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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> detectives search for evidence of two people found dead in a winter park neighborhood. we are live at the scene working to get you answers about what caused all that violence. >> a new search as police try to get results and find a missing newborn in orlando. the new information we have learned about that baby's mother as she sits behind bars. >> there are new worries about the zika virus. what officials in one county are doing after word of yet another case here locally. good morning, central florida. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for joining us early. troy and amy are here. things are looking good. >> awesome news. thank you. weekend. we are edging that way. as we do, we'll have nice weather. we won't deal with rain until next week. can you believe that? about. go ahead and make plans. maybe have lunch outside. jacket. make sure the kids are prepared
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41 the temperature in ocala. 45 at palm coast. 49 in dvnlt 52 in sanford. 51 in orlando. we have dropped a little bit here since we last spoke since the cooler drier air builds in from the north, we'll have a breeze. 60 in cocoa beach. 59 in melbourne. milder in brevard county. here's the hour by hour forecast as we pinpoint those temperatures. a warmup to 65 by noon. getting up to 72 by 4:00. a couple of degrees below the average. we will see tons of sun and breezy conditions with winds gusting near 20 miles an hour. coming up, we'll talk about the weekend and what kind of changes you can expect as we head into the end of speed week. let's go over to amy in the napleton traffic center. hopefully no one is acting like a race car drivers. >> i like what i'm seeing very much on the roads this morning. we have no big complaints for you. taking a look at the expressway by yucatan drive.
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one or ca cars moving away from you. a great start to the day. still no reports of accident. this construction for the most part has pecked picked up. 95 for example, no delays. all your major artery moving along on time as well. >> thanks, amy. now to breaking news overnight in winter park. police spend hours collecting evidence after two people were found dead following a shooting. this mystery happened last night along comstock avenue, just blocks away from collins college. that's where we find kir step. investigators are still there. >> reporter: yeah, winter park police with their task force has been out here for nearly eight hours after that call came in about gun shots. we know they are looking for clues about how this all happened and what led to the shooting that left two men dead.
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of minutes some of the detectives loading up these cars here, the forensics cars. we know they will be out here until sunrise sunrise. they say any time an investigation involves bullets, the search for evidence is drawn out. >> an unfamiliar scene for neighbors and police. >> we don't like to experience this. obviously, the public doesn't like to hear this happening. unfortunately, since this happened we have to come out and take care of the situation. >> witnesses called for help at 9:45 after hearing shots fired on the street. police are not releasing the names of the two men or their relationship but say they found one body in the yard behind a home on comstock avenue and the other on the sidewalk. >> all i can tell you is it appears we are not looking for
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>> police say this section of west comstock will likely be closed for the next couple of hours. we'll be following up with detectives on their search, asking them if any evidence they found this morning is helping them figure out what happened and what led to the deadly shooting. we'll have another update in 30 minutes. >> also developing this morning, troopers say they found the car they believe was involved many a deadly hit and run this week in brevard county. we brought you this as breaking news after jason was hit while out for a jog near state road 520. troopers say an anonymous tip led them to a 1998 jeep cherokee. troopers say the s.u.v. has damage consistent with the crash. it is now being processed for evidence. troopers won't tell us, though, where the s.u.v. was found or any information about a possible driver. we'll keep pressing them for more updates. we'll let you know as soon as there are developments.
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balloons sit outside an apartment complex at the center of a newborn baby mystery. >> such a sad story here. at this hour, there are still no signs of the little girl who is being called baby willow. we are learning new information about her mom susan richardson whou nos behind bars charged with neglect. mark lehman is live outside the apartment. s what can you tell us about that mother? >> we learned she suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar and she has been charged on virus charges such as domestic violence. now she sits in jail as the search continues for her baby. >> the sound of tow trucks, dumpsters wrapped in crime scene tape taken away. police saying no evidence was found inside but they are taking a closer look.
