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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> two stories breaking overnight, a man rushed to the hospital after being shot during a home invasion. what we learned about the suspects police are trying to track down. >> a home goes up in flames killing two dogs inside. firefighters are working to figure out what caused that fire. >> it is now 5:30, thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm bridgett ellison. >> amy and troy are joining us. >> we are excited it is 5:30. for us a half-hour is down. >> it is an accomplishment. >> today we'll pinpoint light rain. we have had some overnight. some of the roads will be wet for you. tomorrow is when we see the risk for severe weather. it comes from noon through 3:00 in the afternoon. we want you to be prepared. we are not trying to sound the alarm too soon wechlt think it is time to do it. be ready for tomorrow afternoon. we had rain overnight. that led to slick roadways. things are beginning to dry a little bit.
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coast. in marion county, along i-75, the green indicating light rain. some of this not reaching the ground. so just be ready for a few sprinkles if you are driving along i-95 in flagler county. look at the temperatures, mild because of the clouds in place. we didn't see those areas of warmth escape into the atmosphere. 62 in orlando. 64 in daytona beach. 40% coverage of afternoon storms. let's check on the roads and head offense to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> as far as the roads go, it is still light. we don't have a ton of volume. no reports of accidents. showing you scheduled construction work. nothings that will add the necessity for travel time. my live camera showing a sleepy pace.
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i-4 this morning, just fantastic. we had eastbound cars moving away from you. as you can see plenty of elbow room. that's your check on traffic. still early. back to you. >> thousand to breaking news overnight. a home goes up in flames leaving a family displaced and two dogs dead. this happened on marcos avenue. johnny is out there live. have firefighters said how this started? >> firefighters tell me they believe the fire may have started in the kitchen and then spread throughout the house. one thing we know, all seven people in the house, they are ok. no one was hurt. that is not the case with their pets. look at video from when we first got here on the scene. firefighters tell me they got the call about this house fire. i spoke to a woman who was inside the house.
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in the house and that's when everyone inside headed outside. firefighters say they were able to get everyone out to safety. the concern was for the six dogs they had inside the house. they tell me the family came out with two dogs. they were not able to, say, -- save their lives. heartbroken. they consider the dogs part of their family. they did not want to speak on camera. i got word the red cross is here assisting this family. of course, once i get updates, i'll pass those updates on air and online. >> also breaking overnight, a shooting in orlando. a man is shot in the stomach after police say three men tried to rob him at his own apartment. it happened after the victim answered a knock at his door at
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north pine hills road. that's where we find kirsten o'connor. how is this victim doing this morning? >> we know he was shot in the stomach. when police found him, he was still conscious conscious. he is recovering at ormc this morning. the search is on to find the three men who shot him inside his apartment inside this gate at the pine view apartments. let's give you a view of what the scene looked like. we know the three guys police are looking for showed up to the apartment inside the complex just before midnight, knocked on this man's door. as he answered, one han told him to give it up and shot the victim in the stomach. police aren't telling us if they discovered anything in the apartment. we'll continue to press them for answers and ask them if they know any more about what was taken inside that apartment or
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description of those three armed men. we'll post updates as we get them to our website, >> happening today, the man accused of running down and injuring a deputy will face a judge for the first time since his arrest. he turned himself in yesterday after calling deputies from his mom's house. ortiz has been on the run since friday when deputies say he intentionally ran down sergeant marcy pierce when she tried to serve him a warrant. it let her with a fractured foot and a bad cut over his eye. she is expected to be ok. >> the man in the center of another high profile case is due back in court. a hearing in the case of matthew apperson. police say he shot at george zimmerman. apperson maintains he fired the
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zimmerman pointed a gun at him first. >> grief counselors to return to a school after a 13-year-old was found dead inside her home with her dad. deputies aren't saying how she died, only saying that it appears her dad killed himself. detectives found the man with his daughter dead. her sister told us a busy workload tells us a busy workload could have played a role in their deaths. >> he has to work a lot, like seven days a week. >> such a sad story here. investigators say an autopsy is needed to figure out how little anonia died. we are told the results could take a week or more to come back. >> police working to find out what led to a deadly crash. a driver was killed after losing control of his vehicle.
