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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> breaking now at 5:00, the teen accused of running down a local deputy is now behind bars. the latest on his arrest, in minutes. >> but first, breaking new details in brevard county. the bodies of a man and his teen daughter found inside a home. detectives are working to learn how the 13-year-old girl died. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting
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>> i'm matt austin. right now we're hearing from members of the family at the center of all this. it all started when the bodies were found last night inside a home on indian street, merritt island south of state road 520. amanda castro has been getting answers about this all day. she joins us now live. >> so i know you've just spoken with family members. what did they tell you about this terrible situation? >> well, matt, the family says the father was an excellent father to his 13-year-old daughter. we just saw them. they left this home not too long ago, taking some belongings out of the house with them. his sister tells us that he worked hard and long hours and thinks that could have played a role that led up to his death. investigators found the bodies of 42-year-old and his 13-year-old daughter inside the home sunday night. they stopped by for a well-being check after family members say they didn't hear from them for days. detectives say that they found the bodies inside the home and
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suicide. they haven't said how the young girl died. the family says the girl just celebrated her 13th birthday on valentine's day. the sister tells us the man worked long hours in the food industry, sometimes six days a week and thinks that could have led up to his death. >> what's happened inside right now, i cannot say anything because i don't know. i don't know why he do like that. >> the sheriff's office is waiting to get autopsy results before ruling how the young girl died. that could take a week or longer to get those. >> amanda castro live for us. thank you. >> some breaking news in orange county now where we've learned the teen accused of running down a deputy last week is now in jail. >> the 15-year-old turned himself in this afternoon. we first told you about this through a push alert on our news 6 mobile app this afternoon. the sheriff's office tells news
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1:15 this afternoon. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega has been following this in our newsroom and joins us live. what did the sheriff have to say about this? >> the sheriff says ortiz turned himself in at his mother's house and had no comments to say when they took him into custody. they're still trying to figure out why ere he's been since friday. investigators say ortiz turned himself in on the 800 block of high street at his mother's house. they say he cooperated when being taken into custody but a much different story last friday when detectives say ortiz deliberately ran over sergeant marcy pierce after trying to serve him a warrant. she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and now recovering at home. the sheriff says he's glad they were able to get ortiz off the streets. >> i'm very grateful that, for two reasons, one that my deputy sheriff is going to be okay. two that this young man turned himself in and we did not have
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force to bring him into custody. >> now, sergeant pierce made this video over the weekend and in it she says she was very sore, her foot is fractured and she has stitches in her head but she's at home recovering. again, deputies located -- actually located the car that was used to hit the deputy. ortiz faces a laundry list of charges, including grand theft, aggravated battery and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. he's being held at the juvenile detention center. >> jennifer ortega reporting live, thank you. >> more breaking news. this time on the zika virus. in the last couple of hours, we've learned a new case of the virus happened in orange county. it's the second reported case in the county, the fourth in central florida. there are now 28 reported zika cases across 10 counties statewide. so far, all cases are travel related and none involve pregnant women. you can find more on zika including travel notices, symptoms and treatment on our website. just head to,
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for baby willow. the newborn was abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot one week ago. orlando police returned to a retention pond today. sky 6 flu over the search area near the willow bend apartments earlier today. crews spent the weekend draining that pond. so far, they have not found any traces of the baby. her mom, susan richardson, is charged with aggravated child neglect and is in the orange county jail. >> the sheriff's office is teaming up with a private company to enhance security. sheriff jerry demings kicked off the campaign today. news 6 reporter troy campbell is azalea park. he joins us now live. the county is spending a lot of money on this, right? >> yeah, this isn't cheap. also a very unique idea. we're told the money of this law enforcement trust fund is equipment. but starting today, it's these
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neighborhood, private armed security guards, now patrolling, hoping to cut down on crime but the sheriff says this is all just a test run, only lasting a few months but costing well into the six figures. >> comparing them to security guards in gated communities, wearing these uniforms, armed with a handgun. increasing patrols to keep an extra eye in both the azalea park and holden heights neighborhoods. if you go into high-end communities where homes sit behind gates, the first thing you often see when you get to those communities are private security officers. >> back in october, the orange county commission approved the use of $150,000 from a law enforcement trust fund. money collected from criminal fines. sheriff jerry demings says the azalea neighborhood isn't riddled with crime but chose the area because of its residents taking a proactive stand to work alongside law enforcement. >> neighborhoods like this may
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the police resources with private security. we're using the forfeiture funds to be able to do that. >> the same company the county uses at the courthouse and other administration offices, even though armed, the security guards are not able to make an arrest. the community patrols are set to expire in a few months with sheriff demings saying hopefully the partnership can be expanded to other areas in the county. >> our ultimate goal is to reduce crime and the fire of crime and victimization during the process and make the residents here feel safer as a community. >> and we're also asking the sheriff's office who would be liable if a citizen filed a complaint against one of these private security guards, similar to if a citizen filed a complaint against a sheriff's deputy because of an interaction they had. hear what they had to say about the increased patrols. live in azalea park, troy campbell, news 6. >> thank you.