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we want to be sure we are doing a thorough job. >> crews worked shoulder to shoulder fanning out over a large area close to susan richardson's home. the 0-year-old mother not saying much about what happened to her baby. pieces. we don't know if she is telling the entire story, hence why we are out here searching. >> richardson appearing lethargic during her first court appearance. it is the same demeanor she had when questioned by police. a community continues their search for any sign of baby willow. >> this should have never happened. the way it happened is disheartening. we really hope we can find the baby. >> volunteers are hoping for that as well. we came across a few of them yesterday as they left these balloons at the willow wind apartments. this morning we'll work with police to find out if they will
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searching here at the apartment complex. what their next step is in the search for baby willow. >> has the baby's father had anything to say after this most recent search? >> we stopped by his house again and he said he mo longer wants to talk about the situation. he said all the answers lie with richardson who sits in jail. she is charged with neglect and desertion. those charges could change depending on what police find. >> any this morning in brevard county, cocoa firefighters are being called heroes after they rescued an unconscious pet. that fire ripped through this home on parkway just before 8:00 last night. the homeowner was not home at the time. two cats were trapped inside. one of the cats got out. the other had to be rescued. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen but the cause is still being investigated. >> i-4 near the attractions is back open after a deadly crash
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sky 6 flew high over the scene after a truck rear ended a toyota which then hit another truck and which then hit another car. investigators say the woman in the toyota died but so far her name hasn't been released to the media. >> workers say they are stepping up their fight against mosquitos after learning of a case of zika on the space coast. the health department said the infected person did not get the virus in brevard county but rather had recently visited haiti. still mosquito control workers say they are stepping up spraying and canvassing homes and businesses to try to get rid of as much standing water as possible. there have been 22 cases of the zika virus in florida. >> in just hours, governor scott will make a stop at walt disney world. he is set to announce tourism numbers for 2015 at epcot. we already know 2015 had record breaking tourism numbers for
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today's announcement is set for 9:00 this morning. >> things kick into high gear at the speedway ahead of this weekend daytona 500. >> the race will set the field for the race. we were add track as some of the biggest names in nascar took their cars out for practice time and hundreds of people were also there to see it thanks to an open house showing off the speedway improvements. the races tonight start at 7:00. guess what? ping will be live at the track later tonight on news 6 to break it all down for us. i might have to check that out this weekend. >> bring the ear plugs. >> troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center with more. >> a lot of fun. a lot of fun characters in the parking lot, always fun to see them. we'll deal with wind today, a breeze but nothing major. winds coming in at 20 to 25 miles an hour. we'll be dry. of course, we'll have that official forecast for the can am races coming up.
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orlando at 51 from the vantage point. it is enough to bring in cool air from the north. 41 in ocala. 52 in sanford. 49 in daytona beach. the bus stop looks like this, 53, cool enough for a jacket. sunny skies and 72. short sleeves in order. we'll pinpoint the latest on the forecast for the weekend. of course, everyone is thinking about the daytona 500 as well as the races tonight. we'll have tonight's official forecast in a minute. let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. what is happening? >> we can enjoy it while itlas because for right now, we have not a lot going on except for really nice conditions on our roadways. as you take a look here, drive times, westbound, eastbound on i-4 absolutely no issues coming up. we'll take you outside so you can take a live look at what that looks like. this is i-4 over by para avenue.
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traveling away from you. really, really looking very, very nice. the rest of your drive times elsewhere, really not turning up any other issues. expressway, 417 looking fantastic still. that's your check on traffic for the time being. back over to you. >> still ahead this morning, the battle in the south carolina primary. >> caught on camera, two robbery suspects lead deputies on this wild chase. we'll show you how investigators were finally able to stop these guys just ahead. >> privacy versus protection, a big name competitor supporting apple in its fight with the government. you are watching news 6 getting results for ocoee, maitland and all of central florida on the
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>> these are live pictures from winter park where investigators are still at the scene after two men were killed in a shooting there. the victims were found last night on comstock not far from rollins college.
