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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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behind bars, after an intense search, the man accused of shooting a howard county police officer is in custody. the officer's condition and how the manhunt ended. hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. kai is off. and here's what people are talking about. the man suspected of shooting a howard county police officer was arrested this morning after hiding out overnight. officer steve house remains in serious condition, but he is expected to recover. mike schuh explains what led up to the violent confrontation. >> reporter: he was caught not far from where that incident went down last night. and police say that he fled into those woods overthere. and they think that might be where he spent the night. because this morning, at 8:30, at that tree line, he walked out. and he was captured by police, right here. >> reporter: he was captured here, just 50 yards from yesterday's shootout. at 8:30 this morning, auto mechanic, freddie pena of first
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to see him. >> he looked like the guy that they're describing in the news. and he had two sticks in his hand. his face was covered with some red shirt or something. >> reporter: the auto mechanic tells me that he was using those two styxs -- sticks to try to walk with because he had a leg injury. he told police and they caught up with him about 300 yards down the road. >> i don't know if they saw him or not. they were like coming out. and i was like, hey, it's him, it's him. and they were like, okay, okay. they stood there for a while. and then they went after him. >> reporter: weakened and cold, operatinger gives up without a -- prather gives up without a fight and was taken to shock trauma. >> clearly, he knew the heat was on him, baud because he surrendered, knowing that officers had surrounded him. >> he took a shot. that is serious in our county. our investigation is just beginning. >> reporter: now, the same teams which searched for him, searched for the gun he allegedly used to shoot
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colleague steven hout. a massive man with a violent past. >> it is a lengthep one, -- lengthy one, including charge for attempted murder. >> reporter: now, this is a community no longer on age. >> much better. i feel safer. >> and i guess at some level, a tremendous amount of pride in our agency, that we were able to bring the resources we need to bring him into custody. >> reporter: police say that that leg injury probably happened during last night's shootout with police. they also say that their officer is doing quite well. i'm mike schuh reporting from laurel, back to you on tv hill. >> police spent much of the morning looking for the gun used in the shooting. and they finally found it in a storm drain in the woods. investigators believe prather may have spent the night hiding in that drain. wjz will have much more on the officer, the suspect, and the investigation coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. maryland's attorney general spotted at a party, where there appeared to be underaged
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drinking. now, he's addressing the controversy. denise is in the newsroom with a story for us. denise? >> reporter: well, mary tthe party was at a rented house in south bethany, delaware. this was a photo from that night that shows gansler walking through a crowd of teempgs, with red plastic cups, scattered around the room. gansler told our media partner at the baltimore sun, he doesn't remember if he saw anyone drinking alcohol that night. this afternoon, he admitted, he might have done something differently if he a chance. >> in hindsight now, i probably should have assumed there was drinking and talked to chaperones about what they thought was appropriate. but i wasn't there to make a decision to whether there was drinking or not. that's not really what i was there to do. >> gansler said he only stopped by the house to have a short conversation with his son and left immediately after. mary? >> denise, thank you. gansler officially announced his run for governor last month. several baltimore city school students are sent to the
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hospital after ingesting marijuana. about five students from the reach partnership school in clifton park fell ill yesterday. wjz has learned that they tested positive for marijuana at the hospital. investigators believe they ate cookies laced with marijuana. but they're continuing to look into the incident. a dry and chilly day in maryland, where a freeze warning about to go into effect. it has been especially cold in the western part of the state. people are starting to bundle up. and the leaves, my goodness, they are turning some brilliant colors out there. and outside right now, a mostly sunny, beautiful afternoon. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is on burke avenue in towson, with the wjz mobile weather lab. but first, bob is updating those chilly temperatures. bob? >> you mentioned western maryland. take a look at temperatures out in oakland. particularly far western maryland. still 32 degrees. it did get down to 31 degrees
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this morning. mild to garrett county. look at the dew point. 25 degrees. this is very dry, canadian air. this morning, we got down to 38, with a bit of a breeze and? clouds. 30 in oakland. they have a little snow on the ground. picked up two to four inches of that lake of effect -- lake- effect no. -- snow. yes, it was breezy. it was silly. overnight tonight, the winds have died down. because of that, we expect to see freezing temps. north and west of the city. do have a freeze watch, freeze warnings in effect for all of those areas, even in portions of northern delaware and central jersey overnight. so temperatures out there, away from the city and away from the bay, probably getting down to around 31 or 32 degree. s. degrees. that means it's probably time to bring in the plants. for more on that, let's go to tim, who is looking at some of the plants there. tim?
