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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you travel up to 71 into clinton county. hillsborough, snow flurries and snow showers falling through here along adams county, and parts of brown and mason county, too. the thing that is saving us this morning, pavement temperatures, well above freezing everywhere you go the only exception. the liberty, indiana we have a pavement temperature of 31, but everyone else seeing warm roads melting away any snow that is falling. 34 at the airport. light know there and the wind are gusty, west winds at 23, a windchill of 22, we have reports of power outages around as the millford area that our executive producer may be aware of. 32 for the kids going off to the bus stop. snow showers and flurries around, by noon 34, and are fot ride home we're in the upper 30s, windy with snow showers which may mix with a little rain at times through the course of the afternoon, and the accumulations and less on grassy surfaces, big warm upcoming for the weekend.
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minute. right now let's focus on the morning drive. >> reporter: as john has said, temperatures above freezing. it doesn't look like any of the precipitation that is falling is causing major incidents on the interstates, we have a couple of problems state route 63 causing headaches, and you will stilly flashing light at warsaw, and woodmont. looking at the interstates, things are wet, i-71/i-75 near the cut and the hill, we may have a slow commute. as you take a look at the camera, we have a salt truck going through the area. so they are out treating roads just to make sure that you are going to be safe out there. the morning commute starting to pick up in most of our usual spots. we may have heavier than normal commute because the roads are wet, so far no major problems on the interstates, guys back to you. very good. >> thank you, jen. happening right now, high winds and high snow causing
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>> the ohio turn bike is pan -- turnpike is banning all big tractor trailers, hauling large cargo, but mobile trailer and boat and horse trailers are also ban. for more local and he weather updates, check the and the "good morning cincinnati" app always has it, too. amanda is under a -- main is under arrest for the death of a woman. brandon czar is shot ksh car -- carr is charged with murder. she had a drug problem but was turning it around. two local families are sharing their stories. >> they are familiar with the complications that associated with the virus with pregnant women. their women has the birth defect
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microsefly. their parents want them to know that they're like any other children. i heard the devastating birth defect, and these poor, poor children. and some of them are pretty severe. but parents don't see as poor, poor children. these are our children and these are our blessings. >> parents have a facebook support group. you can link to it at the hospital we started is heart transplant program a year ago, but now it has it is first success of patient. he is a husband and father from hills bore he. the team says it has other patients waiting for a heart transplant in the hospital. doctors expect to perform up to 30 of these a year. cincinnati has redeveloped its riverfront, now covington want to do the same. a local architect isparenting the picture. kayak, a rockwall, and a concept.
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the riverfront part in cincinnati such a hit, now the other side of the river has to keep up. >> what we're doing on the other side of the river is being meant to compliment what is being done on the cincinnati side. there's a whole another side of the river for folks to enjoy. in no way is what we're doing competing with them. a $10 million project to raise the riverbank has been finished first. ground has to be greek enon -- has been completed first. it's a story still trending this morning, xavier took down the number one team in the country last night and it was arguably the biggest game in cintas center. villanova the number one to play at the sintas, and in front of the largest home crowd ever. rebound the wild cats, and had six, count them six players in double figures. it was crazy.
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i have never seen rocking crazy it was wild. >> it was a hem of a game, and i never -- >> electric tonight, it was awesome, go x, go big e. >> shutdown number one. >> great chafer great xavier basketball, god bless america. i love it. the next one must appear on sunday and it's worth noting. if the musketeers win out in the regular season, and villanova would tie one more for the biggie. >> and then the tournament comes. >> you imagine if they go again. >> yes. >> what's a lot of basketball. that was as fun as i had watching a game. i wish i had been at cintas. >> so many folks on facebook were posting about being there. >> my cousin was there with his daughter, and he was man, it was electric tick. so happy for them, and chris mack.
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living like a wealthy socialite.
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back to the '20s when 6:08 this morning in cincinnati refine, a short trip one of the countries parades. it was known as the 8th wonder of the world. wealthy socialites spend time in the roaring 20s, and then it became a jesuit seminary, and much later it fell into total dishe repair. that is all in the past. the beautiful hotel with a full service spa, and fine dining is now a part of the resort. you can escape winter blues in less than three hours, see all that is happening at cincinnati refine. john, have you ever been there, it's wonderful. >> no, sheila i have not. i need to make the trip. here is the view at warren and clinton county where we picked up nearly a half inch of snow at wilmington and you can see the heavy snow showers, moving through warren, and some through highland and adams and hill country this morning.
