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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> ginger: now at 4:00, deputies reveal what's under this batman mask and why it's important we get results and find him. good friday afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. breaking news coming in from the
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taxpayer accounts are leaked to hackers. >> lisa: right now, the urgent search for a driver hitting a brevard county boy on his bike as he headed home from school. since the crash happened last night, north of alpine lane in titusville, we're learning the victim has been released from the hospital. the big question now is has the police arrested a suspect, yet? >> reporter: well, police say they're following strong leads but no arrests yet. that accident happened last night here at this intersection as the boy was riding his bicycle home from school. he actually ended up crawling after getting hit to that stop sign, trying to get help. >> when you hear something like that, you know exactly what it is. then i heard the kid screaming. >> reporter: mike talbert said
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>> a minute later he came back around. parked over here. i don't know if he just wanted to find out if the kid was okay, but he took off. he left. >> reporter: hill's grandmother followed the van while a neighbor got the license plate and called 911. officers haven't made any arrests yet, only saying they're following strong leads and charges are pending. investigators think they found the driver and the vehicle. >> i don't know why he ran. he was drinking or what. but you don't leave the scene of an accident. >> reporter: and deshaun is home from the hospital tonight. we spoke to his mom who tells us he has a bump on his head and a couple of scrapes to his knees and shoulders. coming up at 5:00, we'll talk to a neighbor who says cars speed down the road and it's just a matter of time before someone got hurt.
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>> ginger: more taxpayer accounts are targeted by hackers than previously reported. they got into as many as 700,000 accounts and tried to break into another another 75,000 accounts. it's more than they thought. we'll have more on this story. >> lisa: and the i-4 ultimate project, after a worker was killed on the job. >> julie: while they were back on the interstate, it doesn't mean they were back at work but, rather, reviewing their safety procedures and taking part in an extensive inspection. sgl construction is leaving it up to the workers when they're ready to go back to work. that's when think to request approval. it follows the death of 34-year-old marvin franklin. he died when a dump truck was backing up and hit him in the incident. they're reviewing procedures,
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enter and exit the work site. as far as ivan ho boulevard, that's unclear. we'll let you know as soon as we learn more, here on air and with the big drive app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> ginger: tonight the mask is off, the sketch is out and the search is on for this suspected batman robber, wanted for violent crime across orange county. investigators tell news 6 he's behind at least eight robberies within the last month, mainly along the strip of colonial drive, including dollar stores, payment stores and convenience stores. justin warmoth is joining us live. anyone hurt in the eight robberies? >> reporter: it's just a matter of time before the guy gets violent which is why they want to get him off the street as quickly as possible. this dollar store is one of several he hit. you can see they have a crime
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for more than a month this frightening scene has been playing out over and over inside several businesses in orange county. the suspect comes in, gun out, demanding cash and whatever else he can get his hands on. >> he's threatening employees. he's basically telling employees, give me the stuff and no one will get hurt. if you give him what he asks for, we're all good. >> reporter: the orange county sheriff's office is heading the investigation into the so-called batman robber. the suspect got the name because in two of the robberies, he was wearing a batman costume. you can see him walking into the 1, 2, 3 dollar store on 436. after we showed you this video two weeks ago, investigators say he decided to switch up his wardrobe, no mask. a victim on sunday was able to make the sketch. >> it's very clear for someone who had a gun put in their face. you know, that's the -- for somebody to be able to do that, that's a big help. >> reporter: as of sunday,
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eight stores, most of them near colonial and 436. so far no employees have been hurt but if he's not caught soon, sergeant hall worries he could get more aggressive. >> the reason for this is the fear he could hurt somebody. the fear of, you know, these victims are looking down the barrel of a gun. they believe it to be a real gun. we believe it to be a real gun. accidentally discharges, something to that occasion -- that effect, somebody gets hurt, killed, whatever. now we're -- now we're working something even more serious. >> reporter: and i also had a chance to talk to some of these neighboring businesses in the plaza. the guy that owns the bash rbershop says he knows the clerk who was robbed at the dollar store. hear from him at 5:00. but for now, live from brevard county, justin warmoth, news 6. >> ginger: help deputies get results by calling crime line if you have any information about the suspect.
