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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 28, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is wjndz tv. from the city to the counties to your -- wjztv. now it's complete coverage. wjz, maryland's news station. >> a deadly love triangle. three families in mourning. >> after a city police officer killed his former
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girlfriend, her boyfriend, and then himself. >> good afternoon. i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica. >> here is what people are talking about today. the shock and sadness being felt by those three families. a city firefighter and his girlfriend are dead, and so is the city police officer who killed them. mike shoe has more. >>reporter: good afternoon. investigators and paramedics arrived, they found a baltimore city firefighter dead, his girlfriend dead, and a baltimore city police officer also dead. >> the burning street fils up in front of the home of baltimore city fireman andrew hoffman where he and his girlfriend, marie heartman were gunned down just after 1:00 sunday morning. >> they're never going to forget you. every single one of us. >>reporter: heartman d hartman, the mother of i asix-year-old boy had started dating hartman. their families met for the first time under the most unthinkable
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circumstances. >> we're trying to get through this terrible ordeal, but we don't know why. >>reporter: police here say baltimore city police officer christopher lee robinson and he shot the couple inside the home before shooting himself. hartman's sister heard the murders and police say marie's younger sister hid in the closet and had to jump out a window to escape. >> they will truly be missed. >> hartman was honored in july for saving the life of a toddler he found wandering around in the streets. >> this shows a lot of character. >> marie's heartbroken parents thankful for his courage. marie's family tells us they would like to see the two buried side-by- side. i'm mike shoe reporting. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, microbin son served in the military and joined the police department in 200 #. a maryland state trooper is hurt after a collision in baltimore
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county, the damage to the rear of his trooper car is clearly visible there. it was about 6:00 this morning. christopher hall was sitting inside that car on the shoulder investigating another accident when another vehicle crashed into him. the outer loop of the beltway at this 702 exit was closed about two hours. 63-year-old lopez was driving the car that hit the trooper. he refused treatment at the scene. the trooper's injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening, but he is under going trauma. police began pushing him move over for emergency vehicles and personnel campaign. new reports today. the nsa also spied on millions of calls in france, spain, and italy. the national security agency is denying that president obama was told in 2010 of spying on germ man chancellor. the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee calls the report 100% wrong and said the leaked information is being misinterpreted.
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all the spying comes from documents taken from edward snowden. the healthcare reform website takes another hit this weekend. the glitch sunday is linked to a data services hub that went down. the network failure impacted other government websites as well. the white house is blaming an outside contractor for the glitch, held secretary was expected to testify this week about the problems plaguing the online healthcare site. >> the federal government is granting $19 million in aide to maryland communities hit hard by superstorm sandy. one year ago tomorrow, the storm originally a hurricane, slammed into the east coast. property damage here was mainly centered on the lower eastern shore. the money can be used for damaged housing and infrastructure as well as economic developments. and what a difference a year can make. we have a bright blue sky with no storm. take a live look outside right now and it's mostly sunny and cool, but without the weekend astounds. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage in the out back.
