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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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will get to the top stories coming up in just a moment. finally that warmer weather is here. the day is finally here. >> a little gusty, john, too. winds are going to get strong, concerned about that, we cleared downtown cincinnati 39 degrees, and the winds out of the south at 15, into the afternoon we're going to begin to see higher gusts. all quiet on radar, clouds from overnight have cleared the area and we're going to see sunshine to start out the day. a wind advisory goes from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., winds could gust over 40 miles per hour over the course of the afternoon, this could give us power outages, and secure anything around your yard today, because the wind will get gusty. mid-50s at noon, and low 60s with a few clouds rolling in by late this afternoon. weekend starts out warm. it ends on a wet note.
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now let's check the friday morning drive with jen. >> reporter: good morning, we're quiet to start the friday morning commute. let's hope it stays that way. as we look around at our maps, no accidents reported at this time. we will show you a couple of different spots around the tri-state. cincinnati dayton. no problems to report, i'm seeing more people drive in both northbound and southbound, same thing here, i-75, near the western hills viaduct, from downtown up to 275, we have no well. no matter where we look this morning around the tri-state, we are good to go. we see no issues. developing the leader of the cincinnati police uninot uniunion, suicide by cop. it turns out it was an air soft gun. before the shooting 911 call came in about gatson. his girlfriend reported he was
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recording with their phones asked him to comply with the officer's orders. my demand daughter was with me, also, she was 10-year-olds, she was traumatized by the incident. i'm still here. if you are in that situation, just comply, and let them sort it out later. the mayor says that the officers were justified in their actions. police are still investigating after a pedestrian was hit along i-75, this happened at the western hills via duct. three cars were involved in the crash around 10:00. we are still waiting to here if a down to restaurant will reopen today after a grease fire in the kitchen. it happened at 6th street around 10:00. firefighters say no one there was hurt. you know that sinking feeling, kind of a jarring, when your car's tire hits a pothole
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>> reporter: good morning to you, john. there's a definite need especially this time of the year. what the city of cincinnati does, is you can use your phone one. now we're in clifton, off of clifton avenue, on warner street and we are told that pothole is here just about every year. look at how big it is, this is significant, because a new study from aaa says that american drivers have spent $15 billion in vehicle repairs over the last five years, and that's breaking that down is approximately $3 billion a year. no small changes at all, but aaa says the numbers prove americans are paying the price for bad roads. experts believe more funding is
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and while certain people did increase road repair, congress did increase money for road repairs in 2015, aaa says an additional 170 billion is needed per year, and they want the roads to be a priority. now of course, you can never avoid all holes in the pavement and aaa says there are things that you can do to prevent damage to your vehicle. drivers should ensure that tires are properly inflated and have the right amount of tread depth, because that is the only cushion between a pothole and your vehicle. >> we like to see attention placed on the road repair issue, because billions of dollars a year, that's a costly problem, and most drivers that are experiencing the problem, it's not a 1-time thing. they're spending an average of $300 one year and it happens
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>> reporter: pothole season not over yet. this particular pothole you can see where repairs have been made, the road crews have been out here in years past, and solved the problems as quickly as they can. like i said, for instance, this you know with was reported to the city of cincinnati already, so hopefully they will be out here before too long. definitely something to keep in mind. we're not done with this pothole season yet, it typically ends in march after all the winter weather depose you. if you want to report a pothole at the city of cincinnati, can you do that online, go to, and we have a link there. donald trump is on the defensive right now, and it's campaign. he is in a surprising war of words with pope francis. his trip home from mexico, the pope was asked about building a
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the a person who thinks about building walls and not building bridges is not christian. donald trump is offedded. >> it's not only insulting to christians. >> i think that the pope is coming from it from the aspect that is he is concerned about the humanity of the immigrants, and i think trump is looking at it as political. and trump was more conciliatory at a town meeting, saying he has a lot of respect for the pope and thinks that the pope was misinterpreted. eg is planning a nice spot at the former johnny rocket's space. eg's will open this season. they run pavilion, le shea, and a couple of keystone and bar
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>> it sounds like i place that might be hopping after a reds game. >> yes. >> and other places that are successful so they know the right formula for it. a new way to operate on
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in separations can save a brain tumor can be a difficult diagnosis. at hunts man institute surgeons are using a tool that allows them to visualize removing a tumor more precisely to save lives. monica brown lost her mother to bladder cancer just months before she was diagnosed. >> it was harder to my dad and brother, because i had surgery two months later understands 2008, monica had surgery to remove a slow-growing tumor, but now years later, it's back the tumor was in anal dangerous place. she has language function, and motor function that is close to where the tumor is at this time. >> reporter: that is why randy johnson is using advanced technology.