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for answers in what they say was a hit-and-run crash. it left a man dead and a driver facing several charges. this was the scene here along o.b.t. and americana boulevard early this morning. we're told the man crashed into a car driven by brett adams. troopers say the man took off and adams died at the scene. two other cars were involved in this. one witness tells news 6 he couldn't believe what he saw. >> i heard a boom sound and then i said, oh, my god. that's a horrendous scene. >> troopers say the man moved here from guatemala seven years ago and has never once had a driver's license. he's in jail on $45,000 bond. >> well, taking a turn here, how about the warm weather we've been having. here's a live look outside at daytona beach. it is just about as good a beach day as you could ask for in february, i think. but, you know, there are always
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>> oh, yeah, chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing them all for us. how soon can we see some storms? >> i think we'll see rain in pockets in the afternoon and tonight's forecast and the heavier storms are wednesday. so decent showers tonight in spots, rougher stuff wednesday. there's your quick answer. radar tonight, a smoke plume looks like it's developed in marion county. there will be pockets of rain that will develop as the evening wears on. right now, we're all good. visible satellite shows the area in texas cranking up and bringing the cold front swinging our way from across gulf of mexico. right now, it's not there. temperature reading in daytona beach is 73 degrees. other temperatures for you, 68 in it palm coast and 75 at the cape. the on-the-town forecast for orlando, rain chances mentionable tonight at 30%. the later it gets, the better the rain chance becomes. temperature reading by 11:00, 67. i'll be right back in a few minutes and pinpoint overnight lows and pinpoint the breakout and the arrival of the rain and
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>> thank you, tom. >> you bet. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> new developments in the case of a woman accused of hitting a pre-schooler at a lake county daycare. she pleaded not guilty to charges today. police say the director of children's palace daycare center, kimberly read was caught on camera hitting a 4-year-old with a stuffed animal. she even picked him up and dropped him on his face. she was not in court but entered the plea through her attorney. she told the court she did not hurt the boy, she was just roughhousing with him. she's charged with child abuse. >> the solar bears are looking to beat homelessness and you can help them get results through social media. this saturday is faith and family night at the amway center. news 6 will bring you the game
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during our broadcast, the solar bears will donate a dollar. it's easy to donate. >> new details on the uber driver now charged in a deadly shooting spree. >> police say he was working when he killed his victims. >> unbelievable details. that's just one of the things we're learning about this tragedy. next at 5:00, we'll hear from one man who lost two close family members in a matter of minutes. >> and the fallout continues after jeb bush leaves the presidential race. why the other floridian candidate says now is the time for his campaign to surge. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. this is i-4 and michigan street in orlando.
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we're pinpointing some areas around town, but for this hour, we're pinpointing ponce inlet. for tonight, do expect the clouds to start building in as temperatures only cool down into the upper 50's. but there will be a good chance of seeing scattered showers for your tuesday as temperatures warm up to about 77 degrees. it will be a warm day before the rain really starts to roll in tuesday night and as we head
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>> new developments now in the mass shooting that left six people dead and two others hurt. >> the uber driver charged in the shooting spree appeared before a judge and we're also hearing from a man who lost two family members to this tragedy. ginger gadsden is joining us now with the latest. >> the tragedy unfolded in michigan saturday night. police in kalamazoo say jason dalton picked his victims at random. the rampage began at an apartment complex. a 17-year-old and his dad were killed there. four women were then gunned down at a cracker barrel restaurant. this is video of dalton as he appeared in court. the judge denied bond for him today. he's charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. dalton had no criminal history. and uber says he passed a
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in the meantime, some family members of the victims are also coming forward. one man had close ties to two of the victims. one was his wife. another, his sister. he says while the shootings hit him hard, he's doing his best to look forward. >> i can't do anything about it now. there's nothing i can do to change it. so, you know, i just have to live with it and deal with it. >> wow. another bizarre detail in this mass shooting, investigators believe dalton might have picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. they think he was looking for even more fares after that final attack. of course, we'll continue to keep you updated on this case as it unfolds here on news 6 and on, powered by news 6. >> thank you, ginger. candidates are moving on after a busy weekend in the race for the white house. some are riding high while others are now out of the race. >> republicans are dealing with
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especially. donald trump picked up a big win. former florida governor jeb bush, he's out. bush's departure from the race has other g.o.p. candidates now scrambling to recruit donors who supported his campaign. one candidate who believes he'll get a boost, florida senator marco rubio who finished second in saturday's south carolina primary. he says bush's exit gives him more momentum. >> i feel very confident about our campaign moving forward in a very unusual year. we're going to continue to move forward and we look forward to continuing to add delegates to our count. as we get into the winner take all states, we're going to be in a very strong position. >> now so far, bush has not endorsed another presidential candidate >> florida's primary just more than three weeks away, march 15th. >> in the meantime, it is on to south carolina for the two remaining democratic candidates. this saturday's primary comes after hillary clinton picked up a win over vermont senator bernie sanders in the nevada
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clinton has a double-digit lead over sanders in south carolina. >> and news 6 is giving you a chance to get in on the fun. >> we're giving away four tickets to universal's mardi gras. if you want to win, it's easy to enter. head to 6. you'll find the contest on our facebook page. mardi gras runs on select nights from this saturday to the middle of april. the contest ends friday night at march. don't know if you've ever been involved in the parade, people are throwing beads and you feel like you're in louisiana. >> were you in the parade? >> i was. >> mardi gras is really over. we've had fat tuesday and ash wednesday and yet the hits just keep on coming. >> that's the way we roll around here. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. kind of a warm one out there. loved it. >> she liked today better than the weekend. >> that's a little crazy to me.
