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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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across the country it is time for america's favorite jackpot game. get ready, this is powerball. tonight's jackpot, more than $171 million. the first number up is 7. followed by 15. we are heading to iowa, winner of $50,000. congratulations. the rest of the numbers, 36, 18, 19. your powerball is 20, and your multiplier is 2.
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>> very good. >> anchor: a painful night for friends of a former student shot and killed at a local country chub, in minutes, a live report and the hate on the other two victims, and arrest. first, the political battle, already heating up over who had replace the hate supreme court justice who died in his sheep. thanks for joining us. we brought this to you as breaking news at 6:00, supreme court justice scalia died of natural causes, since then, the president announced he will name a nominee very soon. the republican presidential candidates, you saw them here, are pushing pack hard. what is at stake, why the replacement will affect our
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generation. >> reporter: supreme court justice made his mark during his three decades on the supreme court. he asked more questions and made more comments than any other justice, and was known for his personality and brilliant legal mind. he was found dead this morning, when he didn't show up for breakfast at a resort in west texas. ronald reagan chose him for the highway court in 1986, he was the longest serving member of the court. >> we honor his service to our nation, and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> he was born innage, his family moved to queens, college took him to yorktown and harvard he was a strong advocate for gun rights, privacy, and consistently voted to let states outhaw abortion.
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rose about one of the court's most famous decisions, that led to president bush taking the white house instead of al for. >> in the national interest, they have to get this over with. >> the remedy is also subject to the discretion. >> extraordinary individual, admired by his colleagues. >> his absence can't be over stated. it will change potentially the balance of the supreme court. remember, it is narrowly divided 5-4, 5 conservatives, four liberals. his death enables president obama to nominate a third justice to the high court, but may not be able to get past the republican congress before the next presidential election. >> anchor: the presidential candidates took to twitter to react to the death. ted cruz called the late justice an american hero.
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offered thoughts and prayers to the family. and donald trump tweeted, a totally unexpected loss. hear what the republican candidates said during tonight's debate in a few minutes. we heard from our senator nelson quote, i am stunned, six he seemed to be in the prime of his life. our thoughts and prayers are with his family. i take very seriously our constitutional responsibility to fill this vacancy. we will post any developments overnight on the death and his replacement on the state-wide manhunt for the accused trigger man who shot three college students killing one of them at a daytona beach country club is over tonight. police got results, just in the past few hours, we were at an emotional vigil for those three victims. you talked to police. what are they saying about the suspected shooter?
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the suspect is cooperating and talking with detectives here at the police department. tonight university students gathered to remember and pray for the victims of the triple shoot that is shaking up the campus. >> just a friend. everybody really hostage. >> university students gathered at the quad saturday night, lighting candles and holding balloons, to remember 2-year-old johnson. >> good kid, always smiling, cracking jokes, good guy. it is sad that happened like that. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened early saturday morning, at the golf club house. officers he got into a fight with the suspect, 2-year-old.
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the loser of the fight fires three shots. >> reporter: he was fatally shot in the head. two other students were also shot. both are expected to be ok. >> typical friday night, what college kids do. they have a party. and nobody expects when you are in college you end up like this. >> reporter: students coping with the loss of a fellow student and friend. >> you have to push forward. i know he would appreciate that. wrapped around us, he will watch after us. >> reporter: facing first-degree murder and attempted murder charges. i just checked with the jail. so far he has not been booked yet. police are expecting him to go before a judge tomorrow. live from daytona beach. >> anchor: we will be there when he does. we want to show you where the shooting happened, inside the club house.
