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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, happy day to you, we will get it all of your top stories in just a moment. a little breezy and cool. >> if you go for a leap you will be wind aided. we had gusts over 40 miles per hour, after midnight as the rain and embedded thunderstorms came through the area. right now there's gusts between 20, and 23 at the airport. he these winds are going to be on radar. the rain from last night cleared out. even rumbles of thunder and as that moved through with the cold front as that moved through. 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. 41 now, west winds at 24, a windchill of 31, it is a cold start. you will need the heavier jacket as we start around 40, partly cloudy at noon, and later today, low 50s, skies many about sunny and above-normal for this time of the year.
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every season on the calendar in one week here? cincinnati. it's up, it's thunderstorms, it's down, it's a little snow, it's back up again, i will explain all of that in minutes, nowlet get a check on traffic with jen. >> reporter: we may see more winds like these because of overnight. it's lock south of the har ling carol road because of a down tree, watch for that area, until we hear the all clear. we heard of an accident at i-275. i just don't see it on the cameras, hopefully that means that authorities have cleared it or just off to the shoulder. traffic has picked up, as we look at i-71/i-75 and traffic sticking up around the tri-state and certain spots, but no delays, if we see any big spots, we will let you know in a bit over to john.
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house fire, huge effort by firefighters to save her. it started in route 25 in adams county, cynthia hawk child and her 66-year-old husband were trapped in the house, and they smelled smoke and saw the fire and they climbed out of the bed room window when a deputy got to the scene, he and sam tried to save sam's parent. very early morning hours or even worse. >> reporter: responders said the family told them there were no smoke detectors in the house. the cause the fire is still under investigation. three of those first responders as they tried to save the cup, couple weren't done for the day. they turned in their badges to play. it also helps the special olympics and knows who have disability.
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our community supports our people with disacts, they have having fun. they love all of this support. the people showing all of this support for them is wonderfulful and we give a lot of that. our community supports us a lot. to learn more about venture productions and follow the eggs we eagles we have a link at a 3-year-old shot and killed himself at a home off of sam eding with road. investigators have not said how the little boy got the gun. the flames broke out friday evening saint barber's church at independence. an independence captain says there i was hole-in-one the hoses connecting a 100-pound propane to the fire. as it cooked, grease fell on that hose, and they got through and rebuilt the shelter.
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course, ebb anyone who is working here volunteers and everybody pitches in and takes care of everybody else and the facially. the last of the men werent examined to be released from the hospital over the weekend. as of right now, the fish fry at saint barbara's is on as scheduled. and it's february 29th leap day, we just left. >> i know.
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guess i would say. he helps around very well around the office. >> here is the kicker, shawn ryan is only 8 years old. >> for a person as young as he is, i'm amazing that he can do the things that he does. >> shawn is hard to get along with sometimes because he has very strong opinions. >> you walk in the door, and he a strong sales guy. >> i had a lot of questions for this parent-child prodigy. >> shawn, tell me what is your favorite subject in school. like a soccer team or something, little league? i got know what is it like to be so big for your age? >> i'm actually, i'm 32. i just feel low. >> reporter: okay, okay, so shawn isn't really 8 years old. he was born on february 29th on a leap year. >> with my i birthday it's like the olympics and the
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happens only once every four years. >> growing up, he was teased about his birthday, and today he embraces. >> i love it now, if my birthday was january wiengt 29 or march 29 you wouldn't be here. >> reporter: as for how he plans to celebrate his his birthday. >> you know chuck e. cheese has a room, but in my case i turn it twice. >> reporter: he is going to call the other moms to see if they're allowed to sleep over. >> thanks to everyone for playing along. >> and for shawn and all the other leap year people, enjoy today while you can. you will have to wait exactly 1,161 days before you can celebrate your next birthday. coming up, the glitz and glamour and redemption for a famous actor.
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9 minutes after 6:00, it's 41 degrees, cooler, and still quite windy. winds have been gusting for
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40 last night as some rain came through. mid-40s at noon, cooler today, low 50s by late afternoon, although that is still warmer than normal for this time of the year. we got spring weather, winter weather on the way this week, we are going to beat down the ups, the downs and the back ups again, and back ups again. >> those are my favorite. >> it will be in a few minutes, jen. ups again. looking at the roads this morning, lucky nothing crazy roads. we had an earlier accident, down near 275, it's clear. as we look at the interstate, they are quiet to start the morning. we are seeing volume of traffic start to pick up in areas like i-71/i-75 near the cut and the hill. no major delays yet. guys, back to you. trending now a a photograph of a police deputy and a chi 99 are canineare capturing the hearts of many. and he loves garrett, and
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welcome back, everyone, while all the presidential candidates are preparing for super tuesday. ted cruz, and marco rubio
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trump is head in virginia, but he trails in texas. an army staff sergeant is facing murder charges after police say he killed his wife and a police officer who was on his first patrol. ashley wen den and two other officers were responding to the domestic dispute, when they opened fire. they are paying respects to the hospital where the two other officerses are recovering.
