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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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party photo flak. >> controversy swirls around the attorney general and possible yundz aged drinking. -- underaged drinking. his response that he should have done more. >> hello. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> maryland attorney general, doug gansler is there again. at a party, where underaged drinking may have taken place. political reporter doug gansler has heavy response to criticism. >> that centers around a party in delaware, where gansler's son was the dj. >> reporter: white shirt center. doug gansler at a teenage party in delaware, where underaged drinking was going on. >> from what i understand now, there certainly was drinking going on. if you look at the picture, they're not where i was. but there are some kids, one or two kids, holding red cups, and
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generally, there could be cooled a in the -- kool-aid in the red cups. there was probably beer in the red cups. i didn't stick my nose in and see. and maybe i should have. >> reporter: he said he saw no evidence of alcohol in the time he was there. 10 days ago, he defended his deportment as a passenger, as his security ordered them to break traffic laws. first drying, now drinking. >> if the dirt innuendo is going to continue? absolutely. we're 8 1/2 months away from an election. i assume it will get more and more. >> reporter: what he won't do, he says, is quit. >> i'm a big boy. i've been doing this a long time. and when i'm wrong, i'm wrong. when i could have done something differently, i'll tell you. and if this case-- in this case, i could have done something differently. >> reporter: gansler said in hindsight, he should have at least checked in with the chaperones while he was in the
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house. he said he does have a moral responsibility to other people's children, as well as his own. i'm pat warren, reporting live. now, back to you. >> pat, thank you. the party took place at a south bethany beach rental house in june. the massive manhunt for the suspect who should the a howard county police officer, is over. that suspect is now in custody, being treated for a gunshot wound he apparently suffered in the gun battle with police. wjz is live with complete coverage. linh bui takes a closer look at the suspect's criminal background. but we begin with derek valcourt, live at the scene with more on the shooting and the officer's condition. derek? >> reporter: well, the shooting happened back here in this stretch of route 1. police say the suspect then ran into these woods and hid overnight. he emerged from these woods this morning, apparently unarmed. and surrendered without incident. >> this is 29-year-old steven prather, now in custody, rushed to shock trauma, with a gunshot wound to the leg.
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arrested, alongside route 1 in savage, wednesday morning, just feet from the spot, where howard county police say he shot an officer wednesday afternoon, before escaping into the woods. >> you know, i just saw a guy standing there. and he looked -- looked like, i don't know. looked like the guy that they describe in the news. >> reporter: auto mechanic freddie pena spotted prather and alerted a nearby officer who made the arrest. >> he just put his hands up and went to the ground. >> reporter: police believe prather may have been hiding out in this storm drain here at the edge have had -- edge of the woods. it was deep inside this storm drain. they found what they believe was his gun. >> reporter: police say wednesday afternoon, drivers first spotted prather holding that gun and pacing near this red pickup truck. when officers approached the man, he opened fire, hitting officer steven houk. >> as the gunman jumped over the guardrail and ran into the woods, i mean, another officer was running along the guardrail, firing shots into the wood. -- woods. >> reporter: one of the shots
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apparently struck prather in the leg. while he hid, police launched a massive manhunt that lasted throughout the night until his arrest thursday morning. >> ee have a tremendous -- we have a tremendous amount of work to do. and we have a tremendous amount to make sure he's accountable for that. >> reporter: and wjz complete coverage continues now. outside shock trauma, where prather is still being treated. snip buoy -- linh bui investigates his violent past. and also spoke to some family and friends. >> reporter: wjz found a lengthy criminal record. but family friends are very shocked and describe a very different person. >> reporter: a shooting suspect with a violent history. >> it's a lengthy one. and it includes violent crimes, including a charge for attempted murder. >> reporter: according to maryland court records, stefon prather has been arrested several times. in 2002 for vehicle theft. in 2004 for assault. and in 2006, attempted first-