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we will see these develop during the course of the afternoon, by noon 34, late day upper 30s with more scattered afternoon snow showers, but with a warm, ground temperatures in the upper 30s today, it's not expected to create too many in the way of travel problems. we're going to have more on the weekend warm up in minutes, but let's checkout travel conditions with jen dalton. >> reporter: we this a few minor incidents earlier but i think they're in the clearing stages. as we look at the interstates, can you see they're moving along okay this morning. i did watch salt trucks go up and down, near i-71/i-75, and even though those are close to our areas, and no none of the precipitations they are out there treatinged the roads. they want to leave early, because it's wet out there, and we saw what happened out there yesterday. we will keep you updated john. don't ask for tap or sparkling, why so many people
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welcome back, everyone, happening tonight, the republican presidential candidates will square off in their 10th debate. >> it's the last debate before super tuesday. and marco rubio, and ted cruz are expected to put you all of
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their energies toward the front-runner donald trump. and new this morning, wal-mart is pulling hover boards from its website after the government warning that the devices pose a fire risk. the wal-mart wants the supplies to proof that the board comply with safety standards. wal-mart, and amazon are among other retailers pulling hover boards from their website. tap, sparkling or water bottle sales. water bottle sales topped $15 million in 2015. new research from intel those sales in the u.s., bottle water category up to more than 6% nearly half of those surveyed say they are drinking more flavored waters to replace high sugar drinks. all right, go on out there, ask your bosses for a raise now. a new career building finds 1 in five human resource managers admit that women earn less than men within their companies. the survey of more than 3,000 workers found men are three
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times as likely to earn six figures. 614, the battle over airplane seat sides has set, airbus is thinking about a bench seat that could seat two adults and two kids. but airliners in europe are dreaming up something more comfort comfortable. >> i'm twisting. the chair is like an exoskeleton and if you look at the back of it, there's a spinal cord, and a rib cage that moves with every movement. >> that is what it looks like on the inside, and the maker says it gives you a seat that adjusts to your body. it's more comfortable to sit and even sleep for long periods of time. the twister takes up no more space than a typical economy seat and several airlines are showing interest. so it's a couple of years ago from seeing them on airplanes, though. >> and a way to get more comfortable are. the catch-22 is that the airlines pit people against each
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crammed space, and these seats are reclining. >> they're in your space, they're in your face, know. and you get mad at them, and it's not really their fault. >> i got a dude 7'3" that is seating behind me, and puts his of seat back, hey, dude can you get your hair out of my drink. the roads are in pretty good shape. i don't know if they are great, but we're not having problems. not that i have heard about out there. our map. i think most of these, though may have cleared, had an earlier issue warsaw at wood lawn, and redding and summit and one at gateway at state route 63. i think those are either in the clear up stages or have completely cleared. we do have an accident right now want to let you know about it on highway 232 at state route 756, so watch for flashing light in that area. again, as we have been saying the interstates out there are moving along okay. i have been watching salt trucks
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across the interstate. i know i past the salt tile my way in, and things were moving along out in there. they're out as we take a look at roads, there's a live look at 471, things are getting busy in the northbound as they would at this time of the morning, john, but i think it's typical out there today. maybe slower than normal because the roads are wet. we saw yesterday, with just rain, how slow things were, so keep out of there in mind. that going to slow things down. we will wonder if it's going to stick to the roadways, in those cases the answer to that is going to be warm, because the pavement is so warm. this is key to travel conditions this morning, around the metropolitan area, we have pavement temperatures which are running in the upper 30s. as you get up to batesville, oxford, the low 30s there, the only place we can find a pavement temperature below freezing. two spots has been liberty indiana, and sabine a where it's been around 31 degrees. that data is coming and going into the system.
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sticking to the roadways, there may be exceptions in the heavier snow showers, as we get into northern, clinton want and warren county, you may see snow stick to the roadways, a bridge or path briefly. if you are traveling i-71, warren in clinton county. just be tra careful this morning, that is where snow showers are falling, nearly a half an inch of snow reported at wilmington with snow showers, you will see those tailing back, highland county, adams county and even in sections of brown county this morning. you will see these move out. lingering flurries for the remaining of the morning, and more snow showers will develop through the afternoon. light snow falling around the greater cincinnati area. snow showers will be on and off today. may even mix with a little rain into the afternoon. generally an inch or less accumulation, primarily on grassy surfaces, and things will be qie quite windy throughout the day as well.
