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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 4:00, a 15-year-old wanted after deputies say he almost killed a female sergeant. how she is recovering tonight. >> and a breaking health warning at 4:00 as we learn the zika virus spreads with a just confirmed case in orange county. >> also ahead, we're live with divers covering new ground in the search for a missing newborn.
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this is news 6 at 4:00. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm julie broughton. >> i'm lisa bell. consumer reports reveals an undercover investigation into the most popular dishes at your local store. what you need to know before you prepare dinner tonight. >> we talked about wood at this week. >> i don't think it's wood but we do have some surprises in there. >> thank you. we'll talk about that in a moment. developing right now >> the urgent search for a 15-year-old who nearly killed an sergeant. it's not far from it orlando's baldwin park community. news 6's justin warmoth has been following the new leads all day and justin, can you tell us how she's doing tonight. >> well, good news tonight, it sounds like sergeant marcy pierce is going to be okay. in fact, she was just released from the hospital here within the last 10 minutes or so.
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for the 15-year-old suspects continues. >> just sounded like nascar starting off, tires squealing, not your average, you know, burn rubber. it sounded like a high-speed chase. neighbors describing the moment the 15-year-old sped off down this street with sergeant marcy pierce on the hood of his car. >> she ended up on the hood of the car. he entered the wrong way and began to accelerate at a relatively high rate of speed. >> sheriff demings says sergeant pierce then jumped off the hood, knocking herself unconscious. meanwhile, ortiz continued to speed away with a teenage girl with him. >> obviously when you take the initiative to deliberatery run down a law enforcement officer who's in uniform, you have the mindset that you can certainly be dangerous to others. >> sheriff demings says sergeant
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attempting to arrest ortiz on a burglary warrant. she's being treated for injuries to her head, back and hands. while she's in some pretty bad shape, sheriff demings says she's still upbeat. >> at this time while she's in a lot of pain, she has a very jovial personality, but still she understands she was in a serious situation today. >> again, with the last 10 minutes or so, deputies say sergeant pierce was released here from ormc in good condition. now deputies believe ortiz took off in a white honor did -- honda po possibly a hatchback. he and the teen have not been located but when they are, sheriff demings says ortiz will be charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. live at ormc tonight, justin
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report. breaking at 4:00, health leaders are confirming the first case of the zika virus in orange county. here's a breakdown of the 26 state. there's two new cases, one in orange county, one in miami-dade. governor rick scott activated the zika virus hotline. the department of health has assisted 530 callers. the number is 1862-6735. world leaders met to talk about the zika fears. >> this is going to happen in winter and it's going to happen when there's not going to be the mosquito population. the virus will probably be way down as well. it's also going to happen in a relatively geographically confined area and then we can
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we can get the risk down. >> we have more on the zika virus. just head to, powered by news 6. >> right now, dive teams are wrapping up their search for a missing newborn baby girl. they spent six hours combing through a retention pond looking for any signs of the girl who police have named willow. the pond is just steps away from where the baby's mom lives near the corner of darden l. drive and do you know if any other searches are planned? >> i don't. we just talked with orlando police. they say they're going to take it on a day by day basis. you mentioned the dive teams are packing things up. they're literally taking down the crime scene tape. the baby's mother lives really close to here, but it's also right next to a place where
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a convenience store. many of those people say they're glad they didn't find baby willow out here because they hope she's still alive. >> sky 6 flew over this dive team soon after they started searching this small retention pond off silver springs road around 9:00 this morning. from the ground, you can see a team of divers walking around the edge of this pond. they stopped every few feet or so when one of them felt something at the bottom. they pulled up lots of garbage and tree stumps and grocery bags but found no sign of baby willow. >> i hope they'll find the baby. crowd. >> too many people can't have children and they looking to get children and can't get them. you can give the child to somebody, you don't have to kill them. >> she spoke to the baby's mother, susan richardson, just a few weeks ago while she was panhandling outside a convenience store next door. she said she was worried then
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with the baby once it was born. >> what do you think happened? >> i don't think. i think she panicked. somebody had to be there with her to have that baby. she couldn't have did it by herself. >> now, we checked with orlando police and they say that richardson still isn't filling any of the holes in her story about where baby willow might be. the woman you just saw in the piece, robin roundtree, she told us she offered to take richardson's baby when she gave birth. find out more what she had to tell us, coming up in the story at 5:00. >> also right now, the weekend weather. man, is it shaping up to be picture-perfect. >> here's a live look outside over downtown orlando. big magic game going on tonight. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what it's looking like for later on. what did you almost call me? >> i don't know. i just met you.
