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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> three sheriff's deputies off the job tonight after a scathing report. what an internal investigation revealed that could affect dozens of cases. >> plus how a young central florida boy is cleaning up and getting results for his neighborhood. you're going to love him. first, though, we're following
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this wildfire burning near lake ashby in volusia county. we just learned it was a controlled burn and it jumped the lines. look at this thing right now. these are high flames. as you can see, a lot of fire, a lot of smoke out there. crews say they are getting it under control. right now, we're told no structures are being threatened at the moment. we'll continue to update you as this story develops. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> and i'm ginger gadsden. we're going to keep updating that story and have lots more for you coming up. but first, a weather alert. we're getting rain right now. then it looks like severe weather will move in through central florida. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather at 5:30. >> we're not getting enough rain near the fire. we have had spotty showers but not amounting to a whole lot. the big storm system we're all waiting on is back out here in louisiana and mississippi right now. we'll talk more about that during the main weather. right now, our scattered showers are not amounting to a whole heck of a lot at this hour. you see the way they're all
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and up 75. it did rain on merritt island. but that's done. southern brevard county had a touch of light rain but futurecast is saying there's not much left between now and 8:30, 9:00. not much happening. as a matter of fact, between now and 8:00 tomorrow morning, not much happening. on-the-town forecast, clouds and a few showers. we'll be down to 72 degrees by 9:00. come the 11:00 hour, about 70. it's tomorrow that's going to be the make or break deal, but the big storms are coming midday tomorrow. news 6 meteorologist candace campos joins us in the newsroom right now. she continues our team coverage with the pinpoint forecast for heathrow. >> heathrow in seminole county, chief. we're going to continue to see the slight chance of rain for you as well. for tonight, as temperatures cool down into the mid-60's or so, like tom's been talking about, the rain and thunderstorms will come rolling in come wednesday. for heathrow, 8 a.m., you should stay mostly dry.
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but temperatures are warming up to the mid-70's. a decent chance of seeing the showers and a slight chance of seeing some of the storms turn into something severe. ahead of all that, i went out earlier this afternoon out to winter park. we spoke to some families out there enjoying the afternoon in the sun, playing out there in the playground. talked to them about this great app that we have. it's the news 6 pinpoint weather app. it has amazing features. it has interactive radar, storm tracking capabilities. you name it. of course, i gave the kids some fun little news 6 swag as well. that's how you get the parents to talk, you give the kids the fun mouse pads and all that fun stuff and the parents get to download the app. you can also download the app. you don't get news 6 swag from me, but still, don't forget, rain or shine, our news 6 weather team is on your side. you can get weather alerts and updates on your phone by downloading our free app. just search wkmg in the app
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it doesn't cost you anything at all and it just takes seconds to download and keep you safe. >> thank you, candace. tonight we have learned three marion county sheriff's deputies turned in their badges over the past month. the most recent one in the past few days. >> yeah, the findings from internal investigations revealed they'd all likely be fired. this now makes 12 deputies in that office who have gotten into trouble and either quit or were fired. that's just in the past year. news 6's erik von ancken is live at the sheriff's office in ocala. this is a troubling trend there. what's going to happen to all of the cases these deputies were involved in? >> i'm learning about some major repercussions here. the state attorney says he was so disturbed by what he claims he discovered about a now former deputy who used to work here, that he says that all of the cases where this deputy's testimony can't be substantiated
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>> deputy bustamonte with the volusia county sheriff's office. >> this is just one of 400 dash-cam video the state attorney's office looked at regarding traffic stops since this officer was hired by the sheriff's office since 2011. he would stop drivers for non-existent traffic violations. his police reports were false and that bustamonte used excessive force. >> they concluded they had concerns about his integrity at this point. >> that's when bustamonte resigned, says the marion county public information officer. he tells us two other deputies also quit within the past month after they were confronted with this internal affairs report. it says witnesses reported a deputy was buying cocaine at a party through a friend's nephew and the deputy beth billings was hosting that party. the state attorney writes, quote, "we cannot ignore the
