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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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use a couple of ways you are going, you can potentially head down da to madison to go to torrance and columbia parkway. that is one way to do it this morning. you could head over, dana, get off there, head to victory parkway, head to redding road, head into the downtown area, it depends on where you are trying to go, the norwood lateral is an easy way to get over to i75, to continue northbound, right now we don't have congestion at the norwood lateral. i will keep a close eye on that as the morning rush continues, and let you know if that becomes a major backup. there's another view where officer right side detouring traffic off of dana this morning. as we said it could last through the morning rush as closure. john. jen, thank you.
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east of town and imbed within embedded is some flurries, back to it won't amount to a whole lot. even a little bit of slick comics can some of this, through germantown stretching through places of kentucky, and downtown cincinnati it's cloudy, 30 at the airport, a little bit of a breeze making for a windchill of 26. we started in the 20s, kids will need the coats this morning, low 30s by the lunch hour, they will need coats on the way home, upper 30s, mainly cloudy although another flurry or sprinkle it possible into the afternoon. today the last really cold day was below normal temperatures, we have a warm up out of the way, normal tomorrow, way above-normal by the weekend, and i will be back with how warm it gets, coming up in just a bit. people are coming together across the country and here in education.
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the national walk in movement, and per perry shieblly shibley is here with how you can be a part of it. >> reporter: student, staff and community members are coming together to join this national movement, and walnut hills is going to be one the first schools to participate at 7:10 this morning followed by other schools around the city, sailor park and gamble mon toss montessori. they are inviting students and staff to walk into the building 15 minutes before the start of the school today. the message, these kids deserve, a free, high quality education, and they're more than what is seen on a state report card. this 71st ever nationally coordinated walk-in movement cps joins over 800 schools nationwide in 30 cities.
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perry and cincinnati public school superintendent mary ronan will join the walk-in at 8:30 this morning. a man and woman are in jail accused of abducting a man on valentine's day and stealing money from it. they abducted guest at the quality inn near the airport and then they forced him to withdraw money from area atms. the pair is now facing kidnapping and robbery charges. police are still putting the pieces together after a robbery gone bad, and the homeowner killed a suspect. the first homicide the year, william neil brown junior says he shot the intruder and called 911 himself. now police are looking for the other man who ran away after the shooting. if you can help, call crime stoppers at 253-3040. a swingers club in westchester is one step closer to opening. the town trustees thought they had stopped the owners from opening, and now a judge has
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they have approved a license for the club, but after complaints with residents they back pedaled. a judge ruled the township was wrong when they withdrew the license. >> i believe what people want to do in their spare time is their own business, as long as it's not affecting my job. you want to say people can do what they want and if they're all consenting to it, but it's kind of -- i just have kind of mixed emotions about it. the sanford group has appealed the township decision on the zoning issue. a judge still has to rule on that. in more local news for you, another expansion to university of cincinnati stadium could be on the way. the president says that it's optimistic for the school's chance of joining the 12 conference, it would have to expand between it's 12,000 feet, to between 15 to 20,000.
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and talk about it in may. tuckers just posted on facebook that it will serve food again starting july 25th. a fire destroyed the kitchen and the vine street establishment ever since. another one is in two weeks. opening day is a few months away, we know the crucial amount of the plans. sweet lou is the he managed to run for three seasons, including the wire to wire, season in 1990, he will be back with the reds this upcoming season as a consultant. the parade will be broadcast live on local 12 april 4th. after that the reds take on the phillies. that game also on local 12. opening day also known as a holiday, as a cincinnati official holiday. i hope sweet lou is in the parade, and throws bases. >> we were saying that?
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>> yeah, yeah. >> that would be great. what is not great is a problem with the morning commute. a major highway is shutdown. we will take another look at the accident and how to get around it. >> have a positive attitude, and just be happy, and enjoy your life.