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degree murder and assault. prather pled guilty that time and served five years. but then in 2011, he was arrested again. this time in north carolina, charged with breaking an entering, traffic violations and more. >> reporter: police say prather has no fixed address. but according to court records, he used to live here in this upper marlboro neighborhood. >> reporter: these residents live near prather on old colony drive and say they knew him well, calling him a nice guy. >> i was shocked. i was really shocked. his brother is my best friend. so i called him to see if he was okay. >> i just couldn't believe he would do something like that. >> i don't believe that. i can't believe that. >> you know, everybody changed. >> reporter: prather is in police custody, once again. >> reporter: prather is currently on supervised probation in connection with that attempted murder charge from 2006. reporting live outside shock trauma, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> linh, thank you. once prather is officially charged, more details will be release said about this
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investigation. well, wjz continues to update the breaking news from baltimore county. a large house on fire in glen arm. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain jeff long has the latest for us. jeff? [ no audio ] >> reporter: white smoke, billowing out of the roof of this house in glen arm. and you can see most of the smoke is coming out of that hole, where firefighters earlier vented the roof. and when they did that, as expected, flames shot up through the roof. we were here, taking a look at that. those flames lasted only a few minutes. nay got some-- they got some fire on them, knocked the flames down quickly. then we've seen the smoke here change from light smoke to dark smoke back to light smoke. good indication that the fire may be under control at this time. reporting live, i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> thank you very much, captain jeff. and of course, we'll continue
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to follow this fire and bring you more information as it becomes available. brisk fall weather outside this evening. in frederick, wjz found one couple braving the chilly temperatures to feed some hungry swans and ducks at a middletown blake lake. and let's take a live look outside right now. mix of sun and clouds. but a freeze warning will soon go into effect. and wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is with the wjz mobile weather lab in towson. but first, let's check in with bob turk and the weather center, with the updated conditions. bob? >> temperatures this afternoon, ran about 11 degrees cooler than normal. normal high is around 64. only got to 53. right now, we're at 48 degrees. to the west of us, it's even colder. only 30 in oakland. they got to about 32, 33 this afternoon. that's about it. 41 in cumberland. and 50 in d.c. and pax river. 48, ocean city. dew point, very dry air.
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down to 23 degrees. it's going to get cold tonight. this morning, we were 38, 30 in oakland this morning. that's where they are right now. 37 in cumberland. and a milder 42 in d.c., down by the river, is, of course, milder. staying milder tonight. anywhere on the bay in the city. but southwest of us, north of us, and northeast of us, we have freeze watches and freeze warnings in effect for all of that area you see. from the city on south and east, no issues expected. although temperatures will probably get in the upper 30s. but don't expect to see any freezing conditions, except in those areas you see north and west. which means some spots could get down to 29. 30, 31, 32 degrees. that means bringing in those tender plants. speaking of tender plants. tender feet. let's take it out to tim williams with the wjz mobile weather lab in towson. tim? >> oh, that robert. i tell you. we're here on burke avenue. and we have been talking about
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these tender plants. bob mentioned it. if you have any, you can bring them in tonight. probably a good night to bring them in, not just cover them up. here in towson, it's been 46 degrees here for the last few minutes. when the wind blows, we drop, down to around 40. we've seen it as low as about 39. that's what folks here and across northern baltimore county are going to experience. and the temperatures are going to drop. all courtesy now of high pressure in control. to get an idea of what is going on. high pressure to the west. it's the clockwise flow around that high that is directing in these cold, canadian winds. it's been a little blustery through the afternoon. and the winds are going to bring the chill down. and bring the temperatures down to about freezing in the north and west suburbs. now, our temperature swing. this october chill has been a little unusual. and definitely below average for this week. we started off this week, with temperatures around 67 degrees on monday. low, about 38 degrees on that night. to put this in perspective for you. normal low is 43.