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work. >> i didn't say i liked working. i said the weather this weekend. >> radar tonight is good to go. no radar echoes. we've got an echo in marion county. that's a smoke plume. there's bellevue and ocala. it's not going anywhere. it's a smoke plume, i think, for some fire burning out there in marion county. otherwise, it's not much to write home about besides that one little smoke plume. tomorrow, and maybe even later tonight, that's going to change. here's the visible satellite. you see the system starting to build and bubble up out there from louisiana to texas. that's where the troublemaker is going to come from in the next 48 hours. right now, look how warm it is, just about everywhere. i mean, even as far as detroit tonight it's 36 degrees. 42 in chicago. it's february we're talking about. it's 46 in kansas city. 61 in dallas and 68 in san antonio and here at home, 73 in daytona beach. that's not too shabby.
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melbourne, you're at 75. wind is pushing from the southeast at 17 miles per hour in melbourne. other temperatures right now, 77 in leesburg. the villages holding at 79. 79 in lakeland. still 81 in kissimmee. 79 in orlando for the second hour in a row. we've dropped two degrees off our daytime high. but now, we're sort of stuck there. >> compared to where we are now versus where we were yesterday, we're 3 degrees warmer at this hour than we were sunday afternoon. >> clouds and rain forecast, by midnight, this is what radar should look like. this is what it looks like tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. so meteorologist troy bridges will be out here tracking a few little pockets of rain. by the afternoon tomorrow, we become a little more unsettled with all the moisture building in. it's not too rough but there will be scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. come take a look at wednesday, though. here's wednesday morning, 8 a.m. a line of action from marion county to the villages.
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anytime from 10 to 2:00, we rock and roll. it all pushes into the metro area around 12 or 12:30. the showers could be heavy and twisting and it could be an ugly wednesday with severe weather. overnight lows tonight, nothing to worry about. in the 50's, low 60's. calling the low in orlando, 64. here's tomorrow. >> ah, the pretty days are leaving us. the temperature reading tomorrow goes to 75 by noon. the daytime high in the low 80's. the scattered showers take over in the afternoon. rain chance tomorrow, builds to about 50%. here you go. 83 tomorrow, rain chance half and half. on wednesday, the scattered showers rock through here by midday. on thursday, friday, saturday, we're so much cooler. so i can't say it's time to say goodbye to the leather jackets just yet. one more go 'round of winter before we start the big push to the heat.
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>> ucf's big downtown plans get another boost. >> next at 5:00, the company that's committing more than a million dollars towards the project. first, though, tragedy in a florida neighborhood. what we're learning about the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. >> and ahead at 5:30, i.r.s. scammers targeting you. now that tax season is in full swing, how to avoid getting swindled in tonight's "schemes and rip-offs" >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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>> florida hospital says it's putting more than a million dollars toward the project. it announced it's $1.5 million gift today. city leaders approved an agreement to provide $75 million toward the project. ucf's leaders will make their pitch to the state board of governors on march 2nd in orlando. if approved, the school hopes to open the campus by the fall of 2018. >> how much would you pay to own a piece of a music legend. >> you couldn't pay me for this one. >> one guy forked over tens of
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a lock of john lennon's hair. the fan paid $35,000 for four inches of that. the stylist on the movie "how i won the war" clipped the air in 1967 1967. the person who bought the hair is from the united kingdom. he also bought two vintage newspaper clippings discussing lennon along with an autographed call sheet. >> if you're a hairstylist, you know you have a famous client, after they leave, you're sweeping it all up to make money later. >> it doesn't seem right. >> coming up on the news at 5:30, we go inside a flea market controversy. a woman says she was asked not to return to her local flea market and it's all because of her baby. and a south florida woman is
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roommate she found on craigslist. what her family is now doing to raise awareness for situations
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online only. at >> a woman breastfeeding at a local flea market says she was denied the booth she wanted to rent. >> why she says management is discriminating against her rights as a mom. thank you for joining us


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