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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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alex demetrick, who is just back from the eastern town of chrisfield, the maryland town, hardest hit by sandy. >> yeah, mary. one year later, the town of chrisfield is recovering from the damage sandy caused, thanks in large measure to the people who rushed in to help and who are still on the job. >> when sandy hit chrisfield, the bay worked its way into ruth fountain's bedroom. >> oh. it was water. into the bedroom, into the dresser drawers. just couldn't imagine what it was like. >> reporter: the storm surge turned the town's dock, into kindling. and ruined foundations, heating and electrical systems. >> they have been through a lot. because there were people who lost everything. there were people who have damage to their homes. that it's going to take a long time to repair. >> reporter: a nail at a time, one job after the next. from infrastructure, like a new town dock, many being built by
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church groups. the qualifications. >> what they need from us is some skill and a willing heart. >> the volunteers are the effort. we're able to build a new home for about $50,000. >> reporter: long-term recovery report in chrisfield is being driven by a coalition of supporter, aiding a town that is often overlooked. >> it was all about new jersey. never a mention of what is happening in chrisfield. there's still significant recovery that needs to happen here. >> reporter: the recovery group is building 3500 new homes and hoping to build far more. this is riewlgtd fountain's -- ruth fountain's new house. >> it's been a struggle. but thank god. we're as far as we are today. >> reporter: well, the red cross also remains active in chrisfield just today. the organization brought in a grant worth more than $1 million to aid with repairs. kai? >> alex, thank you. our complete coverage continues with meteorologist chelsea ingram, live in the inner harbor, with the wjz mobile
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weather lab. she has a look back at the storm's ilpact. hi, chelsea. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. first, let's take a look, one year ago today, at the first warning weather radar. take a look at sandy. covering almost nearly a fourth of the entire united states with rainfall. now, we saw a lot of coastal flooding with super storm sandy. in fact, the sea board on new jersey experienced the bulk of the coastal flooding maryland also awe moderate coastal flooding. and there were some extremes across the entire state of maryland. in fact issue the highest rainfall occurred in eastern maryland. that was over 12 1/2 inches of rainfall. 79 miles per hour. then the highest snow amount was in redhouse, maryland, 29 inches.
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inches of noafl. now a year ago today. and weather is certainly a different story. and pleasant news coming up. we'll talk more on your updated first warning weather forecast. for now, i'm live at the wjz mobile weather lab, here at the inner harbor. >> now, coming up tomorrow night, at 6:00, on wjz rising waters. the first warning weather team uncovers how it's not just storms. how the coastline in our state itself is disappearing at 6:00. we are learning more tonight about a deadly murder- suicide, involving a city police officer. vic has the latest for us from the newsroom. vic? >> reporter: well, we've learned the baltimore officer did not use his service weapon. police say 37-year-old christopher robinson killed andrew hoffman and marie hartman, in hoffman's glen burnie home before taking his life. robinson was unable to get over a breakup. we've also learned that robinson had been on a date earlier that night.
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back to you. >> all right, vic. thank you. hartman leaves behind a 6- year-old son. police in anne arundel county make an arrest in connection with a recent carjacking. 33-year-old devin evans of washington, d.c., and a second man, carjacked a victim in front of its glen burnie home. officers quickly spotted the stolen chevy tahoe, and they followed it. after crashing, evans was arrested and the second suspect fled on foot. police say they found this rifle and other weapons in the vehicle. problems with the president's affordable healthcare act continue. and lawmakers aren't happy. even as efforts are under way here in maryland to help people enroll in insurance plans. derek valcourt is there and explains. hi, derek. >> hi. problems are there from the start. many federal and state lawmakers continue to push for changes to help smooth what so far has been a rocky enrollment road. >> every contractor. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill had tough criticism for the woman who
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runs medicare and medicaid services. the agency in charge of the troubled website. >> i think it was designed to fail from the beginning. >> there is a disaster of a rollout that is occurring. >> reporter: while some call for delays in enrollment to deadlines, the administration promises service will improve. >> the bottom line is this healthcare gov website is improvable. >> i'm trying to figure out. >> enrolling in the plan means enrolling in the state's own online state website. teams familiar with that website have been touring the state. >> the average person doesn't know all about insurance, what their options are or even if they're eligible. >> reporter: in some cases, specially-trained navigators are even helping people through the online enrollment process. >> here, to basically get my mind set right, to tell them exactly what they might nide to do to qualify.
