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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 29, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is the top of the hour. a pretty start to the last tuesday in october. sharon is watching the roads. marty at first warning weather. >> let's take a look at the numbers. 41 right now on tv hill. that 41 is actually going to be with a frontal boundary moving through the area. six degrees warmer than this time yesterday. about lunch a new air mass is over the neighborhood. it will be 57 on the way to 59. yesterday it was almost in some
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places 10 degrees warmer. don, take it away. the rush from sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. >> we picked up the first accident of the morning. it's on 100 westbound just past 97. otherwise we are great on the beltway. 55 is the outer loop average on the top and west side. 95 southbound looking good between white marsh and the tunnel. there is the west side of the beltway. slightly busier than it was an hour ago. running with lots of space in between the cars. wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here is don. >> thank you. news about those abused by former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the university is agreeing to pay out millions of dollars in damages to them. wjz and mike schuh are live with the latest on this. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. this has been called one of the most troubling scandals in the history of college sports.
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penn state university agrees to a multipill --million dollar settlement with more than two dozen men who say they were the victims of jersey sandusky. he was accused of abusing ten victims on school property. but in an interview prosecutors admit that there are many more. >> there are dozens more, dozens. >> dozens more. >> yeah. >> reporter: attorney matt casey represents seven of the alleged victims that settled with the school. >> they are pleased to put it behind them but it's a remarkable achievement by courageous young men. >> reporter: the scandal cost joe paterno his job and three former university officials have been indicted for their roles in covering up sandusky's abuse. >> it was a lose, lose, lose move situation for penn state. move for penn state. >> reporter: the settlements they say are fair and the safest move for both sides. >> the costs to litigate this and the negative publicity drawn out over a long period of
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time, frankly this makes the most sense for everyone. >> reporter: the president of the university released a statement calling the settlements a step forward in the healing process. rodney erickson says we can not undo what has been done but we must do everything possible to learn from this and ensure that it never happens again at penn state. sandusky is in pennsylvania super makes prison serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. i'm mike schuh reporting live. don, back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> sandusky maintained his innocence and appealed his guilty verdict. a local man faces charges for selling drugs on silk road. the feds brought down silk road earlier this month. they say more than $1 billion in illegal narcotics were traded on that site. grammy winning pop star appears in court in washington, d.c. chris brown charged with beating a maryland man outside of a d.c. hotel.
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rochelle ritchie was in the courtroom for the arraignment. >> reporter: the judge reduced the felony assault charge against brown and his bodyguard to a misdemeanor simple assault. [ music ] he is a grammy award winner who topped the charts across the country as a pop sensation. chris brown found himself off the stage and in front of a judge after being charged with simple assault in d.c. chris brown's troubles started here in hotel washington a few yards from the white house. according to police reports, he punched a man in the face after he tried to take a picture with him. brown guarded by law enforcement and body guards raises a peace sign for the crowd as he left the courtroom leaving his attorney to do the talking. >> christopher brown committed no crime.
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we understand that his security acted to protect mr. brown and mr. brown's property as he is authorized to do undies strict of columbia law. >> reporter: brown's music career has soared but his behavior outside of the studio has some fans questioning if he learned his lesson from a violent past. he is on probation from a case in which he reportedly beat up his girlfriend rihanna. >> you don't always have to react to everything. >> reporter: brown entered a not guilty plea in the d.c. assault. the alleged victim is from beltsville. the police report says the victim suffered broken bones in the nasal area. chris brown and his bodyguard are expected back in court in d.c. november 25th. rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> the judge ordered brown to undergo drug treatment and report to his probation officer in l.a. former congressman jesse
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jackson junior will wake up in a prison. he is accused of using campaign funds for personal expenses and clothing. his wife will go to prison pleading guilty to filing federal income tax returns. a family double murder- suicide in florida. a man kills his 7 and 8-year- old children why they sleep then commits suicide. police say it happened while the hernando county man had his son and daughter for the weekend. they say he left behind a note signaling he was bitter over the recent breakup with his wife. >> a note of disgruntled soon to be ex-husband and unfortunately there was an 8- year-old and a 7-year-old who got caught up in this. >> the wife says they had a heated argument before the incident. police say the couple did not have a history of domestic problems.
