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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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county sheriff says, one of the classmate, 8th grader, started shooti inside the school. >> school is at madison township. about 760 student, attend classes in that particular building. madison elementary is in the same campus. >> bullets hit two of them. cameron smith and cooper caffery. it was shrapnel from the gunfire that hurt the other two. bryant murray and katherine durbette. larry davis begins our team coverage live from the scene of the shooting. >> as you may imagine, the madison township community, outside of the middletown, is in a state of shock. shock at what happened here in madison senior high school. this is the staging area today. the school is located about half a mile away from here. earlier, there were long lines
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as parents waited to get the okay to go to school to pick up their children. many numb after hearing about the shooting at the children's school. . while many parents waited to get the okay to go to school to pick up the children, many performed a prayer circle. many not knowing, knowing rather their son or daughter was okay. some had no contact with their children. as the sheriff patrol helicopter hovered overhead, parents and their children began. and many are exchanging many hugs and many tears. one parent, he spoke with children as well as others inside the kaflterria, when the gunfire broke out >> they said they seen the shooter walking with the gun, about waist high, almost with a smirk. >> and, you know, you move out here, thinking it's a safe community.
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something has got to give. . >> spoke to aj handcuff, public works relations for the madison school district. they have locked down drills, quite often during the school year. the drills actually paid off today. we did talk to a stud who said, he was walking out of the library near the cafeteria, where the gunfire broke out. according to sheriff jones, the gunman walked into the cafeteria and just began opening fire, shooting the two students and shrapnel hitting the other two suz. >> it's unclear to me, i don't know if you heard in ig. who he shot didn't seem to be
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random shooting. did you hear anything along those lines >> he seemed to concur it was random. these are just parents talking. it makes you wonder, the sheriff's department is trying to piece the information together to see whether or not it was indeed random. he came to school targeting somebody. >> interesting, larry. thanks very much. both students wounded by gunfire are stabilizing. >> many, in dayton, where joe webb joins us live. joe. >> obviously a terrible situation. the school, scary situation. so far, it's deadly, cooper cafferty, 14-and 15-year-old boys who were shot.
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they said he should come home for a few days around truly recover. they quickly checked their vital signs. one, shot multiple times, back side and upper extremity ies. no life-threatening injuries. . >> how much do you see children of this age appear in miami valley. >> not very often. fortunately, we have the responsibility of dealing with this kind of situation. >> now no blood transfusions were needed. one may need orthopedic surgery down the road. the doctor didn't elaborate on that. we'll hear more from the trauma doctor coming on local 12 at 6:00. >> could have been so much worst. joe, thank you. that's prayer vigil planned for
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the vigil is open to everyone, in front of the middletown high school. >> stunned parents waited in long lines of traffic to get to the campus to try to collect their children. angenette levy spoke to some about getting the call, no parent wants to get. she joins us were madison senior high school. angette. >> she was distraught, there was shooting inside their school. . investigators at the butler sheriff office is still at the school. they are looking fou. it's supposed to be a typical school day. we talked to a couple of students who heard the gunshots. one didn't hear because they had their head phones.
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drills, by locking themselves in rooms and closets. they were surprised austin was part the shooting. >> everybody here is friends, know each other real closely. >> i'm really shocked because you see this kid every day in the halls. you don't expect one day, he will pull a gun out of his lunch box and start shooting rounds. >> and we are learning more about austin hancock. we're told by some of the students we interviewed, he was on the wrestling team. not sure if he was this year but certainly was last yoor. they said he's a pretty tough,
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remained heart reporting live from madison junior high school, local 12 news. >> local 12 news just obtained a call from 911 we would like to you hear. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> hello, hello.. >> there's a shooting much he has a gun. he started shooting people. >> how many people did he shoot? >> what? >> how many people did he shoot? >> i'm not sure. he pulled his gun and started shooting. shooting. >> three blocks from hancock. >> from hancock? >> yes. >> how old is he? 13, 14.
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>> 13, 14? ? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it's incredible to think, call 911, to try to save the acts. . >> matson school has cancelled staff. we have continuing coverage, on the air and on-line. ahead at 5:30, we'll share some of the media comments.
