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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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terror in the terminal. tsa agents targeted at lax. >> new information on why the suspected gunman opened fire. hi, i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking . we're learning more information about the gunman accused of opening fire inside los angeles international airport. what's still unclear, what drove 23-year-old paul ciancia to target tsa. the report for wjz from la with the latest. >> a spokesperson read a statement from the family of the los angeles international airport shooting suspect. >> paul is our son and brother. we will continue to love him and care for him. we will support him during the difficult times ahead. >> officials say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked into terminal 3 of the airport on friday, pulling a suitcase with a backpack on top.
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there were holes in both pieces of luggage. he pulled the gun out and opened fire on tsa officer gerardo hernandez killing him. he also shot two other tsa employees and a passenger before airport police shot him four times. according to court documents ciancia left a letter saying he made the conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees to instill fear. the letter also talked about how easy it is to get a gun into an airport. >> lax has opened but the attack is raising questions about security at america's third largest airport. >> like many passengers noah was stopped at a police check point. >> i'm nervous. honestly, since 9/11 air travels edgier than it used to be. >> investigators say ciancia told them he acted alone. >> today for the first time
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we're hearing from someone who knowing paul ciancia. her voice and identity is disguised but she explains what the suspected gunman was doing in the days before the shooting. >> he asked one of the roommates if he could have a ride to the airport. he said he was going back home, his dad was sick and that he had to deal with family issues. he mentioned what day he had to leave. >> paul ciancia remains in critical condition. he's not yet able to speak with police. the woman who arranged the cold-blooded execution of her husband will spend the rest of her life in prison. denise is live in the news room with the final chapter in murder-for-hire case. >> reporter: a judge sentenced karla porter to life in prison without the possibility of patrol. she hired a hit man to kill her husband, ray porter, at the towson gas station he owned with plans to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. her attorney said she was a victim of domestic abuse. roy porter's family denies this and say they
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are pleased with the sentence. >> we don't have our son, the sentence won't change that. the person who perpetrated this crime and had to do things to cover things that had been done. >> reporter: karla porter's attorneys argued for a lesser sentence and said they will appeal. >> thank you. five other people contacted by e serving prison times for their roles in the murder-for-hire. 56-year-old terry douglas was fatally mauled by her pit bull in her home. the dog was taken from her home after biting a relative and then returned. family members had concerns about the dog but douglas insisted on keeping it. a court marshall is discredit scheduled for josh tate. his trial you will begin
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february 10th. his arraignment took place today. tate is one of two midshipmen going to a court marshall for allegedly assaulting an intoxicated count at an annapolis house in april of 2012. the obama administration is launching a new campaign to promote the affordable care act. the president will hit the road later this week. some lawmakers continue to call for a delay of the controversial program daniel nottingham reports for wjz. >> consumers filling out paper application for insurance coverage were in no better shape than those struggling with the website. >> a congressional oversight committee released note showing all applications go through the website and applicants were directed to feel them out to feel like they were making progress. the white house said it was never the intent to have people think the paper process was faster.
