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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> damage control. president obama responds to millions of americans fed up with the affordable care act and its dysfunctional website. >> nobody's more frustrated by that than i am. >> growing criticism of the health care signup system and what's being done to fix those problems. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> uproar over obama care. the president defends his health care reform program when its website fails to work. tara is in washington with more on the president's response. >> reporter: president obama walked into the rose garden withjanice baker who says she's
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the first woman from delaware to enroll in the new health care marketplace. >> like many consumers out there, it took me a number of frustrating attempts before i could apply and select my plan. >> reporter: problems continue to playing some 19 million people visited since october 1st but only a half million have successfully applied. the white house won't say how many people have actually been able to select a health insurance plan. >> nobody's madder about me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. >> reporter: the president says i.t. experts are working on repairs but he's not giving a target date for when the site will be fully up to speed. software expert bill curtis says there are problems throughout the site and it could take weeks or even months to fix. >> this is a system that was rushed out much too quickly and they didn't have a chance to thoroughly test the system and find all the problems before it went into operation. >> reporter: one change already
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in the works, users will be able to view plans without first having to fill out applications with huge amounts of personal information. in washington, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, white house officials admit there wasn't enough testing done before the rollout. technology experts have been called in to fix the problems. shock and sadness tonight when a nevada middle school student opens fire at school, shooting two classmates and killing a teacher who tried to stop the attack. police say the 13-year-old started shooting a semiautomatic handgun before class. math teacher mike landsberry asked the student to lower the gun but he was killed. two boys were also shot before the boy apparently took his own life. those two surviving students are in the hospital tonight. police don't yet have a motive for the shooting. caught on camera, a copper they've strikes a substation in anne arundel county. it is a dangerous problem.
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meghan mccorkell has more on the crime. meghan? >> reporter: that latest that happened on thursday at a substation in gambrills and it's not the first time that facility has been targeted. police looking for this man who they say took a dangerous and sometimes deadly risk. investigators say he cut through a fence at this high voltage substation on thursday, a facility that requires workers to wear flame retardant suits at all times. >> many times those thieves can be severely or even fatally injured. >> reporter: investigators say the man stole various amounts of copper and got away and it's not the first theft case here. they've become a prime target for copper thieves with some stations, even power poles being hit. >> we have cameras in many of our locations and take other proactive steps and work very closely with local law enforcement to make sure we're protecting our infrastructure. >> reporter: the fbi named
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copper theft a threat to infrastructure. nearly 14,000 metal thefts were reported and that number skyrocketed to more. 96% of the thefts involved copper. with the price of copper on the rise, more are risking their lives to get it. that's why officials want this man caught. and they've started painting little copper wiring bright green so that scrap dealers will know it's been stolen from the utility. reporting live, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, meghan. according to the department of energy, copper theft causes a billion dollars in losses for u.s. businesses every year. a 7-year-old maryland girl in critical condition after her mother hit her with her suv. 49-year-old mother was backing her mercedes suv like this one out of their driveway in potomac sunday night. montgomery county police say
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she struck the little girl without even knowing it and continued on to the grocery store. the suv is equipped with a backup camera but police say she may have turned it off for a recent driving test. the fate of a disgraced cardiologist is in the hands of a jury tonight. dr. mark midei is on trial in a multiple million dollar civil case accused by a former patient that says her unnecessary stem surgery cost him tens of millions of dollars in business deals. the latest from the courthouse. >> reporter: it's the beginning of the end in a malpractice case that rocked the cardiology community at st. joseph's hospital after dr. mark midei, the hospital's former cath they'rization lab director was -- catherization was accused of giving them. >> reporter: it referred to blockages by blood vessels. the case dates back to 2009 when letters were first mailed
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to the homes of his patients, including businessman lynn wineberg. his case is now being heard in baltimore county circuit court. he claims he lost about $50 million after scaling back in business to deal with matters of the heart after being diagnosed by dr. midei. in court today, wineberg's attorney said midei inserted three metal objects into a man's heart where they don't belong. dr. midei testified he would have died without the procedure. the attorneys also fired back saying tests clearly showed wineberg had unknowingly suffered a heart attack and there were abnormal changes to the heart. dr. midei was an independent contractor and had been the head of st. joseph's catheterization lab where he performed thousands of cardiac operations. >> what i did is what i would want for myself, for anybody in my family, my mother, my father. they were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for
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their well-being. >> reporter: he has since resigned from st. joseph's hospital also listed in the $1- d 50 million lawsuit. dr. midei resigned from st. joseph in 2009. the hospital is now under new ownership. i'm rochelle richie, wjz eyewitness news. >> dr. midei lost his maryland medical license in 2011. a historic hotel along the ocean city boardwalk catches fire. investigators are trying to find out what started it. the three-alarm fire broke out after witnesses heard a loud boom coming from the majestic hotel. the majestic is boarded up and closed for the winter so no one was inside. the fire started in the basement of the 93-year-old hotel. the popular restaurant chain hooters accused of racial discrimination by a former employee here in baltimore. it all centers around her hair. wjz is live at the inner harbor. derek valcourt has more on her complaint. >> reporter: specifically her complaint says that white
