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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 a man is dead after police say he pulled a gun on three cincinnati officers. he was shot on harrison avenue in cheviot.the chaotic scene began when 9-1-1 calls were made about an intoxicated man waving a gun. when officers arrived, they found a silver truck crashed into a pole. a couple of blocks away, a man failed to comply with officers .. and police say he pulled
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3 martin haynes, witness: "about two minutes later the cops pull up and stop right by this truck. one cop gets out and grabs a shotgun out of the trunk, cocks it, you could hear him cock it, gets back in the car, takes off and then a couple minutes later you heard the gunshots. the next thing you know the gentleman's dead." we expect to learn more this morning at a cincinnati police news conference at 11. 3 neighbors in cheviot came from their homes and saw the police activity at harrison avenue and north bend road. like the person you just heard.. they tell us they heard the sound of gunfire. police blocked off the area.... as homicide detectives worked the scene. business owners call it a quiet area... a part of cheviot where very little happens.. especially not an officer-involved shooting down the street. 3 15:42 we were up in my house, cleaning with the kids and everything trying to get them dinner. the next thing we heard sounding like gunshots :52 we look out the window,
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they're blocking the streets off, cops everywhere. 15:58 people in the neighborhood the neighborhood understand that it was an isolated incident. and they didn't have any safety concerns after after the officer-involved shooting. 3 two people are out of their jobs over the water issues in sebring. the ohio e- p- a fired two employees.lead was found in the water there in august.. but no one said anything until last month. one employee was fired for not sending lab results to the proper people.. and the e-p-a fired that employee's supervisor, too. there is some good news out of sebring.the e-p-a says 15 of the most recent water tests came back lead free. 3 some ohio lawmakers want to step in to make sure sidewalks get shoveled after it snows.a new bill in the state house would allow townships to *require* residents to shovel the sidewalks in front of their homes.the lawmaker who introduced it says he saw children walking to school on
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the sidewalks were still covered.if passed, townships could fine homeowners who don't shovel their sidewalks. 3 a cincinnati chef is getting some national recognition.he's a short list as one of america's best chefs. jose salazar is a semi finalist for the james beard foundation's best chef in the great lakes region. he is the owner of both salazar's in o- t- r and mita's downtown. he is the only chef from the tri state on the list.. and one of only 3 in ohio. finalists will be announced next month. 3 cincinnati cuisine gets a shout out in an online food site.and the recognition goes well beyond ice cream and food took a long weekend trip to explore the restaurants and bars that the queen city has to highlights many independent restaurants and breweries that have opened here in recent years.boca is on the is japps, the over- the- rhine bar that specializes in craft drinks.rhinegeist is also among the 13 places listed. we've put the link to all the yahoo food favorite picks at local 12 dot com, hover over
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it now links 3 some may call it shopping.. i'd like to call it a dream vacation. if you'd like to go and get lost in a sea of new cars now is the time to do it. local 12's megan moore joins us live from the cincinnati auto expo. 3
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3 for more 3 information on the auto expo including ticket prices head to local 12 dot com. 3 national parks are celebrating. we'll tell you which nearby spot is being named the "most visited."plus, a girl and her duck are inspiring millions. we'll give you an update on kylie and're watching good morning
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3 if you've been thinking about a vacation to cuba, a new agreement makes it easier...a newly signed aviation deal between the united states and cuba opens 110 flights there on u- s carriers.they are the first regularly scheduled flights between the two countries in almost 50 years. airlines have a 15-day window to request the new routes. nearly every big carrier plans to apply. 3 as the national park service celebrates its centennial anniversary this year, new numbers show more people
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than ever before.sites around the country hosted a record breaking 307 million visits. and the most popular of the 59 places officially labeled national parks was one a lot of people from our area visit - - great smoky mountains.the park system also includes historic sites, lakeshores and encompass more than 84- million acres around the country. 3 the debate between silicon valley and the government rages on.we have the latest as an encryption battle unfolds. plus, coffee might not be that good for you.we'll tell you why it could be three times worse than a can of coke. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time,
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apple says it will fight a court order to break into an i- phone that belonged to suspected terrorist syed farook. he and his wife killed 14 people and wounded 22 others in an attack in san bernardino, california last year. the f- b- i says it can only try passwords 10 times without success before the information on the phone is wiped clean. the agency wants apple to create software that would allow it to figure out the password while preserving information on the phone. apple says helping the f- b- i hack the phone would undermine security and possibly allow the government to overreach in the future. a local attorney agrees. 3 hal arenstein / defense attorney "they're saying the usual slippery slope argument. they're saying just one device, one time. and i don't think that's necessarily true. if it gets done one time who's to say that it can't be done again in the future." hal arenstein believes this case could be appealed all the way to the supreme court. 3
