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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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are you all right. i have my nitro right here, but i will need a moment. we will get to megan and some of the stuff in just a moment. >> fist the weather is going this way, which we love. >> i like going in that direction. >> start low again today. >> outside of this morning, 20s and 30s, right now the airport, 29 degrees, you will need the coat this morning, upper 20s low 30s in the area. take a look at some exceptions we have some clearing in the southwest viewing area, carol carrollton, vevay, low 20s, hillsborough 30, and lebanon at the freezing mark and 20 in brookville, indiana, radar is clear, although south of us there's breaks in the cloud cover which have led to colder temperatures south of cincinnati. 28 the start. by noon 36, that's as warm as we were all day yesterday, late day up to 43. year.
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the winds pick up, temperatures move up, and eventually some rain moves back in before the end of the weekend. we will time out that rain at the end of the forecast. here is jen. >> reporter: we are quiet on the roads, a nice change from yesterday. we only have one problem to let you know about. near mckinley, other than that interstates are quiet, no matter where you look on the cameras, i-75, near day torntion dayton, and traffic, and 75 through the lock land split this morning as well. 71 near the ronald reagan county highway, maybe picking up a little bit there, i-71, and no slow downs anywhere this morning so far. i will keep it here and let you know about any issues. back to the news desk. a courtroom fight is brewing
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>> the fbi says it only has ten chances to get the password on the cell phone or potentially, the bureau want the agents to create a new operating system to bypass it. so far apple is not complying, and the apple customers are glad. >> threat what is hard to make it black and white, because of a hideous thing, if you start making exceptions there, where do you stop making exceptions. >> i think it's dangerous, there's no guarantee that the fbi won't give police departments to use in other situations. others are weighing on the facebook page, you can go there to share your thoughts on the issue. they are getting a credit to save a man's life when he fell into a river.
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put his feet into frigid water, and another neighbor went to help pull him out. this is coffining covington town ship ohio. >> i don't know how i grabbed a dude twice my size, i grabbed him and bear hugged him. >> i kept yelling to the deputy, i'm going to lose this guy, you got him. >> cody beam had hypothermia, but he survived. investigators say he may have been trying to crosses the icy river when he fell in. more than a decade for the western hills viaduct will be replaced. the director tells city council that work is happening to get project rolling, but the major stumbling block is money to pay for it. owners are trying to figure out who owns the viaduct, the county engineer says he believes that the two have joint ownership, nearly 55,000 vehicles cross
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day. you might want to get there early if you are going to see blake sheldon, tighter security starts tonight, large bags and purses won't be allowed in the arena, and you won't have to take off your hat or coat but be prepared to unzip them and put your phones and access accessories and trays. >> it's the way of the world. the cincinnati auto expo is going on. and that is where we find megan moore. she is the at duke convention center, and she is behind the wheel of something that looks like an amusement park ride. >> reporter: a ford mustang this, is the simulator, talk this? >> today we got all sorts of technology here at the show.
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simulator, most people won't get a chance to drive a mustang on a track, we let you put it in a simulator to persons 300 miles an hour, from the safety of a track. >> reporter: let's talk about the new technology. you were telling me about the apps. >> you are did he go great on the simulator, but we have a brand new system which allows you to use thousands of voice chand commands to talk to your car, and it allows you to install apps on your phone, you can call dominoes pizza to order a sent to your house. you can control the radio all through using your voice, no hands needed. >> reporter: very cool. you were saying, there's a simulator here, but you can test drive cars while you are here as well. >> the simulator is fun, but we want to get people in the
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what you can do through the entire show, you can go outside of the entrance, and drive the vehicle, the fusion to the escape, they are all available to actually drive. >> reporter: awesome, john, i wish you could come down here, because i know how much you really want to do this. after the show, i think we can come, and you can try to beat my time, fun. >> i noticed it got dnf, it did not finish, that is because you crash. >> she had to work. >> reporter: i think i was a good driver. >> all right, megan. >> she was drifting. she was like she was in the bat mobile. >> reporter: she had no control while she was doing it. >> eyes on the road. >> you see a lot of safety features in cars now to prevent you from killing yourself. i guess the talking to your car, i just need, hey, the more stuff they put in cars, and the more stuff can break, and i don't need stuff in my life that is
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stroib down i need to be down there, and check it out. for more information on the auto exo including ticket prices. sprucing up your house, this is the time people get ready to do something new.
