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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 12, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a desperate situation in the philippines. nearly 10 million people affected by the super typhoon all in need of help as relief supplies trickle in. the obama administration braces for more backlash against the president's health care law. new numbers show the first month of open enrollment yielded only a fraction of new customers that the white house had hoped for. and words for war. two veterans help their fellow soldiers share their feelings on life during wartime in just a few short words. >> it's incredible on what six words can say and how different each one is. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 12th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. in the philippines this morning, a massive relief effort is slowly taking shape, survivors of typhoon haiyan say shortages of food, water and medicine and shelter. unu.s. military officer described the scene as overwhelming. authorities say the death toll could top 10,000. philippines president benigno akein fo haquino has declared a state of national calamity. today, back in the philippines, under stormy skies, thousands of survivors stormed the airport in hard-hit tacloban, desperate to get out. >> it's pretty hard here. everything's gone. our houses. everything. there's nothing to eat, nothing to drink. >> reporter: four days after the storm hit the magnitude of the destruction, it's still unfolding. the city of tacloban with a population of 220,000 was hit
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with the full force of the storm and all but wiped off the map. >> every building here is either significantly damaged or destroyed. >> reporter: hospitals and pharmacies were washed away, leaving health care workers desperate for medicines. decomposing bodies litter the streets. stores have been looted and people are desperate. an international relief effort has begun. the "u.s.s. george washington" and other u.s. navy ships are expected to arrive off the coast within days. philippines officials say over 9 million people were affected by the storm. in the united states, victims' relatives trying to reach and help loved ones, collecting emergency supplies and raising money. >> my mother and youngest sister were holding on to a refrigerator, floating around in muck for 45 minutes. they put the young children inside the refrigerator. >> reporter: call centers like this one in philadelphia are trying to put families in touch,
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but communications are difficult. >> we direly need help. this is for real. this is help. >> this morning, relief efforts are being hampered by some more rough weather. officials are trying to move supplies from the island of cebu to tacloban. cbs news contributor barnaby lo is in cebu with more relief efforts. barnaby. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. aid has started arriving here in the central philippines. this is the reason, of course, it was battered by typhoon haiyan. the cargo plane has just arrived. the u.s. has sent a plane load of equipment but can't help clear the roads for aides to get to millions of people who need it very badly. in tacloban city, millions have lost their homes, they're sleeping under pouring rains, they do not have enough food and water so they've been looting the grocery stores.
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but there is another storm, like you meth you mentioned that just made landfall in the southern philippines and it's bringing thunderstorms to the region as well. it's already hampered relief efforts. now stranded in ports here at the air base, soldiers continue to load relief goods on military aircraft, though it's unclear whether they can get to tacloban city which is one of the worst hit by haiyan. >> barn floridaby, you have been there since the storm hit on friday. i know you had a hotel close to the shore. tell us what you the experience was like when the typhoon came ashore. >> it was the most terrifying experience of my life. the winds were not just howling. usually, winds from typhoons are howling as they're coming in one direction. but this wind was coming from all -- and when we hid inside the building, the building was shaking like there was an earthquake. and then the storm surge because
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the water was rising right beside the building, and it was 12 to 14 feet, luckily, it did not reach where we were. the ceilings were caving in, the roofs were flying. it was terrifying. terrifying doesn't even begin to describe it, anne-marie. >> i'm wondering, we see video of you moving from outside of the building, inside of the building, then on to the second floor. what sort of information were you given about how to protect yourself under those circumstances? or were you just simply moving to higher ground as quickly as possible? >> well, we were actually trying to get to the city because we knew that there was going to be a storm surge. of course, it was too late by then. the typhoon had made landfall. but we had no choice but to stay at the hotel. we tried to go to where there was cover. but the water was rising so quickly, so we went to the second floor. there was debris flying all over so we went back to the ground floor and the water was quickly
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rising. we went back to the second floor. went to another room and hoping we would get protected from that, but the ceiling starts caving in. we went from one room to another, just really hoping we would survivor the storm. >> barnaby, i'm glad you're okay. it's quite a story. barnaby lo in cebu island, thank you very much. folks in parts of the midwest and northeast will see the first snow of the season. an arctic-like blast of cold air is moving across the country and into the mid-atlantic. this morning, snow showers are possible from philadelphia to boston. overnight, snow began to fall in northern indiana, lake-effect snow is expected in chicago and northern michigan as well. and this week on capitol hill, the affordable care act remains on center stage. those who helped develop the health care website will testify and are sure to be asked about security issues. meanwhile, it's supported that participation in obama care is dramatically less than expected. susan mcginnis is in washington, susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie.