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waitresses here at hooters are allowed to have highlights in their hair, but black waitresses are not. 25-year-old baron johnson's blond highlights now at the center of this complaint found with the maryland commission on civil rights. >> my other coworkers, they all had different color in their hair like red and blond highlights. i didn't think it would be an issue. >> reporter: johnson was fired from her job as a waitress at baltimore's harbor place hooters in august after managers told her her hair color violated employee image standards. >> they specifically said black women don't have blond in their hair so you need to take it out. >> what's wrong is that both federal and state law clearly say employers can't impose two separate and distinct rules governing employee standards. one for african-american employees and bun for everyone else. hats exactly what hooters did here. >> why don't we just not define hairstyles for anyone. >> reporter: baltimore delegate mary washington agrees employers need to be able to
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define personal appearance and grooming standards but is drafting legislation that would revent employers from requiring or prohibiting specific hairstyles. she says johnson is one of many examples. >> also there's some women and men told to die their hair, that if they are gray, somehow they don't project a youth full image. so i think really further clarifying hair and restricting employers from doing that will help all kinds of people. >> reporter: hooters declined to comment for our story, citing the pending litigation. the case is now in the hands of the maryland commission for civil rights. this investigation could take months. live at the inner harbor, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. delegate washington expects her bill to be prefiled for the next legislative session in annapolis. has the lottery lost its luster? the state is making changes to lure players back in the game. people buying tickets today learned about bigger jackpots, a million dollars for matching
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five numbers. the starting jackpot increases from $12 million to $15 million, but so do the odds of winning. however, if you're ready to play the jackpot in tomorrow night's drawing, it's $55 million. >> nice little piece of change. >> yeah. coming up, poor sportsmanship, what led to a burly nfl fan bunching a female fan in the -- punching a female fan in the face at sunday's jet's game. a greek couple charged with abducting this little girl but where did she come from? what police suspect about her past. i'm mary bubala. baltimore's washington mondayment, a face-lift. we'll detail the changes coming up. chillier changes heading ordered region. first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> partly cloudy, 55 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. first, chilling video after suicide bombing on a bus in russia. there you can see as the bus bursts into flames and is engulfed in smoke caused by the bomb. fragments of what appear to be window frames and other parts of the bus scattered across the road. six people were killed and more than 30 injured. investigators say the suicide bomber was the wife of a
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russian islamic militant. one little mystery girl found in a gypsy camp in greece has launched a worldwide search tonight. thousands of people have responded to an appeal from police to locate the girl's parents. dna tests show the child known as marry a is knotted -- maria is not related to the couple she is living with. the couple is under arrest. police suspect they were using maria and 14 other children they registered as their own to get government subsidies. but there are also concerns the child could have been taken as part of a human trafficking ring. a shooting in a las vegas casino over a nightclub cover charge. a man began shooting outside of the after hours club in ballys hotel and casino. they tackled the gunman until authorities arrived. the suspect is in custody.
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the rivalry between the new york jets and new england patriots spills off the field into an ugly scene as fans come to blows. you can see a woman in dark blue slugging man in the green jersey. watch as he backs up. seconds later a blond patriots fan moves toward him and that's when he strikes her in the face. new jersey state police are investigating. no one was seriously hurt in the fight. seems that roll back prices have attracted the most unlikely of customers as an alligator shows up at the front door of a florida wal-mart. this six-foot, slow-moving gator set off the store's automatic doors forcing employees to stay inside. when they didn't open up for him, he took a nice stroll around the parking lot until wildlife officials lured the reptile away. one of baltimore's greatlandmarks, the washington monument in mt. vernon will be
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restored to the condition when it was built 200 years ago. mary bubala takes us inside the improvements tonight. >> reporter: baltimore's washington monument offers amazing panoramic views of the city 170 feet above charles street but that view has been off limits for three years after the structure was deemed unsafe. the nonprofit organization in charge of the renovation particulars us inside the monument today showing how water leaks weakened the structure. so scaffolding will go up encasing the outside of the monument as it undergoes a $5 million renovation. >> the monument is approaching its 200th birthday. with that in mind there's a lot of damage to the exterior basically caused by water. >> reporter: they're working in partnership with the city to guide the careful restoration of the city's historic jewel. >> you can really see all the damage that moisture has caused. there's so much mortar that's crumbling out of all the joints
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here. all of this needs to be stabilized, remove any mortar that's loose. >> reporter: the big question, will the city be able to have its lighting of the monument to kick off the holiday season? the city says the time-honored tradition will happen this year. the city's chief of parks tells me the 40-second annual lighting is on the schedule. >> i have seen an e-mail that said we start in january, so we've got to make sure the lights are down by january after the lighting. so yeah. >> and the monument should be back open in public on the 4th of july 2015 which is the monument's bicentennial. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. it took almost 15 years to build the monument from 1815 to 1829. people in cleveland were prepared to stop, drop and roll for charity over the weekend. >> 3, 2, 1. ignite. >> 21 people allowed them
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selves to be set on fire to set a new world record for the largest group of people on fire at the same time. the fiery ohio residents wore fire resistant suits and ran around burning for a full 30 seconds. the previous record was only 17 people on fire at the same time. money raised goes to local charities. >> very scary looking, isn't it? >> rather bizarre way to get money for charity, but it worked. i guess they took all the safety precautions. >> sure. >> probably the gator at the wal-mart was actually a man dressed as a gator for halloween. he was crawling into that store. that's what i heard. >> sure. >> okay. let's take a look, right now we're 53 degrees. south winds at 3. the barometer holding steady. humidity 74%. clouds coming our way.
