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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> julie: three breaking stories starting live in brevard county with sky 6 over a brushfire that has damaged two homes. then a huge health concern of a sexually transmitted zika case in central florida. >> also ahead, minutes ago a teacher accused of being drunk on the job bonds out of jail. >> julie: we begin with a firefight. >> it's now responsible for
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this is happening right now in palm bay. sky 6 is flying over the scene as firefighters work to contain the situation. rescue crews are asking people to avoid the area. the brushfire has now spread to 10 acres. >> julie: sky 6 photojournalist dave sprung is over the scene. tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: this fire is spread out pretty wide. you can see where the fire started way down here and it stretches approximately 10 blocks and growing. i'll show you that in a second. this looks like ground zero and the fire just kept growing. the fire is following the pattern. you can see that's where it looks like the fire started. then you have a house here, the fire jumped the house. i didn't see any damage to that home. you can see that the fire just continued to travel towards the north and northwest, missing houses and burning a couple of them, not badly
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as i stretch block after block after block, the fire kept on going and going, jumping houses. it is partially contained. i'll tell you that. the division of forestry is out here with their brush trucks and bulldozers, cutting fire lines. there's one of the bulldozers cutting the fire lines. the fire was in the area and it hit a power station. it jumped over the power station and as you can see it caught fire here. it's very windy out here. there's a lot of embers flying around. when it touches a dry patch, it's going to start another patch. it then started a fire in this brush. you can see there's a brush truck out here now putting water on this part of the fire, trying to impede the progress of it. i'm not seeing much in the way of homes or anything that could be damaged. further in the west i see that but in the path of the fire, i don't see much in the way of this. >> julie: it looks like a
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winds are definitely an issue. we're going to stay live over the scene throughout the newscast. we'll check back soon and get alerts with the developing situation in the situation. >> a zika virus was transmitted sexually here in central florida. matt austin is joining us now. >> matt: there's two new cases in central florida. one caught the illness overseas. this is the first of its kind for the state and one that has forced the governor to call on the centers for disease control to act on this. governor rick scott said it's imperative the most up to date info is important to stay ahead of the zika virus. right now, there are 52 cases in florida. four of the cases involve pregnant women.
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microcephaly, babies born with abnormally small heads and brains. those who survive often have lifelong neurological problems. the c.d.c. says based on current evidence, a previous zika infection does not pose a risk for a further pregnancy. >> for more information head to our website under top stories at, powered by news 6. >> julie: more breaking news within the last 90 minutes. the substitute teacher police say was intoxicated on the job bonded out of jail. investigators say they arrested her at bentley elementary school in sanford, near reinhart road and that's where she was teaching second graders at the time. news 6's justin warmoth joins us live from the school. does this sub have anything to say as she bonded out? >> reporter: well, she told us "no comment" a few times but other than that she was just
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she only had an $8500 bond so she was able to post that before going before a judge today. in the meantime, parents of students who go to the school were not happy to hear this happened. >> reporter: the 52-year-old woman bonded out of the seminole county jail. she's now off the job as a substitute teacher with the seminole county public schools as she was teaching her 2nd grade class intoxicated. >> that's amazing. >> that's scary with the kids in the classroom. >> reporter: police say a teacher noticed she was acting strangely and a school resource officer who went to the classroom to investigate >> the officer asked her to stand up from the desk and when she did, she fell into a window. she also smelled of alcohol and was slurring her words. >> i'm in shock right now. with all due respect, i just
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they do whatever they've got to do to make things go the way it's supposed to go. >> reporter: the resource officer also found prescription pills in joel's purse along with a water bottle filled with an alcoholic beverage. the principal said at no time were students in danger or unsupervised. some don't see it that way. >> the witnesses in -- you know, a pristine environment, away from drugs and alcohol. that's not the message we're trying to get across to our children. >> reporter: school board officials told me joel has been a substitute with the district since 2014 and passed a background check. however, in 2012 we found out she was arrested for d.u.i. coming up at 5:00, i'm asking school board officials how she was able to be hired with a charge like that on her record. live in sanford, justin warmoth, news 6. >> julie: thank you, justin. tonight face-off in florida between the democratic contenders. >> vermont senator bernie