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cheap couch, and 6:09 this morning in cincinnati refine, an ultimate insider secret that will help your house, welcome to bargains and buyouts, with two locations on the west side. think you have to spend a lot of money to give your old room a new look. b and b. can help you up the game. whether it's a lamp, a leather sof a, bring a truck or some big vehicle because you are going to need it at this place. when you get there, be ready to buy. and here is the big thing you need to remember about the prices, you can haggle with them. you can talk them down on the, i love a bargain, john. sin chooshk sheila you just upset jen dalton, that is her place, it's a secret.
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>> now i have to go there and [ laughter ] cold start, mid-30s at noon, and a lot warmer today without 7 degrees getting warm to 43 degrees, wait until we wait for the forecast. we are getting warm and we will track some rain, straight ahead. jen, i'm so sorry. >> reporter: that's okay, it's going to be -- now i won't have any barring ips. northern boulevard had an earlier accident, and look ago the interstates, volume of traffic is still pretty light. you are picking up as folks are headed out the door at areas i-71/i-75, we have construction and now back to john. another dead heat, this one
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hillary versus bernie, (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because
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6:14, the republicans are getting ready for saturday's primary. >> and the testimony crats are getting ready for nevada's democratic
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support clinton, and 47% are backing sanders. and they are saying that the economy is responsible for the tight race. the white house isent examined to is expectedto share plans of president obama's historic visit to cuba t will mark the first visit in nearly 90 years, it happened after cuba and the u.s. opened diplomatic relations. now it's benefiting others. it means the surgery is now without any transfusions but instead the natural hormones and iron infusions to boost red blood cells. transfusion can cause serious risks and more surgeons are experience looking for, spinal or even heart surgery. a new survey finds that
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where it comes to cheeping accepting the chip enabled cars. the chip technology is widely used in canada and europe and considered nor secure than traditional cards that require the swipe of a magnetic stripe. parmesan cheese pretty much depose on every dish. sometimes it's in fancy mac and cheese, what i'm about to tell you, the parmesan cheese that you are sprinkling on that spaghetti, may contain wood pull be. bloomberg news is spilling the cheese on this, with a new study. independent lab tests found that product's like wal-mart great value 100% parmesan cheese has 7.8, and even craft's parmesan, has 3.5 celluloses. it's in many shredded cheeses to
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together and getting oily. any cheese that claims to be 1 hundred percent parmesan probably is not. >> you buy your own block and shred it yourself. >> just accept that you are eat on cellulose. >> i assume that anything i can keep in my refrigerator for several years, probably ain't 100% anything. and the fact that you don't keep it in the refrigerator until you open it, says something, too. >> there was cellulose. >> the greatest stuff, you read the ingredient, it's listed on the ingredient, and i point is we can do 100 more stories of stuff that is in food that you don't realize that will gross you out. >> turn over and read. cellulose separately and missed -- >> i would pulp that much.
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that i enjoy. [ laughter ] is he really like this. [ laughter ] >> even during the commercials, yes, he is. >> take a look at roads this morning. luckily we don't have a lot to tell you about. west siders you may still see, that has been there quite a while. good hour, we're hoping that it's clear or will open soon. let's say are you headed to the blake sheldon concert, and you are headed back, southbound into the covington area, there will be a ramp closure to be aware of tonight. i-75 ramp will be closed between 10:00 p.m. and mid fight for guardrail construction so just for two hours, easy to get around, head down pike street, but wanted to make you aware that that ramp is closed. we don't have a lot to tell you about.