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long. >> i'll change my name. i'm just picking at you. i don't care what you call me. take a look at the visible satellite. the clouds we talked about last night at 11:00 if you were with us are still there. doing the thing we told you we would do. coming in and not causing much of a ruckus. this is a smoke plume. watch how it erupts. we'll see if it sticks around. otherwise we're doing fine. temperature-wise, we rocketed to 73 for the daytime high. so far. they may bump that up to 74 like they did in leesburg. on-the-town forecast for the evening, couldn't be better. 71 degrees at 5:00, by 6:00, 68. 7:00 temperature will be 65 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. standing by now in the newsroom is meteorologist candace campos. hello, candace. >> hello tom, whatever your name is. we're going to pinpoint a lot of areas across town for today. different events going on this weekend.
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let's pinpoint one of them. i went out there earlier today to see how conditions are. you can see the video. it was a beautiful afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds like tom sorrells has been talking about. you can see they've been bringing everybody in, getting everybody ready for the big rodeo and the osceola county fair. it's a gorgeous day. a mix of sun and clouds out there. the breeze made it feel nice and comfortable. temperatures are in the low 70's. folks are already enjoying the fair out there on the ferris wheel as well. it's going to be a nice weekend like tom's been talking about. let's pinpoint the forecast. heading out to the rodeo, it starts at 7, 7:30 temperatures will be in the low 50's. saturday temperatures will be in the low 70's both saturday and sunday with a mix of sun and clouds. picture-perfect weather for not central florida. i'll continue to pinpoint the events coming up in just a few minutes. >> sounds good.
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this is a live look for you outside on i-4 at colonial drive. cars on the left side of your screen are going westbound. you can see very slow the right westbound lane is currently blocked because of a crash there. traffic is getting around it. do expect this to take extra time if you're heading on i-4 through the downtown area. eastbound is also looking slow for that friday afternoon drive. here are your drive times for you right now. i-4 westbound at colonial is 12 minutes slower than normal with a 26-minute ride. right now, we're learning more about a helicopter crash in pearl harbor. a tourist said she saw black smoke coming from the chopper before it plunged into the water. a witness watched as a helicopter crashed into the water 20 feet offshore. this is cell phone video of that devastating crash. the chopper got lower and closer to the water, the witness says
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the tail end and it was shaking. a 16-year-old passenger is in critical condition tonight. the national transportation safety board is investigating how and why it crashed. the navy says visits to the nearby u.s. s arizona memorial, all of those visits are suspended until further notice. >> tonight the orlando magic will celebrate aaron gordon's jaw-dropping performance in the slam dunking contest last weekend. >> gordon promised, quote, "crazy stuff" at the show. >> we done this. >> that was pretty accurate crazy. >> it was the first of three slam dunks. his final dunk was a 180 tomahawk. he ended up in second place. the magic will be giving away posters of those dunks to the
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if you would like to go and get a poster, tip-off is at 7:00. tomorrow the magic tip off against the pacers. >> new tonight, travel trouble sends airline planes soaring. what company has the most fed up fliers. >> and the mystery remains in these volusia county woods. why the search has to wait until next week. >> but first, unwrapping the truth about pre-prepared meals. consumer reports investigates the surprise ingredients you might be getting in your next bite. getting results at 4:00 and the news 6 app. >>
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deadlines, the list continues for how many things can make dinner a tough task. >> pre-prepared dishes are often the next best thing i thought to a home cooked meal. >> it's true. more people than ever are buying them at the supermarket. a consumer reports survey of 63,000 subscribers find half buy meals at the prepared food counter. but are those foods fresh and healthy. here's some surprises. >> people looking to save time making dinner have turned supermarket prepared foods into a $29 billion a year business. but consumer reports says to be weary. >> these foods are not required to have nutrition labels so you might be eating more fat, calories and sodium than you think. >> they were analyzed for
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they found lots of sodium. the mini turkey meatloaf packed sodium in a six-ounce serving, what you would get if you ate all these potato chips. without a nutrition label, you'd never know the six-ounce of tilapia has 19 grams of fat. other surprising ingredients, this chicken parmesan has added sugar and the mashed potatoes are made with the preservatives to maintain color. not ingredients you'd add if you made it at home. turns out many supermarkets don't actually make all their prepared foods. >> according to the clerks who were quizzed by our secret shoppers, we estimate only half of what we tested were prepared on site. >> consumer reports found one great deal, rotisserie chicken.
