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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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he had the sports car. he had the gun. >> he's not crazy. he's just evil. cbsn. cbs news. always on. measuring's favorite jackpot game, get ready everybody, this is powerball. good evening america. tonight we have an estimated jackpot worth $214.8 million. i hope you have your tickets
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live, get willing results, this is news 6 at 11:00. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. >> erik: a married lake county teacher accused of having sex with a student is out of jail. primary results are in and one republican is out already. >> i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island for a success in a race that is hard fought. >> erik: first, following two breaking stories, we have this video into our newsroom, showing some brutal injuries in orange county deputy suffered after investigators say a 15-year-old ran her down. good evening to you, i'm erik von ancken.
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the sheriff's office continues to hunt for the teen a caused of attacking one of their own and tonight we are hearing from the deputy for the first time since he drove into her. >> fractured left foot, i have four stitches in my eye. and i have quite a bit of filling in my eye and to high head and both hands are swollen. and my right wrist is bruised and right around the thumb be the meaty portion is hurting. >> erik: that is sar screen marcie pearce. she is recovering at home. and here's the 15-year-old. jan carlos ortiz, he knocked the deputy on to his hood and started to accelerate. she was trying to arrest him for a burglary warrant.
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aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer in the past. a shooting in orlando, officers raced to anderson street in the past hour and a half, a block from parramore. amanda, what do you know, what happened? >> reporter: police are in the saying much and the original call came in at 9:00 about a shooting on south parramore avenue. it looks like it ended here near the intersection of lee and wong, still very active out here, a lot of police officers and crime scene tape us imin the middle of the roadway there appears to and vehicle with a lot of damage to it, and damage to the front passenger door, and police isn't-- haven't told us what caused that damage. four people were injuried and september to local hospitals and we don't thoot extent of their injuries and we know there are
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investigators trying to figure out what happened and we are told that violent crime detectives are here helping, and we have more information we will update you on air and on-line at 6. von vn thank you. to election 2016, and the race for the white house. two huge wins tonight. hillary clinton takes the nevada democratic caucus and donald trump dominating the south carolina republican primary but one. big headlines in florida before 9:00 tonight, former governor jeb bush suspended his campaign for president. >> let the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am us pending my campaign. yes. >> erik: voters were leary of sending another member of the bush family to the white house
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donald trump who has won this new hampshire and now south carolina. the candidate who wins both states goes on to be the gop nominee. here's cbs news in south carolina with what this means for the race. >> reporter: cbs news projects donald trump has won the south carolina republican primary. trump came out ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio, but only a if you points separate the top three. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a great state. >> reporter: describe bush finished in the both him three, and he said this is a last primary as a candidate. >> people in new hampshire and iowa and south carolina have stone and tonight i am suspended my campaign up >> reporter: the most important quality in the candidate is he share theirs values and the host important issue is terrorism.
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that moneys momentum to supertuesday on march 6th when 6 un delegates are at stake. >> the conservative movement is the son of a bartender and maid from cuba who stands closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> reporter: been carson says he's in the race to stay, for now. >> we will take america back. >> reporter: donald trump will try to make it three in a row on tuesday at the nevada caucuses. >> so thrilled and so greatful to all of my supporters out there. >> reporter: on the other side of the aisle, even though hillary clinton won the democrat can caucuses in nevada, entrance polls shows first-time caucus favored bernie sanders. >> on supertuesday we have an
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those states. >> erik: the next democratic debate will be march sixth in flint michigan. the gp candidates will meet on tuesday for a debate in houston a week before supertuesday. and in south carolina, deputies raced to a mall there after reports of shots fired. authorities evacuated the mall but found in volcanoes or any sign of a gunman. we are told this is not in relation to anything political but police are investigating. the lake county teacher is out to bond, he is a social studies teacher and a across country coach at east ridge high school, arrested forever sex what student in a classroom. his wife called us back tonight just in past few hours to say that they are very private family, despite the public spotlight on him.