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crumbled up car. this happened on orange blossom trail. officers say 20-year-old brian potter was weaving in and out of traffic before the crash. he was taveng to the hospital but didn't make it. police say they don't think drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. >> politician say they have finished searching a popped but found no signs of that missing newborn known as willow. crews spent the whole weekend draining this pond and searching for this baby. the newborn's mother is believed to have given birth. here's the woman, susan richardson won't say what she did with the baby. she is charminged with aggravated child neglect. we just checked and she is still in the orange county jail. >> a lake county teacher accused of having sex with a 17-year-old former student is off the job. she resigned from each ridge high. yesterday he was arrested friday and has since bonded out of jail. the teen told investigators she had sex with the teacher in his
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wright has denied the claims. police say while he admitted being with the teen he said they never had sex. >> space x to blast off a rocket this week. it is set to lift off tomorrow night at 6:46 with a european communication satellite. right now, there is a 60% chance of favorable weather. when that rocket lifts off, we'll stream it live for you on >> people are excited, this morning we are getting an up close look at the latest "star wars" attraction at hollywood studios. these are the latest concept images on a tv tribute sunday night on disney land 60th anniversary. the new land will have a marketplace where guests can interact with aliens. two major rides including one to allow fans to board the millennium falcon. no word on when the 14 acre star wars land will open up.
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the movie. >> fans will enjoy that, i'm sure. troy, the drive in, i saw wet roads. >> we'll deal with a few more wet roads and moisture leading to patches of fog. there are some spots where the fog looks worse. as we show you the official visibility coming in for many of our major reporting sites, we are looking a-ok. just watch out for low lying areas, especially near some waterways, some ponds or lakes may show lower visibility. we'll watch that closely. 63 in ocala. 64 in sanford. 62 in orlando. 64 in melbourne. we warm all the way up to 83 by 3:00 at the bus stop. the kids do need to wear the short sleeves but have the rain gear handy. rain chances will be back up to 40% this afternoon. more rain tomorrow. a chance for strong to severe storms. we'll pinpoint the timing. first, let's check on the roads with amy who is pinpointing some of those wet spots and a little bit of patchy fog as well.
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on some of my live cameras. first and foremost. a couple of foggy patches, your drive times are ok. i-4, no significant slowdowns. construction has picked up. it is not factor anymore. you are right on time, still in the green this morning. i'm going to take you outside to take a look, fog through the area. over on the expressway near good holmes, visibility is not exactly perfect. if your roads are wet or foggy, drop the speeds down, increase the stopping distances, you'll be fine. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> new developments surrounding the firing of harbor house ceo. who carol wick has hired. what she is asking the organization to do. >> it is a big day in election 2016 news. in a few hours, republican voters in nevada will pick their choice for president. coming up, we'll show you who got a key endorsement before to want's caucuses. >> continuing to follow news out of orlando. a man shot in the stomach during a home invasion. who police are searching for.
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are watching news 6 getting results for port orange, altamonte springs on the air and on the news 6 app.
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>> just waking up, we are following two breaking stories overnight. first orlando police searching for three suspects accused of shooting a man during a home invasion. this happened after the victim answered a knock at the door at pine view apartments. the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. and breaking overnight in orange
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and kills two family dogs. the family of seven who lives there was able to get out safely along with four of their pets. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. >> in election 2016 news, voters will choose their pick for president during the state's gop caucuses. 30 delegates are up for grabs. that has the five remaining candidates rallying for last minute support. nearly all of the candidates held rallies hoping to get more support before the caucuses. at last check, donald trump was leading in the polls with 45%. tonight's caucuses come one day after republican marco rubio got a big endorsement from former senator bob dole. the 249-year-old said he supported rubio after learning his good friend jeb bub was no longer in the running. bush has yet to say who he is backing since backing out of the race. for democrats, it is all hands on deck. on saturday, voters will head to the polls for the primary.
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winning in the race as she holds a 2-1 lead over bernie sanders in the state. >> president obama is expected to present his prance to congress for shutting down the prison at guantanamo bay. the current proposal includes transferring most of the detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous to travel will be moved to prisons in the united states. congress has opposed all previous plans to shut down the facility. >> we have learned the ousted ceo at one of the central florida's domestic shelters has hired a lawyer. we told you when the board of harbor house fired ceo wick without explanation. wick had been with the organization for nearly a decade.
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may have violated wick's contract. nation says he is working on a severance deal. he says he wants to resolve the whole thing without going to court. >> a family in utah does something incredible. >> yes, a set of twin sisters gave birth to their second set of twins each. take a look here, this family just keeps multiplying. it starts with carrie bunker and kelly wall who are identical twins. carrie and kelly after they got married had a set of twins and so then, they didn't stop there. as if that weren't enough, the twin sisters did it again with another set of twins each. hospital staff just recently delivered the second set for the women say it is more likely for a person to get by lightning than to see twins give birth to their own twins twice. >> twin sisters giving birth to twins twice each. >> they need to buy a lottery ticket?