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now the company is promising to look into it. the parents opened the sippy cup and clovered all of the mold and gunk stopped in the stoppers. they will receive replacement parts and says they plan to redesign the product. disney is changing its prices again. now they are priced basessed on demand. that means day prices can be as low as $95, but they can shoot up to $112 per day on peak days during the summer and during spring break and during the months in the month of december. they're just going to bed in hollywood, as the kos oscars were handed out in the ak academy awards. the night focused on best of the movies. the film this shined the spotlight on the deacons of the
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and mad max was the most honored with six production awards. the revenant won for the best director and its star di caprio won for his role as the vengeful frontier man. and she won foz her role as an abducted mother in room. a lot of people were
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i think a lot of attention will be paid to chris rock. >> he will be quoted all day long today. >> especially some of the stuff we can't quote for you right here. >> it was interesting to be on twitter while that was going on. >> is wasn't able to watch at the same time, but i might as well be watching, because everything i saw was about chris rock. >> he made a statement but he was still funny. he was right on target, you know. >> that is his kind of comedy, what he does, he did did who he
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terrible yet as we head toward 275 up near the allen road over pass, but again, not bad for a monday morning, i know john gumm said he saw lots of balloons, and trash cans all over the place. >> i did, i did. >> i saw them tipped over on my way to work, so you will see stuff like that. >> i saw a lot of them were were tipped this morning. some things will be out of place on the yard as you left stuff outside, we had stronger winds than yesterday, and these winds cust see of a cold -- courtesy of a cold front and some rain. and the bottom line is after midnight we saw some places with wind over 40 miles per hour. all the rain is pushed out of the area now, the rest of your day is going to be dry and wind are beginning to finally calm down. gusting to 23 at middletown, 24 batavia, but those are the only locations which are still seeing wind gusts, and those winds will continue to calm down throughout the course of the morning.
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looking downtown, now clearing cooler today. up 13 degrees cooler than yesterday, but despite that we will still be above-normal. the weather will be quiet today. qie tote start out tomorrow, but some rain and storms will develop in particular tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. a few of the storms could produce strong winds. will have to keep an eye on that, and for the middle of the week, yes, winter returns. we will get quite a few seasons all in one week. west winds at 10, and the winds calming down but producing the windchill, and you will need the jacket as you step out. temperatures in the low 40s, and mid-40s at noon, and you will notice by the early afternoon skies beginning to clear out. in fact, by late day, i expect things to become mostly sunny so the weather looks nice later on. 53, sunshine 4:00 and 48 by 7:00 this evening. high pressure temporarily builds in today, tomorrow we watch a
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one from thewest, and this one off the pacific ocean. and look at what happens as it does. we get some rain and even some um bedded storms arriving tomorrow afternoon, and is some of that hanging around tomorrow evening as the low moves over the tri-state, as the low passes by us, rain changes over to snow showers very early on wednesday morning. could see flurries lingering early wednesday with colder air moving in, not expecting much in the way of accumulation with that, because of the warm ground. what we are expecting the possibility of some strong or even severe storms tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening, the main threat here is going to be some strong winds again, we're in a slight risk area of severe weather here in the greater cincinnati area. so that is something we're going to monitor very carefully going through tomorrow. today morning clouds, giving way to afternoon sunshine, cooler 53 downtown. 51 wilmington, west union around
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to mid-50s, clearing cooler today. but still pleasant. owenton 55, and maysville a high of 54, and augusta around 53, and you're looking good at hoosier state. 51 brookville, and 53 today as skies clear out. 40s this evening, 40 are, clear skies before clouds move in tomorrow morning. rain and even some storms -- storms developing tomorrow. downhill after that, morning flurries on wednesday, 35 the high temperature on wednesday well below normal. close to 40 on thursday, another system thursday will bring some rain and snow showers with highs close to 40 there, then we warm it up later in the week, mid-40s friday, could be a flurry friday morning, saturday and sunday we warm up even more with a chance of some showers saturday, 51 degrees and low 50s into sunday, so it's up,
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in your extended forecast, track the crazy weather changes with the free weather authority app. medal of honor, why an ohio
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honor turning 20 now, in honor of the pokemon son and pokemon moon is coming out this fall. it's creating the pokemon fall app for fall. and it was called pocket monsters when it debuted in japan. trending now, stephen is breaking more records and there's 24 more games left in the season.