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1-800-423-tips. >> lisa: changes are coming for your weekend weather. >> julie: at least the sun is on our side. beautiful shot there for you as we take you live out to downtown orlando. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what you need to know in order to make the weekend plans. >> tom: you need to have your sunglasses handy. it won't be super warm but the sun will be blazing all weekend long during the daytime. just a little bit of cloud cover, that's all she wrote. nothing on radar either. right now, we're holding at 64 degrees in orlando. let's see. that's about 9 degrees colder than where we're supposed to be this time of year at this time of day. 63 is the current reading in sanford. 63 in the villages and 62 in daytona beach. the on-the-town forecast for tonight, by 6 p.m., we're down to 59. 7 p.m., 57.
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night. tonight, actually, it should be colder than last night. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight lows. we're going to talk about patchy frost maybe and what kind of weekend you have on tap. see you in a few. >> julie: sounds good. thank you, tom. president obama visited jacksonville today to talk about the positive upswing in the economy since he's taken office. he's touring a factory that high-tech batteries. he talked about the $760 billion economic stimulus bill he signed shortly after taking office seven years ago, saying, quote, "you're not being honest if you think we're not better off as a nation." >> anybody who says we're not absolutely better off today than we were just seven years ago, they're not levelling with you. they're not telling the truth. >> julie: president obama says the united states has benefited because his administration put, quote, "smart policies in
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the president says economic recovery has required fast adaption to change but the u.s. makes it works. >> ginger: now to big developments in the race for president obama's job. >> lisa: just hours ago, new jersey governor chris christie endorsed donald trump's presidential bid while campaigning in texas. he says there's no one better to lead the country in the republican 2016 race. the endorsement gives trump a boost as he heads into super tuesday. he says donald trump is someone who, when he makes a promise, he keeps it. one thing's for sure, the billionaire had to battle it out during a heated debate. after the debate, he took to twitter. we'll have more on news 6 at 5:00. >> ginger: thousands of gallons of water shot into the air nearly 30 minutes around 4:00 this morning on international drive not far from seaworld after a driver slammed into a water meter. look at that. this is video from the scene.
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it flooded the road prompting officials to close i-drive. the 29-year-old female driver was ticketed for careless driving and driving with a suspended license. she was taken to the hospital after the crash and there's no word on her condition. >> lisa: tonight tech giant apple reveals the next steps in its legal fight against the f.b.i. and what's at stake if it heads to the supreme court. >> ginger: plus a miracle, even before he was born, thanks to a delicate procedure that gave him a fighting chance while he was still in his mother's womb. >> julie: but first, why today was such a huge victory for the orlando city soccer and its future home, next. getting results on news 6 at 4 and the news 6 app. we'll be right back. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at bell news.
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>> well, the countdown is on for when orlando becomes soccer city again. >> lisa: can you believe it? the lions begin year two in the mls at the citrus bowl. >> julie: today, president phil rawlins touting today the orlando city stadium started going vertical with steel insulation going up today. he says everything is on track for the opening for the 2017 season. the stadium is the a 25,500-seat state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility. it's not only home to the new men's team but also the orlando pride national women's soccer league team. the stadium broke ground in october of 2014. >> ginger: tonight an incredible story of survival, thanks to a medical breakthrough. this baby in california is alive tonight, thanks to a rare and
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as news 6 morning anchor bridgett ellison explains, it was performed even before he was born. >> reporter: just looking at grayson, you wouldn't know what he's been through until you see the scars on his chest. 22 weeks in his mother's pregnancy, doctors at children's hospital los angeles discovered he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which leaves the left side of your heart underdevelopment. babies in the heart should have a small hole in the heart to help blood flow, but grayson's was not covering up. so the couple turned to a rare procedure. a fetal cardiac intervention. doctors inserted a long thin needle into her womb and into the fetus, putting a small stint into grayson's tiny heart to allow blood to flow back to the right side of his heart. the procedure worked, strengthening grayson's lungs so
4:16 pm
open heart surgery two weeks later when he was born. they converted the chamber to do the job of two. >> normally the right ventrical pumps blood to the lungs, but now it's the entire body. >> it was worth the wait. >> reporter: grayson's 3-month-old heart is now functioning as expected. he still faces two more procedures but doctors say he should live a normal, healthy life. i'm bridgett ellison. >> ginger: doctors say grayson will undergo a second surgery when he's six months old and a final surgery when he turns 3 years old. >> lisa: that is miraculous. just a few years ago the outcome could have been dramatically different. >> ginger: so happy for those parents, though. >> julie: sweet little baby.