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just look at our temperatures and you'll see how the progression has gotten lower. 64 on tuesday. 58 on wednesday. 54 on thursday. that's today. and then 54, roughly tomorrow. and temperatures expected to be down around freezing. so there you have it. so we're expecting for the next few days. feels like football weather. we'll talk about some of the plants here that might give you a little bit of a rains feel coming up here in the next few minutes. we're here in the wjz mobile weather lab, on burke avenue in towson. meteorologist tim williams, sending it back to you on television hill. >> okay, tim. thank you and bob. several suspects are taken in after a syringe is found on a playground. >> reporter: the syringe was found at rippling woods elementary in glen burnie. school officials say the kindergarteb -- kindergarten class was at recess. it was determined a total of seven students touched that syringe. the children were not injured, but they were taken to the area
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hospital as a precaution. a note was sent home with children today to inform them what happened. >> the school's custodial staff is cleaning the playground to make it's safe for the children. baltimore police say as the man tried to stop the brawl on his block, he was stabbed to death. wjz is live. rochelle ritchie spoke with the victim's family and has the latest on the investigation. rochelle? >> reporter: well, denise, it is such a troubling story. a man simply trying to do the right thing, ends up being killed. now his family is heartbraken and desperate for an arrest. >> reporter: emotional family members of 25-year-old durrell gatskin speak to wjz about the tragic death of the father of two. >> it hurts the most. i was right here with him. >> reporter: gaskin's uncle was getting ready for work when he heard a violent commotion outside. that's when she said her uncle
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ran out to stop a fight between high school students. >> somebody else jumped and hit them. they were fighting. turned back around. he got stabbed. had him in my arms. and then, he started getting lightheaded. >> reporter: has father ran down the street to his son. his last words, devastating to any parent. >> i actually helped -- held my son in my hand. and the last thing he told to me is "daddy, i love you. i'm not going to make it ." >> the killing happened just a few blocks from forest park high school. police would not say whether the attackers were students from the forest park high school. but witnesses say they had school uniforms on. >> how did he get inside and out of this school with a knife? they have metal detectors. i don't get that. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says the city must do all it can to change the mentality of its youngest citizens. >> we have to find a way to break through and give our
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young people other options. >> reporter: gatskin's father said his son was one of the good guys and didn't deserve death for doing what was right. >> one of you guys out there know who killed my son. you know who killed my son. >> reporter: baltimore city police say they do not have any suspect at this time. if you know anything about this, you should call police. i'm rochelle ritchie, live tonight. wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you very much, rochelle. and the second stabbing victim was treated and released from the hospital. anne arundel county, a 4- month-old baby was hit in the head and police say alcohol may be partly to blame. police say the infant son of the driver was sitting on a passenger's lap when the driver crossed into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle. the child is in critical condition at johns hopkins children's center. police say price may have been intoxicated. a soft spot for those doing hard time. alex demetrick reports, inmates who are military veterans, are
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using their time behind bars to help make life a little easier for wounded vets, with some four-legged help. housing inmates doing serious time for serious crimes am but locked up doesn't necessarily mean shut off. >> for us who have done something wrong, it's all we can do to return to try to do something right. >> reporter: that something is the early training of service dogs. it's done in other prisons. but this is the first time veterans who have been convicted of crimes are raising the dogs to aid wounded veterans, returning from iraq and afghanistan. >> this is an opportunity for you to step up to the plate. and do something unselfish to somebody else. >> it's a payback to the people who help us so much. to the disabled veterans. >> reporter: but help flows both ways when a dog is in the middle. >> to be incarcerated. to have a dog. this is like -- no matter how bad my day is. that dog is always wagging its tail. >> reporter: after a year of
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care and training, the first three dogs graduated to the next step in the program. [ applause ] >> reporter: from their home behind bars, the dogs now go on to new york for advanced training. a goodbye that isn't easy. >> it's like losing a friend. and i don't know. it's going to be very, very difficult. >> reporter: although the next recruits waiting outside the prison gate might help ease that loss. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, that advanced training could run 3 to 6 months before the dogs are matched with a disabled veteran. >> cute puppies. they certainly are. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. massachusetts math teacher murdered. shocking new details on how she was killed. and the latest on the student charged with her death. baltimore police, making major changes to the way they present photo lineups. i'm monique griego. coming up, what they hope it prevents. and a cold snap in maryland. how long will the chilly temperatures last? bob turk will update the first
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warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is mostly clear. 48 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. in an effort to cut down on what can be devastating mistakes, baltimore police are making major changes to the way the department conducts photo lineups. wjz is live. monique griego has more on what drove the commissioner to take action.