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west winds a twch of 22 as you step out the door with light snow over the at airport. low 30s through the morning with scattered snow showers coming to an end, flurries linger toward the noon hour, and then into the afternoon, we begin to see more of those scattered snow showers develop, some of these into the afternoon could be quite intense in some communities, but with temperatures in the upper 30s and a warm ground, they're not expected to cause too many problems. here is the big view, weather system from yesterday, it's pulling away from the tri-state, pushing into new york state and you can see snow showers wrapping around the backside of that especially to the north and east of downtown, cincinnati. i'm going to put things in motion, you will see more scattered snow showers developing as we take you into the afternoon hours here. here they are, pushing through the area and a hint of some rain mixed in with those by late afternoon with temperatures reading in the mid-and uppers 30s. we will be above freezing throughout the day. we will take you through tonight. snow showers and though a flurry or two may linger through tomorrow. colder in the morning.
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we will have to watch for refreeze issues tomorrow morning, with temperatures in the mid-and upper 20s and tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy day, could be a few flurries in the area, temperatures in the mid-30s, cold in the morning. skies clear out, saturday afternoon, though, we begin a warm up. i do expect highs to reach into the upper 40s to low 50s with a blend of sunshine and clouds headed for a high. and it get better for sunday, 50s saturday, near 60 on sunday, there will be a chance for a shower back by sunday evening. 37 degrees your high temperature later today, expect on and off snow showers, windy conditions, they may look quite impressive at times, accumulations an inch or less, low 30s at 8:00, 28 at midnight. snow showers, and flurries lingering 25 the low. another cold day tomorrow with a chance of flurries highs in the mid-30s, there's the 50s saturday, there's the 60 on sunday, a little cooler behind
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shower chance late sunday, early monday. 54 monday, but warming right back to 60 tuesday with rain developing tuesday, could even be some more rain and the possibility of some thunder again by the middle of next week. it's up, it's down, track it all with our free weather authority app. guys, mainly wet roads this morning. but if you're going up through warren county, clinton county, do be a little extra careful up there. the snow has been heavier that way. thank you, john. 6:21, choosing to have a baby girl. why a model or finger is causing
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ahead this morning, too much i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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all right, it's national chili day, no doubt, for many of you that cincinnati style chili. from our friend that brought to us today. >> what is your favorite chili dish, and where is it from, bob? >> the fact that i'm standing here. is the problem, so i will be there soon. >> we got barbara. that says my family likes my dump, dump chili. you take cans of chili, cans of corn, cans of rotell, spices and lots of spices, black cheese,
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cook it all day. >> that sounds really good. >> yes, to everything that barbara wrote there inside he is he is not a big cincinnati guy. real chili has brown ground beef, poe toe at a potatoes, and the closest to this, is from fridge esbut not quite there yet. that is what donald had to say. danny says my mother-in-law, give me a three-way from skyline, but now i'm hungry. no. no. because, you get it within two feet of it, and he inhales it. >> can you just take one. >> all right. we want you to join the conversation, too. there's like a local 12 page on facebook and i kind of --
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get snow showers out there right now.
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is, and a good "good morning cincinnati." you see it coming down. and the ground is so warm, and we're not getting that much. >> it's raw, make no mistake. it's cold out there. >> the winds are bleak making blowing, and it's making it feel really cold. up here in the warren and clinton county, it's been coming down a little heavier especially as you get up toward gurneyville and toward the wilmington area. we have picked up around a half an inch of snow, and wilmington is going to add to that.