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took on 50-foot waves in hawaii at the competition. the event is only held when waves are over 40 feet. for more than 30 years, those conditions have only been met nine times, including yesterday. a native hawaiian won the event. >> tom: a native hawaiian we've never heard of. people beat kelly slater? >> julie: i always say i want to surf until i see waves like that. >> tom: 2 to 3 foot waves, you can do it. >> lisa: we're going to be in continuous coverage. >> tom: i'll be in continuous coverage. all kinds of bad stuff. i can't believe four people beat kelly slater. it sounds rigged to me. doesn't it, though? >> ginger: he's been good for a very long time. >> tom: it's rigged. what are you doing this weekend?
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>> tom: there you go. the festival begins at noon. mostly sunny throughout the entire day. you won't be super warm, but that's good. i've been down there when it's blistering hot and it's not much fun. enjoy it while you can. the radar is looking clear. not seeing any rain in weekend. daytime highs are not super high. we maxed-out at 65 in cocoa beach, 66 in melbourne. 57 in new smyrna beach. somebody's playing with the camera. stop playing with the camera. 64 degrees right now in orlando. 65 in melbourne. 64 in leesburg are the current conditions. 63 in ocala and 62 right now out at the cape. 24-hour temperature change, we're dead on it, where we were yesterday at this time is where we are now. we haven't changed a whole lot. tonight, winds are going to calm just a smidge, not a bunch but just a little bit. winds coming in at 8 from
4:19 pm
northwest at 5 in orlando. watch the water vapor loop. you see the reinforcing shot of cooler air trying to move in. we have blue skies again tomorrow and clear skies overnight tonight. that means not much in the way of cloud cover for your saturday, which is two thumbs up, picture-perfect for that. it means we don't have anything to help us hold on to our heat that we were able to eke out today. which means tonight we have a very cool overnight coming on. overnight low tonight in daytona beach, 40. 39 in de land. i'm going to call it 39 in sanford. 34 in ocala and 37 in the villages. you won't freeze but as the wind dies down just a bit and the temperatures drop in the low 30's, it's going to be frost. patchy frost expected across the northern part of the viewing area. 46 is the low tonight in titusville. i'm going to call the low in orlando 40. it's going to remain cool, breezy and clear. here's tomorrow. noon tomorrow, 62.
4:20 pm
close to where we were today. overnight low tomorrow night is not as chilly, but it's close, down to 45. on sunday we hit 74. monday it's all over. tuesday we're back to 79 and wednesday, 80. there's another of cold front coming for thursday. there you go. >> lisa: 80 on wednesday? i love it. >> tom: embrace the cold. >> ginger: we have to. thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> julie: let's get a check of that friday afternoon drive. this is what's happening for you on i-4 at the state road 408 ramps. cars on the right side of the screen traveling eastbound. expect a slow ride through the downtown area. westbound lanes are moving much smoother for now. here's a look at your drive
4:21 pm
>> ginger: as technology continues to take over workplaces, tonight mercedes-benz is reversing course, replacing some of the robots on its assembly line with real people. that's something you don't hear about very often. turns out the robots can't keep up with all the custom options mercedes offers. in the s class sedans, there are four types of tire caps and a choice of cup holders. mercedes says the variety is just too much for the machines to handle, thank goodness. >> julie: don't trust those robots. >> ginger: no. >> lisa: ahead at 4:00, the cost of security along a popular strip in volusia county and who will foot the bill. >> julie: then cars on fire outside a local auto shop. the big obstacle crews had to overcome in order to fight the flames. but first -- >> there's got to be a stopping
4:22 pm
>> ginger: we heard from the c.e.o., now apple's attorney is laying down what's next for their contentious legal fight with the f.b.i. getting results in sanford, cocoa and all of central florida on news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> lisa: tonight the federal government is ordering the tech giant apple to unlock a san bernardino terrorist's phone. they're hoping information on syed farook's phone will clarify the motive and whether anybody else was involved. apple attorney ted olson says apple is on board with the ultimate goal but not the bottom line. >> we cannot break someone's back in order to get them to tell somebody where somebody else is. if we're saying that there's a serious threat, throw out the constitution in order to prevent that threat, where do we draw
4:26 pm
