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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> there's a murderer out there. it could be your kid. >> julie: a family pleads for your help, hoping someone will come forward to reveal who murdered a 21-year-old found shot to death outside a publix. the new clue that could lead to new tips. >> this caped criminal string of violent armed robberies has come to an end. >> ginger: deputies say this man held up a string of stores, sometimes dressed as batman. why he says his crime spree is a sign of a widespread problem here and statewide. good evening, everyone. this is news 6 at 7:00. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm julie broughton. >> and i'm lisa bell. the price hike could change when people come to visit the mouse in central florida. >> ginger: a lot of people are talking about that for sure. our top story right now,
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the batman robber is off the streets and under arrest tonight. we've shown you surveillance video from some of the crimes he's suspected of committing while dressed as the caped crusader. detectives say this is the man behind the mask. the 26-year-old man is linked to at least eight hold-ups. deputies tell news 6 reporter loren korn why his arrest is a symptom of a larger problem. >> reporter: deputies arrested the batman robber this morning after they say they found him in a car along bates and goldenrod and they say he's been committing all these crimes because he's feeding a very expensive habit. the batman robber is behind bars tonight. the orange county sheriff's office says the 26-year-old is the man behind the batman mask, known for aggressively robbing eight stores by gunpoint in east orange county from january 22nd until february 21st.
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say robbed to feed an expensive habit. >> he appears to be a heroin addict with probably a thousand dollars a day addictions habit. >> a habit that deputies say him hold up the ninth and final place on friday night, the i love new york pizza on east colonial drive. thanks to some brave workers there, investigators say they were able to track him down. >> we had some witnesses who chased him from the business in an attempt to apprehend him or at least see which way he was going. our detectives followed up which way they had gone and recovered a phone. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says heroin addiction is on the rise and are working hard to curb the problem. >> we still have a significant issue in this community with heroin addicts and this is just one way, even though we are working on the prevention, the intervention side, enforcement has to be part of the overall strategy for reducing the prevalence of heroin here in this community.
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one count of armed robbery. we're told he'll be facing four more charges by the end of tonight. in orlando, loren korn, news 6. >> julie: developing tonight, a family is demanding justice after a crash left a young girl without her father. deputies say the woman under arrest should never have been behind the wheel. >> it's unbelievable. i can't believe my son is never going to come home again. >> julie: the parents say the last day has been a nightmare. earlier yesterday, troopers say a woman fled a traffic stop, ran a red light and slammed into the man's car who was out delivering pizzas. her license was revoked after running from police in november that has the victim's parents fuming. >> she should have been in jail. she had already run from the cops before and now she took my son's life and walked away with scratches and my son lost his life.
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the rest of her life. >> reporter: the woman is charged with vehicular homicide among other crimes. she's being held without bond. >> lisa: tonight as clermont police say they found a crucial clue. a family of a man murdered outside a local publix is pleading with anyone to come forward with information. investigators have announced they recovered a burnt-out volkswagen, a car stolen from the victim. 21-year-old andrew devon jones. it was last seen fleeing from the publix in clermont on february 5th. news 6 reporter troy campbell spoke with the victim's family. >> a newly released 911 call describes the moment outside this publix when the witness was shot. >> it looks like he got shot. >> reporter: a call placed to dispatchers. a witness describing the 21-year-old man on the ground outside the clermont publix on february 5th. >> is he awake?
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he's bleeding. >> is there anybody else around him? >> oh, there's probably six people standing around here. >> reporter: his stepmother's white volkswagen found sunday evening in a wooded area in oakland, torched. >> the fire marshal is assisting in the investigation to ascertain the accelerator used to set fire to the vehicle. >> reporter: jones' family pleading for anyone who knows who killed their loved one, to come forward. >> if you're a parent out there, or anything out there, y'all would want to know what happened to your son. >> reporter: 21-year-old jones, described as a polite young man, close with his family. clermont police saying the shooting appears to be isolated. >> this is my son. he's been by my side since he was a little boy. put yourselves in our shoes. how can you feel? we have a lot of friends who are coming to us, family members, friends. >> reporter: investigators are now hopeful they can recover
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vehicle and also from surveillance videos they've obtained from several area businesses. >> lisa: troy, thank you. oakland police randomly spotted the white volkswagen last night in a park. if you can help, call clermont police or the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> julie: it could change the way some families come to central florida and when. just yesterday, disney launched a new pricing scheme for the theme parks. you'll pay $20 more per ticket to go during the busiest times of the year. erik von ancken is digging behind what's behind disney's strategy. >> reporter: disney is now announcing the one-day tickets affected by the new seasonal pricing. two an three-day are not. disney says charging more when there are more people here, like over christmas or the summer, will send some of the crowds