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grassy surfaces. can't showers falling through highland county and through adams county, you can see those flying from west union toward the west peebles area. this shower activity is pushing away from cincinnati. there's a few flurries to the west, which will be across the area this morning. this is key to the forecast. pavement temperatures across the metro are in the upper 30s, as the snow falls generally speaking it's melting away. however, you go up toward sabine a, toward liberty, indiana, your pavement has been colder. that is why you pick up in portions of clinton county, there may be slick spots developing. there's the view, 34 degrees, 22. the wind and the cold a bigger story than the snow showers in cincinnati. 32 still snow showers hanging out, 34 at noon, and upper 30s later today. windy, we're going to see more snow showers redevelop in the afternoon than we see with mix
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generally an inch or less, of snow fall accumulation. i'm back with details on the big weekend warm up in minutes, butlet checkout the morning drive with jen. >> reporter: it doesn't look like the precipitation that is coming down is causing havoc on our roads this morning. we do have a couple problems, highway 222, an accident reported there, and then a couple more to let you know about. it's broken down at 71 at taft, it's over to the shoulder, that should be cleared soon, hamilton near rockford place, he near the north side. we had a report of possible pedestrian struck at winton and north bend. i think they're in the clean up process of that accident scene and i don't think injuries were reported. we will get you more information on that as we get t as we look at the interstates. i've been watching salt trucks going up and down the interstates, they're cautious to make sure you are safe. heavy traffic and perry shibley is out there driving live for
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she is on 275 at kentucky. heading eastbound, perry does it look like things are moving a noting although okay out there. >> reporter: yeah, things are moving along okay, we have been out for a couple of hours. we have been north, we have been west, south and now we're headed east. it's hard to tell right now, but there are flakes coming down hitting the pavement, but like you guys have been saying the pavement is warmer than the air temperature so it's melting on contact. no problem, right? not necessarily. no problem as far as snow, of course, sno snow day for those kids, but nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes happen every year on wet pavement. that according to aaa so you do want to slow down. you want to drive sensibly with roads in these conditions, and you want to make sure that you increase your following distance when you get on roads like these drivers should. at best be about 3-4 seconds
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between the car in front of them. you want to leave that much distance so you can have a proper stopping distance and then you know, you want to make sure you are using your headlights, your brake lights are in working conditions. all things that we know, right? well, you know when you're in a hurry, you're headed to work, you get out on the roads, sometimes we forget. i know i certainly do. i think everybody can say that. out here 275, we're headed toward east mont, things are looking pretty good. everybody is moving at speed. back to you. new this morning, at least 8 people are dead from the powerful storm system moving through the south into the northeast. >>yeah, those storms are bringing strong winds and drenching rain and deadly tornadoes as well. in the virginia dozen of buildings were reduced to rubble. several tornadoes touched down in pennsylvania and the carolinas. rain accumulated on roads in the new york area and throughout d.c. submerging vehicles there. when the water gets this
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cars are here and you don't know what is going to happen. >> the same storm system brought tornadoes to southern louisiana and mississippi tuesday. where three people remember killed. rescue teams continue to comb through debris for missing people. new this morning, almost 90% of drivers have been distracted. sleepy, speeding or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol within the last month. >> it's not surprising, but that is according to a new study released by aaa has found that most drivers know the difference between right and wrong, but they drive distracted and tired and under the influence. 70% of drivers talked on a cell phone in the car in the last month. one in three had a hard time keeping their eyes open while driving and 40% admit they drove through a red light that had just turned red. a local activity who is tied to the recent oregon malicious standoff is trying to get out of a federal holding facility and come back home to cincinnati. he hosted youtube show, and he claims to be a journalist, but
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since he was arrested he was declared a danger to the community and a flight risk. he and his birl grenned girlfriend, live in a an apartment. he would be willing to let the fbi search his apartment whenever they wish. developing this morning, we have an update about a local pet food pantry that helps families in need feed their pets. the cincinnati pet food pantry is looking for a new space. after seeing our story, owners of the simply storage contacted the pantry and offered some usable space. they plan to move all of their pet supplies to that new location on sunday. that is great news. the park lift will only be a size of a parking space and five of them are planned around downtown covington. the idea is to link the pedestrian friendly and showcase art in the urban corridor. it's a mock up of what they look like. the park will be temporarily and they will only be there for six months in. if life begins to sound
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hopeless and you need somebody to talk to, who would you call? a local veteran had an answer to that question. >> that's right, michelle specialist. she connects with veterans with community. last summerty took calls summer she took calls from a veteran she used to, and that may have saved his life. >> she is more than -- at easter seals. she has become a good friend. >> we try to keep it light. we talk about what happened last night, and doing okay. >> reporter: but one day this past summer, tim wasn't doing okay at all. michelle wasn't expecting the grim words she would hear on the other end of the line. >> she says, michelle, this is tim, and it's over. i knew i had not heard him like that before, and you could just tell there was a resolution in his voice.
6:36 am
was in a transitional home hoping to get his own place, but for him the situation was looking hopeless. i immediately let my partner know, jason, the other community specialist we had a veteran who was suicidal. over the course of several phone calls, tim hanging up and calling back, michelle and jason learned she was on a bus and had taken a large dose of prescription pills. >> what i'm understanding, took a significant amount because he was admitted to intensive care. >> and i figured the time is 12. i had a lethal dose, with the help of police, michelle say tim was located on a bus on central parkway. >> next to central there was cops everywhere, like they were circling around here. >> he was then taken to the va medical center to be treated. >> you don't have to be suicidal to call.