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in the sunshine state to do what voters in michigan did yesterday, pull off an upset. >> people in michigan repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago. >> clinton beat sanders in mississippi and more delegates overall. she's more than halfway in the delegates she needs to clench the nomination. we'll have a recap of where things stand for the race for the republican nomination. >> julie: more than a month after a home invasion where a family was tied up, four suspects have been arrested and faced a judge today in osceola county. news 6 reporter troy campbell is in osceola county with where the suspects were caught up this week. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects stormed through the front door and held the people inside against their will for hours. investigators arresting these
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charged with felony armed home invasion, kidnapping and carjacking. detectives say on january 29th, the group made their way into a home on rachel lynn laid in st. cloud. a teenage girl and her mother's boyfriend were tied up for hours. >> through investigative means they identified four suspects who were located yesterday and taken into custody. >> reporter: when the mother came home, she, too, was tied up. osceola county investigators saying almost 11 hours after the suspects made entry into the home, the group left and the mother and daughter were able to call police. the mom's boyfriend found tied up in the back seat of their vehicle. >> it's a very scary time and a violent home invasion. they're being charged with numerous accounts including carjacking. >> reporter: the incident appears to be isolated and the victims were targeted for money. >> julie: troy, thank you. this just in tonight a sketch
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abduction and the details are frightening. >> a man targeted an 11-year-old girl and told her to get in a car because her mom was in the hospital. the car had a black back bumper. according to the report, this happened yesterday afternoon near ronald reagan parkway in davenport. the girl got away and told her mother who told police. call police right away if you have any information. we have information on a massive explosion in seattle, injuring nine firefighters. crews first responded to the scene after reports of a natural gas leak. 39 minutes later, the explosion happened. some people thought it was an earthquake. the force of the blast was recorded from 800 feet away. >> what we're doing right now is
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let me say first our thoughts are with the firefighters who are injured. as a first responder ourselves, we understand the danger they face and we appreciate the work they do every day on behalf of the community. >> search and rescue dogs were sent in to help. the firefighters are now all doing okay. >> julie: a timeline in sending humans into space station and it's earlier than we thought. >> tom: and i'll be right back, we'll go looking for the fire and we'll talk about the wind and we'll focus on the heat. i'll show you how hot your day is going to be tomorrow. >> reporter: stunning views of a total solar eclipse sweeping across the pacific. when the u.s. can expect to see similar sights and why experts say it will be even better. >> and sky 6 is live over a brushfire burning in palm bay. we're hearing there is damage.
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we'll have an update, right after the break. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. we'll be right back. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at
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>> julie: we're staying on top of breaking news in brevard county. a fire is threatening homes in palm bay. you can see sky 6 there live over the scene. still dealing with flames out there. we were talking to dave sprung earlier. winds today are coming in out of the south, pushing the fire to the north. fire crews are out there cutting fire lines around this. still dealing with a dry situation out there. as the embers continue to blow in the wind, it's helping the fire to continue to spread. we'll stay on top of the situation and let you know once it clears or when we get a new update from firefighters. tonight social media is lighting up with amazing pictures from a rare celestial event. >> people in southeast asia experienced a total solar eclipse. don't be bumped.
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explained why millions of people in the u.s. will get the same chance soon. >> right. some already did, thanks to a clever pilot, the video was taken on board an alaska airlines flight to hawaii. the airline adjusted the flight plan so the passengers could take in the sight. 36,000 feet in the air. truly a remarkable moment, one that had so many people looking up across the globe. >> 40 million people took in last night's total eclipse. in indonesia, people cheered as they witnessed morning turn to night. the rare phenomenon across southeast asia happened when the moon moved in front of the sun, casting a shadow on the ground. in some places, the total solar eclipse lasted four minutes. nasa scientists were on the ground and used the opportunity to study the sun's atmosphere and solar storms which affect planets.