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what people are doing with their leap year. start with melissa. it's another monday. >> it's just another manic monday >> thank you, gummer. so off to work depose to goes to work. >> chris, my buddy chris, says i'm going to get ready for the the 2016 season, dip deep this friday. >> true marking the season. checking in charl checking in charl eighteen says i'm going to spend time with my grand son this afternoon afternoon. she is headed to the pool. >> do that everyday. >> yeah, leap day. we want you to join the conversation, just like the local 12 page on facebook and share your thoughts. mismarvel, the anything but ordinary super heroine spiring girls across the country.
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to you faster than java. spring weather yesterday, we are in a transition today.
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then it's back to then we heard, p.o.w., p.o.w. a pastor shot and killed in his church. now at 6:30, the connection between the suspect and pastor, and why the man may have pulled the trigger. a body is found here in bracken county, the corner is working to identify that person, but they believe it could be a missing woman. i will tell you what the fam lee has to say next. and begging for forgiveness, the local -- the college stud
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north korea spoke overnight. the crime he says he committed. happy monday for you. a little windy out there. it's. >> it's a a little chilly. i thought it was going to be warmer. when i stepped out of the car. >> the wind are beginning to calm down as we speak not quite as windy today as what we have seen. 41 cloudy at the airport, the west winds at 10. it's quite chilly, make sure you have the jacket on. it's 35 degrees the windchill, and overnight we had rain move through. this rain was accompanied by gusty wind, winds over 40 miles per hour in some spots as the rain move through the tri-state after midnight. rain is now gone. the skies will clear. as the kids head to the bus stop, cloudy this morning, part me cloudy 46, and into the afternoon, we're above-normal on the temperatures, sunshine 53 although not as warm as 66 that we saw yesterday.
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start the week here and then back down as winter returns for the middle part of the weekend, there could be strong storms around tomorrow, more on that, in a minute,let get a check on the traffic first, here is jen dalton. >> reporter: it's qie tote start the morning. euclid after, between pine needle lane, we had down wires, that one was clear but these down wires may cause issues, northwestern boulevard and stutter he had malfunctioning traffic light so that could cause a slow down in the area. a look at the sper states, no flashing light over to the side of the road, i-71/i-75, southbound cut-in-the-hill, but not blocking any lanes, we're okay on the interstate at this point. sheila. it's 6:22, and right now kentucky state troopers are
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of a person's body found in brack encounty. >> they believe that it's a woman who has been missing, and they're live with what that family is telling, good morning, perry? >> reporter: hey, good morning, bob, about 6:30 last night that body was found bay quarter mile east of where i'm standing near the dam. it was on -- in the area of snag creek road and route 8 in bracken county. the now the coroner is working to identify the person, and local 12 has learned that troopers believe it could be kara turner. her father, daniel turner told local 12 officers contacted him yesterday, and he went to the area where the body was found, but of course, there's no official id at this point, and that may take some time, because they will likely have to use dental records. turner disappeared january 31st from the california marketplace in campbell county, turner's family and friends have done a number of searches since that time.