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45 in oakland. 50 in cumberland. 52 in ocean city. d.c. at 57. locally temperatures in the low to mid-50s. a little warmer than it was last night. last night we got down to 38 here at the airport. counsel bear land had a 32 degree reading this morning. 66. 38 the low. check out the records. what a spread here. 1947, 90 degrees. 1952, 26 degrees. you go from summer to winter here in october sometimes. right now we have a light southerly wind. tomorrow the winds go back to the west because we have a frontal system that will move through the area. probably won't notice except for a wind change and clouds. tonight there are shower areas that have developed in the indiana, ohio with this front but for the most part it will dry out. what we're looking at here is moisture down across the gulf coast. it will pass just to the east. already see the clouds moving in. most of that rain will stay to
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the east. the front comes through during the day. the wind shifts and then somewhat cooler temperatures. that is snow, upper michigan tonight. they had some this afternoon as well. so here comes the cooler air mass and a little bit of rain into wednesday morning. then it dries out and becomes cooler. see clouds from time to time. good chance i think thursday night of frost across many regions north of the city. and we'll say goodbye to lorenzo, another tropical storm out in the middle of the atlantic, not going to bother anybody. by wednesday or thursday it will be what we call a remnant low. too cold out there for it. a lot of westerly sheer tearing it apart. west winds here. overnight tonight increasing clouds. 46 by morning. tomorrow clouds and sun, a little rain and very late tomorrow night. 66 for the high. most of the day will just be fine. 56 rain early wednesday and then clearing out, 54, 54 and 56. these highs are almost 10
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degrees below normal for this time of year. denise? >> thank you, bob. coming up a word of warning from john harbaugh. >> the ravens coach issues a >> the ravens coach issues a threat to his team after ,,,, for intelligent life.. for a greater purpose. it's a journey enriched by the people we know and the things we share. we believe online searching should be the same. only at bing do you see what the web knows
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>> it's been a tough day at the ravens training center. the fan sports report. >> the steelers game will stink. the by week for the ravens. that means extra time for the next game and extra scrutiny as they arrive at the bye with a losing record. coach john harbaugh did all but mention names of some whose play he does not approve. the coach pointed to the kickoff after the game-tying touchdown and said it's unheard of that special teams tacklers allowed the return to get outside the pursuit and down the sideline. michael huff, albert mcclellan
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and jeremy miles were the ravens beat on that play. it would help set up the steelers game-winning field goal on the final play. harbaugh talked about addressing what needs to be corrected and how far they'll go to improve on a record of 3- 4. >> we'll do whatever it takes. we'll trade guys, we'll cut guys, we'll sign guys, we'll coach guys, we'll change schemes. it doesn't matter. you know, we're going to find a way to get better. and that's the business we're in. you know, we've got the men for the job. i like our guys. >> harbaugh made good on his word to trade guys. they sent offensive lineman bryant mckennie to the miami dolphins in exchange for a late round draft pick. he lost his job when eugene munroe was acquired from jacksonville. bryant mckennie gone after 2 1/2 seasons in baltimore. next game for the ravens november 3rd at cleveland so they have time to rest and time for injuries to heal. while the ravens are relatively healthy, many other teams are
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hurting. the colts lose star receiver reggie wayne for the rest of the year with a knee injury. same for st. louis quarterback sam bradford. the chicago bears lose jay cutler for at least a month. he tore a groin muscle in the bears loss to the redskins yesterday. no surgery needed but he's out four games and that means he will miss the ravens when the ravens travel to chicago november 17th. bears backup josh is elevated to starting qb. in baseball, jim leyland announces he is stepping down as manager of the detroit tigers after eight seasons on the job. the 68-year-old says it's time to leave the dugout. he's going to take another job with the tigers organization. he also led the pirates, marlins and rockies. >> thank you. coming up, you heard the old rule about running with scissors. >> what about running with mini needles? why this man is doing just that, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a kansas city man knits the longest scarf while running the kansas city marathon. he finished the marathon in just over five hours while creating a scarf that ended up more than 12 feet long. ♪
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