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monique? >> reporter: well, denise, the commissioner freely admits that mistakes had been made in the past. and he believes these changes can help fix what many considered to be a flawed system. >> reporter: when a crime is committed, an eyewitness account to be can be crucial to an investigation. but it's also where devastating mistakes can be made. in an effort to curtail misidentification, baltimore police are making major changes to their photo lineup. >> double blind sequential photo array is a very extremely progressive technique. >> double blind means neither the person showing the lineup or the person with the picture knows the real suspect. only in the past, the witness is in the dark. police say they want to make sure they don't unintentionally influence or sway a partner. >> you now have a third party administrator. >> nearly 75% of all dna exonerations are tied to bad eyewitness accounts. >> these changes not only
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promise to protect the innocent, they will help to protect public safety. >> reporter: in addition to the double blind, baltimore police are also changing the way they present photo lineups. presenting them to the witness, one by one. >> victims and witnesses tend to compare the photographs during this process. they tend to make assumptions. >> reporter: they believe this will greatly improve the credibility of the system's justice system. >> help to ensure that individuals are convicted, based on credible, reliable evidence. >> reporter: and baltimore police began using this new system just this week. denise, back to you. >> thank you, monique. the commissioner said he decided to make the change, after working with harvard on a paper to identify errors in law enforcement and how to fix them. >> boy, it's pretty chilly out there today. boby? >> yes. i called you last night. ure went out without a coat. tonight, he's got a good, warm
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coat. >> you're bringing it up again. [ laughter ] >> you have a warm coat. you won't be cold. he's still mad. 48. 37% humidity. west winds, 15. the barometer rising. frosty and freezing temps tonight. we'll have a forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're with the wjz mobile weather lab in towson. wind chill. there's a slight one. when the winds are blowing. talking about bringing in tender plants. moms -- mums are kind of hardy. so maybe they'll make it through tonight. there is a freeze warning. giving a little football feel. for more on how this is going to play out for the next weekend, we're sending it in to bob. >> that is the biggest moment i've ever seen. that thing is gorgeous. that thing is very old, by the way. if you have mums, by the way they're outside. they're fine in the spring. cut them back each year. >> you might cover them with leaves. a night like tonight is not going to hurt the mums. around the baltimore metro area, some areas in the low to mid-40s. 48, columbia. and 50, down by the bay, where they will not see fleeting temps tonight.
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still have that breeze. as long as the breeze warms up, it will not get as cold as we're predicting. but looks like the winds, already to the west, are down below 10 miles per hour. once we get below 5 or so, that's when temperatures can drop. we're now at 15. 10 in d.c. ask only 3 in ocean city. 14 in elkton. the average normal now is 64, 43. and the records, 82. in 2001. and 25 in 1969. yeah, it was a cold morning. that's for sure. here in the east, generally what single is the jet stream has dipped from this general flow. winds are coming out of central canada. even portions of florida got dry, cool air today. right now, in central florida, mid-70s. and dew points are around 60. that's very dry for those folks enemy this part of the world, we have snow showers. west of in michigan. and across portions of northern ohio saw some snow this morning. and it's prettyev much gone out.
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light sprinkle activity. it's beginning to weaken. because winds are dying down. here in the eastern sections of maryland, a lot of clear skies. this is going to give cold temps overnight. cool, high pressure dominates into the weekend. but later saturday and sunday, the high begins begins to migrate offshore. that means the wins come back to the west/southwest, bringing milder temps for the weekend and early next week. couple of weak fronts might even go through the area. but they're not going to change temperatures. temperatures still going to be below average. but overnight tonight, really at 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., that's when these freeze warnings go into effect, as you see all of those areas from the city on west and north. and across much of virginia, could see some freezing temps tonight. probably will. gust winds up to 20 miles per hour. and small craft advisory on the bay. down around 32. closer to about 39 or 40 at the inner harbor. and then tomorrow. a day similar to today, with a high of 54. and more frost and freezing tempts again tomorrow night.