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time of year. >> the surge pricing is another part of them trying to move crowds around to make the magic kingdom less disgustingly crowded. let's face it, you go during one of those peak times, it's like times square on new year's. >> reporter: but it's more than that. >> they really want to sell the multiple day passes. that's their big game. they're trying to push down the number of people buying one-day passes. they wanted you to stay in their hotels and stay more than one day at a time. >> reporter: one day tickets at the magic kingdom during peak times are spiking the most, to $124. regular season, like in april, they're 110 and during value season, at the end of august and all of september, they're 105. and that's what you're paying now at the magic kingdom. the new seasonal pricing isn't a discount he says, like at some
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>> for example, seaworld does a good job if you buy in advance and buy on their website. they give you a real discount, 20% or more. disney is not doing that. the value season is the same price as all tickets were a couple days ago. from there, it only goes up. >> reporter: will people still come to disney, though? the answer is probably. considering they just had another record year of attendance and profits at disney world. >> julie: thank you. disney is also aiming to reach locals and tourists alike with 30 big editions to disney springs. hear what's coming soon, in about 10 minutes. >> ginger: new at 7:00, ucf's president and orlando mayor buddy dyer are making an important announcement to build a campus downtown. there's another $2.5 million pledged to help build a campus, bringing the total to $13 million of the 20 million ucf is
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now tomorrow morning's announcement comes one day before ucf pitches its plan to the university board of governors for its blessings. we'll be there and bring you the announcement on, powered by news 6. we have good news about a large brushfire burning near some homes. >> lisa: we first brought it to you as breaking news at 4:00. in the past few minutes, the forestry service tells news 6 the fire has grown to 22 acres. it is now 100% contained. here are some of the flames as seen from sky 6 a short time ago. making this firefight tricky, it's burning in a marsh. forestry crews and volusia firefighters say no homes from in danger anymore and air support has now gone home. now word on how the fire started near highland drive and west oak circle in oak hill. >> ginger: and there was a brushfire that burned an acre on the right-of-way south of golden knights.
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let's check in with chief meteorologist tom sorrells. >> tom: i don't normally pray for storms this time of year but i really wish we had more to show you on radar tonight. we simply do not. from volusia county to flagler, down to the strip, there's nothing going on. we're going to be dry for days on end. we hit a high today of 77. a normal high would be 76. we beat that already. highs everywhere else, 73 in ocala. 75 in daytona beach. and 74 in melbourne. right now, we're still holding at 68 in orlando and 68 in the villages and 66 in daytona beach. in melbourne right now, 69. here's a quick look at the on-the-town forecast for tonight. in the next hour, we're down to 67. 65 degrees by 9:00. come the 11:00 hour, we'll all be back out here for the newscast. the temperature in orlando will still be 61 degrees. coming up, i'll pinpoint the overnight lows where you live. we're going to be tracking fog by tomorrow morning and then we'll look ahead to how warm your tuesday will be. >> lisa: all right, tom. thank you.
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fast. >> ginger: we'll reveal the big name retailers who are coming to downtown disney. and what scott kelly says about the end to his record shattering stint on the international space station. >> julie: but first, a mom says she spotted car after car passing stop signs while school buses are picking up children. we'll have that, next. getting results in ocala, and
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>> it's a matter of time until somebody gets injured.
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at 7:00, that mom expressed her fear, outrage and cell phone videos. she asked us to help her get results. >> ginger: tonight we're proud to say we did get results. the bus stop has now been moved to the other side of the street. >> julie: it's a simple change but one she thinks could save lives. >> the other day when i contacted news 6, that's when they got really close to my daughter and i was just fed up. >> lisa: she's been taking video of cars nearly hitting kids in metro west two or three years now. we called police. the next day patrols were out handing out tickets to anyone running the stop sign. now the middle school moved the bus stop to a safer spot. and about a week later -- >> change, dramatically. i've contacted the police. i've contacted the school. but i was able to finally get
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>> julie: now rosa hopes the high school and elementary school is still stopping at the old corner and will make the same change. that video she had was so scary. >> lisa: she said she called the police, she called the school and it took us showing what she was showing us. >> ginger: that's really the reason we got into this business, to help people like her. she did it on her own with no results. >> lisa: she was getting nowhere. >> ginger: exactly. we're happy about that. five more people have tested positive for the zika virus here in florida. a fourth pregnant woman has been added to the list. the state will not say where the pregnant women live for privacy reasons. there are now 42 confirmed zika cases in florida. all of them are believed to be travel-related. we first let you know about the zika update with a push alert on the news 6 mobile app this afternoon. keep up with zika anytime on, powered by news 6. >> lisa: this seemed like it went by so fast.