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more problems for the contractor operating some of the suburban speed cameras in our area. investigations find xerox was forced to void 1400 tickets in baltimore county after it failed to recalibrate a dozen cameras in february. the contractor has since paid the county more than $57,000 in compensation. one year later and superstorm sandy recovery efforts continue in the hardest hit areas on the east coast. seaside heights on the jersey shore sandy swallowed up the boardwalk and the roller coaster. countless businesses and homes were destroyed. some were without electricity for months on end. here is jessica kartalija with a look at the recovery still going on in maryland. >> reporter: the first anniversary of sandy. >> this is the highest i have seen the tide up in my lifetime. >> we went down a half hour ago. we had to turn around. >> the superstorm sandy hit the state with record breaking winds, rain and snow.
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>> they are very worried about is the storm surge. they are worried about water, flooding. >> reporter: 11 marylanders killed with $47 million provided in damage. >> we provided homes and build homes for people. >> reporter: one year later $19 million is going to maryland towns hit the hardest. >> the money will be coming from the federal government and it will be coming to the lower shore. the money will be distributed on the basis of need. >> it was devastating. the entire town was flooded. when i say the entire town, everything was flooded. >> reporter: in crisfield, could have fins floated out of graves. the county dock swept away. >> that's where the bay commerce comes through every day. >> reporter: they are still rebuilding. >> we know the ocean city pier has taken a beating as well. still plenty of work to be done.
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200 maryland homes are still in need of repair. >> try to get the help we need to start rebuilding. with the latest funding, the senator's office has received $70 million in federal aid. jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> five dozen crisfield families are on a waiting list to have their homes rebuilt. a big night for sports fans in st. louis. as the cardinals were playing in the world series and the rams took to the field for monday night football. a long night for the struggling rams. russell wilson connects for two big touchdown passes including one to take a 14-3 lead. the rams managed to keep it close but never really catch up and lose 14-9. turning to baseball, the story isn't much better for the cardinals who are on the brink of elimination in the world series.
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the boston red sox scored a huge win thanks to jon lester. he threw seven plus innings. david ross delivered the big hit leading to a 3-1 win. boston takes a 3-2 lead in the series. game 6 is tomorrow night in boston. >> we pointed this out a while back, the new audience. last night, monday night football was played in downtown st. louis and the world series game was played less than a mile away. how is that possible. i'm not even sure it's a mile. to be honest about it, you got busch stadium. if you are standing -- standing at the home plate entrance to busch stadium, you are basically looking at the football stadium. >> it's close enough that some would think there was a
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problem. >> hold on a second. excuse me. can somebody queue up the war song why can't we be friends. 55 the high tomorrow today. ron matz, good morning. how are you, ron. >> how did they do that? >> you know, ron, i -- >> you know. >> they must have reincarnated the spirit of woodrow wilson and the treaty of ber sigh. >> it's amazing. >> we are talking sports this morning. we are at the maryland spca here in hampden. they have shopapalooza going on. hi, tammy. >> good morning. >> good to see you.
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online auction. ravens stuff that you won't believe. we will tell you about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they did a tremendous manic monday and got their message across in a long way. 41 oakland. almost 50 ocean city. 56 cumberland. 39 hagerstown. elkton at 42. the district 46. now 50 officially kent island and annapolis. 45 in bel air. what we have is high pressure settling in over the area. it's coming in behind a frontal boundary. it's five degrees warmer than this time yesterday. by lunch this new air mass is in place and it will be 5 to 8
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degrees cooler than yesterday. quickly coming in on the heels of this frontal boundary, cold front, warm front. 59 will be the high today. 41. partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow we will move it back to 65 degrees, variably cloudy. 72 thursday. 74 friday. another cold front comes through the area. this time with showers maybe a thunderstorm. that might be a wild start to november. saturday and sunday the sun comes out, temperatures dip. 66, 56. a little breezy but a beautiful weekend. don, take it away. here is sharon gibala wjz traffic control. >> hi, don, good morning, everyone. so far a good morning on the roads. one accident 100 westbound past 95. watch for that. otherwise not much to watch for on the beltway. 54 the slowest spot on the west side outer loop of the beltway. 95 at full speed between white marsh and the tunnel. there is the west side of the
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beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyota dealer. did you ever sit back and dream of the places you would like to go? toyota is ready to take you there, let's go places. let's go to the ronster. ron matz. >> reporter: i am live at the ninth annual shopapalooza answer online auction that helps the animals. they raised $45,000 last year. this is family from the maryland spca. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. let's go over some of the items. they are incredible. you got until 9:00 tonight to get your bids in online. let's start here. this is huge. >> this is the smith and smith package, autographed helmet and jersey, torry and jimmy. we have a lot of ravens tickets, too. lots and lots of tickets. we have a ravens weekend