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we have an eye scanner, this specialized mri moves on mounted rails in the operating room. allowing surgeons to check after the surgeries as to whether any tumor tissue remains. >> it's helpful in her current situation where things are closer to the important functions than they were first time around. i think i'm taking most aggressive approach. >> reporter: new technology and advances in brain surgery on giving monica a fighting chance. >> it's more important than ever that i need to be here for my kids. the monica surgery was a success and she went home to her husband and kids three days later. she is doing well, and she is going to start radiation treatments soon. if you want to learn more about the advancements, and cancer surgery, visit cancer horse how a med student pulled
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how it's 6:14, we're tracking breaking news out of libya where u.s. war trains struck an isis camp.
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right now military officials are trying to figure out whether a high ranking operative was killed in this strike. the tannishia operative was linked to two major attacks in ta nishia last year. and they are trying to win voters before the weekend's caucus and pry mares primaries? >> laura one of the feminist leader in the country, made him an honorary woman. john kasich opened up to voters. he opened up to voters who described himself as depressed and later he opened up about his musical taste. the boy is one of them. i like lincoln park, and 21 pilots, you know, stressed out. i didn't see that one coming. i did not see lincoln park coming from john kasich. the republican primary,
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caucuses are being held in nevada tomorrow. trending now a canadian island it telling americans to move on up if donald trump is elected president. trenton highland is along nova nova scotia. and was started as a joke by a talk host up there. now it's a website. the website has been flooded with inquiries, it's beautiful, and housing say bargain, their motto, your heart will never leave. in this morning, president barack obama is signing off on new satisfactions against north korea. they are punishment for kim jong-un's regime, and several of the tests. anyone suspected of being involved in human rights abuse in north korea. one in three adults do not get enough sleep. that is cording to a new study
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they recommend adult 18-60 years old, sleep at least 7 hours each night for food health. that is -- good health. that is cute. people would are employed appear to get a better night sleep along with people who get a cleaning degree and who are married. i got a college degree, i'm married, but i haven't seen 7 hours of sleep, i don't know, man, in 22 years. a sick little girl is finding an unlikely love at the hospital. watley met a medical student shaw while he was on rotation, and he found that katie did not have a valentine and sided to change that. >> it's unfair, because none of her friends have to do that, they're not in a situation. >> katie relapsed with leukemic tumors on both of her optic numbers, and recently had bone marrow transplant. and two of his friends brought her a surprise.
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hello kitty, and tried to sing katy perry to her. her laughter was the best part and how carefree she got to be for just a few hours. that's a valentine. >> that's being more than the person that comes in that is taking care of kaitlyn. that is recognizing a real need. the difference between a clishian and a doctor. >> it that is special. >> he will be a great doctor. >> that was great stuff. look at the roads, jen, how are we doing? >> reporter: we are doing well, we did have an accident that just popped occupy. popped up, this is new, right at 212, the airport access roads, if you are headed to the airport may see flashing lights at petersburg near the airport access road. that is the only incident right now. i do not wa to remind you, if you work or live downtown there's going to be construction, not construction,
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at 9:00 a.m. between 14 and liberty, they're going to have 14 street closed that will be at music hall. it's kind of excite fg you live down exciting if youlive down there. if you drive around the interstate, traffic is picking up at most typical spot. 275, near loveland ma madeira, and we're off to a good start for friday morning. it's getting warm out there, traffic looks good, and it's friday. temperatures have been rising this morning, jen, we're up to 40 at the international airport. we are going to be in the 60s today. >> oh, my gosh, i can't wait. >> it's going to be gorgeous, but one problem we can't see that the wind. it will get gusty during the course of the afternoon. those wind could gust over 40 miles per hour later today. but a big warm upcoming, with the wind today, tomorrow, even sunday looks warm are but rain will move in by sunday. 40 at the airport, and the wind out the south sustained at
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clear, those winds will get stronger into the afternoon. up to 44 by 8:00, by noon. we're at 55 degrees, sunshine and with that sunshine will come some gusty winds during the course of the afternoon, we will top out around 61 late day, skies become partly cloudy and then the clouds will increase a bit into the evening with temperatures in the upper 50s by 6:00 and 7:00. this is a wind advisory. it's in effect for everyone from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., sustained winds, 15-25 miles per hour, that is not bad, but it's the gusts which could go over 40 miles per hour later today that could potentially produce some scattered power outages, later this afternoon. i want to show you the wind. here are the wind coming out of the south, southwest today. notice the arrows are going to get more of a shade of green and yellow to work on the way in the afternoon. that is going to indicate winds upwards of 35-45 miles per hour out of the southwest later today.