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have to ask yourself thehe >> the father of a tri-state woman confirms, the woman in bratton county is part of the missing daughter. she disappeared at the end of january. last night at 6:00, fishermen discovered the body in the snag creek at the ohio river. kentucky state police, have not set anything on how she died. we learned that someone was brought in for questioning last night. so far no one was charged. new information on a man found dead after a fiery weekend crash. officers were called to westwood northern boulevard in mckinry in fairmount. police say a car was coming up
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the hill when it crossed the median. investigators are saying the man inside was a murder victim. we're still waiting to find out what caused his death. and two men admit today, they broke into the indian hill home of the federal judge and her husband, a well-known attorney and held them at gun point. the robbery at november, in the judge, attorney stan chestly left chestly injured. burglary. and kenny will serve at least 18 years in prison. jackson at least 21.
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>> super tuesday is upon us. republicans and democrats will head to the polls tomorrow. a lot of delegates are up for grabs, including a make or break day for candidates. the pressure is mounting. donald trump plays extra heat. and klu klux klan leader, david duke, who publicly stated his support for trump. today he said it's because he had a bad earpiece. his opponents are calling his bluff. >> makes him unelectable. how are we able to go for a nominee. >> that should be common ground among republicans, among democrats, among everyone, the bigotry, the anti-semitism, has no role in congress. >> they tweeted the first black president, cannot and will not be seceded by a hate monger who refuses to condemn the kkk.
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>> the primaries, clinton leaves bernie sanders by more than 400 delegates. despite the fact, that when combined, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, don't assign 400 delegates. ralphy williams explains how that is possible >> presidential primary process is confusing. the democrat side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, fighting to be the first candidate to mask, 282 delegates. that's how many is needed to win the nomination. the democrat party has two types of delegate. pledged and unpledged. pledged delegates are bound to vote for the candidates. and unpledged delegates are not bound to vote for any particular candidates. super count -- and state party chairs and former leaders. out of the 4,763 delegates that will attend the convention, 712
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are superdelegates. that's about 15 percent. after each nominating congress, candidate is assigned candidates. to understand the impact that superdelegates had, let's look at new hampshire. sanders won new hampshire in a landslide. he got 15 pledged delegates. clinton got 9. clinton worked to get six of the superdelegates to vote for her. the other two are undecided. this means at the end of the day, clinton and sanders are tied, having 15 delegates each. across the country, clinton locked up superdelegates. and this is how she can have a lead of over 400 delegates, despite a handful of nominating delegates held. now you know, how clinton could have a large lead over sanders. this washington, i'm ralphy williams. >> and polls begin closing at 7:00. cbs news, will have special
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beginning tomorrow at 10:00. . nearly a perfect weekend, things are changing a bit, aren't they. >> we have a little bit of rain last night. that didn't cool us for today. we topped up in the mid 50s for a lot of us. few storms are possible as well. of course, it changes to snow. as we know, and we get colder for the middle of the workweek. we have a lot to talk about. let's go outside and show you the beautiful weather we have going on right now. plenty of sunshine heating us up in the 50s along with the southwesterly breeze. this is a live look to downtown cincinnati from the weather camera. we have high clouds around. really, we're pretty sunny. temperatures around 56. 55 at the airport. lots of us following suit. hamilton, 57. and we're in the mid 50s, down to the south as well from owington to thalmus and mazeville. and live
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still in control of the region. that's why we have the great blue skies. we have the clouds to the north. that's associated with the frontal boundary that will stay to the north. it will bring in a few high clouds to the far western corner, no precipitation of not a whole lot of clouds. off to the west, the in he can system. the moisture that you see in south dakota with transfer our way. we have storms develop through the plain states. that is what will be with us tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. some of it will be heavy at times and also some thunderstorms are possible as well. keep a heads up. we may see a little wicked storms throughout the afternoon and evening tomorrow. it will be pretty wet throughout the tuesday, especially in the second half. tonight's forecast, rain-free. mostly clear skies. temperatures in the upper 40s at 8:00. it won't be that chilly.
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will sink to the lower 40s by 9:00. tonight, we're quiet. you don't have to worry about needing the rain gear or even late evening plans. tomorrow morning, we start off dry as well. jacket. and 8:00, we're dry. we may see a little bit of sunshine early. most of day, it's going to be mainly cloudy. by noon, we're looking at rain, especially in the western half of the viewing area. connorsville, and down to bb in owington. you may be seeing scattered showers by lunchtime. not getting close to downtown cincinnati. that starts to ramp up by the afternoon. and i want you to be careful for lower visibility. that likely will slow down traffic as well.