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satellite, g.p.s., even harmful to astronauts in space. it's really critical that we understand the corona, which is where all this action is happening. >> reporter: for the first time in 30 years, on august 21st, 2017, millions in the u.s. will get to experience a total eclipse. the temporary path of darkness will begin in oregon, slicing the country down into south carolina. and during a total eclipse, temperatures could lower as much as five degrees. birds go silent and many animals return to their nests and even hide. nasa says the next solar eclipse is the best observed in human history. i like how one looked like a doughnut in the sky. it's really pretty. >> julie: thank you, candace. to see more pictures and read up on the rare sight and when it will happen again, head to, powered by news 6.
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amazon says his private space travel company could send the first humans into orbit. he made the announcement during the tour of the company's development site outside seattle yesterday. he says thousands of people have expressed interest in a suborbital trip. the company is not yesterday taking deposits for the proposed journey yet but he says the eventual goal is to fly as many as 100 sub orbital flights. >> julie: and barbie made her debut in 1959. the first doll sold for $3. now she's on store shelves in more than 150 countries and also a fun fact, barbie has a full name.
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chief meteorologist tom sorrells, another lovely day out there. >> tom: it's been gorgeous. kind of windy. >> julie: it was perfect. >> tom: we're going to look for a smoke plume or two. the big fire is down in brevard county. the last hour of radar echoes here, my smoke plume went away. part of it is right there to the western side of palm bay. it was raging for a while but they slowed it down just a smidge. wind direction from the southeast, it's that way now and it's going to be that way tonight and probably throughout the entire weekend. a big ridge of high pressure is the dominant feature for us. i'll address that in a moment but it's steering all the wind, taking care of us and driving all the wind away for now. we hit 80 degrees for the high in orlando.
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smyrna beach. the cloud cover has made all the difference. without the cloud cover, we would have shot to 83 or 84. right now, we're at 80. that's as warm as we've gotten said the weather service. 82 right now in ocala for the temperature reading. here's the satellite and radar together. cloud cover is thin and broken. it's not showing up very well on the infrared shot. there's the big troublemaker for the weekend. a big pocket of low pressure cranking. a big cold front developing. we're on the backside of our ridge of high pressure enjoying the nice air for now. warmth, though, continues to pump in here. tomorrow we're going to zoom. if we get some sunshine tomorrow, we could get as warm as 85, 86, maybe 87 degrees before it's all said and done. overnight lows are nice enough. 57 degrees in ocala. we're going to call it 62 tonight in leesburg. 60 in palm coast and 64 out in cocoa beach. the official forecast in the city beautiful, partly cloudy,
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south-southeast 5 to 15 miles per hour with an overnight low tonight of 63. here's tomorrow. >> tom: first thing tomorrow morning, 69 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon tomorrow, at least 80. if we get enough sunshine through the day tomorrow, we'll warm rapidly, again our clouds are coming in off the ocean which made the difference. tomorrow, fewer clouds. higher temperatures. 87 could be the big time temperature we're going to score tomorrow. bike week is still going on. 80 degrees by noon tomorrow in daytona beach with a daytime high even beachside, in the mid-80's. 87 does it for the high on thursday. then on friday, the high is 85. rain chances ramp up saturday to about 30%. when you go to bed saturday night into sunday morning, you have to spring forward. it is that time of the year when we lose an hour of sleep. back to work on monday, 83. tuesday, 83. one week from today, we're still warm. there's not a day in there that's not above normal. normal high is 77. we're kicking the daylights out
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>> julie: i can't believe it's close to 90 tomorrow. >> tom: you'll go through your first summer and it'll be like when is that first cold front coming? that will be october. don't rush it. >> all right. >> julie: all right. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> ahead at 4:00, new details inside a family's scare. >> orlando fire department. >> the hoverboard just blew up in the house. >> what we've learned about the response from the company they blame for all the damage. >> julie: but first, meet the family that turned their hobby into a career and how it's helping man's best friend, one
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> julie: tonight a new leash on life, thanks to one family. their business that started as a
4:25 pm
animals every year, one by one. they're getting our beloved pets back on their feet. sam's sam's dog can't move her back legs. they came to eddy's wheels in massachusetts so pepper could get fitted and designed for new wheels. >> look at you. look at the baby, oh, my god. >> he decided to design wheels for his doberman 27 years ago when she could no longer use her back legs. >> the banks loved us because the bankers all had dogs. >> julie: the couple has a 5,000 square feet workshop and
