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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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company.] >> >> never have i made to feel so ashamed for feeding my child. >> she says a local flea market kept her from selling at a booth, all because she exercised her right to breastfeed in public. >> but just in, the flea market is fighting back. why it says there is far more to this story. >> and one sheriff calls it a first-of-its-kind program in the nation. he's hiring private security guards to protocol neighborhoods that have struggled with crime. how it aims to get results for people living there. >> good evening, i'm julie broughton >> i'm lisa bell. >> and i'm ginger gadsden. also will be the force be with disney? we'll take a closing closer look at new images based on "star wars". >> and a state of emergency is declared for the panhandle. why the risk for tornadoes is up this year.
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season. we'll talk more about that. >> just in to news 6, a local flea market is firing back denying claims it kept her from renting a booth. the flea market says there's more you need to know. >> the mother tells me she doesn't want to support a business who doesn't support her after she says she was denied a rental booth because she was breastfeeding. >> never have i ever made to feel so ashamed for feeding my child. >> but jolene gregory says that's what happened to her on friday at the daytona flee and farmer's market. >> he said we've been getting complaints about you breastfeeding. i looked at him and said, well, it's the law. i can breastfeed anywhere i want. he turned around and walked right away. >> she returned on saturday to get the same booth because of the prime location and she was denied.
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her monthly renters and discriminated against me as a right as a mother. >> news 6 spoke with other agree. >> it's not right. breastfeeding. oh, my gosh. >> no only does she believe the flea market violated her rights but her favorite pastime has been ruined. >> this may be the last friday i ever go to the flea market. >> in the last hour, the daytona flea and farmers' market got back to news 6 and says other vendors complained about gregory, quote, "loud behavior and graphic language." management offered gregory a different location but she refused. they said, quote, "the daytona flea and farmers' market would in no way infringe on the rights of mothers who are breastfeeding." gregory tells news 6 she stands
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you can read the full story on, powered by news 6. >> developing right now, at 7:00, the teen accused of running down a deputy on purpose last week is now in the orange county jail. we broke the news late today with a push alert with our news 6 mobile app. deputies tell us 15-year-old ortiz called from his mother's home, refusing to talk and requesting an attorney. investigators say ortiz cooperated as they took him into custody. a big change from friday when deputies say ortiz hit the gas and knocking sergeant marcy pierce on the hood. she was critically injured while trying to arrest him on burglar charges. sheriff demings is grateful he's off the streets. >> i'm glad for two reasons. one my deputy sheriff is going to be okay and no. 2, this young man turned himself in and we did
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>> her foot is fractured and she has stitches in her head but she's home and recovering. ortiz faces a laundry list of charges including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. he's being held at the juvenile detention center. >> the orange county sheriff says he's trying to get results and help cut crime in two neighborhoods by paying private security guards. he calls it a first of its kind program in the nation. sheriff jerry demings is spending $150,000 to try to fight criminals in azalea park and holden heights. >> the sheriff's office says the crime is down in this area because neighbors are proactive when it comes to suspicious activity. with private security patrols in effect, law enforcement hopes it's the perfect combination of the community working together. >> our ultimate goal is to reduce crime and also the fear
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-- victim zation of residents. >> the orange county says the areas have decreasing crime and devoted residents. >> we're a very old neighborhood. we're approaching 70 years old. the houses are -- and some of these people have been here 70 years. >> she says even though the armed guards are not allowed to write tickets or haul anyone to jail, their mere presence should put minds at ease. >> they'll have somebody watching after their house and not as spread as thin as our deputies. >> the money, taken from an account typically used to purchase equipment, is something district 3 commissioner pete clark says will provide a level of protection. the azalea park neighborhood isn't used to. >> it's like having private security in a gated neighborhood. these folks deserve it.
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hard to get where we are today that this is a way to maintain what's happening here which is a reduction in criminal activity. >> we asked the sheriff's office if they go the idea to use private security guards from another law enforcement agency. they tell us they're unaware of a similar partnership anywhere else in the country. >> sheriff demings first pitched the idea last year and got the county commission's blessing in december. >> tonight troopers say the driver who hit and killed a man should never have been behind the wheel. >> troopers arrested the 30-year-old shortly after the hit-and-run crash on orange blossom trail near americana early this morning. the impact killed the driver of a mercedes. 42-year-old brett adams. witnesses say the suspect never slowed down and may have even sped up as he approached the intersection. >> he was going 60 or 70, very, very fast. it's unbelievable.
