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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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intentionally run over by teenager in orange county. the sheriff is asking teenager to turn himself in. i am bridget ellison. i am david hall. we will start things off with recovering. what else have you learned? flex serve told us he was . he is expected to be okay. he has significant head injuries and bumps and bruises . sounds like she will be fine. she is recovering here at ormc. deputy sent out this photo of the suspect . ortiz. he is on the run right now in his 15 years old. this happened at 7:30 a.m.. he was at the home on thai street to arrest him on a warrant for burglary. they say sergeant pierce approached them in a car and that's when he hits her.
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car and ortiz started speeding away. she jumped off and was not unconscious >> i can tell you that sergeant pierce said that she could hear the engine revving and he began to increase in speed. she knew she needed to get off the hood and she dismounted at the time. >> the sheriff says after the sergeant was thrown from the car and knocked unconscious, the probation officer who was there ran over to her and hit her emergency radio alerted dispatch. it sounds like she will be okay. the focus is finding ortiz now. >> hears another look at the teenage suspect. we continue the team coverage. kiersten o'connell is live at the scene.
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colonial and cimmaron. >> just in the last hour, they've open back up the road and you can see the tire marks right here behind us. this is where juan carlos ortiz hit the deputy and started a countywide search speeding down the street. deputies along with orlando police are looking for ortiz. they say he is in a white car like a honda hatchback. witnesses described the car dale. there is no reason to believe he is armed but the mindset is what worries appease. >> we do believe that he is dangerous. we want the assistance of the public for justice been into trouble and last year he was charged with aggravated assault with an officer running
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we have talked to neighbors about what they saw including one man who says he saw deputy peers on the road >> i can see the car and the officer on the floor. that's it >> the man was right in front of the house when it all happened. the sheriff says ortiz is wanted for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. they are another young girl in the car. anyone who sees ortiz with a white vehicle is urged to call the crime line emergency immediately. >> here is the 15th patrol they are looking for. we share a picture of the teen suspect to help share the story. go to the facebook page. new developments in the search for a missing newborn known as baby willow. .
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birth to the girl on monday but she won't say what she did with the child. following the search >> the dive team from orange county started the search around 9:00 this morning. pu put this in perspective. the mom, susan richardson, lives about one block away. her friends say she is to hang over here. it's basically in the middle. video. this is orange county sheriff's office dive team. we watch them this morning conducting a grid search of a section of the pond. they lined up and walked through the water. they stopped several times when members would feel something at their feet . th the person look down into the water and so far they turned up a lot of garbage.
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this is only part of the orlando police investigation. it's a worst-case scenario at this point. they are hoping baby willow is alive somewhere. told police she left the baby on someone's doorstep. if it's true , the someone has not come forward. investigators need them to make sure the child is okay or let them know that the child is okay. let's get a closer look right now. searchers are in chest deep water waiting through . it's right off silver star road. we will watch this dive team as they make their way around the circumference of the pond. they will watch for the boat team 's over here to the le left as they come the pond. we will talk to people out here watching today. we talked to someone earlier who is friends with the mother. hear what she has to say , coming up . >> we are live in orlando news
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>>david: more human remains we were found at the site yesterday. they still haven't identify the remains but sky 6 just flew over the scene. the remains were discovered ne near the jail. authorities are trying to identify them. they have been there since 7:30 a.m.. surveyors are doing work in the area and they found it yesterday. they are assisting in the search because of the terrain. we will let you know as soon as they release more information about the recent discovery >> man accused of killing his wife and her two children was back in court . we are told that luis toledo refused to come to court. his lawyers demanded a speedy trial but withdrew the request. mark lehman has more >> the change of heart came as a bit of a surprise in the hearing. toledo himself had a change of heart when it came to coming
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plex [audio lost] emotion is with withdrawn in the case for luis toledo. the judge ordered the trial delayed after a recent ruling. they argued against the delay in the defense changes course >> i will not talk to you about that. we withdrew >> the toledo attorneys would not say why they withdrew but th this week the lawmakers struck a compromise to rewrite the death penalty law. toledo could face capital punishment if convicted. >> this morning, deputies informed me that mister leto will be transported to the courthouse. the judge says he has to order toledo to be forcibly removed from his cell after refusing to appear in court. is not revealing what happened but they say the client is under pressure >> he is on trial for his life. pressure for that
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on the death penalty law. that depends on how this case moves forward. attorneys are expected back in court at the end of the month. >> right now , more clouds move into central florida. we will still see sunshine with temp temperatures in the 70s. we pinpoint everything. >> all of the above is already happening across central florida. yesterday we had nothing but crystal-clear blue skies and now you see more clouds develop and push in. they won't be producing the rain but we will see the east wind kicking up and that is what is bringing onshore moisture that we are seeing the clouds. son is filtering through in the amway center. it's now 73b0. look at the wind out of the east. 15 miles per hour. right now , at 71b0 at daytona beach. at 70 in ocala. we get up to 75b0 by 3:00 in the average high is at 74. we will take you through the forecast for the truck race
