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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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missing newborn baby, one day after a disturbing find in a parking lot. breaking now, the charges its mother now faces. plus -- >> so, yeah, i pretty much gave up. that's why i contacted you. because i knew you guys would get results. >> and we did get results for families and an animal sanctuary stuck with waste piling up for weeks, even months. what you need to know to keep it from happening at your home. good evening everyone. this is news 6 at 7:00. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm lisa bell. >> i'm julie broughton. a man who lives on his boat was suddenly awakened overnight. >> i was scared. i'm not going to lie. it was a scary thing. >> he thinks a whale or whales hit his boat. what he heard moments before and what he's doing now that the dingy he relies on for shore trips is now somewhere lost at sea. >> that's a pretty incredible story. >> yes, it is. >> there's a real investigation
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we'll have more on that. >> new at 7:00, news 6 is getting results. now, how erik is getting results for a sanctuary. >> the folks on this street tell me they were forgotten when it comes to yard waste. the thing is, that's a big deal. look where we are. it is rural. there is lots of land and, therefore, lots of yard waste. >> there are two options out here in rural east orange county when it comes to yard waste. burn it. >> all this is my yard waste. >> or pile it. that's what shirley cannon's
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>> i could burn mine, but why should i have to? my taxes should take care of this. i shouldn't have to burn it. >> after weeks of phone calls to the county and hours on the phone -- >> right off fort christmas road, christmas cemetery road. >> time she doesn't have because she's taking care of these 300 animals. >> i gave up and called you. i knew you would get results. >> news 6 did get results. as soon as i called the county, the public information officer had a truck out here within the hour. but then shirley discovered something else, another change. in the county's collection changeover this year. that she and her neighbors are supposed to stop using plastic bags for yard waste and use cans instead. the supervisor says the machines at the processing plant can't
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>> you got results. >> shirley said that's fine. as long as it gets picked up regularly from now on. >> and the county promises it will be. i should also tell you the supervisor was out here and was asking, please don't use those trash bags for yard waste. as you saw in the video, it takes time for the guys to cut them open and throw the bag away. he says you should have old cans because now they've been replaced by the shiny new rollaway cans. >> well, the county says it apologizes to the homeowners for the temporary inconvenience and reminds them it is still working out the kinks with the new trash collection system. the spokesperson says the problem should all be ironed out within the next month and a half. >> breaking news right now in orange county. a man is charged with murdering his girlfriend's father. this video just came in moments ago as he was taken out the
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his next stop is the orange county jail. he and his girlfriend were both being held for a mental evaluation until now. they've been persons of interest of interest since the 81-year-old man was found dead in his home in taft. the man was previously found not guilty by reason of insanity in the murder of his own mother. we'll have more on this breaking story at 11:00. >> we're tracking breaking news in orlando tonight where a mother has now been arrested, a day of a her newborn baby went missing. >> orlando police say 30-year-old susan richardson told them she gave birth to her baby girl in an apartment yesterday and she says she then discarded the baby. neighbors found an umbilical cord and evidence of a birth in an apartment complex parking lot. police named the girl baby willow. eric sandoval spoke with her father this afternoon. >> where do you think the baby is? >> i don't know where the baby is. i don't believe she left no baby
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i don't believe that. >> what do you think happened? >> i don't know. my point of view, i think she went down the street somewhere and went into labor and left the baby down the street and made it back to the house. >> tonight richardson is charged with aggravated child neglect. orlando police say they need the public's help finding baby willow. if you have any information, call orlando police or crime line immediately. >> we now know the names of a mom and her teenage daughter found murdered inside their home, but there are still no arrests and that has neighbors in that neighborhood on edge. >> i didn't hear no screaming, no hollering and no gunshots, none. >> orange county deputies are not saying if they know who shot and killed 38-year-old maria sanchez and a 16-year-old girl. a man who lived there with them at the home on santa barbara road found the bodies yesterday and ran over to a neighbor's
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>> he fell right there and he was crying. i started hollering. i said "what is wrong with you?" he said "me girlfriend, me girlfriend," he said, "she's on the bathroom floor and i think she's dead." >> deputies have not released any kind of motive why someone would murder the pair. if you have any information, you're asked to call crime line immediately. >> big news about the severe weather that struck florida overnight. the national weather service now confirms two ef-1 tornadoes touched down in miami-dade and broward counties between 7 and 8:00 this morning. in papineau beach, you can see debris everywhere. wind gusts topped 65 miles per hour in miami. it was strong enough to overturn a semi on i-95, snarling traffic for miles. in fort lauderdale, you can see the storms destroyed beach furniture, and destroyed the
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>> it's been crazy. we've seen everything in south florida and northwest florida as well. fortunately we had no serious damage despite some tornado warnings in our area this morning. >> now, news 6 was there for you, pinpointing the storms live, but after they passed, the weather turned picture-perfect. take a live look at this beautiful evening in downtown orlando. it really is stellar out there. let's check in with chief meteorologist tom sorrells to see how long the beautiful weather is going to stick around. >> several days. it's hard to believe it's all been the same day. it's just crazy. look at radar. they cleaned it up so fast, even down south from miami to the keys. the rain is gone. the showers have moved away and everything is good. we've rebound very nicely today to a daytime high of 77. the overnight low this morning was 59. you look at that versus the normals and we're just crushing it. 68 in orlando and melbourne 68. it's 59 degrees in marion county in ocala. the on-the-town forecast in orlando tonight, mostly clear. temperatures dropping through
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we'll be down to 62 by 10:00. come the 11:00 hour, it's 61. i'll be right back to talk about a very mild night tonight. no more storms and then we'll look all the way down, not only tomorrow but all the way into your weekend. >> tom, thank you. meteorologist candace campos talked to people today. >> this was not due to storm damage. this is her tuesday pinpoint weather patrol. >> we made it to our last stop on the pinpoint weather road trip. we're in beautiful thornton park on a very nice evening. if you're coming out here for dinner later on tonight, maybe even pick outdoor seating because tonight is going to be feeling very nice. let's pinpoint the weather forecast for folks living or coming out to thornton park tonight. temperatures are cooling down into the mid-50's in the overnight hours. look what's ahead for your wednesday. hump day temperatures back in the mid to low 70's. plenty of sunshine and no rain to speak of. for now, though, in thornton park, i'm candace campos for news 6.