4:26 pm
there are many reasons dog lose mobility. eddy's wheels look at each case and they make almost 2,000 carts a year for animals all over the world. >> it's gratifying. we put them in the cart and they smile and run off. >> webster was born without front legs and beau paralyzed as a puppy. they're motivators for dogs like pepper who get back up and start rolling in a whole new way. >> julie: the business is expanding. they just made carts for a pig and an alpaca. the price ranges from 400 to $1200 depending on the size of the animal and how many wheels they need. i love that video. the dogs are so excited after they get their new wheels. the video of the day. ahead at 4:30, the historic event today in lake baldwin for
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>> julie: we're staying on top of breaking news in palm bay where firefighters are trying to gain control of a brushfire burning in a neighborhood along hogan road. two homes were damaged and the wind is not helping the situation. we have a crew gathering information right now and we'll have an update as soon as we get one. just 30 minutes ago, sanford police started their free gun safety class. >> the class was sparked by two different incidents. just last week, a 6-year-old girl was killed after police say she was playing with a loaded gun that accidentally went off. they say the gun wasn't stored properly and the week before that, another child showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the hand. now, the department is working to get results and prevent this from happening again. we were at the meeting and parents actually helped start >> reporter: that's right.
4:31 pm
last week or so since the two accidental shootings, parents have been coming in the police department on their own to get their hands on these free gun safety locks. sanford police officers say the initiative by parents has fueled their initiative to offer a series of gun safety classes and the first one is happening right now. this is the sanford police department, hoping to get results and get guns out of the hands of curious children. >> safety, with the firearm, safety, period. >> reporter: the class open to anyone is how the department is taking action after two children accidentally shot themselves in sanford within a week of each other. >> if i know i can save one family or one child, one adult, from the training we're going to put on today, that will make my day. >> reporter: the most recent tragedy ending in the death of a 6-year-old girl. police say she shot and killed herself with a gun she found
4:32 pm
her uncle, a convicted felon, who was baby-sitting the child, was arrested again for child neglect. two other parents were arrested the week before after their toddler shot herself in the hand with a gun after finding it in a garage. >> it gets rid of the curiosity. when they're educated on the firearm, the curiosity is gone. they know what to do when they encounter the firearm. >> reporter: right now, the class is happening. officers are splitting up the parents and the children. the parents are learning how to properly secure the gun and the children are learning that a gun is not a toy. i spoke with people going in about 30 minutes ago. there are a lot of people who are gun owners around they want to learn more. we'll talk to more tonight at 5:30. >> thank you. we're learning more about a shooting in a downtown orlando nightclub. >> julie: police tell us they're
4:33 pm
this happened on pine street and orange avenue. our cameras were rolling as police interviewed witnesses. detectives say a 26-year-old man was shot several times in the leg and taken to ormc. we're told he's in stable condition. this appears to have started as a fight between people in the parking lot. police are not identifying the victim but say they're looking for a dark-colored car the suspect was seen leaving in. >> thousands of people in florida flexing their electoral muscle voting early ahead of florida's primaries on tuesday. orange county is seeing the most voters, more than 27,000, followed by brevard with 12,000 and lake at 10,000. volusia has about 6,000 votes and osceola county nearly 4,000 early votes casted. we're still waiting to hear from seminole county. tuesday. we'll, of course, be getting all the results for you and bringing them on the air and online at
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>> new at 4:30, we're hearing the 911 phone calls from the hoverboard explosion we first brought you monday night. >> julie: we're told everyone is okay but the family is still trying to get results. >> matt: yeah, they are. the family has reached out to the company to get their money back. this exploded, leaving the inside of their home burnt-out in that spot there. we found out there were three kids inside, too, at the time. we spoke with stephanie bass. she says the device was plugged into a charger while her family was watching tv. this was sunday night. all of a sudden this thing burst into flames. she's thankful her sons were not riding it when it happened. the family managed to put it out with a fire extinguisher. here's her calling for help. >> orlando fire department. >> yeah, we just -- the hoverboard just blew up in the house. >> you think the fire is out now? >> i think it's out but a lot of