>> lisa: olson declined to say how far apple plans to get in the court battle but this is a precedent-setting case that could go to the supreme court. if the supreme court ruled against apple, he said apple would go along with the ruling. we should also mention tech giant's are expected to file court documents in support of apple. >> lisa: i'm sure this debate will continue. ahead at 4:30, a mystical manhunt like you've never seen before. it prompted a police search. >> i'll be pinpointing a great event happening in lake eola for folks who like to wine and dine. i'll have the full story, coming up at 4:30. >> lisa: but first, the busy
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>> julie: and now we're learning the cost for gaining control comes with a price tag. >> ginger: just how far daytona beach city lawmakers are willing to get results and curb the problems along sea breeze boulevard. it's a popular strip for bars and restaurants. loren korn is joining us now live. what are city leaders proposing here? >> reporter: they're proposing 12 of the bars and restaurants should pay $12,000 a year so they could have more police officers patrolling the street. i spoke with some bar and restaurant owners today and they say they do not agree with that. bars, nightclubs and restaurants line sea breeze boulevard. >> sea breeze boulevard is the sea breeze entertainment district. this is where people come to party in daytona beach. >> reporter: but daytona beach police say so does the crime. saying 40% of it happens on sea breeze boulevard starting at 10 p.m. this is a shooting that was
4:31 pm
at molly brown's last year. 25% of arrests were on sea breeze boulevard in 2015. there's a 33% increase in auto theft and 50% increase in car break-ins. which is why city leaders are proposing to charge restaurants and bars $12,000 a year to increase police presence. >> most of us cannot afford that. to pick out 12 businesses on sea breeze boulevard instead of spreading it across all businesses in daytona beach. >> reporter: he says most of the crime happens down the other end of sea breeze but still doesn't believe those establishments should foot the bill. >> the trouble is not coming from the bars or the restaurants or the establishments, nightclubs and stuff from sea breeze boulevard. it's from the loiterers that come around.
4:32 pm
add an extra burden on the businesses. >> reporter: other ideas the city has instead of staying open until 3 a.m., they have to have security cameras and rules for parking. the other idea they have is restaurants should provide at least 51% of their sales that come from food. we heard from businesses at 5:30. what residents have to say about this. >> ginger: thank you. developing at 4:30, a fiery battle at an ocala auto body shop. >> julie: investigators told news 6 flames jumped from one car to the next, leaving five total just charred. >> lisa: when they arrived last night, they tell news 6 they spotted a car on fire, threatening the building next to it. but getting through the gate kept them from fighting the flames faster.
4:33 pm
is under investigation. the good news, no one was hurt. >> julie: we're following breaking news right now. a clothing store on park avenue in winter park was just robbed. police are still looking for the suspect. it happened at current, not far from barney's coffee. the suspect implied he had a weapon and took off with money. he was heading toward a parking lot at rawlins college but has not been spotted. if you have any information about this, call police. >> lisa: if you have friday night plans expect it to be a little cooler out there. >> ginger: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the lows for later on tonight. how cool or cold are we talking? >> tom: some of us are going in the 30's. we're going to the 40's in orlando. north of us we could have big frost problems tomorrow morning. if you have any vegetation left. all the flowers are probably dead and gone already and trying to make a comeback. radar tonight is good to go. we have no radar echoes at all. no woes or cares or cloud cover either. we're not talking about clouds
4:34 pm
what we're talking about is how blue the sky is. dry air did that in daytona beach. wave action is not too rough. one beachgoer on daytona beach. let's prefer to say he's happy. that's a happy dude. wouldn't you be happy if you were on the beach? wind is calm in orlando right now, 64. 65 in melbourne. 64 in leesburg. the on-the-town forecast this evening, you'll want to bundle up a smidge. 57 degrees by 7:00. it's not cold but it's cool. the overnight lows, though, those are going to be cold. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight lows and break out the entire weekend in minutes. >> julie: tom, thank you. here's a live look from our brighthouse camera over downtown orlando. what a gorgeous shot there. lrjts >> lisa: it's looking beautiful for this weekend's food and wine festival downtown.