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nearly a year in space is almost up. we were watching late this afternoon as kelly handed over command of the international space station to fellow astronaut tim copra. >> i would like to relinquish the international space station to my colleague. >> lisa: they'll undock from the station to prepare for the return to earth early wednesday morning. kelly set two records, 340 days is the longest stint in space for american and he also has the nasa record for total days in space. >> ginger: the commander said take a leap and enjoy new possibilities, in honor of leap day. it tweeted a beautiful sunrise picture. we cannot wait to see what will be his parting shot when he finally comes back. he lands early wednesday morning in kazakhstan. >> lisa: he said it's definitely
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he has great relationships with the people there. he thinks it will be the last time in space. >> ginger: it's more sweet to get back to earth. it's interesting to figure out what happens to his vision when he gets back to earth. they say the equivalent of two liters of water have traveled from his legs to his head. that's why he has the round notice. it's interesting to see the long-term effects of that. >> lisa: he'll be compared to his twin brother, mark. a lot to follow up there on. back on earth, disney announced the last phase of the disney springs shopping and dining centers almost ready for guests. >> julie: sky 6 flew over the construction site of the town center district along with where disney is building the actual springs at the heart of the former downtown disney. 30 new shots and restaurants were revealed, including under armor, kate spade new york and the trophy room is coming and
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jordan's house. >> lisa: disney also revealed while fulton's crab house will be closed in early april. it will be made over, stem to stern. it will feature an outdoor waterfront bar and rooftop lounge. nearby planet hollywood is underway in restoration. the town center will start to open may 15th. >> ginger: so much going on. it's hard to keep up with. you can take a closer look at the construction and read a full list of new stories in the theme world blog. it's currently on the home page and always on parks. >> lisa: when you drive out there and see the outlets, you can imagine how busy these shops will be. >> tom: come on down, y'all. we love your green money. we do. it's perfect.
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>> tom: if we had beautiful days like this today, can you imagine how many people would be here? >> ginger: they would never leave. >> tom: overall, the winter has been wet. daytona beach right now is at 66 degrees. the relative humidity is 60%. wind is calm. across central florida, orlando, 68. melbourne, 69. in leesburg tonight, 67 degrees here at news time. ocala, you're at 64. palm coast, 63. melbourne, 69. kissimmee is still holding in there with a 70. wind speeds are kind of all over the board. we went calm in the villages a couple of hours ago. down to a 3-mile-an-hour wind in leesburg. calm in daytona beach. these areas from sanford north to the west where it's already calm, over to the coast where it's calm, where temperatures are going to drop like a rock, those are some of the spots we're going to have fog tomorrow morning. on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10
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it's going to be great. it's going to be better than today for people who like it warmer. it's going to be a high of 80 tomorrow. i'm going to give it a big 10. satellite and radar together, here comes the cold front. this will be here for wednesday. wednesday we'll have more cloud happens. clouds and rain forecast at 2 a.m., a touch of cloud cover building on the coast. that's it. then patchy fog early. by tomorrow afternoon, the fog will be a memory. the sun will be beaming all day and the high would have been 80. will have been 80. it's going to be great. by 9:00 wednesday morning, here comes the cold front now, futurecast likes to throw in a shower. but i'm not sure we're going to be able to eke out any showers. the front is coming through with maybe a little burst of rain. a pop-up shower with it. not much. it's not going to be stormy. not going to have two special reports. not going to have to mess up
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it's going to be good, i promise you. 54 in daytona beach. 56 in oviedo. 46 in ocala. 57 is the low in titusville and the low in orlando is 58. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, we're battling through the patchy fog. by noon, 77. the high tomorrow 80 under a partly cloudy to mostly sunny sky. low tomorrow night, 61. then on wednesday, our high is 80. we are a little cooler on thursday because of the front. the 5 degrees is no big deal. by the weekend, it's all good to go. bring on bike week. >> ginger: thank you, tom.
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>> julie: here's the line-up starting at 8:00, all leading up to news 6 at 11:00. >> lisa: for tonight at 11:00, a warning for any dog owners. >> ginger: if you ever thought about getting a dog trainer, you need to hear this story. this family needed a service dog for their daughter with down syndrome. they found a trainer they
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instead of this, they got this. they say their doberman puppy was locked up in a cage and abused. >> he told her i can do this anywhere. i can restart this anywhere. we need this to get out there. he just can't do this to somebody else. >> ginger: and they're not the only ones claiming to be victims. who this guy is, what he's accused of doing and what you need to know before you put your pets in the hands of any trainer. mike deforest investigates at 11:00. >> lisa: after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". tonight he welcomes spike jones and don't miss it at 11:35 on news 6. a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> julie: sounds good. thank you for watching news 6 at 7:00. >> ginger: "inside edition" is
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yo'tonbuno i w yy ov l fth at cae es6-s, er t heolsu d bwh we the most controversial oscar night ever. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars cars. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> jlaw's mad dash. the show is starting in 60 seconds. and happiest night of her life. >> oh, my god! >> and inside the biggest oscar parties.


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