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minutes from the campus, just north of the deltona international speedway. there are homes all around the chub house. people tell us they are concerned about the recent spike in gun violence there. >> close to home, to have some shooting in our neighborhood. this is twice in two weeks. it is a little disturbing. college kids, party, have fun, but the age we are with guns and everything, it is a little scary >> anchor: we will keep monitoring this story and friday you new developments start at 6:00, and of course on if you have been outside tonight you know it is chilly. the heat is coming back, tomorrow is warmer, and then head for the 80's. >> we really had a beautiful day with lots of blue sky, that was courtesy of a coop coming through early this morning, so
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it is a good thing during the day, but at night when you don't have cloud cover, you don't have insulation, it gets cold very quickly. we are down to 50 in orlando and sanford. upper 40's ocala, 49 in palm coast. you only hit 59 for the high today. so it has been cool all day. we are looking at mid and upper 50's, the brevard coast. mostly clear skies overnight, temperatures bottoming out near 45 in orlando. upper 30 showing up once again in marion county. there's some very warm temperatures on the way. i will let you know when they get here in just a bit. >> anchor: more on the 9th g.o.p. presidential debate, it just wrapped up on news 6, it was a war of words between many of the candidates. things got heated between donald trump and jeb bush over the war in iraq. >> obviously the war is a big
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george bush made a mistake. that one was a beauty. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security appear patterns to keep us safe. >> anchor: the south carolina primary is a week away, and may decide who continues in the race for marco rubio, a chance to redeem himself after faltering in the last debate in new hampshire. >> a tax plan that is profamily, because it is the most important institution in oat. >> anchor: voters go to the polls next saturday in north carolina. seminole county deputies are searching for the missing man, robert williams, and need your help to get results. they say he left his house in altamonte springs yesterday morning, on a bmx bike. he is 22. his family says he has a diminished mental capacity and does not have his medication. if you see him, call police. a huge mess on i-95 in brevard county slowed down traffic for a
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county because most drivers were trying to get a look at this, a tractor-trailer carrying boxes of fruit rolled down an embankment. the trailer fell apart, breaking into pieces. rescuers say fortunately there were only minor injuries. a brevard county family came home to a car in their kitchen. this is the second time in two months. no one was home when it happened overnight fortunately. the driver is ok. it wrecked a good part of the house. you can see furniture and cabinets, snapped into pieces. they live in the sun tree area of melbourne and say a different car barreled through the same window in december. >> december 10, where i also had a car come through the sun room.
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now the car comes completely through the front room into the house. >> anchor: the drive from december was charged with d.u.i. we are asking about the driver from last night. hundreds, even thousands of sharks are invading florida waters, and tonight we have the video to prove it. next, the incredible images and why researchers say the sharks are here. plus, what are your plans for valentine's day? how about building a house? together? >> anchor: sounds like building skills. we are going to have a cool start to valentine's day, but very nice afternoon. today, upper 60's. even a few low 70's. the 80's had be back soon. >> orlando. >> anchor: dozens of couples getting hitched high in the sky, 400 feet up.
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>> anchor: tells of thousands of sharks are invading the waters near the south florida coast. now, you see all of these gray specs, they are hard to see.
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take a closer look. we paused this frame of video shot by a biological sciences professor, so you can see how many we are looking at. he says in this picture, there are more than 150. this is actually an aerial black tip shark migration survey, a flight above the clear atlantic to try to capture the migration. one thing stood out to the professor. >> interesting because there were hardly any sharks south from miami to boynton peach. then singer island was loaded, literally tells of thousands. >> anchor: he is still trying to figure out why they are attracted to that area, and notice he is not talking about central florida. we are happy about that. for the first time ever, habitat for humanity is getting into the spirit of valentine's day,
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help build a home. a number of couples spent the day hammering away with future home owners, volunteers, and maybe even that someone special. maybe they didn't know it, they realized they had a common building bond. they were building a home in butler preserve, with hard hat and plenty of love. one couple told us they looked forward to the hard work. >> valentine's day is her birthday, so to celebrate, we could not think of any better way than to give back. it was her idea. this is what she wanted to do. could not be happier. >> anchor: organizers say they could host more events like this in the future since today went so well. happy valentine's day to 30 lucky couples who had the chance to get married in orlando 400 feet in the air. they brought their own bouquet and up to six guests to say