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experience to go to the practice and tour the practice facility then the game the next day. all of that is on the web site. >> that is a big deal. it's a tour of the under armour performance center in owings mills then lunch with the baltimore assistant then tickets to the game. >> very popular. >> let's go down the list here. we have jewelry. >> we have men's designer watches. we have these little guys. these are hand made from recycled steel, the dog and cat which are adorable. this is a fashion apparently woman's purse with the crab on the front. very maryland themed. we have lots of artwork. these are pop art prints with some cute dogs on them. plenty of wine baskets. everyone loves a wine gift basket. >> wine tastings, tour local vineyards and bid on that. that big bag -- >> that is our furry friends. we have plenty of gift baskets,
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too. wine gift baskets and wine treats and toys for the pets. >> all the money raised little to the maryland spca helping the animals. we have scarlet here this morning, right? scarlet is one of the many animals up for adoption? >> that's right. scarlet is about 3 years old. she is such a sweet happy girl. she is extremely well behaved, too. she has been hanging out, checking out making sure where we got everything set up correctsly. >> she is going after the -- correctly. >> she is going after the ravens helmet now. >> reporter: the auction goes until 9:00 tonight. let's give the web site out so people can go online and make money for the spca. >> the online auction continues until -- >> 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> we should mention scarlet is up for adoption. people interested should call. >> or stop by. we are open seven days a week.
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>> ron -- >> yes. >> you know, we are sitting here in the studio and we are all discussing that you have worn many hats during your career at wjz. we would love to see you put that helmet on. >> let me see if i can. >> tammy, hold this. >> i would love -- >> don't mess up the signature. >> take off your glasses. >> >> oh, man. john harbaugh, here i am. the answer to all your prayers. >> ronnie -- >> yes. >> all those sections just took a deep breath. >> thank you so much. >> it has probably now gone up in value. >> maryland bid on it or bid on my head or
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something. all right, guys. >> i hope it comes off. >> it may not. >> see you. >> i thought he would struggle with it all the way down and never get it off. still to come on wjz this morning. >> after being damaged in hurricane sandy. today's historic ellis island reopened to the public. one thing tourists won't see is one thing tourists won't see is nearly a million ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one year since superstorm sandy damaged ellis island in new york harbor. parts of it finally reopened to the public yesterday. but the historic site is still without nearly a million of its artifacts. as monique griego explains. they are hundreds of miles away here in maryland. >> these are all material from ellis island. >> reporter: bob sanderman in hyattsville showed us aisle after aisle of historic pieces from ellis island, the facility which houses millions of museum items for the national park service received the collection in january after superstorm sandy swamped the island with eight feet of water. >> it knocked out the power.
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you couldn't maintain the proper environmental controls and security systems to house the collection. >> reporter: one year after the storm, parts of the island that welcomed millions to america reopened to the public but the vast majority of the artifacts are here in temporary housing. >> textiles. we have luggage. it's just a remarkable collection of personal objects that people left behind. >> reporter: some of the more sensitive objects have to be kept in this very, very cold storage vault. most are film based projects housed on all of the shelves. >> this is a passenger list from 1902. >> reporter: sander man's team showed us some of the archives with documents coming to the island. this book is signed by people visiting the statue of liberty. all of these items will remain in maryland until repairs and upgrades are completed at ellis island. sander man is part of saving
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this important piece. >> we owe it to future generations and previous to pro serve and protect the objects that represent us. >> reporter: as of right now there is no exact date when the renovations will be completed. they hope within the next few months. monique griego, wjz, eyewitness news. >> thank you. part of ellis island is open to the public. next up this morning, right here on wjz -- >> good morning, i'm mike schuh. a massive set maniment in the year -- settlement in the jerry sandusky case. >> baltimore city firefighters are in mourning after one of its own is killed by a baltimore city police officer. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm a blacksmith and i love two things. making skillets and filling them with liquid gold. yes.
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i'm a blacksmith and i love two things. making skillets and filling them with liquid gold. yes. it's the bottom of the hour. that is the maryland science center and light street behind it. marty is at first warning weather. >> 40 on tv hill. that will actually be five degrees warmer than this time yesterday.