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>> the point was to relieve the frustration that americans were experiencing. >> three years ago the white house got a warning that there would be problem with the launch of the affordable care act website. david cutler said in a memo that people in charge did not have the expertise to pull it off. >> when you don't have the right system something goes wrong. >> some members of congress are urging the white house to take down the website until all the bugs are worked out. the administration said people are still able to use it and it will be fixed by the end of the month. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the administration is expected to release enrollment numbers for the first time in mid-november. crisp fall weather is settling in. that means spectacular sights like this one from sky eye chopper 13. look at all the beautiful colors in the trees turning brown, red,
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orange, yellow, golds. here's a live look outside. delightful sights and sounds. it's a bit chilly. it's november after all. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is live in dwut hill park with the wjz mobile weather lab. we begin with bob turk updating our conditions. >> it is chilly for these days in november. take a look at the temperature right now. it's only 44 degrees at the airport. 50 in ocean city, 47 down in dc, 34 in elkton, two degrees above freezing. here it is in late afternoon just before the sun is going down. right now we're running 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this hour. anywhere between 10 and 5 degrees cooler than we had yesterday. this morning we got down to 32 at the airport. actually, it was warmer than forecasted. 32 easton, just a few clouds around, 33 ocean city. the cold spot oakland at 23 degrees this morning. deep freeze out to the west. let's check in with meteorologist
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chelsea ingram live. she's with the wjz mobile weather lab. she's got a look ahead at a warm up this week. >> reporter: hey, thanks. you can certainly feel the chiln the air out here. some of the most beautiful sights i've seen this fall. we can thank these crisp temperatures for that. let's take a look at current temperatures. temperatures here around 44.4 degrees. it is cool and it's only going to continue to get cooler as the sunsets. we do have some changes on the way. we had a chilly day today. we can thank a dip in the jet stream for that, pulling down that cooler air. as we head into midweek the jet stream is going to migrate back up towards the north and we will start to filter in warmer temperatures and trend mild. how mild? we'll be looking at widespread 60s into your wednesday and then upper 60s by thursday. that's going to come at a price. we're looking at a chance of rainfall
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moving into the forecast. exactly when, bob will have those details coming up in your exclusive first warning weather for cast. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. we're going to go out to christy breslin at wjz traffic control for our first look at the roads. hi, christy. >> hi, everyone. happy monday. one accident in pasadena, fort small road north howard at north avenue. delays are beginning to build. northbound 95 watch for brake lights from 32 over to 100 with an average speed of 23 miles per hour. on the west side inner loop minor delay from 93 past 70. give yourself 15 minute to get through. on the topside of the inner loop a slow down over to dulaney valley road. if you're traveling on the inner loop from 83 to 95, moderate at this point. 51 miles per hour
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average and 11 minutes to get by. let's take a live look. you can see we're starting to sn a bit on the west side of the beltway at wilkins avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by michael and sons. get 10% off $100 of more for all your needs. back over to you. >> thank you. the world series champion bx -- boston red sox became known for their playoff beards. some are getting rid of them. david ortiz and shane victorino had their beard shaved off in a promotion at gillette world head quarters. they donated $100,000 to a fund for victims of the boston marathon bombings. that's nice. >> yeah, that's a nice way. >> maybe you and i -- >> go out on top. >> you were telling me that doug is growing his beard. >> i'm thinking it will come in like my husband's, gray. >> yeah.
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>> he keeps looking at it. i said it's okay, honey. >> i might do that. we'll talk about it. >> you may have to get approval from upstairs. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. >> mass antiamerican protests in iran. why thousands are so upset. missing student mystery. how he got wedged in between two buildings in new york. one of the women held in aerial castro's home spoke out. chilly evening. stick aroup the -- for the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a little sun out there right
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now, 44 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. we have breaking news to tell you about from florida. just a short time ago a jury convicts a man in the murder of nfl star shawn taylor. taylor who played for the redskins was fatally shot in his home during an attempted robbery in november of 2007. a jury found 23-year-old eric rivera -- rivera guilty of first degree murder. one of the women held captive for a decade inside a cleveland home is speaking out. michelle knight is speaking to dr. phil about her years in captivity and the years of tourture at the hand of ariel castro. she was one of three women held inside his cleveland home for a decade. >> so he gets you in this room. what did he tie you up with? is --
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with? >> an orange extengs-- extension cord. it's the only way i can describe it, i was hanging like this. my feet and my neck and my arms were tied. >> you don't want to miss more of dr. phil's exclusive interview tomorrow at 3:00 right here on wjz. a college student in new york city is recovering from a bad weekend. he spend two days trapped in a 2 foot crevice between a building and garage. >> a mysterious accident. a young student trapped for neay s in this tiny space between a apartment building and parking garage. >> he was moving his right arm. >> firefighters had to bust tha center block wall to save him. not only was he alive