4:35 pm
we're trying to get everybody out, the kids and stuff. >> matt: this thing was new, too. they just bought the hoverboard three days before. the family's house is full of soot, like you can see right there. they're fighting to get their money back. so far they have not received any replies. >> julie: thank you, matt. now to the warm temperatures out there. we're not complaining. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what it will feel like tonight. >> tom: not too bad tonight. not nearly as warm as what we've been through today. over my shoulder, we've got broken clouds. what we're looking at is the visible satellite image. you can see the way the cloud cover thickened up across the near, just enough to put the breaks -- brakes on the warm-up. it's stormy from louisiana to texas all over arkansas tonight, but none of that close to home. the only thing i had to track was a smoke plume earlier from some fires over here, threatening homes for a while in
4:36 pm
that smoke seems to have calmed down. there's the big rain rolling our way for the weekend. at least some of it will. right now, we're holding at 80 in orlando. 79 in sanford. 82 in the villages and 82 up there in marion county. on-the-town forecast for the evening, about 80 in the next hour. come 6:00, 79. by 7 p.m., we're down to 75. i'll be right back to pinpoint lows tonight that aren't really super low. and then i'll show you just how far above normal we're going to be tomorrow. >> julie: thank you, tom. we'll see you in a few moments. bike week is turning out to be picture-perfect, just like time predicted, with only a couple of days left for the big event. meteorologist candace campos is taking us down to street level. how's it looking? >> reporter: not too bad. tom has been talking about it, some of the best weather they've seen in years. it looks like the nice stretch of weather continues. if you haven't gotten out and enjoyed bike week, not to worry, you'll have a couple of nice
4:37 pm
whether you're out for bike week in daytona beach or just enjoying daytona, for your thursday, temperatures are going to be warming up into the upper 70's. it will start to feel very, very warm. for your friday, temperatures 77 degrees, looking mostly cloudy, more sunshine, feeling warmer tomorrow. the clouds will start to increase just a bit, though, for your friday, mostly cloudy skies by about the lunchtime hour. it looks like saturday when we're waiting to approach the front, there will be a bit more cloud cover. temperatures even warming up to 77 degrees. if you're going to head out and looking for the best days, it looks like thursday and friday will be the best ones before saturday we'll have the slight chance of rain returning to the forecast. overall, not looking too bad. >> julie: thank you, candace. this is a live look at i-4 at kaley. traffic is stop and go this afternoon as more drivers are hitting the road. westbound is moving a little bit more smoothly.
4:38 pm
>> julie: tonight major slowdowns for a multi-million dollar widening project in brevard county. it now has a new finish date. construction to the lake andrew drive round about in melbourne started in march of 2014 and with a goal to finish next fall. but it will be finished by late 2016. several factors played a role in the delay, including heavy rain during the start of the project as well as underground cables that weren't in the proper place. >> big changes for a local veterans affair building, officially turned over to the state. kirstin o'connor tells us what this means for hundreds of local veterans. >> reporter: a month ago today, congressman john micah laid out
4:39 pm
the lake baldwin v.a. center as quickly as possible. the bill passed and now the transfer begins. >> we're talking about a mere 20 days to accomplish this historic event for florida's veterans. >> reporter: since december of 2013, the center has been a swing space for outpatients. after pedestrians closed on the lake baldwin nursing home, transferring all the patients and staff to a new spot in lake nona. >> reporter: there are still signs patients were once treated here. but soon enough this room will have another bed for a new resident. this is the 8th facility for the state veterans of nursing homes and expected to hire 150 new employees. congressman micah says making it state run will shave half the time to reopen under federal ownership and cut costs significantly. >> everybody came together. it's not a controversial matter, although some people could make it more difficult, but we succeeded. >> reporter: before opening to
4:40 pm
department of veterans affairs will brief the governor and the cabinet on march 29th. afterwards, the timeline will be set. the director says he does not expect the facility to be ready for residents for another year. >> julie: thank you. the f.c.c. is fining an orlando-based long distance carrier for adding unauthorized charges and fees to consumer bills. they're being slapped with a $1.6 million fine. the f.c.c. says the orlando-based company made customers pay for services they never received. customers were forced to spend a lot of time and effort asking for refunds and cancelling the charges. you might have noticed more foot traffic in some of your favorite coffee shops this morning. >> that's because law enforcement across several central florida cities were holding what they call "coffee with a cop." the event was introduced a few months ago.
