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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  October 26, 2013 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning. up next on eyewitness news saturday morning. underfire again, what attorney general doug gansler is saying about under in a drinking controversy. >> and -- >> good morning, everyone. a volunteer with the anne arundel county fire department is arrested for sexually abusing two children.
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i'm monique griego, coming amount the long list of charges against him. >> he is cruz, he has flied out and struck out. >> reporter plus, gold glove finalists announced. how many orioles made the cut? >> looking outside it was a three dog night in central maryland. so is there a break in the chilly weather any time soon? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in first warning weather forecast. >> eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news saturday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm meteorologist tim williams. temperatures are in the chilly 30s across most of the area. it is a coal start to the day and going to be a pretty seasonable chilly day. just a little bit below or
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normal highs. not as windy. >> light jacket day. >> and fall like. we're looking at sunshine and blue skies. look at that, hardly a cloud to be found. that's today and tomorrow. our forecast will start off with temperatures in the 30s. at bwi we're at 33 degrees. we have all of the areas shaded there in blue are freeze warning in effect. temperatures are close to freezing. and we are going to have a bit of a warmup going into the next few days, but it will take one more night to get there. 57 degrees tonight. breezy and patchy clouds. the lows in the 30s. 38 degrees. not around freezing. closer to 40. the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecastver coming up. >> thank you, tim. first, here's what people are talking about today. well, he admits he should have done more. for the second time this week, maryland attorney general and
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governor candidate, doug gansler speaks out an issues surrounding a presence at a party where underage drinking may have been going on. pat warren has more from gansler. >> reporter: attorney general doug gangler pictured at a teen party where drinking may have been going on. trigger as firestorm of questions about what he should have done. he spoke to his son and left. >> what is the appropriate thing to do where there are 19 and 20-year-old kids, having fun and a party. some may be drinking. >> reporter: do parents have options? >> we're in charge, not the teens. >> it is your child. you're responsible for your child. nobody else is. >> me, personally, i would definitely stop it. >> to the extent that people are looking at this as an issue it is a good thing. the confronts every parent that has, 19 or 20-year-old kids. >> reporter: clinical
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psychologist, jim, is saying parents face tough questions but the responsibility is there. >> to contact the chaperons there, i would probably do it to reassure myself that things were going well there. >> reporter: in a statement today, gansler said that you try to make the best decisions. the head of the group that created a public service announcement, which gansler cautions against teen drinking agrees. >> we know that parents don't want other adults providing alcohol to their parents. so at that point, i think you do have a moral responsibility. >> reporter: gansler says when he has made a mistake he is willing to admit. it pat warren, back to you. >> the party took place at a beach house in delaware during senior week in june. the man behind bars accused of shooting a police officer is out of the hospital this morning. police arrested the 29-year-old
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on thursday along route 1 after a 15 hour manhunt. he is accused of shooting an officer on wednesday night. who is now in stable condition. the suspect was shot in the leg during a shoot out with police. he is charged with attempted murder. a former fire department volunteer is accused of sexually abusing two children. that's only the beginning of the charges. as monique griego explains there might be more victims. police are asking them to forward. >> reporter: parents dropping their kids off at a community dance at the ferndale fire department received shocking news. a former volunteer and organizers of the dances. 41-year-old preston scott was abused for abusing children. >> it is a shock to a neighborhood, sure. when it hits local it is different. hit home, i guess. >> reporter: more disturbing is that police believe that scott videotaped the abuse that
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allegedly occurred over a six year period. >> it doesn't appear to be random. >> reporter: fire department leaders are saying scott resigned in may, was nut a firefighter, but an administrative employee. >> he was involved in fundraising activities. he would come up if we were to have a bad storm. >> reporter: the department handed out the flyers to parents dropping their children off at the dance. >> our investigate has not led to us finding that he touched children at the dances inappropriately. despite scott's arrest, parents did not loose trust in the apartment or event. >> 20 chaperons and police officers. >> answer scott is facing a long list of charges. sex offenses, child abuse and sodomy. if you have information on this case or any of the victims should contact them.