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frontal boundary is moving through the area. no big deal. you will notice it this afternoon with a lunchtime of 57 going to a high of 59 or so. >> thank you. your rush from sharon gibala wjz traffic control. >> hi, don. good morning, everyone. if you are heading out a accident on the outer loop at security. vehicle fire 95 northbound in the area of mountain road. we have the outer loop accident at security that i mentioned and 100 westbound at 95. heading out on the beltway delays in place on the west side. average speed 44 on the outer loop. 95 looking good in the southbound lanes. that's a look at the west side at baltimore national pike. wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. news of the settlement in the wake of jerry sandusky sex scandal. penn state is planning to -- is agreeing to pay out millions.
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wjz and mike schuh are live with the details. if you remember back it looked like it might have been isolated incidents but now over two dozen men have stories credible enough that they are agreeing to a $60 million settlement. penn state university agrees to a multimillion dollar settlement with more than two dozen men who say they were victims of jerry sandusky. in june the former football coach was accused of sexually abusing 10 victims on school property. in the an interview with 60 minutes sports, prosecutors admit that there are many more. >> there are dozens more. dozens. >> dozens more. >> yeah. >> reporter: attorney matt casey represents seven of the alleged victims that settled with the school. >> they are pleased to now put it behind them but it's a remarkable achievement by courageous young men. >> reporter: the scandal cost joe paterno his job and three former university officials have been indicted for their roles for covering up the abuse. >> a lose, lose, lose move for
6:34 am
penn state. >> reporter: the professor says the settlements are fair and the safest move for both sides. >> the cost to litigate this and the negative publicity drawn out over a long period of time, this makes the most sense for everyone. >> reporter: the president of the university released a statement calling the settlements a step forward in the healing process. rodney erickson says we cannot undo what has been done but we must do everything possible to learn from this and ensure that it never happens again at penn state. joe paterno died not long after the scandal broke. sandusky is in pennsylvania super max prison for 30 to 60 years. mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> it's unclear how the money will be divided up. police make arrests following the fatal shooting of a hotel worker. surveillance video shows the
6:35 am
moment when man walked up to pregnant hotel clerk and demanded money. the hotel's manager confronts the thief and is shot several times by him. he died at the scene. police say three men are behind bars facing first and second- degree murder charges. new details are emerging about the double murder-suicide in anne arundel county. one of the dead a decorated baltimore city firefighter is being called a hero in the last moments of his life. derek valcourt has the story. >> reporter: at the engine 14 firehouse in southwest baltimore, the doors are draped with black bunting, a tribute to 27-year-old firefighter andrew hoffman. hoffman and his new girlfriend, marie hartman were gunned down inspect his glen burnie home around 1:30 sunday morning. the young sister escaped out the window. the killer was the ex- boyfriend, christopher lee robinson who took his own life
6:36 am
after the shooting. hartman, the mother of a 6-year- old leaves behind a devastated family. >> we want answers. we want to know why? why did this happen? >> reporter: hoffman's death hits hard for the city's fire department. he has been hailed as a hero. recognized for helping save a 3- year-old boy who wondered from home. the third generation firefighter was heroic in his final minutes. >> the night he was killed he did all he could to protect his girlfriend and sister who survived the terrible ordeal. >> reporter: wjz was there as his uncle collected items from the home needed funeral arraignments. his father released a written statement saying our hearts are absolutely broken over the loss of our son, brother, uncle. it's hard to imagine going forward without him but we know andy died a hero. that is the way he lived his life. we couldn't be prouder of him. family members tell wjz the funeral services for hoffman are set for saturday. firefighters plan to be part of
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the service to pay tribute to their fallen friend. derek valcourt, wjz, eyewitness news. >> baltimore city police tell wjz the department's thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the tragedy. in california, protestors are planning to march in the wake of a fatal police shooting. andy lopez was shot by sheriff's deputies. police say the boy was carrying an ak-47 replica pellet gun that the deputies believed was real. when he ignored commands to drop the weapon, they fired. his family disputes the officer's story and is demanding an investigation. nsa supporters in congress are expressing outrage over allegations that the agency is spying on america's closest allies. reporter: senate intelligence committee chairwoman diane feinstein expressed outrage over allegations that the u.s. spies
6:38 am