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>> reporter: definitely time to bring them in. tonight is a good night to do it. you don't want to just cover them up if you can. we'll talk about wayou have here and how it may impact you when the temperatures start to drop. let's talk about why they're dropping. high pressure is off to the west. and it is the clockwise flow around that high that is going to bring in that colder air from canada. it is a cold, canadian air mass. high pressure is going to be with us really through the next few days. as far as how it's impacting the temperatures, we haven't been able to break that 50- degree range. our normal high now is around 64. you can see the blues and greens to our west and north. our thomps out towards detroit. -- temps out towards detroit. and this is really going to be the pattern for the next few days. we'll get a little warmer. but it's not going to be warm by any stretch of the imagination. talk more about this freeze warning overnight. for now, here, outside the wjz mobile weather lab, where temperatures just around 50 degrees. i thought it was a wind chill out here.
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but actually, it's not just yet. but we'll keep you posted. we're here live. we'll send it back to you now on television hill. >> thank you, tim. we'll see you in a bit. in other news today, a 4- month-old baby is in critical condition after a head-on collision that may have involvedville. alcohol. -- alcohol. the crash may have happened in jessup, when a car, driven by 29-year-old glen price, crossed into oncoming traffic. his infant son was sitting in the lap of a passenger in the front seat. the child is now at johns hopkins children's center, being treated. lawmakers are holding hearings on the underperforming website, americans are trying to use to sign up for healthcare insurance. the oballa ad -- obama administration says that they are working to fix them. >> reporter: government contractors came to capitol hill to answer lawmakers' questions about the problems
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with some lawmakers used personal examples to illustrate their point. >> i got this, after 41 minutes. please log in again. >> we're not excited. nor are we pleased with what we delivered on october 1. but you know, in principle, it worked. >> reporter: the contractor said the obama administration made the decision to go live with the website. and more testing could have identified flaws. >> certainly more testing always has projects like these succeed. >> reporter: republicans argue the bungled rollout points to bigger problems with the affordable care act itself. they want it suspended until the problems are fixed. >> reporter: democrats say americans are getting coverage online. but want, working as well as other popular websites. >> amazon and ebay don't crash the week before christmas and pro flowers doesn't crash on valentine's day. >> reporter: the white house is optimistic the problems will be
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fixed. >> the goal here can be achieved, which is the availability of affordable health insurance. >> reporter: administration federals are set to testify next week. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the white house is reminding people while the website is being improved, there there are three other ways to apply for coverage. let's check in on roads right now. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. how is it looking out there, kristy? >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. well, we're looking at some delays starting there. very slow traffic from moravia to whitemarsh boulevard. stretching quite a distance from stevenson to harford road. average speed around harford road, only about 16 miles per hour. west side inner loop, delays stretching from southwestern boulevard to liberty road. northbound 295, going to be a struggle for you, from 197 to 100. and we have an accident we're watching northbound 95, at 175, with delays back to 32.
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another water main break in our area, east 39th street, between old york and argon drive. checking on the overall drive times, from 83 to 95. 29 miles per hour average. and 19 minutes to get through. let's take a live look. as you can see, plenty of activity on the freeway there. this traffic report is brought to you by pnc. see your whole new business flow in a whole new way. you can go to flow insight. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. after two straight winning seasons, orioles fans are supporting the team with their wallets. the teams are valued at more than $1 billion. and that is according to a new bloomberg report. the team's tv deal, ticket sales, concession and sponsorships, all have helped drive up their value. only nine other major league baseball teams are worth more than a billion dollars. orioles, doing well.
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well, still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. police fatally shoot a 13-year- old, armed with a toy gun. what led to the deadly confrontation. a police officer attacked by a runaway bull. where and how the animal got free. some new information today on the 14-year-old student charged with murdering a teacher in massachusetts. and a brisk fall day. more on the cooler temperatures in our updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is mostly sunny. 50 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. one man is dead in florida, after a train derailment leaves him buried under a load of gravel. the train employee was working as a spotter on one of the cars, when several cars ran off the track, dumping gravel all over them. the workers' body was found by rescue units.