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reporting live, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> police are not releasing information about the victims to protect their identities. scott is in james on the $22 million bond. an apartment fire in bronx, new york, leaves three young brothers dead. the flames raged out of control filling 5, 2-year-old, and 4- month-old. their mother and young sister we're able the scape the flames. doctors treated them for smoke inhalation at a hospital nearby. three other people were also injured. crews were able to get the fire under control. no word on what sparkedded the blaze. seven people, including two police officers are recovering from injuries after a homecoming event at howard university goes wrong. it happened as a large crowd rushed towards the gates at the outdoor concert, one person broke his arm and another major injuries.
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the u.s. is saying most of the people did not have a ticket to the counselor. the event went on after police got the crowd under control. problems with the affordable healthcare website is popping up, but now there is a timeline for solving the glitches. barrack obama is amounting jeffrey zitses to fix the delays on the website. zients admits that several issues need to be addressed. the government is saying 3 out of ten people can complete the operation for the process. clean out your medicine cabinet today and make your home safer. the area police department is participateating in the sixth national prescription drug take back. the drug enforcement agency helps to depose of the medication. you can drop them off from
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10:00 to 2:00 add the four police departments at area. possible postseason honors for the orioles. jessica kartalija explains of. >> reporter: hi, everyone. the orioles were the best feeling team in baseball this past season. it is no surprise that six orioles are in the running for the gold glove. manny is one of the finalists at third base. it seemed like every other week he made a hot play. if he were to win, his first gold glove. and also a finalist -- orioles central fielder, adam jones. jones won last year, if he would win again, his third gold glove. and also this year -- the winners will be announced tuesday night. homecoming in college park on
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saturday as the terps host 9th ranked clemson, maryland is just needs one more win to become bowl eligible. they are dealing with a overwhelming number of injuries. maryland's top two receivers -- [ no audio ] are all americans as part of homecoming weekend. and the coach joked that he might need a few of them to help out on the field. jessica kartalija,. >> the terps are undefeated at home this year. >> bringing back to older guys. does it feel like football weather? they are still playing
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baseball. >> they are. >> post-season baseball is underway. basketball is underway. and football in the middle. >> sports lovers dream. >> it is. if you have a sportsnet, with other channel on your dvr, sundays are a good day for you. all right. we're looking at a nice football day today. the temperatures on the cold side. but a good bit of sunshine. a lot of blue sky out there. the difference today over the last few daysathize temperatures are really on the rise. today and tomorrow and into the week ahead we're going closer to the normal highs of 64 degrees. our normal lows of 42. right now 30s. it is hard to see it right now. but you can look or take away from what we have here, is the current conditions the wind direction. the southwest send the change. the northwest wind we have been experiencing watching into cold air. the shift to the west means warmer air is on the way.
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at southwest flow is pretty much starting to take uniform shape across the state. that will be with a light breeze today. not too blustery through the afternoon. as we tap into the warmer conditions all of our neighbors, really from detroit and washington and -- chicago and the great lakes, they are warmer than us. the great lakes, michigan, minnesota, st. paul, and texas. there is not a lot of participation in the country. we have the high pressure in control. the high is going to change our forecast. the high is just to out south now, it was earlier to our north. and it was bringing in that
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cold air from the northwest. because it is to our south, it is tapping in, again the clockwise flow around the air that is bringing in the southwest wind, that will get us up into the range of 60 degrees. and tomorrow much like today in the upper 50s. there is a southwest wind on the bay at 10 to 15 knots. and gusting up to 20. 57 degrees today. and a little bit breezy. with patchy clouds and sunshine. the lows around 38. not quite as cold as this past overnight. 57 degrees tomorrow and like today. and then the 60s startup. 61 on monday, 63, 65, and 68. the lows from the 30s to the low to mid-50s. this time of the year? pumpkins are carved, some are tossed, and some are smashed. >> we are talking about the maryland zoo in baltimore, it is a pumpkin smashing tradition and children love it. ( screaming ).
