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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello again, i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. roars winds an -- roar i go winds and an arctic blast. the conditions are whipping flags all over the area. as wjz found this morning, parkas, heavy coats, gloves and hats are in full effect. in western maryland there is snow. this is a shot of route 68 outside of garrett county. the roads are clear and plenty of white on the grass. outside in our area it's gray, windy and chilly out there. we are not seeing any significant precipitation of any kind. wjz is live with first warning coverage. marty is in druid park with the mobile weather lab. chelsea ingram is updating the temperatures. >> good afternoon, jess. good afternoon, everybody. let me direct you to state radar. this is back a couple of hours.
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we have moisture over us but not much falling at this time. we did see a couple of snowflakes and more in western maryland. current temperatures now -- keep in mind we reached the high after midnight at 52 at the airport. now dropping to 38 degrees. that is where we are sitting now. colder in western maryland, 25 in oakland. we are from about four degrees to ten degrees, 13 cooler than we were this time 24 hours ago. we are ten degrees cooler in baltimore. temperatures will only continue to drop. let's go out to marty live at the wjz mobile weather lab. he has more to talk to you about. how cold is it, marty. >> it's cold. let's take a look at the automated equipment in the mobile weather lab. 37.4. we got a windchill that jumped up to 32. it has been averaging 24, 25. the winds, it's incredible. like when you have a squeak in your car and you take it to the
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service station, we don't hear anything. the winds just all of a sudden died down but we have been looking at steady winds, not necessarily a gust but steady over 13 miles per hour. that has been giving us windchills of about 25 here in druid hill park. let me look at that. amazing on the air 2.8. we have been out here shivering. statewide impressive numbers. look at western maryland. everybody is averaging -- by the way, with chins in the second half, averaging 10- degree drop with the windchills. when you get to western maryland where we showed you the mdot camera, we are in the low teens, low to mid-20s locally. in your neighborhood, it will feel quilt, quite -- quite, quite cold through the afternoon. the big hit, the vortex will descend on us tonight. some of the overnight numbers are looking impressive. the low record is 22 degrees.
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we will be about that close to it. meteorologist chelsea ingram talks about the cold tonight and continuing through tomorrow in the first warning weather and traffic segment. now back to the warmer inside. >> all right, marty. check in with wjz for first warning coverage. we will keep you updated on any threat of severe weather along with information on closings and delays. baltimore city police were up early turning up the heat on a number of suspects wanted for murder. wjz is there when police take in one of the targets. rochelle ritchie was there as they raided a home. good afternoon, rochelle. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. this raid is one of many the city plants to carry out until -- plans to carry out until every suspected is convicted and behind bars. baltimore police are not playing any games taking down suspected criminals and gang members and their associates across the city one at a time
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any day, any hour. this morning wjz road along as officers conducted search and seizure warrants in the district. our cameras roll as neighbors are awakened to a loud bang, not from gunshots but a police ramrod. the ride is a success. police found their intended target. he is placed in custody and taken to jail. his fate is the same that they plan to happened out to other wanted criminals. >> since 2010 the oliver commute suffered through the loss of 11 lives due to gun violence and additional 16 incidents in which people suffered nonfatal gunshot wounds. the numerous raids are in response to the bloodshed that terrorized neighborhoods from east to west. indictments were handed down to a gang who police blame for much of the senseless violence. >> in many areas of the city,
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they are known to fuel their dominance through the sale and distribution of narcotics, acts of violation and intimidation, firearms and other serious crimes. >> reporter: the raid turned up several drugs including heroin and cocaine. >> the individuals within the community distributing the heroin and cocaine grew up in the community. they are being insue evens -- influenced by b.g.f. >> reporter: the state attorney's office indicted a total of 68 people in the last five days. we are live this afternoon, rochelle ritchie. some suspected gang members were arrested at part of the raid. what happens when they go to prison? tonight at 11:00, an exclusive. vic carter speaks with the former security chief and speaks about how gangs took control of the detention center tonight at 11:00 here on wjz. the situation is turning
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desperate in the philippines as help is slowly starting to arrive. millions are struggling to survive. almost 2,000 are dead, a number that is certain to keep rising. tina krause reports for wjz. >> reporter: the filipino military struggles to keep order. 800,000 people were evacuated in advance of the typhoon. many that remain are trying to get out. >> everything is gone, our houses, everything. there is nothing to eat, to drink. >> reporter: the typhoon damaged or destroyed an estimated 23,000 homes, displace willing more than 600,000 people. many of the dead remain unburied. this woman says rescuers have not come back in days and asks why haven't they returned to recover the bodies. severe food and water shortages are adding to the crisis. aid organizations like the red
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cross are beginning to arrive. local doctors say they are running low on medicine. more u.s. military help is coming. >> we will go as fast as we possibly can and get there as soon as we can to get there to help the people in need. >> reporter: c 130 cargo planes are flying in tons of food, water and other supplies. but with the city in ruins, many are waiting for help. tina krause, wjz, eyewitness news. >> you can help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. catholic relief services is taking your donations now. you can log on to the owner of the miami dolphins is vowing to get to the bottom of the allegations of hazing. ron matz has the latest. >> reporter: he made his first public statements saying that