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here's the latest, the main digital architect of the website is going to testify here tomorrow. the hearing is about technical problems with the site. this is henry chao who has told congressional investigators he was unaware of any security risks when he recommended the site go live on october 1st. meanwhile, this is the week the white house promised those early enrollment numbers for and ahead of those, we have early industry estimates. >> reporter: industry analysts confirm to cbs news the number signing up for health care falls far short of the government's target. "the wall street journal" reports fewer than 50,000 people have made it through to purchase health insurance. the white house had hoped for 500,000 in just the first month. administration officials won't confirm the enrollment numbers. but over the past few weeks, they have been trying to lower expectations because of technical problems with the site. >> the enrollment numbers which
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will be the first month of enrollment, are likely to be quite low, given the struggles that people have had getting access to the site and getting information. >> reporter: states running their own exchanges are also struggling. cbs news has learned about 49,000 people signed up for coverage so far. secretary sebelius says is expected to be fully functional by the end of the month, and that should help boost enrollment figures going forward. also here on friday, the house votes on a bill that would extend the health insurance policies for those facing cancellation on january 1st because of the health care law. anne-marie. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you, susan. in michigan an autopsy confirmed 19-year-old renisha mcbride died of a gunshot wound to her face while on a porch. mcbride is african-american and her killing in a predominantly white suburb of detroit has sparked outrailing. she was reportedly seeking
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help after a car crash earlier this month. the unidentified homeowner said he thought someone was trying to break in. civil rights group say mcbride was shot because of her race. prosecutors are reviewing the case. and coming up on the "morning news," bridge drama caught on tape. a suspect goes over with a trooper not far behind. we'll show you the dash cam video. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ ♪ ♪ explaining my moderate to severe so there i was again, chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a total embarrassment. and not the kind of attention i wanted. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance.
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dash cam video shows the terrifying end of a michigan police chase. state troopers pull over a driver. he jumps from his car and then climbs over a bridge guard rail right behind a trooper charges the rail then flies over. both survive the 35-foot fall. the trooper was released from the hospital last week. and the toronto city council is set to vote this week on a motion calling mayor rob ford to step down. ford remains defiant, that's despite his admission last week that he smoked crack while in office and the release of an
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embarrassing video of ford ranting and threatening to kill someone. on the "cbs moneywatch" walmart opens extra early for thanksgiving. and smartphones skyrocket. alexis christoforous is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, anne-marie. the dow jones industrials begin trading at another all-time high. investors were apparently remaining optimistic following friday's positive jobs report. the dow gained 21 points. the nasdaq composite finished half a point higher. asian markets were mixed. on bargain hunting. tokyo's nikkei gained more than 2%. hong kong's hang seng lost half a percent. walmart said it will open at 6:00 p.m., two hours earlier than last year. this is part of a growing trend to move so-called black friday, the day after thanksgiving earlier and earlier. walmart shoppers will get special deals and walmart's marketing director says company employees are, quote, really
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excited to work that day. online shopping giant amazon said it will deliver on sundays. amazon is joining forces with the postal service. sunday delivery will be available this week and los angeles and new york and most of the country by next year. the deal is likely to boost the financially ailing postal service. and it's estimated that the number of smartphones in use worldwide will triple by the year 2019. ericsson the swedish telecom network company forecasts 5.6 billion smartphones will be in use by the next six years. smartphones account between 25% and 30% of current mobile phone subscriptions but make up 35% of new sales. gun violence in movies rated pg-13 is on the rise. the ohio state university and the university of pennsylvania found it's reached a point where it sometimes exceeds the gun violence in movies with an "r" rating. critics have complained that too much emphasis was put on sexuality, not enough on violence. anne-marie. >> alexis christoforous at the new york stock exchange, thank
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you, alexis. coming up in sports now, the miami dolphins owner breaks his silence on hazing allegations involving his players. while the team takes the field for the first time since the scandal erupted. this is the "cbs morning news." give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes.