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and then i said, "oh, my god. that's a horrendous scene." >> he's a guatemalan national and never held a driver's license. we have new information on the crash. >> and the search for the abandoned newborn known as baby willow, orlando police went back to the retention pond at willow bend apartments today. they spent the weekend digging and draining the two-area pond. there are so signs of the baby so far. her mother, susan richardson, is still in the orange county jail tonight charged with aggravated assault. >> it was a warm day out there. let's go ahead and check in with chief meteorologist tom sorrells. we're talking about changes on the way. it looks beautiful out there tonight. >> we'll have a few stray showers eventually. i think most of what's going to happen tonight you can deal with easily. right now on radar, there's nothing to talk about. i kept checking out the smoke
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no more rain is coming in now. a few scattered showers may develop. but right now, we're good and dry. there's moisture funneling this way from the south. the big energy is coming out here. it's going to develop and come racing across the gulf of mexico. not this one, this one. eventually it's all going to become a raging system. it's going to change everything for you, but not until wednesday. tonight's on-the-town forecast is good. becoming mostly cloudy. a 20 to 30% chance of rain during the evening hours and overnight. i'll be right back to pinpoint the arrival of that rain and then we'll talk about the big storms that are going to change everything on wednesday. >> all right, tom. thank you. >> sure. >> new at 7:00 tonight, the governor declared a state of emergency to help panhandle families who lost everything in a recent tornado. a deputy's dash-cam video caught sight of the twister as it touched down on february 15th in escambia county. the hardest-hit area was the town of century. dozens of homes were destroyed. this is a look at the damage
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the good news, no one died here. the two people who had to be taken to the hospital are expected to fully recover. the national weather service says this was an ef-3 tornado with winds of 152 miles per hour. >> they're incredibly lucky there. if it seems like we're seeing more tornado this winter than normal, that is because we are. >> a big reason is the weather phenomenon called el nino. >> meteorologist candace campos says we still have months to go before the tornado risk falls. >> el nino, it's the same weather pattern that kept us hurricane-free over the summer. but now it's keeping meteorologists and emergency management on high alert during the severe weather season. >> it gives us the potential for more storms, more severe storms and the potential for tornado outbreaks. this year, because of the strength of el nino, it was looked at as being so much more important to get that word out. >> orange county emergency management is doing so by its annual week long severe weather awareness week.
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awareness for severe weather threats we have in central florida and a time to emphasize preparedness on behalf of the public. >> staying safe not only during the severe weather season but all year long starts by saying informed. one option includes our pinpoint weather app which sends out alerts day and night when weather is threatening. >> it only takes one. it only takes one storm to cause a disaster and to be catastrophic to you and your family. >> and central florida has certainly dodged a bullet throughout the last two months. you can see on the map all the red dots that indicate ef-0 to ef-3 tornadoes that have occurred over the last few months. the severe threat will start heading a bit further up the panhandle. in the newsroom, candace campos, news 6. >> thank you, candace. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app.
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store. >> chances are, you put the trash out the same time every week. why that is suddenly changing in some parts of orlando. >> plus, a big boost for plans to build a ucf campus downtown. >> also, ever wanted to fly the millennium falcon? what was just revealed about plans for a "star wars" land. >> but first, a big cat spotted on the prowl in central florida. one woman says she lost her pets and why she won't call the state for help, next. >> and join us on facebook during the break.
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>> take a look at a wildlife encounter that has a de bary woman fearing for her chickens. she first saw the bobcat saturday near her chicken coop and ate one of the chickens. it came back again this morning. she says she didn't bother calling florida fish and
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bear ate one of her chickens a few month ago, agents told her to get an electric fence. >> she probably needs better security first a bear and now a bobcat. >> just a few months ago, orlando is now trying out the idea of once a week trash pickup. garbage pickup in the test is dropping from twice a week to once a week, recycling will now be picked up weekly instead of every two weeks. apparently some complained the recyclables were piling up. if the experiment goes well, the whole city could eventually make the switch. >> another boost for ucf's plans to build a campus in the heart of downtown orlando. they're pledging a million and a half dollars toward the project and promises to find new ways to work with the university. the campus would house 7700 students from ucf and valencia
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the new donation puts ucf halfway to its goal of raising $20 million in private donations for the new campus. the university is paying $20 million for its own reserves. it's asking the state for 20 million to complete the first phase. the pitch is set for march 2nd. >> a traffic alert about one of the busiest roads in brevard county. a stretch of wickham road is closing tonight and staying closed for 40 days. the brevard county public works director says the $800,000 project will help protect homes west of wickham road from flooding. crews will start cutting a trench across the road to install a 110-foot-long drainage culvert. they need to complete the project before the wet season but drivers say the 40-day delay will make it hard to get the kids to school on time. >> i don't know why they didn't do it through the summer, it would have been easier for the school kids.
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undertaking for six weeks. they're planning on unless it's extended. >> the road closes tonight at 10:00. local traffic will have access to shops and restaurants. drivers will have to take detours. plan on needing extra time in the area for the next few weeks. they have to get it done before the wet season. >> and it's not a six-year project. >> right. >> because we all know about that one. >> there's never a good time for construction. >> no, never. >> it is the most anticipated newest theme parkland since universal opened diagon alley in 2014. >> we're getting a closer look at disney's plans for a land based on "star wars" at hollywood studios.