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the winds still breezy, but they're going to calm down somewhat as we head on down to around 8:00 tonight. 40 degrees here in cincinnati, 61 st. louis, tulsa at 64, warm air starting to flood in here, we're 11 degrees warmer now than what we were 24 hours ago. much warmer in the nation's midsection, and the warm up is coming in advance of a cold front which is back in iowa and illinois. that will arrive here tonight. it doesn't have much moisture with it. it falls part over us, but it will lead to increasing clouds by this evening. if we're out and about this evening, maybe going out to grab some dinner or something, there's a possibility you could see a sprinkle, especially by late this evening. clouds moving out right now. late radar, and clear scan, rain in here sunday. 63 saturday, 54 on sunday, still mild, but wet conditions are expected on sunday. let me step you through it. sun today, a few late day clouds, 61 degrees, cloud cover around tonight, it's around 10:30, cut the little sprinkles
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we're in the 40s, tomorrow afternoon lots of sunup to 63 degrees tomorrow afternoon, looking good and we take you through tomorrow night. clouds roll in, here comes some rain sunday morning, temperatures in the 40s, and we will see showers sunday moving out by late afternoon, but still mild with highs in the mid-50s. partly cloudy, windy and the wind relax tonight mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles around, the low of 47. 60 tomorrow, rain sunday, 50s, and monday and tuesday we're back in the upper 40s, chance of rain returns late tuesday with some rain and snow showers wednesday into early thursday, and by wednesday and thursday we're back to near normal with high temperatures in the lower 40s. track the showers on sunday with the free weather authority app. grab that in the app store and the google play. bob and sheila, back to you. chicken and waffles in a sandwich to go. the restaurant trying to make
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you know who that is? >> i know because i looked.
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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25:00, trending now, the starbucks is making the -- the starbucks is making no reference to the books or movie. the drink described in the movie as a less sickly butterscotch. a new breakfast food being tested at macdonald chicken and waffles. it's a chicken patty surrounded by sweet buns. the restaurant in ohio are testing this out, and if possible it will be -- if it's popular, all the restaurants will carry it. >> it sounds good but it's technically not chicken and waffles, because it's a bun not a waffle. >> why are we getting -- >> the mcgriddle is a wafflelet. >> if you want a real chicken and waffles, you don't go to mickey d's. >> is there in this conversation. today is international -- [ laughter ] >> go on facebook, bob.
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you like to do, what you liked to do as a kid getting out and summer camp that stuff. we will take you down a green meme -- --down memory lane. this is great, because you can see michael picturing this in his head. the last time i had recess was in 8th grade in 1982. the favorite game of sports wear, we had serious competition daily. i remember being in line waiting to get that first square ready to burn out my first victim just like it was yesterday. >> yes. >> i like that, michael, very much. checking it out, jason, says by far, the big parachute, the school had one, you know. you get everybody around this big parachute and sometimes you put bean bags in the middle. >> i remember, i remember! >> one more, dodge ball, hands ball, down dodge ball. next to football what is not to
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with a big red rubber ball. >> it hurt sometimes. >> you speak to boys, it wasn't a matter of hitting somebody. you wanted to hit to hurt them. i don't know what it is that brought up out the prime alpart of you. >> and there was a rule, you can't hit anybody in the head. >> but you tried. >> i was going for the leg. >> and i got -- i did, and i bumped, it affected you.