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>> showing an inner spirit good morning, welcome back. it's 6:08. in case you are just joining us, we are letting folks that i-71 is shutdown at dana because of a fatal accident you are seeing right now there and another vehicle. it looks like they're getting ready to clear the vehicles, and because it was a fatal accident, it could be hours of investigation work that they may be doing. depend, if you need to find -- again if you need to find an alternate route, you need to find an alternate route, because i-71 is shutdown. orb use the norwood lateral. we will keep an eye on things,
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a local high school is creating a special scholarship for somebody who has the inner spirit of joy. >> it's called the heart of a champion scholarship. >> hunt was a the manager of the turbine basketball team when he got to become a part of the team and get out on the court. now the scholarship is going to another student like him. >> it was such an inspiration that night, and it drove them to start a scholarship tonight spire others. rob is in college now, working in the athletic department. and sings the national anthem, first turbine baseball game. >> an all purpose young man. >> inner spirit of joy. i like how that sounds. >> i like how he spreads it around. the democratic presidential
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campaign seas it's 6:13 as we are reporting. republicans arevo vowing to block anyone he no more names
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>> but republicans like mitch mcconnell, say they are determined to block any nomination, because that task should fall to the next president. that could fire politically? an alleged isis supporter is going to trial. abdul karyn, is accused of providing material support to isis. officials connected him to an incident that involved drawings of prophet hum muhammad. new rules would force retailers that accept food stamps to stock healthier options, it's to help that those who have the benefits to have access to healthier food. misuse of the stimulant, adderall, and related emergency room visits is up. the problem is between 18 and
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adderall without a prescription, often getting the drug from friends and family. cycles bring out weird stuff. you might remember the girl known as obama girl who had a crush on the president back what he was running for the house. the crush on the president went viral and racked up 2 million views. now not surprisingly that same girl want you to talk bernie to her. >> oh, my gosh! yeah, democratic president chan dedate candidate has his own political pop song. it's called bernie babe. it's meant to show millennials
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are into politics. [ laughter ] >> they're getting bernie tattoos. >> getting in there is one place that is offering trump tattoos as well. >> yeah, talk bernie to me. >> that is funny. >> you know how quickly we all clam up. -- >> oh, a lot of talk, taking up around in there. >> i don't want to be disrespectful. >> is that what it is. >> like bernie babe is respectful. >> according to her projection it is. >> yeah. >> she wants to show that she is into politics. >> no one on this desk wants to say something that is going to get us in the boss' office. >> so let's not do that, because we have more important things to get through. >> 71 is a problem. that's right, 71 remains shutdown at dana because of an
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been telling you about. although our photographer on the scene says it looks like things are clear in the area as far as guys, i think maybe we just re-opened the interstate. we may have good news. our photographer said they moved the vehicles out of the way, it looks like we have re-opened the interstate, i-71 near dana. this is a live look. good news, they are saying that they could have been shutdown until 8:00 a.m., but we just re-opened 71, no longer a factor, i-71 southbound is re-opened at dana. great news, to have that cleared in the morning rush, because we were not seeing any major back-ups, so far volume of traffic was light. as can you tell traffic is moving in both directions, i-71 near dana. that is good news in the area. although we will continue to follow information about that accident scene, because bad news could come out of that other than the interstate shutdown,
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near victory parkway which the accident scene avenues the victory whacker way. good to have that cleared two hours. >> i got to say much earlier than what they originally estimated. there's flurries flying across the area this morning, jen. i want to show you precision doppler 12hd flurries going through sections of boone county, crossing switzerland county, ohio county indiana, you can see the flurries to the south, and crossing independent, and some of these trailing through parts of the grant county, will you see a few flurries as we start the day to the east of cincinnati. we are seeing more flurries and embedded showers could be a little bit of sleet as we take you to adams county peebles to west union, shouldn't amount to a whole lot right here. some of these will trail down into the maysville area, southeast of maysville, and gather a little snow shower, that is going to briefly move through, a few spots along the ohio river. we start the day with a few