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new at 7:00, a whale of a mystery in the water. sky 6 flew over ponce inlet earlier today. we spotted captain jim woods and his boat. >> and captain woods tells news 6 he is stranded there because he thinks of a whale. >> he woke up to a loud noise and a thump as he was sailing to see family members in palm bay. but the whale encounter in ponce inlet has left him stuck with no motor, no sail and no dingy. he shared his story with news 6 reporter loren korn. >> i don't know if you can see behind me, but that's the captain out there who says a whale slammed into his boat, leaving him stranded out here without a dingy. the f.w.c. is verifying if in fact it was a whale and if so, alerting everyone to be on the lookout. >> a 30-year dream to sail the ocean turned into a frightening ordeal for the captain. >> i'm not going to lie. it was a scary thing. >> he was sailing to ponce inlet around 2:00 in the morning on
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>> i heard whale songs very close. it sounded like. and then heard a blow hole go off from a whale. >> moments later -- >> i felt a huge tug at the back of the boat. the dingy was trailing mind me 30 feet or so, gave or take, and it was gone. >> back on course, the whale crashed into his boat. >> i was happy to find no water was coming in. that was the biggest concern. >> he says 30 feet of the rope attached to this dingy is now gone. the remainder of the rope had possibly whale skin on it and turned it over to f.w.c. to verify. they say if it was a whale, they need to find the dingy fast. >> it could be entangled. that's a concern for us.
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he's okay and has enough food and water for now, but certainly a story to tell. >> it's definitely an experience. >> crazy story. the fish and wildlife commission says it will take a while to confirm if it was a whale that hit the boat. if you spot the dingy or rope, give them a call. >> well, we're one of the nation's top tourist destination. so orange county is bracing for the zika virus. >> why are the county will soon be going door to door to keep it from spreading. >> these are breathless and weightless. >> seaworld reveals new details about the thrill ride it hopes will reel in more guests this summer. why the park says there will be nothing faster than mako. >> speaking of speed, we're now just days away from the first daytona 500 since the speedway's extreme make-over. the milestone released today
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up. we're getting results here on
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>> well, with millions of travelers coming from around the world to visit here, orange county is worried about the zika virus. >> so far, there's only one local case in osceola county. >> but orange county is taking action. >> try to get the word out about something with standing water, covering up and using mosquito repellant. >> mosquito patrol workers are going to go door to door, spreading the word and looking for standing water. the mosquito that carries zika only breeds in artificial containers. >> crews at orlando international airport are also trying to prevent the virus from spreading. they're spraying for mosquitos on the property there and posting newsletters all over the airport to make sure people stay informed about the virus. get results and stay informed about zika symptoms and prevention on just look for the story on our home page.
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stadium seats have sold out for this sunday's daytona 500. race fans will still be there with more than 100,000 of their closest friends. here's some good news. the seats are wider. bad news is there are 30% fewer of them than before the renovation. now, if you haven't made your plans just yet, there are still infield tickets available. >> seaworld orlando is hoping to draw thrill seekers with its new attraction. it's always promised there will be nothing faster than the mako roller coaster now under construction >> today seaworld showed off the first coaster car. no surprise. it looks like a mako shark. but there's more to it than a sleek shark. it can carry 28 riders at a time and it uses magnetic brakes to stop the 96 wheels that will roll riders along the rails at
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>> the coaster will drop down and you're still floating up there. it's going to leave them breathless and weightless. >> oh, my. with no shoulder restraints, the track will not flip upside down. it's designed for speed and air time at 200 feet high. it will be the tallest coaster in central florida. mako is due to open this summer. >> 70 miles per hour it's like dropping you down on i-4 and letting you go. >> it's like the big drive with no shoulder restraints. >> no good can come from that. >> now to some real sharks. this incredible video has gone viral and when you take a closer look and you see all those black dots, you now know why. those black dots are also sharks. tens of thousands of black-tipped sharks near the coast of palm beach county. researchers say this is part of their annual migration. the shot is just going on and on and on and there are people in little boats there.