4:41 pm
invaluable conversation with no agenda. >> what's going on with our criminal justice system, about race issues and policing. >> at least 15 agencies held an event today. we're going to hear from a woman who voiced her top concerns to orlando police. her story is coming up on the news 6 at 5:30. this just in, new job trends revealed the highest paying salaries and predictions for 2016. >> julie: plus from wedding bells to police sirens, why the just married sign didn't stop this man's escape from the law. >> and a man's tax return nightmare that landed him hundreds in the whole. getting results in sanford, cocoa and all of central florida on the news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app. keep it right here.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> julie: tax season is rife with scammers using clever ways to scare you into handing over your money. hundreds of thousands of people have been targeted in the last few years. consumer reports shows you how to spot a scam so you don't become a victim. >> his nightmare started with a i.r.s. official. he was told the tax return was a mistake and he had to return it that day or else. >> if they don't return the money, they're going to get my rights. >> reporter: he wired $700 to a scam artist in peru. >> it's been perpetrated in just about every state and thousands of people have been defrauded in the amount of $26 million.
4:46 pm
she was told she could avoid arrest by immediately wiring more than $6,000 to clear her record. >> you need to go to the bank and withdraw the money in cash. >> reporter: when she balked, he threatened. >> it's critical to know the i.r.s. never calls out of the blue. if you have a tax problem you'll almost always be first contacted by them. >> julie: the i.r.s. will never demand immediate payment, threaten arrest or force a required action or required a payment method like a prepaid debit card or require phone. getting the call was very scary, but alex gutierrez now knows how to spot a scam. >> money talks they say.
4:47 pm
true when job seekers are choosing a position. the top 25 highest paying jobs for 2016, almost 70% of participants say that salary is top on their list when considering a new job. no surprise here. tech positions is one of the highest paying. but glass door found they're not only high paying but has an opportunity for career growth, including positions for data scientists, tech managers and solutions managers. >> julie: interesting stuff. the month of march is all about women. earlier today the orlando police department had the chance to show some ladies what life is like on the force. >> they hosted a women's recruiting forum at valencia college. female officers were able to discuss their careers from a woman's perspective, such as the challenges of balance between family life. they quoted an officer for saying, "if you have the fire
4:48 pm
nothing will be more rewarding." >> julie: my daughter was so excited in our neighborhood to meet a female orlando police officer out working. if you've lived up north or endured a winter there can relate to this guy. when i say guy, i mean more like a giraffe at the zoo in chicago. he was jumping for joy enjoying the unseasonable weather in the midwest. >> it's been really warm up there, tom. unusually warm. >> tom: a lot of places across the midwest have set record highs. they're near 70 degrees and it makes you run like that. >> julie: that's a big deal in chicago. it will make you run like that. >> tom: check out the radar. you see how cleaned up we are. we have no rain to talk about. we're going to start to get to a point where we're hurting for
4:49 pm
we had a wet january and fairly active february. we're watching this from st. louis to houston texas tonight. >> tom: along the coast with the onshore flow, we were a little cooler, maxing out at 78 degrees in daytona beach. 75 in new smyrna beach and 78 did it in cocoa beach. this is main street against a1a. you can see everything going on for bike week celebration. 77 degrees in daytona beach with a relative humidity at 52%. now, other temperatures, orlando, 80. melbourne, 76. ocala right now, we're hanging at 82. so we hit about 80 and stopped. we're kind of stuck in there. it was the cloud cover that made the difference today. we had a forecast high that
4:50 pm