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the cause of the accident is under investigation. shocking video out of romania, as an escaped bull attacks a police officer in the middle of busy intersection. take a look, as the bull walks down the street, it spots the traffic officer and knocks him to the ground. workers from a nearby farm managed to capture it in an alley. the officer was transported to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. in california, sheriff's deputies shoot and kill a 13- year-old boy because he appeared to be armed with what looks like a high-powered rifle. but as bigad shaban reports for wjz, it was actually a toy gun. >> two california sheriff's deputies say they believe 13- year-old andy lopez was carrying an assault rifle, when one of the deputies shot and killed him. but the boy's parents say their son was holding a stay, on his way to play with a friend. >> it's not alive anymore. just because of the mistake of somebody. >> police held up lopez's
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rifle, during a news conference. >> the weapon looks like an authentic one. >> he repeat lead told the middle schooler to drop the weapon. they say when the boy didn't, they shot several times. >> the barrel of the assault rifle was rising up and turning in his direction. >> deputies also found a plastic handgun in lopez's waistband. the teen was a popular student who played the trumpet in the school band. the two deputies are now on administrative leech, which is standard -- leave, which is standard protocol. and the santa rosa police department is leading an investigation. those who knew the teen are shocked. >> he was a good friend of mine. and knowing that now he's gone -- [ crying ] -- it's really hard. >> reporter: a few of lopez's friends are remembering him with a makeshift memorial, as police and the community now search for answers. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> the coroner will perform an autopsy on lopez's body on -- today, actually. it's unclear whether the replica gun lopez was holding is capable of firing bbs or other projectiles. some good news from wall street today. [ stock bells ringing ] they're up today. let's take a look at numbers. the dow is up 96. s&p up 6. and nasdaq up 22. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks rallied, after better-than-expected earnings from at&t, ford and 3m. this is one of the busiest weeks for earnings. about a third report their results this week. jp morgan chase may reportedly be penalized in the bern madoff case. federal authorities are investigating whether to turn a
4:18 pm
blind eye. jp morgan says there is no evidence. foreclosure doesn't always mean end of line. they estimate 44% of home homes are occupied. that's because eviction process can take months, each years. some are offering cash to get occupants to leave. and eight states, including california and new york, have pledged to put 3 million zero- emission vehicles on the roads, by 2025. the states are working to create charging stations and other infrastructure needed to curb greenhouse solutions. every automaker will have a model by 2015. that's your money watch. for the latest business news, follow me on twitter. i'm alexis christoforous. we are days away from halloween. and there are usually pretty extravagant costumes out there.
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but one little girl has the entire country talking. it looks like a glow stick figure running around. but that's actually a little girl with a very creative dad. this illuminated costume, made out of l.e.d. lights, has gotten over 180,000 hits on you tube. she's walking in the sand there, not snow. right? it's california. that is fantastic. inexpensive, but creative. all right. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. a renewed investigation into the disappearance of a young brittish girl in portugal. why police are revisiting the madeleine mccann case. speaking out against bullying. why one maryland actor is taking up the cause. i'm gigi barnett in anne arundel county. the details are next. a freeze warning goes into effect overnight. bob is next with the first warning weather forecast and how low temperatures will drop. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on
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there might be a little frost on the pumpkin tonight. if you want to bring them in, it might be the night to do it. we'll take it to bob for how cold this frost is going to be area wide. >> mum is the word. beautiful weather for mums. by the way, these freezing temps will not hurt the mums, really. they're used to it. it's okay. it's the tender annuals and things like tomato plants, cue cumbers. -- cucumbers. anything like that will die. barometer, 30.z2 inches, currently rising. that, freezing in loakand. and 53 in el ton. local upper to mid-40s. it will be certainly freezing
4:24 pm