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other details only saying at this point they don't think there are any suspects on the run and this is an isolated incident. another live report is coming up at 6:30. the debate between apple execs and the government rages on this morning. >> this battle comes after apple refused to comply with a court order to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the killers. now google is supporting the rival company. people. the iphone was found in the couple's getaway car. investigators want to break farook's pass code to get into the phone. they first need apple to create software to disable the auto erase feature which would protect data that may be in the phone about the attack. mandy piper whose fiance died in the attack calls it common sense. >> i would be outraged in the future, it is used in other
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but this is an investigation into a terrorist attack. >> in a statement, federal authorities maintain the order and request were only for farook's phone. still, apple ceo tim cook said complying would have major consequences for the rest of its users. the company plans to appeal as early as next week and says it is willing to take this all the way to the supreme court. >> we are getting a look at a wild chase that happened at orange county. deputies say two men went on a crime spree earlier this month, robbing a tourist at an outlet mall on idrive. the sheriff's office posted the helicopter video showing deputies following those men in a car they said was involved in a carjacking when they slammed into a pole. >> one is out, two is out. 18 to south orange avenue. >> after crashing, the suspects hopped the fence and took off running but they would not get far as they were soon arrested. detectives say those two men are
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37-year-old john power and nathaniel woods. both are facing charges. they are currently being held without bond. >> in the race for the white house, republican hopeful marco rubio has picked up a major endorsement with days to go before the primary, south carolina governor nicky haley endorsed the florida senator. haley will be on the campaign trail through saturday's primary. according to the latest nbc news wall street journal poll, rubio will need all the help he can get. he trails new front runner ted cruz by 11%. last night rubio took the stage at a republican town hall in south carolina and used that opportunity to attack cruz. >> i said he has been lying because if you say something that is not true over and over again and you know it is not true, there is no other word for it. >> jeb bush and donald trump and john kasich will take part in a debate tonight. >> a worker killed while testing a ride at animal kingdom.
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case was set for trial when russell roscoe's widow and disney reached a deal. he was a mechanic but he died during test ride at park and this happened back in 2011. if 2015 was the year of the selfie, 2016 can be the year of the animal selfie. crews at an aquarium, the little guy took it for a wild ride. he was having too much fun. >> they got the idea after seeing some surfers use a selfie stick catch waves. >> we used ours a few moments ago, our facebook chat. >> maybe we can get milo to send in storm pins. >> we would love it. those would be beautiful. we have gotten a lot of storm pins of the sunset. part of the reason, it was so beautiful last night, the dry
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without the clouds overnight, we had a cold start this morning in spots, appeal in northwestern zones. let's show you some of the storm pin photos. we are giving away an umbrella to one of our storm pinners. you have time to pin your photo. search wkmg in the app store for news 6 storm pins. it doesn't have to be stormy to pin a photo. it is called pins because you are pinning it to a map. you pull it out of the map and show it to you instantly. look at the sky, leading to a beautiful sunset in orlando from elliot. another great shot just in from oviedo. look at that, a creative shot of the sun setting, bouncing off the water, a beautiful shot, very creative. this was creative as well. we have this from allen leroy trying to show the sun set with that mirror in the car. that's cool. the passenger was taking this photo, not the driver in palm coast.
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here's a look at what we are in for as we attack you through the forecast. temperatures pretty cool into the evening hours, because we'll see high pressure dominate for the next several hours. that's sinking air, not allowing for cloud cover. with clouds not in place, overnight, those temperatures did drop off. through the day, around that clockwise flow, high pressure sending winds off the ocean waters, leading to a breezy afternoon. those winds will bring onshore a little bit of moisture for the immediate coast. it won't be in the form of rain. for tonight, as we skip ahead to 7:00 for the cam am race, we are at 64 at 5:00. as the races start at 7:00. we are at 61 and then pretty cool at night, once the sun goes down. there's 9:00. we are at 56. bring a jacket. you'll need it heading there. 41 in ocala. 51 in orlando. 49 in daytona beach. 59 in melbourne. here's a look at your pinpoint
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>> with lots of sun, we warm to 72 today. orange, no rain, looking good tonight. cool into the mid 50's. grab a jacket heading out door. a couple of clouds along the coast through the afternoon and evening. the rain is not a factor. that's the good news if you are making outdoor plans. low 70's for spots along the coast. upper 60's because of the breeze. tomorrow, pretty much the same story. dry, a high of 72. 75 on your saturday and then for the daytona 500 on sunday, 74 for the high. looking good and dry. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> right now, the roads looking almost as good as the forecast. we have no big reported issues for the time being. we'll enjoy every second of that while we can. no slowdown either side of i-4. you are still maintaining a nice pace. no accidents popping up for right now. the construction has cleared. no breaks. everything remains in the green. my live camera, yes, they are dark and quite sleepy.