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but no major delays yet, john. a nice break from a couple of days. we are going to get back in the 30s, and 7 degrees warmer today, we are headed up to a beautiful place. >> i love it. >> you still need the coat as you step outside. i still need a big view, because you got to look up to the west. 40s, kansas city, our wind flow not coming from canada anymore, it's going to come off the pacific ocean, across the country and the ohio valley. that will push the temperatures 15-20 degrees above-normal going through friday, saturday, and sunday, sunday 63 much warmer. i tell you what, saturday pick the day of the next seven, no doubt about that. tomorrow looks nice, too, but saturday is even warmer than tomorrow. sunday 58, still warm, but there will be some rain throughout the weekend. now here is the other half of the deal. i want you to keep in mind, wind are really going to get stronger
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today not much wind at all, very light winds expected, but notice as i put things in motion here, by midnight as wind start to get stronger, the bigger the arrows, the stronger the wind, checkout how happens tomorrow. southwest wind, these wind could gust 35, 40-plus miles per hour tomorrow afternoon, and saturday morning, they begin to calm back down. those wind will push the warmer air why our area. south wind at 3. and humidity at 83%, we start out in the 20s, we start out the clouds. by noon, 36, skies partly cloudy, we will reach a high of 43 late, and late the evening as the stronger wind kick in, and temperatures channel to 40ish, and stay steady and rise during the overnight hours. clouds over the ohio valley. one thing i want to you notice, we have breaks in the cloud
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as you take away the blanket of cloud, owenton down to 21 degrees, getting cold with the places with the cloud cover, we have more clouds, hillsborough, 30 degrees at harrison, radar all quiet, putting things quiet in motion. and clouds will fizzle back in the day, with intermittent breaks with sun peeking through 33 degrees, we will take you through tonight, partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy, temperatures around 40 tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon, sun and clouds temperatures close to 60 degrees, but it gets even warmer on saturday. we will see passing clouds through saturday morning, upper 40s, and saturday afternoon, take a look at this, sunshine, clouds late day, up to 63 degrees on saturday. if you're going out this evening, maybe heading off to arena to catch a concert. temperatures around 40 this evening with partly to mostly cloudy skies. 59 tomorrow, evening sprinkle with pops, breezy to windy
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up, 63 on saturday, there's a rain on sunday, monday and tuesday look pretty quiet. cooler, highs back in the 40s, there will be a chance for a shower on late tuesday, by the middle of next week, it gets colder, checkout the weather authority app. track the showers on sunday, and track the weather app. >> guys, back to you. >> trying to get voters on the
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trending now, the tattoos and so does the beads. the least famous is the one on his arm, of exgirl friend, selina gom gom
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her face with a some shading but everybody knows. i tried, hershey says they chose carrot cake because bunnies eat carrots, and symbolic of feed your bunny. it's got carrot cake, and cheese cream and flavor with spices, and they're only sold at walnut. >> i'm with you, yuck. >> how can you say yes to that d i do hate pumpkin, i do, but with the hershey's kisses it's still going to taste the same as the regular chocolate. i guarantee it. >> no, it's not. >> unless there's wood pulp in it. >> what is making -- what are you looking forward to spring? >> i won't be long before the reds, and spring training and weather this weekend it's going to be great. here is what we're talking about the, adult beverages and camp fires. >> yeah. >> i like that. >> spring right there, isn't it? >> it doesn't get better than that.
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one with the picture. this is from our buddy with a picture. the activity, her name is copper head. a lot of people are going to get the bikes out this weekend. a lot of people. and looking forward to cutting my grass and that's a lot of grass to cut. >> reporter: hope you have a riding mower. >> and caleb says just to be able to see the sunshine and be able to walk outside with no shoes on. i don't ever want to see snow again. >> i do believe we become winter weary, and i reached that point about two weeks ago.
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>> just goo a devastated wrong way crash on 71 yesterday, today the woman accused of causing tra crash that crash heads to court. lock all the doors, we don't know what is going on with the shooting down the street. scared the neighbors, now at 6:30, what they said when police shot and killed a man in the middle of a busy neighborhood. of today i am out somewhere, and i see some kid reading my book and enjoying it, that is success. that will be it. a dad is on a mission, the he wrote a book for his own children and all children out there.