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looking into downtown right now where we're going to see another cold day, temperatures will be below normal with highs only in the upper 30s, but a huge warm up is coming for the end of the week, and into the weekend, and i about the end of the weekend, returning too. 30 at the airport. cloudy skies, a windchill of 26, very light braze, variable at 3, temperatures during the -- they're in the 20s and low 30s, clouds through the morning, you may see flurries the next couple of hours by noon, 31 late day, we're in the upper 30s, peeks of sun possible later in the, later this afternoon, but also a flurry and sprinkle it possible as another disturbance works our way, sabine a, and hillsboro, 39, the cold start at falmouth, there 30, and 30 degrees as we head through versailles, indiana, snow showers working through with a weak disturbance crossing through this morning. there's another one we are going
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today, which could kickoff a flurry or two, but nothing substantial at all. a few breaks from the clouds, note late afternoon, but the clouds remain the dominant thing through tonight. by tomorrow a few more breaks in the clouds are possible. we are going to get back to normal, lower 40s, and on friday we shoot way above-normal. we could see an isolated showers later in the day on friday, but temperatures are going to surge as we get into friday and the weekend instead of the cold air out of canada, we get a milder pacific flow coming across the nation. that will mean temperatures 10-15 degrees above-normal as we get into the end of the week. saturday, look at this, highs in the mid-60s on saturday, partly cloudy, much warmer but by sunday, we see the chance for showers developing. today mainly cloudy skies, a flurry possible in wilmington 35 there, 37 in batavia. in northern kentucky we will see
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upper 30s and falmouth 38, and near 40 in owing ton, florence around 39, and southeast, indiana, mainly cloudy, could see a late day, and 38 in vevay. from the low 30s into the 20s by midnight, mainly cloudy overnight, 24 it's colder tonight. freeh 43 tomorrow mostly cloudy, we do have sun later in the day, there's the high close to 60 on friday, breezy with a slight chance of a shower, sunday near 60 with showers, and a little cooler with highs back in the 40s by monday, and by tuesday. john, sheila, back to you. thanks a lot john. 6:31, early voting when and where you can catch ballots in ohio. >> i'm ready to go back to school, but with all of this
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go trending now, vanessa hodgeings is in trouble. she posted a heart carved into one of sedona's rare red rocks. law prohibit anybody from defacing natural property. she and her beau could face jail
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kate is the guest editor of a new series called young minds matter. she works with charities to help people affected by addiction and family breakdown. the cincinnati auto expo show starts today. >> we want to know what is your favorite car that you have ever driven? >> i'm telling you, john should be over here driving t. >> i had to get help on this first one. i had a 68 of goat handling. >> it's the best equipped, most powerful gto of that year. it's called the judge, and goat is the nickname. >> it sounds -- >> also checking in rocky, the same era, '67 camaro. she is so, so sweet. and it was so slick and beautiful. >> i know. >> love that car. >> you know, summarizes the
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>> brian had a 2000 mustang, the description, jaguar, i cried when i sold this. now i'm in a ford escape. oh, my god, what has become of my life. [ laughter ] >> for about two years of my
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lomax good morning, again, we want to bring you an app date an update, the highway just re-opened minutes ago. the minivan was driving the wrong way on southbound near dana. that woman hit another car and
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other car a man who was killed. the highway was closed for 3 1/2 hours, and re-opened just a few minutes ago. jen, this is a huge relief. they thought this was closed until 8:00. >> reporter: they thought it would be closed through the morning rush, depend, it's this live o-dot camera, shows here i-71 and dana, both directions moving along just fine. we have cleared that before the morning rush clears in. we have a deer struck at state route 741 near hamilton road. watch for potential lights there. we have an accident involved at hamilton middletown road. i think this one cleared baltimore at montana. it has cleared. interstates elsewhere, moving along, we will let you know if we see any major de lays. a few snow flurries working south of downtown cincinnati.
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crittenton seeing a few few flurries, and robertson, mason and cloudy skies 30 at the airport. a little bit of a breeze, windchill at 26, it's going to be colder, colder than normal up. upper 20s to start. clouds and 30s at noon, and a little sunday peek through the clouds. we will see temperatures in the upper 30s, could be a flurry or sprinkle coming back in the afternoon. it's the last day below normal for a while. we will go back to normal tomorrow and way above-normal bit weekend. more on that, how warm it gets, and a look at when some rain returns, that is coming up in minutes, guys. thank you, john. it's 6:38 and a northern kentucky school district will be back in class only hours after a bomb threat got two six grade girls arrested. >> they wanted a day off after the long weekend, but the bomb threat, went to facebook, and bomb dogs were brought in to search the schools.