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look in that water. they're so clear. >> i once went in a helicopter over the gulf of mexico and it was incredible to see all of the marine life down there. and people are swimming, no idea. >> no clue. >> i like it nice and chlorinated. >> there you go. >> come on. they're not there to eat you. they're not. they're there to eat fish. they would have taken a bite of you a long time ago. >> yeah, i guess. >> i was trapped inside the last couple of hours. i did not get to see the sunset. i'm talking beautiful. thank you so much for all of the storm pins. we start with carrie in clermont. everyone was in on the deal. tonight with the cloud cover, look at this one, from melbourne. look at this one from altamonte springs. and one more, bam! gorgeous shots tonight. thank you so much for everyone who submitted a storm pin. download storm pins in your app store for free. right now, you can look at all the shots that came in.
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they're all beautiful. thank you. radar tonight is cleaned up. we've got no echoes to track. everything is way down south or gone. how did we do? that's going to be the big question. we picked up a bunch of rain early this morning before the sunrise. a half-inch in orlando down to kissimmee. palm coast almost half-inch. almost three-quarters at the cape. and then the rain is gone. the day turned out beautiful. right now in daytona beach, we're back to 63 degrees. in melbourne, 68 with winds from the southwest at 6. 66 is the current reading in sanford and still 70 in kissimmee. wind speed tonight slowing down as the evening has rolled in. 7-mile-an-hour wind in the villages, 6 in leesburg and sanford and orlando and kissimmee, down to melbourne. as we go through the night tonight, the wind does continue to chill out. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome,
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a big 10. >> thank you. >> a big 10 on the sorrells scale. >> what's that bike? >> that's a harley-davidson. >> was that you? >> it is. you see that motorcycle, don't hit that guy. >> satellite and radar together showing the progress of the cold front that made it off share. dry air settled on the backside of it. we're looking at dry conditions tonight. on the water vapor loop, it's a little easier to track the dry air aloft. you can see it checked out. that's the moisture streaming back in at the upper levels. that will be a passing patch of cloud cover during the overnight. that will do it, not only for tonight but tomorrow as well. everything is good to go. lows tonight, 40's and 50's. i'm going 52 in orlando. here is tomorrow. first thing in the morning, we're at 53. by noon, 70. daytime high tomorrow, back to 74. and then the hits keep on coming. thursday's high, 71. friday, 74. saturday and sunday, both just
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>> it looks like you have some tens on the sorrells scale lined up. >> i said last night, why don't i record this and you play a recording while i'm gone. >> don't let anyone in on that secret. everyone is going to want to do it. >> some people do it. >> thank you, tom. >> there's something not everyone knows about the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> he told more jokes and got more laughs than any other of
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>> we've been investigating this story for the last two months. you're not going to believe this. you know how they say they have apps for everything? they have an app that helps students prepare for tests. we've uncovered a twist. are you ready for this? the app lets the kids cheat on the test. they get the answers. >> there are some questions where at the end of it, i learned nothing. but i got an a. >> from what we can tell, this is happening in high schools and colleges, not only in florida
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who's benefitting and who loses? we'll have the answers, tonight at 11:00 on news 6. >> and after news 6 at 11:00 it's "the late show with stephen colbert" >> colbert remembers antonin scalia. >> not a lot of people laughed in the front row. some people laughed in the back of the room, but the important people in the front row, it was mostly silent while i gave the speech. while i had a good time giving the speech, when it was over, no one was even making eye contact with me. the one exception was antonin scalia. when i was making jokes about him, because what had happened was he had been caught by photographers a week before the dinner doing this to the photographers. so i did this to him. i did this to him while he was -- i did not gestures at him and after it was over, he came up to me, again, no one is talking to
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antonin scalia comes up to me and says, "great, great, did you give me one of these?" and i said, "sir, first i want to ask, would that be legal for me to do?" and he said, "of course it would be legal." and so i said, "yeah, i gave you one of these." >> and so he left and i thought, don't make me love you, old man. >> tonight colbert interviews donald trump. thanks for watching news 6 at 7:00. >> "inside edition" is next. >> see you back here at 11:00 tonight.
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taylor swift. >> swift revenge. >> there will be people along the way who take credit for your accomplishments. >> and beyonce's defiant message to america after her controversial super bowl appearance. >> some will react, some will respond and some will be moved. family. why they are so upset with this >> it's really insulting. >> inside the grammys. [barking].


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