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>> but maryland's own website has dealt with its own share of glitches as well. >> we're on day 29. i've had 18 attempts to get on the website and get good information. and i have yet to be successful. >> kathy shalegga praises this. >> we need to do more to help people. because this website is not working. and people are not signing up. >> reporter: this will certainly continue to be a hot issue on capitol hill tomorrow. a congressional committee is expected to grill health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, about the embattled healthcare rollout. we're live, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. you can get unbiased information about health plan options and enrollment assistance, by calling healthcare access call center. in montgomery county police are investigating two bank
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robberies in rockville. police say both robberies occurred in morning but they're not believed to be related. the first took place at a sun trust bank, where a man with a handgun demanded money. the second happened at a wells fargo branch. police say two suspects entered the bank. one fired shots. the two men left the bank empty handed. no one was injured. an honor student at morgan state university files a complaint after he says he was kept out of a national fraternity because he's gay. he said he has text messages between current members to prove his allegations. wjz is live at morgan state in northeast baltimore. rochelle ritchie is there and has more on the latest. >> reporter: the student said he felt the complaint with morgan state university, after he received evidence of racial and gay slurs being used against him, by kappa alpha fi fraternity. >> kappa alpha thi is at the center of a complaint, after a
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senior said a member of the fraternity told him he would not get in because he is gay. >> it took me aback a little bit. but i really didn't pay it too much attention. it was like, okay, you're saying this, but i'm still going to apply, and i'm going to do what i believe i can do to get in. >> reporter: but stewart said hurtful messages would be an issue. he shared the messages, showing a conversation between two members of kappa alpha fi. claiming, yo, this "n" word, brian keeps calling me, son. quote, i don't want another expletive when writing letters. >> if you want to interview for kappa, we're not doing interviews. you can call ihq, in philadelphia, pennsylvania is speak with them. >> reporter: the text messages go on to say, quote, stop shading these intelligence excellent n words. give them the exception of a
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fair and equal opportunity. >> that really put in perspective of why they denied me. >> reporter: university officials would not go on camera but released this statement saying, we are aware of the complaint and reviewing the matter. stewart holds a 3.2gpa and has interviewed at the white house. he says he complained because he doesn't want others to go through this. >> this is the proper course of action, mainly to raise awareness that this happens. >> reporter: and if stewart actually received a scholarship from high school from kappa alpha thi fraternity to pay hear his career. >> morgan state says it doesn't tolerate discrimination. pleasant seasons around baltimore. outside now, there are a few clouds around. the sun is still out. are things going to warm up more? let's check in with our first warning weather team.