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but he was conscious, even talking to rescue workers as they wheeled him to the ambulance. >> we started iv's on him, a heart monitor. he's in pretty good health. >> according to cnn affiliate wabc he vanished saturday morning after someone pulled a fire alarm. witnesses say as other students were running out of the building he was running back in. that was the last time anyone saw him. >> his phone was off. he didn't check in for a couplef days. >> desperate to find their friend they pleaded with police to check the area. a security worker finally discovered him moaning, helplessly crammed between two buildings. >> they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would be dead. >> he's said to be in stable condition. how he got stuck remains a mystery. >> police and fire crews responded to the scene after he was found. it took them an hour and a half to rescue the team. officials are investigating how
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he got stuck. one theory is he may have fallen from the roof or through a window. up and down day to start the week on wall street. >> [bell ringing] >> [clapping] >> in the end all the markets are up. let's go to new york for cbs's money watch update. >> johnson and johnson has agreed to pay $2.2 billion in one of the largest health care fraud settlements in u.s. history. it involved kick backs to pharmacists and the marketing of off label drugs to physicians. >> the penalty is one of the ever in the history for inside trading for sac. they also agreed to shut down their
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investment business. >> the popular internet messages company is set to go public on thursday. twitter will raise the price range by 25% with estimates at $25 to $23 a share. it is priced at more than $13 million. >> 2013 has been the strongest year for ipo's since 2007. that's your money watch. for more stay with when the voters of washington state go to the polls they will be deciding on a ballot measure that could an effect on the food market. teresa garcia has that story for wjz. >> staffers are working the phones at the seattle head quarters of the 522 campaign. >> it's going to be a close election. >> voters will decide on tuesday whether to require
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labeling on foods containing genetically modified organisms. elizabeth yarder said it's about giving shoppers a choice. >> i think it boils down to people just want information about our food. >> it has raised nearly $8 million, just a fraction of the no side. top opposition donors have helped raise $22 million. they claim labels would scare consumers away from products which multiple studies found to be safe. >> companies aren't going to want to do that. it's about brand integrity. >> 64 countries around the world already labeled genetically engineered food. if it passes in washington this will be the first state in the u.s. to put it into action. >> labeling supporters worry about food safety and feel that washington could launch a national trend. >> i know once it's passed in
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washington it's just going to have a cascade effect. >> corn and soybean crops are genetically engineered. if voters say yes, here in washington labels will appear on everything from breakfast cereal to soda. >> labeling opponents say the measure would drive up food prices. supporters disagree. coming up on wjz eyewitnesst 4:00, trouble on the field. an nfl coach collapses in the middle of a game. the soaring cost of child care in america. cool start to the week will things warm up? things warm up? wjz 13 is,,,,
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>> reporter: i'm chelsea ingram live with the wjz mobile weather lab. it's beautiful out but it is chilly. we have a warm up on
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the way. let's go inside to bob for those details and your updated first warning weather forecast. >> looks like a beautiful sugar maple behind her. they are bright this time of year before they drop the leaves. only 44 now. the humidity and the dew point is so low, 17 degree dew point is dry air. that means our humidity will be increase being the winds off the ocean. the barometer very high. 30.16 inches. that's very, very big area of high pressure that came in. 47 elkton, 50 ocean city, 42 oakland, 47 in dc. locally temperatures still in the mid to upper 40s. running 9, 10, 12 degrees below average. east winds around most of the region. we had a north wind over the weekend, now it's shifting to
4:25 pm
the east. that will increase our cloud cover. a little snow in nebraska and colorado. moisture through texas all the way into the central plains. some clouds are moving our general direction. we have flow coming in off the ocean. between the two we have have clouds tonight and tomorrow. do expect to see somewhat of a break. warmer air is flowing over this very cool, dry air. that's creating the cloud cover. no precipitation around here. we will deal with partly cloudy skies. it will be milder tonight than last night. we got down to 32. tonight probably mid to upper 30s. as this high moves off the east coast their winds go back to the south and southwest. here comes some milder air. by wednesday and thursday we may get into the upper 60s again. some spots could get close to 70. on thursday that front out to the west approaches with cooler air
4:26 pm
for the end of the week and weekend and the chance for shower activity on thursday. east winds on the bay 10 knots. tomorrow the sunrise at 6:39. you probably haven't fixed your watch yet from the time change. 58 degrees is the bay temperature. tonight let's call it partly cloudy, not as cold, 35 to 42 in the city. tomorrow sun and some clouds but a milder afternoon. back up to more pleasant, 57 degrees, which is still a couple degrees below normal. >> all right. seems like it's warming up a lit thank you. tonight at 10:00 it's all new episodes of hostages followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the ravens are back home. you can see the game against the bengals sunday at 1:00 live on wjz 13. still ahead at 4:00 on eyewitness news. troubling attack. a towson university student stabbed near campus.
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the victim's condition and the latest on the investigation. facing justice. four men accused at the mall massacre in kenya go to court. it can be a dangerous sport. it usually is not. >> brush with death. how nine sky divers survived a h [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for triumph. step two, baconated cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step four... mmmmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop!
