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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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time. pjoins us now to tell us what she's been able to find out. you, john. the crash happened about a mile from where i'm standing on 321 here in highland county. the students on board that bus were on the way here to white weeks high school. investigators say the bus driver was slowing down, preparing to pick up a student. whennen a suv ran into the back of the bus. state troopers say it was still fairly dark at the time of the crash. none of the students on the bus saw the suv or had time to prepare for the impact. the driver of the suv, a 54-year-old woman, died at the scene. four students were taken to the hospital with minor neck and back injuries. keith marcher and his wife heard the crash and went out to help. >> wife knocked on the windows, driver's windows of the vehicle,
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and i had a light just trying to control traffic, because it is a straight stretch of road and people tend to drive a little faster on this road. >> it's tragic, especially when it hams on a school bus. more of the kids are behind it and witnessed it and kids waiting in to be picked up. and that's something that will stick with them for a long time. >> reporter: certainly a very sad scary moment for everyone involved. the students on that bus, a second bus was sent to the crash scene. those students were brought back day. since then we're told that their parents had been contacted and most of them have gone home. shawn, back to you. >> all right, carrie, thank you so much for that. meantime, the troopers have not released the name of the victim, but find the latest on our website, cincinnati's police union spoke out this morning about an activist group who spoke out about information on police officers.
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files of 52 police officers. they say they're doing this in reaction to last week's fatal police shooting of paul gaston. john has been following the story all morning, joins us with the latest. good afternoon, joe. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. the groups released links to data information to that information. our attempts to check those links have all failed. they show those pages have been removed. police do not like their home addresses becoming public but the fop says the officers are not in a panic, just taking extra precautions. the video released shows a man wearing a guy fox mask, who attempted to blow up parliament in the 17th century, the man in the auto tune vice claims cincinnati police shot gaston when he had his hands in the air. their video doesn't show gaston reachings for his police band, show. the group compares their video to the nonshooting of a white suspect under saidlar circumstances by mount healthy
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the group says it will release officer information any time something like this happens. fop president dan hill told properties this morning that officers are aware of the files. overreacting. >> i think an overreaction would be exactly what these folks would like to see. they would like to see me or the police administration upset, yelling, screaming about this. >> now, once again, group released links to that officer information. but when we attempted to access them this morning, they had been removed. it is alarming for police, shawn, but most of the information is already available to anyone who is willing to commit to searching public records. john. >> all right. thank you, joe. and police sweat unit is actually investigating the release of this information. at this point, they were not confirmed they were actually hacked because as joe noted much
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more of that information tonight at 6. we expect to learn more today about an arrest in what police call a major drug investigation. cincinnati police say the investigation was a cooperative effort that involved their officers atf and other law enforcement. they are set to hold a news conference and we'll be there and bring you more on or local news cast and also on a county is suing the city of cincinnati who of is in charge of the sewer district. the city is flagrantly has previously disregarded a court order that the county has final say on sewer operations and that the city has to do what the county says. mayor is expected to respond this afternoon. while this may all seem like a legal process, it may impact you because sewer rates have increased rapidly in the last coming years and who is in in charge can affect who you pay. a man on bond, after leading police on a chase this weekend.
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robbery, resisting arrest and failure to comply. police say she stole a u-haul van saturday night and when colrain police tried to pull her over, the chase ensued. a police dog bit her after harris got out of got out of the way. 460,000 dollar bail. i hope you enjoyed the weekend weather. the cool down begins again. here's meteorologist scott weather. >> an abundance of mid and upper level clouds in the tristate this afternoon. and highs today mid to upper 40s. no, sir quite as warm as we were yesterday afternoon. certainly nowhere close to where we were saturday afternoon and high clouds will continue to move into and out of the ohio valley as we venture through the evening and throughout the overnight. down to 37 for the start of local 12 news live at 11. this afternoon, sun, but filtered, mainly just mid and upper level clouds.
