three million of them are paid advertisers.that's a 50- percent increase in just the past year. 3 (:22) "we use facebook almost every day any discounts, any new flavors, we're posting
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pay a couple dollars to boost beyond my current reach." (:34) facebook says it has connected more than 1 billion people worldwide to at least one small business. small businesses are also helping facebook's bottom line. they account for the majority of the company's paid advertisers. 3 he's back on u- s soil.up next, we'll tell you what's different about scott kelly..
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3 3 a chicago police officer will serve two years in prison for a beating caught on showed officer aldo brown kicking and punching a convenience store clerk in september 20- 12.brown had received a tip that drugs were being sold there.he said he was afraid for his life because the clerk had a gun. but the video shows the beating continued even after brown took the gun.he'll also spend a year on a supervised release after he leaves prison. 3 new this morning... north korea fired short-range rockets into the sea today.. hours after it was slapped with new u-n sanctions..the u-n security council voted with the u-s to make international trade tougher for north korea.the council says pyongyang violated existing u- n bans on nuclear and missile tests..the new resolutions call for inspections of everything
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korea.the u- n is hoping the sanctions will stop some of the money used to fuel the country's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. 3 we are learning more about the adoptive parents of a 23- year- old ukrainian man accused of posing as a pennsylvania high school student.artur samarin was arrested last week and charged with identity theft, lying to police and sexual assault. authorities say he posed as student for four years and had sexual relationships with underage students.police are now investigating the adoptive parents.. to determine if they helped create the new identity. 3 :40-:45(ed marsico/dauphin county district attorney) "most of those require some type of parental involvement. it became apparent they had to be involved in some of these situations."the district attorney ed marsico says the parents are talking with authorities.attorneys for samarin said earlier this week that more facts will become known about their client which will help their case. 3 astronaut scott kelly and his
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same height.but it won't be true when the two stand side by side for the first time in nearly a year. 3 nasa says that scott kelly grew two inches during his time aboard the international space station. a lack of gravity causes spinal disks to expand.but a nasa scientists says he will return to his preflight height after a short time on earth.though he's no longer an astronaut, mark kelly volunteered to take part in nasa's "twins study" with his brother. nasa wants to see how the identical twins measure up after a year in two very different environments. scott arrived in houston to hugs.. beer.. and apple pie. 3 3
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3 snapping some 3- ways for instagram.coming up at six.. we'll introduce you to an artist who is profiting from cincinnati's food scene. tossing a treasure out to sea. next, we'll tell you just how far a message in a bottle can
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5:59, significant finings, now at 6:00 what an outside review of findings have discovering about the force. the color is going to have to use water potty and different water fountains. deny rights, what local business owners would think of a new bill that would allow businesses refuse to serve gay
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the festival starts through and runs through satu rday. good morning, evan, we will get to the top stories -- good morning everyone, we will get to the top stories in a moment. a little sloppy out there. >> what she said, gummer. it's going to be damp out there, and snow is starting to move through the west of sip sin. out through parts of decatur county, we see those teal kind of shadings, snow is coming down at a pretty good clip, and we have more snow grant county to pendleton county, moving toward dry ridge but moving toward the area, that going to put down accumulations on grassy surfaces, over the next couple of hours, we expect temperatures, road temperatures are generally above freezing in


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