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on i-95 by wickham road this morning, not a ton going on. northbound cars heading away pr you. has your check on traffic. back over to you. >> still ahead, good news for food lovers this morning. >> tell you about the popular festival that will run even longer this year. remember this florida teen accused of practicing medicine without a license? he is using the media to defend himself.
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>> tax season is here. and some are more scared than others. >> 80% of millennials say they are fearful about preparing their taxes. according to the poll, he's the highest of any age group worried about this. almost a quarter of those nervous 18 to 30-year-olds say their biggest fear is making a mistake on their return. we know that can cost you. >> that can be a problem. >> listen up, good news for you. >> epcot fans have longer to
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the festival will run for 62 days this year, a full week longer than a year ago. the 21st annual event kicks off on september 14 before wrapping up on the 14th of november. >> looks good. while many americans are dealing with snow and ice, people in australia have a different problem on their hands. >> we are talking about lots and lots of tumble weeds. tumble weeds are all over this town with truckloads of the stuff filling streets and people's yards. get this, in some places, fluffy weeds have reached the roof tops. locals suspect it is coming from a nearby field that a farmer has failed to maintain. >> that looks like a mess to clean up. >> a big name restaurant is ready to make his debut. >> the big name celebrities here for the grand opening. that's ahead. a bold crime caught on camera. new video police hope will lead to an arrest.
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breaking news coming from overnight after two people are found dead in a neighborhood in winter park. we are live at that scene. it is coming up next on this thursday morning. you are watching news 6 getting results for deltona, barefoot bay and all of central florida. we leave you with this gorgeous shot. we'll be back in minutes. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> overnight, two men shot and killed in winter park. what police are saying about the search for a shooter. >> a bold theft in seminole county after two men storm into a cell phone store and walk away of goods. what police are asking you to do. >> plus a crime alert in osceola county, a neighborhood on alert after a teen says a man touched himself in front of her. it is 6:30. thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and amy are with us on this thursday. >> good morning. the commute still looks good. i'm nervous because it looks good. >> now we'll see what happens. there is wood down here. we'll all knock on wood. good thing this morning, it is dry but chilly in spots. you'll need a jacket heading out the door, temperatures in the 40's. and temperatures have dropped in
6:31 am
let's show you the conditions. we are dry. weekend. we are at 41 in ocala. 45 at palm coast. 49 in daytona beach. 51 in orlando. 59 in melbourne. cool enough for the jacket heading out the door. a lot like yesterday, temperatures will warm nicely to 65 at noon. 72 at 4:00. a touch cooler than yesterday's mid 70's but certainly a great day. it will be breezy. winds gusting near 20 to 25 miles an hour. coming up, we'll take you through tonight. we have the big cam am races going on at daytona beach at the speedway. we'll let you know if there is anything to deal with like the wind. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good thursday morning to you at home. really the commute is moving along very, very nicely. so far, it is quite early. taking a live look at i-4 by michigan avenue. eastbound cars traveling away
6:32 am
we are adding a little bit more company on the roads this morning. really drive times not seeing a whole lot for delays. 17, absolutely no issues. that's your check on traffic. back over to you. >> it is 6:32. we are following breaking news from overnight in orange county. police spent hours searching for evidence after two men were found dead after a shooting. the discovery was made last night on comstock not far from rollins. we find kirsten live this morning. this is still an active scene. what are they saying about possible suspects? >> we have asked them about the search to find the person who fired shots. police say they are not searching for any suspects. they are calling this an isolated incident. just in the last 10 or 15 minutes, i want to show you the fire department did pull up on comstock, still blocking that street. a couple of neighbors have been
6:33 am
