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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 5:00, it's the big day for presidential hopefuls in florida. voters are casting their ballots in the state's primary. but some precincts in orange problems. results. i'm lisa bell. i'm matt austin. in the last couple of hours, we've learned the county has asked the governor to extend voting hours at those precincts because of the issues. news 6 reporter amanda castro coverage. she's live at the orange county
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voters were actually turned away from the polls this morning. >> reporter: yeah, matt, it happened at approximately 12 polling locations. they were experiencing ballot issues. they didn't have enough republican or democratic ballots printed, leaving some voters very frustrated they were turned away and couldn't vote. in apopka we saw angry voters who were not allowed to go and cast their ballots. there was a data glitch in the system. the number of party ballots printed they were supposed to print got switched with non-partisan ballots which means they didn't have enough democratic or republican ballots printed. it only happened in polling locations where residents were also voting for local elections, including apopka, ocoee, belle isle, maitland, winter park and windemere. they're asking to extend the voting hours to 8:00.
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the governor to hear what he decides. this is the first time this has ever happened. we're going to hear from the supervisor of orange county elections coming up tonight at 6, 6:00. if you were turned away at any of the precincts that were affected, you can still go back to your precinct and they set up express vote machines where you can vote or you can come down to the supervisor of elections' office to cast your ballot. if you can't get to any of those places, you can call the elections office and they'll send someone with an absentee ballot and you can vote and it will count for tonight's big election. >> matt: it is election day in florida, isn't it? amanda castro live for us. thank you. our team coverage continues now with a look at the candidates in florida as voters cast their ballots. >> lisa: the remaining hopefuls are well aware of florida's status as a crucial battleground state. we have crews at tonight's big events for donald trump, marco rubio and hillary clinton. we begin with news 6's erik von ancken. he gives us a look at trump's
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>> reporter: i'm standing in the media area. if you look to my right, there are reporters from not just all over the country but all over risers. everybody is trying to stake out a spot and pointing their cameras toward that direction. you see the podium there. that's where donald trump is set to speak, tonight at 9:00, with what he's expecting to be a victory speech. besides media being invited, only special guests have been invited. we're expecting no protesters here and neither is the secret service. nonetheless, they have this place on lockdown. another update when i see you again coming up at 6:00. for now, erik von ancken, news 6. >> lisa: with donald trump ahead in the latest statewide quinnipiac poll, tonight could make or break florida senator's marco rubio campaign. >> matt: analysts are saying rubio needs to win florida to keep his presidential hopes alive. eric sandoval is in miami ahead of rubio's event there.
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international university, actually just a stone's throw his start in politics. this is going to be a small event. you can see through here this is the lobby of fiu's arena. you can see the signs going up together. some of the people who may be celebrating with marco rubio tonight are the young voters who cast their votes today. they actually tweeted out their support of marco rubio, some of them right after they cast their ballot. a lot of them said they didn't like donald trump, they were turned off by him and rubio was their best choice. now, we'll be monitoring the numbers all night long and monitoring the reaction at fiu to see if the young voters' votes send rubio over the top to win the state of florida. we're in miami tonight, eric sandoval, news 6. >> matt: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also in the sunshine state. >> lisa: recent polls shows clinton with a big lead in florida over bernie sanders. louis bolden is in west palm beach where clinton will await
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beach county convention center, the set-up has already begun for hillary clinton. doors open to the public at 7:00, but members of the media advance. behind me the stage is set and the podium is in place. the democratic frontrunner was in north carolina earlier today, greeting voters and talking about her economic plan. most polls show her with a substantial lead over bernie sanders in florida heading into the primary election. of course, we'll get the real results later this evening. clinton will speak in west palm beach tonight and will discuss why she's the best candidate to raise in e the incomes and break down barriers. back to you. >> lisa: thank you. florida is the main focus for many of the candidates but it's not the only state where voters are heading to the polls today. >> matt: voters in north
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missouri are deciding presidential candidates along with florida. news 6 reporter mike deforest joins us live in our newsroom tonight. there's a lot on the line tonight. >> reporter: many believe tonight's votes could breathe new life in candidates' campaigns or spell the end for others. there are hundreds of delegates up for grabs tonight for republicans and democrats. the biggest pot of the delegates, if you could call it that for either party, right here in florida. here's how things are stacking up right now going into today. a republican needs 1,237 delegates to win their party's nomination outright. going into today's vote, donald trump leads the pack with 460 delegates. ted cruz has 370. marco rubio, 163. and john kasich, 63. democrats actually need nearly double the number of delegates to win their party's nomination, 2,383. before tonight's votes are
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more than halfway there with 1,231 delegates. bernie sanders has 576. but keep in mind, there are five states voting in primaries today. more than 350 republican delegates up for grabs, nearly 800 democratic delegates, all could change tonight, a lot could be happening. that's why we'll be watching as the results come pouring in here the next few hours. >> matt: mike deforest thank you. news 6 is committed to bringing you the best results 2016 coverage. we have a special webcast starting at 7:00 on we'll also be live here on air until 8:00. we'll keep you updated on the latest results online and on the news 6 app. if you have been outside, you have felt the heat. we have not dealt with this much heat in months. a live look outside at daytona gorgeous. nice beach day. scorching hot for mid-march. the big question, will we see some relief soon? >> lisa: chief meteorologist tom
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summer-like heat for us. the big question as well, did we break any records today? >> tom: we'll get to that in just a moment, but really it was a scorching day, wasn't it? for us in central florida in the heart of the area, it was even hotter than yesterday. visible satellite tells us why. today. wind was pushing from the west all day long which kept the east coast sea breeze pinned. ocean. on radar tonight, a few little echoes out there. those are not rain. those are smoke plumes coming out of fires. there's no rain happening. temperatures, okay, they're still burning. it's 89 in sanford. 84 in ocala. 87 in orlando. at this hour, still 89 in cocoa beach. which brings us to the question, records or no? standing by with the answer is meteorologist candace campos. cigar. in orlando again, topping off at 89 degrees.
