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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> anchor: we are getting our first look at the suspected
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grocery store and injured four people inside. how these four ended up in jail all over cheese. and a deadly motorcycle crash on this sidewalk. the rider and woman walking were both killed but troopers still do not know how this happened. we firstar tonight with breaking news in brevard county. two people have been found dead and american island home, we just got this video in from that scene. police tell us two people were found dead inside it is north of the merritt island airport. deputies taped off the entire property. we will continue to stay on top of the story if we get updates we will bring them to you. otherwise look for updates on evening i'm erik von ancken. thanks for being with us. on the deadly crash on an
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family members say the person riding a dirt bike is this man and troopers need to find witnesses, people who are riding with him. investigators say he ran into a woman walking on that sidewalk yesterday evening north of silver star road, killing both. news 6 troy gamble is live where troopers are working to get results. what are they thinking happened? >> reporter: troopers are saying the 30-year-old man was riding his dirtbike on the sidewalk when he hit and killed that woman and dying of his own injuries. but what is unknown is how he lost control in the first place. tonight, his family tells news 6 speed might have been a factor. >> that dirtbike. he loved that bike. >> reporter: the family of foster same history bike was his biggest passion, several of
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condolences after hearing about his death. >> he got a whole bunch of friends and he loved to ride a bike. i always tell him not to ride fast. >> reporter: the dirtbike was not registered the road it along the sidewalk saturday evening before the sun went down, losing control hitting and killing the 59-year-old maria his uncle said investigators are trying to locate other dirtbike writers alongside at the time of the crash. >> they are looking for the other two or three writers who were with him because they left when he got into the accident. >> reporter: fosters family said he is an organ donor so they are donating what they can at the hospital. he will be brought back to boston where he is originally from to be buried. fhp wants to speak to anyone who may have witnessed this
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>> anchor: we are getting our first look at the trigger man that police say shot at least four people, here is an old mug shot of roy stevens a convicted felon facing a bunch of charges. investigators say stephen stormed into the tiptop grocery store and anderson street before 11:00 last night. witnesses say he was looking for money. police say he started firing hitting four people, all workers. but before police got there we are told stevens drove and was tracked down by a k-9 a few miles away. >> just walked in quietly thought it was going to buy something. and started shooting. >> i was terrified, it could have been me and my daughter. >> anchor: last check, three victims were in stable condition, one is critical. as for the suspect stevens was
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firefighters in volusia county had a tough time, this huge fire ripped through a building, when firefighters got there the fire had spread through the entire building firefighters had to use what they call a tender shuttle, it is basically trucking and water and filling up that been. nascar's biggest race in central florida is in the history books and ended with the closest finish in race history. >> here they come to the line. side-by-side bouncing off each other. >> anchor: in fact, it took a freeze-frame to sort out that photo finish denny hamlin did edge out to win the daytona 500
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have complete coverage of the race and the rex ahead in sports. we know tens of thousands of fans in town for the race were happy with the weather today the heat continues tomorrow but a change and it could be rough, meteorologist elizabeth hart is pinpointing it. >> anchor: we were warm today most of us made it into the 70s. you see this moisture in the plain states? that is the next system it will move toward central florida during the day tomorrow my tuesday and wednesday we will be upping our chance of showers, possibly seen stronger storms develop once again doing the day wednesday. right now, it is nice and mild. we have a few clouds overhead, 65 in orlando, mid-50s in ocala, 60s palm coast and shy of 70 degrees in cocoa beach.
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central florida but with calm wind overnight we may see patchy fog by sunrise tomorrow. keep that in mind give yourself a few extra minutes. starting off with warm temperatures 60 degrees by sunrise in orlando. i will be back to talk about the 80 degrees temperatures. >> anchor: also new, police say an argument over garlic nuts led to pretty angry customers at a pizza place and flagler county. here are there mug shots. the group trashed the restaurant it started when a woman complaints about her garlic nuts have cheese when she claimed she ordered them without that is when the other three men showed up and threw food and pizza boxes everywhere even a glass container into a tv all four facing criminal charges. day seven of the search
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this morning crews were digging at a nearby pond that was completely drained over the weekend. this pond is behind the willowbend apartments. that is where detectives say the mother, susan richardson, may have given birth and abandon the baby. also in orange county the hunt goes on for a 15-year-old who ran down a deputy. this weekend we hear from sergeant marcy pierce said she tried to arrest that teenager last week. investigators say she was trying to pick up carlos ortiz for a war when he hit the gas and knocked her onto hifoot. sergeant pierce says she is sore foot is fractured and she has stitches in her head but his home and recovering. >> tell everyone i appreciate them thinking about me and taking time to think about me. i am okay. i'm going to be okay.