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so we still have some chance to get some of those plants in if you want to save them. okay? >> thank you, bob. still to come on today's eyewitness news. an unexpected twist. a convicted killer and kenezy cousin is granted a new trial. will he be set free? cookies laced with drugs. that's what baltimore city police are investigating at a city school. i'm christie ileto. that story is next. website woes. designers of the troubled website are grilled. the warning th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. 48 degrees. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. republican lawmakers are holding hearings on the troubled website americans are trying to use to sign up for health insurance. the obama administration admits there are problems and contractors are working to fix them. danielle nottingham has the latest from washington. >> reporter: government contractors came to capitol hill to answer lawmakers' questions about the problems with
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some lawmakers use personal examples to illustrate their point. >> i got this after 41 minutes. please log in again. >> we're not excited. nor are we pleased with what we delivered on october 1. but, you know, in principle, it worked. >> reporter: the contractor said the obama administration made the decision to go live with the website. and more testing could have identified flaws. >> certainly more testing always helps projects like these succeed. >> reporter: republicans argued the bungled rollout points to bigger problems with the affordable care act itself. they want it suspended until the problems are fixed. >> reporter: democrats say americans are getting coverage online. but want, working as well as other popular websites. >> reporter: amazon and ebay don't crash the week before christmas. and pro flowers doesn't crash on valentine's day. >> reporter: the white house is optimistic the problem will be
6:32 pm
fixed. >> the goal here can be achieved, which is the availability of affordable healthcare insurance. >> reporter: administration officials are set to testify next week. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house is reminding people while the website is being improved, there are three are the ways to apply for coverage. a massachusetts town continues to mourn the sudden and violent death of a young high schoolteacher. as investigators reveal new information in the case. [ inaudible ] with a box cutter. police have charged one of her students, 14-year-old phillip chism with her murder. investigators say surveillance cameras and interviews with chism indicate ritzer was murdered inside the building, and then dragged outside and left in the woods behind the school in danvers. officials have not released a cause of death or motive in the killing. baltimore city police are investigating whether students at a local school ingested cookies laced with a drug. one parent tells christie ileto, her daughter tested
6:33 pm
positive for marijuana after eating the cookie. >> reporter: cookies made with drugs? that's what baltimore city police believe a group of students at reg partnership school in jessup ingested during school hours. >> right now, i'm furious. >> reporter: carmelita says her daughter ate the cookies. >> and they called me and said, my daughter was tested positive for marijuana. >> reporter: these students don't want their face shown but say the sugar cookies, much like these, were being shared amongst senior classmates. >> who was giving them out? >> we're not sure who was giving them out. >> i just know it was like an advocate or someone else. >> an advocate? we're hearing it was a staff member at the school. is that true? >> it is a staff member at the school. >> reporter: parents like linda hughes, whose daughter also ingested the substance in question, are outraged. >> what kind of message does this send to the students? >> reporter: baltimore city schools, tight-lipped on the matter, say the school remains
6:34 pm
under investigation. meanwhile, it's our practice not to comment on personnel issues. >> and while hughes and stokes' daughters are back in school. thursday, the mothers say they still want answers. >> are they going to press charges against this individual? what are they going to do about this? what about the other kids? >> reporter: answers parents say will ease their mounting concerns on what they call an inappropriate matter. >> and i did speak to one student who said she thought the cookie was a regular dessert. and after eating it, said she felt dizzy and diss o -- disoriented. >> and they are, working with the state's attorney's office. a member of the national guard is accused of opening fire near a navy base in tennessee, injuring two soldiers. it happened outside the gate at millington naval base. the u.s. navy says two service members were hurt. but their injuries are not life threatening. the shooter was subdued and taken into custody. authorities say he was a recruiter, recently relieved of duty. after more than a decade behind bars, kennedy cousin,
6:35 pm