they are helping with this investigation. we know this search for evidence and clues around that house where the two bodies were found has gone on overnight and continues this morning. >> a winter park neighborhood draped after gun fire erupts. neighbors say they heard rounds of shots fired around 9:45 last night leading police to two bodies. >> when the officers got on the scene, they found two deceased victims. >> it is a violent scene, not what neighbors or police would typically find on this street. >> we don't like to experience this. obviously, the public doesn't like to hear this happening. since this happened, we have to come out and take care of the situation. >> police are not releasing the names of the two men or their relationship but are still searching for evidence where they found one body behind the home and the other on the sidewalk. >> at this point, i can tell you it doesn't appear we are looking for somebody we think the community at large is safe at
6:34 am
>> the medical examiner has come and gone. winter park fire department did just show up object scene to assist with this investigation. the search for evidence has been drawn out because they were looking for the trajectory of the bullets fired. they say they'll likely have this section of comstock blocked off until sunrise. you can check our website,, powered by news 6, for the latest updates on when this opens up and the updates on police and their search for suspects and their search for evidence in this case. >> overnight in marion county, a man dies after being shot in his chest. according to the star banner, it happened on northwest 12th avenue. officers were called to the scene after someone reported hearing gun fire. when they got there, they saw a man lying on the ground in front of a home with two gunshot wounds. police are questioning at least one person in connection with this shooting.
6:35 am
of seminole county, after a bold robbery in altamonte springs. police looking for these men after investigators say they ransacked a cell phone store in front of customers. it happened from the altamonte mall. that's where we find johnny fernandez this thursday morning. those men got away with quite a bit of merchandise. what more are detectives telling you? >> we know this morning that those men, they left the cell phone store with a pile of cell phones. police estimate $50 thouks worth of merchandise were stolen from the cell phone store. i want to show you the picture of the suspects involved in the robbery. take a look at the screen. police say these are two of the suspects that entered this verizon store last night. both of those suspects were wearing hoodies. one of them had an orange ski hat and the other had a baseball hat on. police say the guys in the surveillance picture entered the
6:36 am
they spent hours looking for the robbers. we know customers were inside the store at the time of the robbery. the good thing in all this, no customers were hurt. >> it looked like everything was pulled out of a hole in the wall. >> we'll take one more look at your screen at the two suspects. you can see a clear image of their face, both were wearing hoodies. if you have information about who these guys are, you are urged to contact police as soon as possible. >> johnny, thank you. >> new this morning, troopers are investigating a deadly crash in orange county after a man was hit and killed after getting off a lynx bus. the crash happened around 8:00 last night near the intersection of orange avenue and lancaster road. according to troopers. the pedestrian who was hit was trying to cross orange avenue when he walked directly into the path of an s.u.v. the driver did stop. the pedestrian's name hasn't been released yet. >> the man police say shot a
6:37 am
we brought you this story as breaking news as detectives said the man went demanded money. when the manager started to get the cash, that's when the manager was shot. deputies later arrested this carrie. they say they recognized him from video because he was questioned hours earlier about nearby. we checked and he is charged with attempted murder. as for the victim, we are told that victim is expected to be ok. >> in osceola county, the search is on for a man accused of young woman. this 19-year-old woman said it happened while she was walking near san lorenzo in poinciana. the woman told investigators the car pulled up next to her and when she looked inside, she saw the man touching himself. we did checking and another similar incident happened in the same neighborhood two years ago. the sheriff's office says they are now looking to see if the two cases could be related. >> the first time we are getting
6:38 am
say robbed a dollar general on valentine's day. deputies just put out this video and surveillance footage taken at the store. you can see the robber in this video in the black and gray hoodie point ago gun at workers and demanding cash. the once the man got the cash and the manager's bracelet. he took off. if you recognize him, call the sheriff's office. >> in a few hours, a brand new burger joint is opening with a big party in downtown orlando. >> the opening is bringing some stars to our town. wahlbergers is opening its first location in the sun trust building. paul wallberg and his brothers, mark and donny are opening the chain. it all starts at 5:00 and runs into midnight. >> i can smell the grill. >> never too early for that burger. >> troy bridges in the pinpoint
6:39 am