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by the time we hit 5:00, we're still looking at the chance for rain. behind the system, it wraps around colder air. i don't think it will be a huge deal. we're looking at less than an inch of snow. we may wind up with isolated slick spots. and we're looking at the visibility chance for rain tomorrow. and a little bit of snow in the back side. tomorrow's forecast, we start off dry for the morning. late morning, we will start to see rain move in west of cincinnati. through the afternoon and evening, be aware, we can see thunderstorms, that could cause some gusty winds. we could make it up to the 50s. breezy tuesday, as the rain changes for a few showers. temperatures breezy for thursday. 40 for thursday, and a chance of a little bit of snow early. a few rain showers during the day, with the highs near the 40 degree mark.
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this weekend, and saturday, we have a chance for rain and snow. it doesn't look like a huge deal right now. sunday, it looks a lot better, with a lot of sunshine. >> is it my imagination or are we trending morm. >> we are trending a little warmer. i just don't like forecasting that rain mixed snow. >> thanks, erica. >> she's been called the beyonce of cluttering. her followers swear the practice. . shining a light on enough pressure in here for ya? i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to
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the difference between
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possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. . >> many have closets that are a mess and bedroom that's a disaster. >> getting organized has never been so chic. >> people who want to tidy their lives. >> declutter guru is becoming larger than life in the world of organizing. >> at a packed book signing for her latest work, people seem messerized by her folding method.
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>> call you the beyonce of decluttering. >> i call myself a self-professed organizing geek. >> and fans like ayala are inspired to clean up physical and emotional space >> appreciating what you have in your life but not holding on >> the approach to down siding, always followed a specific order. first clothes, books and paperwork and mislanious items before moving on to sentimental objects, including photograph. >> the philosophy, to keep things that spark joy. idea may be symbol but many people have a hard time letting go. >> i saw your room. you needed this. >> i desperately needed the book. >> the goal of the message is to not discard everything, but instead, figure out what makes you happy. >> she urges people to thank -- >> not something, that's organizing.
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what your priorities are and having a joyful life. >> followers believe, once their homes are in order, their lives will be, too. . >> stars in a decluttering tv show and will launch an app that will help people cleanup. >> a frightening and violent day in a local school. >> ahead at 5:30, two students shot, others injured. suspect is only in the 8th grade.
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>> detained in . >> i couldn't function. i was calling people. i talked to the teacher. she was very helpful, very
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>> the police department around here, done a wonderful is job. locked it down. kept everyone calm. >> panic and prayer, and butler county schools after a student with a gun injures four classmates. good evening, gun violence hits home and the person accused of holding the weapon today is an 8th grader. 14-year-old, james austin hancock, accused of shooting two students around 11:15 this morning. >> two others were injured by shrapnel. cameron smith, were hit by bullets. one in the thigh. and one in the left arm. brant murray, katherine doesette hit by shrapnel. all the injured students are listed in stable condition at this hour. >> james hancock, charged with two counts of attempted murder
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ang la ingram joins us live, where the sheriff released new details of the shooting. >> sheriff just wrapped up the prep conference a short while ago. at this point, he hasn't said what the motive was. the alleged motive for james austin hancock, who injure four of the classmates. he says the priority for law enforcement today, was making sure that they took care of the victims and immediately, and also looked for the shooter. and they got the call around 11:15, there was a shooting. the school castia. there was a school resource officer inside the cafeteria at the time. he just left, heard the shots and had to turn back around and respond to the cafeteria for an active shooter. in case anyone is joining us, cooper cafferty and cameron
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however, they are in stable condition. meanwhile, brent murray and katherine doesette were both hurt either from being in or running from the cafeteria. >> imagine when you're at school and eating lunch, when there's an active shooter. everything you've seen in the news or train your kids for it, sometimes it goes out the window when the shots are fired. you think it can't happen. >> the sheriff was saying, he's absolutely shocked. they train for this. they've been training for the active shooter training. it's something that you never think will happen in your area. he talked about having a knot in his throat, feeling like his throat was swelling when he first got that phone call. he also gave a lot of credit. his deputies gave a lot of
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medics and emt's who selflessly ran into the building, before knowing for certain, whether that shooter was apprehended. what they are telling us, hancock ran into the area. then he gave up peacefully. reporting live from the butler sheriff office, angela ingram. >> and earlier, we heard from students, that seemed to be shocked, it would be the 14-year-old, on the 911 call, when the students called him, austin, maybe that's the name he went by the school. not sure. did the sheriff talk about this 14-year-old? did they have any run in? any kind of profile? >> no kind of profile on him as of yet, whether he was a troubled kid, what his deal was. they did say, at this point, they are not talking whether the people were targeted, the other students, the people he had a bullying situation, whether it was a random shooting. still a lot to come out at this