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i'm going to get through this and be happy again. and that this life ahead of me i'm going to be the most of it. >> anchor: deputies have asked ortiz to turn himself in and so far has not done that. his criminal history shows aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer in the past. we are learning more about the michigan man in the strange circumstances behind the murders of at least six people on a shooting rampage in kalamazoo apparently in between taxi rides. the suspect wasn't by driver who picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. . >> reporter: music in prayer brought hundreds of kalamazoo residents together sunday night at a church service to honor victims killed in a deadly shooting rampage. >> this kind of tragedy happens in california or new york city or overseas, it doesn't happen here.
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dalton allegedly again when he wounded a woman around 6:00 saturday night, four hours later a father and son were killed at this car dealership. then, investigators say dalton killed four women at a roadside restaurant and a 14-year-old girl was seriously injured. the women were two vehicles in this cracker barrel parking lot. authorities are still searching for a moment. cbs confirmed dalton work as an by driver and pass the background check. >> we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn speeding along and finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: they posted on facebook to work other passengers stood stay away authorities believe dalton would have continued to
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>> anchor: police say dalton did not have a criminal history and did not believe it is an act of terrorism. florida families angry over their six-year-old playing outside, caught in the crossfire and shot to death. >> we can't have any one of our kids play and nobody knows anything. >> anchor: carter was a first grader at a miami-dade school who loved football and cartoons. the school superintendent says he's one of 60 children shot in the area over the past year and one of 20 killed. tears and it has to stop. >> where the real man at? my son had a daddy and his daddy standing here set up. >> anchor: the family said gun violence in their neighborhood is out of control. if you drink coffee in the morning new research shows it
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next, what it could prevent. lights out in the donald trump event in atlanta this is literally how he reacted and how they turned off in the first place elizabeth? >> anchor: radar is bone dry tonight that could have more active weather possibly severe storms by the middle of the week. i will have details on that and our 80 degree day tomorrow. >> anchor: shopper crash, the jaw-dropping video when a helicopter plunged from the sky. now, the rescuers are telling their again! r again!
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>> anchor: right now, you have probably seen these incredible images of a helicopter crashing at pearl harbor in hawaii. it could have been tragic if not for tourists learning tonight who actually dove into the water and pulled out the pilot and the family of four inside. the video captures the moment the tourist helicopter dropped. what it doesn't show is the daring rescue that came after the person who shot this put down his camera. 57-year-old navy veteran valerio he and his family were planning to visit the pearl harbor memorial when he witnessed the crash and set
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>> i was in with all my clothes and swam as fast as i could to the helicopter. the lady started yelling please help my son is only 15-year-old he stuck in the helicopter, please get him out. >> anchor: he said the team was strapped in his seat as a helicopter began sinking it took rescuers 10 minutes to free the boy but the pilot and family of four canadian tourists all survived. this week the presidential candidate are swapping spot after a decisive wins and losses last night. donald trump is headed to nevada hoping to continue history but today he had a little trouble at one of his rallies. >> i like that much better! >> anchor: the lights went off at the area in atlanta, trump said dishonest press and demanded the lights remained off but it turns off a protester managed to switch the
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>> we are going to win. you're going to get so tired of winning. you're going to say please, mr. anymore. >> anchor: trump is not underestimating his republican rivals it's shaping up to be a three-man race for tween come, rubio and cruz, senator bernie sanders is looking to rebound clinton. he attended church services in south carolina today the democrats have their next contest next saturday in south carolina. video of a dramatic coast guard rescue, three people stranded in the water near grays harbor in washington state. at one point you could see a surfboard in a big wave coming over the top. they managed to get everybody out safely and back on dry land
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get checked out by great news if you need your cup of coffee in the morning. drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing a type of disease according to a medical journal that looked at my separate studies. day could cut your chance to develop the liver disease by 44 percent but experts say coffee will never balance out all of the negative effects of excess alcohol although we can try some doctors say more research is needed to try to confirm. >> anchor: you drink coffee? >> anchor: now, i could use a cup right now. this heat should take care of it. >> anchor: the pollen is starting to get out of control. we are going to be very warm to start things off then stormy weather sandwich in the middle and cooler weather to close out the week. if you are a fan of that i think you will be happy with
