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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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25 years and i'm still standing. >> fighting words on both sides continue as we begin supertuesday. the big impact today's results will have on the white house race. >> the search for a thief after a heartless crime. how one man targeted a girl scout for her cookie ca h. >> plans for a campus downtown could take a big step forward. what we could learn during a big announcement that is now just hours away. >> it is now 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. ellison. >> absolutely. one issue we are dealing with, i'm hoping to see improvement improvement. >> that monday is over with. time to enjoy tuesday. it will be better. if you are making outdoor plans, the heat will be the story today. no rain in the forecast. let's get you to it.
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but a big warmup is in store as more warm air moves in with south winds around an area to our north. high pressure continues to dominate the forecast. starting off at 54 degrees. it is 47 in palm coast. right now, 43 in ocala. 48 in the villages. 56 in melbourne. cool enough area wide for that jacket heading out the door. look at the warmup. as we show you a window into the future, blue sky, sunshine mixed in with clouds. by noon, 78. all the way up to 81 by 4:00 today. coming up, we'll take you through rain chances. you may have issues from those allergens. we'll take you through that allergy forecast in minutes. let's check on the roads with breaking traffic news. >> we are hoping to get improvement with this very soon. for right now, southbound lanes of i-95 closed in melbourne this morning around a deadly overnight accident. we are in the investigation
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what is happening, all those southbound lanes as you make approach to 434. they are going to be detouring you until we can get lanes reopened. if you are traveling very early this morning. a couple of extra minutes will be helpful. fortunately, has the biggest issue going on. the rest of us are fine. getting past construction, no issues other than the one in melbourne. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> t for the info. season. we are talking about supertuesday. >> while floridians will have to wait another few weeks for the primary, the results of today's voting could have a big impact. mark lehman is breaking everything down for us ft a lot at stake today. >> so much is on the line. voters in 13 states will be making their picks and that includes delegates. could be big news for ted cruz who continues his battle with
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side. big wins for hillary clinton democratic nominee. >> you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> with a big lead in the polls, hillary clinton focusing her efforts on republicans. rival bernie sanders hoping supertuesday will be muff to keep his campaign alive. >> there is nothing more than i would love to do than run against donald trump. >> protesters from black lives matter interrupted a donald trump rally. >> all lives matter. >> the republican front runner taking heat for not disavoying an endorsement from david duke duke. >> there is no place for hatred, for david duke or ku klux klan in the republican party.
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hoping to make some ground in a dozen states. >> please come out and vote. >> as the votes come in, hillary clinton, donald forbes and marco rubio will be in florida watching those votes come in. coming up, i'll tell you where those events are happening. >> news 6 has your covered. we'll be live add trump and rubio events. we'll have updates on the results as they come in on the air and online, >> deputies search for this man, they say he stole money from a 12-year-old girl selling girl scout cookies. she was over the weekend. detectives are looking to get results and find him. johnny fernandez is at that store live. that guy had a child of his own with him when that happened. >> that's right. deputies tell us he was actually with a woman and a child just moments before this all took place.
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can imagine they are upset and they want this guy caught before he strikes again. >> this guy walked by the table. it looked like he was chuckling and grabbed the cash box and started jogging. there was another witness and myself. we sat there looking at each other like did that just happen? >> this is the guy katie said ran past her after he stole the money box from a 12-year-old selling girl scout cookies. >> how would you feel to have your little girl go through that. you are scum, you are nasty. i hope they catch him. >> detectives say wal-mart cameras caught the man with a woman and a small child moments before the box was stolen. the three walked to the car and he came back to grab the cash. >> to know she was out there all day to sell cookies. the poor thing, we all work all day. to have your paycheck taken from you.