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been over a dozen marion county deputy sheriffs, who have been convicted, indicted, demoted or suspended or currently under investigation." >> that makes us ask what's going on. >> absolutely. it's understandable. it's a spell of unfortunate mistakes by the officers that need to be held accountable. >> that's not all. the state attorney says he will now throw out all cases that deputy bustamonte was involved in. >> it's possible bad guys could go free. >> that's the integrity that we have to have at this level in the sheriff's office and law enforcement. there needs to be no doubt that the reports that are generated are consistently and truthful. >> so what about those bad guys? well, the spokesperson says they will be caught if they do get arrested again or they do make a bad choice. he says they'll be caught by the good people here, the some 750 men and women who he says don't
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>> let's talk about the bigger picture for a second, erik. the 12 deputies who have gotten into trouble, some would ask is it the culture there at the sheriff's office and what is the sheriff's office now doing about it? >> i asked. i said is it a culture here? the answer i got from the spokesperson was no, but he says they are making changes. i'm working on that part of the story for you, when i see you again coming up at 7:00. >> erik von ancken reporting live for us tonight in marion county. thank you. >> well, a seminole county man helps catch two criminals who are trying to steal from him. >> deputies say he held them at gunpoint until help arrived. they tell us the two are trying -- were trying to steal parts out of a car owned by the victim's son. after calling 911, deputies say he pointed a gun at them to keep them from leaving. investigators also found drugs and a pot pipe inside the suspect's car.
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burglary and drug charges tonight. >> police in palm bay are warning everyone about a recent lottery ticket scam making the rounds. they say con artists are claiming to be lottery winners, unable to collect their winnings. they're then offered to sell their winning tickets but once you pay for that ticket, it often turns out it's just worthless. the florida lottery says you should never redeem a ticket for someone you do not know. you shouldn't ever respond to calls or a letter that offers you a guarantee to win. and you should always buy tickets from authorized dealers only. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 -- >> tonight at 11:00, we'll be looking at h.o.a. and condo association nightmares. imagine this. you're in your car, in a gated community and you're held at gunpoint.
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my kids, was i going to get killed. >> we have dozens of complaints from h.o.a. and condo associations. what rights do you have and who is held accountable? if you live in an h.o.a. or condo association, you don't want to miss this story. see you tonight at 11:00 on news 6. >> now to a young boy who is getting results. like many of us in our own neighborhoods, he went for a walk and saw a lot of trash on the side of the road. >> but this volusia county youngster did not stop there. loren korn joins us now with a look at how he's getting results in de bary. >> the family tells me they recently moved here to de bary and noticed a lot of trash littering the roads. so they decided to be proactive, including their 10-year-old son who took trash collecting to the next level. >> caleb benfield is ready to take on the trash. it's a good deed that turned into a weekly routine for the family.
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can put the trash bag in there. it's just a lot of stuff out there. sometimes i just find coke bottles or foam cups, a lot of foam cups. >> this is what i meant by bottles. >> on sunday, the family collected at least two bags full of trash, just along their street on high banks road. >> it makes me a little sad that people throw out trash. >> the family decided to try to get others involved by snapping the pictures of caleb and the trash they collected and posted it to facebook, never thinking the pictures would go viral. >> the response has been amazing. we've had over 250 likes for young caleb and i'm hoping this will get the word out for those that i see throughout the mornings taking the stroll. >> residents gave the family an idea. >> we should have a sign put in his name. >> caleb says you don't need a street named after you to protect the environment.