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he's charged right now as a juvenile. that could change once it gets through the prosecutor's office. we will keep a close eye on that as well. >> we know he's talked to the prosecutor. thank you, angela. classes are cancelled for all students tomorrow. teachers and staff are expected to report to work. people are sharing their concerns about today's shooting on social media. carmen says, we have metal detectors in our houses. what is taking so long to get to the schools. >> bernie posted. so sad we can't send our kids to school without fear of being shot. kids of any change should not be taking weapons to school at any age. . and stay with local 12 news, for continuing coverage of the shooting add madison junior high school. and rich jaffe, how training to
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>>nd a threat on snap chat. and an e-mail sent to parent, principal said, a small group of students came to the office, to inform the staff of an unsafe situation at school. it involved a threat by social media, by a student. and the student was removed from class and an investigation, revealed no threat to students or staff. the principal cannot talk about mi punishment the student received. it is handled by the school and not by the police. >> the death of a man is ruled a murder. the car was found saturday, on fire, and off the roadway along westwood northern boulevard. when the fire was put out, a 21-year-old man was found dead inside the car. the coroner's office ruled his death a homicide. the man's name has not been released. >> big plans to turn the site in
5:36 pm
now the city has partnered with the california company to bring a youth sports complex, fitness center, restaurants, hotel and brewery to the site. . looking at sports, will develop the site. construction is expected to begin later next year. >> new man is tapped to be, and will assume his new role on march 15th. he was chosen on a national search that took nine months. he also served as dean at several business schools. >> still ahead at 5:30, aen could confession in north korea. >> in the early morning of
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the . >> i'ming high school graduate is being detained by north korean government. he spoke for the first time since taken on january. >> and how he supposedly confessed to a hostile act, trying to steal a political banner. he walked into a conference room in the north korean capitol of pyongyang and told the north korean diplomats he planned his actions in advance. >> on the morning of january 1st, 2016, i committed my crime of taking out the important political slogan from the staff-only area of ogdno international hotel, aimed at harming the work ethic and communication of the korean people.
5:40 pm
he was encouraged to try to steal the banner by a member of wyoming church who wanted to flag the trophy. and was even planning a used car to detain the crime. it attainable, his family would get $200 thousand of contributions. >> i understand the crime, but i'm begging to the korean people and government, for my forgiveness. and i am praying to the heaven, so that i may be returned home to my family. >> warnberg's so-called confession, he was encouraged to steal the banner encouraged by the secret society in verge qua and by the u.s. government as well >> never manipulate people like myself in the future,
5:41 pm
. . >> please, make the worst mistake of my life. but please -- please think of my family. >> it's hard for us to believe, almost laughable, the united states government would con spir, to steal a flag from the north korean hotel, north korean has been known, to consider what is a prapg, he actually did take the flag into an international instant. he left a bible in a bathroom because illegal, prothessize
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mean time no release for jeff warmbeer. >> they release add statement to cnn. we have not heard from him during these many weeks. you could imagine how deeply worried we were. he seems to be in good health. we won't know about his condition until we have a chance to speak to him. and as for the church, friendship united methodist church, pastor issued a statement, praying for his safe return. saying any other comment won't be helpful while he's still being detained. still to come, scam alert. the calls are frightening and relentless. why the authorities want you to be on alert. >> more spring-like weather is on the way. eric is tracking more rain and snow. live coverage in butler county will continue. we will look at the voter
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what it could mean for >> scam artists were busy claiming, they were with the irs, threatening people with arrest. we told you about the scam, that targeted many people in the tri-state. it bares repeating. we know people in green township
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and -- anderson township got calls. scammers repeatedly called people, tell them they were in trouble with the irs and told to send money to those with the problem. ohio attorney jen's office, received more than 20 complaint calls since 2013. victims paid more than 26 million to the crooks. and cyberattack into the ir is, is worst than initially thought. the federal agency, am skaers gained access to more than 700 thousand accounts. more than double than previously estimated. information includes data, to file a false tax return and collect an income. and doctors are turning the microscope on what is becoming a new frontiere on health care. it turns out the bacteria that lives in the gut could be key to