>> i wonder if the funky bunch will come with mark and do good vibrations. i'm sure he is sick of that. i'm sure people bother him with that all the time. >> a beautiful sunrise shot right now. isn't that gorgeous? if you aren't near your television, check this out. pin your photos of the sunrise. we have a lot from last night's sunset. we'll giving away an umbrella in a couple of minutes at 6:45 to the best storm pin. go to the storm pin app. search wkmg, news 6 storm pins. it is 49 in daytona beach. 41 in ocala. 51 in orlando. the bus stop later today, looking good after a chilly start. jackets this morning, but not this afternoon. we are at 72 and sunny skies by 3:00. coming up, we'll take you to the can am races, that official forecast in minutes. let's check on the roads with amy mountain napleton traffic center. amy, any big trouble? >> we have something coming in. what you are looking at, over on
6:40 am
road, right at the expressway, we have the right shoulder blocked. it looks like a car hit the overpass so you can see the right shoulder is blocked. i know it is kind of dark. it is out there but it is passable this morning. it is really the only accident we have showing up. roads themselves moving along fine, especially the majors. i-4 by ivanhoe, adding more volume, really throughout central florida, roads are checking out fine. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> a south florida teen accused of posing as a doctor is speaking out for the first time. >> what he is saying about his arrest and his future. we moe who they are, the brevard county winners of the 1.5 million dollar powerball jackpot have been revealed. coming up, find out what their neighbors are saying after learning about this couple's good luck. >> and breaking overnight, a major recall involving toyota s.u.v.s. what the auto maker says can
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> another major recall for
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recalling close to three million s.u.v.s due to a problem with seat belts. the recall involves toyota rav 4 s.u.v.'s built between july 2005 and august 2014. seat belts can be damaged by a part of the seat frame during a crash causing them to split in half. toyota said it received two reports of seat belts separating during crashes. >> remember the teen accused of practicing medicine without a license? he is speaking out after being released from jail. police say the 18-year-old examined an undercover officer and gave medical advice to this person. he had been operating a medical office since last month. detectives say he claimed to be a doctor of psychology but he has never even been to college. after being released from jail the teen spoke to reporters where he said he is confident
6:45 am
>> i'm deeply saddened and disrespected by some of the things that have come forth. my attorneys are working hard to make sure this issue gets resolved mountain best way possible. >> he has been investigated at least two times before. last january he allegedly walked around the halls of a hospital in a doctor's coat. he was cited with operating another fake clinic. >> the u.s. works towards changing its relationship with cuba. today the white house is expected to release details about an upcoming trip to the communist country for the president. so far officials have only said the president will travel to cuba sometime in mid-march. the white house says the trip will be brief and will be part of a trip through latin america. the last standing president to visit was calvin cooley. >> we know the names of the brevard county couple who will split their share of last month's record #.5 billion dollar jackpot. 55-year-old david couchsmith and
6:46 am
hand in tallahassee yesterday to get their check. melbourne beach couple was one of three winners and they chose a lump sum payment of $327 million. the two live just a couple of miles away from the publix where they bought the ticket. they are able to keep the big one a secret from their neighbors and family for weeks. >> i was shocked to hear this happened in melbourne beach and to find out it was my neighbor was unbelievable. obviously their life is going to change dramatically. i wish them the best. >> david was an engineer for years. now he says he is going to retire. maureen said one of the first things she'll do is get a massage. >> a star wars character comes to life thanks to one dedicated fan.
6:47 am
he built this full scale model inside his fort myers home. the man said he bought a half-inch thick plastic sphere and filled it with machinery for the body and used the 3d printer. i love it. >> i want one. >> those things are expensive. the little ones? . >> i remember we had that story. >> that would be fun to have the big one. maybe he'll make money and make some of those. >> he made it from scratch himself? >> sorry, but i'm excited. time to give away an umbrella. the news 6 umbrella. i left it over there. if you saw it a minute ago. we'll show you great sunset and sunrise shots. some just now coming in with the storm pins app. every thursday at 6:45, we give away that umbrella.