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meteorologist chelsea ingram is live at the mobile weather lab. but we are going to start with bob turk, who is updating our current conditions. bob? >> we've had chilly nights and pleasant afternoons right now. still a lot of sunshine before it goes down the next hour or so. 61 now. 54 in oakland. 61 in cumberland. and 65, the warm spot in d.c. the dew points down at 39. right now, we're at 3 degrees cooler than yesterday at this hour. but most places, very close to where we had been in the last 24 hours or so. this morning, we're at 39. but yesterday, we're down to 33. so we have and up. 33 this morning in oakland. 33 in cumberland. and 44 down by the beach. and over in d.c. and over in easton. chelsea is live with a look at a warmup headed our way for the next three days. chelsea? >> reporter: that's right, bob. we are going to be warming up. and i think a lost us are going to actually welcome it. but it is a beautiful afternoon and evening at the inner harbor. with the wjz mobile weather lab, we're looking at temperatures coming in at just
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under 61ing degrees. so it's cool enough to wear a light jacket or sweater. a lot of people out here walking, some running. and of course, a beautiful, beautiful evening, with just a few clouds in the sky. but we're going to see a warmup. and it's all going to start to take place. high pressure is going to sink down to the south. and that's going to switch our flow coming out of the south. we'll start to filter in milder temperatures, coming from our southwest. could see a sprinkle or two. as we head into the afternoon. but otherwise, most of us are going to be dry throughout the day on your wednesday. we're going to get even warmer, as we head into halloween. exactly how warm? bob has details coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. for now, i'm live, at the mobile weather lab at the inner harbor. back to you on tv hill. we're following breaking news out of east baltimore. there's a fire just being put out at this moment. let's go to sky eye chopper 13 and captain jeff long with more. >> we're hearing that the fire
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is under control. just trapped smoke in the third floor of this abandoned building. this is in the oldtown mall area, east baltimore, firefighters on the roof. firefighters in the building. and as i said, they are -- they do have this under control now. they're just going to try to release some of this smoke. then they'll do their followup to make sure everything is out. this is not affecting traffic, by the way. because this street through old town is pretty much pedestrian only. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13, i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. o's center fielder, adam jones is taking the leap of marriage. jones' long-time girlfriend, adi fugate, announced the engagement on instagram. she flashed a diamond ring and announced, we're engaged. jones popped the question while the two were vacationing in paris. it's the daughter of baltimore
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nfl player, jean fugate. congratulations to them both. they were dating a long time. and i remember when i interviewed adam, soon after he signed that lucrative contract. >> i like the word you put in there, lucrative. >> i asked him, he didn't want to get too personal. but i said -- he said not yet. that was two years ago. still ahead at 5:00. cannabis for kids? new jersey's youngest medical marijuana patient gets their first dose. the struggle to get the drug next. drivers in baltimore county catch a break. i'm monique griego. why the county had to void 1500 speed tickets. the port of baltimore passes a national security test. i'm mike schuh, what it means next. a mild fall day, all around baltimore. and things are gog warm -- are going to warm up, i think in time for trick or treaters. we will have more on our
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updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for details, visit today. it's mostly sunny and 61 degrees in central maryland. the complete firstwarning weather forecast is coming up. baltimore county is forced to void nearly 1500 speeding tickets after a certification mistake. this is from the speed cameras. monique griego has more on whether the error happened and why the county didn't alert the public. >> these problems actually happened back in february and march. but the county said it had nothing to do with accuracy. speeding drivers catch a break, after baltimore county void the nearly 1500 speed camera tickets. county leaders say it happened after the vendors xerox miss the the dedication deadline, related to county calibration. >> as soon as the county learned of this lapse, we immediately and proactively,
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ceased operation of the affected camera. >> reporter: in all, 12 pole cameras were taken off line for weeks. but the paperwork mistake happened back in february. and while the county alerted drivers that received tickets, the public wasn't notified. cobler said that's because there were no accuracy or safety issues. >> baltimore county does not operate every single camera every single day. and we absolutely do not publicize, which cameras are active on any given day. >> reporter: and the entire speed camera system is still shut down. and the problems have tainted some drivers' feelings. >> i do think they're good for the county. but i don't necessarily trust them completely. >> reporter: while no accuracy errors have been reported for baltimore county, some drivers feel all issues should be made public. >> let us know what is going on. >> reporter: the county said all of the funds from the photo enforcement program goes back in.