michael stakele -- skakel may be released. he may get a whole new trial. >> reporter: michael skakel's attorney has asked for the kennedy cousin to be released from prison, now that a judge has overturned his conviction. skakel, the nephew of the late senator robert f. kennedy, was found guilty in 2002 of murdering his then teenage neighbor, martha moxley. the judge said skakel's defense lawyer botched case. moxley's mother still maintains, skakel is the killer. >> reporter: martha moxley's body was found under a tree on her family's property in this gated community of bel haven, on halloween day, 1975. two years later, her family moved away, and the house was eventually demolished. >> the more wealthy the community, the more secrets there are. >> reporter: jeanne mcnanny is a 30-year resident of greenwich and a friend of the skakel family. he said -- she said she is happy skakel is getting another
6:36 pm
chance for the truth to come out. >> i'm sorry if the family of martha is going to be really upset about this because they want somebody to be behind bars. but if it's not the right person... >> reporter: police said martha moxley was beaten and stabbed to death with a broken golf club that belonged to skakel's mother. skakel's older brother was initially a prime suspect but was never arrested. in greenwich, connecticut, vinita nair, wjz eyewitness news. >> skakel was convicted in 2002, after a friend testified that he confessed to killing martha moxley. skakel denies making that confession. time now for a look at the baltimore sun. more on the fallout of the controversial underaged drinking at a party, attended by attorney general doug gansler. major league baseball announced the golden glove candidates tomorrow. a look at possible orioles on the list and their chances of winning. and reviews of new winnings, including 12 years a slave. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the
6:37 pm
updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. in tonight's school watch report, a maryland actor is getting involved in a major anti-bullying campaign. as gigi barnett explains, many people will recognize him from a very different role. >> reporter: best known for his role as a low-level drug dealer on the hit show, the wire. actor trey cheney has a new gig. >> be strong, young people. be strong. >> reporter: this is it. he's penned an original hip-hop song. with an anti-bullying message to reach students. it's called mike bully, about a young man who finds the courage to stand up against had his bully. >> i thought it was aplaying. he did an awesome -- amazing. he did an awesome job with the video. >> i wanted to do something that affected today's society. and bullying stood out. >> reporter: the actor said the excuse me system reached out to
6:38 pm
him. so far, he's visited numerous schools around the state. this week, it was old mill in ann areboundle county. he said the message is -- anne arundel county. he said the message is a stark contrast to what they may have seen of him. >> they may think poot. but that was just a character. this is an illusion. this is the real tray cheney that is trying to give you all something positive. >> reporter: as cheney's song rings out in the school's auditorium, school leaders hope it will reach students on social websites, where cyber bullying exists. >> now, it's like everyone has facebook and twitter or instagram and cell phone. it's like you can be contacted and bullied in many different ways. >> i've seen it destroy a lot of children in regards to their spirits and things of that nature. it's just a horrible way to treat others. >> reporter: october is national bullying prevention month. but chainy -- cheney said he plans to visit schools until the end of the year. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> cheney is also working on a
6:39 pm
second campaign to promote safe sex practices. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. runaway bull. what the animal does to this police officer, directing traffic. stay tuned to find out. i'm mary bubala. it is a teacher's dream store. free classroom supplies. how it works and how you can help, coming up. >> that was tim williams. wjz is always on. for updates on the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil.
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a mang is dead, after -- man is dead, after his train derailed. several cars ran offer the track in sanford this morning. a worker at the site was buried under a pile of rubble and pinned beneath a rail car. the florida highway patrol and department of transportation will work together to investigate the accident. a traffic cop in romania is recovering tonight, after an unexpected run-in with a bull. he is directing traffic when a bull appears. it charges at the officer, slamming him to the ground.
6:43 pm
the bull was captured a short time later. the officer was transported to a hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. investigators say the animal escaped from a nearby farm. like it or not, holiday shopping is around the corner. and this year, americans are expecting to keep their budgets modest. the average holiday shopper will spend around $700 on decor, gifts, cards and more. they are also forecasting holiday sales will increase 4 percent to over $600 billion. each school year, teachers spend thousands of dollars, buying supplies for classrooms. many wish they could get the needed supplies for free. now, they can, thanks to an incredible idea by a local woman. >> reporter: inside this baltimore city school, pimlico elementary and middle school, excitement for a classroom that has been transformed into a store, with shelves, stuck with everything teachers need.