4:35 pm
live there tonight. last week, not that we're bitter about it, you got to meet mark wahlberg downtown and i heard singer mike posener is going to be there tomorrow. >> reporter: well, i haven't met him, yet, but that is my plan eventually. we're here. it's that time of the year. it's the 8th annual downtown wine and food festival. expect over 30 local restaurants to be bringing their top-notch best of their best items from the menu. over 50 wineries from across the country and across the world actually. and what a better way can we top that off? oh, yeah, how about some excellent-looking weather for this weekend? >> this is the time we're expecting the people to come out and enjoy the food, the entertainment and the wine and stuff. the weather this week is going to be perfect. >> reporter: preparations are on their way down robinson street along beautiful lake eola. from tents to the stage, excitement is building for this
4:36 pm
>> you're going out and running an errand at some point, there's something going on all day. in and out as long as you want here. >> reporter: tickets start at $20 at the gate. with most food and beverages topping $8. and the weather, mother nature is showcasing top-notch weather as well. let's pinpoint the forecast right here for folks heading out to the wine and food festival. temperatures for your saturday, warming up just like today, into the mid to upper 60's and slightly warmer heading into sunday, only warming into the low 70's. you can see across the board. make sure you have the sunglasses with you. we'll be seeing nothing but that good florida sunshine. >> ginger: perfect wine drinking weather, but what isn't? thank you, candace. >> julie: tonight, fair or foul? being charged more because
4:37 pm
>> ginger: it's a conversation we're having right now on the news 6 facebook page. >> julie: the debate stemming from a news 6 investigation at 11:00 into a rental car company bucking the trend and charging more for locals. here's investigator louis bolden with the story. >> there's no bumper. >> reporter: when debbie owens car was involved in an accident, she needed a rental car for two weeks while hers was being repaired. she said she found a sweet deal on orbitz with economy rent a car, $132 for 12 days, or so she thought. >> i picked it because it was the cheapest place. >> reporter: when she got to the counter with her reservation, the cheap rate blew up. >> when i got in there, it was over $400 because she said there was a fee.
4:38 pm
was because she was a florida resident. >> i felt cheated and that they lied to me. >> after she contacted news 6 i went to economy's website and i made a reservation. a full-sized vehicle for three days was $150. the price went up $25 per day because i'm a resident. i went back with my photographer to ask the manager why. why do you charge florida residents more? >> you know, the website says there are online rates for airport arriving and airport departing customers. that's what it comes down to. >> reporter: on the fine print it says guests in florida do not qualify for the rates offered and displayed online. during our interview a man walked up and said the same thing just happened to him. he says the price doubled when they found out he lives in florida. >> they're not giving you any concrete answer. this guy is not going to give you a concrete answer.
4:39 pm
answer, sir. it comes down with our online rate restrictions. >> reporter: we checked with all the car companies and none of them charge florida residents more. so why does economy? >> it is a high risk to rent vehicles to florida residents. >> reporter: why? >> because they take the car out of state and don't come back. we've had people involved in drive-by shootings. owe >> reporter: owens says all she wanted to do is drive to work while her car was being repaired. >> it's penalizing those who live in florida. >> julie: it likely won't get them any more local business. >> ginger: never even considered something like that. for hotels, you get a discount for florida residents. you would think the same thing would apply here. >> lisa: and how maddening, you
4:40 pm
and they tell you your fee is more than that. a lot of people are commenting about other reviews. you can read what they are saying and chime in yourself at 6. two manatees are now joining a new herd in warmer waters. >> julie: they were released at a power plant along the indian river today. >> ginger: weighing in at more than 600 pounds, it took eight people to carry stoke the manatee back to the water. he's been rescued more than once, poor little thing. but squiggy is testing the waters for the first time after being rescued as a 35-pound orphan calf in merritt island. at least a dozen manatees have been released in the last month and a half. crews say they're the last two manatees to be released during the winter season. i love when they can help rehabilitate them and send them back out to warmer waters. >> julie: i love it.