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reporting from cockeysville, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> because of the mistake, xerox paid the county, nearly $58,00058,000. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kai. hi, everyone. a lot of traffic out there. beginning with the harrisburg expressway. traveling in that direction. watch for delays starting from shawan road to middletown. top side inner loop, that's just crawling along, from stevenson road to harford road. with an average of 30 miles per hour. west side inner loop, watch for delays there, from 895, past liberty road. with an average speed of about 25 miles per hour. a lot of trouble on northbound 95. accident 895, blocking the two right-hand lanes. traffic is pretty much gridlocked now, back to 32. also, watch for delays in the southbound direction, beginning at caton avenue, going over to the harbor tunnel throughway. traffic slowing down to get a look at the accident scene. also watch for congestion, 70
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westbound, 29 to marriottsville road. and we're still watching that accident in the towson area. cleanup continues, hillen road at east burke avenue. let's take a live look. you can see a little glare there. but moving much better than it was just moments ago. 895 at 95 south. this traffic report is brought to you by disney on ice. come celebrate all your favorite holidays, packed into one spectacular ice show, now through november 3rd. tickets starting at just $15. back to you. >> beautiful day out there today. >> nice afternoon. we've got warmer air headed our way. we'll talk about that in a minute. take a look at temps now. down to 61. normal high today is 63. by the way, east/northeast winds at 7. barometer is rising. come back and take a look at the midweekend and end of the week warmup after this. ,,,,,,,,
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our meteorologist chelsea ingram, live with wjz mobile weather lab, down here at the inner harbor. we've got a warmup headed our way. just how warm? bob has the details for you, right now, in your exclusive first warning forecast. >> we're going back to early october, maybe even late september temperatures over the next couple of days. let's take a look right now. we're at 61.
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there's high clouds, off to the west, as you probably saw. 65 in d.c. now. 54 oakland. and down along the shore, ocean city at 61 locally. right around the 60-degree mark. some upper 50s and down by annapolis and kent island. right now, we have an east wind at 7 here. most areas, very, very light wind, really not a factor in most places. now, the cold air is sitting across the northern central rockies, where they had some snow. it's now snowing over portions of the dakotas, even into portions of minnesota. even though minneapolis is 41. in between there, temperatures low to mid-30s. ahead of it, warmer air, kansas city, up to 60. 76 down in dallas. 73 in memphis. so this time, warm air is coming up ahead of that system. low pressure sitting out here in the central rockies. it's going to head toward the great lakes. that means the circulation ahead of it, brings southerly flow along the east coast. even though we're 61 now. a little warmer tomorrow. even warmer for the end of the week. we could be into the low, some
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spots, depending on the sun, amount of sun we get, could be in the low to mid-70s, believe it or not. because there's pretty mild air, coming directly from the gulf of mexico. a little snow there, across minnesota and the dakotas this morning. shower activity south and east of that. some of these showers, a few, might reach our region tomorrow, as this warmer air rides over the cooler air that is in our region. comparatively cooler that, is. and dryer. we had clouds coming in later tonight. during the day tomorrow, clouds and a little sun. maybe a sprinkle or a shower with that system that is going to cross the region. so eventually, getting into that warmer air. late wednesday. temperatures at night will be warm enough. thursday, even warmer air. and friday, ahead of that next front, we'll probably get into the low 70s. but we'll see some shower activity. probably arrives late on thursday night. looks like most of the trick or treaters will be dry, late thursday night, maybe very late. maybe even 11:00, 12:00, midnight. may see some showers moving in. and friday morning, that's when
5:26 pm
we'll see the bulk of the rain. maybe half inch or so. then we get the warm air, briefly. that will cool us down back to normal by the end of the weekend. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. sunrise, 7:32. sets, 6:08. tonight, down around 43, with partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, clouds and some sun, but maybe a scattered sprinkle or shower, depending on your location. tomorrow's high, around 63. but warmerm, on the next couple of days after that. as i said, maybe low 70s. >> fantastic. thanks, bob. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. more legal troubles. former nfl star aaron hernandez is being investigated by police again. the new activations coming up. a politician, a photo, and a nationwide conversation. i'm mike hellgren in south bethany, where the gansler photo scandal has its roots. what the town is now saying about underaged drinking and parental responsibility.