6:37 am
even if you just need someone to talk to. >> reporter: she want veterans to know that help is out there. whether it's a simple question of support, or in a case like this where you needed to be reminded that life is still worth living, help is just a call away. >> there's always tomorrow. today may not be the best day, but there's always tomorrow. >> you know, we're losing 22 veterans a day, and thankfully due to the relationship that we form with mr. brown, threat one less that we had lost that day. >> it's a remarkable story there. >> absolutely and that veteran crisis is on the screen. it's 1-800-273-8255 and we have that on the website. the we will have more with the thrives program on local 12. 6:37, 32 degrees, how much is too much? parent weigh in on homework amount and how it affects kids.
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celebrity couple is 20 minutes until 7:00, we're tracking flurries and snow showers out there. the most significant snow shower has been going around northern warren, and clinton county. we have a report just over an inch of snow in northern clinton county. we do expect snow showers on and off throughout the day. the best chance comes this morning, and endid this
6:41 am
afternoon, temperatures in the mid-30s now, upper 30s be you by later this afternoon, with more scattered snow showers in the forecast. a throft stuff is lot of this stuff is melting on contact with the snow on the ground. with more on that let's get to jen dalton. >> reporter: we have a few incidentsnon none of which are reported on the interstates. they are moving along all right. we have perry shibley driving showing us that there's no slick spot. we will see salt spots, but i will know that we're seeing typically lays, maybe a little -- delays maybe a little bit more than normal. we are seeing delays but i don't think any of them are weather related. guys, back to you. thank you, jen. >> trending now, model and host, christie tegan and her husband, john legend are expecting their first child. >> and she has not been shy
6:42 am
about sharing their journey of in vitro fertilization. she chose having a little girl. she thought that her father was would be excited bb being a father to a baby girl. she said that a boy will come along in the future. >> i follow her on twitter and she is outspoken and she will engage. she doesn't mind fehling tell you what she thinks about something. i imagine there will be backlash. >> i'm sure, because ibf can be controversial in some some sets. on a side note, is there a more beautiful woman than her. >> that child is -- >> genetically speaking she has a lot going on. >> she won the genetic lottery.
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developing right now.
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supreme court justice. apple is breaking on new security measures that will make it impossible for the government to break into an unbe locked phone. a federal judge ruled last week that apple had to help the fbi unlock the phone. apple has until tomorrow to appeal the court ruling. and apple's ceo tim cook says he is prepared to take the fight up to the supreme court. they recommend 10 minutes per night in first grade and 10 minutes per night a grade after that. by 12th grade that is two hours a night and not everyone
6:47 am
agrees on that approach. >> every night she had to do reading, phonics. >> their attention span is short. and they need to be mastering tasks, and keeping friends, and spending time with their families. the first woman you saw in the story took her kids out of school and home schooled them. they can learn other skills. thank you, mr. lincoln. >> we like it. trending now, we can share your emotions, besides writing your emotions and feelings now they come with new buttons, new faces, so you can put it all out there. check this out. let say you like an article or post or picture before. the only option is to hit the like, thumbs up button. now if you hover your mouth over that thumbs up button, you will get other options, like, and love, and wow!
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it works on desk stops. it's working on my phone. i thought it was working on the app that is updated. it's enough to turn your phone off. >> so it's reloaded. i can see this is perfect. sometimes you will make some kind of point. >> you like it. >> you don't want to like it. >> i do want one somewhere between just angry, and never post to my facebook page in your life again. maybe that could be the john lomax. >> yeah, we will make a john lomax button. >> with like fire coming out of my ears. >> somebody gets -- >> john, you can do it. you know how to do it. >> come on, john. there's more talented people out there. >> twitter is working on it right now. >> sarah will have that together in five minutes. >> yeah, five minutes. >> she will have lomax. >> go sarah!