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bring tara turner home page, they're asking for prayers and space for the family. we do expect to get an update about this situation, later on today. sheila, back to you. all right, perry thank you. we will continue tole fot story and bring you the latest information just as soon as it becomes available. on the more news, the man accused of killing his own brother in a a dayton church will be in court to face the charges. >> it left the congregation in shock. the pastor was killed after he finished the sunday services. he went into his study after the final prayer, and his brother daniel schooler followed him. >> as we were singing, maybe one verse in, i noticed him to go back to the pastor's room, and didn't think nothing about it. the next thing i heard is boom, boom. >> there's not a person going around just arbitrarily firing, shooting inside of churches. >> police say they don't know
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family and friends say the suspect believes he should be getting money from the church. new this morning, a 21-year-old wyoming graduate who is currently detained in north korea is speaking for first time about his arrest. north korea says that he perpetuated hostile acts against the country. he acknowledged and apologized for the crime, which involved a theft of a political banner from a staff-only section of the hotel. >> i understand the severity of my crime and i have no idea what sort of penalty i may face, but i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness, and i'm praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my family. >> the north korean government als he was alleges by he was encouraged by a secret university society and the cia. happening today, ben carson
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republican caucuses this saturday. he will hold a town hall meet ago the 10:00 this morning. carson came in 24th in the nevada caucuses behind donald trump, march could marco rubio and ted cruz. the they are offering members of the university and the public a chance to make a colorful mark this spring and summer. ten are available and all the seats are free provided. and it will be at the historic log contact enat cabin at the entrance of nku. the object serve observatory, is seeing the leap night. the of observance is $5, and it's running through 9:00. they will offer leap year wedding is across the street
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the ceremony starts at 9:30 and as an added bonus, you only have to remember this anniversary once every four years. >> sheila, how do you think that would go, only remember that every four years? >> not well. >> not well. >> yeah, you better figure out a day. [ laughter ] >> call it first, but fellows get something done. >> it's 7:37, 41 degrees, mending the mistakes, what one of the pope's own advisers is saying about the church. a muslim teenage girl from
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about 20 minutes until 7:00. 41 degrees, our windchills are in the 30s, it's a chilly start, a cloudy start to the day here. you need a jacket as you step out, we will get into the low 50s later today. not quite as warm, but still above-normal. 53, skies many about sunny late this afternoon. you want to hang or fot authority forecast, we're are going up, we are going down, we have winter and spring weather in the forecast. thunderstorms, a little snow for good measure. i will have more coming up in a minutes, jen. >> reporter: looking at the roads, not as up and down as the forecast. we have a couple of issue, but
6:41 am
as the morning depose on, and knocking way, and excuse me, down wires reported there and west wood northern, and functioning traffic light that are out, so watch for a slow down in that area. as we look at our interstates, we have no reports of any issues, slowing folks down, they are along okay at this hour. >> jens as . >> you know, the universe of super heroes, is one of those that did not fit in. >> but marvel has not created a super hero just like this one. >> she has shape shifting abilities, and she is happens to be a muslim. she ship shift shapes. >> and marvel is representing a character at a time that we have a divisive political character, and it sort of shows that we can embrace our diversity and not be
6:42 am
the most recent fa furs of feature of the avengers features kamilaka front and center. they have entire publication since the 60s, they have taken people who have vulnerabilities, who have real differences and make them super heroes, the center of their company comics. >> it's great for kids to be seeing that type of stuff. >> that's what it is,. >> coming up a medal of honor talking about a super hero, a brave ohio native is receiving the biggest honor from the president today and we will tell you what his daughter thinks
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late it is 6:45 no, now this morning, five members of the ku klux klan linked to a violent brawl are out of jail. >> calf calf police california police shows that evidence they acted out of violence, they were attacking klansman with wooden posts. six members arrived at a park for antiimmigration rally. the catholic church has made enormous mistakes in allowing
6:46 am
raped and molested by priests. he acknowledged that he too had made mistakes in often believing the priests over the victims of alleged abuses? the people caught up in the cyber attack in taxpayer data 7 times larger than originally thought. they used a popular tool on its website to steal tax forms, now originally the irs said it was affecting about 100 people, but that number is closer to 720,000. this week affected taxpayers will get free credit protection, and an extra pin to protect future tax filings. it turns out the bacteria that lives in your gut could be the key to treating all different kinds of ailments. the microbiome. they're in our stomachs are made of trillions of bacteria in our digestive tract, but the foods
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fermented foods like sauerkraut, and kimchi can help. and the food and foods include jicama art chokes, and radishes none of which i ever eat. an ohio navy seal who helped to rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan. edwards myers june roar junior helped to save a doctor kidnapped by the taliban. he was the second seal, while many are calling him the hero, he wasn't did i that his young daughter is one of them. >> my daughter knows that i'm -- and she loves me just for that. and if you talk to her one-on-one, she will tell you the five different names she dick names she has tor me and i don't think one of them includes hero. when he got the call, mom, do you i will be allowed to go.