5:27 pm
the annapolis city dock gets the green light for a major facelift, but not without some opposition. i'm christie ileto, to explain the details when wjz returns. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 61 degrees and mostly sunny in central maryland right now. good evening, thank you for staying with wjz, eyewitness news. here are some of the stories
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people are talking about tonight. the controversy involving maryland attorney general and gubernatorial candidate doug gansler has focused its attention on the resort town of south bethany beach. tonight, we're asking, is there a growing problem of underaged drinking in the popular summer destination. wjz is live in dorchester county, along the eastern shore. mike hellgren, just back from bethany, with more. mike? >> and leaders of south bethany felt compelled to speak out, because of all of the attention this has gotten. they minced no words. they believe some parents believe some underaged drinking is okay. but they want to make it clear it never is. >> there was drinking. >> reporter: maryland attorney general doug gansler has taken the heat, from a picture showing him at a packed teen party, where witnesses say there was underaged drinking. now, the town of south bethany, delaware, where it happened, wants more parents feeling the
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fire. issuing a frank statement about teenage revelers, saying many are poor or absent supervision by parents. parents often rent the homes and disappear from the scene, leaving teens to fend for themselves. don knows things can get out of control and believes some parents turn a blind eye. >> senior week, they'd rather really not know. and they kind of think, in a couple of months, they'll be off to college. and we really won't have any influence or control of what they're doing. >> reporter: kids typically begin to experience with alcohol -- >> reporter: gansler, who is maryland's top law enforcement official, has spoken out against underaged drink being. he and the parents of several teens rented a home in june, after his son's high school graduation. >> reporter: police here in town are not investigating whether adults illegally watched as minors consumed alcohol. they say too much time has passed to prove anything.
5:32 pm
>> those living nearby say south bethany is right for cracking down. >> every parent should be aware of what their children are doing at all times. i don't care if they're 12 or 19. >> reporter: and while the picture has been a blow to gansler's campaign for governor, what happened at this now quiet beachtown has sparked debate about parental responsibility. >> reporter: and gansler said he made a mistake, that he should have investigated whether there was underaged drinking going on while at that party. reporting live at the eastern shore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> south bethany had eight complaints, down from 30 in 2009. the three friends of boston marathon bombing suspect, dzokhar tsarnaev are back in court to investigate obstruction charges. at today's hearing, their lawyer asked for evidence,
5:33 pm
against them to be made public. the three men all face prison time if convicted. the mother of trayvon martin testifies on capitol hill on the controversial stand your ground self-defense laws. >> the person that shot and killed my son is walking the streets today. and this law does not work. >> reporter: george zimmerman's acquittal has sparked debates about stand your ground laws. republicans want the matters to be handled on the state level. 22 states have their own versions of the law. a nutwist in the murder case against aaron hernandez. sources say the former nfl player is being investigated yet again. denise has more from the newsroom. denise? >> well, mary, the athlete is apparently being investigated for gun trafficking. the news comes one day after massachusetts state police served his former college teammate, mike ponzi, with a subpoena related to the investigation.
5:34 pm
another source says this case concerns weapons transported across state lines and involves the discovery of an assault- style rifle, hidden in a vehicle, rented in florida. this is just one of three investigations linked to hernandez. he has pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of oden lloyd. mary? >> all right, denise. thank you. hernandez is under investigation by another grand jury in boston for an unsolved double homicide, outside a nightclub in 2012. the port of baltimore is touting the excellent grade it received from the coast guard for the changes its made to security. mike schuh explains, the state has spent millions, upgrading systems. >> reporter: port of baltimore isn't one area. it's six. and all six need to be secure. access limited to those who need to be there. and denied to those who don't. because... >> they are targets for terrorist activity. >> reporter: the port now has layers of security. three federal agencies, local
5:35 pm
and state police, as well as private contractors. >> reporter: security is compicated. anyone can just float up to your dock. while it's not easy to scramble up to a comoacial dock, it's -- commercial dock, it's one of the things they have to be prepared for. >> realtime video surveillance, surveillance cameras, new truck gate at our marine terminal, new dundalk secure truck gate, and perimeter fencing. >> reporter: technology has factored in, millions spent on cameras and much tighter checks on who comes and goes at the entrances and exits. and prescreening the billions of dollars in cargo, before it even gets here. >> technology plays a large role, and certainly bigger every year. obviously, again, in this post- 9/11 world we live in, technology is -- you know, it's getting bigger and bigger every year. >> reporter: the cargo going through the port, brings in $300 million in taxes, $3 billion in wages and nearly 15,000 jobs. an asset worth protecting.