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we've had a lot of crazy twin stories, they won the lotto. >> buy a lottery ticket. >> today we'll pinpoint moisture in the atmosphere but not fog. we'll watch for a big storm system tomorrow that will bring a risk of severe weather. let's talk about today. today, we have a little bit of wet roadways to deal with because of the rain overnight. you can see this coming down, sprinkles here and there for marion county, ocala where you see the green. a lot of this not reaching the ground. some of this will be a factor into flagler county as we pib point that for palm coast and back into areas like crescent city, wet roads to deal with from the earlier rain. here's what we are pin pointing for tomorrow, this big area of low pressure continues to spin and move up into parts of georgia by tomorrow. that is where most of the risk of severe will be. we'll see the chance for stronger storms after the noon
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today warm air moving in from south winds. south winds won't be strong but strong enough to bring in the 80's. here's the risk of severe weather. the timeline from noon until 3:00. notice the main threat will be strong wind gusts, greater than 50 miles an hour. we can't rule out one or two isolated tornadoes. we'll watch that closely. afternoon tomorrow. 63 is the temperature in ocala right now. daytona beach at 64. 62 in orlando. here's a look at your forecast. >> noticed the sky, lots of clouds, not much sun. rain chances gradually spreegs to 30% at noon, going up to 40% by 4:00 with a high today of 83. into tonight, mild temperatures, 71 at 10:00 with a 20% chance for rain. we'll taper the rain off later tonight. we'll see more rounds of it tomorrow. this afternoon, 4:00, 5:00,
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thunderstorms. then a break. the ore round ahead of the front tomorrow. by k49 in the morning. it is along i-4 and continues more of this as that will be a slow moving system by noon, on top of us. it continues through the early afternoon. by 6:00, most of it has pushed out. afternoon highs in the 80's in most spots. sanford at 82. orlando at 83. tomorrow's coverage of rain up to 70% with a high of 82. look at the change in temperature, after getting into the 80's, only the 60's on thursday. we are at 346 on friday. 65 by saturday. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good morning to you at home where things are fine on the roads. it is mainly scheduled construction we are holding onto. that is letting up quickly this morning. you can see scheduled promths
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which means you can travel out the door. no need for pra travel times. drive times are looking fine on the beachline this morning. my live camera is not turning out a lot at i-4 moving past church street. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> a big weekend for the solar bears. not only are they looking to beat on the ice but also to beat homelessness. it is the faith and family night at the amway center. during the game the solar bears will donate a dollar for every post using the hash tag rethink homelessness. coverage begins at 7:30. >> a big change for a popular online retailer. >> ahead at 6:00, what it will now -- why it will now be harder to get free shipping on amazon. >> a check of the big stories coming up next through breaking news in orlando where a man opened his apartment door only to be shot.
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>> a quick recap of our big stories. three men on the run after a home invasion ends with a man shot. three gunmen stormed into the home before shooting him in the stomach. police are now searching for those sglpts in orange county two dogs killed after one family's home goes up in flames. this happened on marcos avenue. we are told six dogs were in the home with the family, two were trapped. everyone else was able to get out all right. >> the teen accused of running over a tep is expected to face a judge. john carlos turned himself in yesterday. he was on the run since friday after police say he intentionally ran over sergeant marcy pierce. >> the commander in chief
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>> what controversial topic he will be discuss ing discussing. >> a battle over breast-feeding at a flea market. what one woman said happened. she said she was tenied because she was feeding her 6-month-old in public. >> unanswered questions after a swat team storms a neighborhood and wrings in a tank. but the question is why. >> pinpointing rain along i-4 through the afternoon. then another round as we head through the day tomorrow from noon until 3:00. the chance for severe weather with strong winds, the main threat as well as heavy rain. we'll hoe you the timeline and just how strong these storms can be straight ahead. >> you are watching news 6 getting results for leesburg,
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about.
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because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart
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and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above >> a man opens a door to his apartment only to be shot. tragedy for a family after two dogs die in a house fire.
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>> the unanswered questions that have some on edge. >> it is 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday. i'm david hall. >> thank you for joining all of us. troy and amy are here, waking up to wet roads. >> so far, it is improved over yesterday. not doing too bad overall. >> we had rain. a lot of that is coming to an end. another round this afternoon. and then another round on into the day tomorrow. let's get you to it and show you what we are pin pointing across central florida. you can see most of the rain has gainesville. the green you are seeing, just some sprinkles. some of this not reaching the ground. back to 75. watch out on some of those roadways. there will be wet spots. a 40% coverage of afternoon showers and storms. up to 80 at noon. 4:00, 83 degrees. coming up, we'll talk about the storms.


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