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the supermarket than to make it yourself. >> consumer reports survey of the subscribers say -- >> if i'm not making it, you don't know what's going to be in it. >> they said the rotisserie chicken is the deal. >> there's a whole bunch you could add to that. i knew the sodium content was going to be high. >> when you see the chips there, those look delicious. >> they do. >> airline profits go up, so do passenger complaints. the u.s. department of transportation said traveler complaints jumped 30% in 2015 from the previous year. complaints about airfares nearly doubled. american airlines got the most complaints. >> it is frustrating. you see oil prices plummeting, yet airfares continue to go up. >> and baggage fees, also. they're starting to charge you for your purse.
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it's all fixed. they're never going to give us a break on the airfare. >> it's not happening. >> that's true. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. do we need to pinch you or what? no fog, no rain, no cold for the 500? >> by noon on sunday, getting ready for the 1:00 race, it's so good. >> look at that. >> promises, promises, promises. take a look at what's going on on storm pins tonight. this comes to us from daytona beach. how about sunrise in daytona. that is gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> old glory waiving there. i love it. i don't know what to make of that. grant sent this in, a blimp, a u.s. navy blimp. isn't that weird? i've never seen that. you see all the other blimps. i don't know, is it a weather blimp? >> i know nothing about the u.s.
4:20 pm
with that. if you know, tell me. >> they won't confirm or deny it. >> radar tonight is clear. i keep watching the echoes down here. i think they're dying out. i think it was part of a smoke plume that popped off a brushfire, controlled fire. overnight lows this morning, not too shabby. we dropped to 51 degrees in orlando. we hit 40 in gainesville. 45 in ocala. 55 in new smyrna beach. a daytime high today back to 73. 74 in leesburg. 72 in ocala and 71 did it in cocoa beach. right now, we're at 70 in orlando. melbourne 70. ocala, you're still strong. it's 72 degrees with the wind from the east. other temperatures across the southeast, 64 atlanta. 65 in pensacola. 64 in jacksonville. didn't i just do this? 70 in melbourne and 72 in
4:21 pm
somehow i recycled my temperatures. here are the wind speeds. in daytona beach, we've dialed it back down to a 7-mile-an-hour wind. as we go into the night tonight, the wind does calm down. it's going to be good. the crazy wind is going to knock it off. we'll have wind speeds at 5 to 10 miles per hour during the overnight. look at the water vapor shot tonight. it's as dry as any day we've had lately. you see a little shimering off the cloud cover off the east coast. that's all we've got. i've got no danger for you except the fact it's really dry. a little bit of cloud cover builds on the coastal zones. that's it. we get a wind shift going on. we load up on the humidity and heat and punch our temperatures to 75 and 77. overnight lows tonight are good. 47 in ocala. 61 in cocoa beach. the low tonight in orlando is 55. here is tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning we're at 57. by noon, 69 to 70. daytime high tomorrow, 75. daytime high on sunday is 77.