6:49 am
sarah is a contribute or. >> the ipad, the pick of one of those millennials. very talented. we do have a couple of incident to let you know about, 71 near taft, it's a broken down truck, that has to be cleared, that has been there for a while. and hamilton at rockford place we had an accident. we had one at where there was a report of a pedestrian struck. injuries were reported there, but i think that scene is clear. as we look at i-71/i-75, you can see we're heavy from south of 275 heading out to the river. there are flashing lights over to the shoulder there, so there may be an accident to watch for. it hasn't been reported but obviously, you can see the flashing light. one area that is not heavy, 171 southbound, for the most part we have seen no real issues on the interstates because the weather out there. primarily wet roads but the decks, you got to watch the
6:50 am
>> i told you earlier, i put my dog out and i slipped. >> there it is. >> this is from the mad hatter. >> tell us why the decks would be slick. >> it's a combination of things, it's the albido. >> say it how i can understand it. [ laughter ] >> the deck is colder, jen. >> there we go. >> colder than the road. >> because it doesn't absorb as much warmth and sunlight. anyway, matt, thank you for that picture where we got a dusting of snow on the decks. we are looking at the 275 loop. snow showers uncan to move out of warren ksh continue to move out of warren county to the west of wilmington: we had a report of 1.3 inches of snow in the morning. some areas in clinton county getting an inch and snow showers around hillsborough. a few continuing to push through parts of brown and adams county as well. so some morning snow showers,
6:51 am
we're going to see more of these develop during the course of the afternoon. and here is why we're not seeing huge issues on the roadways. pavement temperatures generally are up in the upper 30s, at last check we had a temperature of liberty, indiana, and 32 at sabine a, but everywhere else we're above freezing. there's the atrium cam weather view. we will see more showers today. most of them are an inch or additional less accumulation into the afternoon. wind will be quite windy. most of that accumulation will occur on grassy surfaces, or on decks. west winds at 21, it's cold, a windchill of 22 degrees, you will notice temperatures ranging from around the freezing mark in oxford to around 30 in williams town, hillsborough, 31, middletown 37 degrees. so a few degrees either side of freezing. low 30s on average through the morning. snow showers ending, some flurries will linger through the morning and into the afternoon, we see the redevelopment of
6:52 am
scattered snow showers, which may bring an additional inch of accumulation in some spots. upper 30s late day. some of those snow showers may mix with a little rain as we get warmer this afternoon. this is part of a big area of low pressure that brought the rain yesterday. it's exiting to the northeast of us, on the back of it, we have the snow showers continuing. but these are going to start to taper off as we get through the evening. with the little disturbance, more snow showers, by tonight, they're gone. they may linger as it may come off of lake michigan into tomorrow morning. do expect flurries, and isolated snow shower, especially north of cincinnati tomorrow morning. a cold day coming tomorrow. we will be in mid-30s for highs tomorrow, but by saturday, we start to see warmer air work back in here. look at this weekend forecast, it's a good-looking forecast, up to 50s saturday with a blend of sun and clouds, and i and by sunday we touch 60 degrees, a chance for some showers will be back by sunday evening.
6:53 am
redevelop into the afternoon, 37 downtown, wilmington 34, lebanon at 35, hamilton with a high of 36, and out of west union, also up to 36. in northern kentucky, snow showers may mix with some rainshowers, 38 in dry ridge, 37 in augusta and in covington a high of 37. we will see more scattered snow showers in southeast indiana this afternoon, windy and cold. connorsville at 33. versailles up there 35 degrees. tonight snow showers in, flurries linger, low 30s at 8. a low tomorrow morning around 25, mid 30s, cold tomorrow chance for flurries, and then there's the weekend warm up, 50 saturday, near 50 degrees on sunday, there's a front that comes through on sunday night, early monday bring a chance for a shower and then we're going to cool off a little bit behind the that front on monday. 54, the back to 60 with rain developing tuesday and a good bet for rain possibly, even some thunder by the middle of next week. 54 there on wednesday, wow! it's up and down quite a bit here on your weather authority forecast.
6:54 am
you can track it when you're away from your tv or computer with the weather authority app. guys, back to you. thank you, john. a healthier way to start
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airbus is filing a patent to accommodate more seats on a plane. it's national chili day and we will give you a chance to win a $50 gift card to skyline. that sounds good. friends, maybe this sounds good. it doesn't sound good breakfast to start your day. mcdonald's knows this. and now the restaurant is adding more variety to your morning. rolling out low carb bowls. of egg white. you like that, jen. >> i don't like the saucage. >> and another had scramble egg and chorizo saucage, now you're speaking my language. >> that is not low carb at all. >> i know, it's 460, but it also has pico did he de gallo. >> right now these are being
6:58 am
tested in california. >> i want them to be tested here. >> the chicken and waffles. >> they have to move to columbus.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic rescue is unfolding after wild weather cap sizes a fishing boat near new york city. powerful storms lead a trail of deadly destruction across the east. is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to hide.


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