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it is 4:30, 44 degrees and mainly cloudy. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. two planes collide in mid-air over wisconsin.all -- wisconsin. all nine people survive edd. >> pieces are all that's left of this cessna 182 after it collided mid-air with another
4:31 pm
cessna that was supposed to be flying behind it. mike robinson was preparing to jump when he heard a loud bang and saw a fiery flash. >> we were all on the step getting ready to leave the aircraft. >> oh somehow the second plane ended up above his. it clipped the cessna's right wing. 10 seconds later the left wing broke off and the plane began spiralling towards the ground. the impact of the collision sent the sky divers into immediate free fall. >> the wings came off. they were on fire. everybody gt safely. the pilot got out safely, used his emergency pair a chute. cute. >> all nine jumpers and pilot walked away without serious injuries. >> it's definitely a reminder of the sport that we all love. it can be a dangerous sport.
4:32 pm
we were lucky this time. >> the aviation administration are investigating what caused the collision. >> that cause is still under investigation. mass murder inside a mall in kenya, now the four suspects accused appear in court. kai is live in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: kenyan authorities say they're part of a terrorist group that attacked a mall. the men have been ordered imprisoned until a hearing next week. at least 67 people were killed not attack. the islamic extremist group claim responsible and said it was in retaliation for kenya's deployment of troops. >> the four suspects are due back in court on november 11th. it's like a scene from the movie argo. tens of thousands
4:33 pm
of protests pack the treats of ie -- the streets of iran's capital. >> a record number of protestors turned out to take a stand against the u.s. iran rallies every time this year. they're worried the president is getting too friendly with the u.s. as he negotiates iran's controversial nuclear program. >> protestors chanted death to america and burned u.s. flags. this woman said i love iran and i won't let any invader step foot in my country. iran resumes talk with the u.s. and five other world powers this week aimed at ending a nuclear stand off. international leaders worry they are building nuclear weapons. iran insists it wants reactors energy and medical needs. they hope to strike a compromise that could end sanctions that hurt iran's
4:34 pm
economy. conservatives say the u.s. and its allies cannot be trusted. >> tina krouse, wjz eyewitness news. >> now the 1979 take over of the u.s. embassy triggered a hostage crisis with 52 u.s. diplomats held for 442 days. a towson university student is in the hospital after being robbed and stabbed just before 11:00 last night. three men confronted the student and took his phone and stabbed him before taking off. anyone with information should call police. the harford county sheriff's department is looking for the suspect who burglarized an auto dealership. take a look at surveillance pictures of the suspect. on october the 9th he broke into the thompson automotive dealership in edgewood.
4:35 pm
houston, texas head coach gary kubiac is in critical condition. the 52-year-old coach collapsed and was taken to the hospital in front of a packed stadium. >> cameras at houston's reliant stadium capturing the moment the coach collapsed on the field at halftime of sunday night's match up against indianapolis. a staff member on the field quickly signals for help and moments later he placed on a stretcher and taken to a waiting ambulance. >> it was weird coming in and started yelling for the trainers and said that he had passed out. we were all very worried. >> just before he collapsed another camera shows the coach clutching his head with his eyes closed. the team said he was conscious with his family as he was taken to a hospital. wade phillips took over coaching duties in the second half.
4:36 pm
>> we had to adjust as far as the head coach not being there. you know, it was a shock to everybody. >> kubiac's collapse comes one day after denver's head coach john fox had to be hospitalized. he became dizzy while golfing and needs immediate heart valve replacement surgery. he was aware of his condition and had plan to have the surgery in february. tests shows he couldn't wait any longer. >> now, former ravens assistant coach jack del rio has taken over the head coaching duties in denver while john fox recovers. it's a chilly start to the new work week. you want to bring a jacket if you're heading outside. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is live with the wjz mobile weather lab. first we begin with bob turk. >> coolest day since early april believe it or not. didn't get up to 50.