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doppler hd with dry air getting pumped in close to the ground out of the northeast sustained between 5 and 15 miles this afternoon. temperature now 39 in ma take bah, 45 at the national airport. hamilton at 45. wilmington a temperature of 36. factor in the wind, wind chills in the 20s for some. 30 for most. cooler than the temperature map the wind. tomorrow. we have rain and scattered for wednesday. and then we see signs of winter return as we near the weekend. we'll address the potential for snow later this week. and also talk about how much rain will fall wednesday in 10 minutes. john. >> all right. scott, thank you.
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p the uber driver accused of kalamazoo michigan over the weekend is expected to be arraigned this afternoon. as investigators continue to look for a motive. 45-year-old jason dalton shot 8 people at three different locations killing six of them. kenneth has more on what we know right now. >> reporter: investigators say 45-year-old jason dalton picked his victims at random, killing six people and seriously injuring two others. the uber driver began his
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complex in kalamazoo saturday night and then killed a 17-year-old and his father at a car dealership and then gunned down four women at a cracker barrel. surveillance video led to dalton's arrest early sunday morning. dalton is a former insurance adjuster and father of two. he'sing with arraigned at the county courthouse monday as investigators search for a motive. >> there is no connection that we're aware of between the three sets of victims to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton. >> reporter: dalton had no criminal history before the rampage and uber says he passed a background check. investigators say he may have shooting spree. mark dalton and his friend got nervous in calculate ton pulled up in a black chevy hrr matching the one that they were looking for. i said something to him, hey, this is an hrr, you're not the guy, are you. and he said no. >> reporter: they came together
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tried to make sense of the senseless. kenneth greg, kalamazoo, michigan. >> the first victim, a woman, who was shot at an apartment complex is expected to survive. and the 14-year-old girl shot at the cra,er barrel. was originally declared dead dead doctors said until she of squeezed her mother's hand. donald trump coming off a big victory in nevada as you know. but now onto nevada where marco rubio and ted cruz claims they can pull off an upset. hillary clinton won the jackpot to south carolina where she hopes to continue to hold off bernie sanders. a judge is expected to continue today as whether the lawsuit of the sandy hook massacre can go forward. a adam lavin shot and killed students. ar 15 rifle used in the attack.
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the 2005 federal law designed to protect federal lawmakers from liability when their guns are used in crimes. passage of the potential arms act. nearly every lawsuit against gun
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why the ceo is fighting the next on local 12 news .
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back into the fray over fbi demands. the fbi wants the company to hack the iphone used bid the shooter in the san bernardino attack. in an early morning e-mail to employees says the government should withdraw the demand and the data security of hundreds of millions of law abiding people are at stake. it sparked a debate on government power, privacy, digital rights, public safety and security. here's something we haven't said in a while, gas prices are going up. aaa says the national average for a gallon of gas rose for four days in a row last week as the price of crude oil rises. still drivers are paying about 66 cents less per gallon than they did last year at this time. lumber liquidate tors prices plunging today. the retailer sold flooring made in china exceeded u.s. and health safety limits from for mild hide.
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to get cancer than the agency previously thought. the dow jones is up 209 point. the nasdaq up 58 points. you can catch the market closing
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rising from the cyclone. at least 22 people have died from the result of that storm. which lasted over the weekend. the prime minister of fiji says there's widespread flooding and damaging. remote areas have been shut off. the country, though, is no longer under curfew. the international airport is also reopened but as a precaution, all schools will be shut down this week. of course, the cyclone is a hurricane in our atmosphere. >> there are different names for those around the globe. with he know them as hurricanes in the atlantic. >> yeah, powerful storm. >> nothing too powerful our way in the next 48 hours. just high clouds this afternoon, high clouds tomorrow. enjoy this relatively quiet stretch because the pattern gets active later on in the week. ic auto likely soaking rain on wednesday and a shot of snow as the area of low pressure that brings rain wednesday pulse out of the ohio valley on thursday. still too early to make a call on snowfall totals and specific rain fall totals wednesday into
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but we'll learn more as the week goes on. temperatures rise into the mid and upper 40s this afternoon. we have an abundance of mid and up every level clouds helping to filter out sun. you will see no rain, no snow today. way too warm for snow this afternoon. but we're noticesablely cooler as we get into the start of the workweek. we topped out at 359 yesterday in cincinnati. i have us going up to 48. i updated on and the local 12 news weather authority app. if you don't have our app, join the tens of thousands that have the app. also at, if you have wrael time streaming video of our weatherly cas. temperature 43 up in college hill and star 64 transmitting tower. wind chills 40 degrees winds out of the north sustained between 5 and 10 miles an hour. much cooler today, but still above our average high. we've gradually stepped down. high temperatures over the last two to three days.