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in sports, miami dolphins owner stephen ross is speaking for the first time about the bullying scandal that's surrounding his team. ross said he plans to meet with second-year tackle jonathan martin tomorrow. martin left the team two weeks ago after alleging he was harassed by teammates, including suspended guard richie incognito. ross said he is appalled by the accusations and he asked the nfl to launch an independent investigation. >> we want to get to the bottom of it. we want to hear what the real facts are. there's so much said and done to date. that, you know, i don't think anybody really knows what has happened because no one has really spoken with jonathan martin directly. >> the investigation will also cover whether dolphins officials knew of any player misconduct. and things did not improve for miami on the field with martin and incognito not playing. the dolphins offensive line
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struggle against the winless buccaneers. and in the fourth quarter, tampa bay takes the lead for good on a short touch downby bobby rainey. the bucs get their first win of the year 22-19. finally check out this wild buzzer beater in spain. real madrid's filippe reyes hits nothing but net. reyes made only one shot in the game. the team didn't really need the three-pointer because they won by 48 points. when we return -- six word war. veterans offer their powerful stories from the battlefield in just a handful of words. the length of 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e to support healthy eyes
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., sunny today with a high of 45. sunshine in atlanta as well. and st. louis, high of 36 there, though. denver and seattle, cloudy today.
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president obama marks veterans day at arlington national cemetery. he placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the president said u.s. troops returning from war should be the best cared for and best respected veterans in the world. president obama also paid tribute to one of the nation's oldest veterans, 107-year-old richard overton who served in world war ii. and in england, hundreds attends the funeral of harold percival. a man they didn't know. the world war ii veteran was 92 when he died in november with no friends or family left. the funeral home asked for a service so his passing wouldn't go unmarked. it filled the chapel and scores more had to stand outside in the rain. two u.s. army veterans are creating the first crowd source war memorial. as michelle miller reports, they're asking troops to share their experiences from iraq and
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afghanistan in just a few words. >> this one actually is one of my favorite ones on the website. >> reporter: west point graduates mike nemeth and shaun wheelwright believe a lot can be said in just six words. >> "responsibilities caused maturing beyond my years." >> reporter: these were just a few of the house to six-word war stories they've collected from veterans since june. "hearts and minds, i lost both." "taliban bullets, army hospital, found love." it's their way of helping the war weary begin their emotional recovery. >> there's tragedy. there's sadness. there's, you know, you have good memories, bad memories, so it's hard to pack it in six words. and what comes out is gratifying. it's incredible what six words can say. and how different each one is. >> reporter: many are about the gut-wrenching routine of war.
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"nicotine, caffeine, dead friends, no sleep." others use humor. "where did i leave my pants?" or focus on more personal battle, "divorce, despair, only god could repair." >> what were your six words? >> i never deployed. my six words were "never deployed, uncomfortable with thank yous. >> reporter: but wheelwright spent 14 months on the front lines in iraq. he lost 14 classmates. >> currently -- >> currently, so it changes? >> yes, it changes daily, i think. >> you're avoiding this, i see. >> i am, but if i dig a little deeper, my six words are "through madness comes clarity and understanding." >> through madness? >> yes. war is absolute madness. there's no rhyme nor reason to
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it. i don't know how any of us got through it. i really don't. >> reporter: sharing war's complexities in simple sentences. michele miller, cbs news, scottsdale, arizona. >> this is the "cbs morning news." chicken quesadilla, fe burger bites, sandwiches, and more, served with fries and your choice of soup or salad. chili's lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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4 minutes before 5:00 on this 11/12/13. marty is over at first warning weather. there you go. it's mild right now. let's take a look. it's 48 degrees, two shy of 50. now, we are going to see temperatures drop through the day. you know, it's just -- it's surprisingly mild. we'll be talking about some rain, maybe a little bit of wet snow, but i don't think it's an issue. don, take it away. >> thank you. here's what we have our eye on today, the founder of go daddy is donating $1 million to the university of baltimore for
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legal and health services for veterans. the navy blimp will be back over maryland this morning. they are conducting a week-long test. the cal ripken, senior foundation will be having a ribbon cutting. already in the news, international aid reaches the philippines. the latest on the survivors and the world-wide assistance efforts. the white house prepares to release enrollment numbers for the affordable care act. how this could impact the program going forward. some are calling it a holiday miracle. why experts say shoppers will be spending less at the gas station this holiday season. more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a couple of minutes. [ female announcer ] give your eyes the care they deserve.
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