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i'm happy with this, the fact the radar was completely shut down today we had no rain across central florida. it was a great day, we had a lot of folks in town for the big race in daytona. lots of sunshine, temperatures were warm but not uncomfortable. here is what is going on tonight, things will be changing. moisture rolling in from the west well ahead of the next system developing over the southern plains. you can see the brighter blues over houston and dallas that is moisture pulling in this low-pressure and will track eastward the next couple of days. rain chances will be on the crease as early as tomorrow night but into the day tuesday and especially wednesday, things could get rocky. how about that for an afternoon high, 78 in orlando, about 75 is normal. we were warm then we typically
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73 cocoa beach and all the way back to ocala upper 70s, we are already down to the mid-50s, 61 the villages, 65 orlando, we have another five degrees to go as we head through the overnight and the wind will be backing down and become nearly called over the next few hours. this time of year that often leads to fog developing. you may have to look out for that early tomorrow morning come 62 to start inks often cocoa beach, 65 in the villages the coolest temperatures in central marion county. not a whole lot owing on tonight. tomorrow we start with patchy fog issues early on as we head toward noon you can see a few clouds rotating into brevard county a couple of showers offshore a slight chance for a sprinkle later in the afternoon
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part we expect to stay dry and will carry through into monday evening with a slight increase in rain chances overnight. here are details on your hour-by-hour forecast. patchy fog early on but outside of that another rate day 75 noontime temperature heading to a warm high of 81. we will keep things warm tuesday and wednesday. the system will be approaching, slight chance of showers late monday into the da tuesday best chance of showers and storms wednesday some could be strong. we will have to see how things play out. we will keep you posted. one thing is for sure, we will be 15 degrees cooler behind that system for the afternoon highs. 80s to 60s. >> anchor: heat while you can. here is tonight's winning
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598, 5230, five, 19, number four 10 and 15. in jamie seh is here with ping. >> some things you can't plan are the daytona 500. this was not planned. today's finish is the reason why you cannot turn your head during the daytona 500. the photo finish shows the dual to the wire the closest daytona 500 ever in that picture leads to this picture, denny hamlin celebrating in victory lane and
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>> anchor: this was so close. >> anchor: your head to have a keen eye to watch it as it was happening and say who won the race. broadcast by fox there guys called it. i don't know how because i thought it was different. today's finish at the daytona 500 shows you how badly drivers want to win the kind of finnish fans come to see. closest finish, denny hamlin wins the 500 mile race by four inches. hamlin racing in the 500 for the 11th time in his career. there were other contenders
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20-year-old chase elliott out of the race on lap 20 the slick conditions got dale earnhardt, junior 's race ended with 30 laps to go danica patrick catching air with 15 laps to go. she would not finish the race, either. they do not come close to the final stretch of that final lap. >> here they come to the line. side by side, bouncing off of each other. >> i think it was denny hamlin. >> anchor: they got it right, denny hamlin beating martin to rex, junior to make daytona 500 history hamlin the final lap and 4 place it is his first daytona 500 win in the first win for a toyota. sports director david pingalore
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daytona 500 champion. >> reporter: what an unbelievable finish. show and tell that is four inches right there. that is how close it was on the start finish line right over there. four inches owing like 200 miles per hour. right after he did all of his media i was able to catch up with denny hamlin in victory lane. >> i've never won anything with four inches. >> reporter: did you think you are going to win coming along turn 3 and turn for? >> i did not take we had any chance until i got to turn 4 it's been the most incredible day of my life for sure. i just - i don't ever want to go to sleep. >> reporter: tomorrow night at 11:00 i got him one-on-one he will play the central florida q&a craze ping-pong now is a
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tomorrow night at 11:00. >> anchor: tonight, the magic took the floor against a team with a winning record for the 10th straight game and they were inches away from a victory at the little dings cost them against the pacers. the magic missed a lot of layups in the first half but were in the game all the way. 23. late fourth quarter indiana's talented rookie myles turner buries a big shot. magic hang in, aaron gordon but the magic missed 10 free throws this one coming really hurt. magic down. brandon jennings to victor oladipo off by inches. magic fall to indiana 105 - 102. head coach scott skiles is not
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>> we didn't play professional game we had a chance to win almost seemed like a miracle. >> they leave it off. on the back door, go for it. it will be a triple. yes! >> anchor: the eye-popping performance belongs to pelican anthony davis the star center 59 points, 20 rebounds against detroit. 59 is a season-high in the nba davis said he had a feeling it was going to be one of those nights and it was. orlando city soccer lady preseason game with toronto. lions won 2 - 1. orlando city season opener two weeks from today at the citrus bowl. something cool about denny hamlin in the second grade he wrote a letter to himself saying his wish was to someday win the daytona 500.
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