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>> katie said he saw the man walk to the parking lot and get into this car with a north carolina tag. >> that guy wanted the money. whether a girl was there or an adult was there, he was going to go for it. >> look at the pictures by the surveillance camera given to us by detectives. this is the guy detectives are looking for. if you have any information about this guy or what happened here, you are urged to contact volusia county deputies. back to you. >> later today, the man who investigators say has been dressing up as batman to commit robberies will face a judge. you are looking at it mug shot. jerry demmings announced 26-year-old juan carlos was arrested yesterday. they say he robbed nine different places including this nypd place on east colonial. in that case he dropped a cell phone and that helped detectives unmask this caped crusader. >> this string of violent
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>> he appears to be a heroin addict with probably a thousand dollar a day addiction habit. >> he is now facing charges. we'll let you know what happens in court later this morning. >> a suspected case of road rage puts a man in jail. police say he chose a family because they told him to slow down. according to the journal, sosa nearly caused a crash while he was speeding. when they yelled at him to slow down, that's when they say he pulled up along side and pointed a gun at them. a 3-year-old was in the car at the time. sosa is now charged with aggravated assault. a woman accused of causing a crash won't be getting out of jail any time soon. a judge denied bond for cynthia st. pierre. st. pierre was trying to run a
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as we told you yesterday, st. pierre had her license revoked and has faced charges in the past few years. now garett east family wants to know why she was back on the road. >> she never should have been on the road. if she did this and ran from the police before, she should have been in jail. >> garett was finishing up a shift delivering pizzas when he was killed. his family says it was his first night on the job. >> buddy dyer will join john hit to make a huge announcement about the planned downtown campus. we learned the orlando city soccer club pledged another two and a half million dollars. that brings the total amount to 13 million of the 20 million university officials are seeking in private donations. tomorrow school staffers will pitch their plan to the used to board of governors. you can see today's announcement on our website,
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>> we are hours away from scott kelly's long awaited return on earth. when he returns tonight he would have spent 340 days in space. that's longer than any other american in history. yesterday kelly and his crew handed over command of the international space station. kelly and russian cos moe naught served as served served served, to make sure astronauts can handle the trip to mars. kelly has been active on social media while in orbit. he has posted 713 pictures from space. he has worked on 400 experiments experiments. run 648 miles on the iss treadmill. he is set to land on earth before 11:30 tonight. >> from the land of oz, a season of broadway shows? the department of performing arts announced the production
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there is a mix of appeal, musical and plays. it kicks off with the illusionist on october 4. a show filled with comedy, magic tricks. some other notables on the list, the broadway blockbuster wicked and disney's the little her marked for identification. lots of entertainment headed to the city beautiful. >> i need to check out a show downtown. it is a beautiful building. >> i want to see wicked. we are going to be starting off with cool temperatures. a nice wamup. getting into the 80's this afternoon. starting off at 56 as we take you to melbourne. if you are at 57 in orlando and right now, 52 in leesburg. calm winds. that could be a recipe for fog. i checked on visibilities. we are a-ok everywhere. 43 the temperature in ocala. 56 in melbourne. a good start this morning but cool muff for a light jacket.
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be the oak, juniper and grass pollens all in the high categories. if you have a stuffy nose or maybe you are sneezing. we are warming to 81. we'll talk about that afternoon high temperature and how long these 80's are sticking around but first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy with breaking traffic news in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> here's what is happening in melbourne this morning. we do have the southbound lanes of i-95 closed this morning because of a deadly overnight accident. we are in the investigation stage of that accident and the southbound lanes remain blocked. all them are currently taken out by pineda causeway which is state road 404. what they are doing, they are detouring you to 404. going to be traveling this stretch early, a couple of extra minutes is a good idea. hopefully we'll get improvement soon. the southbound side of i-95 is closed this morning right at 404.
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fine, getting past construction. i-4 by ivanhoe boulevard not bad at all. that is your check on traffic. back now to you. >> 5:11. still ahead, a former local police chief is behind bars. >> what he is accused of doing that will keep him in jail for years to come. a wild police case right there is caught on camera. how this pursuit ended. >> a big win for apple. how a judge sided with a tech
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>> this is near the pineda causeway exit right now. all traffic is being forced to get off that exit. traffic anchor will have another update op how to get around this wreck coming up in six minutes right here on the morning news. >> big developments in the fight over privacy versus protection. >> apple scored a win after a judge ruled investigators could not force them to break into iphones.
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owned by a drug dealer pu that could have further reaching implications. in california a judge ordered the company to unlock the phone for one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack. apple said if it creates that software, the privacy of phones could be at risk. >> a man accused of assaulting a girl at knife point will be back in court. we were there as walter ambrose faced a judge last month. detectives say he was visiting someone he knew in longwood at the time of the assault. he is charged with sexual battery of a minor. >> issuing a declaration for two counties after a tornado ripped through the panhandle earlier this month. the declaration would help supplement efforts to recover after these storms.
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packing winds of 152 miles an hour left 40 homes destroyed and 300 others damaged. >> inv, we are waiting to find out what caused a car to become a ball of fire on i-4. this is video from the dot camera. you can see that fire burning just off to the center of your screen. . this was on i-4 east near the causeway. we are waiting to find out what happened there. no word if anyone was hurt. >> a former longwood police chief convicted of accepting $30,000 in bribes is heading to prison. tom jackson was sentenced to four years behind bars. he took $32,000 in bribes who jackson hired as an officer in 2009. state law said felons can mot be hired as police officers. jackson served as police chief in longwood from 1997 to 2010. >> wild moments caught on camera.