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also in melbourne, we're getting close. 89 is the record to beat is 90, set in 2008. in orlando and melbourne, it's been 100 days since we've seen this type of heat. last time we've been seeing temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's the early part of november. time. >> tom: it's been so hot the last couple of days. the on-the-town forecast, no relief really. we do drop down some. by 8:00 tonight, we're at 81. by 9 p.m., 78. 10:00 hour, 75 degrees. the a.c. keeps running. there were no records but it's plenty hot. i'll be right back to talk about the heat for tomorrow and what your weekend looks like from here. >> lisa: thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. brushfires come dangerously close to a brevard county publix. sky 6 flew over the scene this
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you can see the smoke in the air. we're told this fire is now out. no buildings were damaged. another fire sent smoke flying near a school. sky 6 flew over the scene near jackson heights middle school in oviedo. it happened just a short time ago. we're told no buildings are in danger right now. we'll continue to follow this for you and bring you any updates as we get them. >> matt: just into the newsroom, news 6 has learned governor rick scott will approve $20 million for state funding for a ucf campus in downtown orlando. it comes days after state lawmakers passed a budgets for next year. governor rick scott vetoed funding for the downtown campus last year. ucf president john hitt called the approval, quote, "one of the most important milestones in ucf history." they hope to open the campus in 2018. up next, a local teen gunned down in what his family calls a
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>> lisa: next at 5:00, how friends and family will honor a 15-year-old days after he was shot dead along the sidewalk. >> reporter: and i'm in ocoee. two guys go to a club, come back with a girl, only to find five men inside their home. these men were wearing masks,
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>> matt: a chase leads to a crash at an orange county intersection. >> lisa: police say this all began when the suspects ransacked a home and attacked three people inside.
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and then ran a red light before crashing at the intersection of colonial drive and good holmes road near west oaks mall in ocoee. that is where news 6 reporter nadine yannis joins us live. right. it ended up in a wild morning, ended up with a kidnapping, a car crash, a complicated investigation for police. what started out as a fun night, out at the club, turned into a terrifying morning at this home. after two men and a woman are welcomed by five masked men with guns inside. >> scary. it's scary. it's just making me want to get protection for my family. >> reporter: neighbors frightened for their safety this afternoon as undercover detectives pieced together what
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>> it's just a big mess. >> reporter: inside the home, officers say the masked men tied up the member and women and put them in the bathroom and beat up the other victim, pistol-whipped him and kidnapped him. >> he was taken from his house in his own bmw and fled the area with him. >> reporter: officers believe two of the suspects were in the bmw and the other three took off in this mercedes suv, spotted just around the corner by winter garden police. instead of pulling over, police say it took off, ran a red light and t-boned a man on his way to work. >> it's bad enough when you have a home invasion. and then you end up innocent people getting struck when cars are fleeing the area and whatnot. it's just tragic. >> reporter: officers went to help the driver now fighting for his life when the suspects took advantage, using the distraction as a way to take off. the suspects in the bmw got away, dropping off the kidnapped victim in the middle of the
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so what we do know is that police say these victims possibly may have made themselves a target unintentionally. they say the two guys who live in the home own a tax service company and flash their money around on social media. whether or not the home invasion suspects knew the victims, that's a part of investigation. police say, if you know anything, they are asking you to call them. >> lisa: thank you. >> matt: in just hours, friends and family of a 15-year-old gunned down on an ocoee sidewalk will hold a vigil in his memory. it will be held for antoine davis at lake stark at 8:00. the family says he may have fallen in with a bad crowd, but so far police have not released information on any suspects. in the meantime, the family set up a gofundme page to help pay for his funeral expenses, which has already raised $2,000. we're just days away from
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country music festival. news 6 is giving you another chance to win tickets, all while getting results for local veterans. >> lisa: yeah. from now through 5 p.m. tomorrow, you'll have a chance to win our grand prize, including four three-day v.i.p. passes, four party pit passes and v.i.p. parking. to enter for your chance to win, go to country and donate to the veterans community. a veterans community is a local organization that helps provide safe, stable housing for our veterans. when you donate, you will be entered to win. we'll announce the big winner tomorrow during news 6 at 11:00. >> matt: we're going to need to get out a parasol this weekend? >> lisa: or an umbrella. >> tom: maybe a little bit of both. we may get sunshine early and storms late. it's going to be weird.