5:36 pm
mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> this is the sixth straight year the port has received the highest rating. the brother of actress mia farrow will spend the next 10 years in prison, on charges he sexually abused two children inside his anne arundel county home. john villers pharaoh of edgewood was indicted after two men accused him of sexually abusing them several year ago. the men were 9 and 8 years old at the time. he enteredda know -- entered an offered plea, and was sentenced to years. but some were suspended. will get a much-needed facelift. the plan revamps the city docks, but it does come with some opposition. >> reporter: it's a maryland gem for locals locals and tourists that will soon see some big changes. >> what the man does is it provides a 20-year road map for the future. >> they planned among other
5:37 pm
things, widened the promenade. and gives the option of building a flood wall. something mayor josh cohen says preserves the city's history, while allowing some construction. >> we have to replace this bulk head that is being undermined. we have to fix the nuisance flooding, the main parking garage for the city dock area is over 40 years old. and it has to be replaced. and it would be nuts to do any of these major projects without a coordinated plan. >> you have to accommodate for what is happening in the future. >> reporter: some tourists may welcome the plan approved early tuesday morning. but some local businesses say the dock's history needs to remain untouched. >> there's nothing broken about city docks. >> reporter: some businesses told me they do support this city dock master plan. other businesses and residents have long been concerned about the fact that there could be changes to traffic flow. because historic esthetic. and of course the big return, removal of parking. >> taking away parking, surface parking, on the city dock, will
5:38 pm
damage the access and volume of the businesses that are here. >> it's no secret, parking is limited near the water. but city leaders say a parking study will be done. they are eliminated by those changes. >> and they hope they can be part of the 50 phase of the changes coming down the pike. in annapolis, christie ileto, wjz eyewitness news. >> the master plan lays groundwork for future projects in the area. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a look at the winners of major league baseball's gold glove awards. evaluating the first half performance of the ravens- rookies. learn about the five-day hin due festival. and where you can find en ingredients in baltimore for your feast. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. week 9 of the nfl season is almost here. and the picks are coming in for
5:39 pm
the wjz pro football challenge. jessica kartalija is at to update this week's standing. hi, everyone. we're still trailing one man on the bobblehead leader board. and he is don scott, with 80 points. right now, on his heels, sports director mark viviano. mary and i tied with 78 points. then meteorologist chelsea ingram and tim williams, with 78 points. followed by kai. ask comiew comer to the -- newcomer to the leader board. approximate remember, you can still sign up to play. just go to click on the link at the top of the homepage. you must be over 18 to play. our contest runs through the regular football season. it's just one entry per person. ask you're competing with people nationally for prizes. come here to and sign up now. guys, back to you. >> jess, thank you. the ravens are coming off the bye week and looking to get back in that win column. see the game versus the cleveland browns sunday, at
5:40 pm
4:15, live on wjz. >> i spike my paper football at you, mary. >> you try. you are still behind me with your ball. >> jackson is in the hunt. >> it missed. all right. still ahead, tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. we have some information about a crime spree. a texas mab is in -- man is in custody, accused in a violent rampage. what police are finding out about him coming up. a kiss in a cab turns into a lawsuit where a taxi driver tried to make this couple get out. details ahead. i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram. live with the wjz mobile weather lab here at the inner harbor. bob and i will have a look at your wednesday and five-day forecasts, when we come back. ,,
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20 minutes from now. see the clouds out to the west? they'll be with us tonight. and during the day tomorrow, may be a sprinkle or two. with more on the forecast, here's chelsea, live at the inner harbor. chelsea? >> thanks, bob. hello, everyone. we'll start the day out tomorrow, on a mild note. with temperatures coming up around 48 degrees. we'll see a scattered sprinkle