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don't just stay there and wait until you see more trash the next day. do something about it. >> in de bary, loren korn, news 6. >> i like this guy. >> why aren't all kids like that? >> i don't know. a lot of us tell our kids, they see a beer can on the side of the road, stay away from that thing. >> of course. >> i can guarantee caleb is getting two more likes on his facebook page from this desk. it's not your traditional classroom but it's teaching local students some very important lessons. >> we'll take you inside a great program and show you how a garden is providing life skills and getting results in our schools. >> that's good stuff. we're tracking a few pockets of light rain up there around marion county, checking out, leaving merritt island right now. overall, we're calming down. but that's only for the now. tomorrow we rock again. i'll do the pinpoint forecast and show you when the big stuff shows up for you. >> and then bringing happy
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>> well, it's harvest time at
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are learning about healthy lifestyle, science and more. >> news 6 anchor bridgett ellison has the story in tonight's "getting results for our schools" >> they're proud to have a american heart association teaching garden and learning for life stem garden on campus where students sink their teeth into hard work and developing skills for healthy habits in the future. >> today it's tomatoes, fresh from the vine. tomorrow it could be mint, bell peppers or greens. these students are learning about the benefits the science and the hard work that goes into growing your own food. >> tomatoes, squash, mint and peppers. >> the hardest thing is that when we first had it, there were a lot of bugs but now the hardest thing is just waiting for them to -- all of them -- i think the hardest thing is waiting for them to all grow. >> the orange center is actually
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magnate for stem in the orange county public school district and the garden serves as a horticulture component in their program. >> it's a great program to put the children in. the kids learn a lot. they know how to grow plants and harvest plants. it's a great experience. >> i've learned how to grow small plants inside of a napkin in a ziploc bag. >> at 2 years old, educators hope the garden will continue to grow and serve as a lifestyle minds and bodies. >> a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and how it directly impacts their education in the sense of it being brain food, they're able to come to the garden and predict and measure and estimate, so that is also a correlation in their math skills to be able to make real life connections with the things they're being caught in the
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>> to help keep the garden flourishing, school leaders plan to add more flowers and trees from green works orlando to help pollenate more vegetables in the garden. i'm bridgett ellison. we'll see you in the morning. >> we did not hire child actors. they're just that cute. >> you can see all of brigitte's "getting results for our schools" online by going to news 6. >> i want to learn how to grow something in the ziploc bag. >> if you're shopping at amazon, you have to spend more if you want free shipping. >> that's if you're not already a prime member here. if you spend enough money on amazon, you get free shipping. but now the retailer is raising the minimum. so you'll have to spend at least $49. you used to spend $35 to get the free shipping. it's a pretty big increase here. amazon prime members who pay $99 a year are not affected by this.
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amazon prime. >> the government says in 2015, americans drove a record 3.1 trillion miles, more than the previous record set before the recession. this is pretty crazy, too. it's the equivalent of 337 round trips from earth to pluto. >> how do they know that, though? how do they figure that out? >> we know the distance to pluto. >> i know that. but how do they know how many miles we drove? >> matt, just accept it. >> i don't accept it. i'm a skeptic. facebook wants to help friends celebrate birthdays. they're bringing happy birthday messages to life with the launch of birthday video cam. users can record 15-second videos for their friends and post it on their page. you can even add a birthday-themed frame to it. right now, it's only available, tom, for apple and ios users. sorry, my friend. >> matt austin and lisa bell could deliver you a birthday message.
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can't i just send you a birthday message anyway with my own little video? >> not on facebook you can't. >> yes, you can. >> it's so many steps instead of just record and send. >> this is the technical way to do it now, tom. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us. things could get a little wild tomorrow for us. >> it's going to be a rough midday. anytime between 10:00 and 2:00, you'll want to be near your television. if not, download the app on your phone. do it now because it's going to be a wicked run through the midday hours tomorrow. we've had rain this afternoon. these showers are actually kind of welcome. we could use some more rain but they didn't last long. they're already over. southern brevard county, we had some rain earlier, too, but all this stuff is going that way, back out towards the open waters of the atlantic. future radar, that's what happens in the next two hours. light rain maybe in marion county but i don't think so. i don't think much is going to happen. 72 degrees in new orleans.