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the micro bio diet. >> she felt something was wrong most of her life. she was always tired to the point she could barely get out of bed. >> i was dying. i had no life left in me. >> and five years ago, she met, and lifestyle, he said, scientifically proven to restore a healthy gut. >> the reason why, we're suffering from obesity and why so many people can't lose weight, is because they are forgetting about the micro bio. >> and micro bio is trilions of bacteria that lives in our digestive track. the foods we eat could change the make up. >> the bacteria, not only prevent disease and keep us healthy, but could play a role
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>> the micro bio diet includes fermented foods. vegetables that work as fuel for the micro bio. hike jicama. she changed her diet and take supplements and employee buyotics. >> my face should be to be swollen face. my stomach used to stick out. >> even better than the weight loss, she feels strong and healthy for the first time. from cbs news, babylon, new york. york >> good evening, to you, we will see a quiet night. if you have dinner plans, per dinner plans. looking live, a few high clouds. temperatures are 9 degrees
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cooler than they were yesterday at this time. we are still running 8-10 degrees warmer from where we should be this time of year. 55 in cincinnati. march, will definitely come in like a lion. showers and storms and a little bit of snow in the back side of the system, for tuesday. somewhere in the middle 50s from critton and mazeville, you're at 52 as well. still warm, thanks to the southerly breeze around 9 miles an hour. this is the head of the system that we're tracking tomorrow. we stay dry tonight. live precision doppler hd, will remain quiet. we have plenty of sunshine. we will be fairly clear for quite some time tonight as an area of high pressure, scoots to the east. we have clouds to the north. our system brewing to the west. some of the moisture you see in south dakota will combine with storms, that will develop in the
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our way for the day tomorrow, especially for the afternoon and evening. in the next 48 hours, here's what it looks like. the high pressure strolls to the east. we get ready for the area that moves in. that will get rid of the front, later pretty much tuesday evening. behind that, we get to the colder air. first, we deal with the rain. not so much for tuesday morning, but later in the morning, we'll see slight chances, very far west of cincinnati and the western tier viewing area. this moves in especially in the afternoon. lunch time, especially through 2:00, 3:00, in the afternoon, we're looking at rain that's widespread. temperatures in the 50s for tomorrow. gear. rain. low pressure continues to slide in the north and east.
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this is going to kick to those colder temperatures as well. late tomorrow night be and probably dinner time, through 10:00 tomorrow and into the early morning hours of wednesday. i expect 8:00 wednesday morning, most of this is moving out to the east. : while i won't rule out a couple of warnings, due to high gusty winds much and marginal risk and darker shade of green, for almost two-thirds, including most of hamilton county. some gusty or strong winds will be possible, along with the heavy rains. tonight, we're rain-free. 46 at 9:00 and 46 with mostly clear skies by 11:00.
5:52 pm
tomorrow's forecast, we start off dry for the early morning compute. later in the morning, we're starting to see some rain move in. that's when we will track the rain and also some storms. breezy tuesday night as rain changes to a little bit of snow. less than an inch possible. i don't expect widespread issues. we will all be chilly on wednesday. 35 for a high, around 40 on webs, with a chance of rain-snow. rain chance comes back again for the beginning of the weekend. back half will be looking a lot better. >> after beating the number one team in the land, xavier, got whooped. ahead at 6:00, impacting the rankings.
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super . >> 31-year-old man rescued after he fell off an edge of sunset cliffs. rescuers say the man was flying a toy plane and crashed in the robs below. man went after it. he fractured his leg but is expected to be okay. >> a man who survived the holocaust and for decades talks to students about his experience. warner couple, and he fled the death march and made his way to
5:56 pm
freedom. he often spoke to students on the murder of millions of jews. he was recently a subject of an exhibit that focused on the 70 anniversary of the liberation of aus wich. >> comes for our survivors to fade away. we've to keep the story alive. because there's plenty of hate -- with us, and we have experienced the holocaust, the consequence of hate, and it should never happen anywhere in america. >> couple died in a nursing home in mason. he was laid to rest today. he was 91-year-old >> new tonight at 6:00, shooting two and injuring two others. what we know about the suspects. >> and training for tragedy in
5:57 pm
the situations, like what happened today in madison senior high school.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
the active shooter is . >> heard a gunshot. maybe, yes. >> and a 13rd grader says she was afraid when she heard gunshots at school much teachers and parents deal with the fear
6:00 pm
lives. >> gunshots were fired the cafeteria of junior senior high school. >> and identified as cameron smith and cooper cafferty. two more were injured by slap nell. 14-year-old, and katherine durbette. investigators say the shooters is james hancock. coverage is larry davis. within minutes of the shooting, a long line of cars. parent began forming on the road, leading to madison junior high school. parent walked or drove the distance to get to the children. madison junior ahmed, said he heard gunfire when he was walking out of the library near the cafeteria am ran in. and library is kind of quiet.


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