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timing of those as we get close to saturday. let's start with radar views with what's happening in central florida. right now, we have no rain, not looking for any for at least another 24 hours either. maybe 48. i'll show you what i mean in a moment. right now, we have radar echoes out there but they're not rain. they're smoke from brushfires blowing smoke towards merritt island and from osceola county to the east as well. right now, temperature readings holding at 89 degrees in orlando. 86 in leesburg and 87 just to the south of orlando. 9-mile-an-hour wind blowing in at leesburg. a 13-mile-an-hour wind in the villages, 8 in orlando and 10 in cocoa beach and 9 in new smyrna beach. strongest wind i have right now is 14 miles per hour right now in daytona beach. all the wind is forcing in the heat, pinning in the east coast sea breeze. normally if this were any other day, the wind were coming from somewhere else, the east coast sea breeze would have brought some relief and temperatures would be much more varied and
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instead of everyone being in the upper 80's. satellite and radar together showing you how nice and dry we are. cleaned up from here, up the atlantic coast, north of raleigh before you see any moisture at all. back to the west, nothing doing. so what's happening? it's this dry air aloft that's gobbled up all of our moisture. we have clouds, bright stuff here, blue and white from dallas to houston, all the way down to brownsville. that's moisture that's beginning to rebuild in the atmosphere over the gulf of mexico. so in the coming 24 to 48 hours, our clouds begin to increase. first thing tomorrow morning, 7 a.m., meteorologist troy bridges will be here tracking the patchy fog and the fog burns off and the heat is on again. broken cloud cover again tomorrow with very little in the way of any moisture. it's going to be another hot day. i'm talking about a daytime high tomorrow again of 88. by thursday, everything changes a bit. this is thursday evening, 5:00, scattered showers from the
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to osceola, all the way out to brevard. but that's thursday. that's not tonight. tonight, no worse than partly cloudy. the overnight low here in orlando is 66. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, we're warming quickly. the daytime high tomorrow goes to 88 degrees. so 88 again tomorrow. then a little cooler for st. patrick's day as the rain showers get close. on friday, the high is 83. saturday's high, 80. sunday's daytime high will be 77 degrees. so the heat is on. until at least the weekend. come the weekend for runaway country, a chance for rain. >> matt: so it's not just this all the way up to summer. we get a break. >> tom: no, we've got a break coming. see you in a few. >> matt: another round for sticker shock for drivers in central florida. >> lisa: next at 5:00, the overnight surge in gas prices and why this is happening.
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the questions nasa hopes the ucf experiment will answer. >> matt: i honestly thought that was candy. >> lisa: don't eat that. >> matt: i won't. ahead at 5:30, getting your kids to eat healthy at school and at
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> matt: well, if you saw gas at two bucks a gallon this morning, your eyes are not deceiving you. prices shot up as much as 20 cents in some areas. >> lisa: we first told you yesterday at 5:00, analysts
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as $2 and now it's a reality. a month ago, gas was $1.67. this is the second time in the past couple of weeks we've seen a 20-cent jump at some local stores. analysts at says it has to do with rising oil prices and more demand as winter comes to an end. more than 2 dozen orlando area gas stations are charging at least $2 a gallon. new details tonight on a cool experiment set to head to space next week. >> matt: we're learning more about a project that some researchers at ucf had a big hand in putting this together. this is a look from nasa. it's called the strata 1 investigation. the stuff inside the tubes will be used to study the soil. it will help nasa learn how to safely move and process large amounts of such soil. it's one of five experiments aboard the rocket when it launches next tuesday.
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bring it to you live on news 6 and on totally space agency kind of cool stuff. >> ginger: is that the stuff you thought was candy? you might not want to eat that, matt. just saying. >> lisa: ginger gadsden is joining us with what's coming up on the news at 5:30. >> ginger: coming up, a big announcement to make your next trip to legoland, even more awesome. plus, a local girl afraid to go to daycare. we talked to a mom and the daycare leader about what happened and why the girl's teacher is now facing charges >> and we head to the polls where young voters say casting a ballot today could be one of the most important things they ever do. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. this is a live look over downtown orlando right now. you can't see the heat, but it's hot out there. how long will it hang around?
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>> matt: we'll check in with first time voters at the polls about what makes today so


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