4:37 pm
the highest i've seen the 46, 47. we're down to 44 now, freezing 32 in oakland. they have been that way all day long. 47 in dc, 50 in ocean city. the dew point is very low. this is a very, very dry air. 17 degree dew point. we are running 11 degrees coldew than we were yesterday afternoon at this same time. everybody anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees colder than we saw. this morning we got down to 32 at the airport, 31 elkton and 27 out to the west. we had a hard freeze in many areas north and west of the baltimore metro. let's check in with meteorologist chelsea ingram live with the wjz mobile weather lab with beautiful foliage behind her. >> reporter: it is absolutely gorgeous out here. let's take a look at our current numbers outside. we're looking at
4:38 pm
temperatures right now sitting just under 43 degrees. with a little bit of a breeze it's making things feel cooler. take a look at changes that we're going to have headed our way. keep in mind we're going to look at the jet stream forecast. it separates the warm air from the cool air. right now it's dipped down. that's pulling in the cooler temperatures from the poles. into midweek it's going to migrate back up towards the north and bring us warmer weather. how warm are we going to get? we're going to see widespread 60s as we head into midweek and then nearing 70 degrees as we move into thursday. that is going to come at a cost. that means a little bit of rainfall moving in. bob will have those details coming up in your exclusive first warning weather forecast. for now i'm live with the wjz mobile weather lab. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. let's check on the roads win at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everybody. a lot of new accidents out ther.
4:39 pm
starting with 95 southbound, a vehicle fire at route 32 that's beginning to back things up. on the beltway a disabled vehicle taking away the right-hand lane on the outer loop at frederick road. 543 at 95, harford road at havview avenue and eastern avenue at broadway. northbound 95 jammed up from 32 over to 895. a lot of people trying to get a sneak peak at the accident on the other side at 32. we have slowing on the west side inner loop going from wilkins past liberty road. watch for a slight slow down as you make your way over to dulaney valley road. you can see things are pretty clustered there on the beltway at providence road. very heavy on the inner loop. same situation, busy on the inner loop of the beltway around 70. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet. you can call them at
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877-75-bills. back to you. >> thank you. straight a head on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. sglnsz >> -- >> i'm not perfect. >> toronto's mayor under fire. what he said about a video shows him allegedly doing drugs. fire and a shoot out in rural oregon. find out what happened. certainly a chill in the air but we could get a mid-week warm up. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a hit and run crash involving a church van. the van carrying 18 people, including 14 children were struck after a honda accord ran a red light. the van's driver was killed. the driver of the honda fled on foot but has been arrested and
4:44 pm
charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. a chaotic series of events in oregon. a house fire leads to a shot out. one person is dead and an officer shot. >> first the smoke, then the flames then the gunshots. listen to this. >> deputies confirm the suspect is dead after neighbors say he fired upon officers moments before setting his oregon city home on fire. an oregon city police officer was shot and then taken by life flight to the hospital. the gunfire scared neighbors. >> i had my two grand kids with me. they kept calling me on the phone and telling me to stay low and keep the kids on the floor. >> neighbor pam laird said the neighbor ran to her home and bang on the door. >> he shook the whole wall. that's what startled me the most
4:45 pm
that's when i noticed his house was on fire. >> tonight neighbors thoughts are with the oregon city police officer who was shot in the line of duty. they wonder why their neighbor, only a man described in his 70s, would allegedly set his own house on fire and then shoot at responding officers. >> i had my two grand kids with me. that was my biggest worry. >> there's no report on the condition of the officer. a plane crashes killing eigd injuring 10 others. the small plane arrives from trinidad caught fire. the plane suffered technical problems. the plane's pilot and co-pilot survived but are in serious condition. the bad few days for one of the mayors. mary is in the news room to explain. >> reporter: the mayor of
4:46 pm
toronto rob ford has been under fire for a tape allegedly showing him smoking crack. police announced the tape does exist although they are not releasing it. mayor ford made a generic apology. >> friends, i'm the first one to admit, i'm not perfect. i have made mistakes. i have made mistakes all i can do is apologize for the mistakes. >> reporter: not releasing the video police released a picture of him standing in front of a crack house with accused gang members. >> ford said he will not step down despite others asking him to. the cost of child care in the u.s. is growing rapidly. according to a new study by child care aware of america, the
4:47 pm
cost of care each year now costs as much as if not more than annual tuition at colleges. it is growing 8 times faster than family income. some families are paying more on that than for food and rent. in tonight's health watch researchers in britain say they have discovered the first tests to accurately diagnosis a complication during pregnancy that can be life-threatening. >> when sebastian came into the world two months early he wasn't breathing. they almost lost him because of high blood pressure. >> the fear of carrying this baby was going to be surrendered. >> now researchers have come up with a blood test that can diagnosis the complication before it develops. >> we don't have any treatment. the only cure that we have is is deliver -- we have is delivery of the baby.