tonight. many areas north and west of the d.c. and baltimore area. 16, 20. dead calm. it will be cold tonight there. 10-mile-an-hour winds there in ocean city. they will not get to freezing. but a lot of places will. i'll show you in just a minute. we had western lake-effect snows. snow across near cleveland. near erie, pa. it continues. see that wind flow. picking up that moisture little streamers of snow, not mixed with rain. it's not extremely cold. but it's told. and the arrest is just rain. the lakes are awfully warm. it's a littlarily for this. but in about three or four weeks when the air gets much colder and the air is stril pretty parm. you'll see all kinds of snow. no shoe -- snow shoe, west
4:25 pm
virginia picked up snow and they were making snow out there. cool, liesh overnight tonight. friday and saturday. eventually it will my great further to the east cosmonaut childer air for the weekend. overnight tonight, we had freeze watches, freeze warnings. north of the city, baltimore, howard, baltimore. west and down across virginia. northwest winds, gusting to 20. bay temp, coming down. but considering the air around it, stereo -- 62 is pretty warm. 32, cold in northwest. some spots could get down to 29 and 30. could be a harfreeze out north and west. all depends with the wind
4:26 pm
totally clears out and quits. >> we're getting used to it. thanks, bob. dent don't miss tonight -- don't miss's tonight's primetime lineup. and still to come tonight on eyewitness news at 4 children 30. a 14-year-old is charged with murdering a teacher in massachusetts. mow hopolice say they linked him to the crime. a huge wildfire tearing through australia. tensions are high. spying allegations. details when eyewitness news continues with denise and ,,,,,,
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it's 50 degrees and sunny in central maryland now. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with
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eyewitness news. flu details are emerging today about the fatal attack on a teacher in massachusetts. now, a 14-year-old student is charged with murder. >> phillip chism didn't say a word during his arraignment yesterday. >> that mr. chisesm did meet with the teacher with intent to murder her. >> reporter: ritzer's friends reported her missing late tuesday. >> as a result of that report, danvers police initiate a search for the teacher and discovered blood in the second- floor bathroom at danvers high school. >> reporter: chism was also reported missing tuesday. police found him walking along the road early wednesday morning. he was arrested based on his statements to police and school surveillance video. chism moved to massachusetts this year. his friends say he was kind and
4:31 pm
softspoken. his uncle can't believe what's happened. >> this is the furtherrest thing -- furthest thing from reality for me to believe that phillip could get engtangled in something like this. >> reporter: ritzer was well liked and had just one ambition in life, to be a high school math teacher. >> she had a passion to teach. she always wanted to be a math teacher. she whead it really fun for all of us to go to math class. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil was held last night. many wore pink, ritzer's favorite color. ritzer used twitter to post homework assignmentsments and inspiring quotes. in august, she tweeted, no matter what happens in life, be good to people. being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. >> reporter: jarica duncan, wjz eyewitness news. >> classes are canceled as students meet with faculty.
4:32 pm
investigators say they are examining new evidence, related to the girl's disappearance. but they did not elaborate. madeleine's parents, kate and gerry mccann, applaud the decision, saying they hope to finally get some answers. the british couple's daughter disappeared from their holt room in 2007. a series of out-of-control wildfires. >> crews in off the yaleia say the fires have returned jut of control for more than a week. thousands have battled the flames. and now today, a firefighting crashed. eventual officials say the flames have also destroyed more than 200 homes. >> in the last week, the quires
4:33 pm
from swoached acres. tension is building. it is over allegations that the nsa bugged the gem an -- german chancellor's cell phone. >> reporter: they were summoned to explain why u.s. intelligence may have monitored angela merkel's cell phone. merkel demanded an answer, saying if it's true, it would be a serious breach of trust. >> reporter: washington said it has -- it is not and will not spy on merkel. >> reporter: these are protections must afly. >> reporter: the german chancellor is often seen using her phone even in the halls of
4:34 pm
power. early this week, they revealed they may have collected more. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> america elg is in brussels. people over maryland are bundling up. take a live look outside. there are a few clouds overhead on this typical autumn afternoon. meteorologist tim williams is on burke avenue in towson. first, bob is updating these chilly temperatures the bob? >> let's take a look at current numbers now. we're at first.