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>> do it again, right. tim? >> yeah. >> well, children watch in ah as the africa elephants did the annual pumpkin smash. >> the pumpkins are a special treat available only this time of the year. the elephants love them as much as the children do. >> i'm doing that today, smashing pumpkins. >> it is time to carve them. >> this is a good day, too. this is a good day to pick out your pumpkins. >> okay. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning -- ,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news saturday morning. on this 26th day of october. this is the last saturday of the month. it is hard to believe. halloween on thursday. we fall back next week. we're in the time of the year that all of the transitions into fall are happening. our fall conditions are going
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to be with us for today. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. eventually up to 57 degrees is our high. milder air will move into the region. sunshine and just a few patchy clouds out there will make for a pleasant day. if you plan on using this day to take a look at the fall foliage, well, a a slight chance -- change of colors in the eastern shore. then the best colors are really from the 70 corridor to the west. so you can take that map and just kind of use it as a general guide for your direction if you're planning on seeing the change. 57s to. and lows to around 38. tomorrow, a carbon copy of today, with just a little bit of less wind and more sun. the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast is coming up. g? >> thanks, tim. first, here's what people are talking about today. well, nearly 17 years after six- year-old child pageant star,
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jonbenet ramsey bluntenned to death in her home, a judge released, the grand jury report. the grand jury found enough information, now 14 years later police are no closer to finding her killer. jonbenet's body was found bludgeoned and strangled in her home in 1996. suspects return to the massachusetts high school where a math teacher was murdered this year. classes at danver high school resumed yesterday. the body of the team was found on wednesday. and phillip chisholm was charged with her murder. he followed her to the bathroom and attacked her. millions of americans relying on food stamps will see a change in benefits.
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starting first friday the benefits will be cut. more than 47 million people currently receive food stamps. that is 15% of the u.s. population. the average benefit per person is over $133 a month. with that amount, it will be rescued. the cuts add up to $5 billion. ellis island in new york city is reopening. a year after hurricane sandy swapped ellis island. the island now will reopen. it's immigration museum and electoral system were devastated by this. the electrical and air- conditions systems were ruined. much of the damage is not repaired. but the international parks service will reopen the island the visitors on monday, the 127th anniversary. all right. the weather is nice.
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it is more than just trick or treater. >> this is right. wjz eyewitness news is live in front of the aquarium this morning. we are joined by kendell miller. she joining us. we did not recognize you dressed as dancer, as the reindeer. >> i am, dance the reindeer. >> okay. very cool. >> i was confused. why are they talking about christmas, it is halloween, but that is your halloween costume. >> it is. it is very warm and cozy on this chilly morning. >> so tell us about it. >> yes. so this is what we do at the national aquarium to celebrate halloween. we have a lot of great activities for the kids and also adults. we definitely want kids to which dressed up. we are going to be doing costume parades with the dolphins and really cool cooking demos with our head
7:22 am
chef here. and our head pastry chef will be making a pumpkin pastry. >> it is interesting to see how many kid comes dress as sea life. right? >> yes. we love seeing kids in costumes. when they come dressed in a fish or shark, they are helping us to inspire the aquatic treasures. they come in and we have a lot of activities and things to see. >> so, give us the particulars. when, where, how much? >> sure. today and tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. the 3:00 p.m. all of the activities are free with admission. feel free to purchase your tickets on-line if you want to get in. >> all right. kendell, dancer, do you have dancer moves? >> oh, yeah. i have a lot of good moves. >> yeah. we know. >> this time of the morning a dancing reindeer. >> all right.
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>> nice moves. >> all right. thank you. we'll check back with you in 20 minutes. thanks for joining us. >> great. thank you. >> all right. kendell miller joining us from the national acquirement in baltimore. >> got to move. >> that is right. still to come on wjz eyewitness news -- ,,,,,,
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the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast, 57 degrees today and tomorrow. 51 on monday. 62 on tuesday. 65 on wednesday. and 68 on thursday. a chance of showers on wednesday. but temperatures are warmer just in time for halloween. pier work on baltimore's washington monument is about to get underway. >> mary bubala reports. a major project to restore the historic structure to the original condition when it was build 200 years ago. >> baltimore's washington monument offers amazing panoramic views of the city above the street, but that view has been off slimts for three -- limits after the structure was not safe. the non profit group takes us inside of the monument today, showing us how water leaks have weakened the structure. so scaffolding will go up, encasing the outside of the monument, it undergoes a $5
7:27 am
million registration. >> the monument is approaching the 200 birthday. there is a lot of damage to the exterior. >> reporter: the conservancy is working in part with the city to guide the careful restoration of the jewel. >> you can really see all of the damage that moisture has caused. there is just so much mortar that is crumbling out of the joints here. this needs to be stabilized. >> reporter: but the big question, will the city be able to have the lighting of the monument to kickoff the holiday season? >> 3, 2, 1. >> the city says the top honored tradition will happen this year. the lighting is on the schedule. >> i have seen an e-mail saying that we start in january. so we have to make sure that the lights are down by january, after the lighting. so yeah. >> reporter: the monument should be back open on the 4th of july, 2015.