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>> we want you to
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kentucky govern has to say about that. what goats will be running around the grasses the cemetery. >> i'm often distracted by goats be it real or fictional. you made it a warm weekend away. i was thinking about how hutchy it's going to be because everything is melting. it's warm, and you want it gushy and mushy. >> it's 61. >> i will take the 61. >> i had an 8-year-old girl come yesterday and trek mud all over my house. >> we are going to warm into the 60s today and tomorrow. this is our atrium medical center weather camera. 18 at the airport. winds sustained out of the south at 16. it's quite breezy. it's going to become quite windy this afternoon. we have a wind advisory from 10:00 to morning until 7:00 this evening. wind will be sustained anywhere from 15-25 miles per hour, but at times those be wind gusts could approach 40 miles per hour or greater into the afternoon.
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it could produce scattered power outages. if you drive a high-profile vehicle, a van an suv be careful. radar quiet. nothing on the old radar, kids going off to the bus stop. we will continue to warm in the low 40s, by lunchtime, mid-50s, sun with a few clouds, late day we were in the low 60s but it will be windy through the afternoon under partly cloudy skies. the weekend starts warm, the weekends wet, and i will have more on that in a minutes, right now let's checkout traffic with jen. >> reporter: we only have one incident on our map right now. it's a good way to start our friday with a few problems that we have had this morning. petersburg road, right near the airport access road 212 may still see flashing light because of an earlier accident. now as we look around at our interstates, they have been quiet out there. we haven't had any problems since around 3:00 this morning. that incident cleared. a look at 75, dayton, not up in 75, i am starting to see more
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heading toward i-71, but no delays yet. even i-71/i-75 not seeing major delays, heavy from the cut-in-the-hill up to the ohio river. not a bad way to start friday morning. if we see any problems, we will let you know about it. we do have construction and back to you, john. cincinnati police need your help to find this missing pleasant ridge woman. donna day vives was last seen by her ex-boyfriend on monday. they're concerned because her purse and wallet were found in her apartment and she has custody of her grandchildren. those kids are safe. right now. if you know anything that can help, call police. the battle over how to replace the brent spence bridge is heating up today. the governor is support of thing a new bill that bans tolls on a project connecting kentucky and hey high. more than a year ago, john kasich, and bashir said this they would use tolls to get the
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bevines say he is working to protectedded. >> i used to live in california. that what you do in the oakland bridge, it's no big deal. people get used to it. >> we give and give, that burden ought to fall elsewhere. the governor bevines will be in the tri-state, and local 12 visit. you have a case of wonder lust but you don't want to break the bank to travel the world. starting today, you can live vicariously through sinnians who have. we are joined live at the cincinnati museum where a new exhibit is about to hope today. a cool step out there. >> reporter: these are items that have been ect enclosed by cincinnatians and those with ties to the area from their travels around the world, and one family in particular, their story sounds like something straight out of a movie, but
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in 1928 with big travel plans in mind, julia fleshman had the largest and most expensive personal yacht in america built, called the camargo. >> they took a cruise around the world with a crew of 36, all sort of people, and it took them more than a year before they came back. >> reporter: collect a lot of artifact along the way. >> there are shields, there are masts, tools, anything you can think of, they brought back. >> reporter: also bringing back in abundance of photos. they hired professional photographer amosburg to document their travels, and it's a good thing they did, because one of part of their trip is particularly interesting. it's not everyday that you help rescue castaways. that's right, bob says after leaving the panama canal they island. when they got there, they saw that some shacks had been built. they found a note that there were three castaways who were shipwrecked and at that time they were on the other side of
6:36 am
so they called for the uss navy. >> reporter: the three shipwrecked men were saved. the fleshmen don't just have the pictures to prove it. they brought back the castaway's handwritten note asking for help what you can see for yourself at the exhibit. a lot of these things it's first time ever, this stuff has been seen. >> reporter: and this is just one part of the exhibit. see. >> we have stuff from every continent on the planet. >> reporter: and i was telling you guys, just how well documented this trip was. when you come to the exhibit, they have the video from the their voyage of all the places that went. cool stuff to see and it start today, and it's going to run through the end of june. back to you, guys? megan, thank you. i got to get out of the house more. the exhibit is included in the cost of admission at the history museum. can you find more about that
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goats are helping with landscaping needs. the goats will be manning the ground at the spring field cemetery. they are testing them to see if they can help control invasive plants. the goal is for the goats to chomp down an acre of weeds. they have been another in parts in covington. we have seen them at work before before. the spring training is going on underway in arizona. catcher david mesraco whose season was cut short by bayed hip says he has full reasonable of motion. he is good -- range of motion, he is good to go. and it's as if the weather we are having this weekend, is not sign that things are warm enough, we got this. >> 45 days until opening day. >> the clock is ticking. >> all right, hacking all over the office and the classroom,
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when it go to the doctor. is anybody here? is everybody ready? hit it!