4:48 pm
>> test measures protein levela placenta and is 96% accurate. >> if you have low levels of the this protein it reflects the fact that it's not growing well. >> it effects about 8% of pregnant woman. gena worrying about developing it again. >> i would be keene to have this test. >> she hopes it will be available to put her and other expecting moms at ease. >> u.s. researchers are conducting a study on this test and hope to have results to prevent the fda next year. it may develop at any time after 20 weeks during pregnancy. in china it's pandamonia all
4:49 pm
over again. it's chinese celebration 100 days after birth. >> soon they're not going to be able to string all 14 of them up. that bed is not going to be big enough. >> and they think child care is expensive for a kid. if you didn't bring along a jacket today you're probably regretting it. we could see warmer temperatures later this week. >> bob has the updated first warning weather forecast coming up next. blah p -- coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tnññ
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4:52 pm
>> reporter: i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram live with the wjz mobile weather lab here dwewid hill park. it's hold. let's go inside to bob for a lok at your updated first warning weather forecast. >> we only got to 46, 47. our normal high around 61 degre. let's take a look at temperatures now. it's down to 44.
4:53 pm
boy, is it dry. the dew point only 17 degrees. g . humidity very low at 33%. east, southeast winds at 6. the barometer is high, 30.61 inches. high pressure reading. 32 in oakland and 47 in dc. quite a range when you go from the eastern half of the state up into the high mountain areas of oakland. even cumberland at 43. of course cumberland is down ine ley there. they're only around 500 feet above sea level, oakland is 2,500 feet above sea level. locally temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. it is a chilly night. it will not be as cold tonight as it was last night. a lot of temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. downtown in the upper 30s. southeast and east winds in the area not that strong. tomorrow looks like they go more back to the east, southeast at least part of the
4:54 pm
day to bring in milder air. there's a front out to the west, shower activity in texas up through the midwest. the mississippi valley area into portions of wisconsin. it's just cold enough behind this low pressure, you can see it spin there, to have snow hit nebraska this morning. most of the country is not super, super cold. we have some clouds, warmer air riding over this chilly dry air that we have. that's what creates the clouds. the warm air is force aloft over the top of the coal surface and creates clouds. to the west us of light sprinkle activity in indiana, western ohio and kentucky. it doesn't look like we will see that until thursday. we're going to warm up as this high moves off to the southeast of our area. we will get those winds coming in off the ocean, south and southwest. thursday a front approach from the west with shower activity with it. it doesn't look like it will be a lot of rain but we will see
4:55 pm
some showers. then it will turn chillier towards the end of the week. east winds 5 to 10 knots on the bay. bay temperature around 58 degrees right now. over night let's call it partly cloudy, not as cold, 35 by morning. tomorrow back up to 57. quite a bit -- 10 degrees warmer than today at least with clouds breaking. we will see morning clouds. that will keep it warmer than we saw this morning. temperatures rebound back up near the 50s. normal high is around 60, 61. >> we will take that any time. thank you. still to come tt on eyewitness news. >> a dog mauled a woman to death. this isn't its first time attacking. why the dog was returned to her coming up next.
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coming up next on wjz news at 5:00, brutal attack. a woman is attacked by a dog she struggled to keep. and new calls for armed officers at airport security checkpoints, that story when eyewitness news continues. a three game losing streak is rare territory for the ravens. i'm mark viviano in owins mills. we'll hear what coach harbaugh is saying about tough times for his team. >> check in for these and all the breaking news. >> eyewitness news starts now.
4:59 pm
deadly dog attack, a woman brutally mauled by her own pet. and it's not the first time. what happened and new questions about the breed. hi i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about tonight. a horrific story out of northeast baltimore where a woman is attacked and killed by her own dog. the pit bull had attacked before yet was back in the owners custody. wjz is live. rochelle richie has more on this story and whether it should have ever happened. >> reporter: the answer is no, the woman had a huge gash on her face from when the dog had attacked before. 56-year-old terry douglas is the latest victim in baltimore city to be killed by a pit bull a dog she raised since it was


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