7:28 am
which is the monument's bicentennial. mary bubala. >> workers started building it in 1815. and completed it in 1829. >> the should be back open the the public on the 4th of july, 2015. >> a great celebration. >> yeah. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news saturday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm meteorologist tim williams. here at the ballm -- bottom of the hour, the temperature have dropped to the lowest now. we have not hit a record, but the temphas dropped at bwi. so around 30 degrees. >> it is pretty. >> it is a gorgeous start to the day. but a cold start to a cool day. closer to seasonable norms. our normal high is 64 degrees. we will get up into the range. today starting off on the chilly side. we're at 30 degrees at bwi. this is the coolest reading so
7:32 am
far. this is an overnight low. this is probably the official low for the day. freeze warning in effect because of the temperatures fluctuatering until 9:00. the sun will come up, temperatures will start to moderate and warmup, to about 57 degrees. breezy and patchy clouds after a good bit of sunshine. and the lows down into the 30s. we will have your the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast coming up. >> all right. thanks, tim. first, here's what people are talking about today. for the second time this week, maryland attorney general and democratic candidate for governor, doug gansler tackles issues surrounding his presence at a party where underage drinking may have been going on. pat warren with more. >> reporter: attorney general doug gansler pictured at a team party where underage drinking mall have by going on, trigger as firestorm of questions about what she should have done. what he did do was speak to his
7:33 am
son and leave? >> how do you react? what is the appropriate thing to do, 19 to 20-year-old kids having fun and a party. some may be drinking. >> reporter: do parents have options? >> we're in charge. not the teens. >> it is your child. you're responsible for your child. >> reporter me, personally, i would definitely stop it to. >> to the extent people are looking at this as an issue, this is a good thing. it confronts every parent. >> reporter: clinical psychologist, jim, is saying parents face tough questions, but the responsibility is there. >> contact the chaperons there. >> reporter: in a statement today, gansler said -- the head of the group that created a public service announcement, in which gansler cautions against teen drinking agrees.
7:34 am
>> we know that parents don't want other adults providing -- alcohol to their kids. at that point you have a moral responsible. >> reporter: and gansler said when he has made a mistake, he is willing to admit it. pat warren, back to you. >> the party took place at a beach house in delaware during senior week in june. a former member of the ferndale volunteer fire department is arrested for sexually abusing two children. scott abused the children and videotaped it. scott is being held on $22 million bond. scott, who resigned back in may, was not a firefighter, but an administrative employee. he is facing a long list of charges now. police are saying anyone with information or possible victims should come forward and contact police. anne arundel county delegate, don dwyer is sentenced for two arrests. alex demetrick was in court.