5:44 pm
as bob mentioned, possible during the early part of the day. with mostly cloudy skies. keeping limited forecast. high tomorrow. 59 by dinnertime. keeping mostly cloudy skies around. as for what you can expect the next five days, let's go inside to bob. we'll have clouds and sunshine on thursday. halloween, up to 72. a low of 63 60. but any showers, i think, are going to hold off to very, very late. really early friday. and friday clears out again. at least partly cloudy. look at that. 74. 52 at night. upper 50s on sunday. even a little colder to start next week. kai? >> bob, thank you. northern california is getting hit with a taste of winter. the sierras are blanketed with snow. several inches fell in the higher terrain. in the foothills they got a mixture of snow and rain, making conditions hazardous for drivers. that storm is expected to clear out by later today. a pilot is dead after a
5:45 pm
plane crashes into a house. it happened in portland, oregon, when the plane hit the house, a woman was insideful only feet away from being hit. the pilot was the only person on board. fortunately, nobody else was hurt. there's no word on what caused the plane to go down. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. five people are killed in a bloody rampage, about 30 miles east of dallas, texas. police say a suspect is in custody. and they are now investigating what may have set him off. jennifer lind gren reports for wjz, with the very latest. >> reporter: 36-year-old charles brownlow is accused of a killing spree in brownsville, texas. >> we're all in a state of shock. you know, we have a tendency to think, how can what happen to you? >> police say the suspect carried out the rampage at four separate locations, beginning monday afternoon, at this home, where a woman was found shot in the head. a short time later, a fire was spotted at brownlow's house, just a few blocks away.
5:46 pm
inside, a woman was found burned to death. >> fire was very clearly an arson. >> reporter: residents of this small town are shaken. >> i don't know what happened. >> good person. he always come around me. always have a smile on his face. >> reporter: police began searching for brownlow as the rampage continued. before it was over, three more shooting victims would be found. at this home, a 3-year-old boy was found unharmed in his bed. >> the suspect was strapped into a wooded area and arrested early this morning. brownlow has a long criminal history. court records show he has been charged with burglary. unlawful possession of a firearm, and family violence. jennifer lind gren, cbs news, carol, texas. police have not yet discuss the possible motive for the attacks or if the suspect knew his victims. a florida gas station clerk is alive, thanks to his cell phone. his phone stopped a bullet. police say women attempted to robbery the winter garden hess
5:47 pm
station. when pay they didn't get what they wanted, they shot the clerk. but the clerk didn't know the bullet hit him, until he pulled out his phone and saw the bullet wedged inside. police are now using surveillance video to try to track down those suspects. two men are suing a chicago cab company for discrimination. they say a former driver kicked them out, after they kissed each other. steven white and matthew mccray were on their way back to chicago from l.a. they were inside a cab when they kissed. that's when the driver pulled overin the middle of the expressway. the couple refused to get out and called police. the driver kept going and stopped a few minutes later, in a store parking lot. the couple kept him there until police arrived. even though in states like illinois, gays and lesbians are protected protected by the law, there are people against us. and i think this is bringing more attention to the issue. >> the driver has been fired by
5:48 pm
his company. newnew jersey's youngest medical marijuana. 2 1/2-year-old vivian wilson left with an ounce of cannabis. it was the first time the family was able to buy the drug that could help ease the child's seizures. the wilsons fought a public battle against governor chris christie that drop some of the barriers that keep children from using medical marijuana. vivian has a rare form of epilepsy that conventional medicine and diet have not cured. before you start to carve your pumpkin this halloween, have a look at the work of a centreville father. the virginia man has elevated pumpkin carving to an art form. and he says anyone can do it. susan mcginnis reports if wjz. >> reporter: in the hands of noelic over. >> the more i do pumpkin carving, the longer it takes, because you get to be sort of a perfectionist.