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oakland park following this stolen vehicle and two people inside jump out and just take off. after chasing these men through the neighborhood, both men gave up and they are now facing charges. >> this morning, one mom is getting results at an orange county pus stop after she says drivers were putting students in danger. it is a story we first brought you nearly three weeks ago when angie shared these pictures of cars passing buses putting kids in danger. this is a simple change but one that rosa things could save lives. >> i have contacted the police. i have contacted the school school, i was able to finally get results with you. >> rosa says she hopes the high school and elementary school stopping at the corner will make the same change. >> that is getting results. prt first time if four years a central florida woman was able
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>> this landmark birthday was particularly special for the leap baby. >> happy 21st eighth birthday. >> she turned 84 years young yesterday on leap day. there is a twist. she says as a child having a leap day birthday wasn't a big deal. at this 21st birthday bash she planned to shut the restaurant down. >> i can drink in every state state. i already have but i could do it legally. >> she already has, i love it. >> she had words of wisdom for the crowd. she said, you are alive, you are upright, you are moving, be happy. >> and she is, positive. >> we should take that in. monday is gone. >> we are working through this week. we'll have a good day today to
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david was out enjoying a beautiful sunset. >> i didn't take any pictures. i was taking it in. >> i just wanted to look at the sky. >> too often we take too many pictures. we need to soak it in without the camera. we appreciate it when you soak it in with the camera because we can show it with our storm pins app. >> very nice. what a gorgeous sunset in altamonte springs from richard. look at this in st. cloud. a few clouds out there. some of these look like they were photo shopped but we know we lived in florida, it likely wasn't. this is from mark in orlando. we'll go back to that to enjoy. whatever you want to do with that one. search wkmg in the app store, download the storm app for free. pin yours photos of the sunset and sunrise or even storms we could be tracking.
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we need rain to sweep the pollen out of here. here's the allergy cast. oak, juniper and grass. if you have been sneezing, that's part of the reason for hoof folks. a cool start, a nice warmup this afternoon as high pressure dominates. we didn't have much in the way of cloud cover overnight. those clouds were not in place to act as a blanket. temperatures cool in spots, especially north and west of i-4. 41 in ocala. 48 in the villages. 57 in orlando. 56 in melbourne. 47 in palm coast. cool enough to grab a jacket in many spots. look at the warmup with the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice we take you into the future with blue sky and sunset. a beautiful day, up to 78 degrees at noon. keep in mind, the average afternoon high in orlando is 76. we are going above that as early as lunchtime. then we are up to 81 degrees by 4:00 and we stay mild through tonight. then we cool down again into the
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66 will be the temperature late tonight at 11:00. the clouds and rain forecast, few clouds. up to 289 in sanford. 81 in orlando. cool but not as cold. 62 in orlando. 1 for your high on wednesday. dry across the board. rain chances out of the forecast. there's your friday, up to 78. then a dry front moves in by the weekend, cooling us back close to the average in the mid 70's on saturday. let's check on the roads with amy with a traffic heart. >> thank you very much, troy. a deadly accident in melbourne still has the southbound lanes of i-95 closed. this choesh is happening by state road 404. the detour they have set up is taking you to pineda and then detouring you from there. definitely allow a couple of
5:23 am
on time. this is certainly the biggest issue we have this morning. the rest of us, you can head out the door. no extra time needed. take a look, your travel times still doing fine. >> it is 5:22. four students hurt in another school shooting. >> we'll show you how detectives and investigators managed to stop the shooter just ahead. plus, faster than the speed of sound, why supersonic jet travel may be making a comeback all thanks to nasa.
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>> welcome back. it is 5:26. in the consumer watch humans could soon break the sound barrier again on commercial flights. >> nasa is has granted a contract to lockheed martin to develop a passenger jet that could fly
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it is intended to make flier safer, faster and quieter. interesting news there. coming up in the next half-hour, the search is on if fr a man who swiped money from a girl scout. >> new pictures detectives hope will get results and lead to an arrest. >> a man hunt under way for the man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and children. how he managed to get away from investigators while on camera. >> first up, election 2016 takes center stage in florida and across the nation. find out what is on the line for
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> voters head to the polls for supertuesday. we'll explain why the focus in election 2016 is quickly shifting to the sunshine state. plus -- >> how would you feel to have your little girl go through that? you are scum, you are nasty. i hope hay catch him. >> some parents upset after a man steals from the local girl scouts. we have the surveillance pictures police want you to check out. >> a fallen police officer with ties to central florida.


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