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he is appalled. the nfl is investigating the accusations including those against suspended player ritchie incognito. incognito spoke over the weekend insisting that the two are friends. ross who exchanged texts with continue plans -- martin plans to meet with him personally tomorrow. >> i would like to hear from him what happened, why he felt that way and the whole origin, what we did, what we could have done to really prevent something like this from happening. >> reporter: ross has formed an independent advisory group that will review conduct policies to make the dolphins a model for the nfl. don, back to you. >> thank you, ron. ross apologized to fans and says his team will come out of this scandal as a better organization. last night without inning to night to, the dolphins -- incognito, the dolphins lost to the buccaneers. ravens take on the bears live
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at 1:00 on sunday. stay here after the game for a special wjz postgame coverage. we will bring you highlights, reaction and analysis. a full day of ravens football live here on wjz 13. still to come on "wjz eyewitness news at noon," a dash cam captures the moment a state trooper and suspect go over a guardrail. find out how the story ends. >> watching tv and making phone calls. should dzhokhar tsarvaev be allowed to do those things. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's cloudy and 38 degrees. first warning forecast is coming up. lawyers for dzhokhar tsarvaev are heading to court to ask a judge to ease restrictions placed on him while he awaits trial. the attorneys say special administrative measures are impairing their ability to defend him. the measures often used in
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terrorism cases restrict access to the media, telephone and visitors. a u.s. senator's son is dead following a plane crash in oklahoma. the son of republican senator died when the small plane he was piloting crashed sunday. witnesses say the plane swirling into the ground. he was the only one on board. ntsb is investigating. dramatic dash-cam video is released of a trooper and suspect falling from a highway overpass. the trooper was chasing the suspect who fled on foot. the suspect climbed on the guardrail of the overpass. the trooper grabbed him. they both went over. they fell about 30 feet. the trooper is out of the hospital. a portion of a street in chicago is literally swallowed by a massive sinkhole. the 20 by 80-foot hole came
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within feet of homes and the hole is growing bigger. it's believed a hole in a pipe going to one of the houses forced it to erode. repairs are underway. still ahead on "wjz eyewitness news at noon," we have a live look from the wjz mobile weather lab about the windy conditions in druid hill park. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. welcome back to eyewitness news at noon. hold on. we have a low tech wind gauge right here. pocket square is good for a couple of things. baltimore football shire raids, throw the flag. personal foul. mother nature 15 yards. move it to spring. chelsea, it's a bit brisk out here. tonight will get people's attention, don't you think. >> it certainly will. what you did got everyone's attention too, i think. pretty funny. temperatures are on the cool side. we reached the high temperature after midnight. at the airport around 52 degrees unofficially. take a look at the currents. 38 degrees at the airport. in western maryland 25 in oakland all the way up to 40 and 41 degrees in pax river.
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dew point at 16 degrees. we have dried out quite a bit. across the region locally, temps ranging from 38 in westminster to 41 in d.c. and up in bel air. current winds are on the blustery side. that is making it feel cooler than it is. chilly temps are behind the cold front roaring through the mid-atlantic and northeast. notice this clear dry air filtering in behind the front. that will bring us the coldest air of the season as we head into the overnight hours tonight and into wednesday. temps will bottom out in the low to mid-20s. near record lows as we head into the overnight tonight. we don't have the coldest air over us yet. notice near minneapolis 28 there. 29 chicago. that is heading into our neighborhood, not until tonight
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and wednesday. wednesday and thursday, notice high pressure continues to move farther and farther south. as it does, the winds will make a shift out of the south and eventually warm up as we head into thursday and friday to near seasonal norms. bay temperature 55 degrees. we have a as a matter of fact in effect through wednesday. today 45, blustery and colder. the average for this time of year around 58. 25 tonight. temps fall to near record lows. 22 at bwi. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun with a cold win. a little warm up in the five- day that we will get to. >> it was so warm at 4:30 this morning. >> still to come, our movie ratings doing their jobs when it comes to violence? an answer coming up. ,,
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in health watch, a type of metal used in cell phone production may increase the risk of stroke. a new study found that people that live near phone production plants may be exposed to high levels of the metal tong stun. during the production process
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small amounts of the metal can make it into the water supply. those affected are twice as likely to suffer a stroke. if you allow your child to watch pg 13 movies, you may want to watch it first. the amount of violence is up dramatically. it re -- violent shootings in pg 13 films tripled since the rating was introduced in 1985. >> be sure to check back in with eyewitness news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. the recovery is barely beginning. the latest on the fight for survival there. >> more changes to the way we travel. the new technology that may allow passengers to carry liquids without security concerns. ,,,,,,
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my son needs health coverage in case of emergency. health coverage keeps my out-of-pocket expenses down. narrator: shop, compare, and select your health coverage at from october through march and you'll choose from more than 80 medical and dental plans. i'm getting financial help to cover the costs. ♪ gotta have it, gonna get it ♪ ♪ at ♪ narrator: visit or call 1-855-642-8572. >> welcome back to eyewitness news at noon. a month ago there were leaves right there. now they are right there. a month and a half from now there will be snow on those leaves. let's not go there. plenty cold tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. even thursday it will be chilly. we move it up to the low 50s. friday and saturday not looking
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bad. shower activity comes our way sunday. a momentary hit of arctic cold. now back inside. don't miss the prime timeline up on wjz. a person of interest followed by "eyewitness news at 11:00". >> thanks so much for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13, maryland's news station. have a wonderful day. stay warm. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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