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judge a book by its cover, that cover is so cool. >> he want to read it. >> i did, too. >> i'm going tell you about that. thank you for joining us what it is for today one more chilly day. >> chilly morning. >> this is the normal thing, but then it's abnormal in a way that we like. [ laughter ] >> climb that ladder. >> it's like us, john. [ laughter ] >> it's normal around here, that is for sure. >> for one day we get back to normal. outside 29 degrees, it's cold, cloudy skies over downtown cincinnati. south breeze at 3, there's nothing on radar. you can see the extensive cloud cover in the area overnight. south of town we have seen breaks in the cloud cover, and when you take await blanket the clouds you get colder temperatures, we are seeing that owing ton, and 23 at carrollton, and a lot of spots add 30, and 30 harrison and 30 in hamilton and middletown.
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early on, mostly cloudy skies, kids will need the coat at the bus stop. by the noon hour, we will be as warm as yesterday, we will edge in the low 40s to late day, with mostly cloudy skies, pretty close to norm this time of the year. things warm up in the next couple of days. let you know how warm. we are talking about gusty wind, and we will time that out in the weather authority forecast,let,let check traffic with jen. >> reporter: it's a nice break from the past several days, we have a couple of problems to let you know, and warsaw near mcpherson, and quebec, and an accident, it looks like we finally clear the one at westwood, that is good news. at montgomery road and kenwood. busy spot, we have traffic light out, that could cause delays at montgomery and kenwood, until they get that fixed. they treat that as a four way stop. a look at the interstate, no problems to report. volume of traffic is picking up
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no major de lays, even i-71-75 near the cut-in-the-hill. we are off to a good start. back to you. today we will get a first look at a woman who was accused of causing a deadly one way crash on i-71. >> police say she was drunk when she drove north on the yesterday. and perry shibley is live outside of the center to tell us the latest. >> reporter: good morning, john, she is expected to be at court this morning to face a judge for an arraignment. when she gets there, she will have serious charges to answer to. police say that her blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit at the time of the crash. investigators are looking at whether she had clugz in her system. she admitted to police that she had four or five alcoholic drinks and said she should not have been driving. officer right side still trying to piece together the time line prior to this crash. they want to know where she had
6:34 am
on the highway. josser arenas died on the crash. he had just left his job of 20 years at the cintas plant at ridge road. it doesn't appear to be any breaking from any care. if there was any braking it's minimal. two cars traveling 55 miles an hour, and they hit head on the interstate, it's going to be a spectacular crash. >> reporter: many of arena's co-workers showed up to work yesterday with no knowledge of what happened. today they mourn a man described as a hard worker who would go the extra mile. as for her, she faces a charge of aggravated vehicular manslaughter. john, back to you. we will bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available to us. police shoot and kill a man, they say was pulling a gun off of them.
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into a utility pole. he ran away end anded up near the flower shop, and favorite he was cooperative, but then he started to pull a gun out of his waistband. that is when officers shot and killed him. the whole neighborhood heard it happen, and came out to see what was going on. we were in there cutting hair, and we heard some gunshots fire off, and we immediately ran outside because we wanted to make sure that there wasn't any other customers that came here or anybody in the neighborhood for that matter. by this happening, in this unfortunate situation, it's shocking a lot of people in this neighborhood. this morning an autopsy will be performed on that man. his name and the names of the three officers involved are not being released right now, but there's a news conference later this morning. developing this morning, ohio's environmental agency has fired two employees and the third, over the high lead levels at see sebring, it fired one employee, and that employee
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the operator sebring's power plant waited months to notify people about high lead readings. the park is getting a 23 million renovation t includes a new pool, enhanced green place, and basketball court and even under ground parking. most of the funding comes from sin along cincinnati along with private and corporate donations. the park should be finished this year. the appropriate entertainment, the appropriate, and it's very difficult in fact. a local dad took that quest into his own hands. brian wells produces successful tv movies so he wrote an adventure novel for his kids. he came up with the league and the lantern. a practice hamlin col not, lace -- abraham lincoln, laced with history. and the company wants to the
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for every copy sells, he want to make sure that another copy goes to a child who can't afford it. >> there's something about a kid being able to hold their own cop thief hard cover. write their name on it and put it on their shelf. for every one we sell, we are going to give a copy away for one who couldn't afford it. >> the larn ter is one lantern is the fist of five books planned. it will put a book in the hand of as many people as possible. reds pitchers report for spring training, glendale, arizona. it's still a month and a half a by april 4th. going to see something new, the left field, upper deck will have a walk in guard, and party area, the all, all you can eat seat will be a general ticket that includes your fist drink. >> you kind of have to keep