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in daytona beach on sunday, the high should be about 72. might hit 73. as ginger was alluding to on the weather talks for the 500, this is the best weather forecast i've done in the taken, 16 years i've been doing them. >> thank you, tom. >> tonight, a special treat for visitors at yosemite national park. it's called firewall. not the computer software, but this is an optical illusion. it looks like lava is flowing off the cliff. it's the sun blowing through a waterfall. the angle of the sun had to be just right. it happened only for a couple of weeks in february. that's beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> new tonight, where florida ranks when it comes to the states getting the most shut-eye. >> and "star wars" expands its force at the attractions.
4:23 pm
starting this spring. >> but first, clocks ticking. millions of dollars on the line. why two local agencies cannot agree on how t i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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leaders, deadlocked over an agreement on a proposed new homeless shelter in volusia county. tonight the clock is ticking after tension boiled off when dozens of people had to be moved into a temporary shelter. you might remember they camped out in front of a county building for weeks. they offered man for $4 million in a meeting last night. it goes to construction of a 250 bed west of daytona beach. they want the county to spend an additional $2 million over five years for operating costs. the county's offer is set to expire on march 3rd. >> the new study was done by captain obvious. americans are not getting enough sleep. >> what's interesting about the new research by the c.d.c., it's the first to analyze sleep hours on the state level. florida is smack dab in the middle. those in the eastern states and
4:27 pm
mountains had the least sleep. south dakota, colorado and minnesota residents reported the highest amount of sleep. >> ahead at 4:00, why the right to have recess stalls at the state capitol. >> are you driving a car that doubles as a ticket magnet? >> i can't stop looking at the selfie, not this part, this part. i had the chance to meet and talk and even ask mark wahlberg a few questions about his plans here in orlando. what you missed, coming up after the break. >> calm down, ginger. >> then a mystery search for clues called off for now in volusia county. the crucial tool workers need
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is wanted in connection to twin attacks. one at a national museum, killing 22 people another along a popular tunisian beach, leaving 38 people dead. the u.s. airstrikes comes as the white house struggles to contain isis. >> and just this week, president obama said american would go after islamic state fighters in libya where there is a, quote, clear target. over 5,000 isis fighters are operating in libya right now. >> tonight at the center of a violent road rage encounter, a teenage couple and a 47-year-old man. according to the arrest report, police in new smyrna beach say the driver got upset after the
4:33 pm
queen along north dixie freeway yesterday afternoon. the 47-year-old man started to yell out of his car and finally got out and when both of them were stopped at a traffic light, tempers flared. punches were thrown and eventually the arrest report says joseph tomly was taken into custody for aggravated child abuse. you can see from his mugshot he had scratches and bruises. news 6's loren korn has more on the girlfriend who called 911 for help and how the teens are doing tonight, coming up tonight at 5:30. >> today the judge ordered no bond for both suspects in a mass shooting at an orlando nightclub. the two men faced a judge from jail. one is facing attempted first-degree murder charges while lopez faces charges for felony use of a firearm. the shooting earlier this month at glitz ultra-lounge level two people dead and nearly a dozen others hurt. lopez was originally arrested right after the shooting and released on bond before police
4:34 pm
>> time to talk the weekend weather. >> we have a lot of big events happening and so many people depending on a good forecast. >> a great forecast. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is in the pinpoint accurate weather center. no pressure. >> you've come to the right place. come on. how hard can this be. i'm telling you all week, this is beautiful. >> we had an echo or two pop up in the last hour. there's no rain in central florida. you see what's going on now with temperatures. traffic is slowing in spots and not so great in others. 70 is the reading in orlando. melbourne, checking in at 70 and ocala, 72 degrees. the on-the-town forecast for later tonight, by 9:00, we're down to 60. 10:00, 59. by 11 p.m., we'll hover at 58 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. i'll be right back in a few minutes to pinpoint the overnight lows.