7:35 am
>> reporter: when geligate don dwyer's boat clicked with another in 2012, people were hurt, including broken downs and a concussion to a 5-year- old girl and her 7-year-old brother. >> it was true. >> reporter: and this past august on route 100, he was pulled over for drinking and driving. today in court, 30 days in jail for each conviction. 60 days behind bars. >> bare minimum of a sentence. >> reporter: mark was piloting the other boat and his grandchildren, and in court, don dwyer's lawyers said it was carbon's fault. >> speed, to be drunk and not even be watching where you were going. seems to be a crime. >> it would be nice for him to acknowledge and apologize, instead of denying acknowledge what's happening. >> once you are willing ag admit you are an alcoholic, it
7:36 am
is thought something that goes away. >> don dwyer's efforts to do that, kept his jail time down. >> she took the judge's words and put them into action, remaining that he is sober. >> for the next three years on probation. the judge orders him to stay out of places that serves or sells sells -- alcohol. >> he will serve his sentence on weekend. >> and this political future. he plans to continue serving out his determine as a delegate to anne arundel county. an accident that killed a state trooper is under arrest today. phillip nolan junior died at the scene on sunday morning. a car left control and crashed into a garage at nolan's business. he retired from the force in
7:37 am
2005 as a sergeant after serving 22 years. crack down on the roads. state troopers are on the look out for drivers who violate the move over law. this is after several of their own were injured by drivers who didn't make room. meghan mccorkell with more. >> reporter: good morning. early this month trooper jacqueline cline was hit by a car and nearly killed assisting another trooper on the side of the road. along the sid of route 100, trooper jacqueline cline was struck by a car, thrown into the air, through the back windshield of a cruiser. cameras captured the near death experience of david in september of 2012. >> i have been hit by a car. >> reporter: both troopers nearly killed by drivers in violation of the move over law. now, city police are cracking
7:38 am
down. >> that vehicle is in violation. >> reporter: they are targeting people who don't obey that law, that require people to move a lane away. if they can't get over, they must slow down. in just the first day of the crack down, state police made more than 1400 traffic spots. >> 335 of them were cited for move over violations. there was an additional 481 issued. >> noticing that you didn't move on. >> one driver who was given a warning tells wjz eyewitness news he understands the importance of the law. >> you need to move over a little bit. just be curious. >> reporter: for troopers it can be the difference between life and death. >> this is going to be a law that saves -- the lives of officers and people that we're dealing with. >> reporter: a law that could prevent scenes like this. trooper cline has been released from shock trauma and moved to a rehab fill. a 5k will be held on november 10th to raise money for her
7:39 am
recovery. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> state police are saying they will have more move over crack downs throughout the year. six orioles are finalists for one of basketball's most prestigious awards. >> here is cruz, he has flied out and struck out. manny -- foul territory, the long throw. oh, yeah. >> phenomenal play there for ford baseman, manny, one of six birds in the running for the gold glove. the other finalists, jones, wieters, hardy, davis, and markakis. the winners will be announced on tuesday night. >> i said earlier, that is everybody on the team. >> yeah. >> the orioles. >> yeah. the one of the best fielding teams. an exciting season. they are playing now, you know what, fans will be fussing if
7:40 am
they were playing in the world series. it is cold. can you imagine being at camden word if it was 30 degrees outside. >> and drinking hot chocolate. >> what a problem to have. all right. our coldest point at the night. the record for the overnight period, 28 degrees. not quite there. now, we're going to see the temperatures go up. the difference today, we have a southwest wind opposed to a northwest wind that shift will get us to the normal high. the temperature is 30 at bwi. around the state here is the range. 27 in oakland, 30 on the shore. 32 in elkton and 36 towards -- washington, d.c. and around the metro area -- you are starting to see a uniform shift in the wind direction to the southwest.
7:41 am
high pressure in direction of the high is what is responsible for the direction of our wind over the last few days. we're the coldest around us. boston is at 38. detroit and chicago in the 40s. 36 in atlanta and 39 in memphis. that air is moving in our direction. here is the jetstream to the north. this will help to bring in there milder air heading into the next few days. with our sunset at 6:12 and the next high today in the afternoon, we have a small craft advisory. we have a slight wind out there, but it is responsible. today, 57 degrees. still below normal for today. 38 degrees tonight, but again, patchy claudes and a lot of sun tomorrow, 37 degrees. and here is the run of 60s just in time for the end of october. 61 on monday, 62 on tuesday.