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some came to renew their vows. >> my wife, 12 years, renewing our vows. exciting, could not think of a better place. >> 400 from the air, sharing, real love in the air. >> anchor: this was the coolest thing. quick ceremony. lasts 20 minutes. most of the celebrating happened on the ground. here's my tip. you. >> listen, everybody. >> anchor: so buy your flowers the day after valentine's day. wait until monday. jamie is halving at me. if your other half puts up with it. they are a quarter of the price. again, you have to have a very special loved one. >> she is ok. we are economical. >> this from the guy who says, i say, what are you getting your wife for mother's day, receipts
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last week. >> that was one time, it was a joke because i knew it would get you, it did, apparently, you remember that. yes. >> you are a good husband. i love it that you let me tease you like that. >> you are great at it. keep it up. >> ok. well. >> anchor: great day tomorrow. >> great day tomorrow. except maybe, just one little fly in the ointment as you are running around to get flowers perhaps. we have a cold front that is over south florida, this came through our area earlier this morning. not much consequence with it. we did have a few clouds early on, but bright blue sky outside of that through the afternoon. and overall, pretty comfortable temperatures, although we were a little below average as far as the high. speaking of, here they are, we
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normally that would be closer to 74, 68 in sanford. just 60 in palm coast. 56 in ocala, and here you see the mid and upper 60's from cape canaveral to melbourne. right now, we are in the 40's. up in palm coast, 46 in ocala, it will be a chilly night for you. 48 in the villages. mid 50's new smyrna beach, and we are down to 50 in orlando. central florida orange county, we drop another 5 or so, mostly clear skies, 43 by vup in sanford. 42 in leesburg, and you will be the chilliest spot in ocala, expecting overnight low for you around 37. the clouds and rain forecast, we continue with clear skies through early morning of sunday. look what starts to happen as we head toward 7:00 a.m. notice clouds building off the coast, we also have a lot of showers, and these are very light. they are not going to have a lot of luck holding together as they
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look what happens through our valentine's day, this is noon. if this does translate into rain it will be very, very light and short lived. there's certainly a possibility from flagler to brevard county, as the rain tries to move inland it will not be able to hole together, so 3:00, spattering of a few sprinkles here and there, primarily at the coast, and that will continue through 6:00 sunday evening. a chilly start for sure, we start at 46, 8:00 a.m. in orlando. 64 noon, heading up to a high of 70. press close to where we were today. monday, we warm up, and hit 75, then tuesday, our next system approaches. before we are going to see very warm temperatures, we are pack in the lower 80's tuesday afternoon. with 30% chance of scattered
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it is all in good fun. we are good friends. you have a wonderful family. >> anchor: that is the nicest thing i think you have said to me. you heard it on air. thank you. >> tonight's jackpot is worth $42 million. the multiplier is 5. this evening, 37, 9, 23, 21, 53, and 10. now fantasy 5, imagine winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. your numbers tonight, 33, 22, 28
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> anchor: i was helping at a community night a few weeks ago.
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>> how did you do? >> anchor: entertained. >> anchor: i have a great idea for the magic. every play should be a break away dunk for gordon. he could make tonight his night and steal the nba spotlight for all star weekend. all he had to do was wow them in the dunk contest and win. the 20-year-old said he wanted to be in the contest since he was a kid. >> orlando magic, gordon, here he is. >> crazy stuff. stuff the magic mascot, on hover board reverse jam, great call. he celebrates. check it out. in slow motion. look how high he gets. a perfect score for that. that was the second. number three, he is using the mascot again.
11:27 pm
another perfect score. in my opinion, he should have won. he and champion go to extra dunks, and he won with that. but, he settles for second. more fans in the nba now know who he is, and what he can do. it was great. the unofficial start to the sprint cup racing season, 75 lap all star type race with no points at stake. it can get crazy, drivers, number one, win, two, shake off rust. three, try to keep the car intact. this is an introduction of the 25 drivers for the first race of the year. lap 23, vicars, driving the 14 car for stewart, recovering from a broken back. it is on.
11:28 pm
the fan favorite, junior, his car, ripped off, johnson in tight traffic. gets bumped. goes spinning. damage, undiagnosed. he has not finished in six years. with three laps to go, the back stretch, that takes out busch, edwards. nascar adapted overtime rules. we go to overtime, for good measure, one more crash in the final lap. they race to the checkered flag. it is won by hamlin. he was able to escape all the carnage all night to claim the unlimited. >> total team effort, like the championship, we won, and this is a great win. >> anchor: tonight was a warm-up. next sunday, deltona 500. you're looking at honorary
11:29 pm
soon to be baseball hall of famer and orlando resident will take part in the 500 festivities. is he soccer begins its second season in three weeks, march 6 at the citrus bowl. tonight, they made a trip up north to take on jacksonville. a preseason game. there has been trash talking, orlando city should win. first half, we want to see a lot more of those this season. the lions up 1-0 at half. the second half, armada, seizing his opportunity. free kick by edwards, tying the game at 1. then later jacksonville scores the go-ahead. orlando city falls, 2-1 in preseason. so the trash tracking will continue.


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