on allies. she issued a statement saying i am totally opposed. the white house says it's reviewing the program that monitored the foreign leaders but feinstein and her senate colleagues want to go one step further. she is calling for a review of all intelligence operations. >> these revelations call for a thorough review of the collection standards that we are using. senator feinstein said her committee was unaware the u.s. was listening in on phone calls from friendly heads of state. senator john mccain wants to know who did know. >> we want to know what the president knew and when he knew it. >> reporter: the white house won't say if he knew about the merkle eavesdropping but admits damage has been done. >> we are mindful that these disclosures have caused tension in our relationships. elmar brock is part of a delegation urging the
6:39 am
u.s. to stop spying on allies. >> i think we have to make a clear distinction between terrorists but not spying on friends. >> reporter: the e.u. delegation meets with senator feinstein this morning. on capitol hill, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> white house officials will meet with the european union delegates later today. in an interview the president says there needs to be additional constraints on how the u.s. gathers intelligence. chris brown is out of jail. a judge reduced the charges to misdemeanor assault and ordered him released without bail. brown and a bodyguard are charged with getting in a fight with a man outside of a washington, d.c. hotel. brown is is due back in court next month. an emergency landing in oklahoma is caught on camera. it skid to a stop on the runway sending sparks flying. the bottom line, the plane is
6:40 am
broken but nobody is hurt. turning to sports, the red sox are one game away from clinching the world series title. jon lester dominated on the mound the cardinals would keep it close until the 7th when david ross delivered a big hit. the red sox win 3-1 and take a 3-2 series lead in the series. game 6 is tomorrow night back up in boston. turning to the ravens, the team is welcoming a big new addition. former bengal bernard scott has traded in his tiger stripes for purple. it has been more than a year since he played in a game. he suffered a knee injury and was let go by the bengals. coaches are impressed by what scott could bring to the team.
6:41 am
>> we will see where it goes. >> he could be used as early as this weekend. bernard pierce suffered a hamstring injury in the ravens loss in pittsburgh. head coach harbaugh says the ravens will see how and when scott will be used. don't forget you can see the ravens playing the browns in cleveland this sunday at 4:15 live here on wjz 13. >> in other sports news the nba started tonight -- starts tonight with. if the wizards can stay -- is it wizard or wizards. i think when you talk about the term it's plural. >> yeah. >> having said that, the wizards can stay healthy, you know, who knows, maybe they have a shot at the play-offs
6:42 am
this year. you know what, it's fun to go down there and watch game. they have reached out to baltimore. they absolutely have. >> i will check back in in 1,100 games. >> there you go. groupon is like klenex, a brand name but your social coupons. believe it or not, the wizards have some darn good deals. they do. coming up on "coffee with," it's the actor and actress that play shrek and the princess on broadway. they brought it out in blu-ray and dvd. that doesn't make five minutes of good tv. we got in an interesting discussion about can you convert a broadway show to something in your living room. i think you will find this interesting particularly if you have been to a show. are they qualifying
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good morning. thanks for being with us.
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40 degrees. 85% humidity. temperature extremes from 34 in cumberland to, well, 49 in ocean city on this display. i think we will see 50 in annapolis and kent island. 46 rock hall. 45 bel air. high pressure settled in over the area. as we speak, a new air mass is diving into the region. it is coming through with no rain, just a couple of clouds. that is it. five warmer than this time yesterday. by this afternoon only about 59 or 60. then a warm front kicks in and life gets sweet here. 59 will be the high this date. overnight tonight 41. the normal is 63 and 41. tomorrow we will call it a high of 65 degrees. look at thursday and friday. 72 and 74. it will be beautiful for kids trick or treating on halloween. friday we start in november at 74. showers. cold front is coming through. cleared out saturday and
6:47 am
sunday. breezy both days. 66 then 56 degrees. don, take it away. >> thank you. any problems on the pavement? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> we have a couple of them. three on major roadways. one is an accident on the west side of the beltway, outer loop at security, fortunately to the left shoulder. a vehicle fire 95 northbound past mountain road. on 100 westbound at just past 95 we have an accident there. speeds slowing down on the top and west sides of the beltway. 50 is your outer loop average on the top side. 39 on the west side. 95 slowing down between white marsh and the beltway. 46 is the average there. there is the top side at bel air. not so bad in that particular shot. this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyota dealer. did you ever sit back and dream of the places you would like to go, places that bring you happiness, now is the great time to buy a toyota. letter let's go places. this morning's "coffee