4:35 pm
only 32 in oakland. haven't seen it much higher than that up here all day long. 45 in cumberland. air is very dry and that means tonight, key could see very chilly temperatures. 30 in oakland 37 inler band. overnight, we have a freeze warning. so we'll see some victims probably around 32 degrees. spots could get down to 29 or 30. tim has a little more on what we can expect. >> definitely here in towson. we have been talking about what
4:36 pm
is going to go on tonight with the temperatures dropping. bob was talking about mums. you want to bring there whatever you can. >> the high is really the directing the cold canadian air mass. as long as the high is in control, we'll have a good bit of blue sky a lot of sunshine. take a look at our national temperatures. look out across the great lakes. we're looking at 40 back towards chicago. looks at everything larnd the great lakes. we are going to be talking about what you can do to
4:37 pm
protect your plants. meteorologist tim policy, send -- williams, sending it back to you. let's check on the roads now. we'll take it slow out there put those cell phones down. in cockeysville. fords lane at fairlawn. and east 25th. on the west side inner loop, watch for delays from southwestern boulevard to liberty road. top side inner loop, still very slow. and average speed of 31 miles per hour.
4:38 pm
things not loving too well there on york road. this traffic report is brought to you by mummy's of the world. you can go to maryland science to get your tickets now. and tonight, a maryland actor is getting involved in a major anti-bullying campaign. many people will recognize him from a very different role. >> reporter: best known for his role as a low-level drug dealer on the hit show "the wire," actor tray cheney has a new gig. >> be strong, young people, be strong. >> this is it. he's penned a music video. with a message to reach students. it's called mike bully, about a boy who finds the courage to stand up against this bully. >> i thought it was amazing. he did an awesome job at his video. i think he taught us a lot. >> i wanted to talk about subjects that really affect today's society.
4:39 pm
and bullying was definitely one that stood out. >> reporter: the actor said it's the school leaders who reached out to him. so far, he's visited numerous schools around the state. this week, it was old mill middle school in anne arundel county. he said the message is a stark contrast from what students may have seen from him on tv. >> as soon as they see him, they might automatically think poot. but no, that was just a character, an illusion. this is the real trey cheney, trying to give you something positive. >> reporter: as his song rings out in the school's auditorium, school leaders hope it will reach people on social website where cyber bullying exists. >> now, everyone has instagram or facebook or twitter and you can be contacted and bullied in many ways. >> i've seen it do things to their behavior. it's a horrible wai to treat others. >> reporter: cheney said he
4:40 pm
plans to visit schools until the end of the year. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> he is also working on a second campaign to promote safe sex practices. straight ahead at 4:00. twocestors pepper spray. why a former police officer will receive workers compensation in connection with the incident. a teenager with one arm was told he would never play college basketball. now he's off to play one of the top teams. it's a chilly start to the evening. bob lets us know who will soon be under a freeze warning in the updated forecast. [ superfan ],,,, we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper.
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a smelly mess in canada wrings traffic to a standstill. hundreds of fish heads spilled out of a truck in vancouver.
4:44 pm
a shooting in california is outraging many parents today. early are injured in school after playing w a police officer's gun. thrrgts say the student suffered a jiern injury after pulling the trigger. several students were nearby when one one -- when one managed to squeeze the trigger. they were treated and released at a nearby hospital. parents say a loaded assault rifle should never have been allowed in the school in the first place. >> reporter: police say it is unclear where the officer was during the investigation. in colorado, a man is arrested on charges he got behind the wheel on a school bus while intoxicated. police say this man, britain carpenter, admitted to drinking
4:45 pm
vodka. the man reportedly swerved between lanes before crashing into a parked car. no one was hurt. police say his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. lawyers for michael skakel tried to get him released from jail today, after he was convicted of murdering a neighbor. the kennedy family relative is now preparing for a new trial, after his conviction was overturned. >> reporter: michael skakel's attorney has asked for the kennedy cousin to be released from prison, now that a judge has overturned his sentence. skakel, the nephew of robert kennedy, was found guilty of murdering martha moxley. moxley's mother still maintains skakel is the killer. >> martha moxley's body was found under a tree on her family's property in this gated community of bel haven ohalloween day, 1975. two years later, her family
4:46 pm