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tomorrow, even though we just have mid and upper level clouds today. tomorrow. we have rain coming for wednesday. one to two inches of rain. so heavy rain at times for midweek. and then we see a change over to snow late tuesday night and into thursday. last check it's 34 in peebles, monroe's is at 39 degrees. college hill and lawrenceburg are each at 40. factor in the wind wind chills, down to 30s and lower 40s for most. we'll continue to rise at least a couple of degrees for the rest of the afternoon. high clouds coming in for the south and southwest. all of these high clouds due to showers and thunderstorms south. there will be no rain close to cincinnati this afternoon. notice here, looking at satellite and radar data, no precipitation anywhere close to cincinnati, also on our own precision doppler hd.
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high clouds coming through, helping to filter out sunlight. tonight. might see a ring around the -- a ring around the moon this evening. trying to keep track of many different things of a ring around the moon this evening. that's just because there are ice crystals in the upper levels of the atmosphere and that hems to retract the moon light. we'll also be quiet overnight, quiet tomorrow, about you with increasing clouds. and we'll gradually see rain overspread the tristate on wednesday. maybe heavy at times. one to two inches of rain, as this power house of pressure comes through. the temperature comes through by 3:00, down to 46 by 5:00 this afternoon. 48 is where we'll be by 10:00 tonight. starting a good morning cincinnati tomorrow, back down to where we started today, 35, 40 degrees. breezy with scattered thunderstorms on wednesday. no severe weather expected at this point on wednesday.
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winds, perhaps small hail possible with any small storms able to materialize in the ohio valley. with blowing snow shock to system on thursday be and then back to sun as we get to the weekend. forecast will be updated momentarily at, if you missed mid part of this forecast, check at 1:00, we'll have your video up there ready for you to view. >> if you like to take patient ictures of the moon tonight, it will be a unique opportunity. >> you're going to be one of those guys.
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i like new information now on the that drug bust involving cincinnati police and bureau of tobacco company and firearms we told you early in the news cast, we have this picture and shows what the team recovered while making the bust. piles of cash and drugs. it all involves an entertainment company called fvd. investigators believe that company has donned much of the crime in west end. afternoon. be sure to join us then beginning at local 12 news first at 4. whether you think a 13-year-old can change the world? this one might change your mind.
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day one on this planet, i knew i was put on here for a reason. >> okay. max owen wants to make the world a better place, to do that, he knows you need one single thing, that's electricity, he converted his parents old boiler room into a lab. he got to work. electromagneter harvester, a coffee can that conducting energy and turns it into electricity. good for him. all right. one last check of weather. >> my science, tells me high clouds around this afternoon. nowhere as smart as that guy. 48 the high for today.
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choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to h elp you have better health for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. >> adam: you sacrificed your own grandson to prove how ruthless you can be. congratulations. >> victor: do i need to remind you that that luca santori guy was able to blackmail you more than once -- in fact, twice -- by threatening you to expose noah's bad behavior? well, i eliminated that, all right? and that peacock and his family will follow. >> adam: well, i wouldn't get too cocky if i were you. luca's on to you and marco annicelli, so that threat is still alive. >> victor: not for long, okay? >> adam: okay. what's the plan? >> victor: i want you to step back. >> adam: you want me to step back, whether i want to or not.


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