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speak with him at his house. >> we would like to give you the opportunity to share your side? >> reporter: no one answered the door when we stopped by the groveland home on saturday night, even though we saw people inside and a television on. it was only a couple of hours after the lake county high school teacher posted a $25,000 bond on charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. >> in this particular instance it is $-to-5,000. >> reporter: the judge said he must stay away from the alleged victim, a 17-year-old former student of his. he said he sent her a message to adult friend and he picked her up and took him to his portable classroom on campus to have sex. they admitted they were together
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in lake county, news 6. >> erik: he is still an me but has been reassigned to a location with no students while the investigation is ongoing. orlando police continue their search for bob willow, working one of their strongest leads crews drained a nearby pond by the willow bend apartments, a block away from the apartments where detectives say the mother susan richardson may have given birth. she is charged with child thegt. dive crews found nothing on friday. the effort went underground this week as crews flushed sewer lines and sent cameras down there and investigated a dumpster from the complex but still no baby. crews are expected to continue the search in the popped area tomorrow once it is dry. developing at 11, three airm mechanics recovering from a lean
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international airport. a small plane caught fire in the cessna citation service center on the west side of ioa. the spokesperson says she doesn't know how badly three were injured but says the fire didn't impact any passengers. tomorrow will be even better, this f this is possible perform more sun and more heat for the next few days. meteorologist elizabeth hart is opinion pointsing a really nice sunday forecast. -- point pointing a really nice sunday forecast. >> elizabeth: a lot of folks in town, and big race tomorrow, its should be just about 50. radar is bone dry in central florida and it will say that way and we will include a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles in the day tomorrow but it should be at the brevard county coast. in 58 in orlando and 55 in palm coast and 55 in ocala and mid60s in cocoa beach.
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and a few more degrees to go in most locations and we will also see patchy fog developing by sunrise tomorrow. taking a look at the race forecast, 8 am, gates opening up, temperatures about 60 heading up to a high of 73 at race time. more details on when we are back in the 80s in just a few minutes >> erik: orlando police are looking for a woman, or a man, who robbed a taxi driver at gunpoint. this is a picture of divine ann lovett but they may be just dressed as a woman. when they got to downtown orlando they took out a gun and told the driver to hand over what he had. and she took off running. a women defending her turf and a robber pulls a gun on her and she pulls one on her and opens fire. that is straight ahead.
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subway pitchman is hoping to head back to court while he thinks what he did to land in jail and end his contract with the restaurant chain wasn't that bad. and just over twelve hours to go now, until the start of the biggest race in central florida, why this year's daytona 500 is very different and maybe even quite special. later in sports. watching news 6 covering orlando and cocoa beach and all of (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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news 6 is always on or your smartphone or tablet. take us with you. >> erik: deputies are looking for this woman to see if she is linked to a robbery three days ago. she war l walked into the store at the same time the man robs the clerk, he get weighs with cash. another look at the woman, deputies say if you know who she is please call the crime line. this is personal for this clerk. surveillance video have inside a convenience store shows how an armed robbery turned into a shootout when the clerk fires at the man there, right there, she pulls out a gun and shoots him holding up her family's store. watch again, you can see the clerk held at gunpoint and and she fires and misses him, he fires back, striking her in the stomach.
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state. today her husband says his wife is recovering at home, one day after this holdup. >> she is tough cookie, yes. she is doing fine. stayed a couple of hours in the hospital and went back home. >> erik: i would say she's tough. this man is shooter, seen in that video, shortly after the robbery officers arrested him along with a woman. surveillance video from another gas station shows the suspect as we was surrounded by deputies and a child was with the couple. it a peer these were homeless and living off proceeds from several robberies. on the second day of mourning led by the supreme court justice's son, thousands gathered tocy good-bye to a leading conservative voice on the high court. justice antonin scalia who died last week at the age of 7 nine. -- 79.