only made it to 80 officially in orlando. 81 in leesburg. ocala right now, 82. 76 in melbourne. satellite and radar together, i keep talking about the big ridge of high pressure east of us. it's where it's located right now. as long as it's strong and in place, the storminess is blocked. it's just hanging out there from memphis to dallas, houston, new orleans, all going to be in line for big rain in the next 24 hours. you can see how dry we are. areas of darkness and the black and the oranges are the area we watch for the dry air. all of this is the moisture. it's all riding to the northeast. more northerly than easterly. it's park, it's stuck, it's bottled up out there. overnight lows tonight are doing okay. about 60 degrees in the villages. 57 in ocala. 62 in sanford. 64 in cocoa beach and 66 in melbourne. the official forecast in the
4:51 pm
wind support tonight coming from the southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour as the winds die down tomorrow. we warm up. the low tonight is 63. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 69 degrees. cool enough. by noon, we're smoking again, up to 82. then really hot. we could get as warm as 87 degrees today if the wind lays back and the clouds thin out. we're going to call it a forecast high of 87. come friday, our high is 85. then rain chances begin to return in time for the weekend. a few light lingering showers saturday morning. then heavier showers and thunderstorms expected sunday night. this is the weekend when we spring forward the clocks sunday morning. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, the warm-up is still around. normal daytime high is 77. a week from today, the high will still be 88, 11 degrees above normal. >> julie: i kind of love it,
4:52 pm
>> tom: i'm bummed out it got so hot so early. >> not me. i'm excited. >> julie: thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> remember, it's also time for the 6th annual runaway country music festival. we're partnering with collis roofing to give you the ultimate fan experience. all this week, we're giving away event. just watch news 6 at 11:00 for the country star of the day. then head to, powered by news 6 . runaway country is march 18th through the 20th at osceola heritage park. >> julie: it's always a lot of fun. now. we'll be out there. tonight the safest cities in florida. which central florida spot tops
4:53 pm
>> and next at 5:00, we're live in miami with a look at what to expect as the nation's eyes turn to the sunshine state. >> julie: but first, a wild wedding chase caught on police dash camera. why officers tried to pull over the driver. getting results in maitland, eustis and all of central florida on news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app.
4:54 pm
4:56 pm
>> julie: a new report shows the 50 safest cities in florida. >> winter springs, the safest city in central florida. coming in at no. 13. followed by cape coral and maitland. no. 1 in florida goes to key biscayne. melbourne. to look at the full list, go to background interesting. >> julie: forget the honeymoon. this man's getaway involves police. dash-cam video in tennessee shows officers trying to pull over the driver in a vehicle with "just married" written all
4:57 pm
police say the 27-year-old michael smith was driving recklessly. they caught up with him and booked him into jail. no word on whether his wife was with him or where she was at the time of the arrest? >> matt: can you spell annulment? >> julie: i don't know what to think about that. >> matt: that's a rough wedding night. >> what's coming up on the news 6 at 5:00? >> matt: we have a lot coming up. several developing stories right now, including a substitute teacher accused of being drunk on the job. we were there as she walked out of jail. new at 5:00, what we've uncovered about this woman's past. and breaking right now, a brushfire left multiple homes damaged. this is in brevard county. we'll have a live update on
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> matt: now at 5:00, florida takes center stage in the presidential election. we're live in miami ahead of tonight's democratic debate. >> and a substitute teacher arrested in the classroom. we were there as she walked out of jail. now we're learning more about her past. >> matt: first, though, breaking news in brevard county. sky 6 is live over a brushfire that has damaged multiple homes now.


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