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for any of the weekend plans. we will keep you up to date on what changes might be in store. back to you ma mass shooting orlando is set to face a judge today. other is expected to be in court. luis rosario and josc in jail. they are not facing murder charges. the shooting include the ultra lounge claiming the lives of two people in a dozen others. he was released on bond before police told us he was a suspect will tell you what happens in court today. author harper lee has died. to killing mockingbird was released in 1960 selling 10 million copies. he was only 89 years old. donald trump is no stranger to controversy but now it's with the pope. his tune. comments are being made by the the republican front runner and
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orlando's most popular events extending its festivities. how much longer will you have to enjoy hollowing horror nights. you are watching news 6 at noon. it's on air and on
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president obama faces criticism for not going to the funeral for justice scalia. the president will placement nomination to experience it's one day before the south carolina primary. donald trump is any new controversy with pope francis. he is softening his stance on the pope . check them out >> i have a lot of respect for him and he is a lot of personality. he was misinterpreted and it think he was given false information. >> trump went off on the pope yesterday after he said a person who thinks about building walls and not bridges is not a christian. several other candidates have weighed in . they say the us and the vatican have a right to protect their borders. they said it's inappropriate to question his faith. and wine festival booby one week longer. one of the traditions here in central florida with universal
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of hollowing horror nights will start earlier this year than it did last year. they say the annual event will begin on september 16 to wrap up hollowing night . no word on what the theme will be for the scary haunted houses. >> being asked to help a claremont police officer who was injured in a fire. blood drive is being held today for chris cruz. he was burned on 60% of his body when a gas can sitting near a bomb fire exploded. he has received several blood transfusions. the blood drive is at the walmart supercenter in claremont from noon b 7:00 pm. >> all the donors will get a free wellness checkup x you get ready to head outside today b you should head out to downtown orlando. you see a couple of people out on the swan boats. it's a little bit breezy today and it might make it difficult out there. we have winds coming out of the
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cover. rain is not a factor. we will see a slight chance along the coastal zones with the beaches. even there, not a big chance. let's get out there and show you why. high pressure is off to the north and northeast. it's sending onshore arrows indicating the wins out to the east. leads to cloud cover. clothes are rolling in with sunshine getting through. it warms us up in the 70s. we will go up above that in the next few hours. heading out tonight, there is a look to what to expect by 5:00 p.m. it's a mix of sun and clouds with a 10% chance of rain there. 62b0 is the temperature at 7:00 . races begin at 7:30 p.m. and we will be at 57b0. it's a little bit chilly.
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jacket. look at the temperatures out the door. 70b0 in ocala. it's 73b0 in orlando and the average afternoon high is that 74. we reach that around three or 4:00. 74 1b0 is the temperature at daytona beach. 71b0 in cocoa beach. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecasts always like to draw your attention to the sky. today's little bit different than yesterday. we will see sunshine getting through to warm us up. it gets into 75b0 here is the forecast hour-by-hour at 53b0. 58b0 by 11:00 . cool enough late tonight for a light jacket.
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and about about the weekend. here is the clouds and rain forecast showing us the east wind bringing onshore more moisture mainly in the form of cloud cover. we've included only a 10% chance of rain for the coastal counties in volusia, brevard and flagler counties. it comes this evening but don't cancel any plans. it will impact the festivities at the international speedway. that's the good news. there is the clouds in place and they will act as a blanket to help insulate the atmosphere. some just don't drop off too much overnight tonight. temperatures are 53b0 in orlando and daytona as it 52. we show you dry conditions across the board saturday and sunday. tomorrow is at 77b0 and on sunday , flirting with the 80s. that is inland along the coast.
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72b0. it's a nice day for the daytona 500. this weekend is a keeper >> let's sink our teeth into this one >> fans line up early to see the stars and the food. the s&p 500 is slipping three points
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downtown orlando turned into hollywood! the popular burger joint started by actors , donnie wahlberg and his brother paul. fans lined up for a chance to food. some got in line as early as 6:00 a.m.. the brothers say they are very excited to open their newest location in the heart of the city that so beautiful >> we lived in orlando for a little while. it's great. there's so much to do. if anyone come near florida,
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they should come downtown. >> the restaurant is located on orange avenue in the suntrust building. if you want to see full interview and check it news 6. siblings don't always get along. when girls act of kindness is breaking the stereotype. they work hard for (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
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and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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young girls selfless is going viral. the heartwarming exchange was caught on camera >> see the hamster? >> i paid for it! are you crying? i am crying
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why are you crying? happy! >> are you happy crying? >> oh my goodness! crying! that is the sweetest. the six-year-old little sister surprised her older brother by buying him a hamster and he has been working hard for it and saving up his allowance and doing extra chores. she decided to chip in all of her allowance money to get the hamster and surprise her brother with this act of kindness. they named the hamster chubby. >> my favorite part is where she says are you crying because i am. that's when i wanted to cry >> we have to get you a tissue. >> that was sweet!
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