6:44 pm
and it's all free. it's called the wish list debow. >> and -- depot. >> we were just very excited about this program here. teachers no longer have to spend money out of their pockets for school supplies anymore. >> reporter: the store is the brain storm of sharon matthews. she got the idea when her teacher sent home a long list of supplies. so she started a nonprofit to fill that need. and now, the excitement is growing. >> everybody is exile excited have having a -- excited about having a second store. >> reporter: teachers often spend thngds of dollars -- thousands of dollars on their own supplies. a hidden cost of the profession. and now, one saturday per month, the store is open for them to shop books, pencils, scissors, glu, wipes, hand sanitizer. you name it, the depot has got it. >> this is just one of the wonderful i things she does through her nonprofit. and i think she deserves all
6:45 pm
the accolades for helping teachers with supplies. >> reporter: over the next five years, matthews hopes to open 11 more of these wish list depots. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. >> and if you'd like to learn more about the depot or donate to it, log onto our website,, and click on news, then local. >> that's a great charity. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. what really happened in ben ghazi? for the first time, an eyewitness tells lara logan about the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. we'll have that tonight, on the cbs evening news. >> thanks, scott. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sun is going down on temperatures. it has begun dropping. a little nippy outside. bob is updating the five-day forecast. first, meteorologist tim williams is live in towson with more on the mobile weather van. est that any of us have ever seen. >> that mum is pretty big and pretty heavy as well. so if you get it, bring some muscle. it's going to be a night where you may want to cover those
6:49 pm
mums up if you can. temperatures in towson are down to 45. and we're going down from here. take a look at the forecast. we start tomorrow off, where we expect to end up tomorrow night. temperatures in the low to mid- 30s am we have that freeze warning going into effect for parts of the area. we'll be down around freezing, about 32 degrees. 35 tomorrow, with partly sunny skies. going up to about 47 in the middle of the afternoon. up eventually, to about 51. to about 54 degrees area wide. for the next five days, sending it in to bob. >> looks like tomorrow, a day like today. maybe 1 degree warmer. tomorrow night, in the low 30s, most places. a little warmer for the weekend. 56, 59, 59. monday and tuesday, temperatures getting closer to average. but still, 30s and low 40s at night. but a little warmer here tuesday. nighttime low of 46. that's actually above average. denise? vic? >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. game 1 of the world series, was a one-sided affair. highlights and previews of tonight's game, between said red sox and cardinals next. ♪
6:50 pm
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
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game one of the world series going to the boston red sox. >> jessica kartalija has more. >> great pitching helped boston
6:53 pm
take the early lead in the best of 7 series. the mistake happened in the bottom of the first. when the cardinal, s took what ato be a routine play. red sox quickly capitalize on that mistake, as mike napoli doubles to the gap. three-run score. john lesser pitches eight innings -- innings, gives up no runs. boston takes game 1, 8-1. always getting that first one out of the way is a good feeling. to continue to try to build some momentum. but i thought we played a very good game all around. >> a lot of things went write for us. -- right for us. but we had to take advantage of the opportunity. >> john lackey, they send out rookie michael w acha. no game for the ravens on sunday. it's the team's bye week. players are not due back in owings mills monday. the team held a practice before all the players were allowed to
6:54 pm
go their separate ways. ravens 3-4 on the year, coming off two straight losses to the packers and steelers. players and coaches are not happy. and as wjz has shown you, neither of the fans. coach john harbaugh reminds everyone, it is a long season. >> you hit tough stretches every year in football. there's no guarantee. this is tough. and there's no guarantee this year. but we had done pretty well over the last five years. going back to work. dealing with the things that we need to correct. overcoming adversity. -- the a tough league. we're right in the middle of the pack right now. >> ravens are two games behind the bengals in the division. next game is in cleveland, november 3rd, against the browns. i'm jessica kartalija. back to you. >> some players head back to their hometowns during their time off. >> just as many will remain in baltimore and work out and receive treatment. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss tonight's
6:58 pm
primetime cbs lineup at 10:00. immediately follow by eyewitness news at 11:00 here on wjz. a toddler's halloween costume is lighting up at you tube. this little girl who is almost 2, is scene seen wandering around her house as a stick figure made of almost entirely l.e.d. lights. her dad came up with this creative costume. this has gotten more than a million hits on you tube. it's a simple thing. he used lights and attached them to the sweat suit. >> that's great. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. >> for bob and mark, i'm vic carter. thanks for watching maryland's news station. there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. among the stories they're covering tonight other how preparations for the rolled out. we'll take you to >> pelley: tonight, anatomy of a meltdown.
6:59 pm
how preparations were delayed for the the obamacare roll-out until it was too late and gave republicans a new line of attention. >> how can the administration punish innocent americans by forcing them to buy from a system that does not work? >> pelley: reports from wyatt andrews and sharyl attkisson. what really happened in benghazi. for the first time, an eyewitness tells lara logan about the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. a kennedy cousin asked to be released from prison as he awaits retrial for the murder of a neighbor. jim axelrod on 38 years of twists and turns. and... ♪ it's been a hard day's night ♪ . >> pelley: ben tracy tries to jog ringo starr's photographic memory. >> reporter: this is the guy you're wondering about? >> the mystery man. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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