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with" is with us sutton foster. okay, shrek and the princess. welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. what is going on, you all. >> you are used to working in front of a crowd. that's okay. >> that's the way all receptions should be. >> we do a lot of these, it's coming out on blu-ray dvd things. sometimes it goes in one ear and out another. but i think this is a cool concept. this is not some movie that flopped in the theater and they are trying to recoup the money with the blu-ray dvd. this is the theater production of shrek. you get to go to broadway in your house. that was cool. when you found out this would happen, what were your thoughts. >> i was excited. being a broadway performer, we
6:49 am
don't often get the opportunity to see the show that we are doing. most of the time you perform a show and that's it. it is not encapsulated forever. i was excited about the prospect of being able to finally get to see the show and get to see what our fellow performers and actors and how it looked from the outside as an audience member. it's awesome. >> when you decide when you are going -- when they decide you are going to be an actor in trek, do they show you the animated film first. >> i think we had already seen it. >> most of the world has. >> like a lot of people, it was such a well-known movie i had seen it before i started doing the show. >> i guess i meant study it. >> likewise i was -- that wasn't a requirement, no, not by any stretch. i think they were very open to,
6:50 am
you know, obviously staying true to the character and not diverging too far away from what people love and expect but by virtue of it being a musical version of this familiar story, you have the chance to basically recreate these characters in a unique way. mostly through the music. so, the characters will sing their feelings as opposed to the regular scene work that you have seen in the animated film. by virtue of the mechanics of it, you are able to put your own spin on it. >> you were talking about singing your emotions instead of the words on the screen. there is something unique, will it's in baltimore, broadway, a theater in tulsa, the sound of a broadway show, if you will, is amazing in the theater, the way the orchestra sounds, the singing sounds. are you happy with the audio recreation on the blu-ray. >> that is a great question.
6:51 am
you said something in your introduction, this is such a special thing because what it really does, it doesn't just capture shrek the musical. it captures what it's like to be in a broadway theater and that sound that you are talking about, one of my favorite sounds in the theater is when the orchestra starts tuning before the show starts. the unmistakable sound of something is about to start and it's something that is so wildly exciting to me. i think that movie does that. it starts with a great helicopter shot of coming into new york and then you are on the streets at the box office with the patrons coming into the theater. there you are in a broadway show. so, the sound, yes, absolutely. i love the sound of it and the way the orchestra sounds and the music sounds but it's something else. it's that extra sense of being in the theater. >> it's live. we shot it all live. we didn't go into a recording studio and dub the songs.
6:52 am
there is nothing that is tuned, auto tuned. it's actually the live performance which i am also very proud of. >> did they shoot two or three different performances and edit the best in or one show soup to nuts. >> i think it was mostly one show. then the second day we did shoot some pickups as they are called, different little things. >> angles. >> close ups that they wanted for maybe a little insert of a different perspective. for the most part, what you are seeing is one night in a broadway house with a live audience experiencing what the viewer will be experiencing at home. >> that is cool. >> listen, our satellite time is running short. we have to run. i hope that anyone that enjoys going to the theater in their own home. have a great one. >> you too, thanks. kind of you. >> see you later. bye. >> nice to see what shrek looks like. >> it's a cool thing particularly that sound.
6:53 am
>> no doubt about it. what he said -- when he said tuning i could hear it. you know something is about to happen. >> we are coming right back. ,,,
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here are the updates from sharon and marty. >> let's take a look at the forecast. high temperature of 59d. partly sunny skies. a crisp beautiful fall
6:56 am
afternoon. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> hey, marty. good morning. if you are just about to head out, we have one accident on the west side of the beltway, outer loop at security. another problem on 95 in the northbound direction past mountain road, a car fire. an accident 100 westbound past 95. speeds on the top side of the beltway in the 40s. west side in the 30s. 95 southbound in the 40s. there is a look at the top side running smoothly in that shot at bel air. this traffic report is brought to you by jiffy lube. help extend the life of your car with an oil change. in between meetings you don't need an appointment. back to you. penn state is agreeing to pay $60 million to those abused by jerry sandusky. the settlement would be divided between 26 men who thy they were abused by children. in june he was convicted of sexually abusing 10 but prosecutors say many more were involved. stay with wjz news station. complete weather and traffic is still ahead for you this
6:57 am
morning. more than two ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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