4:35 pm
see you there. >> sounds good. see you in a few minutes, tom. this is a live look on i-4 and princeton street. cars on the left side of the screen are traveling really slowly westbound. traffic is stop and go already as more people are heading out the door. give yourself extra time. eastbound lanes you see a slow ride. here are the drive times for you right now. beachline westbound, i-95 to the airport takes 14 minutes and the beachline eastbound to i-95, no issues there. we're seeing slowdowns which takes 48 minutes. >> tonight a community getting results to help a clermont police officer severely hurt in a fire. a special blood drive is happening right now for the 21-year-old chris cruz burned on 60% of his supposed nearly two weeks ago when a gas can sitting near a bonfire exploded. since then, cruz has received several blood transfusions. if you want to help get results, the blood drive is at the
4:36 pm
lake road in clermont until 7:00 tonight. all donors will get a free wellness check-up. >> astronauts are starting their spring cleaning right now. they just got rid of a million and a half tons of trash. >> the cargo ship will eventually disintegrate upon reentry into the earth's atmosphere. it arrived after launching in december. this is the first time it launched from florida on an atlas 5 rocket rather than from virginia. it's scheduled to burn up in the atmosphere sometime tomorrow. second launch for cape canaveral is set for march 22nd. >> a bill requiring mandatory recess for students in the sunshine state has come to a standstill in the legislature. elementary schools are required to set aside 20 minutes a day for recess. the senate will not consider the legislation. the chairman of the senate
4:37 pm
john leg says recess time should be decided by local school boards. he says the bill currently being provided is a, quote, one-size-fits-all and it will not coming up for a vote. >> this has generated a ton of response on social media. >> we mentioned the senate is not moving forward and since then the house has approved a bill. it's not going to go anywhere. everyone who commented is in support of recess. >> that usually happens. we posted the story on our facebook page and asked if recess should be a right or privilege. everyone says it should be a right. [reading postings] >> if you want to share your opinion about this story, leave a comment on our page.
4:38 pm
>> a hot holiday item, too hot for federal safety regulators. now they're taking action with a new it letter warning they'll seize or recall any of the two wheeled scooters if they fail to meet federal safety standards. >> in a letter issued yesterday, they say a fire was caused by hoverboards in 24 states. it led to 2 million in property damage. the concern is lithium ion batteries inside the hoverboards could spark a fire. several airlines and college campuses have since banned the devices. >> now to the media event that has central florida buzzing and creating burgers. >> fans lined up hoping to get a glimpse of one of the burger joint's famous owners. >> we all wanted the assignment,
4:39 pm
it looked like a lot of fun out there. >> i guess you could say i got the assignment of the year, covering the grand opening of the v.i.p. party of the first wahlbergers in orlando. a burger joint owned by three famous brothers. for that, i said mission accepted. >> fans lined up as early as 6 a.m. on thursday, not for burgers but the wahlbergs. >> we love the wahlbergs. >> how much? >> so much. we wish we were there, but we're not. >> by there, where we were set up along the red carpet. after a few hours of waiting in anticipation, two of the three brothers came out. paul wahlberg, the chef behind the restaurant and his movie star brother mark wahlberg or markie mark. i wanted to know what fun things they did while they were in orlando. >> well, this morning i played golf and then i was supposed to play golf with my brother but he took me to mini golf.
4:40 pm
where he felt like he could have a chance at winning. >> who won? >> i won. we're still playing. >> it's not over yet. >> with roots in central florida, you can tell orlando has a special place in their heart which is why this is their first opening in florida. >> you can see we're filming our show here. we want as many people to know if they come anywhere in the florida area, they should be coming to orlando and should be coming to downtown. they want to experience wahlbergers. >> they were shooting a reality show. keep a lookout. i believe it starts in march. the new season, you can see the big 6 logo. >> all day we heard how ginger slipped you a business card. >> you forgot to give it to him, i'm sure. >> i had the mic in one hand, my phone in the other and i had to instagram. >> i'm not buying it. >> it's a great job, girl.