moved away, and the house was eventually demolished. >> the more wealthy the community, the more secrets there are. >> reporter: jeanne is a 30- rear resident of greenwich. she said she is happy skakel is getting another chance for the truth to come out. >> i'm sorry if the family of martha is going to be really upset about this. because they somebody to be behind bars. but if it's not the right person... >> police said martha was beaten with a golf club that belonged to martha's mother. her old -- skakel's older brother was initially a prime suspect but was never arrested. >> skakel was convicted in 2002, after a friend testified skakel confessed to killing moxley. skakel denies making that confession. a police officer who made headlines for pepper-spraying nonviolent protestors, received a big payoff from his former
4:47 pm
employer. that is john pike. he said he received death threats. he has now reached a workers compensation settlement with the university for $$35,000. dramatic zoo shows two rescue workers choking a little boy. the disabled boy was in the back seat of the car. his father immediately pulled over and tried to help him. and that's when two troppers stopped and came to their rescue. his parents are calling the radio of troopers their guardian angels. manuel bohorkes reports for
4:48 pm
wjz. is being porn without a mand a disability? no one told zach hopkins. >> i just saw myself as another player. >> reporter: getting others to see him that way has been difficult. he remembers his experience during one off-campus pickup game in particular. >> and he looked at me and he's like, can you play? and i was like yeah. so he picks up the basketball and flows at me. and i miss it because i was just hesitant. came back a couple of minutes later, got on a team, and destroyed them. >> somebody judged you, just based on your appearance? >> absolutely. >> and said you can't even catch the ball. and you flipped that around. >> that's what i love to do. >> reporter: hereby he is, playing guard for milton's high school. his game playing has been viewed 3.6 million times on you tube. >> he how he runs down the court, he's ahead of everyone. >> reporter: that caught the
4:49 pm
attention of outs like no draifs. >> he makes it how he plays. what was it like to get that call? >> amazing. since i was little, i knew i wanted to play college ball somewhere. >> his story, the ability to overcome coming like that and to be such an inspiration. where that that rank? >> number 1. no question about it. i've never seen anything like it. >> hodgkins had also been around other schools. >> they're lukey to get him. lob lets us know how low temperatures will dip coming up next. ,,,,,,,, ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb
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we're leer in towson. it is a bye week, although it's feeling just like football
4:53 pm
weather. if you need your fix, though, what does it better than a purple mum? mate until after tonight to plant them. pob talks about how cold it gets later on. >> desire temps at 50 degrees. and heading into the 30s. barometer rising, 30.30.two inches. could get down into the mid- to upper 20s should spots. 32 in oakland now. 51, ocean city. and 51 in d.c. once again, the dew points in the mid-20s. still that have breeze.
4:54 pm
later tonight, the breeze will calm down. and that's when whether heat accumulating reradiates. and that means that the ground level, that's working and getting chilly. clouds in the gulf of mexico. actually, a cooldown considerably over florida. here in the northeast, still have snow shower activity around the great lakes. and and leestled -- cleveland to erie, now it's just lytle -- a little light rain act here. the air rises a couple hundred feet. moisture tonnences. we've got cool air in place. it will stay with us until the week.
4:55 pm
and eventually, early next week, this high moves to the south of our region. winds go back more to the southwest. overnight tonight well, they've got lake-effect snow warnings. temps probably in the upper 20s to low 30s. winds tomorrow, gusting to 20 knots on the bay bay temp, warm at 62, compared to the air tonight. look for temperatures around freezing. except 40 close by the inner harbor. and should areas could get into the 20s. tomorrow night, winds will be lighter. probably near frost tomorrow night. once again, if you have tender plants like tomatoes or anything like that, or geraniums, bring them in. otherwise, they'll probably freeze. not in the city, but north and west of the city.
4:56 pm
>> all right. he's accused of shooting a police officer, then sparking ,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up increase on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. howard county police arrest the man they say shot one of their own. complete coverage of how they tracked him down. would have, would have, should have. attorney general doug gansler explains his actions at a party, where teenagers may have been drinking. the real taste of fall. a freeze warning will soon go
4:59 pm
into effect. >> wjz has more on these breaking news. >> eyewitness news as 5:00 starts now. without arning, a police officer shot. a man hunt for the gunman. >> tonight, the suspect is in custody, why he was found. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary but lalla. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. right now, 29-year-old stephen pralgt prather is being treated for a gunshot wound he suffered. he wine go more on where the suspect was found. and the latest on the officer's condition. well,


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