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that's a beautiful shot of last might's sunset. this is poochie, she says good bless you. thank you. the patrick air force base from susan; that's a gorgeous shot this morning. these are new ones coming in from ormond beach. a beautiful shot of the clear skies. beautiful weather in rockledge. beautiful shots of clear skies. that led to a clear start this morning. we'll always be a sucker for the pets or the babies. here is a baby pet. isn't it cute? it has its jacket on because it is so chilly. her name is rose bud. everyone says rosebud is the winner. rose bud keeping warm. it is chilly. you need a jacket heading out. grab that jacket. we are at 41. look at what you can expect as
6:49 am
temperatures mild for the afternoon. then they cook cool off. the can am race, 61. then we drop to 56 at 9:00 jackets in order for the evening hour. 41 in ocala. really chilly there. flirting with 30's in northern parts of marion county. 45 in palm coast right now. it is 59 in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. blue sky, sunshine, a couple of high clouds a lot like yesterday. then we warm to 65 at noon. 72 at 4:00. a couple of degrees below the average of 74. into tonight, starting off fairly mild at 8:00. 60. then we drop to 65. the clouds and rain forecast showing dry conditions prt most part. because we have some winds coming in out of the ocean
6:50 am
little bit later today, we'll see a few additional clouds as we stop the cloud at 5:00. the model data trying to show a sprip kl or two. i don't think that will happen. that's oversold. picking up on the moisture and it will mainly be in the form of cloud cover through the afternoon just along the coast. they'll help to act as a blanket. 73 for the high in leesburg. 66 in daytona beach. along the coast, the mid and upper 60's. inland the low 70's. it is mainly because of the breeze keeping it a little cooler this afternoon along coastal zones. tomorrow, dry. 72. 75 on your saturday. we are dry across the board until next tuesday. for the daytona 500, looking a-ok. highs in the 70's. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. we are always lovelying those pet photos. >> absolutely. sky 6 has changed the
6:51 am
you can see we have a crash. this is southbound at goldenrod by 408. it looks like a car hit the underpass. it is off the roadway. that's the only accident for the time being. my live cameras look nice. this is i-95 out in the melbourne area. both directions are nice and crystal clear. the rest of your roads including i-4, it is just now picking up with no significant slowdowns for the time being. not yet. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> 6:51. up next, a check of the big stories including breaking news in winter park. >> as police search for clues and evidence. we have the latest on the
6:52 am
february is huge for us. all our handcrafted
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are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each...
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>> >> let's get a check of the big stories with kirsten o'connor in winter park.
6:55 am
the scene in the last 15 minutes. they were here all night searching for clues after two men were found dead in this winter park neighborhood. now we know the discovery was made last night near a home on com stock avenue off fairbanks. police haven't released any details. only saying they believe this was an isolated incident. i'll reach out to police this morning for more information and to find answers about their investigation overnight and we'll post updates as we get them. now to mark lehman live in orlando. >> orlando police expect to continue their search to get results and find a missing newborn. we watched as crews hauled away several dumpsters. she still won't tell investigators what happened to the baby.
6:56 am
child neglect charges. police are looking for the robbers that smashed their way into the cell phone store while customers were inside. police say the men seen in this surveillance photo went into the store near the altamonte mall, started smashing cases and then made off with $15,000 worth of phones. the good thing in all this, no one was hurt. if you have information about what happened, you are urged to call police. >> clear skies overnight led to that without the clouds to act as a blanket. we'll warm to 65 at noon. 72 at 4:00. right now, the 40's and 50's. grab a jacket as you head out door. it will be chilly. we'll take it. >> it will be nice. >> we are close to wrapping it up on this thursday. thank you for starting your day on news 6.
6:57 am
very hungry. wallburgers is opening tonight. they are hosting a big party complete with a concert on church street. >> could go for that right now. >> they have the reality show with that. i don't know if they are doing that. maybe they have cameras here. >> going to be popular. >> thank you for joining us.
6:58 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:59 am
7:00 am
ca captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz dares donald trump to sue him over an attack ad. we reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll. google backs rival apple in its fight against the fbi over phone. how about this?


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