4:41 pm
candace and mark on 6. also the full interview with the wahlbergs as well. >> new tonight, the force is expanding at the theme park. what disney fans can expect starting this spring. >> plus a dangerously close call. what students say about their school bus driver who left them inches from a speeding train. >> but first, 'tis the season for coughing but not every cold is created equal. >> next at 4:30, doctors reveal what your cough needs. keep it here.
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>> >> a local student is just getting back from a life-changing trip to new york city. >> the timber creek senior just played at carnegie hall. >> his skills got him there as he joined the 2016 high school honors performers series. >> he was among the highest rated, highest performers in his age group from across the world.
4:45 pm
the u.s., guam, canada and a number of other countries. he had an opportunity to work with world renowned conductors. he thanked his music teachers at timber creek high school for their support and guidance. >> he has to be the teacher's pet, come on, performing at carnegie hall. he got there by practice, practice, practice. >> it is a familiar sound this time of year, that hacking cough. >> colds and congestion can take over in the winter but not all coughs are equal. >> that's right. here in central florida, doctors are seeing a rise in the number of people coming in and complaining of those nasty coughs. the experts break down what exactly your cough is telling you. >> she's had it with her nagging cough. >> i've been ill for a week or so now and i haven't gotten any better, bronchitis. >> so what exactly does your cough mean? mount sinai urgent care doctor
4:46 pm
patients have a cold and cough from post nasal drip. >> what starts out as something like a cold with nasal congestion and a mild cough, it gets deeper in the upper part of the chest and causes a drawn-out illness. >> if a person has a dry cough that ends in a rattle, it may be asthma. if it's with mucous, it could be a sign of pneumonia. >> a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats can mean reflux disease. a severe hacking cough followed by a high-pitched whoop could be protusis or whooping cough. >> and she's been determined to have bronchitis. >> bronchitis typically lasts two to four weeks. >> the doctor recommended an
4:47 pm
passageways and dark honey to soothe her throat in coughs. >> coughing up blood and experiencing pain when trying to breathe indicates immediate medical attention. we've had so many people coughing in the newsroom. >> that was intense. >> sanitize your hands. tonight the field is set for this weekend's great american race. >> last night, drivers raced for their spots in the can-am duels. dale earnhardt, jr. coming away with the checkered flag. he'll start in the second row before chase elliot. >> and there was a five-car crash on the final lap. don't forget, news 6 sports director david pingalore will be live for the big truck race and tomorrow is the xfinity series
4:48 pm
the checkered flag drops for the daytona 500 at 1:00 on sunday. >> and here's the man of the hour to deliver the beautiful forecast for the race. >> it's going to be great stuff. it really is. they called this one rooster at sunrise. >> i see it. >> is that an illusion? a cloud? >> that's just a cloud. they called it rooster at sunrise. it looks like a big old fighting rooster, doesn't it? >> it looks like a gamecock. >> it could be the university of south carolina. no matter how you dress it up, it's still a chicken. >> don't judge. >> i don't judge. i love them. i've got another beautiful storm pin i meant to do there but i've made fun of ginger and i have to go back to the desk. here's the daytona 500 forecast for sunday. i'm going to do the forecast for this one right here.
4:49 pm
gates open at 8 a.m. 72 by late in the afternoon. a very mild evening. you're going to be trapped in traffic going and leaving. it's an event. at least the weather is going to be okay. maybe just maybe everything will be great instead of the 6.5-hour rain delay we had two years ago. radar tonight is clear. we keep looking at the smoke plume in the last hour. it's gone away quickly. other than that, there's no rain in central florida. rain. we have cloud cover piling on, moving in from the east. i don't think it's strong enough to produce any big rain showers. maybe a sprinkle over the weekend, that's it. daytime high today, 73 in orlando. 74 in leesburg. 71 in gainesville was the high today. 72 in daytona beach. the cape, 71. cocoa beach, 71. melbourne, 73. all the official reporting stations in the 70's across the area. here are the current temperatures. still 69 in daytona beach.