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last night on disney's 60th anniversary. guests can take the controls of the millennium falcon, including the chance to fire the laser cannon. the other ride has guests caught in the middle of the fight between the first order storm troopers and the resistance. no word yet when we can expect the 14-acre "star wars" land to open. to take a look at these, check out parks >> that's bringing tons of money to central florida. i love every new edition. >> you can interact with aliens. >> i feel like i do that on a daily basis. >> you're reading that with such exuberance. >> if you only understood what those words meant. one day, tom, one day. >> i doubt it. >> i'm happy it's going to be huge. i want to start out with big
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this is huge. >> that's pretty. >> that's beautiful. arlene in melbourne. good shot. what about this one from clermont? >> that's like a michelangelo painting. >> and this is from susan in de land. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> right now, no radar echoes to talk about. i think in the next few hours, little pockets of rain will start to show up as some of the moisture surges northward out of the southland. right now, we're fine. no worries at all. temperature readings, we've tumbled to 72 in orlando melbourne and leesburg. we're all together. 72 degrees with winds from the southeast at 14 miles per hour. 70 right now in ocala. 66 in gainesville and 70 at the cape. let's talk tomorrow. after a bunch of tens in a row, i mean thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, we've had five fantastically great days in a row here. tomorrow is going to be about a 7.
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it will still be breezy and warm. if you like it warm tomorrow, it's still a good day for you. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's a 7. still a decent day, not a total wash-out but we're lining up for tough stuff ahead. we've got one system coming here. second of all, another system cranking here. there comes the energy that's going to roll into texas in the next 24 to 48 hours. eventually it shows up here by wednesday. clouds and rain forecast for tonight, not a big deal. here's tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. you're fine. no worries. here's the latest model update. as we go through the day tomorrow, little pockets of activity begin to show up. there will be rain tomorrow at spots and at times. here's melbourne by 5:00 in the afternoon. 9 a.m. wednesday, here comes the rough stuff from ocala to tampa.
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of it is east of orlando and pushes away by 4:00. between 10 and 2:30, right now is the window of opportunity for rough, severe weather on wednesday. it may speed up, it may slow down. i want you to check back in with me tonight at 11:00 for an update. we'll continue to update it with each model run. >> lows tonight, upper 50's, low 60's. the low in orlando, 64. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning tomorrow we'll start out at 63. by noon, 75. daytime high tomorrow, about 82 or 83. there will be pockets of rain again but the rain chances at 50% for tomorrow. then on wednesday, rough stuff midday, big thunderstorms. some of them could go severe. we could even have the possibility of an isolated tornado. that's the way it looks now for wednesday. a new model run tonight at 11:00. we'll update you as we get closer. thursday, friday, saturday, cooler. if you like cooler weather, hang on. thursday's coming. >> thank you, tom. >> bye. >> this weekend will be a big
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>> yeah, the team is looking to win on the ice and beat homelessness. >> you can help them get results through social media. this saturday is faith and family night at the amway center. we'll bring you the game live. coverage begins at 7:30. during our broadcast, the solar bears will donate a dollar for every post on twitter, facebook or instagram, using the #rethink homelessness. >> he they made it real easy for you. we'll be right back. >> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet.
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>> here's the line-up starting in 30 minutes, all leading up to news 6 at 11:00. >> at 11:00, news 6 takes you to a different kind of gun training. >> you're sitting in a conference room at work or in a classroom, even a movie theater and you hear gunfire. what do you do? >> after recent mass shootings, the sale of guns has skyrocketed as people try to protect themselves.
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inside a unique class where gun owners are put through simulations of mass shootings. here they learn how to take down an active shooter while trying to avoid injury to themselves and others. >> you have to decide right then and there, am i going to get involved? >> see what it takes to stop an active shooter, tonight at 11:00. >> after the news at 11:00, stay tuned to "the late show with stephen colbert". >> tonight he welcomes casey affleck and richard dreyfuss. don't miss it at 11:35, right here on news 6. >> overnight lows tonight in the 60's everywhere. we're going to to 64 in orlando. the daytime high tomorrow will be back into the 80's. but the rain is knocking on the door. coming up at 11:00, i'll have a brand-new model to pinpoint the rain for tomorrow and how rough it will be wednesday.
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first video. the uber driver accused of opening fire on six total strangers. blow by blow, what happened. >> dispatch all units. >> and the warning that went out on social media just 30 minutes before the rampage began. >> it's hard to believe that the guy was sitting just one foot away from us. then, it was sabotage. >> they didn't pay the electric bit. oh, i like that much better. who pulled the plug at the big donald trump rally? >> turn off the lights! turn off the lights!


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