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while the hearse pulled up to the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c., pall bearers carried the casket in following a procession of sler skre-- clergy men. many political dignitarys like the vice president and republican presidential candidate ted cruz were there. >> the love of god has been poured into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. immediately following the mass, the family left for the burial site to say their final farewell the former face of the subway restaurant chain skrar ed fogel is trying to get a shorter prison sentence. they said their client never abused small children and the
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were near the age of majority. he pled guilty last year to child exploitation, the sandwich company cut all ties with him after the news that have scandal broke. and meteorologist elizabeth hart is back with the nicest forecast for race fans in years. we had the rain delay a few years ago and problems, but this year it's perfect. best boston i don't know how you improve though weather. thank you. i love to take credit for it when it's this good. well done, mother nature. credit where credit is due. radar is dry, and for the north part we expected to stay this way, there is an outside chance of a shower at the coast, mostly down in brevard county. as we look above and see what's happening with the moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere, this is water vapor, you see the reddish orange area
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driest air, departing down over the streets of florida and here's additional moisture coming in and you notice the day wore on, a few more clouds and that is the trend to the day tomorrow but we will still see a good deal of sunshine. we topped out at 77 today in orlando, a little above average for this time of year, 75 in ocala and 74 in palm coast and daytona, 72, one of the cooler spots in new smyrna and cocoa beach. most of us have fallen off in the pave tease with the exception, mid60s here. visibility is great, all around central florida, but the winds have been backing down to about calm over the last couple of hours and as that continues we may see patchy fog developing before sunrise tomorrow morning. if you do have early morning travel plans keep it in mind to tack on a few more minutes outside of that, though, average night here in february, 51
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50 in ocala and down to the mid50s inial orange county. heading to the overnight, nothing major to talk about, as i mentioned wee have a few clouds coast and some of the moisture from the upper levels to the west and low lovelies off the olympic, and an outside chance a couple of showers developing over the coastal waters could make their way inland and this is at noontime tomorrow, notice a few sprinkles in melbourne and south brevard through the rest of the afternoon. a good deal of sunshine in orange county and up in daytona a great day for the race a couple of sprinkles in the brevard county line but overall we have a beautiful day, and a warm one. here are the details on the hour by hour forecast. brought toy but del air heating and air conditioning. >> elizabeth: it as opening up at 8 am and temperatures, afternoon highs around 37 and by
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and a little warmer inland and temperatures getting very close to the 80 degree mark tomorrow and again on monday. we start to see the rain chances returning on monday evening, as our next system approaches and tuesday and wednesday will be quite warm with low 80s and showers possibly thunderstorms, tuesday and wednesday, some could be on the strong side so we'll have to watch that again and once that clears out we are cooler with highs in the 60s. >> erik: a thousands few days thank you. tonight's florida lottery drawing. time to live the dream florida, saturday february 20th
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>> erik: tonight's winning powerball numbers again for you: jamie seh is here. >> jamie: getting your numbers ready for the race cars. coming up, asking for prepredictionings for the daytona 500. who will you rather for?
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will he win in erased his way to victory lane tonight and can he do it tomorrow? this guy, dale earnhardt junior, two-time champ, not if he has
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be perfect? >> jamie: it is nice, peschly with the weather, who knows what happens after that but we know there won't be any weather related delays. and in two daytona 500's are ever alike. count for something special to happen. the race is sold out, 38 drivers in that field, maybe the rookie with racing in his blood will be the one to beat. chase elliott is having a terrific week so far in daytona. today he was this victory lane after finding over joey lagano, winning the xfinity race. now tomorrow elliott will start the daytona 500 from the pole, the youngest driver to start the 500 from that portion, his dad bill elliott won the daytona 500 twice, so like father like son, maybe? here's chase from victory lane.
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most important day and 500 rounds is a long time. we will enjoy this, and i'm sure there will be some nerves tomorrow. daytona 500, that is a that will thing, if not something's wrong. >> jamie: we are old enough to be his parent. i know you were thinking. it's the truth. young guy. tomorrow? friday night, ping said danica patrick but they go way back. she has not won a nascar race yet and if she doesn't it tomorrow, jut wow. the last two winners have the fastest cars in the sprint cup practice today, dale earnhardt junior and joey gagano. listen to the advice junior gave his team. i said look i won't be out there looking to help you, i'm going
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anything favorings here, and if you want to try to win this race, you need to go selfish. on the short list of drivers, i love to be one of the guys. i have the the opportunity, i fell confident in our team that we know now do that. skroyz but only three drivers have won back-to-back, sterling martin did its 21 years ago and if you are thinking joey, the odds may not be in his favor. the magic will try to make it back-to-back wins tomorrow and have the pacers at six. coming off a win against dallas on friday. the two new additions, the two acquired from detroit had 34, and the coach said if the magic won 20 of their final 30, they would make the playoffs. one of those wins is down.
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tonight. help fell to indy 3-2, bears are home again this friday and next saturday's game also at the amway will be televised live here on news 6. here's something to make you think spring. baseball is back, sprint training is opening up everywhere in florida from kissimmee, and detroits pitchers and catchers reported this weekend. effecting consider the tigers this spring, their pitching staff is led by justin ver lander, and a long way to go before october. why not the choice? >> on paper it looks excellent but everyone has to perform. and as long as we take care of our roles we will have a good season. >> jamie: who are you picking to win or rooting for tomorrow? >> elizabeth: i will go with junior.
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hear. >> erik: my heart says danica. >> i say kyle bush will win tomorrow.


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