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school district and police figured out the facebook account where the threat originated. the message i'd like to share is that you know, kids you got to be careful. what you transmit can be tracked back, and it will be tracked back. schools take this very seriously and things will occur when you're caught. the prank also canceled the dayton senior night basketball game canceled along with other activity. happening today, early voting starts in an hour and a half in the march presidential primary in ohio. you can vote in person at the county vote of elections monday through friday. if you requested the ballot to vote absentee, those will start going out today. if you are not registered to vote, you won't be able to cast your ballot in the primary. early voters in have an
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it's set up the county board of elections in princeton road. it allows voters to cast their ballots at their convince and return it without posting. the northern kentucky health department is about to get its first measle exchange program. it will be at grant county where they agree to put the program in the county town center. it's not just a response to the heroin epidemic but to help stop the spread of hepatitis c and hiv. the cincinnati police officers will start testing body cameras this month. the city is in talks with two vendors and they will be tested for several weeks. once their decision about a vendor, all officers in cincinnati should be wearing body cameras permanently by the end of the year. developing this morning, the columbus department of public health says 7 people are being tested for the zik ash virus, all the ohioans traveled recently and returned with
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the cdc is checking out their test and they will get the results in a few weeks. the 2016, cincinnati auto experts returned today. they got the truck, suvs and for the kids face painting and even a new challenge for the kiddoes seeing how fast they can change a tire. auto expo will run through sunday, we have a list of all times and ticket prices at you remember that i couldn't get that car started. >> that is wasn't greatest things that has ever happened. we will try to match it. picture this, you spend more than four decades working at your job perfecting your craft, and one day you realize there's got to be an easier way. that is what happened to a local guy, a drywall specialist from amelia and now his epiphany is revolutionizing the his industry. >> when you cut the corners it wears the sides of your finger nails and it wears them really quick and you don't have no
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>> after more than four decades, hanking and sanding drywall, almost literally. >> your fingers keep rubbing the walls. >> working your fingers to the bone. james decided he had had enough. >> i wanted a tool to do the job better. >> james didn't find that tool. he invented it. >> i mean you can bend that hundreds of times, and it just don't mess up. >> meet the flex pro, simple sanding tool for the handyman made by the handyman. >> how did you come up with this? >> sitting on a bucket. >> sitting on a bucket. you flip it back over and go down toward the floor and then you come back. >> reporter: james took his proto to type to a group of investors, who put a patent on it and started production. >> we got an announcement from home depot that it will be in
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will be approximately in less than 100 stores taken out. >> reporter: >> we got a paint pad, so now you can throw a paint pad. and you got a tile, it's a rough surface that won't scratch your tile. you got a waxing pad or a dusting pad. pad. >> it's a couple of times, and you usually have all your corners all but in and you're done. >> love it! >> love it, don't you just love that. he is a character. it makes you think, like -- i want to do something like that. here it is the flex pro. he has the different attachment. >> this is really soft. this one i was feeling this one. >> you can exfoliate the skin. >> yeah. >> i feel exfoliated. >> you look exfoliated. >> thank you, thank you. and if you would like more information on the flex pro, we
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just go to the >> only $9.09. >> for years, why didn't no one think like that before. >> get the hard to reach corners. >> it does, indeed adam. >> finger print and everything. >> yeah, and them fighting words. that is what donald trump said and he and president obama are going at it. and also, just call in super luke.
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good morning, sixes 30:00, 6:30, a few embedded sleet. some spots potentially a little bit of a dusting of snow this morning, especially southeast of sin cincinnati sin. you night see another stray flurry or sprinkle later this afternoon. colder later than normal today but that changes with warmer weather coming later in the week. more on how warm it gets, and a look at returns. i'm looking forward in the upper 50s, john. look forward to 71 being open at dana as we were talking earlier about being closed. i do have report an accident on 275 westbound at man ola pike. that is slowing traffic a bit. as you can see. folks on i-71/i-75 to 275 westbound, we will watch that area and let you know if we have
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accident 471, near hamilton to watch for and princeton, and hamilton middletown. other than that, things are looking okay on the interstates. back to you. as lauren hill battles pediatric brain cancer. she met a little boy named luke. >> he is battling different kind of brain canner cancer, and before she left, she gave him some of her hero powers. >> last october an mri showed that one of his tumors was slinking, so he got a break from chemo to see what would happen. >> he was participating in activity outside, but he was never jumping, never running fast. he was never climbing on furniture. jumping on his bed. he never did that. and it's like he never felt good. >> luke just had another scan, and it shows that he is still stable, which means he doesn't have to do chemo for now.