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a laser attack.. even a plane carrying the italian airline said the crew on the plane flying pope francis to mexico city on friday noticed a laser beam as the plane prepared to touch down. officials say the plane landed safely and no crew members or passengers were hurt.the vatican said it didn't know about lasers pointed at the 3 there are now new guidelines from the f- d- a to try and keep the zika virus at bay. it's asking anyone who has traveled.. or plans on traveling to countries affected by the virus to hold off on donating blood.. it's saying wait *at least 4 weeks after you return.. zika is spreading rapidly through latin america, central africa and southeast asia. 3 if you thought coffee was a way to kick that soda habit.. we have some news for you. a new study says some flavored coffees contain up to 25 teaspons of sugar. that's more than 3 times the sugar in a can of soda.. starbucks has already responded to the report.. saying it is committed to cutting added sugar in its indulgent drinks by 25-percent
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3 you may remember the cute video... a little girl's friendship with a duck surprised us.. and now there is a surprise for her.kylie and snowflake are now inspiring pet owners across the country. 3 (1:22) what do you think of snowflake?kylie: that he's really special.and so are you. everybody give kylie a round of applause. (1:32) when kylie and snowflake showed off their special bond.. their video got 10-million views across the country. the pet education project in louisiana saw the story -- and wanted to honor kylie for being a responsible pet owner. it gave kylie the award at her school assembly.. so she can teach the other students about taking care of pets. kylie sort of treats snowflake like a sibling.. she feeds him, they nap together, and they play together. 3 3
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3 an alien investigation.we'll tell you which country is going all out in their search for, big changes to monopoly.we'll tell you what the popular board game is getting rid of. you're watching good morning
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3 china is taking the search for extraterrestrial life to a whole new level.. and 9- thousand people are losing their homes to make it happen. take a look at this. the country is building the largest radio telescope in the world.the government says for the best results.. everyone living within 3 miles of it has to get out. they won't go away empty handed.. they'll all be getting about 19- hundred dollars. china 3 the telescope will be a breakthrough in the search for
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3 cash is no longer king in monopoly.hasbro says it's making a new edition of the board game without any of the colorful bank notes.just like the real world, the new version comes with debit cards instead of paper the *ultimate banking* edition you buy property and pay rent by tapping your card on a card reader.the new version hits
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3 3 security ramps up at u.s. bank arena.up next, we'll tell you what to expect at tonight's blake shelton concert. 3 spring training begins! baseball season starts in forty six days... and we'll tell you what changes you could see coming to great american ball park.
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good 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 new this morning...a middletown man is seriously hurt after a crash last night. troopers say 27- year- old adrean spencer crashed into a utility pole at university and roosevelt boulevards.he was trapped in his car and actually had to be cut out. spencer was airlifted to miami valley last check.. troopers aren't sure what caused the drive to lose control. 3 this morning...the woman accused of killing a man in a wrong way crash on i-71 makes
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taryn chin is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide.. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* from the justice center with the latest. 3 police say taryn chin was drunk when she was driving north in the southbound lanes of 71 yesterday. today, chin makes her first appearance before a judge here at the hamilton county courthouse to answer to those charges. chin is expected to be arraigned around nine this morning. police are still trying to piece toghether where she was before causing the fatal crash. officers say she collided with another car near dana avenue. jose arenas was in that car. the 47-year-old had just left his job of 20 years at the cintas plant on ridge road. 3 "he was a hardworker, great attitude, and he was always willing to go the extra mile, so we have a lot of very sad
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news." court documents show chin's blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit. investigators are also looking into whether she had drugs in her system. sheila...back to you. 3 local 12 will be in the courtroom. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as it become available. 3 there's been an arrest in a nearly 3 year old homicide. william smith is set to face a judge this morning. he's charged with killing michael hopkins back in sedamsville back 2013. he's actually the second person charged in the murder. rayshawn hart is the other. his trial is currently underway. at the time of the shooting.. police said a second person was wounded.. it's not clear of smith is that second person. 3 a little early to the blake shelton concert tonight at u- s bank arena. the security there is getting an upgrade. there will be walk through metal detectors at all entrances. and overly large bags or purses won't be allowed into the arena. you won't have to take off
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prepared to unzip them and put phones and other accessories in trays as you walk through the metal detectors. 3 reds pitchers and catchers report to spring training in arizona today.reds opening day is coming up on april fourth. .. and great american ballpark will see some changes for the 20- 16 season.chief operating officer phil castellini revealed the park will have a new project focused on millennials this's a walk- in bar in the left field upper deck, with a rooftop beer garden and party area.the old all you can eat 3 seats will be a general ticket