7:42 am
65 on wednesday with a chance of showers. halloween, 68 degrees. mildest night of the week. 54. so, a nice night for trick or tweeting. just a little bit on the cool side. >> all right. bundle up. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. beautiful sunrise, clear and sun a few areas. 30 degrees in central matricide right now. the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast is straight ahead. first demolition is underway at the cite of one of the nation's -- greatest tragedys. crews started leveling sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut yesterday. where 20 children and six school workers were killed a thet school last december. newtown is using a $50 million state grant to build a replacement structure on the
7:46 am
property. the parents of a mystery girl only know as maria are identified this morning. dna tests confirm a bulgarian couple are her real parents. maria was found in greece with another couple who was arrested and charged with kidnapping. her biological parents are saying they were too poor to look over her and they want her back. a shocking revelation from one of the most successful quarterbacks to ever play in the new hampshire -- nfl. >> i don't remember my daughter playing soccer. >> brett favre says that he suffers from memory loss. he believes it may be the result of concussion. it is not a new problem. in august, the nfl agreed the plaintiff $765 million to settle lawsuits for or the than
7:47 am
4,000 former nfl players. there is still time to sign up for the 2013 pro football challenge. you can go to cbs radio is bringing country flavor to baltimore. >> welcome to new country on 106-1. my name is fast jimmy. i'm doing the morning show. we went to welcome everybody to a brand new baby radio station. >> 106.1 launched yesterday. the new stations features today's biggest arteries. new country on 106.1 can be heard on-line and on the app. all right. pumpkin carvings and backyardigans, what you can do this weekend.
7:48 am
>> this is part of the holly marine this weekend. >> yes. wjz eyewitness news is live and emma joins us with more events. your costume is a jellyfish. >> that is right. i'm glad that you got it. >> you got a theme band behind you. a theme song? >> i have pirates behind me today. they are called pirates for sale. they will be performing today and tomorrow. >> all right, the jellyfish and the pirates for sale. >> yes. >> emma, what is going on, a lot at the national aquarium. >> a lot of activities today. we are very excited to celebrate halloween with everyone. we are looking forward to see everyone come down this weekend. >> people take part of, what else can they do?
7:49 am
she's having trouble there with her audio. we will tell you. it starts today, runs tomorrow 10:00 a.m. the 3:00 p.m. >> sorry about that. >> there we go. >> my tentacles are in the way. >> activities are free, right. emma? >> yes. activities are free with the cost of admission. so you pay your normal admission for the acquirement -- aquarium, and you can participate with costume contest, and you can cover up pumpkins and hear the pirates. >> those darn 20icals. >> yes. sorry. >> all right. thank you for joining us. see you again. >> thank you very much so. have a great one. >> all right. emma joining us from the national machine aquarium. ,,,,,,,,,,
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you need good food with halloween. you cannot just eat candy. >> that's true, you cannot trick or tweet on an empty stomach. >> we have sologisty. >> that is right. we are talking about possibility celebrating. here is scott and don. thank you for being with us. >> thank you having us. >> sushi. >> all right. the be bash. >> yes. this year's boo bash. at halloween night. at 7:00. we will have a dj and running a costume contest after a 1st, second, and 3rd place winner. we had a lot of luck with that
7:53 am
in the past. it is great. the staff dresses up, which is fun. >> you have a costume that doesn't get in the way with chopsticks. >> working as well. and finally lots of food and drink specials. we here today to show you a couple of things we will offer. all right. don will start. we are going to show you the spider roll which is a great roll. we start off with soy paper. which soy paper. it is not fishy as seaweed. >> you are too fast. >> yes. >> he is like fast and good. >> yes, tv fast. >> he does 600 rolls a night. you get quick. >> so spider rolls. >> scott? >> it is a roll that we do during halloween. it has soft-shell crab in it, a little bit of crab mix, it has -- acorn squash. he rolls it up and five pieces.
7:54 am
>> only available this time of the year. >> yes, this time of the year. >> you have to wash it down with something, right? >> that is right. >> and the finished product. >> in front of me. you have spicy mayonnaise and eel sauce. >> all right. you have to wash it down. all right. here is sammy. the bartender with you. that is a real name. >> it is. sammy will show you how to do our grape martini drink. it is grape vodka. >> and other ingredients. >> lemon sour, sprite and then garnish it with a nut and a blueberry. ,,,,,,
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all right. so this product. >> we're going to pour that up for you and garnish up. we will be complete. >> and the eye ball. >> the is a nut that is stuff would blueberries. >> all right. >> this is a raw sushi -- ,,,,,,
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