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and meteorologist josie ingrams over the weather center. good afternoon, chelsie. >> hi don. hello, everyone. winds certainly are on the calm side, and temperatures are starting to rebound into the 50s. take a look at our currents across the region. we're sitting at 58 degrees right now at the airport, but there is a widespread in temperatures in the 40s in western maryland. 48 in oakland. up to 60 degrees. 63 in ocean city and 63 in easton. we had a cool start to the day today with temperatures right around 33 degrees. the normal for this time of year around 41, but as i said, we'll have plenty of sunshine in the forecast and temperatures will be rebounding nicely. just a few high clouds will be out there for us throughout the day today. as for rates we can expect into tomorrow, marty has the details. >> i can easily -- it's so nice out here. i've been debating whether to wear the coat or not. good afternoon, everybody. it is almost a perfect fall day. we are, as you take a look at a graphic, going to have a little bit of
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frontal boundary. high pressure is going to track some cooler air in, but just for a day. the mid 60s. the return flow of that high slips off to the south. wait until you see how mild it's going to get. meteorologist chelsie ingram says the wonderful autumnal equinox. now we come back inside. the ravens start their second half of the season in less than a week. they have a lot of work to do if they hope to make the play-offs. live back at with today's fancam. good afternoon, ron. >> ravens were 3 and 4 of the season. they remain two and a half back from the bengles and the afc north. our wjz fan cam question to you. what are your expectations for the ravens the rest of the season? >> i just expect us to do better in the next couple of games, and you know, give the crowd something to shout about. >> i would think they're going
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to be eight and eight. >> i think they're going to be okay. the division is wide open. >> they're going to pull it together, work as a team, and we are going to win. we're going back to the superbowl. >> i expect maybe 8, #, 9, and 7. >> i hope that we can get better. i don't think we're going to be as good as we were last year. i think there are still a lot of holes and i think we're sort of still on the superbowl hangover. >> and the ravens head to the dog pound next sunday. take it automobile the browns in cleveland. the ravens are currently three- point favorites for that game. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. you can see the browns in cleveland this sunday afternoon. live right here on wjzsubpoena 6789. a big success for the making strides for breast cancer walk this weekend. 6000 people came out to walk around lake montevallo yesterday including
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many breast cancer survivors. the walk raised more than $300,000 to be used for research and support programs for breast cancer patients. wjz is proud to be a sponsor of making strides for breast cancer. jessica was the emcee and did a great job. >> a lot of fun. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon. the driving rains and high winds slash britain. why it could be the worst storm there in years. >> chris brown is in a washington d.c. lock-up right now. what he and his body guard are changed with doing. the wind has died down. you may be able to ditch the jacket this afternoon. don't miss your updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stoas it's partly sunny 54 degrees in central maryland. your weather forecast is coming up. a 14-year-old boy is feared dead. lifeboats and helicopters off the coast of southern england. thes with called st. jude. the 80-mile-per-hour winds is
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causing severe structural damage and understooding and disruptions to road, rail, and airport travel. >> and new trouble for r and b singer chris brown this noon. he's expected to be arraigned at d.c. superior court later today. he and his body guard are charged with attacking a man. the 24-year-old singer was there to emcee an unofficial homecoming event. brown and his body guard each bunched -- punched one man in the face. brown is currently on probation, you may recall, for the 2009 attack on his girlfriend, rihanna. store the music industry is marking the loss of a legend today. >> i said hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side. all right. >> rock and roll pioneer lou reed passed away over the weekend. reed was a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the very well let under ground before launching a solo career. he's said by many to have influenced an entire generation of rock stars. he died from liver disease at the age of 71. and there will soon be a
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conditionedment change at your local macdonald's. the fast food giant is ending its 40-year relationship with hienz. the maker of the restaurant schedule, of course, the ketchup maker's new ceo is a former top executive at burger king. the company says most customers will not notice the change because hienz is only used in the u.s. at minneapolis and pittsburg locations anyway. still ahead on wjz, eyewitness news at noon. we are in a bit of a warm-up after a very chilly weekend. don't miss your updated first morning weather forecast. >> first, let's take a look at today's today's midday stoc,,,,,,,,,,
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and it's a beautiful typical monday out there. and we'll eventually top out. we have cooler temperatures in bern maryland including oakland at 348 all the way to 60 degrees. 63 in easton and 63 in ocean city right now. we are sitting at 58 at the airport and locally see anything for about 555 degrees in westminster to 61. winds on the calm side right now so that's actually going to allow our temperatures to rebound to near normal for this time of year again in the low to mid 60s. that is where we're forecast to top out as we head into the late afternoon. the big picture on satellite and radar. that's showing high pressure in control of the mid-atlantic as of right now.