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a star on the football field isis 20 minutes until 7,
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low 60s late day. yes, low 60s. windy as we move into the arch, wind advisory from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. it makes strong gusts through the afternoon. the weekend start warm, end wet, back with more on that in minutes. looking at the roads, it's been quiet out there with self hours at this point w he do have a couple of new incidents that have popped up, one in ka narked, and mitchell are. an accident in redding. we thought there was a possible entrapment on this accident scene be but there's not. we see flashing light and one more accident near petersburg, potential flashing lights there. our interstates do not look too bad, volume of traffic are picking up. back to you. should is sheila's favorite story.
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it's a different spot light. >> edty george made his story winning the heisman after a pro football career. >> he decided to start over. something no one would ever expect. >> i don't care about -- >> diamond rings >> yeah, drama classes and voiceless sons went through an audition for broadway and a role that is billy flint in chicago. >> it was important for me that the ensum be, looking at me as a gimmick. it's a guy athlete. >> how is your foot work? >> yes, he does. >> good feet. >> i love it. >> billy flinn is not just a cameo. >> that's a big role. >> that entire production
6:43 am
serious theater. he played julius caesar in the national shakespeare of whatever they called the project down there. so he has taken on really big roles, and good for him. he is not pigeon holed in some roles. >> in the movie version, that was -- >> that's cool. >> threat very cool. >> it really is. >> threat what i'm going to do after this job. >> there you go. >> good to have a plan. >> you got good feet. >> no. [ laughter ] >> i don't have anything. >> assembling law. the touching reason a loving brother and sister are crying,
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of happiness. well can back, everyone, happening today, thousands of people will pay their final respects to the justice scalia. >> president obama is going to be there, as the body lies ra pose be but they're not going to the funeral. jeb bush is breaking with fellow republicans who want to leave it to the next president to decide. >> we should be respectful of the constitution, but whatever
6:47 am
presidency, the president ought to use them. >> a minority leader, harry reed is expecting the president to announce his nomination. scalia's son paul who is a priest will celebrate his funeral at the basilica of washington d.c. hacking coughs. doctors say this time of year, most people have a cough from post nasal drip. if you have a cough it might be asthma, but if the cough is wet, happy breakfast, that could be a sign of pneumonia. if you have a hacking cough, with a high pitch, that could mean whooping cough. coughing up any blood, make sure to see a doctor immediately. this view is such a tree light. >> it's a special treat for visitors at yosemite national park. it's called firewall. and it happens only around this
6:48 am
the object tick ali lugs, it optic ali lugs, but it's the sun through a water fall. >> that is great. sibling stories end in tears, they don't have to because of a fight. sometimes it's because of happiness. one mom's video is going viral and it's all because it's showing the love and kindness between a brother and a sister. >> they hug it out, after she got a hamster, a big a big ale got extra money for her birthday.