4:50 pm
72 in ocala and 70 at o.i.a. wind speeds pushing the wind in here from the east at 15 miles per hour in orlando. through brevard county, still the same, about a 10 to 15--mile-an-hour wind. if you get above new smyrna beach in volusia county, the wind begins to chill. down to 7-mile-an-hour winds in daytona beach. 7 in palm coast as well. water vapor loop is telling the story tonight. i love the water vapor image. anytime you see the bright white colors, you see a lot of moisture. you see dark or orange, it means dry. man is it dry out there at 30,000 feet today. lots of blue sky. it's been a 10 on the sorrells scale. it's been perfect. tomorrow will be more of the same. satellite and radar not showing any approaching systems from the west. all that dry air and the big ridge of high pressure has gobbled it all up. clouds and rain forecast for tonight, a touch of cloud cover building in from the east-southeast, but overall, we're calm, we're good into the night. look for the overnight lows tonight to be really nice.
4:51 pm
52 in daytona beach. 61 in cocoa beach. 50 in the villages. 52 in leesburg. my forecast low for the city beautiful is double nickels. 55 under a partly cloudy sky. here is tomorrow. >> first thing in the morning, 57 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, 69. daytime high, 75 degrees at least some of you will get warmer than that. then on sunday, daytona 500 sunday, sunshine, 77. remember my forecast high of 77, that's in orlando. in daytona beach, i'm going 72. back to work on monday, 78. then a system rolls in here. my best guess is still late tuesday. tuesday's high is 80. but we're cooler for wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. so what can i tell you, this is a gift from heaven. enjoy it. >> we have been. >> thank you, tom. >> let's get a check of the roadways for you. this is a live look outside on i-4 at lee road. traffic on the right side of the screen is heading westbound and
4:52 pm
eastbound. traffic in both directions is moving very slowly and causing some delays this friday afternoon. so do give yourself time if you're planning to head out to this area. >> just released a list of cars that are so-called ticket magnets. if you have a lexus es 300, beware. it is the most ticketed car on the road, followed by the nissan 350 z and the dodge charger. the least ticketed cars were the buick encore, lexus is 350. >> and disney confirms a new perk at the park coming this spring. >> but first, inches from a speeding train. students ran to a close call on the school bus but the driver says they're the ones to blame. getting results in maitland, ocoee and all of central florida.
4:53 pm
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>> well, students recorded cell phone of a speeding train barely missing their school bus. you can see it passing by inches from the rear of that bus.
4:56 pm
the tracks and barely made it. >> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward. everyone was just freaking out and really terrified at the moment. >> that is terrifying. after the incident, the houston school bus driver brought the school back -- brought the bus back to the school, saying the students were so loud, the bus could not be driven safely. the school released a statement saying the driver has been let go for not following proper procedures. that is insane when you see that. >> well, flashback friday, trending now. get this. high sea acto cooler can be coming back. it was a green colored citrus flavored drink that promoted the 1986 real ghostbusters. the patent was renewed recently sparking speculations the drink could soon hit shelves. the new ghostbuster's movie
4:57 pm
>> i have no memory of that. >> we did not have drinks with additives in our household. >> disney confirmed starting april 4th the force will awaken and get more powerful at disney's hollywood studios. it's something to look forward to this spring. >> i mean, it's always spectacular when you see the fireworks show, to have it get even better is crazy. >> coming up, all new on the news at 5:00, we're getting new insight into a helicopter crash caught on camera. >> next at 5:00, what the man who shot this unbelievable video says about the moments before the chopper went down. >> but first, a 15-year-old boy on the run accused of running down a local deputy. what we're learning about the teen's troubled past. >> getting results on the news 6 app and right here on news 6 at
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