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a couple of things to point out. we have a system coming down to our south. that is where we're going to see to the south. and it's already filtering in some high clouds. nothing in the way of rainfall and then we have is a cold front draped across the great lakes into new england. that's going to push through but not until later tonight. that will not bring rainfall but drop temperatures as we head into tomorrow and filter nor of -- more of canadian air. tuesday and wednesday, high pressure builds back in and we'll be watching the system headed our way from the west that has a warm front associated with it. that's going to help to warm our temperatures up to near 70 degrees for a couple of days as we head into the latter part of the workweek. that is something we'll talk about in your five-day forecast. winds out of the north on the day at approximately five knots. here is what you can expect for the rest of today. 63 degrees. a mix of clouds and sun heading into the overnight. 39. let's call it a seasonably cool night for us as we head into tomorrow. 60 degrees will be mostly sunny
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and seasonably cool as well with temperatures right around f 0. >> bring out the coats and boots. the show is part of cbs's successful monday night comedy line-up. jess will talk live with the stars of "two broke girls." >> wjz 13 is always on. top stories on at this hour. for instant updates, please log on to cbsbaltimore,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the hit cbs show two broke girls making the audience laugh until they cry. joining us live right knew from l. a. originally east coasters though. >> yes, we are. okay, i have to tell you guys, one of my favorite guys about watching the show is when you guys try to keep a straight face because you can tell you're having so much fun doing the show. do you just love that? >> she's so much better at keeping a straight face. for me, i break on her all the time. >> yes. >> i can't look her in the eye. >> the best part is when the tears start brimming and coming down her face. >> i cry when i laugh. >> and i'm pretty good. and sometimes i have to dig my nails into my palm to stop laughing. >> that doesn't help me. you always say to do that but it doesn't hurt enough.
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>> i press pretty hard. >> i can't do it. >> you guys have -- the writers are phenomenal and you can tell you dies are -- guys are enjoying it. you're having so much fun. what has been the most fun for you guys doing this show so far? >> working with each other. we just get to hang out all day so we're pretty lucky. it's pretty awesome. most people aren't really good firemens with who they work with. we're very lucky. >> we goof off to the point where the director has to be calling action. and they're like okay, guys, action means stop talking. but start talking dialogue. we have fun. >> yeah. >> always make fun of hahn. >> his mother is coming in to visit. he's been lying to her. >> he's been lying to her and saying that he has this brain surgeon church-going girlfriend, but it turns out
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he's been caught taping the head of a stripper and sending that of his girlfriend. he asked for our help in turning the stripper into his perfect girlfriend. >> before we go to do you get back to this area often? >> i'm coming to visit my grandparents in december. they can't -- you can't see your grandparents either. >> i can't. >> you're right. it's true. i wish i could. >> i would like to get back there more. i don't as much as i want to. >> come on back. best of luck tonight, the rest of the season. we will certainly be watching. thanks so much. >> bye jessica. >> you guys can watch a new episode of two broke girls right here at 8:30 tonight
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right here on wjz. you're going to want to be sure to check in with wjz's eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. more nsa spying revelations and the potential impact on the u.s. relations with our allies. back to jail. singer chris brown appearing in court in washing on the d.c. today facing new assault charges. will this jeopardize his freedom? join us for these stories and all. breaking news today at 4:00 right after dr. phil. >> your five-day ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. a seasonal day today. a nice warm-up. your five-day forecast. >> just one dip in the road. tomorrow we're going to be running about 60 degrees or so, but 65. halloween at 72. breezy. watch for a cold front come through the air with a shower or sunshine. still 74 out ahead of that action and even down to 66 on saturday. at that point, it's still going to be four degrees above normal. we'll hold out hopes for a nice sunday. now we'll go back inside. >> don't miss the cbs primetime line-up t at wjz. at 10:00, it's hostages followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. there's said to be a girl's best friend but even guys are going to want to take a looken at this. the world's biggest orange diamond on display. it's a rare fire diamond and it weighs almost 15cts making it the biggest fancy orange
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diamond to ever go up for auction. it's expected to fetch between 17 and $20 billion. if you want to make note when the auction is, it's november 12th in geneva, switzerland. >> guys, put it in your calendar. thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13, maryland's news ,,,,,,
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