6:49 am
they got the hamster and surprised daniel. he is very, very happy to meet covi. i don't think so. my brothers are like beta fish. >> they restarted the fire. >> it's pretty incredible. i would defend my brothers to the hilt, but i'm not giving them anything. that's pretty much how i was with my little brother. there could have been ulterior motives, because those hamsters don't run on the wheel. >> oh! >> jen, how are we doing on the roads this morning. >> reporter: it's a quiet friday morning. for the most part, we had earlier accident that caused major headaches, around i-71, that is clearing out of the way. only a couple of problems, martin luther king, you will see the remnants of an earlier
6:50 am
we have one reported at ka narked and mitchell. that one is still on the nap, and 212, the airport access road, will see flashing light. do have construction, not construction, it's street car testing today that is going to close elm street between 14 and liberty. they will have that closed, street car testing so if you want to watch that, that is going to be near washington park north of that, and near music hall. watch for that to be closed between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m., as we look at interstates, although volume of traffic picking up, i-71-75, and 471 all the usual hotspots but no unusual delays on the interstates. excellent news there. 60s today. >> scisz for 60s for two days. >> my kids were outside playing, and it was like 44. it feels like spring, it's going to feel like summer in the next two days.
6:51 am
the one problem is wind jen especially late morning through the afternoon. the winds are going to pick up. you drive the high-profile vehicle, van, that sort of thing, be careful, from the gusty wind from the southwest, could gust 40 miles per hour at times into the afternoon. sustained 50 to 25, sinned wind advisory from 5 to 7:00. the arrows, and the bigger are they are the stronger the wind. breezy conditions, but the winds pick up in the afternoon, and those are green arrows here indicating the winds will be up through there between 45 and 25 miles per hour from the southwest. tonight those wind are going to begin to calm down across the area, so we will begin to see the wind relax as we move through the evening. already a gust of 20 miles per hour out in batavia. we are starting to see the winds getting gustier this morning. checkout the view from the
6:52 am
pretty skies, guys, we have brew have view biffle skies, that is from college hill. oh -- beautiful skies, that is from college hill. what a great start. oxford where the sun is beginning to peek up after over the horizon. a big warm up over the next couple of days as we get into the 60s, 20 degrees above-normal, and then rain will push into the area on sunday, 40 right now, temperatures have been rising on the south wind sustained at 15 at the airport. we start in the 40s make our way into the mid-50s at noon, things start to become windy later this morning into this afternoon, 61 late today, and then some clouds roll in later this afternoon, they will thicken into the evening, could find a sprinkle about the area by this evening. 40 here, 60s to our west as the warmer air is flowing in. we're 12 degrees warmer at cincinnati than what we were at this time yesterday. there's a cold front off to the northwest through illinois.
6:53 am
here through tonight. increasing clouds, a sprinkle in advance of that front, we are going to see the wind getting really gusty. nothing showing up on radar. sun early today. clouds arriving late afternoon, notice as i take you into the evening, a couple of specs of green around 10:00. a couple of sprinkles coming through the tri-state and then we talk sun tomorrow after morning clouds. low 60s tomorrow, tomorrow night, clouds sunday morning, here comes the rain, it's going to be wet sunday showers moving through the area, they will be out of here, though, late sunday afternoon, 60s tomorrow, 54 rain as we get into the day on sunday. today we're talking 61, watch for those winds, could create scattered power outages this afternoon, if you have anything around your yard that could blow around, you want to secure it. as the wind get gusty. maybe a sprinkle across the area, and then after sunday's rain, can gets cooler monday into tuesday, highs in the 40s, a chance of shower is
6:54 am
showers possible there wednesday even into early thursday. by wednesday and thursday, temperatures are near normal as we cool back into the lower 40s, track sunday's showers with our free weather authority app. have a great weekend, everyone, guys, back to you. 40 degrees, missing the cold, and snow. >> yeah. >> it's a warm weekend for us, but if you do like the cold, one man has a a for you. coming up on cbs this morning, getting the perfect shot, extreme sports at late pushing the limit of the human body.
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star 64 we will keep going a a i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death
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of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for
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we want to show you something that is not in the forecast this weekend. snow. some of you are excited about that. but we know some of you miss it. check this out. a canadian spent eight days building an outdoor theater out of snow. a snow me theater if you will. he posted this out facebook. the finished product was complete with a 20-foot screen, cables and other scenes. >> look at that.
6:58 am
>> i say -- >> grumpy old men. >> penguins. >> penguins. >> happy feet. >> ever --
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back at the pope on immigration and faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american war planes target a major isis operative linked to two terrorist attacks. the bombings reportedly killed


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