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and i think mom better be there. sometimes you know, it's tough to get up in the middle of the night, especially it's cold outside and it's warm under the covers, i drink a little coffee, sometimes mountain due to wake dew to wake myself up. now a seenous is going to help me. someone is creating a bracelet that will alley you allow you to absorb caffeine through your skin. it's called jewel, and it delivers the caffeine through your skin. here is the the part, you can absorb coffee through your skin faster and doses are administered as regular intervals to prevent overdosing. so far jewel is not officially on the market but it does have a fundraising campaign. it's just like the patch you put behind your ear or maybe the nicotine patch if you are trying to quit. >> it could be administered that
6:49 am
, probably a a lot of them. >> it's so different for each person that they have to calibrate it. but can you get it in a double macchiato. >> i will wear it like the girls wore the jelly bracelets back in the '80s, i will strap eight of them. i like the way coffee tastes. i think that is a part of whole experience, i think. >> i would miss the taste of my thin mint creamer. >> fabulous. [ laughter ] >> i want my coffee to taste, it doesn't have any cream in it, doesn't it? >> i don't really care. >> it doesn't have jicama from my biome in my gut, either. >> it's all jacked up in the traffic. >> all right, taking a look at roads this morning, we're pretty quiet out there for a monday morning. we do have a couple of issues. we had heavy winds last night and we are starting to see things pop up, and knotting way,
6:50 am
we have a down tree that is clear, northwest boulevard, we have malfunctioning traffic signals so be careful in the area because of. that there's a live look at i-71/i-75, near butter milk pike and you can see we don't have a big backup going on yet. we are heavy to the ohio river. we are seeing heavy traffic out near loveland ma madeira, not a bad way to cart monday morning. you might run into the straight garbage can this morning -- the stray garbage can, and we had 40-mile per hour winds. the rain is gone, the winds are calming down. we are going to be in for a nice monday. that is the camera view from covington looking at downtown, clearing but cooler today. we hit 66 degrees yesterday, about 13 degrees cooler today. even so, with highs in the low 50s, we're still above-normal.
6:51 am
is going to come in like a lion here with some strong winds, some heavy rain, a possibility tomorrow, and then that will usher in some winter-lake air for the middle of the week. colder weather even a little snow on the way. right now 41, cloudy skies, a west wind at 10, the winds have calmed down considerably, but if you're going out and about, keep in mind the windchill is 35 so you're going to need the jacket as you head out the door. low 40s, clouds through the morning. by this afternoon we start to he soot clouds breakup. by noon 46, by late this afternoon we're up around 43 degrees. skies many about mostly supny and in the upper 40s by 7:00 this tonight with mainly clear skies, there's nothing on radar. rain, there it goes, pushing east of cincinnati. that rain had embedded thunderstorms with it and very gusty winds as the rain kind of took stronger winds upstairs, mixed them down to the ground so you might find all kinds of things bleak around blowing around your
6:52 am
we have rain, and out through the pacific northwest, this is a part of the upper level system that is painted in red. this upper level system is going to dive into the ohio valley by tomorrow night. you can see it coming into illinois and indiana, and there's even a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow, some of those storms that develop could produce some damaging be wind gusts on your tuesday into tuesday evening. we are going to watch it very carefully. clouds this morning move out of the picture, by late afternoon we're in the low 50s, not quite as warm as yesterday, obviously, but still a little above-normal. today, clouds arrive late. we will be colder tomorrow morning. upper 30s to near 40 degrees, and then tomorrow afternoon, rain develops, it takes us through 4:00, there could be embedded thunderstorms with some of this rain will produce gusty winds, temperatures in the 50s
6:53 am
of cincinnati, we will see high in cincinnati right around 58 degrees tomorrow afternoon. and then the rain and storms move out tomorrow night, but look at this, a little bit of snow comes into the area tomorrow night, and it may put down minor accumulations tomorrow night, maybe a covering in a few spots. by wednesday morning, lingering flurries, 28, colder wednesday morning and a cold day coming on wednesday, skies kind of gradually clear out. highs on wednesday are expected to be in the mid-30s as we see the return to winter. 53 today, clearing skies, rain, storms tomorrow, 58 your high and tomorrow night a little snow, maybe a lingering flurry wednesday, 35 your high, now there's another system that will bring a chance of rain and snow showers in here on thursday, highs thursday right around the 40-degree mark. lows in the 20s could be a flurry early friday and then we start our warm up. mid-40s friday, we're back up into the 50s by the weekend with some showers saturday, 51 sunday, looking dry with a high
6:54 am
we're up, we're back down, and we're back up, and hang on, it's going to be a wild ride heading into march. track it all with the weather authority app, free in the app store and on google play. guys, back to you. we have been nice and lucky
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a ladies taking oveve right now caller 12 wins a pair of three day passes for all it. all the music on the ohio river. call (513)613-5656. friends, today is leap day, which means an extra day, of course, of the year. you can do amazing things today. according to an old irish tradition, this means that women should be proposing to men. the tradition started in the 5th century when saint richard complained to saint patrick that women had to wait far too long for men to propose. sounds accurate. the legend says that saint patrick decided that women could propose on this one day in february during leap year, and some places today has been renamed bachelor's day, because
6:58 am
i think a woman came up with that. >> i've never heard that back ground on the british, and seen the tradition. >> i like it. [ laughter ] >> go to star 64, we hope to see you there. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
6:59 am
americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier.


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