6:41 am
decreaseses as he ages, and what the doctors explains, brad johansson, and what he d it looks like the tumors are dead. >> if it doesn't grow, you have to assume the cells are dead, and as you noted, as he gets older, the chances for redeveloping. >> that kid has so much personality. >> i know, you just want him to be okay. >> everybody is rooting for luke. >> hope that the next scan will be better. >> yeah. >> you can follow him on facebook, too. shopping for a car for a teenager, not an easy thing to do, and expert are weighing in on the best deals. >> super adorable and want to
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a new top welcome back. everyone, new this morning, four u.s. f22 stealth fight fighters flew korea. the u.s. military would not say how long the f22s will be deployed in south korea. president barack obama is taking a direct attack approach to the front-runner donald trump. he is not saying that trump will be president because he has
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if he ran when donald was up against obama, obama would have lost. in the first-of-its-kind ruling, a u.s. magistrate says that apple must help the u.s. hack into the phone of the man behind this san better nar bernardino massacre. apple will fight that order to provide special soft woir that can software which,and that will bypass the self destruct, after too many attempt to unlock it. he killed 14 people last december and they died in a police shootout. new recommendations are open shopping for the teenager's first car. vehicles for the new drivers should be boring and slow, amen! the company says the best mid size car for teens is the 2012 ford fusion, and best large car is a 22 buick regal. yeah. the nation's largest airline
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provides wi-fi for its planes, because it's too slow. american airlines filed a lawsuit against gogo, the airline believes it has a better offer from a competitor and wants out of that contract. gogo says, it has new technology that will deliver a much better wi-fi experience for flyers, but roll out of it will be slow. something called salt popularity, it's a natural alternative for people suffering from earn lez allergies, and asthma, they have salt rooms that are filled from floor to ceiling with assault. and a sodium chloride is pumped into the air using a sodium generator. those who use it say that it works. okay, threatening now, right on cue, a guy made a go fund me page, to help the rapper kanye west get out of his $53 million debt.
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greatest artist of our time while he is in need. he compared it to helping other great artist, like leonardo da vinci, $269 of the 53 million has been raised and i'm worried about all of those people. >> yeah, really. new this morning, a new top dog, a german short hairedded pointer, one best in show is at the 140 westminister dog show. when we get in there he is like all business. when we get in there. >> he is 3 years old and his name is cj. he picked cj, because he was alert, and cj beat out nearly 3,000 canines from 199 dog greeds. only 79 dogs made it to the finals and now cg depose on a media tour. his grandmother won best in show. >> wow. >> legacy. >> these big bucks for these
6:48 am
lineage. >> it's a big deal, thousands and thousands of people watch. >> yeah. >> yeah, you know. >> i like seeing the unusual breeds. >> yeah. >> me, too. >> but i can't help but think that the get out of the movie best in show. >> you haven't seen it. it's sort of a parody. >> a mockumentary. >> when it cuts close toed -- >> you know, we got lucky out there at 71. it looks like a traffic situation overnight but in terms of traffic, clear and lost. >> reporter: it's shutdown at dana, until an hour and 45 minutes ago. in both directions. heard about an accident on 275 near the westbound direction, it looks like we started seeing traffic in that area, if you are
6:49 am
for a slow down near mineola pike. the only other accident on our map, middletown an accident reported there. and you're looking typical around the tri-state. you're heavy on i-71-i-75. and heavy traffic near loveland madeira, things are back to normal on the roads. most of it flurries, but there were a couple of snow showers which moved through the parts of southern hamilton county, into clearmont, and evans kent playing hecounty playing out a dusting. there's the view into downtown cincinnati now, where we are looking at cloudy skies throughout the area. the atrium medical center weather cam, i tell you it's going to be another cold day. temperatures expected not really to make it out of the 30s once again. which is below normal for this time of the year. i want to show you some of those snow showers that have been the east.