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atlanta, 56. 78 in jacksonville. you look at little rock and dallas, that's where the colder air is. the frontal zone is about right there, getting ready to roll on in here. the problem is, we're so warm on the front side of it, there's going to be the devil to pay tomorrow. there's going to be big rock and rolling thunderstorms coming right through here by midday. it is 75 right now in orlando. 75 in melbourne. and 77 in leesburg. 79 in the villages. 79 right now in palm coast. i mean, temperatures are close to 80 degrees in some spots because you didn't get the rain. wind speed tonight from the south at 10 in leesburg. from the southwest at 7 in ocala and from the south at 8 in kissimmee. here's the front right there. there's the nasty stuff. from jackson, mississippi all the way down to the gulf of mexico. for the most part, it has pushed out of new orleans now into mississippi, but the front itself will come marching across the gulf of mexico. the water vapor shows dry air in front of it. you see the leading edge of the white stuff, that's the moisture.
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bottom line is it's going to battle the dry air through the night and knife into our nice, moist air and produce big showers tomorrow. here's the timing for you. tomorrow morning, 6 a.m., this is what it looks like. here's 11:00 tomorrow. frontal zone lingering from flagler county all the way across sumpter county. by 1 p.m., just after lunchtime, it's pounding rain from daytona to sanford, all the way to orlando. by 3:00, much of it is from orlando to the south and the east and the drier air totally takes over by 5:00. we're so much cooler after that, it's hard to believe we were ever near 80. lows tonight in the 60's all over. i'm going to call the overnight low in orlando 68. here is tomorrow. >> becoming mostly cloudy in the morning. by noon tomorrow, 78. the daytime high should tag 80 before the rain takes over.
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the low tomorrow night, 51. thursday, friday, and saturday, we don't make it out of the 60's for highs. >> i love it. going to be an awesome weekend. thank you, tom. >> thank you. talk about a good time. if you need something to listen to heading to work tomorrow, our radio partners -- >> the sultry sounds. >> -- at mix 105.1 will have a very special guest. julie broughton is joining the morning crew tomorrow. it will be a lot of fun. three hours. get up and listen to julie. she loves it when you send her questions, too. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. >> tune in to news 6 on saturday night as we broadcast our final solar bears game of the season. it's faith and family night at the amway center and we're teaming up with the bears to help fight homelessness. for every person who uses the #rethink homelessness on twitter, facebook or instagram,
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benefit the commission on homelessness in central florida. the puck drops at 8:00 here on news 6. >> always good fights in those games, too. >> a family of a soldier who was killed in world war ii received a special memory of their loved one. >> coming up next, how the
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>> after 70 years, the family finally received his dog tags. he left his home in 1941 to join the army. he died in okinawa. a decade later a historian found his dog tag sticking out of a field on an island in guam. it took two years to track the family soldier's family down. it will go to a nephew who was named after him. >> that's awesome. the zoo just welcomed a very
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this is a big deal. this particular type of leopard, very in danger. only about 70 of them left in the wild. the zoo said mom and baby are bonding. both are doing very well. >> how cute is that? >> those cams always get like millions of hits. people will sit there and work and watch those things. >> they need a gopro on that baby. >> they need better resolution. how about 4-k there. >> lisa bell is joining us with the news coming up at 6:00. >> coming up, calling all women who want to help fight crime. what police agency is now hiring. >> and an isleworth millionaire accused of killing his wife is getting a new trial. what's new in the bob ward murder case. >> and we're following a breaking news alert. a mom arrested, accused of shooting and killing her son in the shower.
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, not too wild out there right now, but you'll want to prepare for possibly severe weather. it's going to be a wet wednesday. first, though, a breaking news alert. a mom arrested accused of shooting her son to death. police say the mom shot her son while he was in the shower. this is news 6 at 6:00, i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. she is now charged with premeditated murder. this happened at a home on post oak circle in altamonte springs. that is near maitland avenue and east altamonte drive where news 6 reporter troy campbell joins us now live. have police been out to that home before? >> reporter: actually altamonte springs police say they've never been to this house before and never came in contact with the suspect or the victim. the townhome where the murder took place is behind me. this all started when a relative


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