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keep people interested, especially, in what you guys call they're rebuilding it. as you learn who these guys are, who the two to the roster. >> and knowing your crowd, too, baseball for all of history and all the passion that people have for baseball, it's a slower gain, and people move, you got stuff going on, they got other things. >> our minds that to be occupied at every single second. that. >> we do. >> and it's 638 clack, 6:38 breaking overnight. another car recall, and this is
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>> a marathon inspiration, it's 6:41 and a boston doctor has a special inspiration while he trains for this year's marathon. howard is training 5-year-old harry for leukemia. >> he is paired with harry for the boston marathon challenge. right now harry is in complete premission, buts has down syndrome, and he has two more years of chemo to go through. when i'm out there doing a 10, 14-mile run, and i think of perry. perry can go through therapy, i
6:42 am
roses are red, violates are blue, thank you for running me by running 26.2. what a unique gift. >> the boston marathon is on monday, april 18th. i know that a lot of people look for inspiration to look at the spots, i can't think of a better way. >> all right, it's 6:42 and stopping by the late show. ohio governor john kasich wasn't there just for the comedy, what you think about choosing a new supreme court justice. mad at him, garfield,
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>> keeping up with the welcome back, everyone, the debate between apple and the fbi ranges on this morning. >> apple refuses to comply with the court owner to unlock the cell phone of farook. they weighed in on the apple issue during the town hall. ted cruz, and trump agree that apple should comply, while marco rubio rubio says it's complicated.
6:46 am
replacement is a hot topic among all the candidates and kasich weighed in. >> what i want to do is have respect between the parties again, i want them to stop demonizing one another, and i want again one another to pull together, in my opinion conservative programs to raise the country. i did it when i was a budget chairman, i did it in ohio and i want to go back and the country as president. president obama says that he will name a qualified supreme court justice nome nominee in do due time. possible problems with seatbelt, a flaw could cause some seatbelt to fail. the affected are the toyota rav 4, toyota rav 4es. and vanguard. toyota will fix the problem at no cost.
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presidents, recognize them on pictures. how about all the state i a map or even hard ear all the capitals? a a 4-year-old in north carolina is putting everybody to shame with his incredible intelligence. look at this. >> this president is? >> whenever he can learn, he want to learn. we have to double check him sometimes because we don't think he is right. i'm about 0-10 on that. neptune. >> but pluto is not a planet. >> why? >> he used to be. >> he was the size of neptune, but now he slarchg. >> what is the capital of georgia. >> atlanta. >> that is 4-year-old tommy johnson. he has been soaking up knowledge since before he could even talk about it. the normal education milestones for someone's tommy's age is colors and shapes. >> i still can't do colors and shapes. >> that is incredible.
6:48 am
>> you know it's not wruft just rote memory, because he not only knew that neptune was not a planet, but why. >> it's not like they shuffled the order the cards. >> of he is not one of the most people to recall the memory. >> especially. >> i thought -- >> yeah. >> that's cool. >> smart is cool, smart is good. >> smart is good. >> take a look at the roads this morning, we have a couple of issues that developed this morning. >> reporter: i-71/i-75, and got report of an accident that popped in the area. take a look at i-75, at dixie highway, i don't see any major back-ups in the area so i want to keep an eye on that area of 275 right near i-71/i-75, so far i'm not seeing any major slow downs. i-71. near tougher way, got report of an accident, the same story, i'm not seeing it show up on the
6:49 am
the area, and let you no he if we got major issues. near grant and west liberty, and warsaw and mcpherson, and one in quebec and king's run. as we look at interstates, they're starting to slow down as you would expect this time the morning. i-71/i-75 down, slowing down, and heavy traffic from dixie to the ohio river, and 471 starting to see heavier traffic, too, but no unusual delays for this time of the morning. good news there, good news in weather, we're going up, jen, up, up, heading into the 60s, take a look at this, angst high the average high is 44 degrees, we will be close to that average high, tomorrow, close to mid-60s on saturday and even upper 50s on sunday and then we cool off a little bit early next week, close to the norm. it looks like by wednesday of next week, we will slip back below the average high. here is our atrium weather medical cam, looking downtown, cloudy 29 at the airport. you had south wind at 3, the south wind is significant
6:50 am
warmer air in here during the day today, and especially tomorrow. starting in the 20s this morning, you may see a little sun peeking through those clouds at times through the morning, by noon, 36, that is as warm as we were all day yesterday, late this afternoon, we're up around 43 degrees with mainly cloudy skies, although we have a allowed for sun to come through the clouds midday, we will get a little sunshine here and there, 29 wilmington, 29 at the airport, versailles way 28, to the south, it's colder, carrollton, out east at west union and 27, 29, nothing is showing occupy radar. we don't expect any precipitation today. south of cincinnati we have seen breaks in the cloud cover, that is why you're colder down in owen county. i want to expand the view here. you will notice the weather fairly quiet along they eastern haft. country.