4:41 pm
put to the test. the accuracy results, put to the test in minutes. >> lisa: plus -- >> he pulled it out of the guy's hand and then he runned away. >> lisa: a little girl's unicorn escapes right before her eyes. what happens when police got involved in the magical quest. >> ginger: and witnesses took the stand on the last day the -- of the el faro hearings. what's next for the ntsb as it plans to search for the ship's data recorder.
4:42 pm
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>> lisa: testimony wrapped up today in the el faro hearing. >> julie: we heard more from two witnesses who both have taken the stand over the last two weeks. >> ginger: so far testimony has focused on the technical aspects of the ship and the surveys taken before the ship left from jacksonville. many families of the 33 crew members who died have attended every day of the hearings. some are calling for change while others wanted to show their support for the loved ones. they say testimony of more than 2 dozen witnesses about the
4:45 pm
sank and problems encountered during the search effort has not been easy to listen to. but they say they felt it was something they needed to hear. the ntsb plans to search for el faro's data recorder in april. the marine board of investigation will wait to see what comes from that search to decide when the second round of hearings will start, expected to happen between may and july. >> lisa: tonight two popular fitbit fitness trackers are at the center of two class action lawsuits. it says the monitors are inaccurate. consumer reports recently tested fitness trackers, including the fitbit models in question. both rated excellent in heart rate monitoring. in light of the lawsuit, consumer reports just conducted additional tests at higher heart rates. >> we compared the results to our highest rated heart rate monitor. in all of our tests, both fitbit monitors were found to be very
4:46 pm
>> lisa: as a result consumer reports continues to recommend both fitbit models. >> lisa: the concept half shooting range/half restaurant. critics were worried about the new business because it also serves alcohol. but no one who has had a drink will be allowed to shoot a gun. the walls are bulletproof and noise from the guns cannot be heard in the restaurant. >> lisa: since we aired that story, a lot of people have weighed in on our facebook page. >> ginger: and hundreds of likes and comments on this topic.
4:47 pm
>> lisa: keep the conversation going at 6. >> ginger: macy's is no longer accepting coupons for clearance items. a macy's spokesperson says clearance items will still be discounted but discounts will be reflected in the final price instead of at the register. the change is to make the shopping experience easier for customers. >> lisa: but i only buy clearance items. >> ginger: that's exactly right. >> lisa: i can't use my coupons anymore. >> julie: i never remember to use the coupons. >> tom: i like macy's just fine,
4:48 pm
but when i go there with a coupon, invariably what i want, it doesn't work for. >> lisa: you need to start shopping in women's dresses. >> lisa: poor tom. >> tom: the list of stuff that i can't get a discount is large and long. now the grocery store works like a champ, but not at macy's so much. look at the radar. are you ready for a good weekend? >> ginger: yes. >> tom: we have no rain on radar, no cloud cover. that's what we've got. temperatures. overnight lows this morning, today. 46 degrees in orlando. 45 in ocala. 39 in palm coast. we're going well below this tonight for our overnight lows. so these were chilly. if you thought it was cold this morning, tomorrow morning will be even colder. right now, daytona beach looks fantastic at 62. wind is calm. relative humidity is low at 28%.