6:50 am
south of sin we're seeing some as -- cincinnati we're seeing some as well. all of these are going to be out of here some dustings east of cincinnati this morning. here is a look at some of those showers, now in southern campbell county, moving toward butler. going to get a little snow moving toward bevel and felicity, and to the east, scattered snow showers have been moving through adams and mason county starting to push out of those areas at this point. again, these are going to exit and we're going to see everything clear out at least from a precipitation standpoint. today. cold again, we expect temperatures in the 30s, a huge warm up, though, right around the corner. we get back to normal tomorrow, above-normal into friday, saturday, and into sunday, but some rain will return by sunday. 30 right now, light breeze, a windchill of 26 degrees, we will be in the upper 20s by 8:00, following a couple of degrees, by noon, back in the low 30s, upper 30s late day, some peeks of sun by late this afternoon, and another stray flurry or
6:51 am
afternoon as another weak disturbance approaches from the northwest. 29, 30 fayetteville, brooksville kentucky at 31. brookville and oxford, both hanging at 30, and there's a look at these flurries and snow showers. some reports of sleet or gropele which has been mixing in with some of these stuff as it moves to the east of cincinnati. not expected to create a big problem for us. it approaches a late day that could kickoff another flurry or sprinkle. other than that, the rain remains quiet for tomorrow. a little sun peeking through the clouds. we will get back in the 40s, and we will begin to see the surge of warmer on the way for saturday, sunday instead of our air coming out of canada, it comes off the pacific ocean, across the country. we call this a zonal or west to east flow, and that means a warm up for us. 10-15 degrees above-normal as we get into the end of the week or the weekend.
6:52 am
warmer. showers begin to move into the picture on sunday with a hive temperature near 60. today 38 your high, a few flurries are a possibility into the afternoon, and then tonight we will be in the low 30s at 8:00, mid-20s at midnight. mainly cloudy skies expected during the overnight hours, 24 the low tonight, 43 warmer tomorrow, and a whole lot warmer on friday, highs close to 60 degrees, breezy friday, too. you will see the wind pick up, there's a slight chance for an isolated shower too late friday afternoon. 65 saturday, showers on sunday, it does not look to be an all-day rain, the best chance appears to be earlier in the day, highs close to 60 there, and cooler weather coming monday and tuesday, upper 40s monday, we're back to the below normal temperatures tuesday, at least a touch below normal with highs close to 40, and you can track the warm up, and track the sunday showers with our free weather authority app. john, bob, back to you.
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6:52, cruising in style.
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a coming 5 until 7:00, 30 degrees right now and some snow showers moving through, but no problems with the weather, whatsoever,
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bundle up the kids for the bus stop. happening today, early voting starts in an hour for the march presidential primary at ohio. you can vote in person, on the hamilton county vote of elections, if you requested a ballot to vote absentee, those will start going out today. if you are not registered to vote, you will not be able to cast your ballots in the primary. quite a few parent complain that movies may not be grown and not kid friendly at all. >> a dad started a kick starter campaign for his own adventure novel with a amoral lesson. it's called the league and the lantern and it's generating hollywood buzz. we have the this dad's sacrifice, and the local charitable. confession inside a car, meet a priest who is driving around delivering just that. news.
6:57 am
of the tri-state's biggest and most colorful chinese new year's celebration. there's a hot new car coming for kids that makes our old peddling jeeps look kind of ancient, and the radio flier, we will start shipping many tesla model cars for kids. take a look at this thing. the one seater, yep, just for kiddoes, between the ages of 3 and 8. how styling is that. different colors, and working headlights, there's even a trunk on the front of the car. top speeds, you can slow down, six miles an hour, and three orders are open now, and theka the car ships in may, they cost $495. >> you know, circumstances 6 miles an hour is pretty good click. >> christopher would look good in one of those. >> he has a hummer. >> he does. it was a hand-me-down.
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>> that's great. >> yeah. >> go to star 64.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 17th, welcome to "cbs this morning." a judge orders apple to help the fbi unlock the phone of a san bernardino killer. ceo tim cook fired back overnight saying he will resist. president obama predict donald trump will not be the next president. the billionaire takes it as a compliment. and can we trust driverless


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