5:49 pm
>> noel turns his kitchen into a workshop. spending countless hours, creating a fantasy world. one pumpkin at a time. >> if you mess up, you get super gloa glue. >> hundreds will come home to see them halloween night. >> there's ort sort of a traffic jam out front. and people love it. >> reporter: he also shares his work online. the death star pumpkin -- pumpkin went viral. >> what started 10 years ago as one man's obsession, now includes noel's friends and family. daughter sarah has been carving since she was 5. >> our kids got into it, which made my wife like it it's gotten crazy. noel says having the right tools is the secret. >> once you really get into and you can start modifying it, it becomes more art. >> reporter: the creations stay in the fridge and under wraps until showtime. then the work shines. art that is a treat for one night only, until next halloween.
5:50 pm
in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> if you like to try your hand at one of noel's creations, you can find his patterns and tutorials for free and online. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for all new stories coming up at 6:00, vic has a preview. one year after super storm sandy. wjz returns to the hardest hit area in our state to update the recovery process. popular actress leads a crowd of concerned moms through the nation's capital. why she and hundreds of others want a law from the 1970s updated. check in for more on these stories and the breaking news coming up at 7:00. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. it is a must win for the ravens this week. mark has more from the coach on what is ahead against the cleveland browns. coming up. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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the ravens getting ready for another road game this week headed to cleveland for the browns. >> well, mary, the ravens head to ohio this weekend, as is. they made no new acquisitions as the nfl trade deadline came and went this afternoon. in fact, there are no significant deals to report,
5:54 pm
league wide. the ravens coming off their bye week. they return to their regular practice schedule tomorrow, preparing to face the cleveland browns. and looking to turn their fortunes around after losing two straight. how important is it to beat the browns? according to the coach, no more important than any other game they play this season. >> i think every time we play a game, if my mind, it's make or break. when the season is over, that will be determined, which games were and which games weren't. but we felt like we had to go in and win the game. just like last game. we didn't get it done. >> while the ravens were resting this past weekend, the browns lost to the chiefs, 23- 17. third straight defeat for cleveland. and they're riding an 11-game losing streak. that said, cleveland can be tough at home to beat the first placed bengals there. see the ravens take on the browns. kickoff at 4:15. coming up next hour, the orioles hire a new pitching coach. he's dave allas.
5:55 pm
i'll have details. plus big game for the world series. all ahead in sports at 6:00. a little girl gets a birthday surprise to remember. her dad returns from afghanistan. >> daddy? >> yes. >> daddy. >> 10 days ago, staff sergeant john ipolito was in the mountains of afghanistan. today, he went to his daughter's new jersey elementary school to wish her a happy 8th birthday. it's been nine months since he last saw her. she's going to keep hugging him for a long time. i hoff those stories. straight ahead on eyewitness news. signing up for healthcare, hasn't been easy for some. i'm derek valcourt, with the concerns and the groups trying to help, when eyewitness news continues. ,,,, ,,,, you got to love the weekend.
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coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 6:00. website woes. the tough questions on capitol hill and the glitches in maryland. i'm alex demetrick, in maryland. coming up, one year after sandy, recovery continues in chrisfield. that story as eyewitness news continues. a politician, a photo, and
5:59 pm
a nationwide conversation. i'm mike hellgren in south bethany, where the gansler photo scandal has its roots. what the town is now saying about underaged drinking and parental responsibility. wjz, eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. under fire. tough questions on capitol hill about the website problems. >> the issues people are facing here in maryland. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> anger problems today, as the president's affordable healthcare website problems continue. wjz is live with complete coverage.


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