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3 spring training has us thinking about warmer weather. so we're asking on facebook -- what are you looking forward to this spring?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 campaigning on "the late show." we'll show you the highlights from governor john kasich's
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colbert.3 ziegler park at the corner of 14th and sycamore in both over-the-rhine and pendleton is getting a huge makeover. community leaders broke ground on the project yesterday.. which includes a new 400 space parking garage under the park. it also includes a new aquatic center, play area and basketball officials say this is a huge step in the continued rennasaince for the downtown neighborhood.the park is expected to be completed by the spring of 20-17. 3 a youth job fair will take place in northern kentucky today .employers are looking for people between 16 and 26 to fill openings.part-time, full-time, and summer positions are available at
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american ball park, and belterra casino.the job fair runs from three to six at the newport branch of the campbell county public library. 3 technology available to everyone.we'll show you how this tiny chip works as a computer... and its shockingly
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3 one man is facing twenty felony charges this morning after last year's "mansion murders" in washington, d.c. 35- year- old darron wint is charged in the washington d-c home invasion that left a husband, wife, their young son and a household employee dead. prosecutors say wint's crime spree lasted two days and included burglary, kidnapping, extortion, murder and arson after it ended with the house in flames.wint was arrested last may and remains in police custody.if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.the criminal investigation is ongoing, and more suspects could face indictments in the case. 3 the u- s government says it could take six weeks just to get your passport renewed. that's longer than usual. here's why.within the next three years -- 49 million people's passports will expire. you can thank a 2007 federal
5:45 am requires u-s citizens to carry a passport when traveling to canada -- mexico -- the caribbean -- and bermuda. 3 take a look at this crazy video from australia. tumbleweeds are taking over the town of wangaratta. truckloads of the stuff fill streets and's summertime down under, and dry conditions have led to a huge crop of some places, fluffy weeds have piled as high as the roof tops. the city council won't help with the cleanup because it's not considered a fire risk. 3 this morning.. toyota is recalling nearly three million s-u-vs worldwide -- because of possible problems with the seat belts.a flaw could cause some rear seat belts to fail. the affected vehicles are the toyota rav-4, toyota rav-4 e-v, and toyota vanguard.most were built between 2005 and will fix the problem at no cost. 3 candidates are stumping on the campaign south carolina and nevada right now. .. and governor john kasich
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stephen colbert."the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has been a hot topic among presidential candidates. some republican candidates.. like marco rubio and donald trump.. are asking president obama to hold off on appointing a new judge -- even though he is allowed to do so. governor kasich made his own comments last night. 3 gov. john kasich/(r) presidential candidate/ (:23:24:59) "what i want to do is i want to have respect between the parties again. want them to stop demonizing one another. and i want again, to have everybody remember that we have to pull together, in my opinion, with conservative programs to raise the country. i did it when i was budget chairman, i did it in ohio, and i want to go back and unify that country as president. that's why fighting over this judge isn't going to work out." (23:51:58)president obama announced earlier this week that he plans on naming a qualified supreme court nominee. 3 if you're in the market for new tech.. one california company is making a computer that will cost you less than a night at the movies. 3 (1:24) "knowing that what we
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people, every day to just do regular things is really exciting for us." (1:31)it may not look like it but this chip is a computer. it's capable of turning a television into a desktop computer.the founders of the startup "next thing" call it "chip".. and it only costs nine dollars.the company's ceo says the possibilities are can surf the web.. write a paper and play music or videos. the chip computers have just started shipping and they're going quickly. 50-thousand sold in a month."next thing" says a big chunk of the customers are teachers. 3 3 3
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3 insider tips to spruce up your home.coming up at six.. we'll tell you about an ultimate insider secret for
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selfies to the next level.up next, we'll show you why this sea lion is trending right now.
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>> i never seen anybody that covered. i actually thought he was dead. good samaritans jumped in. how they saved an ohio man trapped in icy water. extra security ahead. you need to plan ahead, and arrive early if you are going to the big bank a rein arto arena if you are going for the concert tonight. we're going to drive one, kind of. what? i call that one, i want red one. >> are you okay?
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are you all right. i have my nitro right here, but i will need a moment. we will get to megan and some of the stuff in just a moment. >> fist the weather is going this way, which we love. >> i like going in that direction. >> start low again today. >> outside of this morning, 20s and 30s, right now the airport, 29 degrees, you will need the coat this morning, upper 20s low 30s in the area. take a look at some exceptions we have some clearing in the southwest viewing area, carol carrollton, vevay, low 20s, hillsborough 30, and lebanon at the freezing mark and 20 in brookville, indiana, radar is clear, although south of us there's breaks in the cloud cover which have led to colder temperatures south of cincinnati. 28 the start. by noon 36, that's as warm as we were all day yesterday, late day up to 43. year.


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