6:51 am
warmer air a look at tulsa. down at 54 in class and kansas city. they're going to come across the country, we call this the zolo flow west to east. that means pacific air under the ohio valley, again 15-20 degrees above the norm. also, i want to mention, tomorrow, late tonight, and tomorrow, wind are going to pick up. notice how these areas grow longer as we get to around midnight tonight. you will start to feel the winds and window overnight. tomorrow, they pick up. this is around 2:00 tomorrow coming from the southwest, i wouldn't be surprised to get a wind gust tomorrow, 30, 40 plus miles per hour, tomorrow night saturday morning, the wind calm down once again. 63 on saturday. the winds push warmer air in
6:52 am
looks wet, with rain back in the picture. passing clouds, mainly cloudy, although some sun, we will see breaks in the clouds tonight, and tomorrow expect partly to mostly cloudy skies. late in the day, i can't rule out a sprinkle. other than that, a lot of sun and warmer weather on saturday and notice by saturday night, showers and southwest of us, some of those will arrive after midnight and into sunday morning. today expect mostly cloudy skies, going up to 43 in batavia, and mostly cloudy up in falmouth, and in southeast indiana, we will be a high of around 42, in versailles, hanging out close to 40 tonight. here is the planning forecast. after the rain on sunday, we get a little colder early next week, highs in the 40s and 30s, a chance of shower on late tuesday
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we get into ththe happening today, the woman accused of driving the wrong way on i-71 causing a deadly crash will head to court. she was drunk and was driving and hit another car at dana avenue.
6:56 am
looking at whether she had drugs in the system. you may want to drive early to the sheldon concert, there will be more security. overly sized bags and purses will not be allowed in the arena. you won't have to take off your coats, but be prepared to unzip them and put your belongings on trays. they report for spring training, and opening day is about a month and a half away for april 4th. the left field upper deck will have a walk-in bar with a rooftop beer garden and party area, the all you can eat seats will be a general seats that include your first drink. seven races in seven days on seven continents. we will grow introduce you to the marathon mom running her way into the record books. we have two more hours on 64,
6:57 am
issue of friendly entertainment into his own hands, reefing a reaching a new generation of readers. they can be fun, but also do their name and crush you. one little girl is in those throws of love right now and trying to talk it out with her mom. >> i'm too young to have a boyfriend. i don't want to break his heart. >> oh! >> this 5-year-old is getting a lot of attention for her troubles. we don't know how this ended, so we're just going to assume her relationship status is just -- it's complicated! she thought some of that out. >> how does she even know that? >> i don't want to break his heart. >> trust me. >> if she is 5-year-old, her heart is going to be broke. just get ready. >> be first. it's a long road. remember the guy that went out and asked the kids if he should text or call.
6:58 am
they're so wise, how do they know that stuff. >> i just want them to be kids. yeah? you do need to switch to star 64.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz dares donald trump to sue him over an attack ad. we reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll. google backs rival apple in its fight against the fbi over unlocking a terrorist's cell how about this? seven marathon on seven continents in seven days!


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