4:49 pm
when it was lower than 28%. that's cold. in the 60's everywhere. right now, palm coast is at 61. 63 in ocala. 60 in gainesville and 64 at o.i.a. 24-hour temperature change goes like this. we've had no change in the temperature in the last 24 hours compared to where we were yesterday at the same time. over here on the coast, 5 degrees colder at the cape. 3 degrees colder in daytona beach. wind speeds right now, wind is coming in from the northwest at 5 miles per hour. satellite and radar together, i think you know where this is going. no cloud cover, no so rain. look how cleaned up and nice it is from here to the great lakes. it's really flat out wide open. with no rain coming in, we'll track a few little pockets of cloud cover along the coast. from the cold air going over the warm water. that's going to just about do it for clouds for the entire weekend. i don't see much in the way of any trouble except it gets really cold tonight. 39 will do it for the overnight low in de land. 39 in sanford. 40 in oviedo. 34 in ocala and 37 in the
4:50 pm
leesburg, 39. in the entire area from lake county to marion, to sumpter county, chances are you'll have the heaviest of the patchy frost. 46 will do it for a low tonight in titusville and the official overnight low in orlando is 40. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, it's bright, it's sunny, crisp and cold. 46 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, you can handle that. we're back to 62. the 4 p.m. temperature will be 67 degrees. sunday's high is 74. back to work on monday, the high is 77. which is just a degree or two above normal. >> lisa: thank you, tom. and don't forget, you can also get your pinpoint weather while you're away from your tv. troy bridges and tom sorrells will update the forecast for you all day on 105.9, sunny fm, 101.9, amp radio and mix 105.1. >> julie: our friday afternoon drive getting busy for you. this is what it looks like right now on i-4 at osceola parkway.
4:51 pm
the screen are moving very slowly eastbound, so do expect a slow ride if you're heading through that area. westbound lanes are moving much slower. again down there near osceola parkway, they're up to speed. here's your drive times now. >> ginger: this weekend marks the last one for vince carter's daytona beach restaurant. the former orlando magic player's business is officially closing sunday night after six years. carter is from daytona beach. roughly 70 workers were told about the closing. right now, it's unclear what's going to happen to this property. carter currently plays for the memphis grizzlies. >> lisa: new tonight, a mythical creature lives up to her legend. see the must see video when the police capture this escaped
4:52 pm
>> ginger: new details at 5:00, what an orange county business owner tells news 6 about the batman robber. >> julie: but first, hear about the safety risks of this car seat, next. getting results for all of central florida.
4:53 pm
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>> >> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> lisa: parents, do you know someone with this car seat? tonight, even flow is recalling 56,000 child safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness and that ups the risk of injury in a car crash. the recall includes transitions, 3 in 1 combination booster seats from december 2014 through january 2016. no injuries have been reported. we posted the recall information on our website. you can spread the word at, powered by news 6
4:56 pm
a woman trapped in a chimney in texas this weekend. firefighters were able to get her out. when they asked had her why she did it, she said she was trying to find a place to stay warm. she's now charged with trespassing. that's one we can't claim here in florida. >> ginger: yes, thank goodness. a unicorn leads police on a magical quest in madera county california. the unicorn is actually a pony, named juliet, dressed up for a photo shirt. the calls to police to find her were priceless. >> the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out there on the roadway. >> i was afraid and then we had to catch her in the dark. >> ginger: they sure did. that was juliet's owner. like any fairytale ending, the three-hour search which included a helicopter ended with juliet
4:57 pm
you see right there. i think she does not like that magical horn on her head. you can see more of this video on 6 . >> lisa: that's so embarrassing. when i saw that one picture in front of the police car, it looked like a mugshot. the cutest looking mugshot i've seen in a while. >> julie: i don't know if she loved it. >> lisa: great idea for photos, though. >> julie: she does birthday parties, i hear. >> ginger: leave her alone, everyone. let her recover. coming up at 5:00, we're taking a close eye at when construction is finishing on the i-4 ultimate project after a worker's death. when the project will resume. >> lisa: and a boy recovering after a driver hit him and sped away. what his family now says as police try to track down the hit-and-run driver. getting results on a beautiful friday. this is news 6.
4:59 pm
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> ginger: now at 5:00, new details in the search for a serial robber. what we know about the man who has been targeting orange county businesses. >> lisa: but first, the intense search for a driver accused of hitting an 8-year-old boy and taking off. we're told the child was riding his bike home from school when


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